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Denver, Sioux, Lincoln, St. Joe Winners; Seward Gets Revenge; Serni-Finals in Golf TodaY
Allows Eat Three Hits and Doei Not
Issue a Pass.
Grlssltee Bombard Melter for Fonr
Sinatra, Which, with Three Stolen
Baaee and a ('iniil Ball,
Give Tfcrvc Hon. -
Omaha, 0; Denver, V
Kins won the distinction of being the
only member of the Rourke family to reach
aecond baa in the first mnui with Denver
Thursday. In the opening round he reached
flrt on Baall's error and stole second. He
made a single In the fourth Inning.- He
Idea King three other Omaha players
reached flrat bone, rl hot ton, and Melter on
Ingles and Cadmnn on lndaay'i error.
Khman was the stlngest pitcher who has
been at the lot for tome time, lie not only
did not lot Pa a boys hit the ball but he
also refuted t. Issue n'pan. The long,
lithe youth had magnificent control of the
ball at all times and held the game In
Ma own hands all the way through. Ilia
home run over the center field fence In the
aecond Inning waa enough to win the game.
It was an exceedingly long hit, as the ball
oared high over 'the fence buck of King. '
Game I.oat In l-'lrat Innlnig.
The , game Waa lost for Omaha In the
flint round by the consistent hitting of the
Grizzlies. They plugged, the ball hard,
keeping the lilts on, the ground, making
four safe ones ' which, -With three stolen
buses, a base on balls and a passed ball
gave Denver three runs. After that bom
bardment Melter did fairly well; but It
waa no use, aa Mr. Eh man refused to
weaken. lie kept the twister and benders
coming fast until Shotton popped a high
oho In the ninth and the gams waa over.
At no time did Omaha seem to have a
Chance with the twirling of Mr. Ehman.
The score: ' " '
AC. ft.
II. O. A. E.
0 14 0
12 0 0
0 6 5 1
0 2 0 1
110 0
0 U 0 0
0 2 3 0
0 2 3 1
10 0 0
3 27 15 3
H. O. A. K.
0 3 2 0
12 0 0
16 2 0
0 3 0 0
3,7 0 1
12 3 0
0 10 1
13 0 0
10 2 0
8 . 27 9 2
0 0 0 0 00
Schlpke, 3b....
King, cf
Corrldon, as.,.
"Welch, rf
Shotton, If
Kane, lb :
Cadman, c...
Thompson, 8b.
Heller, p.......
... 4
.. 4
.. 4
.. 8 '
.. 3J
32 0
AB. R.
Lloyd, 2b....
Waldron, If.
........ 3
Cranston, as.
Cacaidy, rf 4
jumasay, id. . ..(.
Uolan, 31).......,.
Beall, cf ..........
McMurray, c:.,.
Ehman, p. .......
. 3 '
. 3
.4 ,
' ;;
.... 0,( 0
Hits ..........
a a a
.... 0 1 0 0 11 03
Runs ,. 3 19 0 10 0
HIU 4 110 10 0
1 0
Two-base hit: Dolan. Passed ball: Cod
iran. .First base on balls: Off Melter, 4.
Struck out: By Melter, 8; by Ehman, 2.
iieft on basos: Omaha, 5; Denver, 6 Sacri
fice hit: Waldron. Stolen bases: King,
Caasldy, Lindsay (2), Beall. Time: 1:45.
Umpire: Haskell. Attendance, 600.
Note of the Game.
Today is ladies' day. j
The Grizzlies again today.
After Beall dropped King's fly he tried
to redeem htmaelt by a magnificent catch
of Kane's long fly.
The entire bunch of Mountaineers - had
a. mean habit of driving fuHt. onts on the
ground, just out of roach of the Omaha in
Jiald. Ehman la some 'peaches at' the bat for
long hits. Beaides driving -the ball over
the center field fencO ha hit two long ones
to King.
Welch made two long drives which Cus
Idy oaught just inside the fence, but they
lacked enough steam to carry them over
tor homers.
Jack Haskell, chief of the umpiring staff
of the Western league, made his appearance
At the park along with the Grizzlies. He
ays Jeffries will win.
Welch misjudged Beall's long fly to right
In the eighth and this cost a run, as It
would have made the third out and Beall
Afterward scored on McMurray's single.
Shotton played regularly for the first
time sines he had his thumb split over a
week ago. Ue slsnallzed his return by-
making a splendid catch of a foul fly
against the bleachers fenca and also by
beating out an Infield grounder to short
stop, making one of the three hits for the
Toneka'a Pitcher . Dora Well, bnt
1'onleyltea Lose to Lincoln.
LINCOLN't Nab; Jttna 80. Topeka made
nearly twice as many lilt as Lincoln in
today's game, but the fine work of Pitcher
Kaufman waa offfcet by the poor, fielding
behind him. Kuapp, for Lincoln, was In
tight holes on three occasions, but sensa
tional double plays by Thomas and Gagnler
got him out except in one instance. core:
AB. .R. H. O. A. E.
i 0
Jude, If .,
Oagnier, sa
Cole, 2b
Cobb, rf
Cockman, 8b
Thomas, lb..,..
Davis, cf
Kruger, o
Knapp, p.
Totala .......
26 4
4 27 17
AB. R.
Bullock, 2b.;...
Rellly, as
Thomaaon, If...
Indreth. lb...
ljf;.idt. cf...,.
, loles. o -.
Totala S
7 23 13
Knapp out," hit by batted ball
Lincoln ', 10 0 0 10 1
Topeka ....... 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
Thrae-baae hit: Kaufman. Double Playa
Thomaa to Gatmler to Thomas (2. Kaaan
to Bullock to Boles, Land re th to Boles to
Rellly to Bol. Stolen bases: Jude, Cobb,
Thomas. Sacrifice hits: Cole, Cobb (2)
Davis, Rellly, Kerns. Struck out: By
Knapp, 6: by Kaufman, 8. jtases on balls:
Oft Knapp, 2; off Kaufman, 6. Hit by-
pitched ball: By Knapp, l. passed ball
Boles, L Time) 1:W. , Umpire l Mullen
Ckanaps Driven to Defeat by Swlft'a
C Work.
