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    The Omaha Daily Bee.
Our Mfi4?lri f"f.irM
l'nr i Ii'iihKh i nri ally fair
l'ir Inw.i (iiniMnlh (Hlr.
lor windier iri'tirt i ct"
(tlumki t'MKI ft 0t
7tf ohf i nk,
Ulffct f fMl IWs Not Mf.
f Ul JjVi ) Rlrn,
)CTtmr A'.tomli Ksion Ifp,fd
fr Wrm Cmpiffi.
Ironm orrron is th mvr.
flttmt4 t. afafaalfa lll ffca
rih M ! le
'fXMt 4 lafJ lf
alalala lll(re.
f.l S r !. t ir ? i ! .ail Ctlf't'fi
fr..i n.a .,.,. rii. ihMini at lolifn
. .a fiir,.i to I )
r . 1 1 i .,r i . i.
I I !. ,f a il,'
'i N a f ' ' -I l a
. I t.t ll., 'lf
iii i 'ln t.rn'iddl
f ! l itiitrlnM.
,B f out :r
t,i.ia r ' ! t inn
, ,i. nmnv w ant
a flrfl.l ier Ilia
,, ,,f if.l i.nrfi.ili',n, a rnftiirill
a ii" Ui"d to t Iho officers!
"I f.o' .II II. a mv I.t Hi Mala loll
.im. ti. Ti.i Irfl fioflitri' alaa to ha dona
apt b, li l.arri.'iiiT ' i orivaraaflon
ar"."v" la i'i nfily Mud jr"iil.
i)ftMt..r s'l.iiaoiaMrw .iit .r.niprt
f.f "r hlr 4 iwt a t.'i il f tin t liillit li
r t-I ha f!- li.l i.n liU rlnlit wltii
I nt a..' li tin.1 hi nwii nir
.., n . ,i i.fl, r.f.ii Miii mrr hlM
ait i.ii.I anil In In f.f, (lie 'iirct
..ii.ip..-fl tit hi" nafi aj)ilitp"
Ti f..' l i'ntvTm. iliif 1 iim f allrrl
!. ' ,V If. Huh. HmIi !iiv," Wfri
i' II MumiI. u.rliiiiiW nl nf Hi" Kr
ii lii'l'K'nil 9 1 1 f .r M"V. It
'1 i 9t liln.1rfil "f Itm aivllllll lit l-ln-
Vil. r. !.'. a i .Inl , Hui.rlti-
i. .In.i II.. .f I:." Inl"iil f.r KitMc
Slock Market
Tnkc.H Another
Downvvanl Drop
Nrtmhr f the Prominent Shares
Ruth lwet Point of
the Yr.
VirW TfftK. Jii - Wlnrln tofik in
f,n,.r rt'ifinrl .liiT.ira tndav. rarrvlnd
l'i In a Miifihof .r'imlnnt hars
l.i H, iwi.t t,( (I, a yaf HI. I'a'il, Alrlil
'.n, Ilia Mill aiiMk". Cnltnl Hlnl Ptfal
fi'l Ainalanmalfil l'...wr fr irinilnrnt
In h iiiti. Tli n i'l ltn and iiblHiitlal r
o.ynif niiirh f.iiol In Ilia I'nuraa of the
firni I,m. ir ira'lina reflated Ilia Induntry
wliii wlil. h Iho hiar alpinent wua pur
aiilf.a; li nrfmllntK.
ti,m ,rlm l nl fnrtnr In Uia llrnp w thl
iiiibi dpi If rffiil of yrrr,1av'a rnpid d-
illi.o Tl," lirialrfiinl of fnarrln lilch
lr ,ll. in Ilia nncovarltiK of it ,p l'ir
order Hud Ilia kpncrnl ferlli of 1 1 r " . i I -i'"
iianilarrl nmonf fell holdera of
" r-( lpllalr1 Ihr rald,n ta-lk of
II, n lnir
Tl.a i1tiiiifi In Ilia flrat fmlf liour wiro
vr,fv Inraro, Ht. I'hiiI liavlriK dpi luifd an
niifiiix and fniiin I'arlfli-, Oram
.V.irWiarti pffrriad and Canadian l'aclflc
7 Tda r a 1 1 1 r- in t i a point In tli actlva
a lor ka.
