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St. Joe, Sioux City and Lincoln Win in Western League; Cubs, Reds and Cardinals in Nationajl
Mr. Galgrano Would Not Looien Up
for Pa'i Batten.
Mr( brinrr Knarki Home Ron Over
l.rfl Field Prorr rrllh Mo On
Ahead o( lllm Melter
Wn lilt Freelr.
St. Joseph nosed the Rourkes out of the
Kaim Saturday afternoon, winning by a
score of 5 to 4.
Ornnlia started a hatting rally In the
eighth, after Galliano hsl held a tight
r-i ii on the score box. ami for a moment
It lexikrd as though the Ilourkea might
tlmit out a victory.
Melter started the round hy setting
ti unsportatlon to first, lie was taught at
second on Shotlon's grounder to third.
Fi'X not a walk nnd moved Shotton up a
I eg. King hit one over second and scored
Shotton. Kane hit one to short and King furred out at erond. Fox scoring.
Corrldon hit a nlngle over werond and Kane
The fans pulled hard when Captain
Si hipke. Hip next man up. went to the
plate, but It wag of no avail. Cop hit one
to short and was thrown out at the. In
itial ban. Lacking but one score to tie,
another attempt was made In the ninth
by Omaha to sew up the game for extra
InulngH. but It could not be put through.
Csdman, the first up, was thrown out
at first by McNeill. Hollenberk was sent
In to do aomi'lhiriK, hut lifted a high
long one to left and Powell nahhed It.
Shottnn aroused the hopes of the chilly
fans by driving a single Btra'.ght over sec
ond, but Fox hit a high one to Powell.
Gntarnnn Was K'fectlve.
lie fore the eighth Oalgano held the
Hourkea runles for five Inning. In the
aixth, the first score was made, when
Shotton started off with a single and went
to second on a lft by Galgano to Fox and
scored on Kane's hit. In this Inning both
King and Corrldon went out on Infield
file and Fox was caught at third when
he. started away on Corrldon's pop-up.
Melter pitched good ball, although the
weather and grounds were against him.
He passed three and struck out seven.
He kept St. Joseph's hits well scattered
and showed coolness In pinches.
St. Joseph started to garner runs In the
second. Clark got to second when Corrl
don fumbled his grounder and went to
third, when Corhan was thrown out at
first by Melter. JlcNelll hit a long one
to Shotton and Clark scored on the play
8ha hit one over third, but Galgano
struck out before anything resulted.
After Powell and Bauer went out In the
tlhrd, McChesney knocked a home run
over the left field fence. Fox booted
June' grounder, but redeemed himself on
the next play when he ran over behind
first base and made a pretty catch of
Clark's fly.
In the fifth Powell walked. Bauer flew
out to Melter and McChesney got his sec
ond hit. n. single, which put Powell on
third. Jonea flew out to King and Powell
crossed the plate. Clark followed Jones'
example and hit one to King, retiring the
Melter'a nnd lnnlna.
Vowrll started off the seventh by work
ing Melter for a p.iss. Hauer fouled out to
('adman. McChesney hit a fast one to Cor
ridon. who booted. Powell went to second
on the fumble. Jones found one to his
liking among Mr. Welter's collection and
swatted a two-bagger to the right field.
Powell scampered home, as did McChesney.
From then until the end there was little
to he gleaned from Melter'a delivery.
The ground was wet and heavy and It
was Impossible for the players to pull off
any base stealing. King hit one In right
field that would ordinarily have netted him
two bags, but the going was too heavy
and he was tagged at the second sack op
Bauer's throw.
Monday will be ladles' day and a big
crowd of women fans Is expeotfd to be in
The score:
AB. H.
Shotton, If & 2
Fox. 2b S 1
King, cf 3 0
Kane, lb 3 1
Corrldon. ss 3 0
Welch, rf 4 0
Schlpke. 3h 3 0
Cadtnnn. c 3 0
Melter. p 2 0
Hollenbeck I 0
....30 4
AH. It.
Powell. If 2
Bauer, rf 5
McChesney, cf 6
.lone, 2h 4
Clark, lb 3
Corhan, ss 3
McNeill. 3b 3
Shea, c 4
Galgano. p 4
0 3
0 0
Totuls 33 b
6 13
Batted for Melter in ninth.
King and Corrldon out vn Infield flies
Runs 0 0 0
Hits 1 0 1
St. JoKeph
Buns A 1 1
. Hits 0 1 1
Home run: Mnthiniti'
1 It
0 1 0 2 0 0-5
2 10 10 0
Two-base hits:
Shea. Jont's. Sacrifice hits: Clark, Corhan,
McNeill. Left on buses: Omaha, 7; St. Jo
seph, 7. Double plays: Corrldon to Schiplte;
McNeill to Junes to Clark. Base on balls:
off Melter, 3; off Galgano. 6. Struck out:
By Melter. 7: by Galgano. 7. Time: 2:00.
Umpire: Spencer. Attendance: 2,000. l.ZI.IKS I.ONU TO Ol.l) POKS
Indian Anibaah Westerner and
ftettta It In Kreond.
SIOUX CITY, la.. May 15 Sioux City and
lu-nver play'd a good game of ball here
loony, inougn ine weatner conditions were
anything but good, a light, drlxxling rain
tailing during the two hour of the duv.
Both team hit and fielded well, the local
being luckier In bunching their wallop.
I'envtr lost the game in the second In
ning. Stem', first up, hit for two bases
Mailman walked, Welch flew out, but
Miller was passed, filling the baaes. Pitcher
McLean tut out a double, scoring two men.
Andreas was bit by a Vltched ball, again
filling the bases. Neighbors and Fenlon
then doubled, bringing In four more men.
Denver made a bid for the game in the
keventh. Two double, an errnr and Do
lau's single (cored two. K'lly waa passed,
v. Ith only one down. Mclean settled, how
tter, and forced the next two out on In
field hits. Score:
AB. R. H. . A. E.
QuIlllM. 3b I 1
Andrcaa. 2b 2 1
Neighbors, cf 4 1
Fenlon. if 4 1
Stem, lb 4 1
Hartman. ss t 1
welch. If 4)
Millar, c S 1
McLean, p i I
S3 S '
AH. R.
4 1
4 0
4 I
4 I
27 12
Heal I. If
t'aaaidy. rf...
I Indsay, lb. ..
