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Rourkes and Lincoln Fight to a Draw in the Thirteenth Inning; Wichita Leads the League
Eourkei and Antelopes Go Thirteen
Innings, All Even.
Rata Interferes with (i"m! 1h
Early NIhkpii and Finally Xlops
It AlliiKi'lhrr In the
Thirteenth Innlnu.
Omaha and Lincoln- battled for thirteen
Innings Thurnduy t decide which was
t fully the better tram, but failed when
Umpire Clark called time at the end of
the last Inning while a cold drizzle (ell.
Ths score at $ifie time the umps called
time off wan 'l' to 2, and judging from the
pace that was ret by both teams It was
wall, for It was u case of give and take
and no one score.
Both the pitchers In the contest had the
foods and kept thing mixed op In such
a manner that no one could make a safe
bet on who would take the fruit. Molter
for Omaha watt right as could be and
pitched a steady game. of bull. He had
good control. He did not pass a man, but
hit two. Karthlng for the Antelopes was
Also right up to the scratch and, although
ten hits were made off him, ho kept them
o well scattered that they availed but lit
tle. . '
The weather man had a trroat don! to do
vltri the result of the game, for he kept
the players guessing most of the afternoon
as to whether It was going to rain or
hlne. Umpire Clark had to call the game
for ten minutes In the second Inning whin
the downpor became too vigorous. Again
In the thirteenth wetness prevailed and the
umpa called It off. -
Omaha Scores Firat.
Omaha made the flint run in the first
Inning-. After Shotten had gone out,
pitcher to first, Corrldon rapped one over
the left'.' center field -.fence for a home
run. The. nevt and only score was made
In the next period. Cad man hit a single
and went to second when Welch was
thrown out at first. . Cadman went to
.third when Graham went out, second to
first and scored when Steve Melter hit a
safe one to right center. Pfom then un
til the end of the game there was no
chance for the Rohrkes. Corrldon, who
got a home run and a three-bagger, wii
called upon to do something In the twelfth
but he was over anxious and flew out to
Lincoln did not scoreuntll the fifth In
ning, Melter (' held them -close. But In
this Session Gap Bchlpke bungled Thomas'
grounder on the throw. Thomas went to
second w hert ,. Wledensaul hit to Molter
and was thrown out at. first. Clark hit
a single and Thomas scored.' Farthing
made the Second out by batting a
grounder to the pitcher who heaved to
first. Judge was put out when Kane
caught his second hot liner right over the
initial bag and mode an unastdHted out.
Lincoln Scores In lClahth.
Lincoln's second score was made In the
eighth Inning. Clark started off by go
ing out via the pltoher-ftrst base route.
Farthing stepped Into a single. Judge fol
lowed with a hit to right and put , the
'that looked good and sent It into center
for on, base, -scerUsa. Farthing. .
Cadman had to. leave the game In the
ninth Inning when a pitched ball split his
finger. - Qondlng was called to take his
Today the ' Des Moines team starts a
four-game series with the Kuurkes. The
All. R. H. O. A. E
.... t 0.1 & 0 0
.... 6 1 8 2 3 0
King, ct
Bchlpke, 3b.
Kane, lb.....
Cadman, o..
Uondlng. .
Welch, rf...
Graham, 2b.
Melter, p....
.... t 0 0 0 1 0
.... 5 0 " 1 1 2 1
.... tl 0 0 17 0 0
3 114 10
....2 0 0 1 1 0
...."4 0 2 8 0 0
.... 4 0 14
.... 5 0 2 2
Totals -. 4tt 2 10 3J
AH. It.
judm if
Oagnler, ts.,.. ..
Cobb., if
Cockman, lib.,..
Davis, cf
Thomas, lb
Wledensaul, 2b.
Clark, c
Farthing, p
Totals ,.....,4i. 2
Omaha ''''. '
Runs : ....1 1 0 0 0 0. 0 0
Hits t 2 1 2 0 0 0 0
Run .....0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
lilts .......0 2 0 0 1 0 0 3
6 3J 24 2
0 0 0
1 1 1
0- 2
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 2
0 0
Home run: Conluoti.
Three-baso hit:
Corrldon. 'i'wo-biite hit
Welch. Sacrifice
v.ii- -t ,wlii. Htolen base: w UOennaui.
Struok out: By Melter, 4; by Funning, 4.
Base on balls: Off Farthing, 3. Hit by
pitched ball: Melter, 2. Double plays:
Farthing to Gas'-iei' to Thomas; Farthing
to Uagnier to Thomaa. Lett on bases:
Omaha, 8; Lincoln, 6. Time: -;3u. Ump'i'v:
Clark. Attendance: -1.000.
lies Moines and Kloux City Split F.veu
i on Double-Hemler.
SIOUX CITY. June 9. -Freeman pitched
good bair today, while the Dea Monies
twlrlera were easy, Sioux City winning the
Ilisl gajni) of a uoub.u-hi-aiU i , 10 to 4. Ik-k
Moines defeated Sioux City In the secuiid
game. 10 to . The contest was wckeuulej
to go only seven lnnlnga. tecoie, firm game:
: iilOLX CITY.