Tim r,,ik tnnrk'f r nnlrt during the
lultrr pint nf Dm d,ir with a Kradiml ra
fovrrv ,,f llio liiaar of Ida flrat hour. I'cal
loK frit tii a nnnl'niim, with pi.coa at
almiit lna nlKlit a 'avrl. hut thrr.- was nj
I in ! it I ii t riTiiwal of a'lllnn pi iRfiiiri'. Dn-
lailotinl rirrpxalium In tha mnrkat uncov
rr, aiipportlng oidiim, which aclfd as a
Senator McEncry
Dies Suddenly
Louisiana Legislator Expires After
Day's Illness Governor Sanders
Will Succeed Him.
MOW f lit J..KA NS. I.a.. Juna S.-fnltPd
Mittpa Hiimtur Sninml Douplna Mclinory
ll' d at Ma liiiriir her.' this inoi nliiK.
Ki liator Mc'lini'iy arrived from Wnshlnu
,.n vraterday mornliiK aufferlni: fhun an
M r.1. t ni n..iir. T V. Pmlih. warden 14 " . . ' "
.1 li. m etal t'il.iitlar . I iaiili'1 lliiliua' ir 4'na waid.ii. Jrfipli ll.iahli'r.
i. !,! i.t ii d'p if rntr Knrdin. wlm
..n 'a ap'ir- at lha darnn.'iHilr'iir
at Uioxli . A . .lohnaoii, drpulv alatn
f h iio.ixioar , li a dfputy, Andy Onl-
'. I.ia li rapt r,hla I 'ova H iwdan,
'... ..f lha t..l.i. -V hi, ma at Mil ford;
l-r I'firliU, a iif riiiirndant of tha Nor
f ii aahini. I'lil.-nrl y iraa, prU-ata aar
tar. and Irf-.i MMti, rhlaf rlark tn
lha rl laf lOnillit of l.i !la A nil thrrc
r ,hr. no rto'iht, nlmaa namaa are
dot In IMa Hat.
Mfcooai 'I'r I n tlrlaaHr."
TMi ,olr Riiard nf tha no-.ernor. the
"wvfl Vr up ti.-la,a fur tha o'rlork
r'aina l." .ook i are of me applaua
iii,,rieil Tha aonntor rallied aomewhut
jaftiT traatinant, hut lute Inst nlijht his
'rutulltlon took a tuui for the worse and
Irmly this morning he lnpsed Into uni'on-
srlouancss anil olid shortly brfore 10
O'l I'K'k.
t-Vrialur MiKncry wan In hla seventy-
fuuith year and hi i.enlth Imd not been
Komi for m'veral years.
Haiinior McKnery Reived clu a lieutenant
In the confedernte army. He waa elected
lleutnnant Koveriuir lit 1S79 and succeeded
Oovernor Wilts on the latter'a death In
lnl. lie Kradiiated from the University of
Virginia and was a member of the Phi
Kappa Sigma fraternity. Funeral arrange
ment have not been made.
n.vmv nuiroi-' i.a.. juna i-i:n,..r,
f;r tfm I'tw and rft one of them .jnr..d Y. Hand-ra will succeed the lato
hita.. lha rlilaf .-uilve failed s,.miU)r McKii.-ry In Hie Lnltod States sen
ate, according tu party leaders gathered
l.ra. The lelHlature Is In session and
Sanders' election la being arranpfd for.
l.leiilenanfOovtrnor I.arnbremont will suc
ceed Sanders.
t ray h.hT na would sign or veto a
r-iunif iltin Mil. Thia hrlgada saw to
i ,at .vor liahlnian'a frland. got no
rf hum l i ' p. it one over" on lha gover
nor. avhleixad wnen iave Row
1ai aMernpt to g.i tn tha mat with an
i-ili i an.
