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eighbor of Dennison and Daughter
Say Prisoner Wai Near Home.
Pfeotosrasih ef Kt onvlct of Colo
red rrlaon Thought to B F.rd
( Maa Not Yet Received
rrlnontr "till Urn In.
Ball Games Good,
Declares Mayor
of Milwaukee
Sport Keeps Boys from Saloons, Says
Wisconsin Socialist Leader
to Minister.
Charles Walker, who liven at Fifteenth
and Yaten street, aii'l his daughter Wed
nesday afternoon positively Identified
Frank Krrlman,' arrested In connection
with the frustrated Infernal jnachlne out
rio at the residence of Tom Dennison,
1507 Tate street, as a man they saw Sat
urday evening In the vicinity of the house.
They also say that the grip Is similar to
the one 1 the man. was carrying.
Walker came Into the case Wednesday
morning, following a telephone message
to Chief Donahue. The Identification
took p. ace when Erdman was among a
number, of other prisoners confined In the
city Jail. "There the man," said Walker
pointing to Erdman. when he and the
, other jail charges had passed In review
I Ills daughter was equally sure. They said
they saw him over the hill In the dlrec
tlon of Dennlson's residence.
Chief Donahue has not yet received the
photograph of the ex-convict Frank Brink
man, from Canon City, Col. He expects
to have It tomorrow.
Dennison Wednesday offered a reward of
1500 for information that will lead to the
v apprehension and conviction of the per
son or persons who placed the Infernal
machine at Ms house.
Erdman Denies Statements.
Erdman absolutely denies that he had
admitted to any police officer or any re
porter that he had been a convict In Colo
rado or that he had made any confession
Elmer Thomas, attorney for the Antl
Paloon league was at the station to see
Mr. Erdman Tuesday morning, but he said
that he did not know whether he was to
defend him or not as he had come simply
in response to a request from Erdman. Rev.
J. M. Leidy was also at the station.
Upon looking at Frank Erdman, the pris
oner at the police station, Mrs. Dennison,
wife of tho man whose home was Jeopard
lied by the Infernal machine, declared she
did not think Erdman was the-man she
g bad seen near the premises. Mrs. Dennison
rWnlshed the clue Monday that she had
seen a strange man pass ner nuuso
leave an apple near the porch. Examina
tion of the apple, she reported, had shown
It to be perforated with queer looking blackj
pinholes. It was destroyed.
Mrs. Dennison first Identified the pub
lished pictures of Erdman as the myster
ious stranger who had deposited the apple
near her porch a few days before. At the
tatlon, however, she declared Erdman
seemed to be altogether a different man
than whom she had seen before.
Dennison fa Certain.
Other vlsltora at the city Jail in connec
tion with the dynamite setting were
Messrs. Dennison, Thomas and Leidy. Mr.
Dennison declared himself morally certain
that Erdman was the man who had set
the fiendish trap to destroy the Dennison
home and family.
Mr. Thomas maintained his belief that
Erdman had not been ' directly Implicated
in the bomb setting and that the man's
past record, ao far as he knew, had been
a good one. He said a competent attorney
would be assigned 'to defend the prisoner,
but that he did not know who the attorney
would be.
Captain Dunn announced that the latest
line of investigation being followed by the
police Tuesday was the origin In the city
of the suitcase used for the dynamite con
trlvance. It waa learned, he said, that the
grip waa of a peculiar slse and variety, the
Ilka of which la not handled by any mer
chants of Omaha. The grip was made by
the Romadka Bros, company of Milwaukee,
Wis., and la designed with double straps
and double locks. It was twenty-six inches
long, two inches longer than the usual
make of suitcases. -
MILWAUKEE, May 24. "While you are
fighting for some tfieologlcai dugnia, our
boys and girls are going to hell," declared
Mayor Seldel, In an address before the
Milwaukee Ministerial association.
During the discussion and immediately
after. Mayor Seidel had remarked that
when a boy Is offered a base ball ticket
he will shun the saloons. A minister de
clared that he would not trust his boy
to attend a base ball game because In
toxicants were sold on the grounds.
'They'll manage to drink somehow," said
the minister.