ST. JOSEPH. June 30 In a fast game St
Joseph dereatea 4ea Moines today by
core of 7 to 2. Swift, (or the locals, out
pitched Owena, the Dea Moines premier
twirler. letting tils opponents down with
only four hrts. The bating of McChesney
was a feature, r-eore:
A.a it.
H. P.O. A. K.
0 0 10
0 14 0
.0 0 .0 0
1 14 0 1
I I 0
II 0 0
0 0 0 0
0 s i o
0 0 10
1 24 18 l
H. P.O. A. E.
10 8 0
0 11 0 0
4 10 0
110 0
1 r r o
,112 0
0 ? 1 V
Kearney, 2b.....
Colllgan, ss
Mattick, cf..,..
Dwyer, lb......"..
Nlehoff, 8b
Curtis, if
..... 4 0
..... I
..... 8
Bader, rf.
c I
Owens, p. ............... 3
......... t
A B, U.
Powell, Jf..
Fox. 2b
Jones, lb,...
Bauer, rf...
Corhan, as..
Rellly, 3b....
i'rainbes, c.
8 .
W.UIVt W.Ll'ct.
Ploux City. ..37 i .DSTjChlcago W 21 .fi4
Wichita 7 27 .r.TS New York ,.3fi 22 .621
Menver 87 28 .MS' Pittsburg ....31 M ,r44
L'ncoln MSI .511 Cincinnati ...M 10 .rt
les Moines.. S.1 SK .4Hf,J Philadelphia 27 SI
Omaha 31 S4. 477, St. U.ula 34 .4X0
Ht. Joseph ,.2.iM .410 Prnoklvn ....25 33 .431
Topeka 23 39 .871, Boston t 41 .349
PhllHdolphla S. 21 .OW V.I,.Pct.
New York ..31 21 .6321 Minneapolis .60 25 . 6"7
Petrolt M 27 .fSt. Pnul 47 M .644
Boston .'32 27 ,M2' Toledo 44 28 .611
Cleveland ...2."29 ,4i;:t, Kansas City. 30 37 . 44S
Chicago 21 32 .44, Milwaukee ..30 St .441
Washington 24 3S .37 Indianapolis 31 43 ,41!
Ht. Loin .. .17 41 .2!3 Columbus ...29 41 .414
NKB. I.KAfU'E. Louisville ...25 48.312
Od. Island.. 24 16 .W0' W.I,. Pet.
Fremont ....23 17 .87nl Clarinda 21 .735
Seward 22 1 .fwOi Shenandoah .18 .47
Superior ....21 20 .5121 Auburn 17 19.472
Coiumbua ...22 18 .44 Falls City ..16 18 .471
Ilastlnss ....18 21 ,4i2 MaryvtHe ...121 .432
lied Cloud .16 21 .4321 Neb. City ...15 21 .417
Kearney ... 1 24 .4001
lesterriio'a Hraulta.
Oiiwih.i, 0; Denver, 6.
Wichita, 3; Sioux City, 8.
Topeka, 1; Lincoln, 4.
Dt Moines, 2; St. Joseph, 7.
Brooklyn, U; New York, 2.
Philadelphia, 4; Boston, 1. Second game,
Philadelphia, 0; Boston, 4.
Chicago, 8; St. Louis, 13.
Cincinnati. 3; Pittsburg, 8.
Chicago, 6; Detroit, 8.
St. Louis, 0; Cleveland, 6.
Columbus, 8; Minneapolis, 2. Second
game, Columbus, 4; Minneapolis, 8.
Toledo, 4; St. Paul, 6. Second game,
Toledo, 6; St. Paul, 6.
Indianapolis, 0; Milwaukee, 7.
Louisville, 0; Kansas City. 6.
Fremont, 3; Red Cloud, 5. Second game,
Fremont, 2; Red Cloud, 0.
Seward, 5; Superior, 1. Second game,
Seward, 7; Superior, 6.
Columbus, 0; Kearney, B.
. Gland Island, 3; Hastings, 4.
Falls City, 0: Maryvllle, 1.
Shenandoah, 2; Auburn, 4.
Nebraska City, 1: Clnrlnda. 2. Second
game, Nebraska City, 7; Clarinda, 4.
Games Today.
Western League Denver at Omaha,
Wichita at Sioux City, Topeka at Lincoln,
Des Moines at St. Joseph.
National IeagueBrooklyn at New York,
Philadelphia at Boston, Chicago at St.
Louis, Cincinnati at Pittsburg.
American League St. Louis at Chicago,
Detroit at Cleveland, New York at Phila
delphia, Boston at Washington.
American Association No games sched
uled. Nebraska State League Red Cloud at
Kearney, Superior at Hastings, Columbus
at Seward, Fremont at Grand Island,
Mink League Falls City at Maryvllle,
Shenandoah at Auburn, Nebraska City at
Swift, p 3 10 0 10
Totals 21 7 27 10 0
Des Moines 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 02
St. Joseph 10021080 7
Two-base hits: ' McChesney (2),- Bauer.
Stolen bases: Powell, Nlehoff (2). Curtis.
Sacrifice hit: Fox. Double plays: Powell
to Frambea; Hawkins to Dwyer. Struck
out: By Swift, 6; by Owens, 8. Bases on
balls: Off Swift, 2; off Owens, 2. Wild
pitch: Owens. Hit by pitched ball: By
Owens, 1. Left on bases: St. Joseph, 4;
es Moines, 2. Time: 1:50. Umpire: Clark.
Attendance: 2,000.
Two-Base Hit and Home
Ara Feat urea.
SIOUX City. June 20 Sioux City defeated
Wichita In an lriteretlng game this morn
ing in which both teams tought all the way,
bioux city winning out in tne nintn. score:
Ab.H.U.A.B. ' AM. H.O. A. .
Aiidren, 8b.. 8 17 1 Hidden, It.... 3 10 0 0
Stem, lb 4 8 2 8 OMIddleton, til I I 0 t
Qulllln, 8b... 8 1 1 1 lClarle, as.:.. 4 10 4 8
Welch, rt.... 4 0 1V OHufhea, 8b.. 8 8 8 10
Towne ...... 1 0 0 0 OKoerner, lb.. 4 111 3 0
N'elfhb'rii, of 8 1 1 0 OWeiteretl, It I 1 0 I (
Miller, :,,.... I 111 I 0 Pen i are w, rf. I 0 0 0 0
hariman, as. 3 8 2. 0 OJokeret, c... 4 0 8 0 1
Myera, If.,.. 4 8 V 0 0"baw, p... 110 0 0
WilMjn, p.... 4 111 HJurbam, p... i 0 0 0
Totala S3 lilt I I Tutaia 37 USi 15 8
bat ltd tor Welch in tne ninth.
