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Women's Dressy Voile and
Serge Skirls
Dressy Garments ol Fine Utility
Grand Army Memberi Make H. A.
Dyer Commander.
Demurrage Men
to Gather Here
About Fifty Members of Association
Will Convene at Faxton Jane
17 and 18.
Spanish War Veterans Choose K.
Johnson of Cedar Rapids to
Head Organisation In
Hoi 1 Skirts
tt block Voile,
ti art e I t h
straight single
pleat. This sr
ment cm also
be1 supplied with
riu In bands,
913.80. ;
No. 2 Manama
skirts In green)
tan and grays;
strong values,
at 3.50 and
-Novelty .
In bluea
iys; also 9
Ho. 4-
and arav
In brown Pana
ma. The are
finding- much
favorN at S8.0O,
17.60. 10 and
aro. 3 n lack
Altnian V o 1 1 a
skirts In fancy
pleating. trim
med with satin
buttons. Extra
values at Sia.
. "Ilydegrade" taffeta petticoats, double flounces witn plain
.and fftney borders, extra values at jgl.19.
Othes fine values at 1.95 to J3.B0. In both plain and embroid
ered flounces. f
- Write for Illustrated catalogue.
Pictorial Review Patterns 10c and 15c.'
m you no peoples j
n , i i s i m s -v
The veterans of the Grand Army of the
Republic paraded In the rail today, led
by the Soldiers of the Sixth cavalry.
A comparatively small number of the
etcrane were In line, but automoDiies
were pressed into service and many of the
old soldiers rode. '
H. A. Dyer of Mason City was elected
epartment commander without opposition.
The total loss In membership of the de
partment In the year was 472. 82$ being
lost by death. The present membership
General G. M. Dodge presided while the
department commander read his address
He urged the removal of the soldiers'
monument In Des Moines to a new location
on the river front.
The United Spanish War veterans elect
ed E. C. Johnson of Cedar Rapids com
mander. Tha Sons of Veterans endorsed
L. A. Dllley of Davenport for national sec
retary. Governor ,YanSant of Minnesota,
national commander, briefly reviewed the
condition of the order in the nation. This
evening a camp fire was held.
Muscatine was, chosen as the next meet
ing place. The fight for commander of
the XV. R. C. Is between Mrs. Jennie Who
don of Wlnterset and Mrs. Ida Wortham
of Oskaloosa.
Will Teaeh Aarricnltiire
Prof. G. M. Holden of the extension do-
1018-1520 Faroam Strot
Judge Grosscup Says Supreme Test of
Popular Government is Coming.
Prod arts of Soil Have Been Larao
. Enough to OTercont the Effect
of Economic nnd Politi
cal Blunders.
ROCK ISLAND, 111., June 9. In the
course of a commencement address at Au
gustana College and Theological Seminary,
today, Judge Grosscup, of Chicago, said:
"We have not reached, hert in Amer
ica, the supreme test of whether govern
ment of tha people, by the people, can en
dure. We have not yet been put to the
test of dealing with great economic ques
tions at the cost of distinct disaster In
case they are wrongly dealt with. Thus
far, the. surplus of our soil,-sold to the
world each year, has made good our
economic and political mistakes a surplus
so, great that, no matter what, during the
year, our mistakes may have been,, at the
end .of tha, -the bank aecotfst has been
made goeOi gatn,tx $ut Uhe day is, coming
whoa tule Insurance. aSalnst logical con
sequence (Will be cut off. " Every census
shows that .the 'growth - of population Is
In Hie towns and citiesthat the men and
women, wtla bear no relation to the soil
and Its products. except that of consumers,
are rapidly outnumbering those who 'till
the soil.'.' And when that (lay fully comes
wnen- we- are nti longer a people with a
constantly irecurring surplus, but have be
come a people who each year eat up what
they . produce the consequences of politi
cal and economic mistakes will make them
selves feIC-
Supreme Test Cunt In k.
"This solving of our problem by. spiral
stairway' will not last every Increase of
expenses bringing on Increase of prices and
wages; every Increase of prices and wages
bringing us back to increased expenses;
the entire movement In clrcln- at ijich
turn a little higher up than we were be
fore. There Is a limit to such a structure.
And It Is when that limit is reached and
return to solid ground begins when w
have to meet and solve political and eco
nomic Questions that require the nice bal
ance of one man's Interest against an
other's, and the Interest of the whole, as
distinguished from the interest of each In
dividualthat the supreme test of whether
the people can govern themselves will be
upon us.
