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    THE BEE: OMAHA. TUESDAY. MAY 17. 1010.
What Does the Word "Raincoat
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Lively Session in Juvenile Branch,
with Several Cases Heard.
5' '.U'S -
. San
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One Father Insists that lie Pro
vldea Meat KTerr , fcut Slay
Xot Always Hate Tie on
Mrs. Angeierose Scalio fainted away In
Juvenile court when her son. Arthur Scalio
was sentenced to Kearney, and she re
mained unconscious for ten minutes. While
physicians were working over her, the
guardian of her son, Vincent Chlodo, was
pleading with Judge Sutton to give the boy.
another chance. The combined forces pre
vailed and the court ordered the matter
Depended until Wednesday.
Mre. Antonio, Mercurlo's boy escaped
with a short stay In the Detention home,
lie, like the Scalso boy was Incorrigibly
truant, the denprlr of teachers, probation
and truant officers. "Myself hltla them a
lick," said Mrs. lercurlo, "and da teach,
she hltta lick, but It no good."
The real feature of the Monday session
of JuvenUe court was a little colored
boy, 4 years of age, Albert. Hall by name.
His mother is dead, the victim of a blow
from her husband, who la in Jail pending
trial In district court. The child has been
In the Detention home since the tragedy,
and Mr a. Heller, superintendent of the
home, brought him with her to court.
Hants Parents (or Himself.
The little boy has learned that an effort
will be made to get some one to adopt him
and lie started out on his own account
finding new parents.
"You want a nice boy?" he Inquired of
first one man and then another In tli
court room. Were the child white Instead
of colored it would be an easy enough
matter finding udopted parents for him.
Uefore the morning elided young Albert
Hall had caused some confusion by saying
"Hello, papa," and "Hello, mamma," to
various men and women attending court.
Tlieodore and Samuel Cahn were up for
repeated truancy. Thsre was a hint made
by ono witness that the Cahn family board
Is not too ample, and Mr. Cahn, sire of
the truants, denied this with heated flu
ency. "They get meat every day," said he em
phatically. "They get plenty to eat, though
no swell food every day like pies."
Myrtle Decker, a young girl who has
been in court pievlously, was ordered to
Ueneva. She and Violet Duvall were ar
rested Saturday night In a restaurant,
where they were drinking beet with men.
Tony Minardis, proprietor of a restaurant
at Fourteenth and Leavenworth streets,
and Pete Calalamia, a companion, who
were arrested while entertaining the two
16-year-old girls vlth a spread of lunch
and liquor, were fined $25 and costs each.
The men were charged with aiding young
girls in delinquency in the hearing before
Judge Crawford.
Have Boot Print It.
JJghMnf rixtures Bnrg-sis-Oiandsn Co.
Beit rjr Cleaning of garments. Twin
City , Dye' Wnrke,' 07. Solnb Fifteenth.
1800 HtlonV I4f Xnanranc Co 1910
Charles ti. Any, Oeneral Ageni. omaila.
The Vtbraska Saving W !
loans .toineslnugjaj county.
Servtcepftm$f?TSrm,e. 'Board
of Trade Bldg., JU0J Farnam St., Qmaea.
Pro'. Bernstein TeU ot Comet Prof.
Nathan Bernstein of the Omaha High
chool will lecture on Halley'a comet Tues
day night at Barlght's hall, Nineteenth and
Farnam streets. . . '
Dlaoharg In Bankruptcy Final dis
charges in bankruptcy have been granted
by Judge W. 11.' Munger of the United
AtAte district court to George Henry M.
r.mxiin .laituia H. Craddock, Robert
Burns and John A. Anderson, all of Omaha,
' Tar mala Sntera Denial Thomas E. l'ar-
h filed in district court a reply to
wvnir a. Johnson's suit for an accounting
la their partnership deal to get a franchise
for the Independent. Telepnone company.
Mr. Parmelo enters a general denial of
plaintiff" allegations.
Qft lot rairTmry A number of delo
gatea from the Urand Army of the Re
public. Women's Uollef Corps and Ladle
of the Orand Army of the Republic to the
annual encampment of the Orand Army of
the Republlo left Monday afternoon for
Falrbury.- ' Another detachment of dele
gates and vlsltoia will leave Tuesday morn
Ins. The encampment begins Tuesday and
will last for three days.
