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Des Moines Raises Pennant and Gets Hard Jolt; Pirates Go to Bad; Brooklyn Marches On
fDe Jlotnes liaises Ear and Omaha
i .pound's Cliampi at Will,
JloIUtfbecIC In Splendid Form and
' Shorr Opponents Where Thejr
JUJght Slonx CUT Beat.
' DEB MOINES, Ja, June 1. Special Tele-pam.)-1
Moines raised the pennant to
day fcnd lost to Omaha fey the score of 11
to J.' Pollenbeck was in the box for the
Rounk and the southpaw was in splendid
form. He struck out ten of the Des Moines
batter and in addition scattered the hits
iwelU Ualton'a three-base hit with a man on
eoorfl!, followed by Colllgan's single, gave
I the locals their only two runs.
Blersdorfer, who began the game In the
lox for Des Moines, facod only four bat
tors, atrtklng out one, hitting one and walk
i Ing tho other two, Owens, who was in the
I box 104 day previous Jor the locals, pitched
i the rest of the game". For five innings he
I held the ltourkes to two hits, but he weak
ened at th baroe time his support did and
the Omaha team ran In scores frequently.
Omaha and Dtr Moines are both some
i what -weak in the pitching department.
; Until JCeelny returns from Chicago, where
be bas gone Because of the illness of his
wife, Omaha. 'Win b hampered in the box.
' Hereon. i playing third base for pes
Moines Instead Of pitching. Sage Is suffer
ing front a sure arm an Blersdorfer Is out
of condition. Bader Joined the Des Moines
team and had to go Into the game today as
MattKk Injured his ankle yesterday. Wil
liam 1 expected to-Join the locals toduy.
nra MniNP.9
v -i trr",AB.; h.
. 0
Pnlto-V it. r... 4 l
Coiligan, JO.,...,....,..
Hadar, cf.
Dwyer, lb. .t, i
Nlehoff, el...... J
Curtis, -If.. .......
llersehe. 8b.. .....- J
Hawkins, u-t.
Iliersdorfer. p J
Owens, p, J
Bacham x
Total' ..;..' -32
,. 'V OMAHA.
8 27 16 6
t AD. It II. O.
ghotton, If.'..X.. 4
Corrldon,. as.'.,. ' J
King, "ct.i..:. ...-..
Schlpke, St)....,.: 4
Kane,- lb. .t 4
Cadman, pw.....i.... J
Welch,- rfi.. ..'...-!. 6
Fox, Jb.. 8
Hollenbck. p..t.,..t. 4
Toral .... w S3 U 10 27
Batted for wen in ninth. 1
Des Moines 0 0 0 0 2 0 0
nmh ... ............ S H 0 i 1 1
0 0-2
2 011
Two-base hits: Dwyer. Katie. Three-base
bit: Dahon'. Mane on balls: By Blersdorfer, 2
by Owens. S; by Hollenbock, 6. passed
ball: HawVlns. Hit by pitched ball: By
Blersdorfer, U Struck but: By Blersdorfer,
X; by; Owens. ! W "ollen,kl, W TtoLe,n
bases: Cortldon (4. Fox, Schlpke. Iuble
playr-Nlehoff to Colilgan to Dwyer. Sacri
fice hltsi Niehoff ' C'flllgan. Corrldon (2),
Klngv Time;' 1:15. Attendance; WO. Umpire:
Best Vbame Sd ' Season on'lndians
Jm mL rl
BIOltrrrr,ri,"'a-.'i'1-June l.-Sloux City
and LUicolh engaged In a Tochers' battle
today In the best game of the season on
the borne grounds. Score:
v AB. It II O. A. E.
Oiiiiiln ' h 4 0 12 2 0
Andnws. 2b 4 0 0
Neighbors, c.
Hartman, as.
Fenlon, rr
Stem, lb ,
Welch, If
Towns, .4.
freeman, p,
Totals 30 2 8 27 9
All. K. II.
Gagnlerl i S ?
Jude. If, 0 1
Cobb. r 0 J
Cockmab, Sb J 0 0
T)avls. of 8 0 0
Thomas, lb 4 1 1
Wledensaul, 2b 4 0 1
Sullivan, o 3 0 0
Jones, p 8 0 0
ITnl.l ..32
6 2 19
winning run scored.
Sioux City 000000010
?i7.i X .. .. .. .... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Stolen' bases: Qulllln. Freeman, Gagnler,
Davis, Thomas. Two-base hits: Fenlon,
Welch, 'Gagnler, Thomas, Jude, Home run:
Thomas. Double plays: Jones to Uagnler to
Thomas; Jude to Wledensaul to Thomas.
Struck out: By Freeman, 12; by Jones, 1.
Base on balls: Off Freeman. 2; off Jones,
4 lilt by pitcher: By Jones, 1. Time: 1:60.
Umpire; Spencer. Attendance: 600.
Rolls Best Three Games Ever Bowled
on Francisco Alleys.
V. J.'Wlley rolled the highest score for
three games ever bowled on Francisco's
alleys, getting f if teen - successive strikes,
making the following scores: 212, 268, 2k),
Darl" Iluntfngton and "Bill" Weber will
take each five men to Sioux City Saturday
to play tenpins, and while there Sunday,
will boost for the Omaha base ball team.
Tonight the three-Cornered match game
for the championship of the city will be
rolled, the first five games being on Fran
cisco alleys.
In trying out some of his new colts last
night, Mose Yousem got quite a scare when
they won the first game by only seven
Ilns, so he went in in the second game and
to make sure that he would win this one,
he rolled high game of 262 pins, and the
team rolled high game. 9M puis and high
series of 2.RS7 pins.
let 2d
3d Ttl.
... 143
14 611
lol 6:'S
1S2 627
Howell' ....
Roesslg ..
Iehlnskl .,
Yousenl ,.
143 ...
........ .v.IW ' li
it 17
...k..t79 ia
146 2ti
.,.. " 2ti
16S &1
..a'24 9h. 874 26b'
3d Ttl.
pickard; ..
Hauler ...
179 6M
14it -44S
ln .36
1C2 5.15
.,17 &i 847 2v57
.Farmers Will Itebulld.
I DORfj H FVT E R, Ntb., June 1. The
board tf directors of tho Farmers' Co.
Grain end Live Stock Co. met yesterday,
and It vas decided tlmt they should re
build their elevator that burned Monday
The nan building will be larger and bet
ter equipped than the old one, holding
26.000 bashels, furnished with two elevator
Stands, corn shelter a-nd feed grinder. The
Boat om: these will be about $ The old
bunldtnt held 16,000 bushels and cost
$d,0l)0.0O. .
