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0, 1010.
icnii-Annual uearance oaie
of Young Men's Suits
and Boys' Clothing....
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Iowa Druggists' Association Passes
Resolution on Subject
South Dakota
Democrats Meet
I Platform Says Etatt Delegation in
LABOR TROUBLE SERIOUS Congress Does Not Represent
Interests of the State.
Sorenson Files
For Senatorship
Editor of Examiner Invests Fifty for
Privilege of Making the
Geaeral Strike In All Dallel
Trad Likely aa Keealt of
Jiotli-e to l'arpalcr to
All $18.00 Suits
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duced to, , .
(FVont a Staff Correspondent)
DK3 M01KK3. la.. July 8. -(Special Opto
gram.) The State Association of Drug
gists cloned Its waalotia today. Resolu
tions Were paused condemning advertising
literature which tends to lower the moral
tone of the people. A resolution favoring
reciprocity between states In granting cer
tificates was adopted, aa well as a resolu
tion of thanks to all those Interested In
the Vnt.rtulnment of the delegates.
The convention was declared the mot
successful ever held. W. 11. Beck of Dee
i Moines was elected president Vice presi
dents; U h. Hatleeted, lledcllffe; M. d,
llelberger, Urundy Center; Ucorge Judith,
Vmes. Secretary, 1 M. LJndley, Wlnfleld;
treasurer, J. B. Webb, Ijewltt.
The next convention will be at Daven
Extensive Lockout Likely.
The prospect of'an extensive lockout In
the building trades became good this even
ing when the master builders notified the
carpenters that unless they return to work
with the nonunion Ironworkers there will
be a lockout of all the trades with which
the carpenters are affiliated. This would
mean about 3,000 workmen and a general
cessation of building In the city.
Store Closes at Five o'clock.
1518-1520 FAUN AM STREET.
virtrrn Vreluht Cars Fall Into Red
Cedar Creelc 0e Trainman
MASON CITT. July 8. Special Tele
gramsSouthbound Illinois Central freight
went into Red Cedar creek near Orchard at
11 o'clock this morning. One trainman was
killed and several Injured. It is thought
that the truln was thrown from the track
by a broken rail. ' Fifteen cars went over
the twenty-foot embankment into the creek.
Sleeping Car
Order Suspended
Circuit Court of Appeal Holds it Up
Pendinj Behearin; as to Its
CHICAGO. July S. By an order of the
United 8tatea circuit court of appeals here
today reduced sleeping car rates ordered
by the Interstate Commerce commission
cannot go Into effect fur several months.
Judge Seaman, . Urosscup and Baker
granted a stay order pending a rehearing
by the commission as to the Justice of its
CHICAGO, July (.Soma wee Its ago the
Pullman company and certain roada op
erating their own sleeping cars sought an
Injunction to restrain the carrying Into
effect ot reduction order; This was denied.
A r-hearlng by Ua cororoUslon. however.
was allowed.
In the present instance new evidence was
placed before the court to show that In
some cases sleeping cars were operated at
a loss at present rates. The Santa Fa was
alleged to lose 146,000 a yar, on one train.
The 8U Paul road deolared that it operated
its sleeping car at an annual loss of two.
The court ordered that the companies af
, fected furnish a bond to the court out of
which passengera paying the present rates
shall bo reimbursed should the commission,
upon re-hearing adhere to its first position
and insist on the reduction.
Two Men Killed
byFall of Wall
Judicial Convention at Denlaon.
DENISON, la., July 8. (Special.) A Ju-
diclal convention meets at Carroll Tuesday,
July 13, to nominate two candidates for
the republican ticket The candidates be
fore the convention are Judge F. M Powers
of Carroll county, to succeed himself; Gates
Alberta of Greene county, Marlon Hutchln
ton of Calhoun county, J. C. Walters of Ida
o6unty and P. E. C. Lally of Crawford
county. Sao is the only county In the dls
ILuillt Of Soap Factory at Kansas City trlct presenting no candidate. Judge Church
Collapse and Catch Four
KANSAS CITY, Mo.. July 8. Two men
were klliea ana iwo omen were iitsnuy
Injured in Kansas City. Kaiu, today, by the
collapse of a wall at the ruins' ot poet
Bros, soap factory, whose plant was de
stroyed by flro several weeks ago;
The dead:
The injured:
Thomas Cvrran.
