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rim TWO
riati own to tnin.
VL. XXXIX ;m. 4.-:.
OMAHA. M'NPAY M I,N IX !. MA V 1. l'.'l'V
Political and Social News of the Old World Reported by Special Cable and Correspondence
American Collector Declines to Be ' THE TERRORISTS
Victim Any Longer.
he Omaha
Twenty-Fire Hundred Dollars for an
Undressed Skin. Paid in
Plot Ag-usst Boosevelt in Pms May
Policy of Kaiser Looks to Prevention
of War in Earone for the
Mean Ending- of the Badiral
One Hundred and Twenty-Five Per-
ions Starve to Death.
Famous Fighter Strong m His Own
Little Beliefs.
a Laid at Raral arT Yards
ea Thaan la s'ear
On I a riff a.
Li NI.-ON. April Jt'. jjpecial D spatch to
The Bee Twenty-five hundred dn.lars for
an undressed foxskin wmj a. most !
credible and yet that record mul' '
t tha recnt spring f ur a.e in London, i
Another skin of trie name sui t wi nt at
Uie hargan pn .f, heoau.e :t had
a. few more whit" nairs in .t than are per
mitted to enable a sum lu rank A-l ai ihr ;
a?ur'erj' Lloyds. By ;h time 1!iih 00 j
&kin reai-he its .t. stlneil v rM rnr 'i aill Km .
worm .oJ ana it would tae tig .-ut.r.s to i .
marie a stole. The euiur fades :n the r-ir-ing.
so that this eoetiv fur will very shortly
be worth only a th.rd of its present value.
Vanity, they narni is nun. For.
truth to tell, it ia only n a country where
tha magnificence of h a worm-as
flatter, a man s.-if-esteem that colossal
unu will be spent un them.
While Clean are tile muni valuable furs.
I her art other estimated to make an
ordinary man think he it dreaming when
he Knows the price pa.d tor tnem.
Next, to the costly f 'xes are the long
mouse-grey or dark iwa otter skins. lfea
iiiien onis abounded ill the Ue'inng sea
and as far down aa Vancouver But
Uicv ai-e not prolific, and more than a
century of slaughter has rendered them
tare. The Russians buy these skins for tV
apiece and wiil cut them into cna; c.uiar
for their hy nobles.
I mi k Siberian rabies, about a foot lorn?
and nearly aa !. sold fur from t'ill to
tr each.
All furs i advancinff ehormoualy in
prioa. allver fox leads, witii a rise of lt'3
per oenu .'Mnce Mar-ll. 1I. skunk and
uponsiim come next with & per cent.
t j
f 1 1 -1. m-..i-Tt .mil- h.. K ....
yean. au, are now wonh t So it
u,uu llta enure list, aa u
Me would be fur clad must pay for it. (
nnlld Traaredy mt Life. ,
In Cold PrOSO a return lUSl issued by the i
l.Ktal aovernmcnt board, telltr a sertes of '
toiTea an terrible aa ever made hideous
'.lie pages of the --a.lmii; nuvellat. The
ti-agic fact that no fewer than JZ persona
died of starvation or had their death ac
celerated by privation, in England anl
Wales in U-s i by tn.a return.
tjf these it-a:hs f fty-two occured in l-on-don
and seve.ory-ihr'-e In the privini-es. De
tails of each i awe are patnrt;c reading. A
aad case ia that of a former bank man- '
Oi!ri of .-fuiiuiw ark. aged m. Faintuig from '
the n-sults of tarvai ;on and exposure, he .
lei! on a stone contdor. factureU Ills skull
and died of the effects. Another example
uf distress is given b thf . ate of an oiu ;
a4!!cuilural Istwirer He ad been fnr
liieriy emplo; ed lu a brewer-', w hich had
peneluned hitn off. But about three years '
before his death the pension had to cease,
owing to the f'tmucial difficulties of the J
jnewery. "ttnce then." grimly states the I
return, "ai ceased bad onlv obtained occa-
lor relief." At the imt be was u.iable to
work through rheumatism. But he pertshed
w ta stolid heroism, without apiiiy ng to
liia children or tn tile relieving officer for
eax- heip assistance." In two case the
Jury iiurnl a verdict that d-ath wan
cauw-d svloiy by starvation. In e.even
casfs d" ath was ascribed t.i sta.'vt.on in
conjunction with oiher causes.
. Kitchearr a Fataliat.