Qullllh, 3b 4
Andreas, 2b
jNeigiiboi's, cf 4
Welch, If 4
Femon, rf 1
lily er, rf 3
HartmaJi,, s 1
btrm. U 3
Towne, c 5
Fretunao, P 3
Total ....'.30
DES moi;
Dalton, cf 4
Colllgan, ss 4
Matlkk, rf &
Dwyer, lb 5
Nlehoff, 3b .'. 4
Curtis,- If 4
Williams, 2b i
Bachaut, c 3
Sage, p ...i. S
Huston, p
Totals 3o
R. H. PO. A. E.
0 1 0 1 1
2 13 10
112 0 0
2 2 0 0 1
0 0 10 0
2 2 0 0 0
114 11
1 0 5 0 0
1 2 13 0 0
0 0 0 4 0
10 10 27 7 .1
R. H. PO. A. E.
0.0 1 0 0
, o o a , 2 o
1 - 11 - l 0
1 0 9 2 1
' I .10
0 1 0 0 0
' 0 12-4 1
If ' 0 4 3 0
0 . 0 1 3 ' 0
0 0 . .0 2 1
4 1 6 " 24 16 3
sioux city 0 0 1 0 4 0 3 i -10
Des Moines 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 0 04
Stolen bases: Freeman, Nlehoff, Stein,
Myers. Tw.o-base lni; Welch. Jlartman.
Sacrifice his: Stem oil, NeUlibH's,,
Hartuian. Douoiu ily: tiiiiauis ( Co.
llgan to Dwyer. Hits: Off S-ine, In five
innings; off Huston. 4 , ri tinee inuiiiK.
Struck out: By Freeman; 12; by Sage, 3; by
Huston, 1. Bases on bulls: Off Freeman, 5;
off Sane, 4. W ild, pJtoh: Huhton. lilt with
pitched ball: By rtagj, I; by Fi-ee:nan, 2;
by Huston, 2. Time: 2:0i. Umpire: Spencer.
Attendance: fOO.
bcore second game:
A U. R. H. P O. A. E.
Qulllln. 3b
Andreas, 2b ...
Neighbors, cf..
Welch If
Myers, if
HarlTiian, as..,.
Stem, lb
Miller, ,o
Fiin-hner, p..
Wilson, p
Chabrk, p......
4 12 9
Standing of the Teams
W.L.l'ct. W.L.Pct.
Wichita ....24 1 .&i8Chlcago 27 16 .643
Sioux City. .28 19 .o4NNew Vork...2 16 .BJ6
Denver 24 2') .645; Cincinnati ..22 ID .iM
St. Joseph... 20 19 .613 Pittsburg ...2119.i23
Lincoln 20 22 .4ib St. Louis 21 24 .46
Des Moines.. 21 24 .47 Brooklyn ....20 25 .414
Omaha 20 23 .4 Philadelphia .16 24 .40)
Topeka 16 22 .400j Boston 16 29 .866
W.L.I'ct.1 W.L.Pct.
Now York... 27 11 .710! St. Paul 84 17 .607
Philadelphia 27 13 ..6lMinneapolls .83 18 .647
Detroit 2"J 17 .', Toledo 31 20 .608
Boston . 22 20 .f24 Indianapolis .22 2!) .431
Cleveland ...16 20 . 444 Columbus ...22 28 .440
Wash 18 26 .4u0Kan. City. ...20 26 .436
Chicago 2.1 .3!n Milwaukee ..20 28 .417
St. LOUIS.... 8 32 ,2WjL.OlllSVUle . . .13 34 . 840
W.L.Pct.( W.L.Pct.
Fremont ....12 8 .GOO'Falls City. ...11 4 .'733
(Ir. Island. ..12 8 ,600Clarlnda ....11 6 .647
Seward 10 8 .6561 Shenandoah , 8 9 .471
Superior ....10 10 .500j Maryvllle ... 8 10 .444
Columbus ... 9 10 .4741 Neb. City.... 1 10 .412
Kearney .... 9 11 .4;rf Auburn 12 .333
Hastings .... 8 It .421
Hed Cloud.. 7 U .389
eaterilny'a lteanlta.
Omaha, 2; Llnooln, 2 (called In thirteenth!.
Hloux City, 101 ' Des Moines, 4. Second
game: Des Moines, 10; Sioux Cltyi 6.
Topeka, 1; Wichita. 9.
Pittsburg, 7; Boston, 6. ;
Cincinnati, 7; Brooklyn, 6.
Chicago, 5; Philadelphia, 4., i
St. Louis, 4; New York. 5.
Washington, 7: Detroit, 1.
Phtladelhpla, 4; Cleveland, 4 (called).
New York-St. Louis game postponed.
. Boston, 0; Chicago, 3.
Milwaukee-Columbus game postponed.
Kansas City, 6; Louisville, 2.
Minneapolis, 0; Toledo, 1.
St. Paul, 8; Indianapolis, 1.
Kearney, 8; Superior, 1.
Hastings, 1; Red Cloud, 9.
Seward, 4; Grand Inland, S.
Fremont, 1; Columbus. 2 (14 lntilngs).
Clarlnda, 7; Maryvllle, 6.
Shenandoah,- Nebraska City 5.
Auburn, 1 2; Falls City, 4. .
' Games Today.
Wetsern League Des Moines at Omaha,
Sioux City at Lincoln, Wichita at St Jo
seph, Denver at Topeka.
National League Cincinnati at Boston,
Chicago at New York. lPttsburg at Phila
delphia, St. Louis at Brooklyn.
American League Washington at Chi
cago, New York at Detroit, Philadelphia at
St. Louis, Boblon at Cleveland.
American Association Milwaukee at
Columbus, Kansas City at Louisville, Min
neapolis at Toledo, St. Paul at Indianapolis.
Mink League Clarlnda at Maryvtllo.
Snenandnah at Nebraska City, Auburn at
Falls City.
Nebraska State League Kearney at Su
perior, Hastings at Red Cloud, Seward at
Uraud Island, Fremont at Columbus.
Towne ....
