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    THE BEE: OMAHA, FRIDAY. JUNE 10, 1910.
Wheat Open Firm, Causing: Surprise
to Traden.
Lighter Cash Dtmiid Notice aa
Toward the Close Prices Art at
Trifle Easier Com Val
' aes Steady.
OMAHA. June , 1910.
The firm opening In hrat was a sur
prise, as traders generally construed the
government report as bt-ansh. Spring wheat
shows decided increase In acieage, witn
Conditions nearly up to lnnt 'r l ,nl
period. It Is conceded hariina any severe
lamas from now on until harvest, tnat
me niu wlita t yield will be above me
The government gave eut no figures on
the corn condition, but private reports con
tinue to show a general backward crop to
this season.,
Wheat rule! firm at the openly snd
good commission tiouse sui purl held values
steady, l.iirl.i.r ,-..1. demand noticed
tnd toward lha rm urices were a trifle
BuHler toliMi itlti- more pronounced
Corn van.,., nor trrv steady, but ranged
narrow and unchanged. Tne situation re-
mains . tn..r rimttuMilion. and no
change is expected until mora favorable
giowmg weatner, w&ca country
frimii if wheat rwelnta were 317.000 bu
and suiprneuu were H8,00t) bu., against
receipts last year 01 i.4,'A uu. auu mmy
mpnti nf 'tiA fmO hll
Primary coin receblis were 569.000 bu. and
shipments were 443,ou0 bu., against receipts
laxt year of 495.0W) bu. and shipments of
SM.OOu bu. , ,
t'lvnranrpa war. 000 bu. of corn. V) bu.
r.f oats and wheat and flour equal to 40,009
bu. '
Liverpool closod d higher on wheat and
Jd lower oh corn.
Lotal ran of options:
Articles. Open. High. Low. Cloe. Yes y.
Wheat II I I
July... SHi S9H ft , ' SfH
iSept... M W So JfcVi 86
Corn '
July... 64Vi B4'4 63Vj 63Vj 44
Sept... 65 66 tt M 66
July... 34 34, 34 84'4 84H
fcept... 83 33. 33. 33
and other nrarhv current receipt. I
lurnahle cases. 20c. at mars; western i
free rases. 21c. at mark; western current
receipts, free c-s, 20r, at mark.
CHEt'E-Loweri New York full creams,
11712.100: silver certificates outstanding,
lenetal Fund Ptanrtsrd silver dollars In
reneral fund. 31.476.7.14; current liabilities,
:D 401.43); working balance In treasury of-
.oSTitM." Vork f crem'' fa'r 10 mt Uncertainty in Speculation ''"" $ff$JlS lafi Killkff Cattle Generally Steady to a
good, 14fejl4c.
Following Falling Off.
sldlarr silver coin. I21.0M5.740: minor C"ln,
$i. 156.831; total balance in general fund, $S3.-
I Wl.itB.
Little Higher.
Fair sad Warmer Weather Is Pre-
dieted for Friday.
OMAHA, June . 1910.
The low pressure thst extended along Proposed
the eastern Rocky mountain slope
Wednesday morning now overlies the Mis
souri valley, Oklahoma and Texas, with
Its greatest depression central over Texas.
Oeneral rains preceded the low pressure
over the central valleys during the last
taenty-four hours and some very heavy I
falls occurred in tne uaaotas. Nebraska, NEW TORIO .Tun. Th-.. .... . ...
-j "- say 1 U 1 '
wi a vJtrx, (juiic r. iUtFiirs vn inn
I easy, 27?2s per cent; mllng rate. 2V per ,
'Icent; closing bid. 2 per cent: offered. 2;!
I per cent. Time loans, weak; 60 days, 3VuM '
Advances aad Peadli
Legislation Still Moat Important
Factor In Stock Market
Iowa, Kansas ana Missouri. A fall of ther fslllns? off ii, hV.mV... Vk. j
t.M inches was recorded at Kansas City, nJ U Mock, tod'v and .omr.m.l'.r.n1;
Mo. The unsettled weather la extending uncerlln ? in the tone of suUtTon X
"Vwa.rd "d.t,.?'n' "n '"'a'"' J" ? V?" """owing "raJSTol fluctua
V ' 1 1 I L IBilirj t,uier "-' ms SB I rtaw Ul I I 1 ( I II K . I n a Mllo t una I 1
high pressure, accompanied by clearing control exercised by the goVernment held
and Tooler weatner, ot ernes ine west and Ita prominence aa a subject of Influence
northwest. inis srn oi nign pressure and sentiment was unsettled all over the
will follow the low pressure over the direction of that influence. The probable
31 per cent and 90 days, 34i per cent;
sfx months, 44V per oi-nt; prime mercan
tile paper, ivyh1 per cent.
actunl business In hanker' bills at MMif
.8416 for 60-dAy bills and at 14 W5 for de
mand; ciimmerclal bills. 4 Ki4v4.M.
SII.VFR rar. 63ic: Mexh-an dollars. 44c.
RONIS Oovernment, wesk; rsllrosd, Ir
Closlns quotations on boiiv were ai
V. t. rot. 2s,"H inter. MM.
do eouBoo !'"ilnisr. M. M
V. S. . n inijtn it
do coupon 101V do 44
I. . 4. res IKS'K. C. So. 1st U.
Hl'tl.. B. dh. 4S I1HII.. W
Sheeg. aad Lambs of Good Qaalltr
Stroaa- to Ten Cents Ulster,
with the Grass Stock Jost
A boat Steady.
SOUTH OMAHA. June 9. 131ft
Receipts were: Cattlo. Hogs. Bheep.
...2it ai I is
...t;t no t
...274 2-
.. Kl t ITH
...j:-4 l t ti
.. tn i t n
.. h V
,...! 1) 30
...f 40 I -J,
.. ;) jo
... ts ... so
... '4 1 fl
,...M un I so
... tn ii w
... !U lid I Hll
,...214 ... t
...m no no
....141 ijo so
....: 19) t
. .... 114 ... I SO
1- e jh,
t 2f.3 120 t SO
do rouson
central valleys, and the weather will be period reauired b th Intrti rnmm.r. Allls-llial. 1st Is.... t U A. N. rv 4.... 7
Official Mondav
ti Official Tuesday
S4 Official Wednesday...,
H Estimate Thursday...,
J Four days this week.. .12.049
hame days last
Same days J weeks sko..14 i37
cooier ,, ,"" wmv. ciear- uummi-aion I0r me consideration of pro- ? r "i' 1 US,' " Z it oame oa weeks ago. .15,h7 Si t
ng tonight, followed by fair weather Frt- Posed rate advances was canvassed with tS, TtJLL n n T?i 1. ttme "y weeks ago.. 17.4i4 26.1
day. Lght to heavy frosts occurred last some anxiety and the progress of the rail- Jobscco to tsn. Bi of M. jwj J4 Same year... .:
night in Wyoming and Yellowstone park. road bill through the conference stage was Ardmo c:::: X ' do' di to'.!?:. The i.ol. .how. tn.
,4i0 X,7W
,ll l.!W0
7.12 2.873
S.ili 2.400
26.075 10.01B
84,8.. 1.1. 1 W
40.4.4 144
81.UV1 20.7RN
'ib.bil 26.44
4e.34 8.3U3
compared with the last three" yeaVs: posed restoration of supervision It the ca- ".do cV. forThiyear to , data Znoared T with T." t
wiu. uw. im. 1807. Mues. do tr. 107SN. A W. lit ton. 4s. year: loin ". iiini Inc. Dec
The movement of Bt. Paul was watched Atlantic C. L. Ut 4s. M4i do ct. 4h lot
B. a O. 4 siLtNoriliem Pscine u...iu
do Its do Si Tim
do . W. Ilu to Or, g. U rfds. 4... a4
Frook, Tranxt ct. 4s nitpinn, ct. IHa (191SI. kh
Wenlrsl of Oa. (.... do eon. 4a in
Minimum temoera Cure. . ts fta
Pro.'initatton .00 l.Od .it .1.1 with close attention on account of a bud
Normal temperature for today. 70, de- '"Z.ZX'Y." "",'"'.n.!
i -i-inch e. P P "nC6 Marcn ,f"-k roused much conjecture over Its
'l!-." ". j source and varying surmises over the lden-
iEx'c'es.e Corresponding period in 190S. 2.46 of the day s market! The renewed ref. Sr.'.!.':::: .1 li s. w.'ein." 5h
inf"i corresponamg perioa in iro, j.4 depression of St. Paul at the outset of the cnirar. Alum IVts lovi "do ut sold 4a ... tn
ir.cnca. . trading was of consldArahlo sentimental ef- n a. ti m . a i. a i
feet on the whole list and Its rebound had I 'do sn. 4s flSo. Pacific col. 4a... S
lh. . . t A,,ln9 . W K.a.rln... r. t U. r, .1,1 M. B 4a m OQftk
torn nna nam nraion naiieiis. general list. fen. t214 do R. R. 1st rof. 4a 94H
Fnr flmnhfl h.. for lha tasnlv.fnur Thai rnnnap InHnatrlala -.r. affoctrri hnth I C . R. I. A P. Col. 4a T go. Railway (a
lttle 42K.017 41".830 18.1S7
HKS 96o,310 1.242.415 28.106
kneep 617.737 23,ol0 6,773
The following table ihon the average
prices oi nogs at eouth Omaha for the last
Central leather is... PRoiltn sn. 4a Wk several days with combarlsons:
ltH8t. U A 8. F. fl. 4a 1
I SSC. of N. J. gmn. i
Date WW. 1909. li8.lO7.il90S.l06. 1904,
May Mi..,
May 31...