Thompson, 2b
I olan, b
McMuiray, i
Hammond, p.
Totals 37 & 12 24 12
iiallril fur Hail. ii ond lu the ninth.
Hloux City fl . 0 0 1 1 0 0 -
Denver 1 1 0 0 0 I 2 0 0-5
Stolen base: Cassldy. Two-base bits:
Stem, Neighbors, Fenlon, McLean, Beall,
Thompson, Dolan. Home runa: Fenlon.
CJulllin, Thompson, McAleese. Sacrifice
hit: Hammond. Struck out: Fy Mclean,
s: by Hammond, 2. Hase on balls: Off
Meljean, 2; off Hammond. 3. Hit by
pitched ball: By Hammond, 1. Passed
balls: McMurray. 2. Time: 1:56. Attend
ance: 700.
Brilliant Rail Played hy Antelope
Aaalnat Wleblta.
LINCOLN, May 15. Playing a brilliant
game In the field nnd batting In a timely
way, Lincoln won from Wichita this after
noon by a score of 4 to 3. The hauling down
of three line drives in turn by Cockman.
(lagnler and James, each resulting In a
double play, shut off what seemed like
certain runs for the visitors. Farthing and
Shaner were hit hard, but used good Judg
ment, and It was the superior fielding of
Lincoln that brought the victory. The two
teams today Inaugurated Sunday base ball
In Lincoln and dedicated the new parkaat
Capital Heach, located outside the city
limits. There was no Interruption on the
part of the authorities. Score:
A It. 11.
2 0
Waldron. if..
JaKiiler, S3....
Cobb, rf
Jud. If
Cockman. 3b.
Thomas, lb...
Jsmes. 2b.
ciark, c 3
4 9
A B. R
A. K.
Hughe. 2h
Durham, rf
Middleton, If
Isbell. lb
Marnlgan 0
Pettlgrew, rf 4
Westirftl. 3b 3
Claire, ss 4
Shaw, c 4
Shaner, p 3
Totals 34 3
Batted for Isbell In ninth.
Ran for Belden In ninth.
Lincoln ". 0 2 0 1 0
Wlchlia 1 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 -4
0 10 1-3
Two-base hits;
nler, Middleton
Thomas. Waldron, Gag-
12). Belden. Pettlgrew
Wesiersil. Double Dlars: Cockman tun-
asHlsted), Gagnler to Thomas, James to
Oagnler, Durham to Isbell. Stolen bases:
Waldron. Claire. Sacrifice bits: Clark,
Cobb. Struck out: By Farthing. 6; by
Shaner 3. Bases on balls: Off Farthing.
1; off Shaner. 5. Hit by pitched ball: By
Shaner, 1. Time: 1:60. Umpire: Haskell.
Nebraska Excels
in Pitchers' Battle
South Dakota Defeated by Score of
Seven to Four in Exciting Con
test at Lincoln.
LINCOLN. Neb., May 14. (Special Tele
gram.) In an exciting nine Inning pitch
ers' battle, Nebraska defeated South Da
kota university this afternoon on the Ne
braska field by a score of 7 to 4,
South Dakota started a batting rally In
the last Inning, but a beautiful stop of a
hot line drive by "Ole" Metcalf, the Corn
husker short stop, resulted In the retire
ment of the aide. Other features of the
game was the excellent work of White at
first base for the visitor, a three base
smash of the first ball pitched by Thacka
bury of South Dakota, and the batting of
Clark of Nebraska.
South Dakota started the scoring In the
first Inning. Nebraska waa blanked until
the third, when two hits netted two runs.
South Dakota gathered two more In the
seventh and one In the ninth. 'Nebraska
won In the seventh when three runs were
scored on one hit and the errors of the
visitors. The score: R, H. B.
South Dakota 1 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 14 7 4
Nebraska U 0201130 7 7 3
Batteries: South Dakota. Coffee and
Nee; Nebraska, Greenslit and Mather.
The Interfraternity championship geme
for the season of 190!, was played this
evening by the Sigma Alpha Epsllon and
the Alpha theta Chi teams. S'.vina Alpha
IDpsllon won by the score of 12 to 1.
I nlon Pacific hopa Tram
Flvn to Tnro.
The Crelghton Annex boys again de
feated the Union Pacific shop team by a
icore of 5 to 2. The game wag one of the
best played on the home grounds this sea
son. Both pltchera were In fine form and
kept the hits well scattered. Score:
B. H.O. A.B.
McKr. a ... 4 0 0 1 1 J
Kelly. 2b
Hronak. If-lb 2 0 1
l lillhin, 3b... 4 3 2
liaVativ, Ib-lf 4 2 It
Hnini'rilt, 2b 4 0 3
Miliar, c 3 t 6
Kllay. p 3 1
Polakl. rf 4 0 0
Har'nston, rf 3 0 8
"nart. If..
7 Ouibaun
0 1 Duff, i
0 Oanny. p....
1 OWahl. lb...
8 Ohrlkaon, cf..
0 Osinilh, rf....
0 Osweany. aa. .
2 1
0 8
0 3
0 0
0 0
1 0
W. Kally u
Tot all 91 1 ' a a
Total 33 4 84 U
Crelghton Annex.... 2002000 1 5
I', p. Shops 20000000 02
Batteries: Denny and Duff; Uiley and
Miller. Karned runs: Crelgnton. 2. Two-
Dane nit: ieveraux. Hase on balls: orf
Kiiey, a; on ienny, j. struck out: By
Riley; 2; by Denny, 3. Sacrifice hit: Rllev.
Left on buses: L'relghton, 6; Union Pacific
rumps, n. uoiinie piay: urungartlt to
Dcvrraux. stolen bases: Hronek (31,
iiruimiui i,ii, miner, roisKi. Time: l;So.
Umpire: Collins.
Wallop the Ashland Irani by
Nn per tor Itltllnat of the Ball.
SPRINGFIELD, Neb.. May 15,-(Special
Telegram.)-The Sorlngflcld High school
easily defeated the Ashland High school on
the home grounds yesterday, 13 to 3. Ashland
could not hit Calhoun, while Springfield
pounded out ten hits, Including a three
bagger by Kelner and home runs by Cal
houn and Cockerlll. Four of AnhlRnd's
runs were made In the eighth on two hits
a base on balls and two outfield errors.