0 0 0 0
8 21 13 6
H. P.O. A. E.
3 2 2 0
14 0 0
14 0 1
10 11
10 0 0
3 4 11
0 6 10
2 0 2 : 0
12 ' 21 8 8
33 6
A.B. R.
Dalton, cf
ColliKaii, s-s
Mattl k, rf
invytr. lb
Nl.-lioff, 3b
Cuitlss. if
Williams, 2b....
Hawkins, c
4 8
Herche, p S
Sioux City
0 0
X 2
0 1
1 1
8 3- 6
1 210
D:3 Moines
StbK-n bases: ' Andreas. Williams. Two-
base hits: yuillln, Herche (2), Dwyer, Dal
ton. Home run: (Julllln. Sacrifice hits:
Colllsan (2), Herche, Mattlck, Nlehoff. Hits:
Olf Furchner. 31 in one and one-third In
ning; off Wilson, 8 In four and two-thirds;
off Chabrk, 1 in one Inning. Struck out: By
Furchner, 1; by Wilson, 6; by Herche, 5.
Base on balls: Off Furchner, 1; off Wil
son, 2; off Herche, 3. Hit by pitched ball:
Hv Herche, 1. Passed ball: Hawkins. Time;
2:u0. 'Umpire: Spencer. Attendance: 600.
Bad Days in Mink
For Shenandoah
Nebraska City Trims Iowans to Tune
of 5 to 3 Before Crowd of
(Special Telegram.) Shenandoah was de
feated here this afternoon, part pt the
game being played In the rain. Score:
Shenandoah ..1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 13 6 4
Nebraska City 0 0 0 1 0 3 1 0 6 8 8
Butteries: Shenandoah, Johnston and
Cassel; Nebraska City, Krlchter and
Waller. Impie: Sage. Tims: 2:80, At
tendance: l.ouO.
Shenamloaii lost yesterday's gams to
Auburn at Auburn, 1 to a
lies Molaea Will Make Its First Ap
pearance of (ha season
Here Frldar.
Omaha fans will have their first oppor
tunity Friday of seeing the Des Moines
team play this year. The Boosters are
under the management of George Davis,
the old White Sox player, and It Is said
that he has done much In getting the team
In good shape.
Friday and Monday have been desig
nated as the days for the feminine fans to
accept an Invitation to see the Rourkes
and Boosters clash.
The lineup:
Kclilpke. ......
Uoniliiig... ...
Position. Des Moines.
First Dwyer
Second Williams
Third Nlehoff
Short Colllgan
Center .
Right ...
. Catcher '
..Caictiar .
. pitcher
. Pitcher ,
.. Pitcher
. Pitcher
... Mattlck
.... Bachant
... Hawkins
.. Pitcher
. litcner Houston
Whip Cardinals rive to ' Four in
Sensational Finish.
Pirates Slaughter I.owly Doves, Seven
to Six Cincinnati Takes Trolley
Dodtrera Into- Camp for
Another Beating.-
NEW YORK, June 9 The New York
Nationals made a sensational finish In the
ninth Inning today, and defeated St. Louis,
S to i With two men out In the last In
ning, and Murray on first, the New York
outfielder was allowed to steal second.
Bridwell was passed and Devlin's hit
filled the bases. Merkle, with two strikes
on him, doubled and scored two men.
Myers singled and scored another. Man
ager McGraw sent In Devore to run for
Merkle, and Keeler to run for Myers and
both scored when Hauser, the St. Louis
shortstop, made a low throw on Crandall.
All of St. I.ouls' runs were gifts. Score:
- AD. H O. A.B. AB H.O.A E.
Hugflnt. 3b.. 1 OBnodgTMW, It 4 1 4 0 0
EUI. If I 1
a v vuoytm, o v o
I 0 OMumy, rf.-.,. I 0 10
I 0 OSeymour, ct.. 4 0 10 0
Oaka. e 4 O
KouMchr, lb. 4 1
Evini, rt-...
Phelps. e.t..
Huer, h...
MowTy 8b.
BallM, P....
,4010 OBridwell. n.. 0 Z 3 tt
4 1 4 0 OPevlln. 8b.... 4 8 1 0
.4114 IMrrkl. lb... 41101
.1 0 0 0 0Uovors 0 0 0 0 0
,4 0 0 0 0Mrr, c 4 t 1 6 0
Klr 0 0 0 0 0
It 12 13 lWlltie, p 10 10 0
Fletcher ..-. 1 0 0 0 0
- CrnJH, p.. 1 0 0. 0
1 ' .'' ' Totals. .84 8
Two out when winning run was scorefl.
Rah for Merkle in ninth. . i
Ran for Myers In. ninth.
.Batted for.WUtse in eighth.
St. Louis S O 0 -0 1 0 0 0 0-4
NewVtbrk ,.v,.a-0 0 0 0 ' 0 0 0 6-6
.Two-base hits: Phelps, Hufefglns, Merkle.
Stolen bases: Murray (2), Hauser, Snod
grass, . Keeler.' Left on bases: St. Louts,
4; New York, 7. Double plays: Hauser to
Hugglns to Konetchy, Devlin to Doyle to
Merkle. 'Struck -out: By. Bailee, 3; by
Wlltse, 1. Bases on balls: Off Sallee, 2;
off Wlltse, 3. Hits: Off Wlltse, 7 In eight
innings. Time: 1:68. Umpires: Johnstone
and Moran.
Plttsbnra; Whips Boston.