Jun !...,
June I...
copper Industrie s were affected both v.-, r. eoi. t bo. bihwij in. a
hours ending at 8 a. m., 75th meridian time, here and abroad by the Increase In sur- t- 4s........... M1 enj .S Juns l""
Thursday, June t, 1910:
'the metal during May re- gjto. "SJ"' J- nU!J'00Pame IT1 June."."
Omaha CasU Prices
WHEAT No. 2 hard. 9S4ifl7e: No. I hard.
UfcWc; No. 4 hard, klWK-; No. 2 spring,
W'a7c; No. I spring, VlgOto; No. 2 durum,
7)c; No. I durum, 73ff7Se.
CORN No. 2 white, 6Hffll4c; No. 3
white, 601360540; No. 4 wnlte. 68Va5'4c;
No. 2 yellow, 6u")i!Hc : No. 3 yellow,
bSo; No. 4 yellow, waM'.ic: No. 2, tMtt
6fiVc; No. 9, 66(56i4c; No. 4, b2U&i,c; no
gradv 4(j60c.
OATS Mlandard, 3IH34e; No. white,
SMaUir.; No. 4 white, amXPKc; No. 3 yel
low. 334t34c; No. 4 yellow, Ja33Vc; No. 3
mixed. a34&34c.
BARLKYrKo. 4. 4D4J47C; No. 1 feed, 43
i6c; rejected, X$t 43c.
RYK-No. 2, 74j76c; No. 3, TI(373c,
larlut llecrlpts.
U'haaL Pnrn. Os.ta.
t nicago 12
Minneapolis if,
Omaha a
JUuluth ... i.. 44
Ashland, Neb 71
Auburn, Neb 72
H'ken Dow, Neb. 72
Columbus, Neb... 7
Knlrbury, Neb... 87
Fairmont, Neb... SO
Ur. Island, Neb.. 78
Hsrtlngton, Neb. 73
Hastings, Neb.... 72
Holdrege, Neb... 64
Oakdale, Neb 78
Omaha, Neb 64
Tekamah, Neb... 66
Alta, la 60
Carroll. Ia 60
Clarlnda. Ia 6
Klbley, la fcS
Sioux City, Ia... 63
Mln. fall.
60 .04
64 .74
M) .00
63 .47
6! 1.75
62 .24
M .00
62 .60
62 .29
63 .20
60 .25
57 .23
66 .06
!2 1.04
62 .33
63 .48
61 1.20
66 .73
ture for
plus stocks of
ported yesterday
association and this constituted another In
-. i iiuviiLO in ilia fhi y ufurePBiuu.
nsy. I ... . . " . i, . i , j
Pt clotldy I neee iniiuences ai urei uvrruaiinceu
x?fr .nil.v niv vt mo rniuvuun ,u mo caim w I until lera aa wHVBDaa
r-iA,ri lnl official discount rale, which had the aEr), prior lien 4s... 8 do lat st,
effect of reviving the London buying ot i tvia (en. 4s,
stocks in this market, 'ine item oi tne
bank'a weekly statement showed clearly
w cinndw tl19 definite passing of the Influence of the
pt Si collections and the necessity forced on
ri. ciouuy rAntral Institution of effecting some
distribution to the market ot these heavy
34 '
w uo:a
I 25
7 11
7 14 S 35
1 li 6 W
6 01
7 36
7 34,
7 36
6 331
6 26
6 SI
6 261
7 321
7 88, 6 27
6 391
6 05
99 20
6 98 14
6 m t 80
t 02 4 36t 6 36
6 171 4 M
6 13 4 60
6 09 4 63
6 11 4 49
t 191
5 21
6 23
4 49
4 66
4 28
a 01 6 371 6 20i 4 68
31 7 37 1 6 27 87 6 17 1 4 70
Dels, ft Hud. ct. 4a. M V.'8. Hnhher a Vt June 1....
D. H. O. 4s SHU. g. Bteei Id 6 12T4 June
do rat. 5a t4Va.-oro. cnam. ba . w
Dlatllkers' ta WVWabaah lit a lot 'Sunday
,n,nnn m ..... . n jm , , , . . - - -
do ct. 4a, amiss ATI Waat. Electric ct. ta l"8 L,nion block larda, bouth Omaha, NeD.,
in r im mn b ax wivnmin rntrai aa. sou. lor twenty-lour hours, end ni at 8 D. m.
a en. Electric ct. 4a. 1" Mo. Fac ct. la, ctta. N I yesieruay
L C. 1st ear. 4a...
Bid. Offered.
Receipts and disposition of live Btock St
i clAudv accumulations by purchase of treasury Local Securities.
f'iAiiH bills. The Bank of France and the Imperial Quotations furnished by Samuel
llOUfiy I , , . - .... -. u. - - . 1m. mln. I lr CVB KIa, I K.,lllr,
Bank of Germany at the same time made Jr., (U New York Lilfs bulldlug. Omaha
strong weekly returns. Money conanmns
I In Now York also tend towards ease. The Asdltorlum, Chicago, ta. U2i....
UDWard course or unitea states oieei i . . .
helped to lift prices during the day.
Cltr of Omaha 4ta. 1V30
eipea to im prices ""r'"" ... Cudahy Packlns Co. 6s..
Bonas were irregular. im.i .".,--' lom. Portland Camant bonds ta.
period ending at 8 a .m.
No. of Temp. Raln-
Dlstrlcta btations. aisx. ilin. fall.
value. 11 641 000. United States 3s declined ',"ZZ
4 per cent in the bid price on call. Kanaaa City Stock Yard's stock!!.
Number oi sales ana principal juumiiuiii uncoin, Mat., 4a, u..
on stocks were as followst
Nasraalut Tel. stock, t par cant..
1 63 .30
78 64 . ..0
78 64 .30
71 62 .20
74 " 64 .70
68 62 ' .70
66 f,2 .70
' 65 110
' 70 64 - .60
weather prevails
Allis-Chalmers pfd.,.
Amalgamated coppery
American Asrlculturaf. ....
American Beet Sugar.
American Can
American t?ar A rounory.
American Cotton Oil,
Am. Hide A Leather pld..
Am. Smelt, ft Rsfng..
Peatarea of the Trading; aad ( losing;
Prlcea on Board of Trade.
CHICAGO. June Alleaed lnennclualve-
news of the government report as to the
growing crop of wheat gave rise to vehe
ment argument on 'change, and In the
end helped put up prices. There was
more debate, however, than trade. Aasnr,
litris were also made that for the flrfct
time In many years the United States had
1IO Wheat sold to Kunma fur ahlnmnt ritir.
ing July, August and September. The dost)
ss urm nere ana Wic net higher. Corn
finished at an advance of a ahade to &-c, unchanged to "40 up, provisions siiow-
iiik ain ui i-to xo mc.
Wheat speculators declared that the rilf,
fereaee betwewi -apparent' resorts on June
1 last year and sctual facts after harvest
were widely apart . Quotations most of the
. day Were inclined downward, but so slowly
as to lend no encouragement to sellers.
. Free demand for cash wheat aided in sus
' talning the market for futures. Purchases
of 3.'i6,000 bu. since the close of business
yesterday were reported. About all the No.
1 northern here has now been sold to local
and eastern mills. In this connection com
ment whs caused by the statement that
only 700.000 bu. ot the stock at Minneapolis
had escaped ownership by the mills there
or elsewhere. Talk of . congestion In the
July option continued, but met with rather
authorliutlve statements that there are
nothing bul closing spreads outstanding,
The range fur beptember delivery was
from 91c to 91"o, with the close Vfco up at
stubborn strength characterised corn.
September kept between 69SC and 60c, cloa-
V at the top of the day, a net gain of
iic No. 2 yellow closed at oH&60o.
belling of oats waa surprisingly light.
Beptember varied from- 3.',VbO to 3ic, and
closed c up at the higher level.
Provisions displayed considerable strength.
Pork closed at an advance of 22o to 26c,
Wd 7VfC to 10c and ribs the same.
The range of futures was as follows:
Columbus. O IT
Louisville. Ky..... 19
Indianapolis, Ind., 12
Chicago, III 26
Ht. 1UIS, HO Id
Pes Moines, ia.... 14
Minneapolis, Minn. 30
Kansas City, Mo.. 24
Omaha, Nob 19
Slightly warmer
UIIUUKIIUUb " itl irKKIII, I . .
Hi.,inr thA last twentv-four hniift. anl American Sugar Ri nlng.
