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Dodge County
Pledge Fealty
Conntr Convention at Fremont Say
Sew Tariff Law Will 3Ieet
Station's Seed.
FREMONT. Nob.. Juiv 9. Special Tle
gram. Dodge county republicans today
adupted resolution renewing Mpiwun of
faith In the party and confidence In its
principles and their pmpects of vindica
tion at the p lis.
Desnng on the tariff bill, while
that it is not perfect, the rKlutlons said:
We recall the bitter ifuuila made on
Supreme Court Holds Law of 1335 is
wty Jdri Mar Aside
llnmrmndi i n Fe Brram lot
AMonrd tit Determine
(?mm a Btaft ""orreTnr:dPTit.
LINCOLN, Jmy .'Special Tloifrm.
T. Bupreme court today handed duvn four
belated opinions which make a material
ahange In the Isv of decedents In N
unanka. Jud Ro"t wrote the decision.
Chief Jui-t'ce Hw and Judge .t-dsdick I the McKin'ey and Dmgley tariff laws at
disrating from a portion of if. , the ttmea of then enactment, but their suf-
Tb court reaffirms lla former decision, j flciant vlndlcatlor waa found In the unpar
ranuered several years two. but goes fur-1 aleiled prosperity which followed.
Uier and declare Invalid a curative act of! "We are extremely skeptical of those re
which had never before bwen quce- j form elements, the most vociferous utpport
tliined. The Baker act gave the wiodw of era of whom are democrats,
a deceased person the homestead In fuel "As a matter of fact the peopl eof Dodge
and authorised the county judge to set I county have every reason to be satisfied
aide a toad fur a widow. i with the present tariff law. la the f.rsl
That act was held urcuisillulionaj eev-j year of Its operation It haa produced not
eral yearn ago on the ground that It was i only sufficient revenue for the needs of the
not properly pasvd and because It gave j nation, but has shown surplus of t,0a.(
a county Judge power to determine tale besides. This Is a very favorable showing
, to real estate. The curative act of lKj as oompared with a deficit of SSS.tKe.O0Q the
was Intended to legalize the acta of county j year before."
Judges In setting aside homesteads In fee ! The records of the republican county of
to widows. The supreme court now holds . Oners were approved and pleasure waa ex
that the curative act Is unconstitutional i Pressed over the prospects of the noml
because such an act cannot cure the de- j nation of J. G. Martin for attorney general
frets of an act that Is void in Itself. ""he j of ttl8
re-ult Is that the law enforced prior to the I Tha following delegates were selected to
TJaker act la now too law and that widows! th convention:
may only have a life Interest In a ho A& JJ a fchnrt C. B. Abbott,
stead. After she- gets her share the heirs jpn Roberta. C. Sack. Jorgen Larson,
rr-f.y make title In fee. It Is believed that! W. M. .Sander. Hd Uenilng, J. M. Beaver.
f.w oaeea will arise under the ruling be- "on- w- - Kelly, r H. Knowlton.
causa in most risns of division of estates I
ths statutes of limitations haa run and
Application of
New Parole Law
L. K. Meyer.
Before adjournment Grant G. Martin, who
is to be a candidate far attorney general,
was asked to address the convention and
he responded, talking a few momenta on
stats pullUca.
litigation is barred.
Him ass SmlTWtek Dlsnewt.
Chief Justice lianas and Judga Sedgwick
dissent from that part of the decision hold
ing that part of the court's old decision,
holding that a decree of a county Judge,
setting aside a homestead In fee to a
widow, at granting power to a county Judga
to determine tlUu to real estate, and from
that, part of the new holding which says,
that children of a deceased person ara not
escarped, if they have not ratified such an
order of a county Judge, from objecting;
to such an order. They agree with the
court that ths curative act of 1996 la vssd
and with the balance of the opinion.