BOSTON, June 9. By winning an excit
ing game from Boston, 7 to 6, Pittsburg
made it two consecutive eleveji-lnnlng
games over the locals. Wagner 'regained
some of his lost batting prestige by making
a home run in the seventh Inning with one
on a base, tying the score. Score:
Cmpbll. M I 1 1 lColllnt, ir.... s i (
Clarke. It.
i 1 X V orirriog, so... a m m v v
(116 CBharpe, lb... J 111 0 0
t 1 8 8 OR. Miller, rf. 1 4 0 0
toil OShwn. lb.... 40300
6 10 9 OBeck, et 4 I I 0 0
I tit 1 IBweener, .. 1 8 0 1 1
6 14 1 lOrahun, e... 4 1 1 ' 0
1115 OFrock, p.. A.. 1 1 0 1 0
1 1 ft 1 08mlth 1 0 0 0 0
Mattem. p... 0 0 0 0 0
waaner. as. .
Byrne, lb....
1. Miller, lb.
Wlleon, rf....
flynn. lb....
fllbeon, e....
Maddox, p..,
Pbtlllppe, p..
Touis 4i i3 88 ii T;7:'r;T;"t
Tottls 41 14 15 I
Batted for Frock In the eighth.
Pittsburg 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 o z-i
Boston vjiivvv
Two-base hits: Clarke, Herzog, Byrne, u.
Miller. Home runs: Gibson and wagner.
Hits: Off Frock, 8 in eight innings.; off
Mattern, 4 in three innings; on jaaao,
U in eight innings; off Philippe, 4 In three
innings. Sacrifice flys: Clarke, Wagner.
Sacrifice hits: Flynn, Sweeney (2), Beck,
Mattern. Stolen bases: Byrne, Hersog (2),
Campbell, R. Miller, Stiarpe, Wagner. Left
on bases: Pittsburg, 10; Boston, 12. Bases
on balls: Off Maddox, 6; off Frock, 8 off
Mattern, 1. First on errors: Pittsburg. 1;
Boston, 1. Hit by pitched ball: By Maddox,
Herzog. Struck out: By Maddox, 8; by
Frock, 4. Time: 2:20. Umpires: Klem and
Brown Saves Cubs.
PHILADELPHIA, June . Hard hitting
by both teams featured today's game,
which Chicago won, 5 to 4. The game was
also marked by perfect fielding. After the
visitors got the lead by batting rallies In
the sixth and seventh Innings, Brown saved
the game for Chicago. Score:
AB H O A E. AB.H.O.A.B. 9h h 1 1 1 0Bt. if 1 2 1 0 0
Shetkird. II,. 4 18
V WKlltDe, SO.... v
0 OUrant. lb.... I 0 0 0 0
ft OMage. rt 4 110 0
1 UBranstteld, lb 4 0 t 0 0
t OW'aleh, It I 1 I 0 0
4 OWard, a 8 1110
1 ODooln, e 4 1 10 1 0
1 0 Moore, p 1 0 ft 1 0
ft GBuck, p 0 0 0 0 ft
1 OMacklltsch .. 1 ft 0 ft 0
0 0
V ft Totals 11 I 17 ft
gchulte. rt... 8 I 0
rhanoe, lb... &
Bleinfeldt, lb 4
Hofman. cf. . I
1 10
Tinker, .... 8
Kllnf. e 4
Reulbach, p.. 3
Rli-hle, p 0
Brua-n, p ft
Beaumont .. I
Uuueru, 0
40 14 81 18 0
Ratted for Moore in ninth.
Baited for Reulbach In sixth.
Batted for Richie in seventh.
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 4
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 3 0
Two-base hits: aBtes (2). Knabe, Tinker,
Beaumont, Bchute. Three-base hit: Magee.
Sacrifice hltB: Knabe, Walsh, Ward. Sacri
fice fly: Luderus. Double play: Tinker to
Zimmerman to Chance. Left on bases: Chi
cago, 11; Philadelphia, 10. Base on balls:
Otf Ruelbach, 4; off Moore, 2; off rHuwn,
2. Hit by pitched ball: By Ritchie, Ward.
Struck out; By Ruelbach. 8; by Moore, 8;
by Brown, 2. Passed ball: Dooln. Wild
pitch: Moore, rBown. Time: 2:15. Umpires:
Ulgler and Eniulte.
Reds in Fine Form.
BROOKLYN, N. Y., June 8-Clnclnnatl
made It three out of four with Brooklyn
today, winning a see-saw game, 7 to 6.Slx
pitchers lu all were used. Roth brought
over the wining runs in ths eighth with
a scratch double, batting as a pinch
hitter, score:
AB. H.O.A.
Beentier, It... 8
paikert, ct. ..'4
Hobhuei, lb. 4
Ulu-H.ll. rt.. 4
Egan. t 4
Downey, aa. . I
MeLean. e... I
3 1 0 Burch, rt
4 0 0 Daubert. lb.. I
T 1 0 Wheat, II t
t 0 Hummel, lb.. 4
I 1 DLcnnoi, lb . 4
1 4 lariaeon, ct. 4
3 10
1 l 0
18 0
I 0
4 4
3 I
ft 1
0 1
I IMmltb, h
Pnblnioa, lb. I
1 1 Oberiea, ...
t OKnetier, p.
Doyle, 44..
Howaa, p.
Oaaper, p. ,
ussa. P..
10 0 Wllhelm. p
. I S 1 t'U. smim.
.0440 OScanlon, p..
. 1 1 0
.010 txaU...
. ft ft
t 17 II
4 IS It 10 1
for Roatted for
. Ilstted for Roatted for Robinson in
, 'Hatted for Oaaper In eighth.
Batted for Willi elm In eighth.