Springfield played a great dtnl stronger
game In every respect. Score:
SpringNeld 14020024 1.1 10
Ashland 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 4 06 ti
Batteries: Springfield. Calhuiin and
nrawner: Asniaiit, white and Wav bright.
Struck out: By Calhoun, 9; by Whit". 6
Umpire: Miller. .
Holdreice Tram a Trip.
HOLDREGE. Neb.. May l&.-(Speclal.)-r
Tha base ball team representing the Hold
rege High achool returned this morning
from a threa days' trip to the wastern part
of tha atate. Thursday the lads met Arapa
hoe and defeated them by the score of 4
to 2 in one of tha beat games aver seen on
the diamond of that town. Frldav tha fast
Culbertson team took the local into camp
by the corn of ( to 3. outplaying them at
every turn of the road. Thi waa the first
game with that fast aggregation for the
championship of southwestern Nebraska.
Yesterday the Holdrege boy met the dia
mond warriors of the doughty little Tren
ton High school, and after a hard battle
In the rain were nosed out in the ninth
by a single run. the final score being 2 to
2. The locals will In all probability meet
both Culbertson and Trenton here the Lat
ter part of the month and In addition have
in prospect games with some of tha crack
high school teama of the central part of
the stale. The following players, under
Coach Snenson, made the trip west: Pit
ser. Stogall. Towell. Norri. Shepherd.
Bainta. Wlnqulst. MoGill and rom.
f'nlbertaun Uffeata lloldreur.
CULBERTSON. Neb.. May li.-iSpe.-lal)
- Holrirege and C'.lberiwiu p!aed ball rlere
yestatday. Score, I lu 1 in favi.r of Culbert-iu
Cubs' New Purchase Beats Boston
Pals Four to Nothing;.
(ientle Dove Cilve Tbelr Leader Poor
! op port and llnrke, Mot re Dame
Hermit, la Enlisted In
CHICAGO. May 16. Kichle. recently ob
tained from Boston, pitched for Chicago
today and shut out his former teammates.
4 to 0. Maltern pitched well, but had poor
support. He retired at the end of the fourth
and Burke, a recruit from Notre Dame,
allowed only one hit In the laat four In
nings. Score:
AH H.O A. E.
Fiver. Ib...
ShefkaM, If.
9'hulte, rf . . .
1 0
a lfulllna.
I) 0
0 i
2 12
1 0
0 1
0 a
II 1
i) Millar, rf...
0 Oflhaire, lb...
0 OShnan, ?t
1 uti. lb
0 DHailo. 3b...
4 nsnr. a.
1 Hck. ct
4 "ilraham. c...
0 1
1 I
0 o
0 0
2 1
1 I
0 0
0 0
Chance, lb.
rtemfeldt. lb I
Helman, rf.
TIMher. m..
Arrher, c...
Kir hie. p..,
Mattern, p..
4 51 IS lBurka, p
Totala ) 24 10 I
Chicago ...0 1 0 3 0 0 0 0 4
Boston o u u u w w o u
Two-base hit: Stelnfeldt. Three-base hits:
Sweeney. Chance. Hits: Off Mattern. 2 In
four Innings; oif Burkek, 1 In four Innings.
Sacrifice hlt: Herxog. Schulte, Hofman.
Burke, Scheckard. Stolen base: Tinker.
Double plays: Tinker to Chance; Sweeney
to Sharpe to Granam. Left on bases: Chi
cago. 3, Boston, 6. Bases on balls: Orr
Burke, 2. Struck out: By Kichle. t): by
Mattern. 2: hy Burke. 2. Time: 1:40. Um
pires: Klem and Kane.
Red Heat Dodger.
CINCINNATI. May IS. Cincinnati, by
making four hits off Rocker and having a
man hit by pitcher in the ninth, won out
today from Brooklyn, 2 to 1. Score:
Ilurrh, rf 4
tlauhart, lb.. 4
Wbaat. If.... 3
Hummel, 2b. 4
Mrllveen, an
Ivldon, rf 3
T. Smith. . )
McMillan, aa 4
Brwln, c t
Kurker, p.... 4
0 0 0 onechar. If... 5
I 0 0
1 12 0 0PKkrt. rf. . 4
0 I 0 OHoblltaal, lb 1
0 1 I OM.trhell, cf. 3
2 0 1 (IKsan, 2b 4
1 3 0 illuwnev, aa.. I
0 0 0 UMrLean, c... 4
0 2 1 ILcbert, 3b... I
0 4 0 IH'amlatoo, p. 8
1 0 3 0MIIIr 0
a il 0
I 0
0 0
4 0
2 0
0 0
I 0
3 0
0 0
Koth 0
0 0
Total 31 624 I 1
Total 32 It 27 10 2
None out when winning run was scored.
Ban for McLean In ninth.
Baited for Custleton In ninth.
Breeklyn 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 22
j wo-Dase has: Egan, Hoblitzel. Three
baso hits: Mcllveen. Downey. Sacrifice
hits: Burch. Downev. Hohliizel stolon
bases: laubert 2, Burch, Lobert. Double
plays: Lobert (una slued); Hummel to Dau
bert. Buses on balls: oft Mucker, 2; off
uHiieion. o. Hit with pitched ball: By
Kucker, Both; by Casileton, Mcllveen.
Struck out: By Rucker. 4: bv Castleton. 3.
Time: 1:48. .Vmpires: Hlgler and Emslie.
Heat Ulanta.
May 16. St. Louis won the
third game of the series from New York
8 to 3. Drucke was retired In the sixth
ana iiaymona. who finished up, was also
hit hard. Corridon allowed ouly four scat-
icreu nus. uresnanan was tiari v n Wort in
the hand by Seymour and forced to retire
iruoi me game, iscore:
Hugging, 2b.
0 14 OOavore. If.... 4 l
Willi., if.... 3
Oakac, cf.... 2
I 1 0 ODorl. 2b.... 3 0 1
13 0 lMurrav. rf . 1 I I
Konalchy. lb 3 2 12 3 0Semour, cf. 4 I 1
Evana, rf.... 3 0 2 0 IBrldwell, a. 4 0 0
Breanahan, c 2 0 2 0 (I Devlin. 8b. .. 8 0 0
Phalpa, c... 0 0 1 0 OMerkla, lb... 4 0 10
Hauaer, aa... 3 0 2 3 1 Meyar., c... JO"
Moray. 3b.. 8 1 1 3 ODriicke. p 2 0 0
Corrldon, p.. 4 0 1 4 Oifaymond. p. 0 0 0
Kiler 0 9 o
Total 28 I 27 17 J'U.tker 1 n
Tolala 30 4 24 12
Batted for Drucke In seventh.