"Will that test be successfully met? Are
we capable 0f meeting and solving the
complex questions of the future as we
huve met and solved the simpler moral
questions of the past?. What will equip
us to meet this test? What power, more
than anything else, will hold us to our
corn-so as a peoplu capable of self-govern-nient?
Without doubt there muat be per
sonal honor and personal honesty in poll
tics, as personal honor and personal honesty
uv affected by money; but financial dis
honesty Is always Individual, never gen
eral, and Is quickly overtaken and un
rrmtd. Without doubt the public con
science must be kept quickened, but our
American conscience Is not hard to reach
nnd quicken.
Intellectual Honesty Needed.
"The one force In this universe, without
which the test cannot be successfully met
the on force, more than anything else.
that as a nation we must acuulra he torn
We are equipped to successfully meet the
complex problems before us Is what I
may call the spirit of Intellectual honesty;
the spirit that hears before It decides; the
spirit that yields Itself to genuine 'Confer
ence; the spirit that is not played upon bv
the total self-interest that so often makes
. up the atmosphere through which we look
at the Interest of others; above all, the
spirit that will hold our leaders of public
t pinion accountable, as men who give out
thu money coin of the country are held
accountable, that thought given out on
publlo questions contains nothing In It
that Is not the real thought of the mind
behind It; that spirit that will not, In the
Interest of political or personal expediency,
tultrate the pasolng of counterfeit opinion.
"Nothing, ' lilted, Is so Insidious as an
Intellectual counterfeit; Nothing so per
vasive; nothing so hard to overtake, or si
' haid to.' 'overpower when overtaken, and
nothing so hurtful and dangerous. I'pon
Intellectual counterfeits political leaders
ofltn flourish. In tha end tha people al
ways suffer. 'Jlere la the work, gvater a
thousand times than mere knowledge Im
pelled, that the unlvetkltles and colleges
of America, the schools of America, and
the teachers of America owe to the day
thnt will test the question whether gov
ernment of tho peuple, by the rnple. cn
endure Intwllectual character building, aa
well aa moral character building, that IH
leave In the men who go out Into the
wir'.d the abiding conviction that It I Jffl
a mean to pass counterfeit thought In
public affairs as to pase counterfeit
Raymond Hardy
at Parents' Bier
Young Man, Accused of Murder, At
tends Funeral of Family Under
Heavy Guard.
MARSHALLTOWN, la., June 9. (Spe
cial Telegram.) At the little white farm
house where the triple Hardy murder was
committed Sunday on the day which was
to have been his wedding day, Raymond
Hardy, the youngeBt and only survlvtng
member of the family, who Is held In Ja
strongly suspected of being the slayer of
his parents and younger brother, ' today
was taken under heavy guard to the old
home to a tend the triple funeral."
Brief and simple services were con.
ducted by Rev. Mr. Levent first for the
father, James Hardy, then for the mother,
MrsLavlna Hardy, and the eon. Earl
When young Hardy entered the .little old
fashioned parlor where the dead - bodic
of the father, mother and brother lay.
broke into tears and wept bitterly. But
during his weeping he did not say any
thing that could be distinguished above
his sobs. : u ." .-. .' .,
Supported by his nearest relatives, Mrs.
Millie Trotter of De Moines, ati aunt, and
his cousin, Mrs. MaudajGIbson,-who en
circled him with their arms, he. went from
casket to casket, This ordeal over,' he was
given a- seat near the foot of his mother's
caskot. - H soon controlled his emotions
and remained quiet during ' the' services.
The "bodies' will be taken to Colfax for
' The Inquest -will open at Melbourne to
The annual convention of tit American
Demurrage association will be held in
Omaha In the parlors of the Taxton hotel,
June 17 and 18. The association Is com
posed of the mansters of the different
DES MOINES, la.. June . (Special) demurrage bureaus throughout the United
States. About .fifty memoers are expected
to be present. J. R.Van Tuyl, manager
of the Western Demurrage bureau of this
city, has been Instrumental in bringing the
meeting to Omaha and he Is making many
preparations to give the visitors a pleasant
time and show Omaha to them to the best
advantage.' In 1600 the convention was held
In Chicago. ' Each year it la taken to a
different city.