Tm iu fa aa rr rirnr amiTiit C"5a-von
anneal from Hamilton county, opinion br ""ArRBCRT. Neh.. July a-Th. demo-
jt ..- a, i. ;cratlo county convention which wa held
affirmed In all things except to the sub-im ,h" district m ne wa nnt
jkj at contribution, and aa to such sub- ProductlTS of harmony or a complete union.
Ject the causa la reversed and remanded ', irrora ths beginning It becama apparent
for further proceedings. The costs In this tn1 ,hoMI " controlled the wires were
i court ara taxed equally against appellees no oln" to allow the convention to de-nji-i-ta.
Iclare for ths referendum, neither waa It
Demos Repudiate
Bryan's Plans
County Coorentioa. Turns Down Reso
lution for Referendum Delegates
Opposed to County Option.
Grand Island Xan Convicted of Con-;
cealinir Stolen Property Escapes j
rnn in Penitent' ary. j
GRAND IS1.A.ND. Neb.. July . Hp-!
rial.) By a new providing, as far at;
leest as the local courts are com-emed. the
application for and granting of parole by
the district court of a person convicted ;
on a criminal charge by a Jury, a former,
Lincoln end more recent tirand Island :
saloon man escapes a term In the pen-'
Herniary. Last winter a young farmer 1
named PYauen was taking a sealskin
coat home to his wife as a present. '
Boarding the Union Pacific train for
Chapman hs lert the coat on the car
seat tor a moment, it was stolen and ;
the coat was later recovered from Parcer.
One Kennedy waa arrested and admitted
to the police that he stole ths coat and
In the confession declared he had sold
j it to Parker for In. relating how the
j buttons were Torn off at Parker's ra
; quest, etc Kennedy was sent over the
road for a year. While awaiting trial
in the district court, having been bound
over from the poilce court. Parker's
license expired and he saw that it was
hopeless to apply for a new one. A
Jury of twelve, after listening to the
evidence, found Parker guilty of con
cealing stolen property. The defense
was that it was a frame-up by Kennedy
and the local police. Judge Hanua over-ru-ed
the motion for a new trial yester
day and the defense made application
undet the new law for parole, placing
eight prominent cltlsens on the stand to
testify to Parker's former good oonauct,
among them cashiers of banks where
Parker did business, grocers who had em
ployed Parker's son. and even the chair
man of the council's commitee an police
and board of health. las parole waa
granted and the verdict of the jury was
thua practically set aside. The pollca
department la quote in the local press
as declaring It waa "the worst batch"
ever nanaed to it, Parker la on parole
Tor seven years, pending good behavior
and subject to a bond of $2,009.
l-rrpustioma er Elaborate Ca
to Eatertala Tlaltli
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, July S.- Special. -The coming
postmasters' convention at Lincoln tn-ntn.
j laes to be the largest in point of attendance
ana interest that has ever been held hi the
state. Already acceptances have been re
ceived from Robert J. Sharp, chief post-
ouioe inspector
A. S. Haaleton. postmaster
Of t-OUndl Bluffs, aufairi if. t.. ...... t-i .
In the second cases Involving lnd tide, j Intention to send a delegation to the ' moax of th delegation in congress will be
Hemllng against Forrester, appeal from i stats convention that would be Influenced
XJawaon. opinion by Judga Lstton. ths causa
la reversed and remanded.
Ia the case of .Draper against Ostarmaa,
appeal from Hamilton, opinion by Judga
Barnes, the Judgment of tiled Istrict court
Is affirmed.
In the caeer of Mc Far land against Flack,
appeal from Kearney, oplnloa by Judga
Sedgwick, the Judgment of tha lower ooart
Is affirmed. V
AaatkM Iwsetortal Caadldwta.
Alfred aorensua of Omaha, known a the
"wlll-be-eenaujr." filed bis receipt with ths
secretary of stats this morning showing
that ha had paid his f& filing fee to the
county dark of Douglas oounty as a candi
date for United States senator. He la run
sing for the republican nomination.
artaa Files tnr Aadlta.