The honorable laa at an went so far
a I atiuffla off ... roat nnd alrlka an
i'tnhan li'Ppad on I'nve fur br.ngtng
lha Mvii f( ahama ti lha rheeks of
o,ii! a damo- r-ry hy l.alng for Hhnllen
"rfr hen Mayor lahlman wna In lha
' I 11 give v"H to understand ynj ran't
t, ma." sail iae wlien hi opponent
atari'. I ixit i-n h.a lartura, on ' What I
..,a n.a MTor. or whrrn an Omni. a Drin-
rat Ho ,iiitl lie '
Folk Boomers in
New England
Six Ozarkers Will Stnrt Publicity
Campaign in Connecticut
r.e li a I, i i,l f.,r fthallauixraer til tha
r rurna hoioa ari II I none of your
taina And If you d,,n I like It I will
an.Ha l'ia fa. a li of vuu '
SEW TOI1K. June 2H.A new Idea In
I I. n,.thm on of yo,i or anybody rampaigning originated In the
Intt-rest of the candidacy of ex-Governor
Folk of Missouri for the democratic presi
dential i.omlnatlou Is on the eve of prac
tical working out with New England ns
With ihif lae dhed his roat and colled I the field for the experiment,
ui hi I.. i. a rit,t and longer left for ai six Mlssourlans from the Or.ark moun-
).,, Tha pr.,pr.L.-r of the notel at j tain region are In New York today ready
i: i j'UKi ira g,,i r,.Traii trie two men, to start tomorrow on a tour of New
n i li. ii I' a f'.g I of tha century" 1
yrt f.'iirhl ! i.a liuldent merely
,.t air.tie n, ul Pavo what he was
km aioua f"r
Ik latralfe pear la.
Ar.i.rdip t, lha turning pilgrims IllclV
ar 1 I Mrl.alfas ; -l wfi lha eelit .f
l' ar,lia M- u'f ius.aiad that county
i l-ii-.. i ah.,ii.l n..t l,a i I i. i-d In tnn demo
." 4l p.atf. rn.. hut that It sh' uld be
r-fa, rv-l t. !!m V4i 'ii leatMiatlve tliairlcts
an I It, at ir t,Jrty sli.tud pi.lsa tha gjv-
r-.r to ,n ti, a 1,111 if pAsrd. Thia poai
I . ,i I ..,v'l'J tj that of 11 r !'- ya.i
Xt u fi a.'.i tutk a fad out of thosa who
f-iian itarMiuncirg i.a prlaa WaUer,
. .i.,4 t it ha would lung be reincm
l.rl af'-r It ay wrr dead and tw gotten.
T prt of lha t.a. ii takan to refer
j-i I t th-a who dropped the letters
rf h prean. nt 1 t iixli.tate lit the wate
Uia.l at r.ra-t ban-piets
'..'nin nrl Mtralf an. In
f .mr. INa t ',.a. trl ha will vrlu a
w.i it, opt., n t i l Jua aa ' k as he ca:i
st . 1,1 i f a in If I i alrcta.1 g,,vrrn,,r
a ..I tha ltii ,..n ri l. hwu. I'himan held
t "ai i g.itt. n,,r a ta givn th vela po,r
I im v.iiat.ti,i..,n I., usa
i. vim..' I.
Matter of Extradition of Accused
Must Be Settled by United
States and Italy.
Decision Regarding Action May De
cide Matters in Later Years.
If Prisoner is Surrendered, Italians
Must Also Be Given Up. vS-.'
Hearing Xet fur July 1M Aflrr
Appearance In Court Cnrlooe
Crowd leather to See
NEW TOrtK, June 2S.-Porter Charlton's
raae now awaits on the result of exchanges
between the State department at Washing
ton, and the government. Ill coun
rel today In asking that his formal arraign
ment be postpone! promises that nu effort
would oo muno under habeas corpus, In
sanity or other proceedings to take the
prisoner out of the hands of the New Jer
sey authorities pending the adjourned ar
raignment, which after some argument was
set for July 8.
Meanwhile It Is expected that the Inter
national aspects of the case will have ad
Justed themselves and a decision be reached
as to whether Charlton shall be delivered
lo the Italian authorities on extradition
Charlton In Court.
Charlton, pale and thinner than when
last seen out o doors, was brought from
the Jail to the court house under escort of
the warden and sheriff, between whom lie
walked unmanacled and shielding his face
from the gaze of the curious crowd by
nf h. Dni-tlv oiK-ned newspaper. He
vat with eyes fixed upon the floor while
Attorneys conferred with Judge lllalr.
With the arrival of tiustave Ul Kosa,
the Italian consular representative In New
York, the proceedings were opened by a
moth n on the part of the defense tor an
adjournment. Prosecutor Uarvtn said he
had no objection to offer provided it be
agreed that Charlton be kept meanwhile In
the Hudson county Jail and that no pro
ceedings were Instituted to take him out
of the custody of the New Jersey authori
This promise Charlton's counsel readily
made, and Judge Blair set the hearing for
July 8.
Posltlou of United Statea.