The meeting will open with reports and
dijcusslons ' on' demurrage and the usual
business to be brought before the associa
tion. The annual election will be held and
men chosen to fill the offices for the com
ing year. . The following are the present
M. C. Shields, Minneapolis, president; J.
F. Roach, St. Louis, vice president; A. O.
Thomaaon, . StrantOn, secretary-treasurer.
Wisconsin Republican Convention at
Milwaukee Makes Platform.
Maximum and Mlnlmom ProTlslon of
the New Act Approved and
Scientific Revision for Fu
ture Recommended.
At the Theaters
at the Brandela.
nt mm nan v In a drama
"The Ktranaer
Jarnh I" Aitlar
composed of a prologue and three
nv Jacob Uorfl n: tne cam
Haptnle Herts Levin
I'lnle Htnrailub
Hluse, his wtfe .....
Henny, their child ..
Uly. their child
Kalman Molhhei
Hniah Htvieh
Jteb Aaron, a rahbl
A Ionian
Mr. Jacob r. Ainer
' Mr. Schoengold
...Mrs. Parah Adlor
Mr. Ginsberg
liiiM Frances Adler
Mr. Tornberg
Mrs. Wllensky
Mr. Horhstein
ui.. a Kslpr
A drunken man came one day into me
home of lleptale Hers Levin and, being
troublesome, provoked a fight. Lvln, In
a gust of anger, threw a heavy Iron bar
at him. The diunken man died. Levin
was tried, convicted of murder and sent
to Siberia foe life..
In T,v!n'a hnn,. llr,4 n vnuna man.
approved ana the provisions lor maximum pn) 8taradub by name, who had been
and minimum schedules and future sclen- fc c,OBe UXeni of the mprlione(i n,an and
tifle revisions are commended. Governor hlg wlfe ,W)tn . . . ,ne younger
Davidson's administration is also endorsed. mBn ioon (oURd ntml,elf n . i0ve with
The platform says: Mme. Levin. He waited eight years, there
We adhere to the principles or the re- ., . rumor th.f t ...i. ax& m the
publican party as outlined in tne piatiorm mlneB and he warlui the widow,
adopted by the republican national conven- BhA demurred th(,v eon8Uued the rabbi
MILWAVKEE. Wis., June 9-The ad-
ministration of President William II. Taft
Is strongly endorsed In the platform unanl-
mouBly adopted at the closing session of
the republican state convention in Mil
waukee today. The present tariff law is
tion of 1908.
"We commend the administration of Wil
liam II. Taft; we admire his character;
we recognlxe his marked ability as a states
man and we applaud his fidelity to the
Over Sixteen Thousand Dollars Now
on Hand Officers Re-Elected
Four on Pension List.
pledges of the party platform and to the llve, wltn
Drlnclples of good government.
"We jrUprove of the present tariff. We es-
DeclarTy commend the provisions for max
imum and minimum schedules and future
scientific revisions.
"To the end that our party may be main
tained, high Ideals upheld, and party ef
ficiency secured, frequent and regular party
councils should be held and the neceansary
who declared the wedding might not take
place unless definite word came of Levin's
death. Mme. Levin's father proposed that
they all emigrate to the Argentine or
America, and take new names and lead
the young people marrying,
Mme. Levin Insisted on waiting a year,
Then she gave in and in the second act Is
discovered happily married to Ptaradub,
now a prosperous lawyer In New York,
Enters Levin,
Although versions of Enoch Arden have
been fairly numerous on stage and in real
life, the situation really Is one of the
most moving which can exist. It la not
The annual meeting of the Omaha Met
ropolitan Police Relief and Pension as
sociation was held yesterday under the
nrnlitsnrv nf Pnntaln Mostvn. All tha Of-
partment is making an effort to Induce the flcprs were .p,,...., a8 follows, this action
county superintendents to take greater In
terest In commencing the. work of teach
ing agriculture and economics ' In the
rural schools. He has set out to have the
counties take up this work and has of
fered the assistance of the state college
wherever this is needed in getting ,the
work started and planning for the courses
of study.
Court Opens Sessions,
The supreme court opened yesterday for
the last session of the spring term. No
decisions were filed and the case of the
State vs. John Junklna Is still In the
hands of the court. It Is expected, how-
of the members being, as one of them said.
to show their recognition of their faithful
services to the association during the last
year:. President, Captain P. Mostyn; vice
president Captain II., W. Dunn; secretary,
Detective Andrew . Pattullo; treasurer,
Frank A. Furay, city treasurer.