Ton Klgbt 1'ostwonrd.
MILtAl'KKK, JvHie -1. A a Wolgast,
champljci liKhtwelght pugillxt, today called
off his len-rouiid bout with Jack Itedmond
scheduled for Milwaukee, June 10, claiming
bis hands are in bad shape. The bout
probably will le held J una 24.
Knockout tor Moorarad
ST. JOSEPH. Mo., June 1 Special Tele
gram.) Jack Flisgerald knocked out Willie
Moorhead in the twelfth round. It waa
Moor head's first defeat via the knockout
routs out ox seventy-iuur cm lies. .
Tessla 'Tnarsar at Toledo, la.
TOLEIKX la.. June 1 . Sneelal The
fifth annual meet of the Central Iowa
Tennis tournament la tn be held hure July
I. , T end . Fnthuslam In tho ev. nt
evidenced last year bids fair for a greatly
tonreasv.d aUtiidaoce,
Standing of the Teams
W.IPct. W.Ul'rt.
Ht. Joseph ..IS 14 Philadelphia 25 .737
Houx Clty...lH 16 .62 New York. ..23 10 .t7
lenver 19 17 ,f2S Detroit 23 W .5W)
Wichita 1 17 .621 .,Mton 1 11 .MS
Lincoln 17 1H ,4Mi Cleveland ...14 IS .438
Umaha ....17 1 .472; Washington 18 22 .421
Topeka 18 17 .433 'hlcago U 20 .3f6
Dee Moines. .17 20 .409, 1st. 1niU.... 7 28 . 200
w.i ret
W.L, Pet.
Chicago ..,
..23 12 ,fift7
..24 14 .632
Minneapolis 29 14 .674
St. Paul 29 15 .T,9
.New i orK,
Pittsburg .,
.18 16 .rJ!
Toledo ..26 17 .
Cincinnati ...IN 17 .614 Columbus ...20 24 .456
Ht. Louis 19 20 .4X71 Indianapolis 2V 24 .4f
Hrooklyn ..17 22 .4.M Milwaukee .In t .349
Philadelphia 13 21 .32j lxuisville ..17 M .3.8
Boston 14 24 .31 Kan. City ..16 23 .396
W.L. Pot. W.L. Pet.
Fremont 4 .BMI Clarlnda .... 8 8 .Z7
Urand Island I 5 .6151 Kalis uny... i
Columbus ... 8 6 ,616 Maryville .. 6
7 .4fi2
7 .417
8 .333
Superior .... 6 7 .4itfJ snenanooan o
lied Cloud . 5 7 .417 ro. wiijr..,. o
Seward 6 7 .417, Auburn
Hastings .... 6 8 .
Kearney .... 6 8 .3S6
Yesterday's Itesolts.
Omaha, 11; Des Moines, 2.
Lincoln, 1; Sioux City, 2.
Chicago, 6; Boston. 1.
' St. Louis, 10; Philadelphia, 1.
Pittsburg, 1; Brooklyn, t.
Cincinnati, 2; New York, 6.
Knnxas City-Toledo, powtponea.
Minneapolis, 4; Loulxvllle, 8.
SL Paul, 9; Columbus, 1.
Nebraska City, 3; Marysvllle, 6.
Falls City, 9; Shenandoah, 3.
Auburn, 1: Clarlnda, 5.
Superior, 2; Ued Cloud, L
Grand Island, 3; Columbus, 7.
Seward, 16; Fremont, 8.
Hastings, 0; Kearney, 3.
Washington-Cleveland, postponed.
Philadelphia-Detroit, postponed.
Uiiuri Today.
Western League Lincoln at Des Moines,
Omaha at Sioux City, Ht. Joseph at Wich
ita, Topeka at Denver.
National league Chicago at Boston, St.
Louis at Philadelphia, Pittsburg at Brook
lyn, Cincinnati at' New York.
American League Washington at Cleve
land, Philadelphia at Detroit, New York at
Chicago, Boston .at St. Louis.
American Association Mil waukee at In
dianapolis, Kansas City at Toledo, Minne
apolis at Louisville, St. Paul at Columbus.
Nebraska State League Hastings at
Kearney, Superior at Hed Cloud, Grand
Island at Columbus, Seward at Fremont.
Mink League Auburn at Marysvllle,
Clarlnda at tihenandoah, Falls City at Ne
braska City.
Jim Corbett a Big
Card in the Camp
of Jeffries' Men
Declares He Will Box Johnson and
Will Make Him "Quit" Good ,
and Plenty.
BEN LOMOND, Cal., June l.-JIm Cor
bett stepped into the limelight . at the
Jeffries' training camp today. Jeffries was
all. wrapped up in his new automobile and
when the usual crowd of visitors came in
to see the afternoon's boxing they found
that Jeffries had flown and -Corbett was
there to entertain them.
The two former champions played JiftDd-
ball in the momlng and performed 'Other,
gyjnnastlb stunts. , oibat, did no Uox,de-
clarlng his' trip aoross. Uia,;cot).tlaent , had
made him aore. Jmt Jha, worked hard- toi get
into form and said In about a week he
would be fit for speedy sparring. Jeffries
has not had on a boxing-glove for five
When Corbett read an interview with
JoliiiHun In the morning papers, In whlcn
Johnson was quoted as daring Corbett to
box him, the ex-champion grew angry
Corbett declared he would box Johnson for
charity, and make "him quit."
SAN FKANC1SCO, May 31. That Billy
Nolan, formerly manager of Battling Nel
aom will eventually assume command at
Johnson's camp is the story that is gaining
credence here.
The story is backed up by reason of the
fight that took place between Manager
George Little and Sig Hart, one of the
training staff. As gossip goes, there has
been anything but harmony between Little
and Hart, and it finally culminated in
physical contest in which Little Is said to
have stretched Hart out on the road, while
the members of the camp were playing
base ball. Thore was an end to the affair
only when Johnson gave Little a tongue
lushing he will long remember.
It Is pretty generally understood that
Little lias been shorn of all real authority,
After the three days of strenuous work in
the gymnasium, Johnson took things easy
today. He was on the road this morning
fur twelve miles, but took to his automo
bile at noon and late this afternoon waa
not seen at his quarters.
British Derby
Big ' Stake for Three-Year i-Olds
Worth Thirty-Two Thousand rive
Hundred This Year.