" ' iJa iri .n tvSZ TZ, 1 AmTlcxn ti. ft Tel. .
Columbus and Indianapolis districts. Ran: iZnn witSS. .....
falls exceeding one men were recorded at a Anaconda Mining Co
numher of Stations in the Lou avllla Br A,
Louis. Pes Moines. Mlnnespolls. Omaha Atchison 'pVd
and Kansas vny uisvnciR, ann a ian of 3.26 Atlantic coast une.
Inches occurred at Kansas City. I Baltimore ft Ohio.
L. A. WELSH. Bothlahem Steal..
Local Forecaster.
Sales. High. low. Cloas. I Omana Watar Co. ta, 1V14..
iv 1 uraiana water uo. ba, U4t
46 I 0 raab a, Oaa ta, 1S17
4ZVk I Omaha Uaa 6a, 114
S4 Omaha B. U. ft p. 6a, 1913
t4 Omaha K. L. old I par cant
64V Oikahs 8U III. ia. m
614 Omaha C. B. St. Br. ta, 182S....
3414. 1 umana ai -. B. at, ilr. pro
13 W Omaha C. B. Bt. Ky. ft B. pfd..
1ZV1 I umana at 1.. a. st. Hy. com
4i I South Omaha, city of, 6a.... ,. ...
7H Pacific T. ft T. ta, 1S37
TM-city Ky. a u ta
Union Btock tarda, Bouth Omaha..
100 ttt "H
200 42 4i
"so "t'4
1,000 6SS hb
too 41S IV4
SI0 to 16
600 tS K
100 lt4 134
200 44 44
6, 000 77 7M4
X 104 V. 14
1110 Ilk 13 w
400 119t, 118V4, 114,
S,0O ll. 134t, I
ano 54a to 46
SOO 41S 40 V, 41
. t4V
.. M
. 101 Vt
. M
. tt
. tt
. 17
. tt
. 100
. 10W
. t7
. tt
. 104
. t7j
. M
. Kit
. M
. ta
. K
. 7t
. tvt
,. 7
. WVi
C M. & Bt. P 2
Missouri Pacific 3
Union Pacific 24
C. or N. VV., east 2
C. & N. W.. west 23
O., St. P., hi. Ac 0 7
C, tl. ft east 1
Cattle.Hogs. Sheep. H'r's.
C IJ. A. Q., west 20
ioa 1 1.:., It. J. a f., east.... 6
lu C, K. 1. A P., west....
yrsi Illinois central
Chicago Ot. Western.. 5
6 1..
19 i I'.
8 3..
32 3 1
3 ..
3 .. ..
119 U 1
Totals 92
Cattle. Ho;. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co...
MVa Hwift and I'nninnnv ii7
Cudahy racking Co.
1 Armour & Co
aa I unu...A- 1 1 , .
14 Vi Sinclair
in, ioier racaing uo
M imurpny, snippers
7 u, I Stephens rlios
tils I Hill & Son.....
F. B. Lewis
J. B. Root & Co
J. H. Bulla
Boston Mining; Stocks.
BOSTON. June 9. Closing quotations on l. Wolf.
Other buyers...
stocks and bonds
1,000 106S 104 Mi 1044 Allouei tt 'Mohawk
7UO imii i""T "'-i Amsi. tapper eoNevada Con
100 121 120 12MjlaAm. Zinc. L. ft 8 .24 VlnlMlna Ulnaa.
1,600 111 lli US' Arliona Com 14v,North Butta
100 S5 !5 Atlantic tv North Lake
Brook. Rapid Trans, sx dlT 7,100 It 77a 11 I B. ft C. C. ft 8. it. lipoid Uomlnloo....
Canadian Psclllo lt 19H I Butta Coalltloa ltOaceols
i.w -vniau- nrvru 11 naa,-.. Centrml lath-r 400 W s cslumet ft Arliona.. tl Parrot 8. ft C
nu.. ...... --" -rvai.a 1 r. ,, ,,k m $00 loau, 10BV 18 I fa amat ft Hacla.
km i.nM 290 I Centennial ia Hhannon
i-y. jl Ohio 4.200 83 4244 Coo. Ranee Con. Go. S3UBuDrlor .
Qnotatlone of tho Day on Varlons nhicaao ft Alton 600 ri It MM, Eaat Butts Cop. Mln I Suparior ft Boa. Mln. 10
Uhlcaao Gnat waawrn 'isupenor a ruis. txp n
, ,i. WMin nfd.. auu tl ,111 iu mil inn
v ' .. . . ... liEu 1 . X
1.8rj0 75
1,661 127
2,013 6)46
2,266 1,240
a a e 4) t
e a a a
..2.454 9,567 2,029
NEW YORK, June s.-FLOUR-Market a .eZ",'aV t! iSvi 1 15 K. SSanM
steady, with fair trade; winter straights, .9"CJI0V i- L . . ... .T?. Si ?Ju RotT-op"
H4XS.4.W; winter patents. 15.454,510; spring Cod0Pw ft 1!! ioi u K 16 K.rra.
clears, t4.10v4.36; winter extras. No. .l.tli feZK i Bouthim.-
tji.iu, wrmer extras, so. t.; Kan- I conaoLKltd OM
" siraignis. . Keceipts, coitK Product
tbls.; shipments, 8,011 bbls. Rye flour, Delaware ft Hudson
barely Steady; fair td good. t4.154i4.40: rMmrar ft Rio Oranda
Choice to fancy, 34.45fg-4.69.' ' i' - I Danrar ft Rio Oranda. pfd.
cokjnmkal steady; fine white and yel- Diatiiteiw wocurmas
low. 31. 354x1.40: coarse. 31.254il.30: kiln dried. Kris
13.30. Brla 1st pfd
WHEAT-spot, steady: No. 2 red. 11.05. ". i";:,--nominal,
o. f : No. i northern. iluV ""n,r' "L""::;
somlnal. f. o. b. Options were qui,!, with Sor hi o:'i:
email price cnanges. ine government re- I nimoii ontral...
port waa considered rather bearish, but mterbororrh Hat
shorts were nervous and inclined to cover mterborouch Mat. pfd....
on firm cash markets and small stocks. At International Harreatar...
the close prices were K&Sc net higher. Inter. Marine pfd
July closed at 31.02; September, 97HiKo, International Paoer
ciowa at wic; uecemoer ciosea At Wc. I imimiuwin rumy
100 M 41 HI LaJia (Too oar
. l.rOO 1364 194 lVt La ila Ooppar.
400 16 is Miami Uoppor,
Km 14' m I Bld.
600 IS "f
H Y, A (.'i' Kl .
. 100 -
709 )
1,000. 8R4
200 44 St
7t .
. 60
lSi Tnlulu
1044 I were light as usual on a Thursday and the
ai total for the four days shows 12,000 head, a
m failing off of about 1,000 head aa compared
it iwith last week and a vear aao. - The mar
MttQulnoy 14 ket as a whole was In very fair condition
I and practically everything In sight changed
- l nanna in arnnn ipihihi in lh mnrninir.
Beef steers were In demand and the
7 Tamarack to I moBl aesiraoie Kinaa sola at prices tnai
89 ii a cnat & on x6u I generally looked to be a little stronger
7SU. B. Bm. H. ft M.. 40 I than yesteraay. As a matter oi fact soma
. 4 I salesmen were quoting tneir came strong
ii l to a dime higher and buyers claimed that.
ll ts.klnar ntialltv Into nnnaldpratlon. thnlr rat,
11 I tin were r.ostlnar mnrn than vesterdav.
The common and medium kinds did not
show any change, the trade being about
steady with yesterday. There waa nothin
here to compare with the top cattle yes
It do pfd...
SHl'tah Con
. 61 Winona ,
, UujWalvarlne ,.
700 14614 14t
4,K ltl 130
600 40 W
4.400 62S
4. WO
100 17
44 ,
CORN Snnl atfAv 9 7 nini Kansas City BouBlam 1 ." inaiana u U. , 8. ft R
e.oSrrSoes,lol.N?o2a f- J-Jg 5 10?$ k'inlw 'ILi""
"P.0" no. 2. none, nomin.1, f , o.' b. The J.uNaiViii;::::: tSS .25 M-,";::!!::: T'"::
T," U1; wunoui transactions, Mlnnaapolls ft Bt. Uoula. 400 st
closing unchanged to '4c advance. July g, p ft 8ait ma M, . l.soo wi
closed at 6b4C September at 6XVic and Mi'aaoiirl, ' Kanaaa ft Taiia. l,i t!
WS BOSTON, June . Closing quotations on torday, but there were several loads good
mining stocks were: enougii to bring 17.90.
M I AdTanture tuumi sou I Onwn anrl Kaaifaara xitrtm In Varv stnnA Amy,
1" I AflBOn&V COlTl.... a UMohlk IU'4 manrl gtrtri nnmamUil r,Hno. tno
ii aS 2r'.,;--::-'::--l to. ioc higher, that ... the. better
m ciumat An. : oi.oi. .: iti' .raaea ,oia ,na .war- ur',.a n.01
132 calumet ft Hacla.. .. 660 oi nommion . .... is snow any material cnange. ouus. lor tne
62 Centennial U'tQuincy 74 'lrBt time in several days, were quite fre
MVi Copper Kania u Ray cona 17 sellers at prices around a dime higher.