Batted for Jokerst in the ninth.
One out wneti winning run was made.
Sioux City 1 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 1 (
Wicmta o l o 0 8 0. 0 16
Two-base hits: Andreas. Wilson. Myers.
nuKiiea til. uiaire. weuterzn. Home run
Muter, baorltice nits: uuiltln ui. Miller.
Koerner, Vvesierzll. stolen bases: Andreas,
Hughes. DouDle plays: Claire to Koerner
lo joaersi; ciaire to iiugnes to Koerner.
Base on balls: Olf VvIihoii, ; oif uurliam,
eirucK out: dv v iisun, it, oy uurnam. a.
Wild pitcn: Durahm Passed ball: Miller.
Time: 2.16. Umpires: Speuuer and i'ljnu.
Attendance: l.iiuu.
IHlarloas Wins l.uag laland Handl
rap ' In " Excltlnir Race.
SHEEPSHEAD BAY. June 80,-Hllarloua
proved himself a good horse when he won
the Long isianu nana leap, one ajid one
eightti miles, Here today. He nad a won
derful burst of speed and- led by four
lengths at tne far turn, but suddenly bolted
to tlio ouisiue. lowers straiantened u in
quickly and then regained the lead In the
next lurlong and again led by four longtns
In tiie stretch. Here again, however, Hi
larious began to run out. Powers tried all
known tactics to keep him in but was un
tie to do so and Fashion Plate, comma fast.
nearly nipped lilm on the wire. Hilarious
won by liuee-luurtlia or a length. Sum
t list race, uve arm one-nair luriongs:
Meridian 12 to 1) won. Aldrlan (20 to 2) sec
ond, Novelty (i to a) third. Time: l:0tift.
second race, sieepiecnase, two and oue-
half miles: The V eelan (13 to 0) won, Mlnto
(4 to 1) second, Uold Piute (bo to I) tinrd
Time: 6:lt.
Thud race, one and one eight mile
Charivari (ti to 1) won, Ashwell (5 to 2)
second, star Actor u to i tnira. Time
rourtn race, one ana one-eisntn mile:
Hilarious (even) won. Fashion Plate (2 to
1 second, Czar (4 to I) third Tlme:.l:o2.
Firth race, one and one-rourtn mile
Hampton Court (5 to 2) won, Captain Swan-
son (u to i second, rerry jonnaon, u to I)
tnira. nine: i.m.
sixth race, six and one-half furlongs:
Follie' Levy (2 16 6)" won, Comedienne
(100 to 1) aecond. Sir Alvescot (20 to I) tnird.
'tune: i:ai.
Iterorda at Bataa Vlara. .
SALT LAKE., June 30. Two truck recorda
were broken In lluena Vista. .Not a fa
vorites -won. Summaries: .
First race, five and ohe-half furlongs:
Nebraska Lass ta to 1 won. Tuberose (t to
. vii',.., it, ... iv .ifi.. n. .
, Het-ond race, four furlongs: Pawhuska 9
to 01 won, Aiaxing tu to u second, Helen
Hawkins (20 to l third. Time:,.
Third race, one mile: Special Delivery (2
to i) won, tianntoat uey w to 1) second,
Tuaboat (20-to 1) third. Time: 1:44V4.
Fouilh race, ix furlongs: Balroma (8 to
2) won. Lady Panuhlta (U to 1) second.
ucean uueen ts to oi tniru. nine:,
Fifth' race, seven furlongs:- Kalserhof (0
to 1) won, Uretohvn U. Hi to 1U) second,
tiaucocK ta to i) eiura. lime:, i.i.. -
Hixtrt ruce. .mlla Tavora 44 to U won.
Miller Daughter (4 to I) second, . Silver
urain (o to i) tnira. nine; i:zyn.
I'inkoln frevta Wurth.
LATONIA, June SO. Plnkola rewarded hla
backers by. tutting the feature handicap.
k Irst race, lour and one-naif luriongs
Outfielder (straight, oS.10 won, Merkler
(place, 81000) aecond, jack Weaver (show
irt t i rd. lime: v:tK.
Hecond race, five furlongs: Marsand
(straight, 0U1 won. oriental Pearl (plaoe.
ij.3U) seeona, - Aiacnuia tsnow, B4 su; intra,
11 ma: 1:01..
Third race, six furlongs: Lotta Creed
(straight, 83 80) won, Acoiln (place, 811.10)
1 ,.ii...t . u . , , m 1 1 . i . ,i n. ,
Bwuiiu, vriitc. e.w iiiiru. t line
Fourth race, mile and seventy yards: Pin
kola (straight, 83.10) won, Tom Blgbee
(place, -w) secona, ir. HOiaoerg (show, tnira. Timer i:nk. .
Fifth race, selling; purse, 8300; six fur-
lonas: Beaoort (1W. Mountain) won. Im
prudent (103, Marlln) second. Queen City
(KM, nice) tnira. lime: n-- cusaDetnan,
Placlde, May Bride, Front ROW and Amy
Sixth race, puree, $400; one mil and. three
sixieantha: Mamie Algol (lot). Kennedy)
won, Siotia IStreet (lui, Warren) second,
Klfall (loi. (trand) third. Time: l:b. Lola
Caxanagh, Quagsa. Nadiu also ran. Mamie
Algol (straight. 7 , Ktone Street (place.
Pittsburg Displays Championship
Laurels and Beats Reds.
Boston and Philadelphia Divide
Doable-Header - Giants Blank
Brooklyn t. I. outs Wine
PITTSBURG, June 30.-rittsbui g dis
played for the first time today the black
and gold flag won In the world'a champion
ship series with the Detroit Americans last
fall, and following the flag-raising cere
monies the team went to work and won In
the very firat Inning of a game, from Cin
cinnati. The first five men at bat each
scored a run, three hits being helped by
Rowan's wlldness and McMillan's wild
throw. The result waa, 8 to S. Score:
Byrne, Sb..,
Lvarh, cf..,
Clark, It..
Wznr, M.
Miller, 2b.,
i luri'tH', It.