"Then It Is up to you," replied the
mayor, "to cultivate and develop a better
taste." One of the ministers declared there
was no need of trying to give the bovs
"good wholesome amusement when the
nickel theater downtown catered to their
baser passions."
"The thing for us to do then Is to
compete with the nickel theaters," replied
the mayor. "Have a moving picture
machine right In the school house."
Will Present His List to the Co'incil
for Approval.
Kuakhouarr, an hnlrman of Finance
Committee, la Itrplarrd by Shel
don McClo vera Keeps
Ills Old Job.
Tariff Board
Loses Out in
Expense Fund
Froposcd Appropriation Stricken from
Sundry Civil Bill by the
Lower House.
Doctor Fasts to
Prove His Theory
Physician Follows Upton Sinclair's
Anti-Eating Plan for Eight
Days and Feels Fine.
NEW YORK, May 24. After a fast of
eight days, Dr. Gustav A. Gayor rinds him
self sixteen pounds lighter, but stronger,
he says, clearer In mind and with better
memory and eyesight. He will consult an
occullst for an- opinion on the Improvement
of his eyesight
The doctor sleeps out of doors and drinks
water freely. He acknowledges that for
the first days the smell of cooking drove
him out of the house, but says that harder
still he found the deprivation of tobacco.
He used to smoke ten cigars a day. His
hair has stopped falling out and he thinks
It Is turning darker.
Throughout the test, the doctor has con
tinued his dally exercise and his lectures.
He undertook the fast to study the Influ
ence of auto-suggestion on the body, and
Is so pleased with the results that he says
now he will prolong his fast to fifty days
Instead of thirty, as at first planned.
Physicians will watch him for any dan
gerous Impairment of vitality and should
such be noted the fast will be discontinued.
Two Bar Ther Are Ready for Trial
in District Conrt (or Kebblnsr
: Morris Levy Home.
Two auspects waived examination and
three asked for a preliminary hearing when
the five men were arraigned for the second
time on a charge of burglary before Judge
Crawford Tuesday morning. Harry Johnson
and Harry Carter, the same two who
waived examination in the first arraign
ment, told the court they were prepared
to appear in district court. The other three
were James Johnson, Ray Morton and
Harry Perrlne.
WrKe men were charged with robbing the
residence of Morris Levy In their hearing
Tuesday morning. A third complaint
charging they figured In the robbery of
the Pray Clothing store will be filed against
ithe men, according to the prosecuting at
:rney. A, hearing on the Levy robbery
will be given the three defendants Wednes
day morning.
Convict Witness
in Butter Fraud
Oleomargarine "Moonshiner" Leaves
Leavenworth for Chicago
Court Room.
CHICAGO, May 24. William Broadwell,
convicted oleomargarine "moonshiner"
brought, to Chicago from prison at,. Leav
enworth, Kan., as a witness In the gov
ernment's Investigation into the butterlne
trade, today told hla story before! the fed
eral grand Jury.
Broadwell had not completed his testi
mony when the jury adjourned for the
night, and will be placed on the witness
stand again tomorrow. United States Dis
trict Attorney Sims said that Broadwell
probably would oe returned to the federal
penitentiary at Leavenworth tomorrow
President Brucker has made up hla list
of new commute, which he will this
evening submit to the city council for ap
proval. Funkhouser, who has been chairman of
the committee on finance, is replaced by
Sheldon as chairman, and Johnson takes
the place of Funkhouser on tho committee
Funkhouser was one of the two democrats
voting against Brucker for president.
Bridges, the other democratic Insurgent,
retains his place as chairman of the com
mittee on fire, water and police.
McQovern, the third democrat not In the
coi.trolllng combination, Is also allowed to
remain as chairman of the committee on
street Improvements, and Funkhouser re
places Davis as the third member of this
Important committee. Hummel, also a
member, could have had the chairmanship of
this committee If he wanted It, but he In
sisted McQovern should be retained.
Davis succeeds Kugel as chairman on
paving and sewerage, and Kugel becomes
chairman of sidewalks, crosswalks and
Driages. Burmester, retiring president.
takes Brucker's place as chairman on rail
ways and viaducts, and Schroeder succeeds
Davis as head of the committee on tele
graph and telephones.