17 I Dalr-Weat fl shintinn nu I Veal calves commanded about stesdv
1 lira national IttfluMr a, Connar 43 I nilPM
AM I , , - . .. i- . I r .
i nwn-vws nuDarior a& luwon . . .
lull I,., . . . 7 .
;?T naiTwiia aTamaraca 60
Indiana 17 Ii. a. 8. ft Rfs 41
Articles. Open.j High. Low. Close. Yes y.
July Sept.
July Sept.
Dec. '
- Pork-
' Sept.
, Lard
July ,
i , July
i i
uvl -
I 23 45 I 22 65
21 2Vtl 22 06
S ofi
36 3it
I A ,,,1 ,
M Ti)l
oo ,59Va
37H 36
3T.t 35'A
3ta'-, 364336
22 60 1 22 25.
21 70 I 21 92HI 21
12 32Mif 12 45 I 12
12 46 1 12 47HJ 12 32f 12 45 12 S7U
12 87H 12 Vx 12 2741 12 37V,! 12 27H
December at oGtyc. Shipments,. ",104 bu. Mo., Kan. ft Tai. pld
UAio-aifaay; miica, zo to 32 lbs, nomi- Miaeourl Pacino....
iiai, naiuiui wnue, it) to 02 lbs.. 4,V(J46c; National uiacuu
CliDDfHl white. A4 to 42 lha. a.'V71. 1 Natlaial Ln4...
celpls, 48.800 bu. N. Rs. ot Max. Id pfd
t-j A v', nWM,A ai is. u- , ma nh lane iwim
1 l-)L.r" Kn 4 fliYVhtaK. M uyuu I Naw Tack. Ont. ft waai
H1DE9-Easy; Central America, 22c; Bog- S01"1 . J.!?
LEATHER Outet: hemlooU fir.,. "). ?0t"r.n. ..r'"
29o; seconds. 264j27c; thirds. 22'a-25o; rejected, rnvlTsnla"'.".'.'.'.'.'.'
atV.VJIt- lWwIa'a (etxaa
PROVISIONS Pork, steady; mess. fcll.M: ritubura-. c. C. ft St. U
lamuy, ao.uwuo.ov; snort Clear, IZ4.60(a) Plttsburs coal
26.00. Beef, firm; mess, 115.004716.00: family. Praiaad Steal Car
319.0UCi20.00: beef hams. til.OO4i'25.0O. l-nt Pullman Palaca Car
meats, quiet: pickled bellies. 10 to 14 lbs. Railway Steal Bprlni
io.qk110.w; iiicaieu nnnia, aio.waio.ov. lard. I u"la ........
. .... , ,i i , .. . , . n .. .a . ' uirflii Staal..
BllBUJ , i.nuiiw " -ii.iiD, fuliu, ri n ' kit. ,
fined, urm; continent, toutli Amer- C V.,., r
In. 114 25: comDound. 9 1W& 10. SR. ac J.
1 ' - . - . i u .... b i.i. nn ri did. ......
TALLOW Barely steady; prima clli iTT . . u,m
. I HE. uOUia BWUIU" "
rtiia, Dieauy, uututwuu. wuk: pania. i , ..i. a w Dfd...
5H'"6c. No. 4 Santos, c. Biowa-rhaffleld S. ft 1
UU '1 "I titt wuiet; creamery specials, I gout ham Pacific...
tH.r: extras. i!sV.c: ihlrd to firsts. lM.9iuy 1 anhm-n Railway..
state aairy, tineai, oc; siaie aairy. com- voutnren avauw.r
mon to prime, ii'Qiio; process, second to Tannaaaaa xvvr.
.n l.l 't'ltri 'ttiA. flMnrV Luii.-tMl 1 , 1 1. TniU ft PaClflC...
w.y. IK . , wuwv, , 11111 I 7 , . . t,--.
,1,1,1 I , rQ lYlHfV IQinju, wry. aa
12 62HI 12 95
12 42H! 12 45
12 75
12 30
12 M 12 75
12 37H 12 30
No. i ....
Cash quotations were as follows:
F1XJUR Steady: winter patents, t4 504)5 10;
winter' straights, $4.2tij4.'i5; spring patents,
36 00;. spring straights, H5oil4.;0; bakers,
33.90th 5.00.
RYE No. 2. 75S77C.
HAHLEY Feed or mixing, VHaAc fair
, J nun. niniiiu,! WWV,
SEEDS flax. No. 1 southwestern, tl nr.
No. 1 northwestern, 31.96. Timothy, 34 35.
Clover. 11125.
PROVISIONS Mess pork, per bbl., 322.50
tii.ia. iara, per iui ion., tii.tu. Hhort ribs,
sides, (loose) 312.754f 12.77W; short clear sides
1 boxed) IU.&! 13.76.
W Total clearances of wheat and flour were
equal to 41,000 bu. Primary recelpta weie
Sl.'.oue bu.. compared with 273.0UO bu. the
t'oicesnoiidlng day a year ago. Estimated
receipts for tomorrow: What. 11 vara:
corn, 1S9 cars; oats. 63 cars; hogs, 14.0UU
Chlcapo Caah Prices Wheat: No. t red.
! 0.-iil US; No. 3 red.9Sc 11.00; No. 1 hard.
.iffWic; No. I hard. Sitirtc: No. 1 northern.
spring, 05; No. t northern spring, Sl.orrf
104; No. 3 spring. 6cull02. Corn: No. 3
rush. 5s,c; No. S cash. 6Ki-c; No. 3 white.
Mc; No. 3 white. 624jt3Vc; No. I yellow.
l!"-sih60o; No, 3 vellow. MtA9c. Oats:
No. 2 hM SDiTtSUc: Nn. 1 a-hlts. S7Uf,
c; No, a white. 36ctf37c; standard.
Bl'TTBR Steady; creamery. i4H4??7c;
dairy, xiuaio.
1-XJO- Kecelpta 31.117 cases; market
steady: at mark, cases Included. UV4)
ioti-. nr.ia, jv-c; prime rirsts, ise.
f HEf.HK Stead v: daisies. lVul5--e
twins, lal.V: young Amertcas. Ii415--c;
long hiu-ua 1601&Vr.
HOTATOE-8teady: chotre to fancy, 24
V . iair a'HHl. Bu)JC.
HOI'LTRT Easy; turkeys. 15c; chick
ens, 14o. -
V VEAL Steady; 60 to tjo-lb. weights. ?
S-,c; to f-lb weights, u1c; 86 to 1 lo
in weignts, iii-oioc.
uecoipts Today ; wheat, ii ears; corn,
1S4 cars: oats. 96 eara. Estimated tomor.
. row: Wheat, 11 cars; coru, 198 cars; oats.
bi cars.
I.lvoroool Craln Market
4.1VERPOOI June t WHEAT-Ppot
dull: No. 3 red western winter, no stock:
futires, steady; July, 6s f,d; October, is
a; necember, nominal.
CORN Soot, eaav: old American mix ad
6s 4d; new kiln dried. 4s 11 "d; new kiln
dried, via Ualveston. 6s 3d; futures, quiet
July, nomtnalj September, 4s VL
- t-kiiadvlpala Prodses Market.
V ''"'; extra creamery, 30c; extra nearby
jirmtn. nc.
100 4744
400 47
'i.'iw 75 "
'i,ioo iii"
tOO 44
10 10u 100 100
100 11 18
A train of hogs that came In late sold
little stronger than the early market, at
nign as sv.tu oeing paia ior tne best.
Stockers and feeders were In very llgli
supply and there was practically no ma.
1 4 I tenal change in the market as compared
t I witn yesteroay.
Quotations on cattle: uood to chlce corn
fed steers, 37.25&S.20; fair to good cornfed
Bank f R.l.i.d gt.ara.fiit. steers,' .w, common 10 iair cornrea
't-Ayukon Oold
7 Boiton ft Ely
SI " 1 UWI
137 137 Maaaacbuaatta
t S Micblsaa
S7 S7V
74 74 LONDON. June 9.-The Wiekly state- , al.,r, HA lkkT 7 00 fall tfm lfmA etnwA.m u.nA
liRU. 116 II T, i iT "-o"- ... neners,; cuiiiiuun 10 iair cowl
I following changes: Total reserve Increased l.n.i hnifem la ousi;4.e: a-nnd to rhnira .rb
loo 100 "'It?'0"0! c', decreased 369.000; er8 ,nd fders. 35.6546.25; fair to good
d.i atx Ate i. i uuiiivu divickdcu Li.vtn.4sw . "TJiuct cvuiitici I sat nji issrBt ann rtiatnorsi xt im n mi rnmmin t
3,700 1W 1 124 der"e1 H.p.OOO; other deposits Increased fr stockers and feeders, $3.7504.76; stock
100 14 j, .....w,, k""" . T Z -ii"v" i neiters, ao. iui.oo; veai caivea, AH.WQi.iti
6,400 13 lSia laiTH I iiuira incno mvirancu u,w,vw, Bw,c,u. pu;m( Stags, etO., t3.104JO.IS.