The financial statement showed that the
fund Is in a very satisfactory condition.
The association started the year w'th
$1,677.10, a balapce remaining over from
the old association, and during the year
114.099 was received from all sources.
The disbursements from July 2, 1909 until
party committees and officers Bhould be neWi but Tv,ltn tn6 characters entrusted to
appointed, whose duty it snan De io actor, 0f ability spectators in whom sym
for a reorganization of the party inrougn-
out the state end we favor the enactment
of such laws as may be necessary to ac-
... -a- w .a-
ompilsn BUcn cuua.
KEARNEY, Neb., June 9. Special.)
Countv Judge Hallowell is the popular
knot-tier in Buffalo county and his popu
larltv bealns right at home. As a proof
of this, he married his daughter,-Amy B., I agonized moment the two are united be
w Oscar R. Barneby of Lincoln, fore death comes.
pathy Is njt dead will be deeply moved
So. such spectators were moved last night
by Mr. Adlcr and his associates. Old
Levin, worn by years In prlHon, uniecog
nlzed and almost unrecognizable, bid
silent farewell to his children, now grown
to young man and womanhood, and seeks
lonely and a silent death. In the clos
lng of his story, Mr. Gordln has departed
from the poetic original. Ha brings the
wife to her real husband's bedside and
permits her to recognize him. For an
Wednesday afternoon. The ceremony was
witnessed by a large number of friends
and relatives. Mr. Barneby has been con
nected with the Nebraska State university
for the last two years and took his A. M.
degree there. Miss Hallowell has been
denuty for her father for several months
past. Mr. and Mrs. Barneby left imme
diately after the ceremony for Madison,
Mr. Adler will be seen this evening in
The Wild Man," a comedy also from
Gordin's pen.
June 1. 1910 amounted to 12,210.41, leaving
ever, that In a few days there will be $16,466.84 as the present state of the fund,
a declBlon rendered which will Indicate Tne increments are principally the assess
whether Junklns Is to be hanged or not. ment. nn the members. In addition there
Carpenters Resume Work. are the monies received from forfelter1 ' ne university Of Wisconsin.
A meeting of the executive board of the bonds, the sale of unclaimed property, anu
union carpenters Wednesday practically all rewards. There are now four pension
ers on the fund and each one gets $40 per
month. To be eligible for a pension a
policeman must be 60 years of age and
must have served . twenty years on the
brought to an end the strike of building
tradesmen In the employ of Mitchell & Sag-
ncr. An agreement was reached between
the contracting company and the carpen
Motor Hncca at Cheyenne.
CHEYENNE., Wvo.. June 9. (Sneclal .)-
The Cheyenne Motor club Is Hrranglng to
hold a big race meet here on Monday, July
4. President George H. Nagle will leave
In a few days for Denver to secure entries
a tliA nn-nnern I lotl nf thn llnnvAf lnti.
Wis., where the former has a position with ciub and the Denver dealers and racing
men. i ne purses win De sucti as to ln-
A i Xlrkmnt. Olrifiplil. Da Pnlma nn1
Llncoln-Stlner. other fast ones to come here and compete.
LEXINGTON, Neb., June 9. (Special.) The track Is getting faster every day.
rvuorun win oe
Iron Mountain Flyer Leave Track
'at Curve In St. .
ST. LOUIS, June . Three men were
killed, two perhaps fatally injured and six
others seriously hurt when the St. Louis,
Iron Mountain It Southern fast mall train
from Texas was wrecked near the city
limits early today. The train left the tracks
and crashed through the walls of a build
ing of the Miller Manufacturing company.
All of the dead and Injured were mem
bers of the train crew and worked In the
mall cars. No passengers were carried on
on the train.
The dead:
JASPER L, LASATER, mall clerk.
The Injured who are believed to be dying,
are l nomas a. Cougan, brakeman, and T,
J. Wiggins, postal clerk. v
ino wrecK was caused by the engine
Jumping the track while going around a
Lasatcr, the dead mall clerk, was killed
wnen a man car crashed through the wall!
of a building. Engineer Douglas and Fire
man Sheppard were making their first trip
wmi me tasi man.
Douglas, according to a.pullceman who
Pulled him from the wredkagei raved about
Kolng at sixty miles an hour aa ha w.
dying. The orders of the railroad company
are that the speed at the curve la to be
iweniy-nve miles an hour.