0 0tgn, lib
0 oiluklltsel, lb.
1 1 Mitchell, rf...
i a
1 10
1 t
0 0
0 t
1 0
0 o
1 0
i upMnert, er..
Hyatt, lb
0 ODoarney, lb... 4
0 0MrLen, c... 4
1 OMi-Mlllan, II. 4
1 Ollovan, .... 0
Wilson, rt.... I
(I'haon, o 4
Adami, p 4
Heebe, p I
.11 11 IT I I
Totals 12 7 J4 it 1
nttsburg 5 0 2 1 0 0 0 0
Cincinnati 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 08
Two-base hits: Byrne. Leach. Miller,
Mitchell. Three-base hit: Miller. Sacri
fice hits: Miller, 2. Sacrifice files: Wil
son, Mitchell. Stolen bases: Hyatt,
Bescher. Double plays: McLean to Egan;
Mitchell to Hoblltzel. First base on balls:
Off Adams, 1; off Rowan, 2; off Beebe, 1.
Hits: Off Rowan, 2 In one-third Inning;
off Beebe, 9 in Seven and one-third Innings.
Struck out: By Adams. 2: by Beebe, 4.
First base on errors. Plttieburg, 1; Clncln-
ti, 1. Left on bases: Pittsburg, 6; Cin
cinnati., 3. Time: 1:30. Umpires: Klem
and Kane,
Giants Whitewash Brooklyn.
NEW YORK. June 80.-Crandall got the
Upper hand of Rucker In a pitching duel
this afternoon and New York defeated
Brooklyn 2 to 0. Manager Dahlen of
Brooklyn and Shortstop ridwell or New
York were removed from the game by the
umpire. Score: .
Dillon, rt.... 4 t 4 0 uSnodgrau, If, I 0 0 0 0
Daubert, lb... I
0 Doyle, Sb 4 1 1 0 8
0 Murray, rt.... 4 1 0 0 0
Ofceymour, c(.. 4 1 S 0 0
Olirldwell, .. 8 I 2 4 0
OBhafer, 3b.... 1 0 0 0 II
0 Fletcher, 3-aa 4 0 18 1
OMerkla, lb.,.. I 0 10 0
0 Myers, o I 8 0 0
lOrandall, p.. 8 0 0 t 0
Wheat, If.... 4
MrElveen, 2b 4
Lennoi, 3b... 4
Davldaon, cf., S
Bergen, c.
Erwtn ..i
H-icker, p
H. Smith
Totals 30 7 27 4
.84 4 M
Batten for Bergen In ninth.
Batted for Kucker in ninth inning.
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
New York 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 O "2
Two-base hits: Doyle, McElveen. Sac
rifice hit: Daubert Stolen bases: .Mur-
ay, Snodgrass, H. Smith. Left on bases:
Brooklyn, 11; New York, 8. First on er-
ors: crooHiyn, e. siruca out; ry nuvner,
by Crandall, 7. Bases on balls: Off
Rucaer. 4: off Crandall. 3. Umpires:
Johnstone and Moran. Time, 1:55. . v
BOSTON. June 80. Shean's home tun
saved Boston from being whitewashed in
the. opening contest. Aloquilien pltctiea
great ball. Ferguson allowed but four hits
in the second game, while Moren was
batted off the ruber. Score of first game:
Philadelphia 0 0 8 0 110 0 f-4
Boston ti v v o v v i v vi
Two-base hits: Dolan, Magee. Home
run: Shean. Hits: off Curtis, in 6 in
nings; taken out With none out In sixth;
off Kvane, 3 In 4 innings. Bases on balls;
Off McQuillan 1; 6ft Kvana, v Struck out:
by McQuillan 8; ty Kvans, 4. Timet i:ov.
Umpires: O'Day and Jrfrennan. - .
Omaha Motorist
Wins at Atlantic
. V. Rickenbacker Captures Fifteen-
Mile Race with Ease in
Past Timt.
ATLANTIC, la., June 80.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Ernest V. Rickenbacker, lepresent-
lng the Raoine-Sattley company of Omaha,
ran rings around most of the contestants in
the June automobile races yesterday. He
captured with ease the (225 purse for the
fifteen-mile free. to the world event. His
time for the distance on a half-mile track
was 12 minutes 63 seconds. . He made laps
with ease at 3D and 40 seconds when he
chose and could undoubtedly have made
better time had he been forced.
Mark Jol nson of the Johnson Automobile
company, Atlantic, made the fifteen miles
In 21 minutes (2 seconds. Hi Southwlok. of
the Atlantic & Council Bluffs company ran
in a Ford, on which the wheels sprung on
the twenty-fourth lap, putting him out of
the race. No accidents marred the raoe.
The attendance was 4,600,
Mars and Ely
Make Lqw Flights
Aviators at Sioux City Unable to
Make Much Headway Against
Hiffh Wind.
SIOUX CITY, la., June 30.-(Special Tele
gram.) The three dayg' aviation " meet
opened at Woodland park yesterday
In the presence of about 4,000 people. The
flights ut Aviators Mars and Kly were
not highly thrilling. The "blrdmen" were
unable to get very high or to stay in the
air .any great length of time. The audience
was generally disappointed. The aviators
blamed the Wind and promised better flights
for the remaining two days. The first flight
was tne best of the afternoon, the aviator
going about half way around the race
track, but not getting high enough In the
air to arouse many thrills. ,
Cycle races helped to rill In the watts
between flights. Aviator Wlllard cot out
of town 'Monday .without .notifying the
Commercial club of his Intention to do so,
and Kly waa sent here In a hurry to take
his place. ,
F. C. 2111 of David City Sertoaaly
lnjnrcd, Breaking; Both Legs '
and an Aran.
DAVID CITT, Nob., June . (Special.)
F. C Hull, a barber of this place, was
seriously Injured by Jumping from a mov.
inc automobile last evening. The machine
was moving at a fair rate of speed. and
struck a grade and began to slide, and It is
thought that Mr. Hull became alarmed and
thought the auto was going to tip over
He Is a large man and struck the ground
with., terrific force, breaking both legs and
one arm. One leg was so badly shattered
that the broken bones protruded through
the flesh. William Bahr, who Was with
Mr. Hull, and B. H. Etltlng, wbo was driv
lng the machine, wsre absolutely unaware
that- Mr. Hull had become alarmed and
were unable to stop him before be made
(he Jump. The doctors entertain some
doubts as to his recovery and state that
q any event will be a cripple for Ufa.