The lighting committee, at this time a
very lmpprtant one, will be headed by
Johnson, 'who succeeds Sheldon, and Bur
mester takes Funkhouser's place as second
on this committee. Funkhouser is put at
the head of the committee on public prop
erty and buildings, formerly held by John
son. .
The committee on rules Is entirely new
In personnel, with Brucker as chairman
and Sheldon and Davis replacing Bridges
and Funkhouser.
Following is the new list of committees,
which may or may not create a little argu
ment at the meeting tonight:
Judiciary Berka, Hummel, Johnson, Bur
mester and Sheldon.
Finance and Claims Sheldon, Johnson
and Berka.
Paving and Sewerage Davis, Schroeder
and Funkhouser.
Street Improvements McGovern, Hum
mel and Funkhouser.
Telegraph and Telephone Schroeder,
Bridges and McGovern.
Railways and Viaducts Burmester,
Kugel and Johnson.
Fire, Water and Police Bridges,
Schroeder and Davis.
Street Lighting Johnson, Burmester and
Public Property and Buildings Funk
houser, Kugel and Brucker.
Parks. Parkways and Boulevards Hum
mel, Berka and McGovern.
Sidewalks, Crosswalks and Bridges
Kugel, Schroeder and Davis.
Rules Brucker, Sheldon and Davis.
Doctors Lovrland and Standeven Save
Will Dole from Death by
Poison Ina.
WASHINGTON. May 2I.-After an ex
tended debate, the proposed liVi.OnO appro
priation to defray the expenses of the tariff
board, recommended by the president, waa
stricken from the sundry civil appropria
tion bill In the house yesterday. This action
resulted from a decision by Representative
Mann of Illinois, who was In the chair,
sustaining a point of order made by Mr.
Fitzgerald of New Tork, who contended
that there was no law authorising such an
In order to meet the objection to the
tariff board on the part of many demo
crate and some republicans, Mr. Tawney
proposed another amendment, which appro
priated $250,000 practically for the same
purpose, with the added provision that It
was "to enable the president to give to
congress Information of the state of the
union and recommend to their consideration
such measures as he shall Judge necessary
and expedient."
Under this wording of the measure. It Is
understood that the president should send
to congress any Information which may
be collected under the proposed legislation.
By leaving out the president, all reference
to the tariff board, which already exists, it
was hoped that' the provision would come
within the rules of the house and would
not be subject to a point of order.
Representative Fitzgerald promptly made
a point of order against the new amend
ment and pending his argument upon it the
house adjourned until tomorrow.
Wealthy . hlrago Publisher Weds
After Ilavtnar Hon Arrested
for Assnnlt.
CHICAGO. May 24.-W. D. Hoyce, wealthy
publisher and paper manufacturer, was
married to Miss Virginia Lee In the suburb
of Oak Park, near here, today. It had
previously been arranged to hold the wed
ding on June 1.
Boycc was attacked and ben ten last
Thursday night at a lake front hotel by
his son. Benjamin Boyce, who was Inter
arrested by the police. Young Boyce Is
snld to have objected to hla father's msr
rlage to Miss Lee.
Immediately following the performance
f the marriage today Mr. and Mrs. Boyce
eft Chicago for Montreal. Canada. They
nil! snll from Monti esl for Kurope. where
tt.ey will make an extended automobile
Fonrteen Men Indicted on t'harae of
Vlolatlna niatrlet of Colombia
Code Aonlnat (lamina.
WASHINGTON. May 24-Tlie Depart
ment of Justice took a new tack today In
Its' crurado against bucket shops by lodging
a complaint of n direct violation of sec
tion 863 of the district code, which forbids
bucketing or sotting up n gaming table
In the district. .
This direct cHarge of operating a
bucket shop in the d'strlct Is made again
the persons ho are eid lo eotiut th
Mandard Stock and . Grain company oi
Jersey City. , t , .' i ' ' ,
Miss Theodora etark Rons .Ds
nroker with Antomohilv and
Kills Him.