Cincinnati 06080108O-:
Brooklyn , 19 2 0 0 1 1ft 0-6
Left on bases: Cincinnati. 9: Brooklyn.
U. Two-basa bits; Jiescber, Uoblluel,
Roth, Daubert, Wheat. Sacrifice hits:
Egan, Downey, Daubert, Bergen. Sacrifice
fly: Davidson. First on errors: Cincin
nati, 2. Stolen basis: Hoblltzel. McLean,
Burch, Davidson. Bases on balls: Off
Knetzer, 2; off Rowan, 6; off Wllhelm, 1;
off Gasper, 1; off Scanlon, 2; off Suggs, 1.
Struck out: By Rowan, 3; by Wllhelm, 1;
by Suggs, 3. Hit by pitched hall: By
Scanlon, Mitchell. Hits: Off Knetzer. 6
In two and one-third lnninna; off Wllhelm,
7 In five and two-thirds innings; off
Rowan, 8 In six Innings; off Gasper, 2 In
one Innings. Time: 2:15. Umpires: O'Day
and Brennan.
Umpire's Wrath on
Manager Harms
Hastings Loses to Bed Cloud and
Mr. Brillman Maintains
RED CLOUD, Neb., Juno 9.-(SpecIal.)-Today'8
game with Hastings resulted 9 to
1 for Red Cloud. Manager Harms of
Hastings was put off the ground in the
fifth Inning for disputing Umpire Brlll-
rian's decision. The score. R. H. E.
Hastings .....0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01 7 5
Red Cloud ...1 1 1 3 3 0 0 0 x-8 12 0
Batteries Hastings,- Olson and Jacobson,
Waly; Red Cloud, Mitchell and Black,
Moss. Struck out Mitchell, 6; Black, 2;
Olson, 2. Two-base hits: Hennessy. Three
base hits: Hennessy. Time: 1:40.
SUPERIOR, Neb., June 8 (Special Tele
gram.) Kearney won from Superior this af
ternoon, by a score of 3 to 1. Superior's
batteries have for some reason taken a
slump and are not, up to their usual stand
ard. Kearney played only, a fair game
but was extremely lucky at critical tlmeB.
Score:. .'va i . R. H. B.
Kearney ......0 0 0"0 0 1 1 0 1-3 4 6
Superior ...,0 ; 0, 0 0 0 0 1 2 8
Batteries Kearney, Nolfe and Townsend;
Superior, Snyder i and' Hpellman. Attend
ance 500. Umpire Nelson.
COLUMBUS, Neb., June S. (Special Tel
egram.) Columbus won the fourteen-ln-nlng
game from , Fremont today. It was
a pitchers' battle and Columbus won in
the fourteenth Inning by timely hitting.
Agnew was behind the bat for Columbus.
Rain interforrcd with the game In the
twelfth. Score:
Columbus 000 1000 000 00 01 2' 6 1
Fremont ........... 000 001 000 000 001 5 3
Batteries: Columbus, Slndelar and
Agnew; Fremont, Bennett and Bohnner.
Haes on balls: Off Bennett, 6; off
Slndelar, 6. Struck out: By Bennett, 13;
by Sindelar, 16. Double plays: Slndelar to
Llttlejohn to Dolan. Umpire: Ward.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb., June 8. (Special
Telegram.) Grand Island's base running
was not calculated to make the best of
opportunities today aside from which
Seward outbatted the Sugar City team.
The game' was greatly delayed on account
of rain and muddy grounds. Score:
R. H E
Seward .... 0 2 1 000 1 0 04 ' i
Grand Island 00200000 13 4 1
Batteries: Steward and Net'f; Paul, Car
roll and Travers. '
Kearney Business
Men Play Ball
Fans Will Have Opportunity to See
Beal Game Friday Afternoon
, at Athletic Par k
KEARNEY. Neb., June 8. (Special.)
Kearney base ball fans will witness a real
game of base ball Friday afternoon when
the business men of the town will . get
up two teams and play at the Athletic
park. The "east-elders" and the "west
slders" will designate the two teams and
they are composed of bankers, bakers,
butchers, merchants, lumbermen, news
papermen, In .fast every known follow
ing. The line will be drawn on politicians
and they -will not be allowed on the
grounds. The material has been carefully
selected and some ex-leaguers will return
to ths diamond for a few hours. The
game -will start at i o'clock Friday.. after
noon and forty-seven innings will be
played. The umpire has been, selected
and his name will be kept secret He will
go on the grounds In disguise, cash bund
being furnished for tils safe return to
his family. No policemen wll be allowed
on ths grounds.
Differences Temporarily Patched Ip
and Team Leaves for Topeka,
DENVER, June 8. D'f ferenoes between
B. F. U-unthorpe, and James C. MoOtll,
owners of the Denver Western league base
ball team, which threatened for a time
yesterday to disrupt the team, were
patched up temporarily today and then
the team left today for Topeka. Trainer
Sam Murbarger, over -whose discharge or
retalnment as secretary the owners
clashed, will accompany the team. Al
though no definite agreement was
reached, it Is stated that ultimately Mr.
Uunthrope s Interest In the club will be
bought by McOlU.
Powers Bars Daavllle I lab.
DANVILLE, 111.. June 9-John Powers,
son of Alderman Powers of Chicago, to
day bought the Danville club of the Three-1
base ball league from the One Hundred
Thousand club. The purchase price an
nounced was 33,000. The new owner will
retain Jack McCarthy as manager.
Hays Center Wins.