Cuiinkai Want a 'Cam.
The Columblaa are without a game for
July 4, and would like to hear from any
team In or out of the city for a game on
that date. Call Hay Byrne at Douglas StH,
or aaarese ziui California street.
Kearney's Luck
Changes Back .
and Team Wins
Noyes in Excellent Form, Fanning
Nine Men, Haring Columbus
at Hii Mercy.
KEARNEY, Neb., June 30.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Noyes, Kearney's pitcher. Won a
fine game fur Kearney here today, shuting
Columbus out and only giving them four
hits, Noyes fanned nine men and hardly
gave Columbus even a fair chance to score.
Only one man got to third. Turner, pitcher
for Columbus, went up in the third, Kear
ney scoring four times. Hcore: R.H.K.
Kearney 0 0 4 0 1 0 0 0 6 8
Columbus 00000000 0 O 4 1
Batteries: Noyes and ToWusehd; Turner
and Claire. Time: 1:26. umpire: Nelson.
RED CLOL'D, Neb., June 80.-(8peclal
Telegram.) Fremont and lied Cloud broke
even on a double header today, Fremont
shuting Red Cloud out In the second game.
Score first game: It. H E.
Fremont 00020010 03 6 3
Red Cloud 00003002 6 2 2
Baterles: Campbell and Buhner: Masters
nd Muss. Struck, out: llv Camr.hell. I: bv
Masters, 2. Two-baae hits: Turpln, Camp
bell, Mitchell. Three-bae hits; n. Carter.
tennesey. Time: 1:40.
Score aeConrl er&me: it 11 K
Fremont. , 1 1 0 0 0 0 02 ti 2
Red Cloud 000000 00 6 0
Batteries: Hundron and Bohner: Mitchell
nd Moss. Struck out: Hv Henrlinn. 1: bv
Mitchell, 2. Duuble plays: Thompson to
wells to Fuller; uulgley to Mills to Carter:
Fuller (unassisted). Umpire: Boswell,
SUPERIOR. Neb,, June 30. (Special Tele-
gram.)-8eward took both Karnes In tho
double-header this afternoon, to the dls-
ppolntment of a large' crowd of loyal
supporters, lo tho first game Superior
was In the lead in the first Inning with one
score, but in the third Seward got three
and in the fifth two. It was a well played
game, excepting for cosily errors at critical
times by Superior. By bunching hits at the
Ight time, aided by the costly errors of
uperlor, Seward took the second came in
eleven innings. Scorv, first game:
Seward 003020000553
uperlor 010000000178
Batteries: Seward. Pierce and Neff: Su
perior, Snyder, Bartiey and Spellman. Two-
Dase nus: Alien, Beckwlth, Snyder, Neff.
Score, second game:,
n M r.
Reward .. 20002000102 7 10 1
uperlor .00001400100866
Batteries: Seward. Hanson and Nrttt
Superior, Justus and Spellman. Two-base
hits: Allen, Neff. Umpire: Bril man.
HASTINGS, Neb., June 30. (Special Tele
gram.) Frequent errors on both sides and
much wrangling over Umpire Woods' de
cisions featured today's game. Herrlck,
lately of eKarney, allowed but five hits,
but his control was deficient. Score:
Grand Island. ...0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 03 5 6
Hastings 1 0 12 0 0 0 0 4 6 6
Batteries: Grand Island, Paul and Trav-
ers; Hastings, Herrlck, Wally and Guard e.
Springfield Takes Doable-Header
from ' Danville.
SPRINGFIELD. 111.. Julie SU-Sprlngfleld
won two games from Danville today. Mid-
dleton pitched good ball In the first and
the locals bunched their hits in the sec
ond game, which Van 'called in the sev
enth inning py agreement, score first
same: n
.pringfield 20030201 -8 14 6
Danville .. ..i... ....!?.! 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 8 J
Batteries: Mlddleton And Johnson. Behza
and Wolfe. -,-. -, .
Score second game: R.H.E.
Springfield 0 0 0 2 0 0 -2 4 1
Danville ....... 00000 101 6 0
Batteries: Schroeder and Johnson, Duffy
and Wolfe. -
PEORIA,. 111., June. 30. Peoria took the
Becond game from Bloomlngton, the visi
tors getting only two scratch nils off Hov
llk. Score; R.H.E.
Peoria 10100001 0-8 7 8
Bloomlngton 00000000 0-0 2
Batteries: HovllJt and Jacobs, David-
con and Krwin.
ROCK ISLAND, 111., June 80. Rock
Inland batted out victory in the second
Inning, Dubuque never having a chance
after that. Score:... R.H.E.
Rock Island 1 7 0 0 0 0 1 0 - 11 2
Dubuque 00000000 11 I 2
Batteries: Lakaft and Oleary: Ray. Mil
ler and Burke.
DAVENPORT, June 80. -Hits by Reldy
and Fremer and a bad play by Davenport
In the tenth, gave the game to Waterloo.
Score: R.H.E.
Davenport 010000000 01 t 4
Waterloo 000100000 1-2 7 0
Batteries: Nelson and Waters. Fatton
and Harrington.
Maryvllle, Anbarn win, Nebraska
City and Clarinda Divide.
At Maryvllle. Score: R.H.E.
Falls City 00000000 0-0 1 2
Maryvllle 00100000 1 I 1
Batteries: Duren and Poteet; Gardner and
At Auburn. Score: K.H.Jfi.
Shenandoah 00020000 0-2 6 8
Auburn 0 000 8 2 0 0 -4 8 8
Batteries: Ward and Castle: lllrsoh and
Kranlnger. Umpire: Myers.
At Clarinda. score first game: K.H.Ci,
Nebraska City 00000100 01 4 8
Clarinda 20000000 2 t
Batteries.' Collier and Waller: Lovelle and
Bromley, umpire: tletcher.
Score second game: K.H.Ui.
Nebraska City 10000105 0-7 I 1
Clarinda 00008100 4 10
Batteries: Cass and Waller, Casey and
and Johnson, umpire: Fletcher.
Yoana; Trotters Vnrnlah Beat sport
of Day at Blaaon City.