EPSOM DOWNS, England, June 1. The
131st derby of $32,500 for S-year-olds, dls
tauce abont one mile and a half, tho olasslo
of Eng.lsh turf was won today by Falrte's
Lemberg." Sir John Tliursby's Greenback
was second "and A. P. jOunllffe'S Charles
U'Malley. third. Lord Roaebery'a Nelll
Gow finished fourth:. - -
The time waa i:3i. which Is
for the derby. ' '
a, record
There were fifteen starters. Th, .betting
was 7 to .4 against Lemberg, 100 to s.agaiust
6reenback and 31 to X ' against Charles
O'M alley.
Iowa Captain Injured.
IOWA CITY. Ia., June 1. (Speclal)-
Mai k Hyland of Des Molnea, . captain
elect of the University of Iowa tool ball
team, had a narrow escape rrom'senoii
Jnjury lit'l'e in an lnU'r-frajrrntiM ball
eumo. when he was knocked unconscious
by a culllHion wuu coiegruve, tne catcner
of the Siama Alpha KinilOu nino. A fly
ball was knocked near tne tnira pase
line and Hyland rushing In at top speed
from Bhnrt stop poHition lumped lor tn
hall. t'oleuruve hit him head foremost.
Both being heavy men the colnslon laid
the two players out fir several minutes
However, an elimination snowei mat ity
land haul sustained no broken bones.
The name, which was fur the champion
ship of the Pan Hellenic base ball league.
enat-a a to a in lavor or captain nyiana
team. l'Ul Kappa i'al was the opposing
Lake til r Wins from I-vbrrllle.
I.AKB CITT, 1A., Juno l.Speclal)
The Lake City lied box wajiooed th
Lolirvllle team In the second victory on
tne local diamond by the score of 18 to
The locals had the visitors under control
all the time. The visitors made their two
scores in the fourth on one of the only
iwo nns iney made off Wllklns. The Red
Hox batted the ball around at their wl
and in the fifth inning they ran la eight
scores on twelve men up to bat. Cum
mlngs was knocked out of the bog and
Kedtnlus went in and held the locals dow
somewhat. Batteries: Ijike City. Wll
kins and Decker; Lohrvllle. Uuinmlngs,
""u'",u" mua "
I . . .
1 W Ar B"lnes Booster,
Barker Allows Pittsburg; Only Three
Easy Little Hits.
Triple Brings In Two Iltaa for
Home Team, While Fleldlna
of Daabert Is Sensa
tional. BROOKLYN, June 1. Brooklyn made it
five straight today by winning from Pitts
burg, 2 to 1. Barger pitched a brilliant
game, allowing only three hits. Leifleld
was batted hard, Hummell leading with a
double and a triple and scoring both runs
for the locals. The fielding of Daubcrt
was sensational. Score:
A.B.H.O.A.B. AB.H.O.A.K.
tlurrh. rf 8 0 10 OEIrrno, 8b.... 4 0 0 6 0
Maulmrt, lb.. I 1 11 1 OLmoh, rf 4 0 10 0
Who.!, lf....S 110 On.rke, II.... 1 0 0 0 0
Hummell, 2b. 3 I I I 0Hrtt 1 0 0 0 0
Lrnnoi. Sb... I 0 I 2 OWignsr, ... 3 1 1 1 0
Davldaon, c(. 3 I 1 0 0 Miller, 2b.... 3 0 4 1 0
Hmllh. M 3 0 0 3 1 Flynn. lb.... 3 1 10 3 0
Herion, C....S 16 1 OWIIiihv H....3 110 0
Uarser, P 2 0 1 0 OOlbann, c 3 0 5 3 1
Ltllleld, p.... 3 0 1 6 0
Totsla 23 710 1
Totals 2 3 24 13 1
Hatted for Clarke In ninth.
Pittsburg 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Brooklyn 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 2
Left on bases: Pittsburg, 2; Brooklyn, 8.
Two-base hits: Hummell, Daubert. Three
base hit: Hummell. Sacrifice hits: Daubert,
Lennox (2), Davldaon, Barger. First on
errors: Pittsburg, 1; Brooklyn, 1. Stolen
bases: Byrne, Davidson. Double plays:
Hummell to Daubert. Lelfield to Wagner
to Klynn. Bose on balls: Oft Barger, 1; off
Lelfield, 4. Struck out: By Barger, 4; by
Llefltfld, 1. Time: 1:20. Umpires: Rigler
and Emslie.
Chicago Wins Opener.'
BOSTON. June 1. Chicago won the open
ing game of its first eastern trip today
from Boston, 6 to 1. Overall was taken out
In the ninth with two out and one on
base, after the locals had scorea one.
rown seemed easy for the visitors with
men on bases.
AB H O.A.g AB.H.O.A.B.
Oven, 2b 3 1 OCoillni,- If.... 4 0 110
Bheckard, It., t I 1 1 OHarao. 3b. ,v 4 10 0 0
Schulta. rt.... 3 110 OSh.rpa.. lb.... 3 0 13 0 0
L.udarua, lb. .41 II vsiiih, ri.... v s v v
gtrlnfaldt, 3b 3 1 1 1 ISIiesn, 2b.... 4 i 3 1
Hofman, el.. lav ll, ci v w
Tinker, as.... 4 0 3 2 i8Mney, as.. I 0 6 I 0
llni, e 1 1 s 1 Ultrmnam, a.... a i i v
Overall, p.... 3 0 0 1 0 Brown, ...... 3 0 110
Rlchla, p.... 0 0 0 0 O'Smllb ...... 1 u v v u
jrerguaon, p, v v, v a v
Totals. .....38 3 37 13 2
Totals Jl 6 17 17 1
Batted for Brown In elghthc . . .', . .
Chicago r:l 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1-1
Boston u u v v w v v v ii
Two-base hits: Sheckaro, noiman. inree-
base hit: Hersog. Hits: Off Brown, o in
eight innlngB; off Overall, 4 In eight ana
two-tniras innings; on ucnie: i m uim
thlrd Inning. Sacrifice fly: Schulte. Sacri
fice hits: Sheckard, Overall, Kvers. Stolen
base: Hhean. Double play; Shean to
Sweeney to Sharpe. Left on bases; Chi
cago, 4; tsoaion, o. r irsi dmo un. vn
Ornxn. off Overall. 2. First base on
errors: Boston, 2. Struck out: By Overall, 4.
Passed Daiyr. Mini, linn: :w. u myites.
Johnstone and, Moran. .
New York Wins , Another.