Ellas B. Barton, state auditor, haa filed Chamberlain. Richland; J. A. Thiessen. Cub
to vota for Mr. Bryan's Idea on ths county
option question.
A. committee waa appointed to select the
delegates to the stata convention against
ths feeble protest of a few who thought
the convention should have something to
tar about who its delegates were. Later
on a few who believed that the oft-repeated
declaration of the democrat to party in
favor of the referendum meant something;
offered an amendment to the resolutions
passed endorsing the referendum, but they
here and most of the Nebraska postmasters.
"tM provision win be made for the
women and a large attendance of the wives
and sweethearts of the nasbys Is assured.
Many postmasters will arrive Monday. On
Tuesday the convention will be formally
opened, the entire day being given over to
meetings of different class offices. The
main convention will open at X' p. m. for
addresses of welcome by the governor and
mayor and opening exercises for one hour.
Postmasters of different class offices wiii
mble an hour later in their respective
414-16-13 Suth Sixteenth Street
Tomorrow the beginning of the Second Week of Oar
You'll find the assortment just as complete as the opening day.
i A
1. 55-T'r:-!WT
We pur
chased for this sale several carloads of ma'iufacturers' samples and surplus stock. In many
instances there are quantities of the same pattern. We offer our purchases at Twenty-five to Fifty pr rent less
than rfgular. Now la tlie bet time to bur. Hpr we quota some of the bargains
Buffet. (Like illustration.) Made
n of best quarter-siiwel white oak,
"4a, golden polish finish. Has carv
ed claw feet. Large linen draw
er. Haa two small top drawers,
one lined for silver. Top is
44-in. long by 19-iiu deep. Ha3
a pattern French beveled mir
ror 42-in. long. Regular selling
price for this buffet S
is fcJO.OO-July sale JK
Early EngMsb Buffet. reruUr price $87 July aale price S62.0O
Early English Buffet, regular price $63 July aale price $45.00
Early English China Cabinet, regular price $56.00 Julysala
price 8-42. OO
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price $39.00
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$150.00 Mahogany China Cabinet, solid mahogany.
$175.00 Mahogany China Cabinet, sold mahogany.
We announce the greatest matting sale in Omaha's history to take
place Monday, July 13th. Watch, papers, for further particulars.
were unceremoniously set upon, and that meeting places to take up matters pertain-
iu 10 umr own class of office. Aa auto
mobile ride for the women of the conven
tion will be given afterward.
At : o'clock all visiting nostmasi.r.
proceedings went through. Uke they were
The delegates to the stale convention,
which meets in Grand Island on July 26,
were elected as follows: C U. K. Blauarr.
Pleasant; Henry Hettinger. Gibson; V. E.
and the ballet entered his
mother foot. I n'n C I P DICUC TDOCC rCVTL i faiUn.arr Co',,,c 'to!"d TU-'
J"l "L. . ., .ni underwent ' II nr..4 I 1 11 IV L.L. LLiJ 1 J "nee or tns emiumuns is vruuiu. iur i-
a surgical operation to remove the leaden ,
strangers broke
morrow, refreshing provisions that have
I been parched by seven weeks of dry
into the . t MM rrnn : Thm thermometer, which has been
nd their wive, will b. landed . ,s .,t o-crr farm hone, n r Oxford UUVCnuacilL a.cFulk vu. -riB -r" , " .
his name aa a candidate fur a second nora- , Creek; W. H. Barnes. J. C. Harrigan. I.
lnatlon on lha republican ticket. Ms. Bar-1 Ronham and R. D. Russell. Falrtrary;
ton. la now serving his final (area. He fiied KJeorge Shortrtdge. Buckley; William Ja-
from tirand Island . dines becamlng. staxa
auditor Mr. Bartot: haa paid particular at
tention to the Insurance department of his
office, having been a well knows fraternal
soaa for many years.