MASON CITlf. Ia.. June 30. (Special
Telegram.) The event of the day'e racing
was the great work of the trotters In the
2-veai-old race, uurse t:X. In the second
heat. Axteen won in :i& iiai. r ossie mac
won the race in first and third heats
Axteen finished third in the first and fourth
in the third. Mayardo and Klssimee ran
in order named. Best time 2:2a.
2:11. trot purse stou fonnie u won in
three atraluht heats. Myrtle O.. took sixth
position in lirst neat ana secona position
in second and third heat. Young Gentry,
Henry Councel. Altro O.. Dukes Mixture
and Jessie Mack run In order named.
Free for all race, purse 1400 fcnui won
In second, third and fifth heats. Robert
Baron took first and rourtn neats. or.
B. P.. Bill Bailey and Miss Castle ran la
order named. Best time z:wfc.
Auto Driver Has
Perilous Journey
Louis Chevrolet. Famous Racer
Overturns in Giant Car While
Going Mile a Minute.
INDIANAPOLIS, June 29.-iouls Chevro
let, the noted automobile racing driver, bad
a narrow escape from death at the Indian
apolis speedway today, whea his car was
overturned while going more than a mile
a minute. Chevrolet was making one of
the turns of the course when the glan
Bulck he was driving struck another racer
loitering along the track.
Chevrolet lost control of his machine and
the car plowed Into the earth at the edge
of the track. For 200 yards it careened
along and then turned completely over
Chevrolet escaped death by crouching be
neath the hood. He was taken from the
car almost uninjured. His car was only
slightly damaged. A wheel waa brukan
from the other machine.
Kansas City Whips Louisville
Excellent Exhibition.
Col am boa aad Minneapolis Win and
l.oar t. Panl fleets Toledo
and Dlanke
KANSAS C1TT, June 30.-riaylng without
errors and bunching six of Its eight hits
In the first half, Kansas City took the last
game from Louisville her today, by a
score of to 0. Score:
AB H.O.A 11.
4 0
8 ODnannnn, It..
8 J
(tinier, cf ., 4 1
Klmirnoy. If. . 8
u ORartary, cf.
1 tiHuiilar, lb..
0 OLora. Ib-aa.
0 OCnraah, rt..
1 ushay, aa....
) OWalah. lb..
1 4
0 111
8 I
0 I
0 0
1 1
1 1
Howard, lb.. 8 1
Iwyla. 3b
4 0
8 1
8 0
2 0
1 t
8 II
i a
Mikm., lb...
O'Nalll, rf...
Iwamlr, p.
Waavar, p.,.
S.l.raik ....
1 lPownla. lb... 4
1 dJamea. a
1 lSwann, p
" Totala It J7 8
lotala 81 8 21 t 2
Batted for Howard In ninth.
Kansas City 0 8 12 0
Louisville 0 0 0 0 0
0 1 0 -
0 0 0 0-0
Two-bHso hits: Love. James.
hit: Shannon. Sacrifice hits:
f luff lien
Raferty. Hits: Off Dreamier. In thre.
and two-thirds Innings; off Weaver, 2 In
rour and one-third Innings. Struck out:
By Decamler, 1; by Weaver, 2; by Swann,
i'asseri nan: Hughes. First base on
balls: Off Decamler, 8; off Weaver, 8; off
Swann, t. Left on bases: Louisville, 6;
Kansas City, 8. Time: 1:55. UmDlres:
Hayes and Vansycle.
II re iv ere Blank Indiana.
MILWAUKEE. June 30.-CUttlne- pitched
great ball today, holding the visitors help
less at. an stages oi me game, me score
was 7 to 0. Lindaman was knocked off
the rubber after he had pitched to two
men in me nrtn inning, spencer's work in
center and Marshall's hitting featured.
AB.H. OAK. AB.H.6.A.E.
Randall, rf,. t 0
1 0 orimdb'na. cf. 4
2 8 OHtyden, rt... 1
8 0 OHiaglna, c... 8
8 0 flBowarman, lb 4
0 0 OMurch, 8b.... 4
8 0 OLewla, aa 8
2 1 ICoffay, 2b.... I
4 8 Oafllllaan, rf.. 8
0 8 OLInCaman, p. 1
Charloa, 2b... 4 1
spencar, cf... 8 0
Meciann, lb.. 4 8
8 1
8 8
i 8 t
, 8 1
nreen, aa...
Manhall, c
Cutting, p.
Oraham, a,,
... 2
,n ii a
Totala 80 J 14 13 1
Milwaukee 00081800 7
Indianapolis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two-base hits: Hkyden. McGann. Three-
base hit: Marshall. Home run: Marshall.
Hits: Off Llrdaman, 7 In four Innings; off
Graham, 4 In four innings. Sacrifice hit:
Hlgglns. stolen bases: Charles. Barry.
Spenoer, MoOann. Double plays: Murch to
Coffey; Murch to Coffey, to Bowerrnan;
Hlgglns to Lewis. Left on bases: Mil
waukee. 10: Indianapolis. K. Bases on balls:
Off Cutting, fll; off Lindaman, 1; of
off Graham, 2. Hit by pitched ball: By
Oraham, l. struck Out: By Cutting, l: by
Lindaman, 1. Time: 1:45. Umpires Bler-
halter and Ferguson.
Stoecker Plans
Race for Congress
Member of Douglas Delegation De
cides Call for Him is Urgent
in Extreme.
Still another Richmond In the field is
promised for the nomination for congrecs
on the democratic, ticket In - this district:
He is none other than the Hon. W. K.
Stoecker, ' once known as the cigar man,
and more lately one of the members of the
Douglas delegation to the last legislature.
Mr. Stoecker has been canvassing his
friends to find out whether he should yield
to the overpowering pressure that Is urg-
ng him to get Into the game, and admits
that he has made up his mind to say "yes '
to the Irresistible chorus. He says he has
practically retired from business and has
nothing else to do, and sees no reason why
he should not shine In congress, and in
cidentally connect with Uncle Sam's pay
War Department Will Look Into
Serious Charge Made Against
Tvto Enlisted Men.
WASHINGTON, June 80.-Through In
formation filed with State's Attorney
Bowie F. Waters of Montgomery county,
Maryland, officials of the War department
yearned today of a brutal assault and
mutilation of a negro near Gaithersburg,
Mo., by two United States soldiers.