NEW YORK. June 1. The New York
Nationals today won their eighth Straight
game, defeating Cincinnati, 6 to 2. Ander
son, the visitors' llrst pucner, was. wua
and was relieved by -Rowan -In the first
inning after he had forced in . a , run.
Mathewso was pracucairy mvincioie wuu
men on Pases, ncore; .... , .
AB.H.O.A.B. : AB.U.0 A.K.
DeTOM, 4f.... 4V 2 0 OBaarhw, It... 4,1 2 0 0
L. Doyla. Zb. l f . uraanen,' ... t o j u v
Murray, rt...l 3 10 0 Hoblttaal, lb. 4' 1 1 0
B kr. ;.' 110 OMltehsll,. rt..-4' 0 t 0 0
luthawaon. at 1 t OAnHaraun. j.,rl V U
rUiwui, p.... 1 u v a v
Totala 21 10 27 13 lMlllsr 1 0 0 0 4
J. Dwlt, ,.,!). 0 0 0 0
Totala 33 4 34 13 1
Batted for Rowan in eighth
Cincinnati 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 02
New York 2 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 -i
Three-base hit: Bescher. Sacrifice .hit:
L. Doyle. Sacrifice fly: Devlin. Stolen
base: Devore. Left on bases: Cincinnati,
New York 8. - First on errors: Cincin
nuti l- New York. 1. Struck out: By Ander
Him l: bv Mathewson. 4: by Howan, 2.
Bases on balls: Off Anderson, S: oil
Hnwan. 4: off Do vie. 1. Hits: Off Ander
son, 1 In one-third inning; off Rowan, In
six and two-thirds Innings; off Doyle, 0 in
one inning. Time: 1:60. Umpires; Klein
and Kane.
PHILADELPHIA. June 1. Wretched,
nitnhinr marked today's Ktme and Phila
delphia lost to St. Louis, 10 to 5. The home
team s pucners gave iiiieon pco mu
k I .on iv twirlera etaht. Manager uooin
of tha Philadelphia team was sent to the
club house oy umpire oreimau xor um
putlng a decision, rtcore:
' 1 AB.H.O.A.B. AB.II.O.A H.
HI. I 1 1 1 I M r .. rilllAh'M r.n..
Husslna, 3b.. 0 0
a l lTitua. rt 3 I 0 v
Bills. It...... 6
0 3 0 0 B.taa. ot 3 3 3 ' W 0
Oakaa, ct 6
1 4 0 A Oram. 3b..... 1 0 3 1
Zatktr, rj..,
110 4 Mum. II 10 2 0
fcvarm, ia...
fhrlpa, c...
Hulawllt. as.
113 0' OBr natlald. lb 4 I 10 0 0
4 a 1 OKnab. 2b.... 3 0 4 3 0
1 1.1 SDoalanl U....4 3 11
ficlohar, 3b..
0 14 OMarsn. c... 3 0 3 1 0
lUmtir, Sb.
Harmon, p..
Corrldon, p.
0 0 1 OMcyulllan, p 3 0 0 1 0
0 0 0 OMoran, p 3 0 0 I 0
3 0 3 0r"lhert7, p.O 0 0 1 0
0 0 0 O'Wanl 1 0 0 0 0
EallM. p....
Muwrajr ,..
a a ft a
1 0 0 0 Totala 23 4 87 13 1
Totala 33 13 37 11 1
Batted for Belcher In ninth.
Itatted for Corrldon in ninth.
St. Louis 0 0 0 1 1 2 0 0 0-10
Philadelphia S S000100-6
Hits: Off Harmon, 1 in one Inning (none
out In aecond); off Corrldon, 8 in seven in
lngs: off saliee, 1 in one inning; off Mc
Quillan, 6 in five ninlngs (none out In
sixth); off Moren, 5 In three and a third
Innings; ort rianeny, m vwu-mnu
ning. Sacrifice rues: iiuggins, ivnu.
Sacrifice hits: Grant (2), Moran, Hugglns.
mni.n lKHt.a: atites. tiacKer. jsranaiiem.
Double plana: McMillan to Doolan to
Bransfleld, Doolan to Knabe to Bransfleld.
i... nn huMa- Kt. Louis. 13: Philadelphia,
loirie on Dans: ui l nai v.l .w.-
.1.1.... k . ,.rt MpQii lan. B: on Moren. :
,.tf ir'iah'rv 1 Kirst on errors: St. Louis,
1; Philadelphia, 1. nil ny pnoneu uu. ar
McQuillan, Phelps; by Moren, Evans and
Belcher, wowerv; oy v-oi A ,i?
u..,,u nut- Hv Corrldon. 1: by McUulllan,
2. Time: 2:32. , Umpires i O'Day and Bren-
llttU -
Dorrhester, .Friend and Creta Win,
Maklaa: tbe It ate e Closer.
rtF.AVFR CROSSING. Neb.. June- t
Th Dorchester base ball team came here
loaded for the locals yesterday ana almost
gave them a shut out, by beating them, S
,i l. Parker s error In the second, allowed
their only run. The game was exciting from
the start L. uyers, lor tne visitors, neia
the Beavers at his mercy, by striking out
ten and allowing but four hits, while
Moore, for the locals struck out live ana
waa touched up for eight hita. Dor
chester's bunched hits In the ninth won
them their game, bcore: K.H t;
Dorchester 10000000 S 8
Heavar Crossing: 01000000 01 4
Batteries: Beaver Crossing, Moore and
Harvey; Dorchester, L. Byers, Morresy and
Crete Swamps Exeter.
CRETE. Neb.. June 1. (Special.) The
Crete Sluggers gave the Exeter bunch no
mercv at the Burlington Ball park, wbe
they defeated them, 17 to t Crete now leads
the Trl-County league.
Friend Beats Fairmont.
FAIRMONT. Neb., June l.-(Speclal)
The Friend boys opened up their wlnnln
streak yesterday by defeating the locals,
4 to 1. Friend has four new players and
expects to put up some real ball hereafter,
Won. Lost. Pet
Crete ...s...., I 0 1,0(0
Beaver Crossing 2 1 k4
Fairmont I 1
Dorchester 11 064
Friend IS $23
Exeter OS OuO
Friend Wins from Fairmont.
FAIRMONT. June t (Speclal)-In th
third game of the season In the Trl-County
Leairue Fairmont waa defeated by
Friend by a score of 4 to 3. The game
was Dlavcd at home. Battery for Kali
mont; Wells, Qoudsel, Severn and Cian
Bnodgmis, lHS'rn-4) (IMoLrtan, f'$ t 0
MTm.'-.4'l't--rt,Dewae.'Ss.;.t J 0 1
Permit Granted
For the Big Prize
Fight in 'Frisco
Board of Supervisors Does Not Give
Opponents of the Mill Chance
to Be Heard.