Republican of Iowa Renominate
Governor by Good Plu
rality. . ' r
: DES MOINES, la., June 9.-With only
two counties 'to hear from, Governor Car
roll's majority Is 8.4S2, as figured by the
Dally Capital, and 4.4G1, as calculated by
the Register and Leader.
me etanapat" element, which made a
concentrated effort to elect county dele
gates, claim a majority of 150 of the
delegates, which they say Insures control
of tha state convention, which will write
platform endorsing the Taft admlnlstra
The surprise of the election Is the ma.
jority rolled up by Judge Prouty, "pro
gressive," over Congressman Hull. , Prouty
carried every county in the district, his
unofficial majority being S.108. Even the
most sanguine "progressive" had hoped for
little better than a small margin. Two
years ago Hull was nominated by forty
votes over Prouty. " '
Monona County Tickets.
ONAWA. la., June 9. ypecIai.)-The re
publican vote In Monona county was light
Following Is a list of the republican nomi
nations for county offices: Clerk of the
district court, R. B. Harper; auditor, C. E.
Blanchard; treasurer. XV. L. Samson, long
and short term; sheriff, Henry Harlow;
recorder, Howard Morley; superintendent
ot schools, Q. L. Weaver; supervisor, John
Hanson; surveyor, George Oliver; repre
sentatlve, Attorney J. A, Prlchard. The
democratic candidates are: Auditor, James
S. Hartlgan; treasurer, H. O. Wengcrt;
recorder, A.. H. Hoffman; clerk of district
court, J. M. Elliott; sheriff, George Martin;
attorney, J. W, Anderson; superintendent,
W. H. Wclllver; superintendent of schools.
A. B. Roy; surveyor, R. V. Falrchild:
representative, William Rowles. The county
gave Carroll a two. to one vote for gov
ernor and the delegates will probably be
standpat to the county convention.
rrmnn in starch Factory Kllla
woman Employ nnd
Commits Suicide,
Cltlaens in Southwest Pnrt of City
Concerned Over Claa and Water
At the meeting- , of the Southwest Im
provement club held last night at Twenty
fourth and, Leavenworth streets, the mem
bers eeeraed quite, Ju.b)lan,t- over the prog
ress which la being pade by the organiza
tion and reported., that, "things are com
ing their way:";'. " .'. ..'
Members of Hhe club living near. Pop-
pleton ' avenue. Hickory street, Twenty
fifth street and Twenty-fifth avenue are
somewhat disturbed over the condition of
the gas mains, caused by the grading of
the streets preparatory to paving. In
this section of the city many are without
gas and water and W. H. Green and Fred
Schamel, the president of the club, were
appointed as a committee to take the mat
ter up with the city engineer to see If
w ti i- mi vAnm sinner I and It Is certain, many
u'" - . broken on the four-mile one-lap race
, Green Wins Attain.
STERLING. 111.. June 9.-1 Sneclal Tele
gram.) Nebraska Indians, 9; Sterling, 6.
were united in marriage Wednesday at 8
m. The bride and groom were gradu
ated from the Lexington High school with
the class of 1909. Several of their class
mates were Dresent besides many more
intimate frlenda and relatives, n
ST. PAUL.Veb.. June -(Special.)- OaVlng GOOfJ Men
County Superintendent E. L. Vogt was
married Wednesday morning to Miss Alice
McCracken at the residence of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Mc
Cracken, Rev. Hayes of the Presbyterian
church officiating The newly-wedded
couple departed over the Burlington on a
wedding trip to the eastern part of the
state; ". " , . , '
From the Drink Habit
": ' )
Restoring Them To The Home, Family
and Business World.
Justice of Peace Attends to Business
on His Auspicious Birthday.
Justice George C. Cockrell celebrated his
seventy-fourth birthday yesterday. The
In a few Wnes to-'iState Senator James
E. Bruee,' 'Atlantic," '-Iowa -a patient writes:
"I cannot say too much or enough for
the Neal Three Day Drink HaJlt Cure.
it win save any artnaer to nis nome,
family, and business world.' May success
be yours In every way. "
The Neal Is an internal treatment, given
In 30 drop doses, without hypodermic In-
the auspicious day, but he took time out
h m. ciimiunv and water enmnanv r.rt- Sior irequeui i-uuKiaiumwuiiB.
w h. rovallod unon to lower their Judge Cockrell was born In Jersey
county. He has been on the Judicial bench
for thirty-two years, twenty in Illinois
mains and supply the people who are now
deprived of gas and water.