PALISADE. Neb.. June 9.-Hpeclal Tele
gram. Ha es Center won from Palisade
today by a score of 7 to 8. Batteries:
Hayes Center. Enyergh and Johnson;
Palisade, Aed.trals and Oreen. Hits:
Palisade, 7; Hayes Center, 7. Struck out:
By Johnson, 0; by Uieeu, 12.
The Key to ths Situation Be Want Ads.
Cleveland and Philadelphia Quit
with Score Four to Four.
White StocltlnsM Blank Boston with
Three It una Washington Beats
Detroit No Game at
St. Louis.
CLEVELAND, ' June 9. -Cleveland and
Philadelphia played a tie game today, 4
to 4, called at the end of the ninth to
allow Philadelphia to 'catch a train foi
st. Louis. Joss and Coombs were hit
hard. Score:
Batted for LInke In ninth.
Ran for Flick in ninth.
Cleveland 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 04
Philadelphia 0 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 04
Two-base hits N'iles, Lajole, Stovall,
Baker. Sacrifice hit Bradley. Stolen
bases Niles. Krueger, Collins. Double
plays Heltmuller and Davis. Hits Off
Juss, 12 In 8 Innings. Bases on balls Off
Coombs, . Struck out By Joss, 4; LInke
1; by Coombs, 4. Wild pitch By Coombs,
1. Left on bases Cleveland 8, Philadelphia
7. Time 1:46. Umpires Evans and Egan.
Varsity Athletic
Board Reorganized
" i
Sean D. C. Richards is Elected Pres
ident and Ben Cherring-ton
Vice President.
LINCOLN, Neb., June 9. (Special.)
Dean C. R. Richards of the engineering
school was selected as .president of the
athletic bojrd of the University of Ne
braska, Wednesday night, at the final
meeting. Ben M. Cherrlngton of Omaha
was elected vice president, J. J. Logan
was elected treasurer and the present sec
retary, R, O. Clapp, was re-elected. The
following committees were chosen:
Foot Ball Caldwell, Shorlka and Barber.
Base Ball Chauner, Caldwell and
BaBket Ball Clapp, Wolfe and Amber
son. Track Clapp, Skinner and Reed.
Buildings and Grounds Richards Clapp,
Finances Skinner, Richards and Cher
rlngton. legibility Wolfe, Skinner and Cher
rlngton. Administration Clapp, Richards, Cald
well, Chermgton and Reed.
Student tickets will be sold next fall
again, the regular tickets costing $3 and
those with reserve seat privileges cost
ing 13.
Hock lalund, Waterloo, Springfield
and Blooming ton Win.
ROCK ISLAND, 111., June 8.-Rock Is
land outbatted and outplayed Danville to
day, and with Cavel's pitching the outcome
was never In doubt. Score: R.H.K.
Rock island 3001 0080 7 11 8
Danville 10 0 0 0 0 0 8 04 4 4
Batteries: Cavel and Stark; Benz and
WATKULOO, June . The game was
called on account of rain in the seventh,
with the score & to 0 In favor of Waterloo.
Score: R.H.E.
Waterloo 1 3 0 0 0 0 16 10 0
Peoria .- 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 3 2
Batteries: Patton and Harrington; Cook
and Jacobs.
DL'BUQUK, la., June 9. Laudermllk shut
out iJuougue, i to o. Mot a Oubuque bat
ter reached first after the fourth Inning.
Score: R.H.K.
Dubuque 00000000 00 8 3
Springfield 10000001 02 8 0
Batteries: Glass and Boucher;, Lauder
mllk and Coleman.
DAVENPORT, la., June 9. A combina
tion of hits and errors won for Blooming
ton. Higglns allowed only one man to
reach first until the eighth Inning. Score;
Davenport 0000000 1 01 4 8
Bloomlngton 02002000 04 9 0
Batteries: Archer and Coveny, Hlggina
and Krwln.
negal Car Which lias Han 27,000
Miles Passes Thronhh Omaha.
The Regal plunger car arrived In Omaha
at 4 o'clock Wednesday morning, carrying
Iee Cuson, Detroit; John Carstalrs, of
Pennsylvania Tire company, and R. W.
Dean of Detroit, who Is managing the
tour. The car Is the one that la hi vear
made the New York to ban Francisco
trip, covering 4,082 miles. The party Is
now on Its way to Detroit, and expects to
complete the seven thousand-mile tour
by July . "This will finish the longest
continual automobile trip ever accom
plished by a single car," said R. W. Dean.
"Another thing Is that the car will hold
the record for the number of miles covered
In continental tours, which we expect will
aggregate about 27,000 by the time we re
turn to Detroit."
Whit CMys Want Games.
The White City Ramblers are without
a game for Sunday on account of the
Royal Achates falling to play them. The
While Cltys would like to play the fast
Independents Sunday on any reasonable
grounds. Any other fast 18 or 111-year-old
team In the city that wishes to bring them
down can be accommodated by calling
Sam Feltman, 714 South Eighteenth streui,
or phone Douglus SeOl, after 6:30 p. in.
Vaaderlillt Horses Win.
PARIS, June 9 At Chantllly today, W.
K. Vanderbllt's Oversight won the Pilx La
Rochette (twenty-sixth trl-ennlal stakes),
for four-year-olds, for 3S.iio; distance two
miles and six furlongs. Messldor 111, also
owned by Mr. Vanderbilt, finished sec
ond In the Prix De La Pelouse, a handi
cap, for 82,ooo; distance, one mile and
seven furlongs.
If your liver Is slugglsn and out of tone,
and you feel dull, bilious, constipated, take
a dose of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets tonight before retiring and you will
feel all right iu the morning, bold by all
Jeffries Whips
Bob Armstrong
in Lively Bout
Big Fellow Draws Blood from Colored
Sparring Partner Jack John
son Has Visitors.