I. is only thus- w .". o k.icw Lord Ivlt -
inC!i.; well who ace how stroiia'c Is mat an. a .11 his ,-l.--e-
Dur'ne the time that he ua ciimma;ider-in-chief
in .South Afrca. the ta k in tne
headiiuarter mess turned ipoti ttie ml'o-Ui-v
future of thoee presret. I' Aa gen
erallv agreed that .t waa inc. lahie that
Loid Kltchenrr n-uild sooner or la er fi-.d
li.mself insiaiteft in tile hii and
certainly at that time eee tivng pointed to
this Lord Kltcnener. howeve-. m ,,K hi.
head and said, with a imile. I th nai von
are all wrong. .-Kimehow 1 tiv? a feeling
that conxlnces me 1 snail never occuov aov
pnsition at the War otflc-. " Tin loilcf ha,
if anything, become st reng' nencd s net
t.iat time. w an. tin r occ am. 1u--ig the
Soitditn campaign. L.nt hlltcn.ri u
saiiril not to exp.we luiimeif leckiess.y
when in action. -1 shml ntvi-r b k lU-.l. '
Ue -a'd. "When tnv nm. c on. s I - - a.l -i .
peacefully in my bed." Muuy oth.-r u
t.tah es might be adduced to deTrmi-i lie
Mils lather stri ng - de ..f 1' i K I -.i.-ne g
hat actcr w!iu h. by the wa; apiM-ars to
ink e mii-st-d prev ious nolle e.
h. la si ta "e the Rare.
When the king i -tuirs t-i lb s c '!''. 'v
be 11 proci i d a.nmst .minr-ilia.eiy t i
NewiraiL.-i to s-e Hie ai'e "or 'i'i
guineas, and will 'lieu return lo town,
where he ll icmuui .i-ttioi euiii -''
throughout the pa ing but a brief
visit in U niis r. H a maie-i v hopes to
f jV ei al w.n k end
Mts lo hi persons!
friinds tins summer, and ultimatum ol hts
bus , eadv be. n cun eyed lo ,. e( l whom
hie maiJt.- pi ip4i- to uoino
Usalu aa Holler Ska tea.
Cliiiinwanicca-s that ro-der skate a.e the
luu at afc-iety rraa-. Thew are Se ng broken
111 and trained bv firm of London im
porters and supplied to fauoionaole peooie
a pets. After six months training the
ehiiti'i'e " be m for anv o.
cieiy and an aeiuisinnii in anv borne. "
Ko.ier skating ia an ' extiw ' of bis educa
tion. Ha l laught pnmarilv to dress him
self, to eat and de-nlt. and lo i-nmport
Himself generally like a little uo"
. Reeesral far the mT Tarst.
Tha 'avuig -lowsj of tha aoel of the tire
- - m
tCoatmued o Page Thre.
fcnreareaa Dvalrrt Flaally Kill Iwaeee
that l.all l.oldea Esare Raa-
! I a Prleee u Pletaree
id Other rt ilhjerta.
Ri '.MS. Apr ! pec: ai L"itpa c:i ;o The
B.'ei J P erpont Morgan intended to pe:id
in E.irpe wtthin the next year or two not
ens t:ia:t m irttkr To taK .'
:ie 1'nited .-'late. He -laa, .-icrot iintf
o.ofe r:":endw Here of t:ie grat AmeM a:i
rnaniier and art fii;.:'.,ir le-:,in t j
f.'iniH" h.s piatm enr.r'.- a. -l .1 pi h
ao.y ipend pruttjia.iy tmt.itns.
Tins chanee of pian. I was t 'Id today by
a c' friend of Mr Morgan. " ' ''
what appear to ae a w'dtepr'a(l cbhim :
in 'he par: if Ear'itwan and it i--r
of a:-' oiijeeta to the firr- of tiif.;
war'- at ahurilv 'tit;'! pr:re. Mr. M.i;
liaa 'ioen not count dollar when it c:im''.
to n"r.:ne iny'iimi? he 'v-irt'.i. hut ne .m
f.iilv de'efied the Amer-nn butlnes
man's olijef?i:on to r.ein hetd ut.
i if -errnt eari a movement tt.i9 been
,JM'IH n Eur'ipe. m-uile-l bv irfrnrv '
stop the a:!inrd denodHt;nnn of trie public
and pr'vaie ;rt rtiilect .una by Amer i-a t
ho"er ant' ,t ha? requited n t: e p-ai'ins;
f asur1!'- inah vniiiw on art
ien an Amertran '. the pr'inneo'. ;'- e pur
'?haer. Now that art. at 'rn:-t a:t
old. in admitted fre of duty n the
i'n.ted r-;aie.-. it wa ant.cipate.i t.iai .h
" V.-nertran ln:n" would be irrenter than
ever, but n view of tiie "hoid up ' poi i;v
advocated b Germany it ; douhtfui if
thia w-il be the cae for a while at leart.