Copies of Italian evidence of the crime
are In the hands of Gustavo Ulrossa, the
Italian consular representative In New
York. It waa said also before the pro
ceedings opened before Judare ill air In Jut
sey City that the New Jersey authorities
also had a copy of a dispatch sent by the
Marquis Paolo Dl Montegliati, charge d'af
faires at the Italian embassy In Washing
ton, to Secretary of State Knox on the day
of Charlton's arrest,, and requesting the
young man's extradition. In reply the mar
quls was stated to have received a note
from Secretary Knox in which It was lntl
mated that If Charlton were given up
Italy would hereafter be expected to con
Bent to the extradition of Italians who com
mit crimes in America and flee to Italy.
The further exchanges reported In this
connection were sold to have resulted In a
declination on the part of the Italian gov
ernment to commit Itself to ar.y such prop
osition on the ground that an Italian penal
code provision of a later date than the ex
tradition treaty with the United States
provided that no Italian subject accused of
crime should be tried outside hio own coun
try. Italy was said to have made no reply
to the State department's rejoinder that
an International treaty should take prece
dence over a national law.
From the Denver Republl.-an.
. - j
, i
DickciEon of Ncvml.i Annomcrs
There Need Ue No Fear of
Intci'fcrenrr at Reno.
Executive Assured Contest Will Bo
Honestly Conducted.
Jack Glcasou for Second Referee at
Riiur Sitlo.
He and Other Union Pacific Men Ver
ify Report of Change.
Kngland to tell the people of that section
what Governor Folk has done and to
organize the Folk aentlntent In each town
Ihey visit.
The trip tomorrow will be utilized by
the campaigners to prem h folk gospel to
The marker say they expect to Identify
fhrmsrUes so thoroughly with Governor cause that they will soon stand In
the sn:ne relation to the Mlssourlan as the
rough riders now do to Colonel Roosevelt.
Browne Jury Called
Into Court Room
Judge McSurely Gives Panel, Which
Has Been Out Nearly Four Days,
More Instructions.
All Dulldlna-a on Main Street Be
tween Ward and Market
PATERSON. N. J.. June 28. Fire early
today swept a block on Main street from
Ward to Market streets in this city and
caused a loss estimated at $i00,000. Five
firemen were Injured by a falling wall and
others had narrow escapes. Help from
outside had to be asked by the local fire
men. The burned buildings Include the Van
Dyke Furniture company's store, where
the fire started; the Uckwood Bros',
furniture store building, the Donahue
building, Daly's moving picture house and
a number of smaller structures.
The burned area Is only a block away
from the path of Paterson's big fire of
'Will llecomr 1'aaaruuer and Traffic
Manaajer at Sau Krant-laco July
Vice Prealdent Mohlcr
Expresses Ilegret.
The appointment oC Edward Lloyd Lomax,
general passenger agent of the L'nlon Pa
cific, to the higher position of passenger
and trafflo manager of the Western Pa
cific road, with o'floea in San Francli-co.
was confirmed Tuesday morning at the
Union Pacific headquarters. A. L. Mohlcr,
vice president and general manager of the
Union Pacific, said that the report was
true and that he waa sorry to see Mr.
Lomax leave the Harriman system. A
telegram reached the headquarters build
inir Tuesdav morning from Mr. Lomax,
which stated that the dispatches from San
Francisco relative to his new position were
true and that it became effective July 1.
Local railroad men, on the Union Pacific
and other roads, are hoping that the civil
service principle which has been in vogue
u.nv, iha Harriman system lor some umo,
will operate In this case and lead to the
promotion of William H. Murray to b-
Mr. Lomax's successor, air. aiunay
been assistant general passenger agent for
some' years, prior to which he was chief
clerk of the passenger department, and oe
.... . ,uiih Mr t.omax In tie
lore inai ,
capacity of secretary on the Union la
cific and Burlington, twenty-five years aso.
He has come up from the ranks and know,
the passenger business thoroughly, and is
said to have a wider acquaintance with
the theatrical traveling publlo than any
other passenger agent In the country.
Victim of Taft
Auto Improving
Laborer Run Down by Car Driven by
President's Son Not Yet Out
of Danger.