Jesse Snyder.
The men were tearing down the
when It fell unexpectedly.
of Greene county is not a candidate for re
nomination. The counties of Crawford, Car
roll and Greene have enough votes to nom
inate tho candidates, controlling thirty
four votes, with thirty-eight needed. The
democratic judicial convention will be at
Wall Lake July 14.
MITCHKLL. 8. D July 8.-9pecla1.)
The democratlo state convention at Red
field adopted a platform for the coming
campaign whfrh denounces the attitude of
the elate delegation at Washington as not
representing the interests of the people
of this state hn they voted for so many
thinr objectionable In the Payne tariff
law. it demands an honest revision down
ward. The administrations of Crawford
and Vesscy are denounced for the extrava
gance manifested. Rome of the new fea
tures of democracy are thus outlined: A
plank endorses tho Idea of having the
electors of any city or town express their
preference for a postiriaster rathef than
to have one appointed through the old
system of congressional endorsement; de
nounce the so-called deposit guaranty law
adopted by the last legislature; favor the
assessment of all public service corpor
ation property on the same basis' of all
other property; pledged the party against
the multiplication of offices and salaries,
and made a severe- stricture on the re
publican legislature to try and care for so
many members of the party;-endorse the
Idea of having the members of the soldiers'
home at Hot Springs formulate their own
rules and regulations for the government
of the home, and also permit the old sol
dlers to name the candidate fcr. coiumand
ant, whose appointment Is to be made by
the governing board; favored legislation
to fix Ihe freight rates in this state on
the mileage basis, and to be no higher
than the rates voluntarily made by the
railroad companies from points outside
the state to points insldo the state; fav
ored an ameriment tu the constitution al
lowing the state to engage in Internal im
provements and to permit the state to con
struct and operate the same for the serv
ice of the people; favored the making of
a state law for the appointment of a non
partisan board which shall have the power
to make the appropriations for the educa
tional and penal institutions of the state,
and eliminate that work frotn the state
legislature, 'which permits the institution
counties to form combinations for the pas
sage of such laws as may or may not be
detrimental. v
Two years ago a plank was adopted by
the convention, presented by ex-Senator
Pettlgrew, which exempted all homesteads
from taxation which were worth 11,500. Mr.
Pettlgrew presented the same plank at
this convention and desired its adoption
as a part of the platfrom again. After
long discussion the members decided
against it and it was not permitted to
become a plank therein. Pettlgrew held
that it permitted and encouraged the build
lng of a greater number of homes by the
man of moderate means.
There were about 100 democrats present
at the convention and after the platform
was made the rest of the time was spent
In sort ot a lovefeast
Well, the blow has fell.
Al Sorenson, editor of the Examiner,
walked up to the captain's office yesterday
end planted down fifty cold dollars for the
privilege of filing his name as a republican
andldate for the office of United States
senator from Nebraska, subject to the uc
tion of the voters at the primaries In Aug
ust and the subsequent aotlon of the Ne
braska legislature.
In a statement for the public, issued as
soon as he recovered his breath after filing,
Mr. Sorenson said: 1
"When I take my Beat at Washington, it
will be with the full intention of represent
ing all the people, and not merely a faction.
am a republican, to be sure, but In my
official capacity, I will be a representative
of the highest and the lowest A Utile
later I will set out - mora in detail the
things I stand for, and soma that I won't
stand for. In this latter class I have listed
dead beat subscribers."
As soon as the news was bruited about
on the- streets, little knots of men could be
seen excitedly dUcusuIng the situation. One
of the most momentous questions raised,
nd to which no satisfactory answer has
yet been given Is:
Where did Sorenson get that fifty T"
Miss Anheuser
Files Damage Suit
Wealthy St. Xouis Woman , Whose
Gowns Were Attached by Den
tist Asks Reparation.
CHICAGO. July i-Mlss Nellie Anheuser
of the wealthy St. Louis family ot that
name, whose opera gown were attached
by Dr. Robert Good, a dentist during the
grand opera season here- last year, filed
suit for $1,000 damages against the dentist
here today.
Dr. Good for dental work charged Miss
Weotnorth K. Griffin, a Lawyer, Be
comes Head ef the Police
KANSAS CITY. July l-Wentworth. E.