Eureka; E. A. Wunder. Falrbury.
The date for the republican county con
vention has been set for Saturday, July 23.
Optic Nerve Cut
by Piece of Steel
XtialsaH Sassrfms ftrew auadl Maatasi
Asiesg Taoaw to Uml
Hm.t Wawlu
HOLDRKliB. Neo.. July SL 3peoial.i
The republican oounty central committee
baa deckled that its oounty convention will
be a delegate affair and haa therefor
called precinct caucuses to be held on
Monday for lha purpose of ssieoting dsls
g&tes to attend it. Th delegates ara chosen
on th basis of one for every fifteen votes
oast for Presidential .Elector O. C. Bell In
ISflS. thus making a total oilutrnent of
ninety-five delegates. Th convention will
be hed In this city July IS, and beside th
election, of (to ceiegatra to attend tii siate
convention other business of consideraUl
tmportanr will be iranv&L-ted.
WAHOO. Mtli.. July a. Special.) The
Saunders county republican convention
mi.l meet lu Wanoo Tueauar. July 12. A
big uwutuig is e pvcted. Hon. Chariea H.
bauao. rf-puLilcan candidal for congress
In this dlM.nct. will address th meeting.
The foilaving ill probably be the candi
dates on the rv-puotican ticket ax th pri
maries neit munth: Aies ltxerty.
statu senat(Hr; C 11. liutifon. 11,1. And
Jul Petermicnel. Valparaiso, for repreeen
tauves: C. P. Peteraou c4 Wanoo. for
county attorrwy .and Peter KnJth of Csd'sr
Bluffs, for cumnusBJoneT.
P1EHCE. NVb., July . i3peal. Tha
rvpubiican county convention for Plerern
county haa bren ra.led to meet at P!ercA
on Saturday. July 16, f.- the purpose of
aeierting wei lieieKatea to tne stata con-,
Peculiar Injury to Fonca Xan Hurt
bj Ezplozion on Fourth of
PONCA, Neb-, July 1 Special.) Ths re
port from ths hospital In aioux City re
garding Ray Harding, who waa Injured on
th Fourth. Is interesting. Dr. Young was
' called to the city today and an operation
was performed, which brought to light
party by th local newspapers. j and stole property to tne value oi ,
On Wednesday th. main convention will 1"" "WmreT alid wUl bring,
Send Ogtions Upward.
be opened prompt!y at i a. m.. whan mat
ters or general interest to the service will
be discussed. The afternoon sessions of the
convention will commence at 2 p. m. sharp,
and printed programs will be followed
closely. On Wednesday evening. July u,
th Lincoln Commercial club tenders to th
guests of the city a reception and ball at
ths auditorium.
Thursday th program of the convention
will be carried out. and an outing provided
for th women at th theater and a gen
eral good time for ail Thursday evening at
Capital Beach. Th Lincoln Commercial
club, the Epworth Lake Park and Capital
Beach tender th courtesies to all wearing
convention badges during ail the time they
ar in the clay.
mm PriTat) Advtee
Prices) Tin Beau
Sell aad
wlta Stealing Car at
Karsjaett la C as tody.
GRAND lcHLND. July .. Special
Sheriffs Dunkel of Hall and Her of Mer-
piecs of th shtt sv.,1 from ths case of the ' rtck county madm mtm c,ca Maxwell
thunderbolt that exploded, which had been ! MLer(lj,''' when they hul61 ia Billy Craw
driven through th skull behind the eve- I fonl oa xb" charge of stealing aa auto
ball and severed the optic nerve. The piece I moblla- Th m,lcnme disappeared from a
was half an Inch wlds and three-quarters i time aga
he thieves were captured.
them to Alma.
c-Tj AuiniRt Anderson
L1L tw . . - - . . . m ;
found a sad greeting wflen J, Tt 1
t- m"",n',bvlnrll- ered Wl. Had
notified of th. death of a 17-year-old sou. ,
Th boy had been burled six week.