CHICAGO. Juna M The great strain at
tend ng the rl'i 'tv-tw hours' session of
i he Jury whhh has the ortbery charge
jg.iinst Lee o'Sell Browne under consid-
nhera-r Mood rt (n tha'erut:on was slightly relaxed at noon today
.-M...I.4 l. U !!- returning una. whrn Judge Mc- iri.y on nu own initiative
... ... a a ,., i. hi.J on hi c.,i. 1 brought the twelve m.-n Into court to give
t .i , if r. u.U i.t ront.on c.oi'ity ou
t . . ... ii4 at.aptKii to what Urtca.fe
a,' .'"! In t! a miliar if pledging tfi
. i.-r t.i ma.k t.t ri . 1
.I''! I'ahiman had
,i f r, fi ,,u lniah4
ni. h.irf
I III rap lie W illi 4
ae4 IrsM olfte kaiaa ,(
I'aii I tva I la ai .
.'. !. la. J i.i J -Gnari Falls
tii . t iai I'i".1nl IMa. Ifft tjly
f l'.i i H lm.l to ataie th
tai "t li j ..! ' tr'v, but a.l txt w
nu.o , lav Miiliii CUy
aar 1.vr art i:iac a re
.,vl -tt t.,.:. f )lio Ctty
. a ti ' ri,.rt of iiovi. iir
J f iut I f ina vU prral-
I them further Instrui tior.a.
Attorney Forrest of the defense objected
to the instruction, declaring that they
vare not applicable t, law or the evidence.
He was overruled and the court proceeded.
"It is Important lo tha stv.e and thr
rfn,1ant In this case that the Jury should
arrive at a ve'diet."
rremler Asqollh lutrodncea Meaaure
to Alter Hrlialou Irrclarmtlon
at Coronation.
LONDON. June 2S. Premier Aaquith. In
troduced in the House of Commons today,
the promised bill altering the form of the
religious declaration of the sovereign upon
his coronation. The measure was passed
at Its first reading by a vote of 383 to 42.
In the proposed text the doctrine of the
Itoman Catholic church is not singled out
for repudiation, but it is simply affirmed
that the aoverelgn Is a faithful Protestant.
Orr, Ware, Fuller, Huntley and Lin
coln Aa.l.taui General
The Union Pacific has made five new
assistant general managers at the Omaha
headquarters. This Is in accordance with
the new unit system recently decided upon,
and those who hae been promou
Charles Ware. C. E. Fuller. K. L. Huntley,
W. U. Lincoln and T. M. Orr.
A circular will be sent out from the of
fice of A. L. Mohler. vice president and
general manager, dated July 1. which tells
of the new appointments. It Is signed by
Mr. Mohler and by Julius Kruttschnltt.
ji, nf maintenance and operation.
Koch of the new officials will have the
same responsibilities which he now has.
but the new system will effect a change
In the present way of doing business at the
Union Paclflo headquarters. When the
general manager is absent under the new
ruling one of tne asBistani geueia-i "'
agers will take charge, and thera will
always be someone in authority at the
main office.
The titles, general superintendent, super
intendent of motive power, chief engineer
and superintendent of transportation will
be retained by the present holders or their
successors to such extent only as may be
necessary for a proper compliance with
law and existing contracts.
The plan Is similar to that adopted a
couple of years ago. when the several hetds
of departments were made assistant super
intendents. thus materially reducing tho
amount of work to be done in tne ornces.
BEVERLY, Mass., June SS. Because of
tho serious condition of Michael Thlstii
woila, the Italian uorkman who was In
jured by one of President Taft's automo
biles yesterday, Robert A. Taft, the presi
dent's elder son, wiil not go to New London
for the Yale-Harvard boat race Thursday.
The Injured man was reported to have
passed a very comfortable night with im
proved chances of recovery, but "his name
still continues on the "dangerous" list.
The case Is In charge of Ur. S. J. Mlxter
of Huston, who came here yesterday at
the earnest solicitation of the president.
Robert Taft keeps closely informed of
Thisthwolla's condition.
WASHINGTON, June 27.-Presldent Taft
was greatly1 distressed when he learned of
his son's unfortunate accident at Heverly.
He Immediately sent a long telegram to
his son, Uie text of which was private,
but which is said to have contained in
structions to do everything possible for the
injured man. The following telegram was
sent to an old college friend of the pros
"Samuel Carr, Boston, Mass By unfor
tunate automobile accident at Beverly,
Mass., my son, Robert, struck a street
laborer, fracturing his skull. He is at
Beverly hospital. Will you not call up by-
telephone the best surgeon In Boston and
have him visit the hospital at once and
tender service to the resident physician
and do all he can for the injured man?