Griffin of this olty was appointed chief of
police of Kansas City today.
rim ou. i Anheuser fooo, or at the rate or S25 an
since tne election or uowrnor waaioy. win hQur 8n, refuMj to pay. alleging that
be retained in the police department and tn, worit was faulty and had to be done
given his former rank ot oaptatn. By another dentist. Thereupon the
Griffin, who is a lawyer, has been super- oootor attached Miss Anheuserti gowns and
intendent ot streets hero during tho
ministration of Mayor Partus Brown.
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the latter missed a performance of the
opera. Yesterday the dentlst'a case came
up In tho municipal court. Miss Anheuser
having come from St. Louis no aerena tne
suit. Counsel tor the dentist took a non
suit, falling to gain a delay, but promptly
tiled another one similar to tho first.
The suit for damages today is an out
growth of tho doctor's alleged Harassing
Let Contracts
for Aerial Meet
Special Master Leaves for Chicago to
Take Final Testimony la
' Case.
8IOUX FALLS. 8. D.. July 8.-Spe
clal.) J. Howard Gates ot this city, spa
ctal master appointed to take testimony
in the South Dakota passenger rate case
together with Willam Wallace of Aber
deen, stenographer, and P. W. Dough'
erty of Dell Rapids, assistant attorney
general and counsel ot the state board
of railroad commissioners, have departed
for Chicago, whro tho hearing in tho ef
forts ot the ' state to secure a reducton
of passenger fares win be resumed after
an Interval of a number of weeks. Be
fore his departmure Special Master Gates
stated that at the present adjourned
hearing an effort would bo made to hav
all the remaining testimony takee
foro tho hearing takes a fnal adjourn
ment. When all the testmony has been
taken, special master win make a re
port to Judge Carland of the United
States court In this city. The members
of the state board of railroad commts
soners also wll be present at the hear
ing in Chicago.
Charlton Will
Be Released
United States Will Befuie Extradi
tion Unleg Italy Agrees to Ee
ciprocate and it Will Not.
NEW YORK, July 8.-A further adjourn
ment today of the bearing of Porter Charl
ton In the court of oyer and terminer in
Jersey City to August U seems to forecast
an early enaing or tne case. The papers
demanding Charlton's extradition to Italy
to stand trial for killing bis wife, Mrs.
Mary Scott-Castle-Charlton, at Lake Como
have not been received, and unless the
State department at Washington takes some
action within the next few weeks, Charlton
will be discharged from tho custody of the
Jersey court.
Charlton is held on a sixty-day warrant,
and the time will expire on August 22.
Should Italy demand Charlton's extradi
tion, the State department will reject the
demand unless Italy agrees In future to
turn over to us all Italians who have com
mitted crimes in this country and then fled
to Italy. This Italy will decline to do.
International Ladles' Garment Work
era Want Blgrht-Honr Day and
More Wages.
NEW YORK, July S.-Flfty thousand
garment and cloak makers, of which 8,000
are women, walked out yesterday at the
call of the International Ladies' Garment
Workers' union, which demands an eight-
hour day, an Increase In wages and
gut. in tee that contractors shall stand be
hind sub-contractors for wage payments.
The fight thus far Is purely local, but of
fleers ot the union said tonight that it the
employers attempted to sublet their work
In other cities, the union would call a strike
there also.
The l.ioo factories hero employ 100,000
hands, of which approximately halt are
organised. The strikers hopo to draw many
or tne nonunion workers out by a eytnpa
thetic -appeal.
Qossln that IS Will Close the
Door In Manchuria At
trnrts Attention.
BERLIN, July 8. The liveliest Interest
Is felt In official : circles regarding the
Russo-Japanese agreement, the text ot
Midwest Aviation Company Arranges h,cl hM not hen forwarded to the
for Grandstand and Fence
Come early and get best choice
1417 Farnam Street
Around Field. -
Directors of the Midwest Aviation Meet
company let two contracts maay auer-
noon for tha Omaha meet, which will be
held July 8 to 27. The contract for tho
grandstand was awarded to Lee M career.
and the contract for 6,000 feet of canvas
fence goes to the Omaha Tent and Awn
ing company.
Cost of erecting these waa not given out.
but it is known that It runs Into thousands
of dollars. The grandstand la to seat 1,000
Tho contracts provide that the work shall
be done July 19, four days before the meet
begins. Work will start Saturday.