VALENTINE A crew of men have been t
here for the last week X ;
down the old wooden railroad bridge
the Niobrara river. Thursday they blew I
th old structure down with dynamite and
ar now taking the timbers rrom me '
NORTH PLATTE Work waw begun yes
terday upon the foundation of the new
building being constructed by the h.ts
ZZiL. Th. huMdlng will b a three-story
close to the 9P at midday for several weeks
stood at ii at noon today.
NORFOLK. Neb.. July . A. two hours'
rain, amounting to .71 Inch in Norfolk, cov
ered northern Nebraska, southern South
Dakota and northern Wyoming aa far west
as Casper early today.
Coat and Pants
CHICAGO. July Traders In wheat, ex
cited by yesterday's sensational crop fig
urea, which showed ocndltlor-S In the spring
wheat country to be the worst in ten years,
bid prices for all options up S to 3 cent
pressed bnck structure with store rooms on i at tna opening today,
ths main t'.oor and lbs other rooms lor Th( overnnlent report, which put the
lodge purposes. , . . ' condition of spring wheat at 6L and that
toIS TrTyot winter wheat at was mad. public
attorney. C. F. Overberk. republican, filed I after trading hours yesterday. It was Im
for ths off ice of state senator from Gage ! mMuBtMy apparent there would be a sus-
county. Ths raca so far is betwetn Jac
Klein, democrat, ana r-eier J"
F. overbeck. republicans.
pension of buying ordeis when business was
resumed In th. pit.
" . r..,in. inh Th advance was what a number of
held a meeting st mgnt and decided not j scattered longs, who had loaded up on
to bid for the national coursing meet be-. Dr)Vs.te reports of crop damage due to th.
cause of th. lack of Interest mown among j had been waiting for.
of an Inch long, penetrating to ths nasal
wall on the other side of th aye. Th
dostors bop now to save the uninjured
The wonder ia that there were not thirty
or forty peopl killed by th explosion.
Hassaa f Alliance la Ai
Chasm rmtatst f tst
Aasaaeitt Ttwa.
ALU AN C B. Neb., i'uly Sl 'Special.)
1h. following officers nr elected for ths
ensuing yesr by ths Xivoraaka Stockgrow-
1 ers association. Frvjittenu R. SL. Hamp
ton. Alliance, vie. president. Al H. Mela
j gcr, Merrtman; secretsry-treasurer, Charles
Jameson. Ellsworth; executtv oommlt-
enuon and t.i sei.ctlon or a county ceu- v c jt. Tully. Lakeside; E. P. Meyer,
tral cjmmilte. The convention w:d oon- j i,, nuim Llsco. Lodgepole; K- K. Lows.
it of sixty-four delegates. i Kjanau; W. M. Fletschman. Bailey; Rob-
STA.VTOX, NVh.. July . Special.) The i rt Graham. AilUnce; Herman Krauas.
republican couniy convention haa been ' Longlak; J. H. Monohan, Whitman; E.
oailrd to meet at th court bouse July IS ' M dearie. Jr.. Ogailala. A. B. Modiaott,
to ae:ect -iil.saics fur th srat meeting. 1 Rusbville; B. M. Kid red. Orlando: A. i.