700 107 1011 i"i nient, securities increasea u,o,. Representative sales
wn i a no pruuuruun ui ine oniin rennvo iu i
1H I liability this week Is 61.07 per cent; last Na. -
I w.ttic it was UI.7X tier catlL
... ..... .....
100 15 Ift W I m.- 1- I, 1. 1 .
IMM llUlt li2i 1MA -
l.;oo 11 Z 11 I IMliW luntv, June . v.iuoiug quuiaiiuns M .
CHEK8K Quiet: state. Whole milk, na . Tolado. Bt. u ft w. P'-
special, 144i1dc; state, whole milk. aver, r." ?r '
age prime, 134ilc; state, whole milk, r,Si ' a,.t.a Realty....
fa rMo good. l'J4ililc: state, whole mliu I . .1 ,.17 Z ihw .
common, lUjillVc; skims, full to special, i ni, stael ax diT..ns.oo Tt
EOOtt Quiet; unchanged; - fresh gath
ercd. storage packed selections. aoWia
21Vc: fresh aathered. regular packed extra
first, wis-aiie: iresn gatnerea, iirst. IWraii I wsdssb p"
POULTRY Alive regular; western broil.
ers, 2&u; fowls, I9c; turkeys, 104fl4c
Dressed rum; western broilers. 90c: fowls.
liU-Vo; turaeys, uisc
an) 4 S3- M I on mining stocks were:
4.100 40 40 40 Allca 2 lilttla Clef t
W0 86 ti 84 I Bruiawlck Con 7 Mexican t
1.400 41 St 40 I com. Tunnel stock... 25 Ontario tit
too 10 to I do bonds 17 Ophlr H
tot 74 11 7S eon., Cal. ft Vs U Standard 76
w Horn silver 60 Yellow Jacket 46
.. S0.H) 122 111 111. Iron Silver
.. tod 26 xo aiaadvllla Con
600 t OIIard.
27 I 1. Ela.l.. 1 A . H. nAm
ol. I oil. w uubh " - -
M I LONDON, June . The directors of the
60 Yellow Jacket....
.. t
100 2t
4H0 )
M.OOO 171
t0 tl
1,0)10 71
7lA) S9
71 172 Bank of England at their weekly meeting Jj"
12 K today reduced the mluimum of discount h '
Hi 21 'roni S4 to 3 per cent. The Influx of gold
i?? Za7 1i improving the reservo and cf usea tne 7,
'' .'? riuturtlnn whil th bank's nurchases of 1 40.
iniwd BiauMj steal pld.... t.w ii ii treasury bills made money more
r.ini-"t.m::. g l "
X pid.v.-.:-.-.::::::::::: t i!5 22 IT B.-k c.e.r.....
Waatam Maryland too 44 44 44 OMAHA. June 9-Bank clearini
w . , l.,m r.larl rl tOV tt Si 01 a r17 ft m ,1 fur ,1
tu 46
No. At. Pr.
IT lust 7 36
IS 1344 7 36
67 lilt 7 35
t 1376 7 36
It 1110 7 40
18 lilt 7 40
... 4 t tt 13 12 7 46
....11U7 7 00 10 1134 1 46 '
....181 7 00 tt lut4 7 44
.... 130 7 U) 11 1231 7 40
....low) 7 10 11 llao 7 66
l 7 IS 1 11 DO 7 66
....1132 1 20 11.. 1US 1 W
....1014 7 20 to 1841 7 40 ,
..,.111,0 7 20 1 1323 7 60
,...11M 7 2i 16 VtM 1 to
....1007 1 14 tt 1312 7 76
....1244 T 15 II list 7 76
....1181 7 25 20 13C1 7 tO
,....1174 7 30 20 13, t 7 10
....1197 7 10 (4 16113 7 90
....1140 7 SO 17 list 7 ft)
im 7 to it m 7 to
....103 7 30
At. Pr.
,. 66 6 40
,. r. 6 75
,. too t 00
.. 721 t 40
.. 10 t ta
36 loot t 94
he result thst current sales are fully 36o
gher than those of last Saturday.
Hepresenlstlve rates:
, At. m. p. No.
J .
4S .
M. .
Tt .
Tt .
.. SM lt t SO
...M :o t
...tK4 10 t to
.. : rn t so
...M 40 t to
... M t to io t
.. f t tan t so
...t7 120 t t
...270 ... I so
...244 ... 1 50
...lit to t so
...144 140 t SO
...lit ... t SO
...Sit ... t SO
...SM 200 t SO
...177 ... I SO
. ..ISO ... t SO
t4 tO t SO
t! ...
4 V...
so. ...
5 ...
At. Sh. Pr.
, ru l so
. t 10 t JO
. IVi 140 t SO
. . ... t S
..Si,t SO I
to t so
. ? ... t so
. .22 SO t Sl
..WI IM I Si'a
.ri 40 t s:
. t si
. .lis let t S2
. t4 iw I r.'
: ut ... t si
... 4 t s;
. j:t7 so t si
. ,t 100 t SJ'l
.144 . . t t;
10 t 12
,.t.1S 40 t S2
. tvt t S2
.Hi 190 t S
.14 ... i :
. im . . t s :
. t3 im t s: . . t s:
,. tn i t st't
.lit 40 t Jt
..M4 t Sf
. jit to t s:
..M n t J
. n ll t ss
.110 IM t St
t SO
10 I JO
.. t 80
, An a ma
.74S 40 I so
...; to t so
...m ... I to
.. ITS 40 t 10
77 22
To. .
72. .
t tt
... t SS -.
is I
40 t th
n t 35
10 t S5
... t S5
MS 1 t 15
...' ... 155
..144 44 III
..lit SO t S!
,.2M 40 t S& '
. rtt 140 t as
..4 40 I S7
..W7 10 t 17
,..tM ... t S7
..XaI W I 40
SHU BP Offerings of sheep and Iambs
today were hardlv normal, apout fourteen
double-decks arriving. Two of these were
consigned direct to a packer, nowever, so
tnat tne actual showing comparea very
favorahlv with nrpvloun dav'a receipts.
Lambs made up the bulk ot supply and
brands that were familiar found ready
buyers at fleurvs steady to a dime higher
Practically all of the fed stuff changed
hands on this basis during first rounds,
shorn westerns selling as high as 1666,
spring lambs brltiarlnsT 39.50 and small
bunches of ewes going at so wm.ou. i no
latter price, which waa paid for a packet
of Iowa natives, Is the highest recorded at
this point since the big slump in sneep
values several weeks ago. Not many fed
vearllnss were available, but anything de
sirable in this line Is selling about as
high as fair to good lambs.
Another shipment of Oregon grassers,
mostly yearlings, the same as yesterday
was Included in the run and went to a
packer at. 36.88. auotably steady. More or
less ilU kpflnir aa npi'.eiiaarv to move them
and a small sort was Insisted upon oy tne
killer Who took them
For the four days tnls week supply has
been seasonably light and demand more
responsive than It has been for some time.
Sharp advances on all classes of stock have
been scored since Monday, lambs closing
fully 60c higher and sheep around 7oo higher
than last rlday.
Quotations on fed stock: Good to choice
lambs. tV2r.ffiR.7f,: fair tn srood lambs. 37.26(0)
3.25; good to choice wethers, 3o.2o(a5.75; fair
to woiut u-Pthora. MWi?.fl 2fi: stood to choice
ewes, t6.6OuVtn0; fair to good ewes, 15.UKu6.u0.
Representative sales: .
No. Av. Frlce.
14 spring lambs w J ao
H3 western lambs, clipped H) J 60
14 western yearlings 69. 7 50
7 western yearlings "6 6 50
49 spring lambs 73 V 25
49 western ewes 95 5 90
309 western ewes 113 0
X)9 western lambs 64 8 66
36 western bucks 166 4 oo
84 western wethers M
41 western ewes , 124 6 u
7 spring lamb 48 7 00
46 spring lambs 64 9 40
10 western yearlings 123 7 00
28 western bucks and ewes 107 6 00
30 western culls 65 6 00
15 western lambs 2 8 25
25 Oregon yearlings, culls 4 4 50
7M Oregon yearlings KS 6 85
Cattle and Sheep' Markets Stead
lloas Iteported Mlsthei.---
CHICAGO. June 9. CATTLE Receipts,
6.600 head; market. Steady to 10c higher
steers. 66.25(8.75; cows, M602i.76; heifers,
34.ZiVH7.Z5; puna, t4.604fti.2o; calves, 33.00(i9.00
stockers and feeders. t4.iMT6.50.