Belted for Raymond In ninth.
St. l.ouis 1 0 0 0 0 4 3 0 g
New York 10000200 03
iwo-Dase niiH uokes. Konetchy. Three
base hit: Ellis. Sacrifice hits: Hanger.
Mowrey. Double plays. Bridwell. Doyle
nun merKie. lassmi nans: Hresnahan.
Stolon bases: Oukes. Konetchy. Phelos.
Hauser. Hit by pitched ball: Bv Drucke.
Oakes; by Corrldon, Devore. Dovle. Wild
pitch: Raymond. Bases on brls: Off
Drucke, s; orr Raymond. 2; ofr Corridon, S.
Struck out: By Corrldon, 2; bv Drucke. 6
Hits: Off Drucke, 5 in six Innings. Left
on bases: St. Louis, 5; New York, 7.
lime: umpires: o 'Day and Bren
Ames Has Easy
Time on Track
State College Athletes Have No
Difficulty Winning from Grin
nell and Drake.
AMES, la., May 15. (Special Telegram.)
Ames won the triangular meet yesterday
by a big margin, 66; Drake, 3o; Grlnnell, 31.
Ames placed in every event and took the
first ' In nine events. Both hurdles, the
quarter mile, discus, half mile, high Jump,
two-mile event, both relays. Drake won
first In the mile, the shot put and pole
vault. Grlnnell was first In the hundred, the
two-twenty and the broad Jump, Smith
threw the discus 124 feet, six Inches. The
sprints were not fast. The two-mile run
wan made In 10:24, the mile rrlay In 3:37
The broad Jump was 22 feet 2 inches and
half mile was made In 2:lfA,. Grlnnell will
have to Improve rapidly to make a show
Ing in the Missouri Valley contest.
California Hank Second, Oregon
Third, I. eland Stanford KouVth.
BERKELEY. Cal.. May 15. The UnUer
slty of Washington track team, on Berkeley
oval, Saturday won the first annual meet of
the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Field Day
mrfl, with b6 points. Glsh of Washington
won 19 points for his team.
The University of California was second
with 61 points, the University of Oregon
third, with 13 points, and Leland Stanford
fourth, with 10 point.
In trying to break his own world's pole
vault record. Scott of Stanford set a new
American Intercollegiate mark by clearing
the bar at 12 feet ti' Indie.
Hannibal tiel second and I'olambla
Third In Missouri Track ICa-enta.
KIRKSV1LLE. Mo., May IS The annual
Interscholastic field meet for the First
Normal school district here yesterday re
sulted as follows:
Chllllcothe. 34 points: Hannibal. 18 points;
Columbia, 17 points; Mexico, 101 points;
Meadvllle. 10- points; Moberly, 9 points;
Slater, 7 points; Jefferson City, 6 points:
Trenton. 4 points; Brookfleld. lt points;
Unlonvllle, 0; Macon, 0; Laplata, 0.
Meet at Madlio Rraalta
Defeat of Mlnneaotn.
MADISON. Wis., May 15 -In the dual
track meet yesterday, Wisconsin defeated
Minnesota Km to 44Vfc. Ideal weather pre
vailed and good marks were made In every
event. Hill of Minnesota, was tha Indi
vidual star of the meet, takitig firsts In
the 100-yard and the 220-yard dashes, and
tha quarter ml'.e run. Hill equaled the con
ference , record of l:4-S In Ihe IHO-yard
Standing of the Teams I
Denver 13 7 .ttvi St. Paul 20 7
St. Joseph.. 12 7 .632: Minneapolis.. IK
Wichita ....12 R .WO, Louisville ...14 14
Sioux City.. 8 8 .6oa Toledo 13 IS
incoin Bit .4i4iMiiwaukee...u n
Omaha 3 11 .4:'! 15
opeka 7 11 .Wl'IColumbus ...11 17
Des Moines. 7 14 .3l:Kansas City. 8 15
VV.L.Pct.l W.LPct.
Pittsburg ...12 8 .") Philadelphia. 16 4 .78
Phlladi'lphlaU 8 .mm Detroit is
New York. ..14 11
.r,Mi.New York...!-' a .""
.5fiOCleveland ...12 8 . 671
.622 Boston 11 1- -47ti
.4.iiiChlcngo 8 11 .41
.40111 Washington.. 8 111 .3 3
.3"tO,St. lxuis 4 1H .IdU
'hlcagn 12 11
St. Louis... .10 I.I
Boston I) 13
Brooklyn ... 16
Won. lost. Pet.
Grand Island 1 1 -J"
Columbus 1 1 ""n
Seward 1 1 '
remont 2 0 l ow
Ktarnev 1 1 .MM
Hustings 1 1 "
Red Cloud 1 1 l"
Superior 0 2 .000
. Wlttroai 'a Hesnll.
St. Joseph, 6; Omaha. 4.
De Momes-i opeka game postponed.
Lincoln, 4; Wlchlia. 3.
Sioux Citv, 8: Denver. 5.
Chicago, 4; Boston. 0.
Cincinnati, 2; Brooklyn, 1.
St. Louis. 8; New York, 3.
No games scheduled.
Milwaukee. 7; Columbus, 2.
Kansas City, 4; Toledo, 1.
Minneapolis. 4; Indianapolis, 0,
St. Paul, 6; Louisville, 3.
Kearney, 1; Grand Island, 0.
Hastings, 4; Columbus. 2.
Fremont, 8; Btiperlot, 0.
Red Cloud, ii; Seward. 4.
tinmen Today.
Western Leainie St Joseph at Omaha,
Topeka at Des Moines, Wichita at Lincoln,
Denver at Sioux City.
National League Boston at mcago,
Brooklyn at Cincinnati, New York at St.
Louis. Philadelphia at Pittsburg.
American League Chicago at t-nnnaei-
phla, St. Louis at New York, ueiron ai
Boston. Cleveland at Washington.
American Association I olumous at ivao-
sas Cltv, Toieao at winwauucc, muin..
apolls at St. Paul, Louisville at Mlnne-
"P0"."' . . ..,..K.,n
Nebraska league earncj i "i".