Mr, Waters has announced that he will
bring the matter officially before the War
department. The negro, Henry Stewart,
Was walking with two negro girls last Sun
day evening, when It Is said two uniformed
men attempted to separate the girls from
Stewart. A fight followed. The soldiers
took Stewart to nearby woods, where the
further assault is said to have taken place.
Stewart is at his home near Gettysburg
In a crltloal condition, although he is ex
pected to reoover.
Secures Contract for Building; Henry
Haubena' structure at Twelfth
and larnaui Streets.
B. J. Jobst Is awarded the contract for
the erection of the' Henry Haubens build
ing at the northeast corner of Twelfth and
Farnam streets. Mr. Jobst won with a bid
said to be at 855,000. Nine other contractors
were after the job.
The contraot was let Thursday morning
by J. P. Guth, the architect, who has de
signed a building four etorles high besides
a basement. The building will have a
frontage on Farnam of forty-four feet and
on the Twelfth street side will run the
lot length, 132 feet.
The entire lower floor will consist of
steel columns and plate glass. This part
of the building la designed for automobile
sales and exhibit rooms. Work of con
struction will start immediately.
Take your
t? I 111.1
Fremont Races
Close with Some
Splendid Time
Young Addie Wins the First Event,
the Rest Fighting for
FREMONT, Neb., June 30. -(Special Tel
egram.) The races for tho season at Fre
mont were finished this afternoon. As was
the case yesterday, the Brown and Derydef
strings of horses did the heavy work.
The first race was won handily by
Young Addle, with the rest of the buncll
fliihtlng It out hard for place. The win
ners were bunched most of the course and
the time was satisfactorily.
In the second race Diamond M C. worked
rather slow in the first heat and didn't
appear to know he was lit It until near
the home stretch. The nevt three hauls
were the kind that makes the racing fan
sit up und lake notice. In each M. C.
took the lead on the first quarter, but
Annlo llussell was at his shoulders and on
the back stretch it waa alternately first
it Brown neck and then a bay neck ahead.
It took a good while to get the horses
off In the lust heat, several breaking badly.
.Nathel made a surprisingly good showing
In the third heat. A special free-for-all
was put on after the 2:22 trot, in which
Hal Brown's horse Ginger had It all his
own way and It looked as though he could
have gone Just a little better.
lai the hist heat he made the first quar
ter in 0:31, the half In 0MM, but slowed
don slightly on the third quarter, making
the mile In 2:11V4. The track waa heavy
and dusty.
In place of a running race there was a
motor cycle race of five miles, won by a
Thor machine in 9:14. Both riders appeared
afraid of the turns and faster time was
out of the question fur that race. Sum
mary: 2 18 pacing, purse tiOO:
Young Addie, b. ni., by T. Plaomcs
(Friend) 1
Asa Danforth, b
(A very l
by Sphinx
Neosha Main, blk. m., by White
Stocking (Perry) 4
Easier Lilly, b. m., by Karl K. (Kar
rick) 5
Gracio R., b. m., by Domiko (Dcty
der) t
Iou it., s, m.. by Mac Wood (Dee).. 8
Colonel Davis, br. g. ( 7
Fox S., ch. g., by Mediumwood
(Smith) 6
Time: 2:18'4, 2:1, 2;U.
2:22 trot, purse $100:
Diamond Mc, br. h., by King Loo
(Deryder) 5 1
The Judge, br. g. (Mooney) 1 3
Annie Russell, b. m., by An teres
(Brown) i 2
Nathel, blk. h., by Lewis Wilkes
(Kerrick) 8
Emma Z., b. m., by Zolork (Judd) 2
Rancho Del Paso, b. g., by Bay
bird (Hewitt) 4
Time: 2:17. 2:lSVi, 8:20. . ,
SDeclal. free-for-all:
I 2
6 S 6
Ginger, br. h. (Brown) .
Bill Barleycorn
Major Gnntt ,
Time: 2:Ui, 2.11, iAVA.
Favorite Method of Flaylnar
ity to Catch Ita Snrplna
, For ways that are dark and for tricks
that are vain the heathen Chinese was a
shrinking amateur by comparison with the
hawkers of degrees both honorary and pro
fessional among the unsophisticated and
the--ahemr tergiversations!. Certain spon
sors of the "Chinese Medical university"
and the "Crescent Medical university" re
cently arrested for using the malls fraud
ulently present the latest Instance. These
gentlemen, It is alleged, sold diplomas at a
level rate of 840 cash, entitling the holders
to practice medicine, unless deterred by the
local authorities.
The medical field is a, favorite one with
these practlcers upon the vanity and stupid
ity of the lgnorantly ambitious. Yet there
la ho other field In which they could achieve
so much harm. The medical practitioner
has as his "material" the bodies and vital
forces of living beings, and his advisory
relations are as important as his positive
activities. What can be expected of a man
of dense and palpable Ignorance who has
begun his "practice" with the elaborate
and formal telling of a lie? And what hope
Is there for the "patient" who falls Into the
clutches of such a bird of prey when in
bitter need either of Intelligent treatment
or sound and kindly counsel? There is a
certain class of offenses against humanity
that go far to make one wish that corporal
punishment might be Invoked to reach men
with the cuticle of the hippopotamus and
less than the traditional honor of the thief.
Leas harmful perhaps are the venders of
"honorary" degrees to ministers and teach
ers. A few years ago an individual of this
class created doctors of divinity in platoons
in the transmlsslsslppl states by the sale
of degrees conferred by a negro college in
West Virginia. The fortunate candidate
was invited to submit a thesis; In course
of time he was Informed that the degree
had been voted and the certificate would
be forwarded upon receipt of the cus
tomary fee. The trafflo was within tho
letter of the law, since the institution actu
ally existed and the forms usually govern
ing in the granting of an M. A. degree were
ostensibly complied with. Of course, the
men who accepted the "degrees" one of
them was a Princeton graduate of Con
siderable ability as a technical writer
were proper objects for the contempt of ail
who knew the facts. St Louis Republic.
Salt Aavalnst North Bend Man.
KENOSHA, Wis., June JO. (Special Tele
gram.) In the circuit court, , Mrs. Mary
M. Huck, proprietor of a summer resort
hotel, on Silver Lake, began an action for
divorce against Micnaei M. Huck, lormerly
a retail jeweler of this city. Mrs. Huck
alleges failure to provide and cruel and
Inhuman treatment. Huck Is now operating
a jewelry atore In North Bend.
pick, Gentlemen!