Persistent Advertising 1b the Road to Big
and twelve In Omaha. He served In the
civil war as quartermaster of the Ninety-
seventh Illinois for three years.
CHICAGO, Juae 9. t'nreatilted tnv.
believed to have prompted Frank I Camp,
bell to slay Mtes Lena Hansen '- and kill
himself laSt night. At a lonely spot In
" ouinwesiern part of thn liu lui
ttat.sen was shot twice while on her way
home after dark. -Both bullets ntmA
heart. Campbell, with a photograph of the
dead woman .la. his pocket.-war found early
u,u 10 aeatn. about HQ fee; from
where Miss Hansen metdeetlv .Ha was 11
years old and ehp two yeara, younger.
Campbell, who was married . Mni the
father of a -year-old daughter, was. fore,
man of a starch manufaotury.. Mirs Han
sen was employe in ..tha label 'department
of the same establishment. ,
Persistent Advertising is the Road to Bl
Returns. .'.'..
Iowa J'rni Xotea.
IOWA CITY William Biggs of Oxford
township., Johnson county, brought the
unprecedented number of 200 ftro'indhogs'
scalps to County Audltor.'W. J. Freeman
IOWA CITY Auctioneers of Iowa, uu
semi) led .in tenth annual state convention
here, chose Colonel O. IS. Luther of Grand
Junction aa president. Dos Molncs was
chosen as the next meeting place.
CRESTON Bernard O. Foster, a promi
nent young druggist of this city, and Miss
Tillle Wurster were united lit marrlHge
Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Rev. J.
P. Linn, pastor of the Presbyterian churth,
KMERHON Samuel Powers, a section
man of Emerson. Is dead as the result nf
an Injury sustained about six weeks a to
while working- on the Hurllnirton roadbed
Just west of here. A heavy piece of iron.
weighing between twenty and thirty pound,
fell from a passing frelgnt train, striking
Powers on the head, rendering him un
conscious for several hours. In falling he
hurt his side and this injury resulted In
gangrene setting in. - postmortem ex
amination showed that his entire liver and
lower part of lungs were entirely decomposed.
Justice attended to his usual business on Jmtl011'' that curs tho arlnlt 1,ftblt ln
Wo Curs, HO Pay
It Is the moral duty which every per
son addicted to the drink habit owes to his
family, relatives, friends, society and the
public, also everyone who Is interested
ln or knows of one who Is addicted to the
drink habit, tq call upon, write or phone
the Neal Cure today for free copies of
their guaranteed Bond and Contract,
booklet, testimonials, endorsements and
bank references, which will be cheerfully
furnished. Address
The Heal Cure
Institute, O. B. 1501 South 10th street,
Omaha, Hah., also Dee Moines, Daven
port and Sioux City, Iowa.
The idols of centuries ago demanded the
sacrifice of enjoyment
IDOLS of today grant pleasure.
Their mellow fragrance and flavor have
made them popular with the
smoker. Think of it. A cigar
ot genuine imported tobacco,
hand made and with, a long
filler at a price unprecedented.
BTry one now.
Rtcemmtniti Is
We Invite You
The WeatKer
FUH IOVVA-Showers.
' "nana yesterday:
"our. Deg.
6 a. m bo
a. m en
T a. m 60
a. m -. i
a. m c
W a. m , 66
U a. m tis
II m io
1 p. m to
! m ....7J
P. m 7
P. m 1,4
p. m. 7
P- m M
I P- m sj
P. m CI
John M. Taylor.'
LOUP CITY. June 9. Special.) John M.
Taylor died, at his home In this city th's
afternoon after a short Illness. Mr. Tay
lor enlisted In the 125th New York volun
teers In 1862 and was mustered out In
lHf&. He was In the battle of Spottsyl
vania court house, and the battle of Get
tysburg and a number of other Important
battles and was afterwards captured by
Confederates and placed In Libby
prison. Ha leaves a widow and six chil
dren to mourn his loss. . His children are
Dr. Elizabeth Lyman of Omaha, Mrs.
Thorns a A. Gordon, of Staten Island, N.
Y.; Grace A. Tayler ot Alliance, and
Harry.' William and Ruth Taylor of th-s
city. The funeral services will be held
at the Methodist church next Friday afternoon.