The president then sent a personal tele
gram to the Injured man expressing his
profound regret over the accident and con
veying to the victim his earnest hope for
a speedy recovery. This telegram was not
made public.
Explorer's Attorneys Hold that Ber
lin Court Has No Jurisdiction.
Cook's Companion Allege Ills Xiir.
nbal Horns Wrrc Presented to
Roosevelt and Fox Skin
to Tp ft.
Invasion of Kissing Bugs
is Reported at the Parks
Kvrl hundred young women were young women say. According to certain
kU.l at Manawa park and other pleas- ; accounts from the feminine contingent,
. ,i. .ii. r, he lonesome little wretches have been
ura raaorta about t . city or Kissing
ur ron u ' " picking on the girls. On the other hand,
bugs sturdy and Monday night. others who were out at th beach Mon-
Thy all declare th k'.salng bug la again dav night, declare that though the girls
abroa 1 In tne land. And, with tosses may have been kissed most, no one was
uf tha haaJ. they declare there is no fun barred. Men, women and children tuf-
ln tna dittig of the visitor. fered Is tha general report.
a i . .a tr, ,f I v t iiv i l.i.l . p..,ua.l! A na lean in case in paai )", in nil invasion is aeciurea positively to
,i i .i i. f !,, .-urt I.Hlay :'litte crvatur It.t th amblttou nam. h-'- been started Sunday night. Not a
ia - ..f . . a ioii jf t . !iu'ii. knii ! ha lll a w'h uf mu,iged. swollen. elrgle casualty had been. heard of before,
u. m.i . N mtu f..M report to mt , itching hrrk. tehinj hint o far a lie according to attendants at the parks. The
. .. a .1 in . uri'.iii.'i mii i ,-i a fcHai uf ha gon. moat dangerous spots Is declared to be
. ii. i4 U.1C1. j k.aaing bug has plad no fav-i along th water's edge and near the
1.1 V'r.. ."w . ;;.uUjt. JUC4,it., baa.v.r. la .pit iit what tha ; bench, under cluster, or tree
I i it'i'l.U I i.t . J Ja U'laiu
i a-t, t , aaf...-r uf l ia Clllsaii
ll .
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Bee want ads.
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Bee vrant ad. If you. want a
position, use a Bee want ad.
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buy a home, use a Bee want
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BERLIN. June SS. The charges concern
ing the disposition of Arctic trophies left
by him at which Ur. Frederick A.
Cook made against Commander Robort E.
Peary during the highest of the contro
versy over their claims of discovery of
tho North pole were aired in a German
court today, whin the suit Instituted
against Peary by Rudolph Francke was
Francke who was associated with Cook i
In polar exploration, demands $10,000 In sat
isfaction of prizes of the hunt, which he
alleges Peary required him to surrender
in consideration of bringing him back to
The defense sets up a general denial and
further questions the Jurisdiction of the
court on the grounds that tho defendant
is an American citizen, having no domicile
in this city. After hearing the opening
arguments the court adjourned to con
sider the point of Jurisdiction.
Commander Peary was served with pa
pers In the suit when he came here re
cently to fill a lecture engagement. At
the time he said he would be unable to
remain here for the local hearing and that
he had placed the case In the hands of the
American ambassador, Mr. Hill
Peary's Interests were looked after to
day by Attorney Jablonskl, a partner of
Victor Schneider, counsel to the American
embassy, while Herr Thiel represented
Francke. The latter was present, but was
not called to the witness stand.
Tht proceedings were before three Judges
of the prlvinclal cour. In opening for
the plaintiff, Herr Thiel spoke for more
than an hour, going over the whole story
of the equipment of Cook's expedition, tiie
building of tiie supply nation ut Ktah, on
the northwest coast of Greenland ; the
hunting in that vicinity. Cook's departure
toward the pole. Franoko's Illness, the ar
rival of Peary and Francke's return home
in the Peary relief ship Erik.
The lawyer asserted that Peary had
caused the plaintiff to turn over to him
certain blue fox skins, furs and narwhale
tusks as the only condition on which he
would take him from the Arctic, where,
if deserted, he believed he would die. The
attorney argued that the transaction was
Illegal In that It was consummated under
stress. He said that a pair of narwhal
tusks then given up wore later prwented
by Peary to Theodore Roosevelt, while
hills, where all sorts of sports were cn- Mine of the blue fox skins were given to
Joyed by athletes of thirty yetirs ago. As President Taft aud -Mrs. Taft by Mrs.