BAN FRANCISCO, June 1. With but two
dissenting votes and without preliminary
discussion, the permit for the forty-five-round
battle on July 4, betwoen Jeffries
and Johnson, wan granted late this after
noon by the board of supervisors.
The board "room was crowded with repre
sentatives of church and civic organlia
tlons, who , were present with protests,
which they did not get a chance to voice.
By their action today the board of super
iors removed the last official obstacle In
the way of the promoters. District Attor
ney Flckcrt has already announced that he
111 cot seek to prevent the contest.
Another Prize
, . For Aviators
en xnousand Offered for first
Flight from St. Louis to.
Kansas City.
ST. LOUIS, Juno J. Governor Hadtey
nd Commissioner, of Immigration of Mis
souri, John II. Curran, started a fund to-
ay, which Is expected to reach $10,000 and
which will be given to the aviator, who
flies from St. Louis to Kansas iCty, a
distance of 2X8 miles. Governor Hadley and
Commissioner Curran, each subscribed $100
i the fund.
It is expected that $5,000 will be raised
ere and a like amount In Kansas City.
The flight must be made within twenty
four hours with s many stops as the
contestant finds necessary.
KANSAS CITY, June 1. The Kansas
City Star today gave $500 to the fund to
be given the aviator, who files from St.
Louis to 'Kansas City. Other local con
cerns will, a member of the Commercial
club said, make 'up. the balance of Kan
sas City's share in the fund.
George M. Myers,', president of the Kan
sas City Aero club, called a meeting of
the club for this afternoon to consider
plans for raising the balance necessary for
Kansas City's , $5,000 contribution towards
the price fundi' , i'. .
Mr.' Myers .. said the money wluld be
raised. v V' -
'.. .
1 i i
Superior Wins
: it by One Score
Sharply: Contested Game at Red
Cloud, in 'Which Umpire
Benches Man.
RED CLOfJO, .Neb., June 1. (Special Tel-
egruiTv) Ladi:? day at the ball . park
brought out a, t7rTattendance, considering-!'
the unfavorable rw eat her, who witnessed a
ciosolyconteed game, In which: Red
Cloud was defeated ,by Superior. Fagan,
shortstop for Red Cloud,' was sent to the
bench in the fifth Inning for talking back
to Umpire Nelson. Score:
Red Cloud 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-1 6 1
Superior 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 02 6 1
Batteries: Red Cloud. Mitchell and Moss:
Superior, Snyder and Spellman' Base on
bails:- Off Mitchell, 3; of f Spellman, 3.
Struck out: By Mitchell, 7; by Spellman,
Time: 1:30, Umpire; kelson. Attenu-
ancei 400. -
KEARNEY Neb., Juno l.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Kearney defeated Hautiiigs today
by the score of 3 to 0. Score:
Kearney 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0-3 6 2
Hastings 0 .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 7 1
Batteries. Kearney. Herrlck. Townsend
and Majerkurk; Hastings, Cleg and Wal-
ley. - .
COLUMBUS, Neb June l.-(Speclal Tel
egram-) Columbus won from Qrand Island
today, bunching six runs In the fifth, when
Hansen lost his head and began walking
tha Columbds batters. In this Inning he
was replaced by Morris and his place in
the field was taken by Travers. Score:
Columbus ......1 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0-7 4 4
Urand Island ..2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0-3 01
Batteries: Columbus, Slndelar and
Claire; Urand Island, Hansen, Morris and
Carroll. Struck out: By Slndelar, 7; by
Hansen, 0; by Morris, 6. Base on balls:
Off Morris, 8; off Slndelar, 2; off Hansen,
It. Hit by pitched ball: By Hansen, 2,
Three-base hit: Kissel). Umpire: Boswell.
FRBMONT, Neb,, June 1. (Special Tele
gram.) fieward defeated Fremont here to
day la a one-sided game, 16 to 3. Turner
for the locals was bated hard and had nine
errors behind him. Score:
Seward 4 1 0 8 0 0 4 4 0-16 13 2
Fremont 1 0 01 1 0 0 0 0-8 v V
Batteries: Fremont, Turner and uohner;
Seward, Harrington and Neff. Umpire:
Off Day for Hull and Maryville Trims
Team Five to Three.
MARTVILLE, Mo., June 1. (Special Tel
egram.) Maryville defeated Nebraska City
today, 6 to 8. Hull for Nebraska City waa
off and was taken out In the fourth in
ning, being replaced by Miller. Errors by
Chapman and Badura were responsible for
four runs for Maryville. Score:
Maryville 1 0010002 '-ft 88
Neb. City 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 03 6 3
Batteries: Muryvllle, Thorp and follock;
Nebraska City, Hull, Miller and Waller.
Umpire: Barackman.
C LA HIM DA, ia, score:
Auburn ........0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 01 4 I
Clarlnda 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 6 6 1
Batteries: Kyell. Shotts and Cope-land;
Casey and Johnson. Umpire: Sage.
SHENANDOAH, Ja. June j. acore:
Falls City , 0 I
Shenandoan i.-a i
Hatteries: Heacock and Smith: Ever
ett, Ward and Castle. Umpire i Lundburg.
' Stanton Beats Wayne.
WATNB, Neb., Juno 1 (Special Tele
gram.) Thle afternoon Wayne was. de
feated by Stanten, 4 to 3. It was the initial
game of the season at Wayne under th
. l i . K . XI mvnm 1 ' . . ti i m (. r -1 I j.t,.
Mayor J T. Breaeler pitched the first ball
and H. F. Wilson, cashier of the First
National bank, baited It. Score:
Wayne .'. ...0 0 0 0 0 0 i 0 0 I
Stanton ,- 0 0 0 1 0 3 0 0-4
Batteries: Wayne, Sahs and Depew;
Stanton, Hooper and Philips.
Uhlowas Bents Ueneva.
GENEVA. " June 1 (Ppeclal). Geneva
and Ohiowa teams played ball at the fair
grounds yesterday with 8 to 4 In favor of
Indians Ta Game.
VNIOlJ CITT, Ind., June 1. (Special
Telegram). Nebraska Indians, eight; Un
ion City, two.