Cartes McLeod has fiied as stste senator! Lavia. Hjannui. Dan E. Hill, Gordon: Rob-
A few days ago Crawford apneared at
a Wood river garaga with the machine
for some repairs. His answer to inquiries
were unsatisfactory, it waa noticed that
th. machine had been repainted in an
other color, and ths marshal undertook
to put ths man under arrest on suspicion,
but In an unguarded mom eat. th marshal
being unarmed, the fellow pulled away
wtth th atjilce. drove hurriedly west
lo ths Hueium bridge, there abandoned
"spiked" th. machine and went westward
aa the railroad. At this point th sheriffs
took up th chas and auided th maa at
Crawford wu at one recognized
Sheriff Dunki as ths negro who
years ago waa arrested hare for breaking
into a trunk, waa later arrested at Fair
field and broke iail her. while awaitlns
trial, th deputy taxing several shou at
him ax the tlm of th breakaway, on ths
ctay ths trial waa being had. Sheriff Iler
asok th maa to Central City. In which
ouumy be anil be tried for burglary.
kmchimSm". FneTd SuVton Neb., j They .id promptly on th. buig. and forced
ss bidders for th. big event. 1 pr.oss back a cent during ths first half
NEBRASKA CITY Ths democrats of hour. At the top July sold at XL. P
th'm city and county held their primaries j temtn. 4t December at U- and May
from this district.
Oasaaa Maa Barged wlta Blgaaar.
NEBRASKA CITT. Neb.. July S .Hps
cl Thurdu.y a woman signing her name
as Mai-y Ferr-.n AJuaii of Ojuaua. cants to
Ibis city a.;d fKed a complaint wlta County
Attomi-y D. W Liv:ngston. chsrgmg that
her hurband. Lester L. Adams, of
Dmana. waa a bisa.xlst. and aaaed for a
warrant for his amet. The warrant waa
pUced in the hands of F si' tier, and
b. returned frnin Omaha yesteraar with
his prisoner. a as placed in sit await
ing his bearing. M;a Mary Ferrln, ths
complainant, and Lester L. Adams were
unlttd in marnag. in this city Jun L
by Judg W. W Wilsin. th judge
w no Issued a warrant (or th arrest of
th man Thursday. Ths Omaha wile 00 ro
p.aitis mat Adams ws iaarr!ed to Anna P.
Ruiand at Lua Atig lt. Cai., on December
T. 'JM. and trial she was still his wife when
hs f-ain ui oicmt and indui-ed her, the
at.mrlainaitl. lu iou.e 10 th s ciiy and u
some tus waa t.unn 1 .a 4 aw, ai
gtttmm U ASCUAS lha caar
srt A. Cook. Lakeside; John Orr. Lwweilen.
psl'a rkasva for lfkruka City.
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb.. July . .Sp
jii. ) Ther Is a move m foot her to es
tablish what Is known aa tha Peopls a
church, bet-aus of tn action of tour of
th ministers of this city in regard to ths
Blarlna of bar ba.l on Funds and ths
Mesmlis Itwi wta.
GENEVA At th moating of th Rebekah
lc-4ge last eight Mrs. A. E. Holt was elected
.lBlfgatr to vne slate assembly tn October
Ba TRICE Messrs. dtoddard and tVil
lliuns of the Peru tennis team yesterday
piayed double with Young and Hherwood
of ii:a .Slier ttmntng three to
HIIJjRETH Hlldreth did not celebrate
th Fourm. but unless present plana mis
carry will hrttd a thre davs" carnival the
last of August or first of depuembrr.
the iiiMUilty commissioners on
mrA .Ineted a full set of delegates
to the county convention which meets in
this city next Tuesday morning. It is
promised that a delegation pledged against
county option will be sent to the state con
vention. NEBRASKA CITY Tha deep well la now
.town 1 a feet and heavy, coarse sand
bearing oil has been struck and vy
bucket coming up brings oil covered sand.
Ther ia a heavy body of water over the
strike and th cltlsens ar now busy rais
ing monev with wnicn to purchase casing
to shut off th water, pump tha well and
ascertain how rich th sinks la.