Hastmgs at Grand Island. Red iouri ai
Fremont, Superior at Seward.
Landing of Clay Court Championship
Arouses Interest.
Present Title Holder to Pass Through
Omaha and Effort Will He Made
to Have Mini Stop Off for
. . n Few liny.
Tennis is being taken up nil over the city
with a vim never uefore displayed in
Omaha and the army of tennis players Is
being recruited, on all sides. . There seems
to be more Interest In the game than ever
This Intrest probably is stimulated by the
fact that Omaha Is designated as the
place for holding the first annual clay
court championship. For some years the
tennis men of the Omnha Field club have
been endeavoring to have a championship
title attached to the clay court games
which are played yearly at the Field club
and now that they have been successful
more players are taking up the game.
It Is undisputed that Omaha has the fin
est clay courts in the western country, for
the tennis committee at the Field club has
spared neither time nor expense In making
these the best. This year they have been
rolled with the heavy steam rollers of the
city and 'given a splendid surfacing.
Conrad Young has been elected chairman
of the tennis committee and tnis is
assurance that everything wil go with a
hum. for Mr. Young has had vast ex
perience In landing big things and will see
that tennis Is kept to the fore.
Splendid views of the courts have been
taken and the publicity bureau or the
Commercial club Is Bending these all over
the. country to advertise me ciay couri
The present holders of the world's tennis
championships will be through Omaha early
thla summer and Mr. Young has written
Inviting them to stop off for a few days'
visit and to try the clay courts.
Athletes Succeed In Scoring;
Tl to Opponents' 40.
CRETE. Neb... May lo. (Special.) i ne
I o. fifth annual Hastings-Doane dual track
games occurred yesterday afternoon on the
Doanc field. Donne won by the score of
71 to 46. This now ties the score, as each
college has won six meeis. jiorning dpui
the dual record In ihe discus throw, Nuti
man and Arnold tied the record In the
20-vard dash and 100-yard dash and Arnold
beat the Doane record in me snoi put.
The records follow:
2W-Yard Dash Notzman, iioane; nner
rkk. Hastings; Marvel, Hastings. Time:
: . .. - ....
latviara nuraies n. uunmp, nMuui,
Rice, Doane;' Tompkins, llactlngs. Time:
0:17. . .,'.. .......
Mile Run weiker. nasnngs; i neouaiu,
Hastings; Mickle. Doenf. lime: 4.4!.
100-Yard Dash Arnold. Doane; Horning,
Doane; Sherrlck, Hastings. Time: 0:10,.
220-Yard Hurdle R. Dunlap. Hastings;
Craig, Doane; Tompkins, Hastings. Time:
Hair Mile wenier, rmaongti, nur,
Doane; Theobald, Hastings. Time: 2:IU.
440-Yard Dah Nutiman, Doane; Tully,
Doane; Nelson. Hastings. Timr: 0:64H-
Shot Put: Arnold, Doane; Craig, Duane;
Sherrlck, Hastings. Distance: 3! feet 4
Pole Vault Cowan. Doane; Dickinson.
Doane; R. Dunlap, Hastings. Time; 10
Discus Throw Horning. Doane; Arnold.
Doane: Sims, Hastings. Distance: 10i f-et
4 Inche.
Broad Jump E. Dickinson. Doane: Horn
ing, Doane; Tompkins, Hastings. Distance:
20 feet 4H Inches.
Hammer Throw Sims, Hastings; Arnold.
Doane: Horning, Doane. Distance: 112
feet vi Inches.
High Jump Dunlap, Hastings: Hastings,
Doane: Arnold, Doane. Dlsiancr: 5 feet
7 Inches.
-- -
Of the thirteen events Doane won seven
first and Hastings won six. Duane won
eleven seconds and Hustings two and Hast
ings had ten thirds and Doane thrre.
Lincoln l.oara to tiorchester.
IXJRCHE8TKR. Neb., May 15. (Special.)
The Dorchester Trl-County league team
opened the base ball' season here by defcat
Inc the Lincoln Young Men's Christian as
sociation boys, t to 5. Although the visitors
out hit the locals, the Dorchester boys by
their base throwing caught the Liccolnltcs
r.apping at every stage of the game. I..
Byera pitched a good game for the locals,
striking out thirteen and allowing ten hits,
while Koboul struck out six and was
touched tip for eight hits. J. B -ers of
Dorchester and Koboul or Lincoln each
rapped out a two-bagirer. Score: R H.E.
Doi cheater ....10010004 4ft
Lincoln 0 1 S 0 0 0 0 0 2-5 1 7
Batteries. Dorchester. L. Byera end A.
Morrosy; Lincoln. Koboul and McLiichllii.
Umpire: A. West.
I leroaon t'ollrae '.Viaa.
Clemson Coliegt. won the Southern Imer
Colleeiate Athletic asaocl tiou Hack meet
at flrmaoii tudav for the second t'oie
against three 'i.nipeting c illege. The
score was: I'leuixoii, u, Vandei bllt, lo;
;..! gut Tech., .
Gophers Bunch Hits and Beat Louis
ville Five to Three.
Kentnrklan l.oeea Control and . lie
canine Cornea to Recne Kansnns
Kent Mndhens Millers
Tronnre llooalera.
ST. PAUL. Mav 15. St. Paul bunched hits
with Richter's wildtiess nnd made It two out
of three of the series with Louisville. 5 to 3.
AH. H.O. A K.
riarKa. It...
Ilonrhar, Kb.
Jonea. rf....
Murray, rf...
Spinier, r...
Olhinleavv, If. 4
t. 0
0 2
1 K 0
1 0 o
10 0
I t 1
0 II 0
a. I 0
0 t (i
n n (i
0 V Woodruff, 2b 4
0 OSIanlry, rf., 4
0 UHmoot, rf 4
1 l Howard, lo . a
3 HKonnlra, aa. 4
I nt!ulllan, Sti. 4
1 oHuhe. e... 4
2 ORIiblar. p .. 'i
'Halla 1
11 OIHrannier. p
Autre?. In.
Met 'ormlrk.a 3
WriKlry. Sh.. 4
Laroy, p .1
ToUls I'l 1 21
Tolala 34
I 24 t 1
Batted for Richter in eighth.
St. Paul 1 0 0 0 2 0 2 0 5
Louisville 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0-3
Two-base hits: Stanley, Dunlcavy, Daroy.