BEN LOMOND, Cal., June 9.-Three fast
rounds with Bob Armstrong, In which Jef
fries drew blood from his colored sparring
partner for the first time since training
began at Ben Lomond, constituted the prin
cipal feature of a comparatively quiet day.
Jeffries was faster than usual, and coun
tering heavily on the negro's mouth, made
the blood flow freely. Jeffries and Corbett
did not box, but probably will don the
gloves tomorrow as the boxing platform
was completed late this evening. All to
day's work was done In the morning. Jef
fries this afternoon reiterated his state
men that no difficulty had arisen between
himself and Manager Bcrger; that Berger's
work has- been entirely satisfactory and
that no change Is contemplated.
Johnson Kutertalns,
SAN FRANCISCO, Jure 9.-Jack Johnson
entertained some distinguished visitors to
day at the boxing program that was sched
uled for his puvillon.
Acting Mayor John Kelly, Supervisor
Johnny Hergot, (Young Mitchell), chairman
of the police commission, and Supervisor
William Pugh, as well as newly arrived
newspaper men from Chicago and Boston,
were on hand. They w ere well pleased with
the. showing of tho. champion.
Eight rounds all told were on the pro
gram. Five of them were with George
Cotton and the other three with Walter
Monahan, a local heavyweight.
iS I fal -.-'. ... .-.
Belle Clem Wins One of Featnra
Events at Latunla.
LATONIA, Ky., June 8.-A good perform
ance by Belle Clem In the thhd race was
one of the features of today's lacing here.
Left far behind when the barriers arose,
the filly gradually overtook the horses in
front and stood a hard drive through the
stretch In oruer to win. Results:
First race, four and a half furlongs:
Sidney R. (straight, 37.60) won, Mockler
(place, 840) seconu, Air. Dock (show,
thlid. Time: 1:55.
Scond race, six furlongs: Fundamental
(straight, 321.110) won, Splendida (place,
tM.m second, Marbles (sriow, 83.80) third.
Time: 1:14.
Third lace, mile and seventy yards:
Belle Clem (straight, 34.10) won, Don Dlas
(place, Ho.20) second. La Toupee (show,
3370) third. Time: 1:46.
Fourth race, four and a half furlongs:
Oriental Pearl (straight, 820.K0) won. Rue
(place, 34.10) second, Indian Girl (show,
to.10) third. Time: o:&4Vk.
Fifth race, sellirg, purse 3300, six fur
longs: Aspirin (105, Warren) won, Pal (107,
Koorner) second, Billy Bodemer (106, Her
bert) third. Time: 1:135s. Pink Wings, l'at
Sharp, Home Run, llarvel, Tollbox, May
Lutz, Dandy Dancer, Dolly Bultman, Val
ley Stream ran.
Sixth race, mile and an eighth: Third
Rait (straight, 84.00) won, Molesey (place,
88.70) second, Wolfertou (show, 33.20) third.
Time: 1:54.
Sweep Wins Carleton Stakes.
GRAVESEND, June 8.Sweep, favorite
at 9 to 10, easily won the Carlton stakes at
Uravesend today, defeutlng a high class
field of 8-ytar-olds. Under Powers' mag
nificent rldo Sweep carried Uii pounds and
stepped the distance In l:X!Ws, which is
considered a high class performance. Re
sults: . ...
First race, about six ruriongs: iiampton
Court (8 to 1) won, Right tuny (5 to 2)
second, Follle Levy (11 to 6) third. Time:
1:10. "
Second race, steeplechase, about two and
a half miles: Mellowmlnt (1 to 8) won,
Monte Carlo (8 to 1) second, Acbeo (16 to
1) third. Time: 4:54.
Third race, seven furlongs: Aldrlan (3 to
1) won, O. U. Buster (00 to 1) second,
Lochlel (5 to 2) third. Time: 1:01.
Fourth race, one mile: Sweep (9 to 10)
won. The Turk (b to 1) second, Dalmatian
(4 to 1) third. Time: 1:39.
EMfth race, one and a Quarter miles:
Petronlus (3 to 2) won, Pins and Needles
(11 to 3) second, ine reer vj to ) iniru,
'lime: 2:06. . .
wivih race, five and a half furlongs:
Blackfoot (7 to 1) won, Uarneau (8 to 1)
second, Adam uoua ( to u) iinra. aune
A ant Polly Partes Ahead.
SALT LAKE CITY, June 8. Aunt Polly,
said to be the oldest race norse in training,
won the last race at Uuena Vista today,
First race, six furlongs, selling: Salnfox
(9 to 6) won, Tansy 4 to 1) second, UloVer
Kyle (7 to tnira. Time: i:i'.
Second race, five furlongs, selling: Wis
taria (7 to 2) won, Beaumont (4 to 1) second,
Halton (12 to 1) tnira. i inve; i:uzvk.
Third race, six furlongs, sailing: Osslan
(4 to 1) won, Banonlca (even) second, Pla
toon (4 to 1) third. Time: 1:15.
Fourth race, one mile, selling: Corrlgan
(3 to 2) won, Steel -(2 to 1) second. Coppers
(8 to 6) third. Time: 1:43.
Fifth race, six furlongs, selling: Jlllett (7
ss. -- r s
Family Trade Supplied by
Cbas.Slorz. Phones. Webster
1260. Udcpendenl B 1281.
to R) won. WIMwood Hill IS to 1) seooti.l,
Silver Leaf (7 to 1) third. Time: l:IH-...