CTi PAUL, May I. A eharge of mn
slaughter was filed today against Mis
Theodora Stark, the l-year-old Minneapolis
girl, who while driving an automobile, ran
down and killed 8. B. Phot well, a well
known St. Paul nroker Jn this city last
nlcht. ...
Bee Want Ads Are Business Boosters.
t hlldren Who Take rnrt Rehearse In
Fall Costume Thursday Afternoon
Institute Children Guests.
Dutch dolls, Japanese dolls, French dolls,
Teddy Bears and Gingerbread men, and all
'.he tnerestlia young denisens of "The Toy
Bhop'Sw hlca is Inspected by the publlo
Krldaf evening, Saturday afternoon and
venh-ig at Jthe Rrandels theater, are ex
hibiting their characteristic steps for each
other's admiration. The different groups
are getting together and rehearsing for the
KSi performance The first rehearsal with
the orchestra waa held Tuesday afternoon.
The first-dress ' rehearsal Is scheduled for
rhursday' afternoon. "
The children' of the Institute In whose
benefit these other little people are giving
the opera, the Child Saving Institute, will
witness the performance Saturday after
noon. The nurtfs of the Institute will
occupy two of the upper boxes at the
performance Saturday evening.
Oao Chance, However, May Become
Effective Among; Trustees of
Printers' Home.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 24.-Reports
from 577 of the approximately 700 unions
of the International Typographical union,
Indicate that with probably one exception
all the national officers have been re
elected. The exception la T. D. Fennesay
of Los Angeles, the total showing that
Michael Powell of Ottawa, Canada, Is lead
ing by several hundred majority In the
race for trustee of the union printers'
home at Colorado Springs.
The report received at the general of
fice in this city, indicate that James M.
Lynch, president, will be re-elected by a
majority of about 7,000, while Secretary
J. W, Hayes' majority may reach 10,000.
Unlea the one hundred unions which have
not reported, change the ballot materially,
the offlcera chosen are as follows: Presi
dent, James M. Lynch, Syracuse, N. Y.;
first vice president, George A. Tracy, San
Francisco; secretary, J. W. Hayes, Min
neapolis; delegates to the American Fed
eration of Labor, Frank Morrison, Chi
cago; Max S. Hayes, Cleveland; Hugh
Stephenson, Toronto, and T. W. McCul
lough, Omaha. Trustees of the printers'
home: Thomas McCaffery, Colorado
Springs; Walter H. McKee, New York;
Michael Powell, Ottawa. Agent of the
printers' home, George P. Nichols, Balti
The delegates to the American Federa
tion of Labor will attend the meeting hld
at St. Louis In November.
1 A Dangerous Wound
Is rendered Atit aoptlo by Bucklen'a Arnlc
Kalvj. the healing wonder for sores.- burns,
pl'IK ecaeina and salt rheum. 25c. For
a by Beaton Drug Co.
Attraction nt Krua- Theater Nets
ae,UO for Institution
W ill Add Wings.
The auction in the hall cf the Krua
theater Monday night marked the last ataga
of the naxar n aid of. the Wise Memorial
. i . I .1 . V. - . .
nonpuai. turn (i u remaining over
were aolfl at sacrifices. It Is estimated
that when all aecounts have been settled
the basar, will have netted between K000
tended to add two wings to the hospital,
tnd $7,000. As already announced It Is in
"mbrlain S-Ov,un ltsmedy u medl.
clnVaf gxoat worth aad menu Try It wttea
rf half"
Police Surgeons Loveland and Standeven
Monday night Interfered with. the hand of
death. Will Dole, who boards at 1811 North
Twenty-third Btreet, by drinking two
thirds of an ounce of carbolic acid at
tempted to take his life, but within ten
minutes after .he drank the po.lsqn medical
belp 'was at hand. Dole boards at the ad
dress mentioned with John Shafer.
The doctors had a stiff fight, but after
about twenty minutes they were success
ful and Dole was left In charge of Mr.
Shafcr. It seems that he has been wor
ried by domestic troubles. He is a Can
adian and appears to have left his wife
and clilld In that country.
Dundee Woman Alleges Her Hosnand
la Perpetrating Disagree
able Stunts.