It is beiiev-d here Uia: oilier rim Amer -'Hn
will follow M-. Morij-an' lead. io ou:
of t.'ie tmirHet for a while anul a. pr ces
re-icJi & rea-ionahle vei.
Mew Portrait of tBrlat.
A hew portrait of Chrtst new to the
modern word, thoiu-fi executed pnDaai;' n
he -econd cett-.iry of the Chnstian era.
and bur f.1 ail these L.J0 year paa: in t.n
tomhM of tie early Romaii founders of Lie
faith hai been brought to llatfit at Ra
venna. Wn have nn h!orca'. por'rnit of
Chr t or of ins apost.e" ( nherwi-e the
oldest artlatie productions would acree n
tyTe. winch la far from beina the caee.
The portrait found in P.svenr.a pia.nly
one of the oldest known. H-ra are traces
of the earliest rvpe of 'he 'deal portrait
of chri-t. Here we se the youthi j,.d
without an aure,le. sratd upon the mval
throne, at which an apoatle bows. Ha ia
exalted as a prince above His sen-ants. ;
but the king is indicated not oniy by the .
roval character of His post, but espertall'
. flUat h Tj
apanj- hia hair. This
dMrm jB marfM of tJ)at
, evn .0 t,m. of JulluB
Caesar. '
The Chriet ona nf the T.imn aar-ennhnart
of winch the staluette at the Good Shv-
herd in the Latefan may be cited as typical. '
haa the same sweet, youthful expression of
counteniitica aa in 'lie chr'si of Rivenna.
aimost a lairhing bov. dear to the hearts
of h.s wnrainnpers There can be little
doubt that this early portraiture of Christ
is due to Gnostic influence, attac.ied to an
ideal of beauty which compelled the ad
miration of all, even though heat. tens.
Fight at Harder Te'aK
nurmg the trial for the murler of Count '
V it : at the Bart a saiga c-iurr. a disgraceful
... .1,.,;,-,. ,.
o wiiresw-s and evidence was given to
t ie effect that tha murderwl aohieman had
been cai-rying on an intrigue with a'i-d
woman liv-ng near his estate. There
,s every min to suppose that h'.s death
waa an act of family vengeance, perpe
trated by nired asaawins other man 'he
actual prisoners. This reve.'at.on produced
something like pandemonium in court. One
of the advocates for the defense. Signor
.'urgente. In a fit of sni;er seized a big ink
pot and flung it win great force against
a group of la.vyeri repre-entlng Count
VIM'S relatives. Thia became the signal
for a general free fight among '.he 'a.vyers.
in which the prisoners took part, in the
absence of the CMraiiinieri. who were en
gaged clearing the court. Aa a aeiiuel to
this ine'df t numerous durls ar e expect -d
Ivi take pi ice.
! f- " f f
Causes Real Row
Princely Escort of Liane de Pongy
Gets Punched by a Plebean
PARI.-.. April y iSpectai I'spatci to
The Bii-The well-known Pa--nai ai-trss.
l..ane de P-nigy. and a remarwatiie nai of
the siuoemious proportions whuri fashion
at pce-.nt .1 ec -e . were the caiifce of a
. : i. en; .ai.on nesr Parts, whicn is to
'.e seit.rd 111 the police C'Mitt. At .-t. ier-
r.a.nen-li. e recently the actrej-s a as
ru :i
f -end w ho hears the title
-if pence and prefers to pema.n anonymous.
Her uat apeeai-ed stranage in the eyes of
toe s.mpie inhabitants of .hat ,dv",c re-
treat and tne w fe of a iocal doctor and
the wfe on an attornev s e'erk. who passed
by w tn t.ieir ttusaande. cornmenied in a
na finer too f-snk acd audible on tiie
-rr"stion. ' Mine, oe P'oig-J' pcni-ely
companon demanded an apoogy ft-om fie
no-ban-is of the and a dis'usion
ensued. As tne pr-nre hi hands enenm
ueii w-ith pauaages. aaa attempting -o
ex.ract a card to hand to bis 'nter'ocut irs.
ihe attcmev s oierk st tea htm mora:
limes. The iiispuiants II come before the
Versailles ouurt.
at Olaplar af ea. Pearrr Kada the
Irsiaa af the arik
LiiNInW April 0. .Stveeiai 1 lepaicn to
Tie Bee i The great naval cruise In the
Noi-h sea. now drawing to a close, s per
il ape ttie greejest demons? ration of Ens
iand's naval power ever made. There are
wed over a hundred ships engaged.