Blasted with m Hasor,
wounded with a -gun. or pierced by a rusty
nail; Ilucklep'g Arnica Salve heals the
wound, auaranltsd. be. Soli by teaon
Drug Co,
Takes the Lead from Minneapolis
and Holds to It.
With Two Men on liases, Hanson
Ilata Oat a Home Hun.
Thus Clinching; the
Can me.
LOl'ISVILLE, June 1 Louisville won the
opening game of the series today from
Minneapolis by taking a lead of four runs
in the first Inning. Both Slagle and Tanne
hill were batted freely, but the former had
the better support. Dawson's home run
with two visitors on bases was the feature.
Outfielder Home Smoot has been sold by
Louisville to Kansas City and Pitcher Am
brose -Pullman has been released to Rich
mond of the Bluegrass league. Score
Stanley, ct.
An M o k n
3 1-4
rtr-i.. ... ...... 1
Woodruff. 2b. 6 8 B 1 l mV t 2 3 4 0
UuniMvy, rf. S 1 ! 0 OKernl ' aT . ? i i ?
Hrhraok, lb
llnilias, Sb
Mera, if..
I'Klta, o....
Sl(l, p.,,
t 4, If... 14 3 10
3 112 Vbawaon, lb.. S 1 13 1 I
0io utllll. Jh 41041
1 ?. i! J Ol'i'rlng, cf. 4 3 1 0 0
003 OSmlth, t 10110
4 1 J 4 UTannehlll, p. 4 0 0 6 1
Ium'v'me- ' " " 18 . ToUU "
JLjuuisviue 4 u 1 u u i
Minneapolis o M 1 0 0 1 0 H
fivCriMC'e ''lts: Sla8le' Stanley. Sacrifice
r5' Two-base hits: Stanley.
CrivAii, 00ruff- ' rtlr-base hits: mil.
ouf- i!j M,Ho,l" fun: Dawson. struck
uy 2; by Tannehlll, 1. Bases
hi. i"1!1,, uli lttKle' a; oft 'i'annehlll. 1.
ii,n.,hy p1ltc,he'1 b: Hughes. Passed ball:
smith. Left on bases: Louisville, 7; Mln-
:nuPF'er-gu.onT'me: 1:55- Ump're8: H"
Easy ior st, tanIl
Columbus, June 1. Nelson, who struck
fa. i V.e Bt' Pau. bat8'n two Innings,
0 cover flrst ln the thlrl nd tne
given a start for four runs.
i-aui nnally winning, i to 1. Score:
AB.H.r) A K . n
rlrK. 1' 6 1 3 0 OO'Rourke. Ih. 4 ' 1 ' a' i' i
Uouuttar, 3b,
Jones, cf...
Llac, rt
Murray, rf.,
4 0 3
i UHlnchman, of 4 I 3 0 4
0 OHoaaman, rf, 4 2 1 0 0
0 OUowna, zb.... 4 i) I 4 1
1 OConsalton, If 4 3 3 0 0
1 OOdweil. lh 4 a e 1 1
4 3 0
3 3 3
Autre?, lb
McCorm'k, as 4 1 1
Wnnejr, Kb.. 4 2 4
e viburnum, sa
1 OCarlaoh, 0...
0 ONelaon, p..,
1 OOeborne, p..
3 13 2 0
Pierce, e 4 t 6
kyan, p 3 0 1
4 030
0 0 0 1 0
10 9 10
10 0 10
1 0 0 0 0
Sltton, p...,
.3 14 37 14 0Mou4wln ..
'Batted for Nelson lnTthird. " " " "
I .
vuiuinous 0 1000000 0-1
01. rui., ,.0 0 4 0 8 2 0 0 0-0
ioien bases: Autrey, McCormick, Wrig
ey. Sacrifice hits: Bourher, Ryan. Two
base hits: Congalton, Hlnonman, McCor
mick. Three-base hits: Odweli! Jones
Double plays: yulnlan to Downs to Od
weli, Boucner to McCormick, Boucher to
Autrey, MoCormlok to Wrlgley to Auirey.
Bases on balls: Off Nelson, 2; off Osborne.
2; off Sitton, 8; off Ryan, 1. Struck out:
By Nelson, b: br Osborne. II- hv uit.r.r, i-
by Ryan, 4. Hits: Off Nelson, 7 in three
Innings; off Osborne, 7 ln two and a third
innings; off Sltton, 0 ln three and two
thirds innings. Hit by pitched ball: By
youuiuo, muniy. iime: iiws. Umpires
Bierhalter and Guthrie.
Indianapolis Defeats Milwaukee.
JixuiANAPOLIS, June 1. Indianapolis
defeated Milwaukee today, 6 to 3. The
-won me game in tne eighth inning,
when they soored four runs on a pass, tour
hits and an error. Graham pitcned good
iwi- ma winners, ocore;
v- AB.H.O.A.B. AB.H.O.A.S
ueienaniy, ill l l ORandall, of.,. 3 1 2 0 0
.. 3
a s
4 lClark. 3b 3 113
0 if.... 3 0 10 0
1 oMoOann, lb.. 4 1 10 1 0
'Chudb' ma.
3 3
larr, lb kit
Murcbv 3b.... 4 10
oureen, as..,.. 4 0 0 3 1
Spenoer, cf... I
hayden, rf. ., 2
Muuian, 2b. 4
Hltiina, c.,.3
Lemon, o 0
Orekam, p...
Orin 1
0 3
1 0
0 1
V 4
0 0
0 1
w VMcuorm . 3b X 1 13 1
0 UBarry, rf 3 13 0 0
3 OMaraliall, c 3 1 ( 0 0
2 OSohardt, p.... 3 0 S 4 0
0 0'Uallay 1 0 0 0 0
l 0
0 0 0 0 Totals 23 4 24 13
. Touts. .....30 t 27 14 1
Batted for Hlgglns in eighth.
Batted for Barrett ln ninth.
Indianapolis ..,..,....0 0 0 0 0 0 14 6
Milwaukee 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 02
Two-base hit: Murch. Three-base hits:
Kandall, McUann. Struck out: Bv Gra
ham, 4; by Schardt, 8. Double plays: Clark
to McCormick to McGann, Milllgan to
Lewis to Carr. Stolen base: Randan. Wild
pitcn: uranam. sacrifice hits: Carr (2),
Clark. Bases on balls: Off Graham, 2; orf
Schardt, 2. Time: 1:60. Umpires! Owen
and Cussack.
Victory (or Doane Nina.