NEBRASKA CITY William Reun. who
has been a resident of this county for many
vears. died at his horns in this city yes
terosy. aged 77 years, of cancer of the
stomach. He was born in Germany and
cams to this country and becama a farmer
and accumulated much land. He is sur
vived by a daughter and thre sons, ail
grown. The funeral will ba held Sunday
afternoon from ths Bethel Evangelical
NORTH PLATTE In th district court
of" this county m ths matter of whether
or not a saloon should b had at Brady
for ths present year was decided in favor
of th rerooDarratora and against, the ap
plicant for tn license Th Board of Trus
tees of th village, after hearing th vl
denoa oa both sides, overrated th ronxin
utranca ft Wd by tne Women's Christian
TeniDeranest union and other persons and
ed to grant lha license. An appeal was j Millet
iWUi at SLOB.
NSW YORK. July a. Ths wheat pries
shot up 2 cents per bushel this morning
aa the result of yesterday's sensationally
bullish government report on spring wheat
condition, which tha traders here Inter
preted as almost a calamity. A large
amount of short wheat waa covered on the
rigsrn a Cft Grswts.
WASHINGTON. July a. The crop growth
of ths Unitod States on July 1 wag lower
than at any tlm during tn last ten years,
according to a erop report of tha Depart
ment of Agricultur Issued today. Th re
port says:
Tha general average condition of erop
growth La th. United States on July 1
was &.s per osnt lower ttam on July L ISQB;
X per cent lower than July L UtH. and 1.4
per cent lower than th ton-year average
condition on July L"
Ths following shows the condition on
July I and comparison of various crops not
previously announced by th department:
Four Years'
Alfaifa .
No Break in
the Heat Wave!
Hot Sight Predicted for the East,!
Except in the Lake Se- j
WASHINGTON. July . For th next j
thirty-six hours at least ther will be no ;
break in th. beat wav over the eastern
section of th country. Hut nights ara pre- 1
dieted everywhere eavept In th lake region. :
A cooler area now in tha mountain tat as
Is moving east. Indications ar th weather
will continue generally fair today and tw 1
morrow throughout tha country. j
Three dead and seven prostrated is ths
record for th heat wav. which spread over
Washington at noon yesterday.
NEW YORK. July . Ths tropical heat
wave continued with extreme intensity to
day and with no relief In sight. So far to
day three persona hava succumbed to Uu
torrid air and ther have been numerous
prostrations. Th temperature at t o'clock
waa 8w degrees and still rising with ths
high humidity percentage of U accentuating
tha distress.
CHICAGO, July 9. Th season's heat
record of M degrees attained yesterday
waa equaled today. A number of prostra
tions occurred.
MILWAUKEE, July . Twenty-five ease
of Insanity tn lha last two weeks, break
ing all local records, war before th pro
bat court of Milwauke oounty. That tha
lntenss heat had a direct effect on thns
cases la tha belief of County Judge J. C.
Reduced from $23 and $25
This aaia includes our $25
and $28 two piece Suitlnss.
Cool Grey, Blue Serges. Home
spuns and Crashes in abund
ance. Every garment guaranteed
perfect In fit and stylo.
McCarthy -Wilson
Tailoring Co.
H 804-306 So tub bixteasi
Persistent Advertising is
the Road to Biff Returns.
TTiav Columns of The Bee
Are Best for Adrertlaera,.
Rrpullraa Candidate
For County Coram iasiuner.
Second District.
arresting of th ptsyers therefor.
movement is being backed up by many
leading dttaens and moony ed man. It la
tha prwasnt Intention to aaa on of th
ministers, who refused 10 tak part In th
fight, to take charge of the movement, .
cause aa favors ail hsaltny ant of doers
iporta. As arflelal of on m" lb churches
isvulved say he will file en&rgae against
the minister who refused to tak aharg m
th prosecution and will ask for his dls
mlajHtl from toe ministry. It that is doae
;l ts said th deposed minister will be
placed la chargs of th new churra.
taaen to th district court, whers th board
was overruled yesrerday The saloon waa
not opened thia year.
GENEVA Mr. Samantha Harvey, aged
. died yeateroay at l.JS p m.. at toe resi
dence of her daughter. Sara. Ed Mercer.
