Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 10, 1910, NEWS SECTION, Page 6, Image 6

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mili Simmer Wmm h
Where Nature and Summer
IVIaRioo Retreats of
ivji AixJ A W A
Bathing Boating n
t1 ishing
Come Out for the Day
Bring the Children
There are beautiful picnic groves equipped with fine swings
Concerts Every Afternoon and Evening
Excellent Cafe Service
serving all the delicacies of the season. Meals and Lunches served under a roof
Dancing and Bathing
The dancing pavilion is large and roomy and is open to the air on all sides.
Fine, large bathing beach. Bath suits for rent at bath house.
Roller Coaster, Merry-Go-Round, Miniature Railroad, Roller Skating, Bowling, Shooting, j
Penny Arcade, Japanese Novelty Game and a Score of other Amusement Features
A&inrifeioini IFiree
Take a cool ride to some of the many pleasant parks and resorts
located in the City of Omaha and its suburbs.
Among the many places of Amusement and interest to be- visited by the pleasure seeker are
Lake Manawa, with its beautiful grounds and many amusement features; Fort Crook, Benson,
Florence, Dundee, Bellevue, Hanscom Park, Riverview Park and Courtland Beach, all of which
afford various kinds of out-door recreation, good music, etc. Excellent street car service in
comfortable, open cars, is maintained at all hours.
Give tho Childron a Trip
They'll Enjoy It.
Runs to Florence and Return Sundays at 2:80 and 8:80 p,
ni., and daily at 2.30 p. m. The boat is comfortably furnished
there being large, spacious decks provided with plenty of seat.
Tha Boat f.lay Ba Chartered
Desiring a Pleasant Day's Outing.
A special Barge is provided for dancing. Good music furnished.
For particulars address
P. J. BOYSEN, Socy.
Board of Trade Building.
Omaha Provides
Summer Outings
for Stay-at-Homes
Beautiful Clubs and Delightful Car
Rides Hake a Satisfactory Sum
mer Resort of Omaha.
There are mary people hi Omaha who
re unable, for various reasons, to take
lot.g vacation trip aome on account of the
jroat expense usually Incurred on ti Ips of
lhln kind, while others find that business
coo ill Ions will not permit ihmr absence.
To overcome theau condition varinu or
tai isallona have been formed; their pur
pose being to give every body an opportun
ity to enjoy outings that In many ways
excel! "go away plan."
The o!do-t and bent established of these
organisations are the I'ojntiy club, the
Kltld club, and Happy Hollow club, all of
which are well known for their high rlrtss
of membership and the many aricantagis
that they offer for out-door leenatlon. '
The Omaha Rod and Gun club, while u
younger organisation, Is growing healthily
and attracting cor.sldt rabla favorable pub
I. a art out ion.
It hui built an auiacthe summr city
on the wooded chore of I'artcr iake. with
plenty of boats, fins dockage facilities,
and a fine bathing beach.
It furnishes many attracdons to the de
clines of Uaao Walton In uiMo-ii:i t rifh.
I."a uccoun enter u and fan t-att. Aside from
t!i. water kports. It maintains four tennis
C"UiU. a fine base ball diamond, and a
Han shooting range.
This club has large and suhstsndul cluh
buildings, which include a large, roomy
dancing puvlllion and a well equipped
Many of the members have built cottages
on the grounds, where they make their
homes, throughout the summer; enjoying
I he out-door life In &. way that excclls. for
practical benefits, the two weeks' or a
month's vacation that mean much travel
tut. expense, and other trying experience.
The Young Men's Christian association,
also, maintains a summer home not far
from the Hod and Gun club, and the fac
ilities enjoyed are much the same as those
afforded by the Rod and Gun club.
At all of the resorts snecial attentions
am given to ladles. In the way of providing
dretwhig rooms, parlors, and every facility
for out-door recreation.
Pruiinird Itaee of Motor Iloata
i'b rough (he Water of
Magarw Issyoi,
Can a motor boat lire through the Ni
agara whirlpool?
' In ninety-nine cases out of the hundred
the answer to such a question probably
would be no. It seems Improbable to think
that a small boat that must depend for
safety upon remaining upright on Its keel
can do what doiens of daredevil swimmers
have failed to do In barrels. Yet that Is
what the power boat enthusiasts of the
country propone to do next September. Not
only is It proued to navigate the fearful
whirlpool and rapldi below the falls, but
u regular motor boat race, with something
ova- twenty-five entries, and with a solid!'' it what constitutes
gold cup and ll.UM in easli as tha prise go through any kind of water. The com
will start downstream, and with engines
running at full speed will dash down
through the upper rapids, through the
"Giant Wave," and into the fatal Whirl
pool basin and through the gorge, where
so many daring navigators and swimmers
have paid for their daring with their lives.
Such boats as survive the battle with the
whirlpool will go on to the lower rapids,
and those that remain after this will race
It out on the smooth waters below.