Coulon Ue Is Havraue,
NEW YORK. June 9. Jonple Coulon of
Chicago, the champion of the bantam
weliihts. had his revenge tonight for the
beating he got some weeks aro from
Frankle Burns of Jersey City. The lnd
fought ten rounds at the Empire Athletic
club, and al'houub Hums was as ftwt and
clever ax evep-Coulau uutgained and out
tut ght Mm. '
To our New Store and New Stock This
It" 8 our
..Jewelry Opening..
"We've been in this store 12 years.
Our displays will please you. We will highly appre
ciate your call and inspection.
If you see It in our ad it's so
Wedding' Gifts
The June bride will appreciate
her gift more If It bears our Im
print. We show everything that's
beautiful for gifts '
Silver Te Sets
Silver Horry Howls
Silver Fruit Dishes
Silver Sandwich Plates
Silver' Candlesticks and Vases
and a large line of Sheffield Silver.
Buy from us once and you will
H lie our customer always.
5Ao general snappy
malic up of tho gar
ments, tho grdoo
fid linos of tho ooats
added to tho izn'
doubted cxellonoo 'of
the fabrics and tho
taihrcraft irj ohr JBobrke
ST wertty-five shits will ar
rest and hold tfye attention
of the most, critical seeker
after good clothing.
&ol will find Jjoiir next fjat
rfere rsady for ijoJ.
Spring Suits $iX to $)
tW soft and stiff hats... J J
Straw Mats...:,...$2 and J J
1320 Douglas St., Omaha, Neb.
This Is a scientifically made
article of food. It is rich, whole
some, nourishing and so easily di
gested that the delicate stomachs
of Infants and Invalids will retain
It when they refuse to retain any
thing else.
It Is as far ahead of old-fashioned
so-called malted milks as
creamery butter is ahead of oleo
margarine. As a delicious bever
age It Is superior to tea, coffee or
cocoa, and you never tire of It.
This Is one of the best prepara
tions of the great American Drug
gists Syndicate. Get it at any A.
D. S. drnor store.
Look for
this Sis
In the t
wia eoe oiw pdUwj
31& South 15th Street
v.. . .. I
What Mr. Gustaeon eaya:
We have Just unpacked several
exceptionally nice pieces of silver,
selected especially for June brides.
In Dolly Trays v
Tabla Plateaux
Plateau Aux .
chandelle and other pieces of
new and attractive designs. Very
appropriate. Any lady wpiild be
proud to receive one.
Gustafsori & Hsndrickson
201 N. 16th Street, v
Hotel Loyal Illdg.
Sierfy Suction Cleaners
1 w
w si a w
Watching the Dust
If you have any doubt of the mar
vellous power of the " Peerless r
Suction Cleaners look through tha ' '(
observation glass in the cover. '
You can aea the dustclouds of it,
yards of it, streams of it. i
It is a striking warning against the
dust evil and one of the greatest lea
eons in homo sanitation known to
science. ' :
The use of the "Peerless" brings .
the risk of disease to a minimum by
eliminating the great carrier of it .
DUST. . ....
Illustrated book and addrat of nraretf k
PEERLESS ttott ttnt on nqtutt to , , .
Manufacturers Outlet Company, Mfg. "
Far Sal hy 80 Chamban Straat, New York
Tha Bennett Company.
vnoaia m wuaum uarpei'Vv
Omaha, Hen.
fcnj"asMiwwir- yrrt in or r n 1
finnil FftR Weak and nervous man
UUU& ""V who find their power to
NFlfVFi work and youthful vigor
"--" . none an a result of over
work or mental exertion should taka
will make you eat. and sleep and be a
man again.
01 Bos 3 hoses ga.50 by mall.
Cor. letfe and Dod Streets.
owl coMAJnr,
Cor. l'tu and Harney Bts., Omaha, Srefc,
JUNE 10, 11, 12, 13.
Vinton Street Park
Game Called 3:45 v
pedal Oar fcaaves lBtb a- rarnaa ta
at SI30. ,
BOYD'S Due,?.;l9!9
nnnrmrip mat.
Harrison Orar riaka rnunii
8 ?m mo NoveUy
Hell & UsBeii, Dutch
SUMMER- KVank"' Bradley
UAUUL- I ireiea aon.
ville -r' uioS
Sunday wO