Sara. Hsrvey waa a sister of A. J. Besis.
who expired suddenly. The funeral of Mr.
Beais was held yesterday afternoon at the
MetQodtst Episcopal cnurch. Rev. Mr. Era-
up before I brat and Rev. Thomas Griffiths officiated.
tu charge i The Odd Fellows haa enarge or me oere
This ' liminacy. He wss ordered committed , monies. Th sons of tne di enaesd. O. O.
to the aat'lum and waa takn o L.nnn i aaa and Frank Beals of Oklsnoma, al:
this morning. ms oaigritsra. Mrs. Chambers of Blair.
NORTII PtjkTTE A tetter man General M- A"nurA,ki'; "I rIZVnA M
u v, . 1 . ! Mrs. J. L. Houchln of Omaha and Mr.
- -ujb rsnira stawa 1 , - ,T..TT , .., rt .nn i,, h,ik
! bands, were present.
When you have anything to sail or trade,
advertise it tn Th Be Waul Ad column
tr 1 vel 9, auk; resell. work will begin on th new Union
Vmc...c dspot this rail. TMs milldsng is to
be ermtad at a oost of Is. JOB.
NORTH PLATTE A. G. Huttmaa has
pumhaead frosn J. R. White his osmeat
oiock busussss in this aty. The plant la a
morit eeraeat factorv. wtiica has been
uperaten upon West Front street.
VALZ.VTIXa-Crdonel Ai T. Tcrwi died
here Friday morning. He waa one of ths
utd settlers hrr and up nil four years
ago waa receiver at the land office. He
waa 75 year of ag. and leave on sun.
NEBR-tdKA. CITY -A young sen of Mr.
and M-m. John Wililsma. farmers residing
nsar this ally, was footing wun a loaoed
ivo1vk It waa ariiiquinlly 1'scnarged
HOLD REGS Local Manager Newland
has )ust announoed the program of- ths
annual Chautauqua which will b held in
this city the early part of August. The list
of taient so far tnciut'ea ex-tjovemor Glenn
of North Carolina. ,enator Cummine of
Iowa and Governor Auon tel of Colorada.
hreirlie many musical aumbers and other
lectures by noted men and woroaa. On
account of the building up of the grounds
on which ths event turmerty waa netd it
will lu piece this year at lha west ward
schuui pars. The Chautauqua is under the
managMnent ef the t.ommercuU
year and eaeerai cemmitt
work yuaxurg it w:LU aonaideratue
Kiflr com....
Canteioupea .
Broom oorn...
Hops .....
dugar beats...
...SI M
... 2
...7 i
... i
i .
i.4 :
"A I,
Ten-year average.
Dreatat ta Brakes la Celetade. 5,
araska. Ieera aed SeatAl OaksaMaw
DES MOINES. July k Rain, character
ised by Dr. George M. Chap pell of the Iowa
erop bureau a "a million-dollar rain." Is
falling today over northern and western
Iowa. It will be of great benefit to crops.
MAflOH CITY. la.. July a t Special Tele
gram.! The sixty-day drouth was broken
today by a fin ram which la quite general
over northern and western Iowa. It la still
y . y:.
imercial ciuo this raining.
ar already at DENVER. July L-A drUallng
laideratue vigor. 1
Mrs. Charles Aaapaogh, of Cronrwell,
IntL, says:
"Parana haa bees a godsend to me. I
aaa feel safe in saying that it saved my
life, as I waa all run down and was Just
miserable whan I oemmaneed taking
your Perun, bat gat oa th road to
recovery now. I oaooot thaxJt you too
. .-... . . :
I am a titisen of Omaha for ti years
and a tax payer for S- 'ar. Wi:i appr.
lata your nserty support and Hi sua oii
for same.
My name iU appe?ar is the re
publican column of Uie primary
hailoC aa a candidate for the nueni.
aal lun for set rv tary of slate.