Three-base hits: Clarke (2). Hits: Off
Richter; 6 in seven Innings. Sacrifice fly:
Jones. Stolen baes: Junes. Spencer, La
roy. Bases on balls: Off Richter. 4; off
Decannier. 1. Hit with pitched ball; How
ard. Struck out: By Laroy, 6; by llichlcr.
2; hy Decannier, 1. Passed ball: HusThea.
Time: 1:4a. Umpires: Ferguson and Bicr
haller. Milwaukee nunehes lilt.
MILWAUKEE, May 15. Milwaukee
hunched hits on Kalcr in the second and
third and secured enough runs to beat Co
lumbus. 7 to 2. The victory put the home
club In fifth place. Score:
M ILWAl'K FK. Cni.lMnt'8.
AH. HO. A.B. AH. H.O. A. K.
Ranilall, rf .
Barry, If
lark. :ib
M'Oann, lb.
Barrett, rf...
I t OOTtourke. 3b 4 1 1 1
0 3 II llodwcll, lb... 5 0 11 0 1
1 1 3 lona. Jo.... 5 114 1
1 IS 0 oi'imgnllon, rf 4 0 0 1
1 2 i OHit.chnian. if 1 n l ft n
I I OKnlllry, rf... 4 .1 4 0 I)
111 Oyulnlan. aa . 3 0 1 2 1
I 3 1 l.lf'.maa. c 3 1 4 4 0
Roblnaon. aa 4
McOrmlrli,b 4
l.udwta. r. . . . 3
L'uttlnk, p... s I) o
4 OKaler. p... 1 0 0 1 0
Uabhal-dl. o. 2 0 I) 1 o
Totla......31 8 27 IS 1
Totala 33. 7 24 14 .1
Milwaukee 0 2 4 0 1 0 0 0 7
Columbus 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 02
Two-base hits: O'Rourke, Randall. Three
base hit?: Robinson, James. Home run:
Downs. Bases on balls: Off Cuttings, 5;
off Kaler, 1; of Llcbhardt, 1. Struck out:
By Cutting, 2V by Kaler. 1; by Llebhnrdt, 3.
Stolen bases: McCann (2). Barrett. Robin
son. Sacrifice hit: Clark. Double plav:
Robinson to MeCormlck to McGann. Left
on bases: Milwaukee. 2. Hits: Off Kaler. 4
In two and one-third Innings. Time: LoS.
Umpires: Cussack and Owens.
Muilhena Lose In Mud.
KANSAS CITY. May 15. Kansas Cltv
and Toledo played today on a sloppy field,
the former proving the best mudders and
winning, 4 to 1., Score:
AB.H.O.A.K. AB. H.O.A R.
I Slllllvan.rf 4 2 7 1 OSIinnnon, If
13 0 0
rlinchman.Zb 5 10 1 UKaftary. rf..
.3 2 0 0 0
. i II! 0 0
.3 0 0 0 a 0
Ilallay. rf.... 4
Hlclonan, If.. 4
Krafman. lb 4
Butlar, aa 4
tand, c 4
Klwrrt, 3b. .. 4
Hi.lra. p 0
Handcock, p. 3
Ylnlllng ... I
0 1 It OHuutar. lb,
15 0 OYohd. 3li.
1 7 0 HMoran, rf
0 0 1 ODoftnie. aa... 4
1 3 0 orranaton. 2b 3
0 1 t 0 Hulllvan. c. 4
0 o 0 o Biandom, p. 4
0 4 2 II
13 11
0 2 0 0
0 0 7 0
0 0 0 0 Tolala 2S 27 10 1
Tola!. 37 24 I 0
Batted for Handcock In ninth.
To'edo 00001000 0-1
Kansas City 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 4
Two-brje hit: D. Sullivan. Three-base
hit. Katferty. First base on error: To
ledo, 1. Sacrifice hit: Raftery. Sacrifice
fly: Yohe. Stolen base: Hunter. Hits:
orf Boyce. 2 in one Inning; off Handock, 4
in eight Innings, lefl on base:" Toledo. 15;
Kansas City, 9. Struck out: By Hand
cook. 2: by Brandon.' S. Banes on balls:
Off Bolce. 1; off Handcock, 4; off Bran
dom. 3. Hit by pitched bB.ll: Bv Boiie.
Hunter, by Handcock. Hunter; bv Bran
dom. D. Sullivan. Time: 1:40. Umpires:
Guthrie and Chill.
Blank for I'oalea.
MINNEAPOLIS, May 15 Fienes mast
erly pitching was the feature of today's
game, which Minneapolis won, 4 to 0.
Fleno struck out seven men, Including
Carr and Mutch twice each. Minneapolis
bunched hit with loose playing by In
dianapolis and some daring base runnings.
AH. 11. OAK
ciymer, n... I I ti i IM-nadomtrne.K 4 110
Altlrer, sa... 4 1 3 4 ODalehanty. cf 3 0 6 0
Kern. 3b.... 4 0 if 2 IMaydan, rf... 4 1 0 0
Oravath. If.. 4 0 10 OCarr, b 4 0 tl 0
J.Willlama,2b 4 115 IMunh. 3b... 3 0 0 I
HIM. lb I 0 13 1 illwla. aa.... 112 3
rimering, cr a 2 0 0 UBoitarman. c 3 0 5 0 I
smith, c 2 13 3 iio.illlHnia,2b 3 0 2 1 0
Kiena, p 1 1 1 4 Oliraham, p. . 1 0 0 1 n
'Orth 1 0 0 0 0
Totala 2 I 27 ID ,
Totala 29 24 3
Batted for Graham in ninth.
Minneapolis 00102001 4
Indianapolis 00000 0 00 00
fTw-0-baf.e hit: Smith. Stolen bases
Clymer,, Smith. Sacrifice hits
Clymer, Flene, Delehanty. Double plays:
Smith to Ferris to Williams, Altlzer to
Lewis to Carr. Left on bases: Minneapolis
4; Indianapolis, 4. Struck out: By Flentt'
7; by Graham, It. Base on balls: off Flene'
4; off Graham, 1. Passed balls: Smith!