HOG8-Receipts, 13,0u0 head; market, 10
lea higher; choice heavy. I9.65tov.70: butch
ers. 39.6.799.75; light mixed, 39.5Mj9.65; choice
light, l9.6oi'9.75; packing, f9.564i9.65; pigs,
a.zixiT.w; D u ik oi saies, ly.wxus. ,o.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 16.000
head; market, steady; sheop, 35.15'&6.0O
laraui, t7.60i9.tio; spring lambs, 39.009.76
yearlings, .',W'.oO.
IU". l l.v,Msr: 1. 34 V.-. 4 57'.,; F 34 90;
34 .W; K. 4 v,K 07',; tl. 1510; II, 15 10.
15.15: K. $5 30; M. t'iil.V;; N. 35 66; WO,
X..; WW, 3o.!u6.I.V
OMtiit t.t:M:iiAt, JHHKr.T,
taple and Fancy Prodace Prices Far
alahed hy t)ers and Wholesalers.
tU.'TTKK Creamery, No. 1. delivered to
the retail trade. In 1-lb. cartons, 29c; No. 1
In 25-lb. nitis, 2Mc; No. 2. In 1-lb. cartons.
2;c; in 60-lb. tui, 27ll; packing stock, solid
ao k, 19V; dairy, In 60 lh. tubs, 22c. Mar
ket changes every Tuesday.
CHEKK Twins, 16r; young America,
174c; daisy, 17c; triplets, 17o; limbers, cr,
k'; No. 1 brick, 16c; No. 2, 14,-; domestic
w iss, 25c; whole iswlss, 24c; Imported
Swiss, S0c.
POI LTHY Pressed broilers, 39 00 di.l
or storage, 1600; for fresh springs, 20c;
ens. 17c: cocks. 121-: ducks, lv. geese.
15c; turkeys, ; pigeons, per dos.. 31 20;
oilier equal's, 4 W per dnl.; tancy siiuaua.
1.50 per dos.; No. 1. U oo per ooi. Alive:
lirollers. from 1 to 1 lbs., 2bc; 1 to 8
lbs., 2oo; liens, 13V; old roosters, SWc;
uung riHisiers. 16c; ducks, full feathered.
13o; geese, full feathered, loo; turkeys, Uic;
uima fowls,. i"c racn; pigeons, sue per
hi., homers, itmi per out, suuaos, .o. i.
32 00 per doi. ; No. 2. iiOc.
r ltill tail trosen 1 icserei, iw; wniteiisn.
16c; pike, 14o ; trout, 15c; large orapples.
Iodise; bpanlsh mackerel, iKc; eel, ISc;
haddock, 13c; flounders, lie; tlieen catfish,
lt-o; trout, 13o; buffalo, ho; halibut, 6c;
white perch, c; whiteflsli, 15o; yellow
perch, tie; bullheads, 12c! white baas, 17c;
rooshadft, fl men; snauroes, pr pair, toe;
liocf cuia uios: xso, 1, 11c; na, j, ltc;
No. 3, 13c. Loins, No. 1, lc; No. 3, 14c;
No. 3, U'o. Chuck: No. 1, 9o; No. 3. 8c; '
No. 3, t-'rtC. noun J : no. 1, ii-c; rxo. a,
Uo; No. 3, He Plate; No. 1, ci No. 2,
iNo. a, ic.
HL 1 1 airawoerries, aiissnuri, st-qt.
case, t- iJ-UJ W. urangrs, . aiuornia t .
mclia and 1'roduccr brauds lteuiana navels,
to sue. per box, 32.75; loO sixe, per box,
33.25; U6 sue, per box, $3.25; IJI sue, 33 76;
)',' and sinallei- sixes, per box. 14.25. Other
brands from KlveiHtiio and other districts,
per box, f3.tvU3.Mi; 00-90-112 sizes, per box.
42.76. Havana Mediterranean sweets, 126-
1L2 sixes, per uui, ijv ana smaller
txes, per box, to-woa-i. i.einons, i,unon-
leia. extra fancy, !JO-3tiO sixes, ij.oO; choice
JuO-uCO sizes, per box, 34.76; 240. 60a box less.
Hananus, fancy select, per oution. sa 2tiu
tut Jumbo, bunch. I.'.75ut3.75. I'lneauplaa.
Cuban, 30-36-42 sizes, 32.50, Florida, 24 30-36-42
sizes, li. iu. Apples, (.aiiiurnia tancy v. w.
1'earmalns, per box, 33.25; California extra
fancy W. VV. Pearmains, Ked Wood brand,
nr box. 12.25. Cantaloui'es, Texas. 45 size.
$3.50; California, 64 size, 36.50 ; 45 standards.
17 00. Cherries, v.aiiiorina, per iv-io. Dox.
12 28. lates, Anchor brund, new, 30 1-lb.
pkgs. In box. per box, 63.00. Ig s, Cali
fornia size, eOc
VKt; 1 ablks-insn potatoes. Wisconsin
Kansas City Live Stock Market.
ceipts, 3.200 head. Including 600 southern
Market, steady to strong and active. Ton,
38.60: dressed beef and export steers. 37.60
Wiho. rair to good, 5.36iS?7.40; western
steers, 6.Z5SS.10; stockers and feeders
34,2fxfi.40; southern steers, $4.5OTa1.00
soirthern "cows, 32.75(66.60; native cows,
33.2fa.IR5; native heifers, 35.00ij7.6O; bull
fj.ih'oii.a); calves, z4.00428.75.
HCX18 Receipts, 7,000 head. Market
higher; top, $9.50; bulk, of sales, 39.40ra9.60
heavy, $fl.4o(&.50; packers and butchers
$9.r9.50; light, $9.30ti9.46; pigs, $0.W
BHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 8.000
head; lambs, strong; sheep, 15c tn 25
higher, lambs, $7.40419.40; yearlings, $6.00'
7.10; wetners, so.oumtt.oo; even, 4.b-yo.76
stockers and feeders, f3.0Dwa.SD.
Waatlnsnouaa Elaeuie
WMtarn LQlon
Whaeltog A lk sVt.
Total aalas lor ma say,
OMAHA. June 9. Bank clearings for to
day wera z2.50u.247.62 and for the corre-
114 I "Ponding aaie last year .,i.,ow.oi.
Coffee Market.
Bral Market. LONDON, June . American securities market for futures opened steady, at an 11 JJ J
une 9. WHEAT Caah, opened a fraction above parity today, advance of 5 points, in response to the 4 ijjj
3 red. 11.0Sral.l4; No. i picee lmproted when the reduction in the tilgher French ca.bles and ruled generally lw HEIFERS.
Loadoa Closlasj Storks,
St. boats (ieaeral Market.
WMlrf traek Kn t
hard, 11.001.06. ' bank rate waa reduced and at noon the I f mm on covering of short, both local and
CORN Cash, firm; track. No. 1 tVc- market was steady with values ranging foreign. The firmness of Brazilian offers
No. 2 white. 64-a4Vc. frr,m u to higher than yesterday's New for early new crop shipment. In spite of the
OATS Cash, lower: track. Na. 1. acu.- Vnrt V.loalns. accumulating Block at Santos and the ap-
No. 3 while, 39Vtf39c. London closing prices: prottchlng new crop movement, appeara to
Hi E Nominal at 9c. I rvniola. money. .. .tl i-ikhiistiiis a Niah,..14T nave made some impression on sentiment,
, mA-mi.t m 1...,.,", it?Miiiig wii.uiiniia in, auu ipwum viva
tt Naw York Central. .ns shorts In the earlier new crop months
tNorroik A Weetarn..!ont showing a disposition to even up their com
;2 n V'i" mltments. The close was steady, at a net
... 713 I 86
... 684 4 10
... 174 4 10
...ISO 4 26
..Mi 4 to
... too 4 40
... 731 4 60
...tot 4 60
... 13 4 M
...1024) 4 M
...1104 100
11 174 6 40
14 t0 6 40
4 1064 6 60
4 1U7 t 45
13 1001 4 71
4 1070 I 75
10 1061 10
t loan t 00
4 4.. ..11 4 00
4 1 1SS0 4 10
U 4. til It
I'M I 13
1201 t 80
1IW4 t 40
441 3 86
ew) 4
fit 4 6
, an 4 tO
,470 I 00
FLOCK Unchanged; red winter patents.! do acoount .
z...taD.3.i; extra tancy and straight, $4.S6i& Amal copper
naru . inter clears, aj .'xna 4.00.
8EEr-T4mothy, $3 00(
CORN MEAL $3.25.
BRAN Dull; sacked east track, 93iQ9."c.
HAY SteadTy; timothy, $15.0oy 18.50
prairie, tij. it.uu.
fROVISIONS I'ork. h srher: lnhhln
$'J2.26. Lard, higher; prime steam. $11.32W
12.32H. Pry salt meats, steady; boxed extra
snorts, sia.w; ciear rios. 114 00; short clears,
)4n. aeon, steaoy; coxed extra short
$15 25; clear ribs, $15.26; short clears. Iikm
PfJl'LTRY Firm; chickens, 15c; springs
244i27c: turkevs. 164c: docks. 13c; geese, 7c!