Colonel Roosevelt had already notified the Peary. Counsel claimed that the German
secretary that he would not be at these! courts had jurisdiction in the matter be
observances,. tho members were undisturbed ! cause Francke, a German, was unable to
obtain redress in tho United States.
Former t hit m plon tirliea mill III-
Lien Honor vtllh l.utermir In
I'o pill u r A I leu tin ii I. In hi
W iii-U liy l-'luliter.
KKNO. New. June :'s Secp:ng a.i) tn
lust Itligi'lil.K fear of eXi-v lliUr lllUl f I I em
with the .lol.i. t,,i-.U 1 1; l-s battle on .Inly I,
tlotlUlor l'11'l.i i .mi of .tr.l,ld III I tW'd 1,1-
ilay ami pel .-.mail;,- a-,ui',il I'umiioUt Ti,
llcUaiil tliai ilieo was no pos.-ibuily of Mi
tel tei I Ul IV
"1 h.ivu l.eaid t.o tumors leceiilly that dm
fihl u.4 apt to Ihi stopped," said tin. gov
ernor, us he e!a,e,l hanils w it il'l.iul In
the lintel this tin, i nine,. "1 do nut hnuw how
rumors of possiblu acliou by myself .kgalul
the light luie M'llelt oill.
"1 wish to .stale again that 1 I,:, e not
ci'tisidei ed such a IIiiiik at any lime. My
pia-.ious statements on li.e mailer slanil
today. Tiie .-late of .Nevada will hot iiuei
feie, as the laww of tin: stale been
complied with."
Rickai d In , nu, ',1 In l and I he gov
ernor u I ul I'lghl promoter strolled across tho
street to a cafe ami sat down to breakfast
together. The governor arrived from Ely
un an early train llns morning.
Miilemeiit by (.iiii'riinr,
Governor liirki-rsoti today said to a mem
ber of tho Assoriatid 1'iess staff:
The Associated Press may stale for me
that the Jel'.i h s-Joliiisuii fight positively
will be held iii Reno on the aftei noon of
July 4 with no lutei fei enco from anyone.
Mr. Kiclutid as referee and promoter has
assured tne thai the fit;ht will be honestly
eoadueUil. Leyouil this 1 have no concern
v. Un il. 1 have known Mr. Kickard for
Iseteu years and have absolute faith ill his
Integrity. Jlis won! is sufficient for me."
It is probable that Jack Glcasou, Tex
Hickard's partner in the promotion of tho
fight, will also be Ills partacr in an auxil
iary way in relercuing the contest. Rick
aid said toda.t that there must be a second
refurce at the, ringside ready tu step in
should Kickard be Injured or forced to
leave for any reason.
"I lavor Glcasou," said Rickanl.
The fighters have not signified their atti
tude on the question.
lint . claim In Chiiiii,
The honors of popular attcntiuu among
t'Kiay's arrivals were shared by Governor
Dicker. son and Battling Nelson, former
champion lightweight. "Mat'' came fioni
the coast and was the center of an inter-
Harvard Law School
Address to the Alumni 'is Made by
United States Attorney Gen
eral Wickersham.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 2S The Har
vard law school set the commencement pace
today although class celebrations, especially
that of 1880, In which former President
Roosevelt was graduated, also held atten
tion. The law school alumni had as orator
of the day Attorney General Wickersham,
who spoke to a large assembly in Sanders'
Tha Roosevelt class of 'SO Journeyed out
to the Hooslck Whlslck club in the Blue
by a curious throng.
Seven classes lunched and dined at the
Country club at lirookllne, while later lu
the day many of the officials of the uni
versity were busy welcoming candidates for
honorury degrees to bo conferred at com
mencement tomorrow.
The names of those who will be honored j unfavorably in some quarters.'
by Harvard tomorrow will not bo made ' Counsel denied the allegations of
public, until Just before the exercise, f, r j Francke from beginning to end and said
it Is the custom at Harvard to confer no j they had the same foundation as did Cook's
degrees uhless the recipient is present. claim that he had been at the North pole.