Batft'.esn. pa. 2: armored cruisers. II pr
tax-ied erulsers and sceuts. 1: destroyers.
ia): depot sn'pa. eio.. , submar.nea, 5.
Formation of World-Wide Leasrne to
Zxtrrniinate Hrds.
Important Caestion tha
Divides France.
ome "iniilar tatlli' Ja lale
rnbllr Iiit llcmriilhlr te
u r trfalra aa to Mar
rlnatea. BY PA! "i.!".
Apr.; t: .n' :ai l'o?ra; :i t Th
B. e. The ar-t of a.i a:iarh Pt 1
v is
uii'iHi:' on lit- t a.l former I'-'-s-.dent
Riiiiw vi' t. ;:ie diM'o. ery viat a atoup ol
Red had evMleiitly mark "I 'bi- di
tinaltiifhetl Ami t "ran traveler lor a- ..-i-ih;:-:,u!i
n-i.iti iias 'inlv hi en pi'e' ent'Ad i"' -
traordinar..' preea.if.nns wd). I am in
formed, r--suit n "jiii m Ft w al ftin ail t:io
ira.-t c . as i 11st the !i"f"r si.-,
w'in .n has hi -n uml' r aaien. T'ie m
point in the whole preventive po1 tc
uxs of Europe have been Em?:aiTl ahd
the I nii.-d .itai;. wtucti iia e offer-.1
as'lum to tbes men who c:a.m to ba
mereiy poiitiea, offenders and af'.ordtd
them a:c plai""5 n whit-n to plot. It is asi
s;r'id by "hi- police it,- tna: haru.y a
political of .ec-nt years but
1 hat oa8 Ot e;i piioitd 'i.ner .n .mer-ca
or Enijiand. must m'heri.l" the former.
It is beiieved the p. 01 aiTh.nst Mr. Rteise.
vet will at iast brintf America :nto tr'ie
and ultir.iatelv will .end Enif.anil to jinn
hands with the emt.nemal authot"t:es in a
world-wide crusade against anai'cr.iRt.
mafiaiets. und similar orianii;a:.onH whu-n
will be effective.
The head of every detect. ve police sy
tern in Europe will brSThe easier when
Mr Riosveit takes ship for the T.'n.trd
S'.ates next month.
Imaanaat aneaiiuna I p.
France ia just nuw rack J with import-
"-nt Questions, ihe navy :a split into fac- I
tion, ov.r the cae 0 a petty officer who
wants to wear a long heard, ana lias not -
left hia amp nor shaved for eight montha.
His beard ia now fourteen Inches long. In
Paris the mintitry of marine t hard at
work preparing a decree that ai! bearda
in the-navy shall not be one fraction over
lwo and on(flrth lnches in length. Court- j
m,n:lll and dllimmKa, ,u, probllbiy ttend
the man growing two inches and a quarter
..e ... ..nn hi. ..Iiin Th. Hut. ,r
beards evry morning with properly j
tested mlers will no doubt fa.l upon com-
tested rulers will no doubt fa.l upon com
This is not all. The wciatists have
adoptid the Latin quarter cap. and ther la
consternation among the students. The
latter have formed a police curps to meet
the crisis, and anyone wearing a cap with
out the accredited badge of a faculty will
be well, tne stuuents have not decided
whnr they w ill do to him. but the uncer- !
tainty sur-ounding his fate does not neces-
aaniy make a less alarming.
wrra napny I anpiea. i
. There are only seven really hanov max-
ned coupled In Par s, according to some
singular statistics just published of the
relative state of conjugal felicity in the
French capital. There axe L3S2 wivea who
ef. their husbands for other men. and 11.3. 1
nusbanda who have run away from their
wives: 4.12u coupbs have separated amic
ably, w hile no fewer, than 1H1.02S "menagea '
live at warfare utiuir the same root.
! The number of those who "hating one
anotner cordially, mask .t public ferocioua
enmity b neath appearances uf assumed
politeness." is verv larae. amounting to
IC,"rJ. w hile t.'-e r-cord in the list is held
by couples w ho are visibly indifferent to
one another naineiv-. iltUirL
Kurt In r.
v rong.:
thought to be happily mari-eil. while there
are l "mt nages" happy in comparison
with -.ithers moit unhappi-. I'nforvjnateiy
'his analvicai ones not furoisu
.he sources of Ins information.
Whir K reach Tralsa re Late.