' Discharge RolAler In Trouble Howard
Slckel, a former member of the Sixteenth
Infantry, who hat Just completed a term
dA Imprisonment In the Fort Crook guard
lVt-..fce, was arrested on his release Munday
morning by Deputy United States Marshal
Hase under an Indictment from the federal
grand Jury. Slckel la charged by the
United States civil authorities with sending
.nonmailable matter through the United
Abates malls. He will be arraigned before
Judge W. H. Munger Monday evening. It
1 understood that ha will enter a plea ot
Toasg Alabama Kara of Child of
, . Wealthy Planter Wanted to
. Take Excursion.
tBMOPQLIS,.AIa.. May l.-Polsoned by
a' 10-year-old negro girl, employed as a
nurse, the S-months-old daughter of David
Colllna.a wealthy planter, died today, and
a second child of Collins', S years old, la In
a serious condition. The girl says he,pol
oned the children because their mother re
fused to allow her to go on an excursion.
Tbe county Jail Is heavily guarded against
a possible attempt to lynch her.
Bee Want Ada will boost your business.
Bryan to Talk
to the Children
on World Peace
Meeting; t Auditorium Scheduled for
Half Past Ten Adults to
.. Be Admitted.
Superintendent Davidson of the public,
schools, who will prtslde ut the peace
meeting Tuesday morning at the Auditor
ium, wants the public to understand that
ps soon as tho children of the public
schools are seated, the doors will be thrown
opi-n to the general public. It is now ex
pected to scat the children by 10 o'clock,
and at that hour the adults who are in
terested will be let in.
John L. Webster will make the first ad
dress, following the Invocation and the
opening remurks by Dr. Davidson, and W.
J. Bryan will follow Bhortly after, discuss
ing the campaign for world peace from the
standpoint of one who has been a partici
pant In the official conferences held at The
Hague, where delegates from all nations
Workers from All Over State to At
tend Washington Conference.
i . - - -
World's . Bandar School Conference
Attract Many from Several
Cities of the State Left
Dodge Viaduct
Being Pushed
Accident of Saturday Night to Be
Used by City Officials as a
The suit now pending In court In which
the Missouri Pacific road seeks to restrain
the city from compelling the construction
ot the Dodge street viaduct, was to have
been heard in the United States district
court Monday morning. The city was ready
but the railroad company ajiked-for further
delay and was given until Thursday next to
file some affidavits. Then the city will
have to be given time to answer with other
affidavits, among them one Betting out the
accident of last Saturday evening, aa the
spot where the city want the viaduct
built. Assistant City Attorney Dunn ex
pects now the case will go to heating next
Monday. "The city will be on hand and
ready anyway," said Mr. Dunn, "and the
sooner we reach ' a settlement the better.
It has been proved there Is danger there
Nebraska delegates to the World's Sun
day school convontlon, which is to be held
in Washington, D. C, left Omaha Monday
on tho Northwestern. The convention Is to
be held May 19 to 24 and those who will
be present from Nebraska are as follows:
Rev. M. O. McLaughlin, Omaha; Miss
Margaret E. Brown, Orand Island; Miss
Martha Fodge, Broken Bow; Miss Vlda
Learner. Wakefield; Miss Emma Llndqulst,
Craig; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McLucas, B. Q.
Dawson. J. R. Nelson and J. H. Yeakle,
Falrbury; Miss L. C. Oberlies. Mrs. C. W.
Little, Mrs. A. O. Evans, Mr. and Mrs.C.
II. Lucas, Miss Nellie Kimberly, Lincoln;
Rev. Nathan English, Lexington; Rev. D.
W. Montgomery, Loup City; Mrs. Lydla
W. Smith, Tekamah; J. W. Rldgeway,
Miss Gladys Ellis, Curtis; Rev. J. L. Smith,
Sioux; Robert Mathew, Loup City; T. E.
Wellman, Stratton; Mr. and Mrs. Paul S.
Dletrick, Lincoln; George W. Barrett, Shel
ton; A. M. Holmes, Mrs. J, W. Smith,
Murray; Rev. H. O. Langley 'and Mrs. H.
O. Langley, Laurel; Rev. Charles W. Ray,
Norfolk; Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Wightman,
York; Mrs. Martha H. Angelo, Lincoln;
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Sweeley and daughter,
Unbidden Guest
Lost Ranchman
Man, Obviously Demented, Finds Way
Into Surprised Household Proves
to Be Charles Lears.
A stranger : walked 'lnllo-' the bome' of
Charles N. Bulls, near Lane, Saturday aft
ernoon at the supper hour., - .
"Good evening," said the stranger, who
was a man about (A years ot age.
"Good evening," replied Mr. and Mrs.
Bulls In polite response. -
"I have come to make my home with
you," said the stranger. Mr. and Mrs.
Bulls thought it over and Sunday had the
stranger conveyed to - Millard, whence
Deputy Sheriff Mead brought him to -the
Douglas county jail on an Insanity com
The man proves to be Charles Lears, now
a Colorado ranchman and formerly an
Omaha business man. How tie came to
be In this part of the country is yet a
mystery. Letters and papers found in his
possession show Lears to have gained con
slderable wealth since he went to Colo
Many Engagements
Delay a Hearing
Other Cases and a Wedding Make it
Hard to Set-a Time for
This Trial.