The winner will gain gold and fame for
himself and his craft, but the haxards of
the race are to severe that the winner will
"earn all that he gets," while the unlucky
ones well, those who are unlucky, In Ni
agara's whirlpool are most unlucky, Indeed.
In spite of this, however, in spite of the
fact that the deadly reputation of the
whirlpool Is known all over the world,
entries are pouring In for this weird race
from all over the country. As soon as the
subject was broached In motor boat cir
cles, dosens of men rose up and offered
to back with their own lives their belief
that they could go through the rapids in
their particular kind of boat. The fact that
a tew men and women had made the Jour
ney In barrels seemed to encourage them
In the belief that where a barrel could go
their boats could follow aafely. The fact
that dosens have lost their llvts lit the
attempts where only a few were successful
failed to deter them. Their confidence
In their crafts is supreme, and they are
willing to back their confidence with thelt
The boat in which they will tempt fat
will vary as greatly as the contestnntr'
boat fitted to
satisfy the committee that he is qualified.
by knowledge and experience in power
boating, from engine running to current
picking, to make the race without being
foolhardy. It Is believed that only the
most powerful and up-to-date boat will
have a chance to go through safely, and
It is probable that these only will ba al
lowed to make the attempt.
The problem of . whether the Niagara
rapids and whirlpool ever would be navi
gated by man In a boat Is one that has
puxzled the heads of those familiar with
the treacherous character of these wator.
Since 1760. when an Indian attempted the
pasago In a birch bark canoe and was
drowned, until a few years ago. when
Peter Nlessen, a Danish bookkeeper and
insentor of Chicago, successfully inada the
trip In a barrellike contrivance; the swirl
of the treacherous pool constantly has
tempted swimmers and boatmen with a
foolhardy streak In their natures.-New
York World.
for the winning craft..' Is to be held over
this, the most perilous walvr course ill all
the world.
The boats will line up in comparatively
calm water directly below the falls, at
the landing place of the fulls steamer, the
Maid vif th illsl. At the glvsu word they
mittees In charge of the race composed of
boatmen entirely familiar with the currents
of the rapids, will stipulate but one con
dition, that each and every on of the
boats entered be equlped for rough water.
There will be a rigid Inspection of each
ci aft U Insure this, and eaoii enUaut must
reanatlvanla Preooses t Follcw
the Lead of European
Pennsylvania produces practically all the
anthracite In the country and nearly half
tho bituminous coal. The next legislature
will have no more Important duty than to
provide for "rescue stations" In the mining
These were first heard of by the Ameri
can public when the federal rescue station
sent a rescue psrty to the terrible acci
dent of November in Illinois. A rescue sta
tion haa oxygen apparatua. oxygen helmets
and trained men who. after an explosion
comes, can descend into a mine for rescue,
where no on else can venture.
The Kngliah royal commission on mines,
appointed In 1 in 1907 made a special
report on this subject and urged a rescue
station at every group of mines, Tbrss
central station have been started and thir
leun are being organized for the hard coal
of South Wales. In addition, each mine is
to have Its trained force.
In Germany, which raises only a third an
much coal a the United States, 690 sets of
life saving apparatus, oxygen helmets, etc.,
were provided by 1908 In the Dortmund dis
trict, and 673 In the Breslau district. Each
German miner who Is killed costs a minu
a certain sum, whatever the cause of death,
as long as It come In the course of work.
The German government now requires two
respiratory apparatuses to be on hand at
every separate mine. France requires these
oxygen helmets for any mine with 100 or 200
men, and an additional helmet for every 2o
more miners. Belgium and Holland have
taken like steps. ,
The United Stales geological survey,
which has taken this up, puts the cost
of apparatus at $2,264, and the building and
fillings at $4,000 more, it la plain that this
state-, which raises nearly as much coal as
all continental Europe, ahould require the
rescue stations, which all European coun
tries now require, at each coal mine. Phlla
dephla Press.
Got tils Reeelnt.
lie had run up a small bill at the village
tore and went to pay It. first asking tor
a receipt.
The proprietor grumbled and complained
It was too small to give a receipt for. It
would do Just as well, he said, to crcms the
account off, and so he drew a diagonal
pencil line across the book.
"Does that settle If.'" asked the cus
tomer. "Hure."
"An' ye'll nlver be askln' for it again T"
"Certainly not."
"Faith, thin," said the other coolly,
"an' I'll kap me money In me pocket."
"But I can rub that out." said the store
keeper. "I tnought so," said tha customer dryly.
"Maybe ye'll be glvin" me a receipt now.
Here's yer money." Utppincoti'4 Magasme.
When you hsv .nyuilng to sell or trade,
advertise It In The rfr Want Ad columns
and get quick result.
At the End of the Florence Car Line
Free Moying Pictures
and Illustrated Songs
Refreshments Including Ice Cream and Cold Drinks
Serred en the Groundj.
An Ideal Place for Picnic Parlies.
We tho hare an Open Air DANCING PAVILLION
which can be engaged for prirate dancing parties.
Street car fare 10c for tb ; round trip.
Coney Island Amusement Company