- i. 1 1 bit tnirstu; i tiraiiirr) , tViU i Q
EGUS Steady at 17c.
14 ,
746 I T6
171 t 10
40 t 10
7.0 4 41)
447 7 10
Ha nfil
EUiuniore A Ohio... 5PanniylTanla
Canadian raeuis
Ciiaa a ubio
advance of 7ul0 points. Sales were reported I JJ
Chicago O W..
C, M A 84. r
Da Bears
1. a Rio 0...,
do pld.
do lat pfd....
do Id Pld
Grand run
'x?tl'tZ!l J5 o' bags. Closing bids follow: June.
Riding. -.."-ii" 78 ,30c: July' ls5c; August. .45c; September J
27 Boutharn Hy. 4 nd October, 8.50c; November, .55c; Decern-
.120 do pld..
, 171-nloa Pacific
. 14 do pfd
. toC. B. Btaal ..
. r do pld
. 44 Wabaah
. tt do pfd
. toSpsntai ta ..
Illinois Central ....Ua
SILVERi Bar, steady 24 D-164 per ounce.
MONEY 3610 4 per cenL
The rate of discount In the open market
11 u. 1 oer, s.euc: January, s ue; eoruary.
..171 March, 3.35c: April. 6.66o, and May. 6.68c.
a 1 juneaiany receipta 11.000 batrs, against 7,300
u I last year. New 1 ork warehouse deliveries
lt yesterday, 10,606 bags, against 4.791 bags last
, SO I VMr Isnol mirlial afa,1v; TJ 7 Kin fiL.ii.
44 I UntrAM XJrt A OVA 1 1 14 I.J....'
-- i taxaa'h va. n
-raw iv
Flour, bbl
Wheat, bu
Corn, bu
Oats, bu
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. June . COTTON Market
for short bills Is ISWt per cent. The opened steady a", unchanged prices to an
rgtaj ng aiscvutil in tuv uiu maun mr invanca kii,i,.i inn ii.w viup uruig rei-
7 1( 13 TMaf. I l V tAisvwai. a aa ...v f
.ii 38 0.SJ iI;Sio thre roonlhs- hills Is 24 per cent,
.., M.OH)
... 40.000
MlaaeaaolU Grata Market,
$1.06S.tjl.06: September. t2V.4i924ae: IW.m.
ber, bOi90i4e. Cash: No. 1 hard. $1.0H; tactua
io. 1 nonnern. ii.wo 1 .vr; n,n, j north
ern. ll.O4Ottll.0K; No. 3, 31.01HiUl.04V
SEED Flax. 3186.
CORN-No. 3 yellow. BWe.
OATS No. 3 while, 35)36tva.
TtYE-No. I. 654c.
BRAN In 100-lb. sacka $13 001S.26.
FLOCK First patents (in wood, f. o. b.
Minneapolis). $6.00tj5.30; second patents,
$4 !ii6.0i); first clears, 3J.atVi3.95; second
clears, -i nus-.vo.
atlvely firm or. the cables and renewed
cover ng. tuariy riuctuations were more or
New York Csnrb Market. less Irregular with local professionals sell-
Tha following quotations are furnished n un. "I'Zl VT "'"""f ."rmHnq
kj A Hrvan. members Naw vork from 01a crop snorw .m.. oee. satisned and
" . ... that the new ciod oiwae ret ectea a mi.
1610 10
1440 t It
1270 I I
130U 4 40
13m) ft 15
1711 6 75
1534 I 00
170 T 7S
1) 7 75
ISO 7 74
,150 7 75
. K 7 75
. 147 7 76
.160 T 76
. IW 7 76
160 1 H
7 76
St. Iioale Live Stock Market.
ST. I.OUIS. June 9 CATTLE Receipt
J.800 head. Including 1,600 Texans. Market
strong to 10c higher. Native shipping
export steers, $7.4,'(i8.50; dressed beef and
butcher steers, $6,500.60; steers under
1,000 pounds, 36.2Mj8.00; stockers and feed
ers, $4,26(16.25; cows and heifers, $4.50fr7.85,
canners. 32.75(33.50: bulls. 4.2Mt6.75; calves,
$5.509.50; Texas and Indian steers, $5. (joy
s.011 cows ano neners, (.i.ninitt.zi).
HOGS Receipts, 7,000 head. .Market, 10c
higher; pigs and lights, lnomv.M; packers
$U.50u9.65H) butchers and best heavy, $:i.9
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 3.600
head. Market, 10c higher; native mutton
$4.4ofr5.oO; lambs, $7.759.75; culls and
bucks. $3.50(U7.,x; stockers, $3.O?j4.50.
St. .Joseph Live Stock Market.
ST. JOSEPH. June 9. CATTLE Receipt
1,200 head; market strong; fteers, $5.60'(
8.00; cows and heifers, 3.o0Ui.&; calve
t3.00Cu8.50. .
HUGS Receipts, 6,500 head: market
steady to 60 higher; top, $9.5o; bulk of
sales. 39.35fi9.45.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts 1,000
head; market active to 25c higher; lambs,
Slock in Slant.
Receipts of live stock at the five prl
cloal western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep
South Onialia 3.2oo 7,o 3.imj
St. Joseph ; 1.2"0 ' 6,500
Kansas City 3.2H) 7.000
St. Louis 2,-'l 7. ()
Chicago 6.6)10 13,04)
and native, per bu., borouc; uoiorado, per
bu., 65c. New potatoes. In sacks, per lb.,
2c. Cabbage, new California and southern.
per lb., 3c. unions, lexas crystal wax, per
crate, $1'.00;- yellow, per crate, $1.75. Old
vegetables, parsnips, carrots, beets, turnips.
in sacks, per iu., au. uuriic, extra tancy,
white, per lb., 15c; red. per lb., 16c,
Radishes, per dox. bunches, 20c. Turnips,
per dos. bunches, 30c, Carrots, per dos.
bunches, 60c. Parsley, per dos. bunches.
50c. Beets, per dox. bunches, 46c. Spinach.
per bu., 12 ids., ooe. v,pn piani, rancy
Florida, per dos., $1.60(U2.00. Tomatoes,
fancy Florida, per 6-bsk. crate, $3.0u: choice,
$2.50. String and wax beans, per hamper,
about 25 lbs., $2.50; market baskets, 31.00,
Green peas, per namper. ij.ou. uucumbers,
hot house, per doz., 31.00; Texas, per dot..
75o; per bu. box, i.,o.
extra fancy home grown, per doz.
bunches. 20c. Lettuce, extra fancy leaf,
per dox., 30c: head lettuce, per doi., 75c.
Parsley, lancy noma siuwn, per aoz.
bunches, 40c, Rhubarb, per dox. bunches.
45c. Asparagus, per dox. bunches, 60c
Green onions, per doz. bunches, 26c.
MISCELLANhAJUB iiorseonruin, z aos.
tn case, 31.90. Walnuts, black, per lb., 2c;
California no. l, per id., no; uaitiorma
No. 2. per lb., 14o. Hlckorynuts. large, per
lb., 4c; small, per lb., 6c. Cocoanuts, per
sack, 35.00; per doz., 65c.
Evaporated Applea and Dried Frnlts.
APPLES Steady and moderately active In
a Jobbing way. On the spot, fancy Is
quoted at 10 NW: ; choice, : prime,
7(7Vic; common to fair, 6w6V4c.
DK1EM r KCJJ l tt rrunes are quiet, out
prices are steady, owing to the poor crop
outlook. Quotations rango from S'ljhc for
Callfornlas up to 30-4Os, and 4'iiir9c for Ore-
gons. Apr roots are firm on the spot on the
small stocks, but easy for future shipment. -Choice,
loaioiac; extra choice, tO4Uc;
fancy, 113412Sc. Peaches are ' dull and
prices are mostly nominal; choice, eVtSWac;
extra choice, lipVAc; fancy. 7'7c. ltalstni
are quiet, with prices unchanged, although
crop advices from the west are less favor
able; loose muscatels are quoted at i(ij
bc; choice to fancy seeded, 4:VkiB-6l!ic; seed
less, 344c; London layers, 31.204111.25.
Kansas Cltr Uraln and Provisions,
changed to lc lower; No. 2, 99cfnS1.04; No. 3,
8ar4i31.02; No. 2 red, 97c1.00; No. 3, 297c.
CORN Unchanged to hie lower; No. 3
mixed, 69c; No. 3, 68Vic; No. 2 white, 63c;
No. 3, 662Hc
OATS Unchanged; No, 2 white, 8739c;
mixed, 35360.
HAY Unchanged to 25c higher; choice
timothy, $15.00; choice prairie, tll.2s4idl.6O.
BUTTER Easier; creamery, extras, 26c;
firsts, 24c; seconds. 22c; packing stock, 21c.
EGGS Current receipts, new cases, $6.20;
miscellaneous cases, $5.16; southerns, $4.76.
Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu ; 37,000 , 88,000
Corn, bu ., 39.000 J 5i,0
Oats, bu 2.000 tiOOO
3.0 0
- . - . , r ....... ui.. . i . 1 irii L II B u
Btocjt .uw.; --td covcrlng movement which- would soon
rtaliu""".''!.. "cin.::.::.:: iii be exhauoul. but. generally , speaking, the
Dry Goods Market.
cotton goods market waa quiet and steady
for the day. Conveners are doing little and
urinters are curtailing production. Tradlna-
RUGS Steady. Pennsylvania and other I continues la small lots for prompt sbip
sarby firsts. 21 tic, at mark; Pennsylvania J meat
Ckiaf Cobs.
lvla Ualy
Cly Ceatral
El y Oona ,
boldttald Con
Ooldflald riorane.
Uuldtlald Dauy ...
Cnwne Cananaa
Inapu-atloa ,
t il-lt.Nawkoaaa t7 early tone was sieauy eiuiin s or points
llohlo Copper 1 1 14 I of tne opening.
...1 t-itHawhlda t'oallUoa... Ia I hoot closed uulet. 30 points higher: mid
U'jKar crairal : Idling uplands, la.40c; middling gulf. '16.60c,
iawin r oo ivalEulea, U.U3 bales.
;aanvRoiuck Co...l I Futures opened steady; June, Jult.
7I,imv.. a,,mi. U TSp: Kentmlier la IK I ik.
4i I Ar.A,- 14 if.,.. KAv,mlur ItJLto: I
47i Tar Pick
llMMTar King Ooa!..
7rparlor A Pt u...
4:ToBopak Minis. ..
, ;-,Trlnllr. Copovr ....
S North La
, 7BofciTHa
,T,. i toner, i.ioc; noviinurr, ia.ook. iit-cemoer,
.? 12.26c; January, 12.25c; March. II 25(612 27c.
I. ST. LOUIS. June . COTTON Steady :
jo middling. 147ac; sales, 66 bales; receipts.
j I 1.14W uaiea; aiiiyiiioiii., i.iv vain, sioca.
24.161 DSies.
Treasarr Statesaeat.
Peoria Market., juns s. i ne condition or i pi hr A. June . t u..- ntari v v a
tne treasury at me oeinning oi Dual liens I white. Mo, io. 3 yeuow, mc; No. 4 yel
today was as follows: , low, 64c; No. 3 mixed. 56c; No, 4 mixed
Trust unos noia coin, jmii.M.&ts) sliver I 54c: no grsae, oo atsje.
dollars. $txj,o5,uou; silver dollar ef liW, I OATS Steady; staudard, a.
I tSO I 76 1
1 ihO 4 00 1
1 1060 4 00 2
I lOnO 4 30 1
l'l, 4 sa 1
1000 4 40 3
MO 4 71 1
1610 I 00
230 I 60 3
1 t 76 6
110 7 f0 1
M 1 00 1
U 7 00 1
IM 7 15 4
IM 7 W 1
110 114 2
146 IM 1
100 7 40 1. . . .
tut 4 oo II Toi i 00
lt 4 to t tl 00
482 4 0 11 7S0 M)
W7 4 0 12 444 6 1
tS7 .4 SO 1 74 i ill
tao 6 00 t 464 4 ti
4l I 00 4 t3 u
HOGS To all appearances, today's hoa
trade was very similar to that of yester
day morning, both In point of prices and
tone to demand. Supply was normal,
quality good and Inquiry from packers
active and broad from the opening. Aa
compared with the average market yester
day, quotably strong prices prevailed, 39.10
buying the long string. Orders In shippers'
hands were not very large, but alack com
petition from tins source was more (ban
offset by bullish reports from provision
centers. Practically all of the hogs sold
before midday, good light lots topping the
A narrow spread of $9.3tVSS 32 purchased
a Isrge portion of receipt, aa compared
with yesterday's nickel spread of $J.25(
9 80. Tops advanced to $9.37 For the
week thus far, receipts have been barely
normal and values deoidedly strong. 'Some
weakness was apparent Monday, but a
broad Improvement in provisions during the
last couple of days has convinced traders
Uikl their bear raid was untimely, wito
18. 300 DtS,6U
Metal Market.
dard copper was weak with spot, June and
July quoted at 312.1312 37.. London mar
ket was easy, with cpot at t55 18s 9d, and
futures at 56 12s 6d. Local dealers quote
lake copper at $12. 75j 13.00; electrolytic at
312.62HQ 12.75 and casting at 312.37 V" 1 2 50.
Tin was weak, with ppot quoted at $l2.50ff
32.75. London market was weak, also with
spot quoted at 14S, and futures at 149
7s 6d. Lead was easy, With sot quoted
at $4 40(u4.6O, New York; $4 12T4.17V4. East
St. Louts. Iiondon was unchanged at 12
12s tl. Spelter weak, with spot quoted at
$5.2fu5.50. New York, and at $4.87fi5.06,
Euft St. Ixmls. Iondon market higher,
with spot quoted at 22 6s. Iron un
changed In London market, with Cleveland
warrants quoted at 49s 4'yi. Local market
Is rather easier, with No. 1 foundry north
ern quoted at 316.75&17.20; No. 2 foundry
northern. $ 18. 2fij 16.75; No. 1 southern soft,
$16 2581.75.
ST. LOUIS. June 9. METALS Lead
firm at $4.i-". Spelter dull at $5.06.
OH aad Roala.
Splrlls turpentine, steady, 65e. Receipts,
15 carkt. Crude turpentine, firm, $3.00, $4 25
and $5 K. Receipts. 61 bis.
ROSIN Steady, $3.90; receipts, 10 bbls.
TAR Firm, $2.25; receipts, 33 bbls.
SAVANNAH, Ga.. . June t. OILS Tur
pentine, firm. 66c. Sales. 456 1,1s.; re
ceipts, 818 bbls.; shipments, 1,778 bbls -stock.
7.454 bbls.
ROSIN Firm; sales, 2.314 bis.; receipts,
1.775 bills.; shipments, 2.6JO bhls.; stocks.
48.296. Quote: H, M.zT.4i-t.3o; D. $4 SO 4 Mi; K
I4.54) t; F, $5 5016.12-; G. t5.lij..lzH; ll'
tr.lu6.l2Va; I,; K. B.ttrxS jr,; M
$5 2f.-it.VW; N. $5.40a8.75; WG. $5.7ira!.0O;
WW. 36 30
Turpentine, firm, 66c; rosin, firm, guote
Sugar and Molasses.
'NEW YORK. June 9. -SUGAR Raw,
firm; muscovado. 89 tent, 3.74c; centrifugal,
96 test, 4.24c; molasses sugar, 89 test, 8.40r;
refined quiet; crushed, 6.65o; . granulated,
6.15c; powdered, 6.25c.
Milwaukee Grain Market.
northern. I O7'ol.0S; No. 2 northern, $1.00
1.07: July, 95c.
BARLEY Samples, 60S65Vic. .
Omaha Hay Market.
OMAHA. June 9. HAY No. 1, $9.00; No.
2. $7.50; packing, 3450. Straw: Wheat, $6.00;
rye and oats. 37.00. Alfalfa. $12.00. There
has been a drop of 60u on all grades.
Toledo Seed Market.
TOLEDO, Jun . SEEDS Clover, cash,
$0.30; October. $6.45; Dacember, $6.45; Marcn,
$6.55. Timothy, prime, $2.15. Alslke, prime,
$7.05; August. $7.45.
Humanities Claaa ' Fe-als at. Hotel
Loyal Priests Make Ad'
The Humanitarian class of CreLgHton uni
versity had a banquet Wednesday night at
the Hotel Loyal. John O. Moran acted as
toastmaster. The dining room and tablet
were decorated with Creighton colors and
there was an eight-course, menu.
Father Wise, Father Lyons and Rev. Mr.
Pernln, S. J., of Creighton university, the
professors of the clas, were guests of
honor and responded to lnvtts,tion to speak.
Louis F. Waldman gave several piano solo
and the clans quartet sang. The following
toasts were delivered by the students:
"A Passing Thought." Thomas Deveraui;
"A Beginning and Its Future," F. Earl
Oosnelln; "College Athletics," Justin J.
Young; "Our Dreams,". Jamet B, Macau
ley; "Class Spirit," R. R. Collins; "Musio
and Bong," Louia F. Waldman; "Progress,"
Raphael Hamilton; "Our Vooatlons," Pres
ton T. McAvoy; "Class of '13." Stephen F.
Dierenger; "Fond Recollection," President
Henry L. Sullivan.
Scared Into Huand Health.
Mr. B. F. Ke'.ley. Springfield. III., writes:
"A year ago I began to be troubled with
my kidney t and bladder, which grew worse
until I became alarmed at my condition.
I suffered also with dull, heavy headachea,
and the action of my bladder was annoy
ing and painful. I read ot Foley Kidney
J'ills and, after taking them a few weeks,
the headaches left me. the action of my
bladder was again normal, and I was free
of all distress." Sold by all druggist.
Herbert BaGooGh Go
Broker and Dealer
Omaha Off loo, 118 Board of Trade Bldf.
Ball rboae, Soug. sail Ind. A-tl 1 .