Doane defeated Bellevue here today In
a very losely played game by a score of 12
to I. JJivoil. Doane s center fielder.
knocked out a home fun with tha bases
lull in tne third and started the land
slide. Bellevue's three scores were made
in the first, score by luningsi
Doane 0 0 4 1 0 1 8 8 0-13 10
BellevUS 800000000 t 5 13
Crete Pllea l HI Bcore.
CRETE, Nb., June 1 Spedal).
Crete beat Exeter yesterday afternoon
ln a very one-sided game by the score
Cfete beat Exeter yesterday afternoon
of 17 to 8. Score by Innings:
Exeter 0 30000000-8
Crete 1 3 1 6 4 3 0 0 IT
Batteries: Exeter, Hammond, Bothrock
and Fowler; Crete, Wright, Zelenke and
Ammerman. umpire, uridenaune. 1
..u iiu.n i.i.i'u x'ugc.
now Mrs. Bonsor, lives ln West Holdrege.
The girl's father, P. J. O'llara, It is said,
Uvea at Lincoln.
Pierce Farmers Org-anise.
PIERCE. Neb., June 1. (Speota!.) The
Farmers' Elevator company completed Its
organisation at this place last week by the
selection of Joseph Wolf as president, H. C.
KUse, vice president; Mike Wldhelm, sec
retary; Carl Hoffman, treasurer. The
board Of directors consists ot Florlan
Fuchs, Joseph Wolf, Mike Wldhelm, Carl
Hoffman, H. C. KUse, H. C. Buckendahl
and George Hensler. The board has tha
power to purchase a site and erect an
elevator, but will probably buy one of the
local elevators outright rather than to
put up a fourth elevator. At present
H. II. Mohr of the Pierce Milling com
pany, and the Upton Lumber company have
elevators here. The secretary of the new
company says he Is now ln correspondence
with Mr. Upton, who resides In California,
BcrofuU i a Wood disease manlfssted usually ly aa nlcarttlon of th
glandT ItU almoU entlraly haradltary ln 1U origin tl
somTiDeclno blood poison which ha. been transmitted. In modified forrn. to tho
MtartS of CedpamiUt. Wh-r. th. blood Is specially nttatad Scrofula
S ott.fTrto3 of th? system b.Hd. th. glanda, and w. Its effect.
Irwue'tly ln weak eye., poorly derelopd bodies, runaUig ton, aad ulcers, skin
IS Uk. acaldhead. catarrhal trouble, etc Whil. the your e the usual
gueA from acrofuloua trouble-, It U true that It U .ometlme. held In check
nntll mTddTe UfT U reached, or passed, and then, m the physical system begin, to
d?cfln?ofd 7SZ w Stacked by th. dlae. 8. 8 8. 1 the oni .real and
certain curVfor Scrofula, It U a blood purifier without an equal and It cure.
Ul degrtlT. Wood poison by remerlng the gem. from th. blood and w .n
richlng and building up th. circulation that th. dlaea. can no renvaln. 8. B, tt. eVeryUlnt and Impurity from th. blood; It glTe. to th. blood th.
rtchne and powlr n.c6slar to the healthy growth of children, and lt itr.i.
.m and totomus th constitution, of older person., by It. fin. ton o arts,
n. 8 1. . purely regrtable medicine, perfectly rfe for young ot ' old. Bcro
fuU being blood dUeai. can only b. cured by a blood purifier Ilk. 8, 8. ft.
Bak on th. blood fro. to all who write and request It. ; .
r.rr. inw w Thb bwitx bpjxitxo co, Atlanta, oa.
with a view of purchasing his entire Inter
ests here ln lumber, coal and grain, and
hopes to receive a favorable reply In a few
days. The new company consists of 200
farmers of this vicinity with a capitalisation
of $00,000, and 810.000 subscribed and paid In.
Larger the Egg,
Better the Chick
Mrs. Wayne Comar of Lyons Pro
ceeds on Novel Theory in Raising-
Poultry for Market.
LYONS, Neb., June 1. (Special.) Mrs.
Wayne Comar of Lyons has a unique
motod and some suggestive Ideas In chicken
raising that at least shows a commendable
carefulness. Her theory Is that largo eggs
will produce larger chickens with greater
vitality, and get them to the table of the
consumer quicker, than small eggs from
the same pen. She also thinks it will be a
welcome day to tho consumer when the
custom now In vogue of selling eggs by the
doxen Is done away with and the selling of
eggs by weight becomes universal. This
spring Mrs. Comar selected the largest per
fect eggs for hatching, and intends to
select from these chicks the very best lay
ers of large eggs for her future flock. Out
of a setting of twenty-four selected eggs,
Buff Orpingtons, which she placed under
two hens, she hatched twenty-four chicks
tlat weighed full two ounces each on com
ing out of the shell. She weighed them
again at two weeks old and they weighed
full four ounces each. When the eggs were
ready to pip she took them away from the
hens, put new eggs undor the hens, and
finished hatching the chicks by means of
hot water kept at 103 degrees, with the re
sult that she did not lose a single chick.
She raises thern by hand.
lane Fourth at Fremont.
FREMONT, Neb., June 1. (Special.)
Tha city council last evening passed a
"safe and sane" Fourth of July ordinance,
which waa not as drastic as the one de
feated at Its meeting. If enforced It will
probably save a good many burns and In
juries as well as property. It prohibits
firecrackers of larger dimensions than
three lnchee in length and half an inch
ln diameter,' and of topedoes, which, are
over half an inch in diameter. Pistols, toy
guns, rifles and toy cannon are absolutely
prohibited. The law does not prohibit the
saio of fire crackers or fireworks In any
The council also passed an automobile ordi
nance the provisions of which are sub
stantially as in Omaha. Persons under
18 years of age are prohibited from driv
ing gasoline, electrlo or steam propelled
vehicles within the city limits. This clause
will stop more or less Joy riding. Very
little attention has been paid to owners
of machines of the statute regulating
speed ln dies, but fortunately no serious
Injuries have occurred here.
Broken Bow to Celebrate.
BROKEN BOW, Neb., June L-8peclal.)
At a meeting of the Commercial club last
night rt was decided to celebrate the Fourth
of July on a large scale this year. An
amusement committee of three was ap
pointed, each member of that committee
will name four assistants and the twelve
combined will form an executive Committee
with full power to act. There will be
amusements of all description, athletics,
racing, picture shows, vaudeville and a
grand hurrah of fireworks at night Bus
iness men and citizens have contributed lib
erally and there will be between 11, W0 and
J2.000 expended to make the day a success.
Whether the festive firecracker will hold a
place on the program la not known, as
Mayor Rookwell as yet has issued no
proclamation in regard to the oelebratlon.