Tn cinnn 3
Saturday, July 2d
Lincoln High
is Barred from t
Free High Act
State Superintendent Rules it Cannot
Take Advantage of law Mid
Charge Tuition.
(From' a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, June 30-(9pec1al.)-Becuse
the schol board of Lincoln insisted on
charging 15 a year for th tuition Of non
resident pupils. State Superintendent IB. C..'
Bishop has Issued a formal statement that
this school cannot operate under the pro
visions of the free high school act.
The law provides that district may ap
propriate of the taxpayers' money ' 75
cents per week to pay the tuition of pupils
of that district where there are ho high
schols to attend the high school of 'other
districts. '
The Lincoln school board concluded It de
sired to make a litle money en the proposi
tion so It sent out copies of a contract pro
viding that the district In which the pupil
lives pay 2:17 per year and a' promise from'
the, pupil that he would pay 218 additional,
mnklng a total of $45 for the year.
Several parties who have received coplos
of the contract reported to tho slate super
intendent nhd Inquired if the contract would
be legal. Mr. Bishop Issued a statement
that It will be for ahy school dis
trict to pay to the school dlstrlOt of Lin
coin any money for the tuition of a pupil
until the school board of the capital city
has filed with the Superintendent k state
ment that any nonresident pupil Ml', be
educated here at 75 cents a week without
profit to the school district. '
Saints Win One, Tie Another.
ST. PAt'L, June SU.-St.' Paul made It
three straight from Toledo by taking the
first game of a double header' this after
noon, 8 to 4. Ylngllng being knocked oft the
rubber In the sixth Inning, while Weet was
touched up lively In the seventh. 1 i
The second game was railed at the end of
the ninth to allow Toledo to cstch train. '
St. Paul today signed Catcher Schwarts of
the Clinton, la team. Score first iami:-
St. Poul 1 0 0 0 0 8 0 8 -e ' t
Toledo 10020. 1 000-4
Two-base hits: MeCormlck, Butler. Three-
Dase nit: iiirarnan. rtoien Diui nuu.ii.
Home run: Hickman. Double plays: Hlnch- ;
man and Freeman; Chech and Brain and
Autrey. Hits: Off Young. 8 In seven In-
nlngs, none out in the eighth: ort West,. 8
in one Inning. Bases on balls: Off Chech, 1;
off Ylngllng, 2. Struck out: By Chech, 1;
by Ylngllng. i. Sacrifice hits: Hlnchman,
Ylngllng '(2). Butler, Sullivan. Left on
bases: St. Paul, 8; Toledo, 4.. Time; 1:45. -
t'mplres: Chill and Cusack.
Score second game: . .
to catch train. ' ' .
St. Paul 8 0 .0 01 0 t 0 05 '
Tolede 1 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0-5 ,
Two-base hits: Llese, Owens, Laroy, Mc
Cormick, Elwert. Three-baa hits: Hlnch- .
man, Hickman. Home rum Jones. Stolen '
bases: Butler, Jones, Boucher (2). Double
play: MeCormlck to Brain to Autrey. Hits:
Off Llese. 9 In four Innings, none out In . ,
fifth; off Laroy, 4 in five Innings; off '
Owens, 10 In six and one-third innings: off
Robinson, 1 in two and two-thirds innings.. J
Bases on balls: Off Llese, 1; off Owensr 8;
off Laroy, 1; off Robinson, 1. Struck out: By, ,
Llese, 6; by Owens, 2; by Laroy, 8; by Hob
Inson, 4. Sacrifice hit: Hlnchman. Left on ,
bases: St. Paul, 8; Toledo, 2, . Time: 1:50.
Umpires: Cusack and Chill.
Naps Shot Ont Browns,
CLEVELAND, June 80. Cleveland shut .
but St. Louis, 5 to 0, today,1- It wa "Cy"
YoungSs 498 big league victory and he
f Itched -a remarkable game, allowing only.
wenty-eight men to go to bat. St. Louie
had only one man left on bases, that be-;
lng a result of a base on balls in the ninth. '
Score: , , w . ' ' 4
Cleveland 2 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 5 ,
St. Louie 0 0000000 00 ' x
Two-bnse hit: Easterly. ' Sacrifice hits:
Young, Lajole. Stolen bases: Birmingham,
Lajole. Double plays I Oraney to Stovall.
Hit: Off Ray, 4 in two Innings; off ' f.
Bailey, 8 In si Innings. Base on halls: '.
Off Young, 1; off Bailey, 1; oft Ryi 1.
Btruck out: By Young. 6; by Bailey, L
Passed ball: Allen. Wild pitch: Ray. ?
Left on bHsefl: Cleveland, 7; St. Louie, I.' .
Time: 1:28. Umpire: Kvans. .
Combined Influence of Taff, Iloose-
velt and Hughes Unable ,
Snvc Meaaore.
ALBANY, N. T., June 30,-The combined
Influence of President Taft,. .f heodofe '
Roosevelt and Governor Hughes failed to.
save the Cobb direct nominations bill
from defeat in the assembly today. After'
defeating a motion to defer action, until ;
tomorrow, the house voted, eighty to sixty-. ,
two, to endorse the action of the assembly
Judiciary committee, which reported the ''
measure adversely. The house then
adopted a resolution providing for sine !
die adjournment at 2 p. m. tomorrow.
Peter Hansen Klles.
BEATRICE, Tab., June 80.-(Spoclal.)-Peter
Janaen filed his petition with, the
county clerk today as a candidate for state
senator. .Mr. Jensen's ' name will add
strength to the republican ticket in Qago
county this fall.
Dulldlnit l'rrinlts.
3. W. Megeath, 1938 South Thirty-second
avenue, frame, 88,000; Ignaa Moekovlts, 408
North Twenty-fourth, store, Sa.tOOi Louis
Levins, 8418 Cuming, frame, 83,6ou; Anna
M. Chrlstensen, lull Elm, frame, 82.000;
J. D. Neumann, 2610 Woolworth,. frame,
Vtm beck draft principle. Fire aucloard.
Guaranteed not to rrark or burn Uiraugb.
. Frank A Co., kff'rs, M. Y.
S. M