German government,
The maintenance of the status quo, which
the agreement, is ostensibly intended to
secure, is considered most desirable.. The
most delicate point In the agreement
refers, according to the semi-official Frank
furter Zeltung, to the understanding to act
mutually on the defensive against the in
tervention by any third power in Manoou-
rla, which still belongs to China, 'the
agreement therefore, cannot be directed
against Chin
It is pointed out that America obtained
from China a concession for the Chlnchow
railroad and the question is now raised here
whether the agreement is Intended to i p-
pose America's unwelcome intrusion in the
Russo-Japanese ; sphere of Influence, it
so, the agreement is taken to mean me
closing of the open door,
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Seeks Johnson
With Shotgun
Man, Name Unknown, Tries to Get in
Home Lost on the Big
CHICAGO, July S. An unidentified man,
believed to be from 8L Louis, was arrested
here tonight, when armed with a shotgun
he attempted to force an entrance to the
home of Jack Johnson, the Yiegro pugilist
When examined by the police the man ad
mltted that he lost money en tho recent
prlae fight.
Cnnttnaono Cold and Wet Weather
Cnaeea Analety In Cham
pagne District.
PARIS. July a Continuous cold and wet
weatywr Is beginning to cause serious
alarm. There has been dally rain for six
weeks, and She precipitation slnee the
first of January has already eaeeeded the
average rainfall. The recurrence ot floods
is threatened. Many streams are full and
some are out of their banks. -
The grape crop, Is suffering heavily and
mildew has made lis appearance In the
champagne district The hay crop Is al
most destroyed.
The loos In th champagne district through'
the unfavorable weather Is officially es
timated at M.ooO.eoa
Recoant ef Ballets la On Preelaet la
Dalaell District Shows Retara
PITTSBURG; July 1 -Robert X Black's
most serious allegation of fraud In connec
tion with the renomlnatlon of Congressman
John Dal sell by a majority ot VfJ votes
over bin In the recent republican primaries.
was - not . substantiated today when the
county commissioners recounted the ballots
in the Eeoond precinct. Third ward, ot Mo-
Keesport, and found the count precisely as
previously returned.
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. 64
, 71
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, 81
, S4
. St)
, 83
. 89
, B0
. m
, 61
. 89
The Weather
FOR NEBRASKA Fair, warm.
FOR IOWA-Falr, warm.
Temperature at Omaha yesterday:
nour. ujr.
6 a. m 61
8 a. m
7 a. m
8 a. m
t a. m
10 a. m
11 a. ra
li m
1 p. m.. ......
p. m
1 p. m
4 p. m
6 p. m
8 p. m
7 p. m
8 p. m.. ......
I,ocal Record.
OMAHA, July 8. Official record ot tem
perature ana precipitation compared wttn
the correupondliis" period of the last three
years: 1810. lim. liXK. 107.
Maximum temperature.... 3 78 79 81
Minimum temperature 88 87 89 72
Mean temperature.. 78 72 69 82
Precipitation w T .w .00
Temperature ana precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March L
and compared with the last two years;
Normal temperature 78
Excess for the day 2
Total excess since March 1 638
Normal precipitation 14 Inch
Deficiency for the day 14 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 8.83 Inches
Deficiency since Marcn l 11. S3 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, Moe 69 inch
Excess for cor. period, iwts .ju inches
Reports from Stations at 1 P. M.
Station and Temp. Max. Rain-
Plate of Weather. 7 p.m. Temp. fall.
Cheyenne, pt. cloudy 82 88 .00
Davenport, cloudy M 84 .00
Denver, pt. ciouay . s? .uu
Des Moines, cloudy 91 94 .00
Dodge City, clear 88 90 .00
Janfler. pt. ciouay is s .w
North Platte, clear 88 98 .00
Omaha, clear 89 98 .00
Pueblo, ciouay m .. .uu
Salt Lka City, clear 88 88 .00
Psnta Fe, pt. cloudy 84 86 .09
Hherldan. rainlnc 68 78 .06
8iux City, clear 88 80 .00
Valentine, clear 84 So .01)
U A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
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laxaoiusia .siiasN03 f!$l
XN3 S 3SVO V 3AVH llM j
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District. , frfcafri XoOee, on :
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