Pierce Will Celebrate Fourth.
FIERCE, Neb., June 1. (Special.) At a
meeting of the business men of Fierce rt
waa decided to celebrate the Fourth ln an
appropriate manner. Committees were ap
pointed on speaker, music, advertising,
sports and to secure funds. The latter
committee has met with a very liberal re
sponse from the business men and a regu
lar old-fashioned celebration will be fur
nished. The Norfolk Krelgerbund, or vet
erans of the German army, has been In
vited to participate in the celebration here
on that day and It Is expected that they will
accept. The committee on speaker of the
day has extended Invitations to both Sen
ator E. J. Burke tt and Governor Shallen
berger to make addresses.
Nebraska News Notes.
HUMBOLDT John H. Mehlln, sr., one
of the retired farmers of this section, died
at his home last evening after a period
of illness extending over a year.
TORK Mrs. Hallle Brlerton, one of the
oldest and best known residents of York,
slipped and fell on the steps of the new
postofflce building, breaking her left arm
near the shoulder.
NEBRASKA CITV Henry Van Neet and
Miss Lauretta Kartrlght of Auburn came
to this city Tuesday afternoon and were
united in marriage. They returned nome
' that evening and wore given a reception
liy their relatives.
: BEATRICE Mrs. Samuel Rlnaker and
dauahter. Miss Carrie, departed yesterday
for Carlinvllle, III., to visit. They will be
Joined in a few days by Mr. Rlnaker and
Mr. and Mr a. Dwlght S. Dalbey. The party
will sail June 1 en w extended trip to
NEBRASKA CITT Mrs. Bertha Jensen,
one of the faculty at the Institute for the
blind, has resigned and leaves ln a few days
for London, England, to make her home
with her father Dawson Collins, formerly
a resident of this city and whose health
Is falling.
BEATRICE Announcement was made
yeetrrday of the marriage of Charles A.
White and Miss Hatel Elchhorn, both of
this city, which occurred last Saturday ln
county court. J. U. White, father of the
groom says his son Is not of age, although
the young man avows that he Is 21.
BEATRICE The partition suit filed ln
county court by the heirs ot the late
John Warren waa disponed ot yesterday.
C. G. Barker being appointed referee.
4,700 acres of land in Gage and Bfl0 anres of
land In Jefferson county are to be divided
among the widow, two sons and a daughter,
BEATRICE Following Is the mortgage
report for Gage county for the month of
May: Number of farm mortgages filed, 17;
amount, 865,076; number of farm mortgages
released, 29; amount. 348.11.1; number of rltf,
moitgage filed, 2; amount. .t,M3; mimlr
of city mortgages released, 21; amount,
NEBRASKA CITY-Wlllard Beasley of
Syracuse was arrested and brought to this
city last evening to answer to the charge
of using dynamite In the Little Nemaha
river, near that place, for the purpose ot
killing fish In that stream. The Informa
tion was filed by one of the deputy game
YORK A new, modern, up-to-date alr
dome theater In being built on lots adjoin
ing the York opera house. Dressing rooms
In the opera house will be used end when
the weather Is Inclement the show wll.
take place In the opera house. The air
dome will be opened next week by a stock
NEBRASKA ClTY-llenry Jelkens of
Franklin county and Miss Elnia 8tanJ'
were united In man latin Wednesday a!
the home ot the bride's parents, near Burr.
They were given a large leceptiun, after
which they left for their' future home on
a farm belonging to the groom near
Franklin, Neb.
EMERSON Dr. L. A. IiihIhk has Wn
enjoined by Judge Brown iiom practicing
nieuicine at naxenein. ihsi isi-pteinbi-r
Dr. Lansing sold his practice to Dr. 'loin
liiiHou and agreed not to re-euiui Uie field
for fivo years. He attempted to resume
practice, It is alleged, but Hie court de
cided ho must stay out. '
EMERSON A class of thirty young pro
le were conflrnnd at, the Catholic church
londay. Bishop Keene of Cheyenne, Wyo..
delivered the address for the occasion. Tho
following priests were In attendance;
father Keene of Norfolk, father EiikIisIi
of Hubbard. Father McCarty of ViatO and
1.' ' n !..... 1 J .... I. n I- ..
i nvnti uin r ; vi i n-'ii,
NEBRASKA CITY Judge Travis Is hold
ing an adjourned term of the district court
ami hearing the evidence In tho case of
the state axalnt Trlinbly, who was fined
for violating an ordinance governing pool
hails at Syracuse and annealed the case.
Thern are several criminal cases on the
docket for trial this week.
BEATRICE An automobile party, com
prising Dan Killen, Supervisor Kretsor and
E. J. Shaw of Adams, and James Wlnter
steen of Lincoln, had a smnshup a few
miles oast of the city yesterday caused
by the car striking the stamp of a lieo
near the road. The car was pretty bndly
damaged, but the occupants escaped Injury.
KXETER The Wllmcr Brown farm,
comprising about 164 acres, Just outside
the corporation, was sold last week to
William Blckert of Elmwoud, Neb., fur
118,000, the highest price paid for any
farm In this vicinity. Mr. Brown pur
chased this farm three or four years ago
for 38.000. Pretty good profit on his in
vestment. M'COOL JUNCTION Six young people
were given dlplnrnus for completing tho
eleventh grade by Prof. Doty. The ad
dies:, of the evening was given by Hon.
C. H. Sloan. The graduates Were Everett
Bellows, Earl Weidinan, Dorothy Drier,
Lena Smith, Maude Jacks and Vera Jacks.
An entertainment was given by lower
grades and ItiO proceeds will be used to
buy an organ for the school. -
NEBRASKA CITT Miss Emma Morton,
sister of the late J. Sterling Morton, who
recently made a wonderful rally from an
attack of pneumonia, Is again very 111. Sno
is gradually growing weaker. Her nephew,
Joy Morton of Chicago, has been at her
bedside for several days, but waa cahed
away on business. She In old and her re
cuperative powers are not as strong as
they were prior to her late Illness.
NEBRASKA CITY Rlchsrd Nelmsn of
Burr came to the city yesterday in com
pany with his lji-year-old niece and they
registered as man and wife at one of the
hotels. The man Is 27 years ot age. They
were arrested last night and both are in
Jail to await the action of the county at
torney. The girl seems to be quite Ignorant
and does not realize why she was brought
to the city, and so Informed tiie officers
who made th3 arrest.
Underwear That
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if -Q .'tfiY