George riace, the Dundee chicken farmer
and former attorney, devised new ways to
plague his wife, according to an affidavit
filed by Mrs. Place In support of a mo
tlon to advance her divorce plea, ,
According to the affidavit, after Place
had been enjoined from molesting his wife,
he wrote notes to her by mall. Then, pos
eibly that she might not open the letters,
he wrote more notes and pasted them on
furniture In the house. Still later he wrote
rotes on hen's eggs and sent the eggs to
his wife, so she says.
What Everynoay Wants.
Everybody desires goo health, which
impossible unless the kidneys are sound and
healthy. Foley's Kidney Remedy ahouM be
taken at the first Indication of any l:reg
ularity, and a serious Illness may be
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etore your kidneys and bladder to their
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Historians Meet
at Iowa City
Convention of the Mississippi Valley
Association Will Be Held
Thursday and Friday.
IOWA CITY. Ia., May 24.-(Spedal.)-
Upon the Invitation of the State Histori
cal society of Iowa, the third annual meet
ing of the Mississippi Valley Historical as
sociation will be held at Iowa City, next
Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday a
special program will be given by the Iowa
society, Including an address by Prof. L.
G. Weld, the organizer of three colleges
In the university and one of the best known
of the local professors. At the Burkley
Imperial hotel In the evening a dinner will
be tendered to the Rev. Joseph Newton of
Cedar Rapids, by the members of the his
torical society. He will give an address
that evening on "Abraham Lincoln."
Thursday the official sessions of the Mis
sissippi Valley Historical society begin with
an address of welcome by President George
E. MacLean, at 10 o'clock. Many promi
nent historians appear on the morning and
afternoon programs. Edgar R. Harlan will
preside at the conference of Mississippi Val
ley Historical societies in the afternoon.
In the evening the big address of the meet
ing will be given by Frederick J. Turner,
professor In the University of Wisconsin
and president of the American Historical
societly. John Lee Webster pf Omaha,
Neb., president of the Nebraska State His
torical society will atao-grve an address on
the same evening. '
President Frank L HftfVey of the Unl
versity of North Dakota, will give the
feature address on Friday. Many luncheons
and dinners will be given the visitors by
local faculty members and residents of
Iowa City. Along these will be a luncheon
tendered on Friday In the Commercial club
rooms, by Euclid Sonders, president of the
State Historical society of Iowa.
Inebriates' Farm In Sight for Gay
Ones Who Hit 'Em Co
, Too Much,
NEW YORK, May 24.-The Inebriates-
farm is in sight for New Yorkers who fall
to limit their Indulgence to one spree a
year. Mayor Gaynor signed today the bill
recently passed by the legislature author
izing the city to establish an Institution for
their detention and treatment. Only Gov
ernor Hughes' signature1 Is now needed to
make the measure a law.
Showers of Meteors nt Boone, la.
BOONE. Ia., May 24.-(Speclal Telegram.)
This morning small meteors struck Boone
at Eleventh and Monroe streets, greatly ex
citing ' people In that neighborhood. Con
ductor W. B. Harris has small portions of
this rain of minute meteors. The sub
Btance Is In the form of coal, apparently
partly burned. . It Is believed the par
tides are from the tall of Halley'a comet.
mmammmammmmtmeJ y'f. frnnMr.atnnannnasta
' Mi 1
President Vlevre Traveler of the Skies
Tkrouih Teleaoope at Kaval .
WASHINGTON, May 24 -Through the big
twenty-slx-lnch telescope at tho United
States Naval observatory. President Tart
last night for the first time 'saw Halley's
comet. Having kept In close touch with
Its movement the president was much in
terested In observing It tonight,' although
on account oi me ciouas ana naze, not
much of the tail was visible. President
Taft showed more Interest In Jupiter, the
moon and some of - the other heavenly
bodies than In the comet.
In hla party were Mrs. Taft, Charles P.
Taft, John Hayes Hammond and General
and Mrs. Clarence R-- Edwards. Former
Senator Stephenson of Wisconsin saw the
comet tonight for the second time In his
life, having seen It while in Maine, seventy
five years ago, , when he was only 6 years
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