A.l France is iaugning at an order just is
sued ay the griv-rnment that prohibits a. su
ing at rdiT'iaii stations for the novel reason
:ha; the railway tra.ns are ueia:.'-d by
iengthy good-byes and farewell k:sss. Here
is the official not. re trans ated.
Le-tt-nse de . LnbrHer It o. strict. v
fortjiduen to exchange K.Maes upon the pia
forms or in the rooms, or upon tne
of tne i-arragf- of tne State raii
owing to the delavs rr-uiientiv oe-
asioned by the pitiaiem-" of this dilator--'
prai-tu-e. which is calculated 'o Uisturu pioo. r running uf the trarflc upon
the a-vstem bv retarding the denarture o
n una. aim wnirn is lima fraught wiin ;n
Liiiivi nu-ni e and even .lauger ti tne puu.ic.
as the first inndnion uf af" t.a- 'una it.
nunctiiauti' Pr-ons .t'i'covered Ki.ssing
wi 1 be laoie to prose ution.
Now we know why evere l-am on tii--Freuch
S'ate railways is always late.
There is so much k.ssirig when :t was due
to start that :t -"iii'd not get of? in time
To Par-s . au di-ivers. J. an Thiiia-. It enabling him to dev ote more time ;,i for
aud Pier--' Rmix. who occupied Hie same1 warding tne interests of ms ciunir- H.
stand in the Boulecarde de Bat gnoiles rooms of ne old itoval paiace ... .-tock
and bad be n on excellent terms. quarrellfM . holm are mine iiae the olf'.ies o; a ic
on making the hapiess disc-iverv that they - eMiiul New YorK buine-;s .-na.i man '.ae
were ,n iove with the same washerwoman. ; nome of a re gnmg sover -gu. anu ue
N-:triffr of them hail proposed lo -Sarie . -pends most of his time m ineiw i.-mns
Hatrartt. tn ail-uncoiiM-ious ob.ieci of the.r dealing with matters of detail toat mot
affections, and tl.ey d.-ciiied to f'ght the
mailer out to settle w:io had a better claim
before e thrr of taem appeoachi d tiie irtj
j.ct of their affectum. A comnat meg
pia e u a -Hi let treet. H was a duel on
toia.iy novel lines. There were no c- and the weapons used were whips. , ,'openbaaen. A boy of 1J and a girl ol
will, wnic'i the combatants mercilessly , btn w.( grown children, had been
sailed each ollnr They were exhausted pilt ..intf sweethearts 'or some t me.
and hathid in h inel a hen a policeman ar- . vv'hen t.-aaed about the affair bv bee rim
nved on the scene and them to the rades the giri had said tna: if she could
puiics slalom Next morning they were nlt be allowed m 'ove her friend n ptac
dlamtad wth a caution, and happly their triey snould anrni hear news aoout hot.i
enmity has been again turned to fnend- of them. The other morning the two chj'
stup. for the washerwoman, on hearing of dren were found in a cellar of a rioiase.
their story, hastened to their rabsiand. The boy had shot the girl with a revolver
whete ana her rea-ret at having I and afterwards had tuned the wep..n
caused the trouble, and added that she I against himself. The girl d'ed aimost 'm-
1 bad affi-eadv beeta engaged for some lime
'u t pi iimlsf.
Will Deliver Nobel Peace Address at
Christiania Thursday.
Popalar Ralrr aad doiid Mia of
B waive-as. Kaatavna Daxa at 9tt
Pahllricjr T tlrdiaarr
COrENHAGEX. Ap-U 30. iSpecial Dis-
P" to Tha Bee.-AU of Scandlnavta 1 j
on t:p-toe for the reception of former
President Roosevelt. Nothing will be ieit j
undone at Copenhagen. hr:s:!ania ami
ran.cKnolm to snow the great Ameman n
what esteem he ;s heid ay . andina lar.y.
and. further than mat. to snow '.hrouan i
him frtendhhip America. . w hn-ii hiiM i
famished a home for so many of uest
sons of Denmark. Norwav and Sweden.
Most .merest In Mr. Rooseve:r3 northern
v-sit attaches to Chr-st vna. where he w.U
aeiiver next
Nc.iel peac-
' The impression :s -ery general tnat in
i this speech Mr. R.Mise'eit til make some
statementa whicn will attract word-wide
attention. Mr. Roosevelt will be met at
Christiania on Wednesday bv Haaiton
and the highest dignitaries of the king
dom and will be the guest of iiis maieidy
. I. lie in Christ. an. a. The Peace adurest,
wii". be delivered at the National iiieaiet
on Thursday, and on Friday ne w II be
formally given the doctors degree by the
i It ia expected hat the cxar will visit
' Christiania. and. possibly. Copenhagen a. so.