Sixth race, fiv and one-half fuiionuM, . . t..ll., unn !-' M
-lllim. slum J"ii V1 " '. ...
Frv (7 to 1) second, Swaseiiutor (4 to li
third. Time: l:y.
Hi'imwii Wins nt Montreal.
MONTREAL. June 8. Brighter and
warmer brought a larger Htumtanee t"
Blue Bonnets today ana the sewn tviiils
in good tiiiisiii's. KesuiiN:
Fust race, five furlongs: Borrower (I to
1) won, John l't t r.deigat tJ to 1) second.
Henry Walbank i7 to 101 third. Hmc: l;tn.
Siiotid race, six furlongs: Bright Star (i
to 1) won, Henry Hutchinson (7 to D nc
oml. Deiivasnon een) third. Time: 1.0.'.
Third rare, mile: Them (lore Cook (4 to i)
won, Collls Oimoliy i x to ) second, De
troit (out) third. Time : 1:4.
Fourth race, five furlongs: Eagle Bird (
to 51 won, Planutss (out) second. Easy
Llfo (out) third. Time: l:U.if.
Fifth race, steeplechase, about two miles:
Minto (10 to 1 won, Ballucalla il to i) sec
ond, Class Leader (out) third. Time
4:84. SI A) race: mile and a furlong: Dark
Ni,T(4 to 6) won. Radiation (even) second
Elgin (out) third. Time: 2:0;iS-
Seventh race, six furlongs: Jane Swift (6
to 1) won, Seymour Homier (even) second
Chepontuc (out) third. Time: 1:19V
Y. M. C. A. Park
to Be Opened
this Saturday
Twelve New Bungalows Have Been
Built Thus Adding to the
Lake Colony.
The formal opening of the Young Men's
Christian association park on Carter lake,
In East Omaha, will be held Saturday.
Many athletic contents have been billed.
And the most interesting exhibitions of both
land and water sports to be held this
month Is asxured. J. C. I'cntlaiul, who han
charge of the park, staled Wednesday
afternoon that he expected a large crowd
lo attend the opening and that all of the
contests vculd be fast and holly fouKht
A ball game between the Young Men's
Christian association and Mazzcpa teams
will be played in the afternoon.
Canoe and bout laces-.'lennls matches and
swimming races will all be free-for-all en
tries for the boys of the park. The swim
ming club, which has twenty-one members,
will give exhibitions of fancy diving and
Twelve new bungalows have been
erected this spring, which now gives the
park twenty-one cottages. This means that
a larger number of families will live at the
lake this summer and that it will be even
more popular than last season. The club
house, which is one of the best features
of the park, has beea added to and now a
well-fitted cafe Is run In connection.
The membership has reached nearly SOD
und is constantly growing.
Ilase Hall Game nt Mason (It:.
MASON CITY, la., Juno 8. (Special.)
Mason City will soon have a professional
base ball team in the field, to ho composed
principally of college and uulverslly play
ers. At an enthusiastic meeting l.tat even
ing arrangements were made to finance ths
club In splendid style. Art Cadwell, Frank
Weatherwax and Sam Schneider were ap
pointed to secure a manager. Negotiations
are now pending with a number of players,
and inside of a week a full team can be se
cured. Charles City, Clear Lake, Dougnerty
and Oelewln have Salaried teams, and a
number of near-ln cities have teams of
splendid material, and a fine series of
games can be arranged.
' Iloraemen Arriving -tn i Beatrice. ,
BEATRICE, Neb., June 8 (Special.) A
number of horsemen arrived in this city
yesterday with their horses, which they
have entered In the circuit races to be held
here June 14, 15 and 16. Mr. De Ryder of
Los Angeles came with a string af twelve
head. All the events have filled and pros
pects are bright for the best race meeting
ever held In Beatrice. A smoker will be
given Wednesday evening by the Beatrice
Driving club lo the visiting horsemen.
Old Flahters In 'I'iiniil Ilout.
ST. LOUIS, June 8. Bill Clark, the "Bel
fast Chicken," of other fighting days, re
ceived an offer today from Hilly Delaney of
San Francisco to box a preliminary of four
rounds at the Jeffries-Johnson fight. Clark
is 84 years old. His opponent Is to be Jem
Maco, 79 years old.
Iowa University Awards Ta."
IOWA CITY. Ia.. June . tBpecla.t'JJfc,
I's" have been awarded to the follow!.,.,
members of the University of Iowa traek
team or tnis year: Alderman. Wilson i.'
O. Smith, Captain Enxstrom. O'Hrlen.
Hartupee, Jans and Camubell. For Iihhm
ball work "I's" have been awarded to
Hook, West, Alcorn, Hanson, Stewart,
Bryant, Schmidt, Wright, Mericle and
"Kid" Dalton Defeated.
EVANS VI LLE. Ind.. June l.-Ilnv TWn.
son of Indianapolis and "Kid" Dalton of
St. Louis met tonight on a boat on the
Ohio river under the aunplces of the local
club, and Bronson won the fight In the
fifth round. Bronson outclassed Dalton
at every turn. In the fifth round Dalton
was groggy and a left Jab from Bronson
sent Dalton down and out.
Injured In a Fire
or bruised by a fall, apply Bucklen's Arnlcei
Salve. Cures burns, wounds, sores, eczema
piles. Guaranteed. 25c. For salo by
Beaton Drug Co.
oidii:iii AuvcriiBing is me rtoaa to uig
T3lnAMA . .... .i.i . .. .. . . n.
-K 1
-r vtj trig
The New
At Alt
High Class Furnishers
& CO., Mrv
Corliss, "
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vr 2 for.
y 25c
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