Time: 1:25. Umpires: Van Svckle and
High School Compete for Position
anil MaLr Fair Marka,
IOWA CITY, la.. May 15. (Special Tele
gram.) Iowa City won the stale Inter
scholastic Invitation meet of the Univer
sity of Iowa Saturday with 40'B points;
Davenport was second with 2H points. Five
records wre broken and one tied. Vana
gent of Oltumwa captured individual
honors with three . firsts: In the weight
events and a fourth In the quarter-mile
The other teams finished In the following
Davenport, 26; North Des Moines, lS'j;
Cedar Rapids, 104; Ottumwa, 16; Marshall
town, 13; Ames. 12; Marlon, ll'-i, Fairfield,
H u-6; MechahlcHvllle. 5; Oskaluoaa, 3; Aim
mosa. 24; Keokuk, 2; Council Bluffs, 1.
100-yard dash: Van Auken of Ames. Nady
of 1' airfield. Monroe of t'crlar liapius,
liHhelman of Marshailtown. 'lime: 0:lov
120-yard nuioie: ilorlein of lowa Ciiv.
Hunter of North Des Moines, Roscoe
packer or Aiarstiauiown, Dalhey of Cedar
Haulds. Time: 0:17.
4i-yard-uasn : First race. Parson of Iowa
City, lll'lia of Cedar Rapids, King of
Keokuk, vanxgent or Oltu.nwa. lime
0:.'t2t. New record.
440-yard-daHli: becond race, Hotlein of
lowa City, Stuart of Davenport, t-'onroe
of Cedar Rapids. oi i-, lies
.nolnr. Time: 0.63
220-yard-hurdles: 1'rlester of Davenport,
Hunter of Noitn Des Moines, IJolgatc of
Fairfield, Vonnostiand of lowa t'iiy. Time:
0:1';. 'lied lecord.
Mne run: Ferguson of M'chanlcsvllle,
Reed of Mai 1011. flapper of Ames, S.iuer
of Council Bluffs. Tune: 4:4-VV
Half-mile run: Parsons of lowa. Borch
errlt of Davenport, Brownlle of Davenport,
PrazKee of Cedar Rapids Time: i' 0T.
Shot put: Yanagent of ottumwa. ChiIhMii
of MarsnulltoH 11. Mitten of Davenport,
V alentine of Fairfield and Dalby of ( vdar
Rapid a lied for fourth place. Distance, P
feet. 94 Inches. New lecord.
Mile relay: lowa City, North Des Moines,
Cedar Rupids, Davenport. Time: 3.4JV
New record.
High Jump: Packer of Marshailtown,
Cook of Davenport. Hhrider of lowa City,
Bailey of Motgan, Height: 0 feet ii Inches.
New lecord.
220- ard-dash : Monroe of Cedar Rapids,
Gabcimnn of Marshailtown, anaukt-n of
Amos, Kinart of Cedar Rapids. Time: 0.23V
Discus throw: Vanagent of (Jitumaa,
Valentine of Fairfield, Humble of Marlon.
Hiierleou of lowa Cliy. Dlstanc: ill feet,
Inche. New iicotd.
Half nillt iela: Nin th of Des Molne.
Aior of lowa Cit, Davenpurt. Time:
Hammer throw: aiuiii nt of Ottutnua.
Busaell of Oshaloosii. Hoffman Iowa
City, Nutter of Davenport. Instance: n;
fret. I Inch.
Broad jump- Goi.ld of Matioti. I'liehtt-t
of Daveipoit, Shi4il?r of low, lit,, Huux.
of Noilli Or Minuet. i'Utuloe. U fert,
il'-a inche
Kearney Shuts Out
Grand Island Team
Fitchm" Contest at Grand Island
Ends 1 to 0 Hastings Beats
GRAND ISLAND. Neb., May l.V-(Spe-ial
Ti legrani.) Today's game waa a fierce
pitchers' struggle. In which Noyes had
likewise the best of It In strikeouts, get
ting fourteen to Green's ten. Score:
R.I I.E.
Kearnev 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01 2 i
Gnmd Island...!) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 1 2
Batteries: Noyes and Townsend; Green
and Ttavets.
COLUMBUS. Neb., May 15.-(Speclal "Sel
rgrani. i Twelve hundred pioplc saw Hast
ings defeat Columbus In the second game
of the scht-on this afternoon. Cook put the
hall over the fence for a home run. Scovr:
HbMIiikk 0 1 1 2 0 0 0 0 V-4 H 2
Columbus 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0-2 II) 2
Batteries: Hastlnus. liegg and Don
nelly; Columbus. Hovee and Clnlr. Struck
out: By Clegg, !); bv Bovee, 4. Umpire.
FREMONT, May 15. t Special Telegram.) -Fremont
defeated Superior this afternoon,
3 to o. Slattrry had fine control and
Superior could do nothing with him. Score:
.. , . R. H. E.
Fremont 00 2 0000 1 3 Ii) 4
Superior 0 0 0 0 o.o 0 0 IV-O 2 l
BaHrrlcs: Fremont, Slattpry and Buhner;
Superior, Snyder and Colbert.
"lllr Tim" Mulllvnn Puts Ilia Money
, in Jim.
NEW YORK. May 15. (Special Tele
gram.) State Senator Timothy D. Sullivan,
known familiarly to his Bowery friends as
"Big Tim," stakeholder for the heavy
weight championship fight between James
J. Jeffries' and Jack Johnson, may become
the holder of many bets In Europe before
he returns to, America. "Big Tim" Is en
route to London. Before sailing he said:
"The Jeffries-Johnson fight will he on
the level. 1 wouldn't have anything-to do
with it It I had the sllghtent suspicion.
It will be one of the greatest boxing ex
hibitions of the age and 1 shall be present
to see It. Of course, I am not a profes
sional, nor a prophet, so that I do not
know who will win it, but 1 shall wager a
piece of money on Jeffries.
"I know Jeffries and I know he Is' a hard
man to whip. I have faith In his fighting
ability. .1 am averse to 'becoming holder
for any more money, for 1 have enough
responsibility now, but 1 have received in
formation that a number of sporting men
in England who know me will ask that I
hold wagers for them."
Jayhankrra Defeat ('oriihiiakrra In
.niinHl Toarnament.
LINCOLN, May 15. (Special Telegram.)