'. in the course of the summer, calling at
the Danisn and Norwegian courts.
.-!nce his accessicn to the tar .up. K n'
1 Haakon has not had an opitor'unn.
seeing the czar, but a s rjinured mat he
may visit St. Petersburg beiore me end ut
the spi-ng.
Klaac (iaatai aa ta Modest.
The re-cem severe :llne?-s of king of
Sweden nas served io direct attention t-i a
monarch who s.nuuiai :y .u ;;i
background. He does this b' n-s own oe
sire. since he ha.s a horror of anyirrng ap
proaching publicly and --nuns it whenever
post-ilile. For this seai-on '.lie Sw-disn
court is often descrbed somewhat incor-ii-tl-.
however as the dullest .11 Europe.
1 the time that the present criwn pr-nce
f Sweden was married to Petncei-?
garet of Connaugnt it was w uh :he great-
st difficulty 'hat Goatiavus cuid be
inuueed to vsit England at ail. and then
he sought to -o!p into St. Ge.iji;e"s .'.'iu'.h I
uiioOhen-'M and wtinoui aiteniiance. 1'ii.s.
However, mucn to tna uisina.. he fou.m
. ould not lie perrnitied. a. lil lie iia . if r u
-beared that that .Hi'' was inur-i .-n s' :
able ne nits ever spent.
King Gustavus is. however a very i;ood
i ,nail ,,f bueniess. ami is aia s introducing
I new ideaa for aimpnf--ng ha w.n n ami
mona.chs are
: neir
His majesty is ver;.-
poeuiar among
'rt..llts of Hur-ipe.
Vaalhfal l.e Trni-ilr.
A trairtii love tl.ama ha.i been enac'el
j mediateiv and the iwy la dangi rouslv
wounded ai tha huspliei.
Ireland to
Grow Tobacco
for ItS UserS i
Experiments Prove Successful and the !
Crop May in Time Permit
. Exportation. '
ECULiN, April 30. itfpec;ai Dinpattn to!
The Bee (That Ireland will in the not
distant future becume a tobacco growing
countr- and in a few years not oniy
" enough for its own consumption.
" n'" 5W,Tni an exporter uf the weed.
poit ;ust ,;:ued by Irish Depart-
ment uf Air icuiture contains some very in-
terestmg and significant facta and figures
concerning tins new industry. Altogether
1-iO acres were put into tooacco in an
increase of : iiirt"-tiine a'n-s over the pr-
vious year and the increase for 1MU will be
even iaxger Fund?, t is explained, nave
lieen niaced at the department's dli- sal
for a period if five years from Apri 1.
1". o il of which giants at the rate of tio
per acre cropped with tobacco will be paid
i oi authorized experimenters provided the
j conditions prescr-bed are compiled w-tn.
The season of 1'6 waa an a'erage one
for Toi.aceo. The. quality of the leaf, so
far aa tt was determined by the season, waa
better than in either of the two preceding
yesr. The final weight of the crop had
ho' been ix-ertained when the report wan
cimplen-d. but d waa expected that the
averrigo yield would fa.l somewhat short
nf the ltii cr-tp. The averaii pr-iduce per
statute acre of cured tobacco in the latter
year was LJt pounds, a marked increase
in the previous years.
That the ancient belief in fairies .still
flourshes in Ir"iand was shown bv a dis
cussion which took piaee at a recent meet
ng of the Athiome Rural District council.
The matter upon which the sub-iect of the
fair-es cropped up was a proposal to build
a luluoer coitaae on a sate n close' to an ii.u-i-nt ! anii-h "rath." or
for', a. tnee uiai es aie lie.d in ar-f-al
u- erence a.-nofigsl the country people, a
pi.ipi .-ai was made that an site
should he ;r-jcured. Tiie tradition is that
.he rutus ar" sai -red to the fairies, who
ilieir itoul i.ieir midnight re-eis and dance
upon the -aard in 'he mooniigfit. The
Ie:i-iitr' ie:itfv.. t.iat an; interference
W'th such piaces would he manifested in
various wa; s. such aa an ep.demic uf dis--hs
amoug.-t -att.e. !ai-k of success
in iarsiung operations, or even destli in
-.l:e fa.Tiii-- oi the offender. One councillor,
who is air i a magistrate, declared thut he
..c. id not ilk-.- to interfere w:t:t the for',
va - lit anotner -aui. 'If ', ne cottage :s
-nil It 'iter, t wii m.t 'e 'lve-1 in. and it
v mid be better to ananilon the sue ' A
cinm.ttee .vdn appoint. -d to see whether a
more, suitanie -ote cocld lie pr-c-ured.