If you have anything to sell or exchange
advertise It in The Bee Want Ad columns.
Marrtawe Licenses.
Permits to wed have been granted the
following couple.:
Name and Residence. Age.
Wallace E. Hewitt. Danbury, la 23
Ruth May Worth, Sioux City. la 21
Luther Toles. Kansas City 23
Jennie Wheeler, Versailles, Mo J
George L. Ross, South Omaha 28
bophle H. Thomas, South Omaha 24
( Strong Healthy Women
If a womaa is strong and healthy in a womanly way, moth-
, arhood means to her but little suffering. The trouble lies
W . in the fact thet tbe many women suffer from weakness and
disease ot tbe distinctly feminine organism and are unfitted
for motherhood. This can be remedied.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Cures tbe weaknesses and disorder of women.
It aots directly on tbe delicate and important
' organs eonoerned in motherhood, tnakina then
keaitby, strong, vigorous, virile aad elastic.
'Favorite Preseriptioa" benishe tbe indispositions of tbe
period of expeetanoy and make baby's advent easy and
almost painless. It Quickens and vitalise tbe feminine
organa, and insure a healthy and robust baby. Thousand of women bay
tee li bed to it marvelous merit.
It Make Wk Women Strong. It Mskea Sick Women Well.
lionet druggists do not offer substitutes, and urge them upon you at " iust
' a good." Accept no secret nostrum in place of tbit mom-tttrtt remedy. It
ervftlMna not a drop of alcohol and not a grain of babit-forming or injurious
uj.' pare glyceric extract of beating, native American root.
Attorney in the suit of Mildred Ander
son against the Omaha & Council Bluffs
Street Railway company held heated de
bate before Judge Estelle Monday as to the
date of trial of the cause. Henry Murphy,
counsel tor plaintiff, urged a prompt hear-
ing. John L. Webster told the court of an
engagement of his in federal court, folio
ing a trial in which he is now engaged
and after that Mr. Connell wixhed a short
delay because he did not wish to get Into
this case, which will be a battle royal, the
week before a wedding in hia family. The
case was not definitely set.
Broken Head. Pays
for Broken Heart
Defendant in Police Court Pleads
Guilty to Squaring: Scores
i with Kst.
'He broke my heart 1 add I broke hii
head, your honor." In these words Clar
encu Glvins, a negro .pleaded guilty to the
charge of disturbing the peace, In Judge
Crawford' court Monday morning.
Will Price, another negro, appeared with
a swath of bandages about his read in
corroboration of the defendant's story
The two negroes gave an account of their
trouble centering upon the affairs ot Giv
Ins family.
The negro explained he had fought
through a hot encounter with the Inter
loper and was winning when Policeman
Egan arrived on the scene.
Judge Crawford discharged both men.
Canton Brlda-e Company la l.o
rinmbina- Bids for Court II
Canvassed Friday.
A committee of the Board of County Com
missioner has filed a report on the bids
for a new steel structure over the Platte
The committee finds that the Canton Bridge
company "Is the lowest and best bidder'
and recommends that the contract be thus
awarded. The Canton company offer to
build two spans for Sl!,628, and the next
lowest bidder is the Standard Bridge com
pary. which Is about '12 higher. Other
bidders were the Western Bridge, Empire
Monarch Engineering, Jowa Bridge and
Midland companies.
The bids for the court house plumbing
ard heating will be canvassed at a meet
Ing of the committee tt the whole Friday
layered In a Fire
or bruised by a fall, apply Bucklcn'a Ar
nice naJve. cures rmrns, wounds, sore
eciema, piles. Guaranteed. 33c. For sale
by Beaton Drug Co.
Mean to You?
Does It mean a WATKRI'IIOOF coat, that, bosld Iff wt wea
ther uses, la equally desirable on dry or chilly day, because ot Ita
style and appearance?
If su( h Is the case you may place the fullest confidence In the
Raincoats we offer; or, If you have been misled into buying a Rain
coat that la not WATKK PROOF, then, it's even more Important that
you have your confidence restored, by means of a "Nebraska," Rain
proof Raincoat. ,
We've also a splendid variety of unusual values In spring overcoats.
Today Is a good time to Inspect both, at
$15, $18S&s.
Man Who Applied for Police Job is
Union Parlflc Engineers Meet wltu
Vnforaeen Difficulties in Founda
tion for Ken Headquarters.
A pile foundation may yet be the solu
tlon of the difficulty the t'nlon Pacific
engineers are meeting with on the site at
Fifteenth and Dodge. The borings are now
down over 100 feet and no solid bottom ha
yet been found.