For the third time Kansas university de
feated Nebraska In the annual tennis
tournament between the two colleges on
the Nebraska courts, the Jayhawkers win
ning both of the doubles and all but one
set of the singles. Play began early In the
morning. The Cornhuskers were handl
caped, having less than a week for actual
practice. The courts have been( graded and
were unfit for use until only a few days
ago. The Kansas players were In excellent
condition and had little difficulty In win
ning In' straights sets.
The afternoon results follow: Wood and
Sutton. Kansas, beat Hubbell and Ouster
hout, fi-4, 6-1. Bigelow beat Scudder, 6-3, 7-5.
Watson beat Smith. 6-1, 9-7.
People SnKirest Menna for Stopping?
Jeffries-Johnson Mill.
OAKLAND, Cal.. May 15. (Special Tele
gram.) A mass meeting was held In Cha
bot hall tonight for the purpose of framing
a protest against the holding of the
Jeffries-Johnson fight in Alameda county.
The speii ers argu,ed that the proposed con
test Is Illegal, being a prize fight and not a
boxing contest. They suggested means to
the authorities to stop the fight.
Nationals (live Releases,
ST. LOUlSMay 14. The St. Louis v..
Bona I league club released Inflelder Bar
beau to Kansas City. Outfielder O'Hara to
Toronto, and Pitcher Hlggins to Denver
Outfielde. Zacher, who was purchased from
ine new 1 oik aeuoiihis reported for duty.
tie win oe a utility man.
-MI t.
:LMMB?i4J Family Trade Supplied by IS ' I
U'JM4JWm Chas.S!orz. Phones. Webster tEpmJr
! 1260. Independent B 1261.
Facing Farnam Street
on the ground floor
The best locution in Oinnlia for many linos of business
is opposite the Court House iunl next to the City Hall.
H is very seldom that it is possible for yo'i to get one of
the pround floor rooms in
Tbe entrance Is Just west of the main entrance cf Iho
building; it has an entrance from Iho court as well. Tho
building ftirnlnhi's heat, light, water and Janitor service.
, The building Is fire-proof and thfre la a large brick vault,
so you can cut out your Insurance expense. The room will
be remodeled and redecorated to suit the tenant. The
space can be arranged lo give tenant J,fD0 njiiare foct If
If this is the best location for you, now is the time
to gmsp the opportunity, and apply nt once.
Apply to It. W. BAKER,
Simplex Driver First in Twenty-Four.
Hour Drive that Costs One Life.
Ralph Mnlford Finishes gecond -Th
rrr Other lf a Iltel4e eiiotia
Injuries In Maddening
Speed Ktrnt.
BRIGHTON REACH. N. V.. Mav .,. .
Ch.-irh s Basic, driving a Simplix car, won
the twenly-four-hour automobile race of the
Motor Racing association Inst night, com
pleting 1.145 nilli-B. Ralph Mnlford, driving
a Stearns No. 1, finished second, twvnty
flvo miles behind Basle, w hile Ralph I
Palnm In a Flat w;i third with; mM
The record for the time l 1.W iiilb-s. Ten
of the twelve Hlarlcrx finish, -.1.
iriious Injury of n s uul tV minor hurts
to two others Willhtni F. Bradley, mo
cl.anicisn for Louis Strang, susialti,d i aa
Juries that caud ln denth Jack Ton
a mhatiicinn, n-cehed a broken l"g . 1
Internal hurls, ami William Etidlcntt n- 1
John MoGruilct , driver- p.nd rrterhsnlel i n
of the Cole car, wrro sent tr tlje
with painful but not dangeroiu lnjiiii. .
There were n imeiou? minor accidents.
The two. cms that "dropped' nut of In
rare were the Steams No. 2. which broio.
a cylinder In the rinlh hour, 4nd tl"
Houpt-Rockwell, which vr withdraw
after completing ."",71 mile In twenty-o'te
hours. v
From the standpoint of the spectator the
contest wim the- hett. and the most spec
tacular ever held here nnd nftracted laiue
crowds. Announcement wns. mule tonight
Hint another race und r conditions
will be held late lu June. ,
The position of the unplaced iwrs at th
finish was: Fourth, Bulck Not 1. 1.04:1;
fifth, Ri'.lnler, 1.017; nix: h. Croxtoji-Kerton,
1.004; seventh, Marion, USD; eighth, Bulck
No. 2, !U7; ninth, Cole, tenth', Solden,
718 miles.
Heat. Yoniiar Men'a Christian Anrln
tlon Ten 111 of Lincoln.
TECUMSEH. Neb., May l4.-(SpeclaI T j
egram.) In an interesting base ball ganef
here today the Tecumsch Illg-h school team
defeated the Young Men's Christian asso-
uiuuuri icuiii ui xiiiloiii. (tuuic,
Lincoln 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1
Tecumseh 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0-2
Base hits: Lincoln, 1; Tecumseh, 2.
Three-base hit: Kahout. Balterles: Lin
coln, Kahout and Rung; Tecumseh, Mourer
and Allen.
The Tecumseh team defeated I'awneo
City In Pawnee City yesterday by a score
of 10 to 6.
Commander Jnllnt A. Pratt rnit No.
143, Dept. 111., (. A. R.
Mr Isaac Cook, commander of above
post, Kewanee, 111., writes: "For a long
time I was bothered with bachache and
pains across my kidneys. About two months
ago I started taking Foley Kidney Pills
and soon saw . they were dctng just as
claimed. I kept on taking them and now
A am irpo Hum ufci:(itii.oe IIU Ilia WIII1UI
bladder misery la all gone. I like Foley
Kidney Pills so well that I have told many
of my friends and comrades about them
and shall recommend them at every oppor
tunity." For sale by all druggists.
Former Champion riniahea Second In
. Hard Knee at St. I.oula. .
ST. LOUIS, May 15. L. J. Pllllvant of
Chicago won the sixth annual Marathon
race of the Missouri Athletic club today In
2:53:53. Joseph Erxlelien of the Missouri
Athletic club was second, finishing two sec
onds behind the winner. Sidney H. Hatch
of Chicago was third.
The record of tho course. 2:49:00, Is held
by Erxleben, the winner of last year's race.
Forty-one runners entered, all but ten
started and twenty-two finished.
I.I felon tr nominee
to dyspepsia, liver complaints and kidney
troubles Is needless. Electric Bitters l
Ihe guaranteed remedy. 60c. For sale by
Reaton Drug Co.
$100 for trade mark
See. Bee May 17.
Supt., Bee Busmes3 Ofii