A A-.-ndi-rful o'd vvoman -if .0 ;'ea..
T.ii.--i to i.e the -c.leet jie'-son :n the ktn-
1, m. l ed at te v-lage of Carri k
hiore. 1'oiiii" T"-M,ne. She nad beep a
a .iiow for .-u;nt:. -r.;-'e . ar. after three marrni l.le, and was a. ways
1..IOW i lo- i.e.- ma dei name Peggy Mc
'jiiiik. Tl.outi bfit with age. im wa.s re.
nar.val lv Hard" active and until a
few year ago used to go in her
. bar feel in summer time. l"p to uie
nf net
deal h sue ,i'
toe of keeper i
to the iiM-ai .-ourt r-.oie though tne duties
'tad laterlv h'-en performeil by a deouty
la No' -mo.t .ast t';e s.-nt her iX anu
a -oiig' atuiatorv- telegir.m.
The tii'hiii.-rnip of l oiiiiin -tate. at t the
g. ner-'i'l i-vninl of t'-.e i liup i of
wiat -ai members of tne -'-ai"
ti-mpeTahce m-.v-emcnt nad a ieady lieen
elll olied.
ti'i-iirilias ta amr. ' r-at Brttala. Irfr.
aaaar and Belslana re hat
te fifl Tesjether.
3Rr.-fr.Li-. Apr-I . Scecal Iluepatch
to Tee Ree Accord ng to the oir Great
Bi-tain. (rmanv and Be's-tum are on ths
eve of an understand'ng In regard to the
National Defense Committee Plans for
Aenal Fleet.
Preaaier sirpa Off era Very Little
I If aeaarmaeavat that Pel eg i ats-d
PfI Will Be Better
Treated la Raaala.
ST. PETERSBURG. April 3. ."petija.
Dispatch to The Bee i Russia does not pro
pose to be left behind in the race for the
suoremacv of the air. The nat'.onai de- committee has presented ta '.he Duma
proposa.s which have been acted on fuvor-
ably which will privtue for a eumpreneii-
sjve fleet uf air the training of a
coprs for aeronaut'.c service and for tne
providing of means Tor defene ayainst
luettiii a:r craft.
The details of tne plans ai-e. if coui-se.
lt.-pi secret, but I am informed thev
W"l! be carr ed forward w-t.i the greatest
possible rapidity and that In a Short lime
fluFS'.a -.viil .iav an air fleet and a corp
of expert aeronauts second to none in the
. w-or'd.
Premier iSloiypin gives rrr litt.e encour-
agement to the Jews that they wid
'letter treatment in Russia. Ti a recent
influential delegation of Hebrews M. Stoly-
P)n stated "The Jews have gr"at!-- dam-
aged tlu-ir reputation and left sad mem-
-""P "t their revolutionary activiiie-. The
liuud and other Jewish organizations nave
Oeaiv -.-event biows at the gov. mmeuu j
Moreover, the young Jews have aoandoned i
their rr'l g'.on and nave actnured no new- i
ide.iis. It s impossible for such a statu of
affairs to continue. If you educate your i
children m the spirit of the ia' of Moses !
and teach them loyal--.- to tne throne. t..c J
bad pa.-r will be forgotten and we ma y
then find n a pien.nn to cnsider
the probJem from a differ-nt point of vew.
"I cannot make anv promises. I uuve '
lie-, pr made anv before and I am not pre
pared to deviate, from this course n the
future." ;
The ser-o-comir eae of the Pun Annur
cow lias been finally di.-Dosed of in the
St. Petersburg d.str-c court. When the I
siege of the fortress hegan. the wife of a
erta.n Captain Ruizk:-' owned two cows
and a caif. and wuen .ie eft Pjrt Arthur
trie anim-ais remained m the possession of
ner hithbsnd. On the iatter .King, thev
were taken charge of by Colonel Bbniiaceff j
of tne commtssartat department. who ,
eventua.iy delivered them to Madame Stos--e1.
-.vfe of the commanding general, line!
of the cow died and Madame s-.os-el. ac
cording ,, her own account, soul tne oiuer '
for h.
The action was brought u ga.tiM M.i.iume
) S'osse' b" Rutzli:'. who ea rned
, the ,.m of ."'. me a.leged . a ut- of oe
cows and the r y eid of milk
T'le court swarded her tfi). hn; iu:el
-ne -mist pav the eosis of trial, amount
t'g '' XT. s'ue w-Il. ai-ri' diiigly -ece v-e t".