Replying for the defense. Herr Jablonskl
Insisted that tho court had no Jurisdiction
for the reason that Peary' had neither prop
erty nor home here. "We consent," he
said, "to appear at tho trial only because
our absence would have been construed
Sodium Nitrate Fails to
Affect Blood of White Rat
KANSAS CITV. June CS.-Ur. Walter M.
Cross, chemist of this city, was the first
witness to testify In the bleached flour
trial In the federal court today. His cross
examination by Pierce lluller of St. Paul,
special attorney for the government, was
Ur. Cross was excused after he had an
swered two unimportant questions.
Prof. Albert of the Unverslty of Iowa,
testified that he had given one-fourteenth
of a grain of sodium nitrate to a white
rat and an examination of It blood later
failed to show any nitrate material.
1 he witness sold he had taken nine
grains of sodium nitrate in several doses
ovrr a period of fourteen hours and he
was unable lo discover that his blood had
been affected thereby.
Charles A. Rex and J. F. Forster. millers
of Lexington, Mo., testified that they used
the Alsop bleaching process tn their mills
end that the process did not Injure their
I Jti-A Ihmti. t-l,..t l, n,','l...l ll.iu ,,f 11
first men ho met was Tex Rickard. whoso
career as a fight promoter began ttheu ho
brought the Dauo and Joe Guns t igeiiur
111 Goldfleld several years ago for the big
gest purBu ever offered In the prise
up to the time Jeffries and Johnson wei a
Tlx greeted Nelson cordially und said
as tho lightweight walked away: "Look at
him step along. Seem.-- lively, quick in his
I movements and all Hint. Bat is taking care
of himself. He's oui for a comeback at
Wolaast, surest thing you know. Lellevi
me, he won't be such a shoit ender either."
Rickanl was lu nu unusually clieertul
mood today. He declared that the worries
were over and that the fight ttus going to
be stayed on time and with everything in
readiness. The heat of the day was tem
pered by a cool breeze and all the fight
followers In town determined to take ad
vantage of It and go out to tho tialuinsr
Filthier lln Light Work.
By 7 o'clock nearly 400 people had gath
ered nt Moana, but Jeffries refused to
leave his personal quarters until after
o'clock Then he chat gad through the
crowd and went off up tho road In a cloud
of dust. Before his return, more than an
hour later, lie had covered about neten
miles of Nevada roads, taken mostly lu
short sprints.
When Jeffries, swinging lliihtly along on
his toes, trotted back to camp many pre
tators were still there. He g hi need at tha
lingerers and announced through his fol
lowers that he felt too good tu work at a'l
today and then went to his rooms.
At Jack Johrnou's camp It was rest day
In the inorniii'. The champion dilttrt down
stairs later than usual r.n 1 after gazi'u
out along tho road lor a few minutes told
hl trainers on hand to participate in th.i
morning road run that he would not no.
He gate no reason, but said the boxing
and rymnasliini work In the afternoon
would piobably be as per schedule.
Johnson wandered around the resott with
his camp followers, shooting n liltle craps
and keeping up a running fire of banter
with everybody in range. 1 he champion
since his urrlval at tho resort has taken
upon himself ut odd times the task of
entertaining clianco visitors and seems to
greatly er.Joy setting the fun going, he
devoted considerable time to amusing the
crowd, then went bounding upstairs to hi
"I'll be down thin afternoon," he shouted
from the top an, I disappeared. There was
no letup today tu the ui rivals. Each train
brought a few well Known men.
Arena Itcarljr Heady.
Rapid headway is being mad on th
arena A force of 1,'i men la working ten
hours a day tu h ive it completed next
Frftlay, and so marked was the progress
that the coniraclois said It would b
possible to finish the Job Thursday night.
The plans call for u seating rapacity ot
about 17.000, but, according to Rickard,
heavy orders for tickets from the east
yesterday point to 'the possibility of a
much larger attendance than waa at Tlrst
expected, and it may be necessary to en
large the structure.
Jim Jeffries' hard workout yesterday was
one of the principal tuples of conversation
last night and the opinion seemed to b
shared by all that the big fellow waa ap
parently iii the finest possible trim and
ready for the greatest battle of hi
SAN FUANi'l.-iCO. June 2v. Betting on
the Jeffries-Johnson fight took an unex-
Ur. Walter 8. Haines of Chicago was peeled turn yesterday. Following a heavy
sworn oa a witness late in the day. jjulitiaon rhhy Sunday night, the udda rose