It Is now understood that piles will be
driven at this great distance below the
street level, and will be cut off Just below
the water line. Then concrete will be
tamped In freely and an artificial bedrock
be thus established for the splendid struo
ture that has been planned.
In spite of all the unforseen difficulties
met with on the site, the railroad's en
gtneers are not in any way discouraged
They always have a trick or two up their
sleeves for just such emergencies.
Balldloar Permits.
t,. R. Wilson. IHS0 Central ' boulevard
frame, 12.600; U. J. Dinning. 309 South
Thirty-seventh street, frame, 113.000; Maney
Milling rompany, alterations and repairs
115.000; Maney Milling company, corrugated
Iron grain elevator. 116.000; Maney Milling
company, frame ornee ouuaing,
- A 7 i
mT .nai emT m. . W .
7 Gold MedalFlour
OH Til
' 3
Officers Believe that Morton nnd the
Elffht Accomplices I nder Arreat
Laid Plot to Aid Their
.Jn the person ot Ray Morton, one of -the
nine men taken In the round-up of burglar
suspects feunday, the police think they
have ono of the cleverest rogues ever
caught in this city. Broad shouldered. In
telligent and hotiewt in appearance, Mor
ton made application a week ago to join
the police force. In the light of his arreat
as a burglas connected with a band which
gathered in thousands of dollars worth of
loot during the space of a month, the police
believe Morton had planned unique depre
dations under the guise of being a police
Captain Mostyn, acting chief, explained
Monday morning the half dosen different
expedients a treacherous policeman might
use to gain his outlaw ends, all of which It
appeared Morton had intended using.
"The perjured officer after swearing to
give his life to protect life and property,"
said Chief Mostyn, "could have access to
the Important reports of the department.
He could keep his pals' In close touch with
the action of the police on all burglaries
and other criminal deeds. He could betray
thobe who trusted him In the dally travel
ing of hia beat He would find it com
paratively easy to enter certain business
placea and houses on his beat for a thieving
purpose, which otherwise he could not
At Soda Fountains or Elsewhere
"Just Sy"
It means the Original and Genuine
The Food-Drink for all Ages.
Rich milk, malted grain, in powder form. More healthful than tea or coffee.
For infants.invalids and growing children. Agrees with the weakest digestion.
Pure nutrition.upbuilding the whole body. Keep it on your sideboard at home.
Invigorates nursing mothers nd the aged. A quick lunch prepared in a minute.
- . Sample sent free. Address HORLICK'S, Racine, Wis.
$T Take no substitute. Ask for HORLICK'S.
g?v?w Com fate fr Sued
Hrsr-End Colli. ioii In Which All Oc
cupant. Escape Injury
Slippery Track.
A Unloa Pacific ambulance carrying two
nurses and a physician to (it. Joseph hos
pital was struck In rear-end collision by a
street car at Twenty-fourth and Indiana
avenue at 8 o'clock Monday morning. None
of the occupants of either the car or the
ambulance were injured.
The street car men claim that the track
was rendered treacherous by a coating of
moisture from the heavy mist . and fog
which enshrouded the city Monday morn
ing. The Impact of the car was barely uf:
flclent to crush the rear step of the
Alio W.I ' 'J -"HJL " M B.
"Y-There u no mistake about one thing'
the lifk
;t 'jV m.Jin r &t Com nara ,5Tb & La n nhe r
5JGF '
r Ai-
r . .JaT. t 9 a aVTMail s. '
i n a
ily underatah3r'mWpf?erV.VkO
ate a hat wltou"at upoA
a practical reaafKI MUlC0
r'and for this
li assured ot pro-
odd color and oft
$1.00 to $5.00
$100 for trade mark
Your nerves must be fed vlth pur,
. L L I J . i 1 1 1. - . L. 1
HII ill j W1 fs nco OKoa, or lucre w.H oc lruuuic.
jiir L V Uco poorly ,ed nerve ,re we,k erve;
ana weas nerves mesn nervousness,
Jodot tf alcoholic tiimulcmtt on not neuralgia, besdaches, debilityl Weak
often Mry diiaiimui what given lo neroout ntrves need good food, fresh air, and
pevJ: lit will tell you why. .J.W.f;' Ayer's non-alcoholic Sarsspsrllla.
Tourist tickets on sale by the ILLINOIS
CENTRAL effective June 1st to all summer re
sorts in the Great Lake region, Ontario, Quebec,
and the New England States, also 30-day tickets
on sale at greatly reduced rates to same destina
tions. Some very attractive rates with diverse
routes, including part water trip are offered.
Kates and detailed information gladly fur
nished upon application at City Ticket Office,
1507 Farnara St., or write
' District Passenger Agent.