St-ttisties puolisiied -erarling nuic des m
- -t. Petersburg in llr snow i.iat i.SZ per
'sons took their own 'ives. and o.' these ntj
were .raies and "tf 'ema T iee nc. ml, el
f!f t ; -e:il;:1 ho' arid e eiity-eee-l gir s of
ags - a-' ng f-m 11 to IT year
Pablie 4 aal frwaa State Viae ta Hake
a Praflt for the
eraasesif .
MiUlbl. P.XE. April St (Hual r-is-
paich M. rue Bee., -The Victorian slate
government has decided to suj-pend the
Mue or e reni n coal mining lease.
total coal re-i uiremenie of the state -a
now 1.30 UTS) tone yea.-ty of whic h the rail-
conbume J.-.r tons In ah inter-
i lew. Mr.
the aiate premier said
mat ,t
was incoming more and more
recognized that coal was an absolute neces-
' -Ity m the life of a civilized community
T,,e gov erument would ak for Pai- lamrnt-
aiy sanctitin to see the public coal from
' tXe sta'e mines mage a profit, and would
oniy require a return whirh would defray
working expenses and provide interest and
I unking rand.
Bevolation in Albania and Mace
donia Mast End.
Extraordinary Fnss Made Over Troupe
of Senegalese Performers.
. Deaaark ar t aairta to PrsavMe Rntral
I I aairt for tar Taaat Ralrr af
Partaaral ta Ike Preaeaf
j rrtinin.
Rl.JN Apr'l ,X . StpeeiHl I'MspwAcii to
, The Bee i It is with Germany's full ap
proval, if hot indeed at her suggestion that
the Turkish government has taken steps
to pot an end to The rvoiui:onarv unrest
n A. I. anio and Macedonia wn.t a Tim
hand. The situation ,n E.itopean Turkey
l:as liec'-me a mciiHi t the peace of In fact, t is fe't that unless
tra.iuiiillty is restored ai once, an out
break mav occur at almost an" tim
which might well embroil ad .if the great
German- does not want war at this time
at an--' -ate. It has been '.Hrgeiy due to
Ge-man Influence that the Russo-Austr-an
mlirogllo was at least partially straigh
tened out and 1'ne great influence of Rus
sia was used to keep Bulgaria and Servla
' While I is believed the strong measures
laken by Turkev to deal w:th the Albanian
uprising will he effe. tt- e it is recogmret
her are still manv elements of danger in
he near eastern situation, and that all tha
- powers of dipiomaev must be exercised to
keep me jeni ral peau e.
Faker a Fake.
The . abied d-spatches to the effect that
Wiilulm Voignt. the famous "Capta.n of
1C inenii -k. ' has been in New York and
has b.-en .leported from America as an un
iesiranlehave aroused some interest here,
i Auout the sums time the man w ho a few
j years aga Immortalized himseif and the
j town of Kopenick. besides mak.tig al
Europe 'aJKh for weeks, has "'definitely
j dtiltted the army." waa said to have been
I having his troubles In America. He was
' reported in the Berlin papers to have
. bought a hotel at Rixdorf. his native town.
which be intended to run himseit. It la
suggested that New York may have been
entertaining a fake faker.
( Blacka Make liapr-esaadaa.
An extraordinary scene was witnessed at
the departure from Berlin of a troupe of
1 Senegalese tnacks. who have been appear
' ing at an exhibition In the Unter den
Linden. The biacka had apparently eon
uui red wholesale the hearts of feminine
Berlin. At mirtdav, as thev prepared In
lirm to the railw-ay station, a crowd of
i..' persons, most I v women and youna;
gtr's. gathered opposite the building. Eight
policemen tried to keep o-der. but tha
wemen and girls dro-. e tr: ough the cordon
and demanded amrii' a last farewell from
the biacka. Man" uL the womejt were pretty
aTid we 1 ii.-ised. and wnen the scene was
over they departed n hired automobile.
Tile .Seriegaiese. w't.t compiacent smiles on
their broad faces, tenderly embrau-ed and
kissed their adorers, and drove away to
;v)d ones of "Come baa-It soon
The news-
papers comment bitterly on what they cad
"A typical picture of Berlin manners and
Kaiser I haagea Plaaa.
The kaiser and kaiaerln have aoandoned
their imended visit to Corfu, and after a
stay mm Hamburg of three weeks at the
Roval Schloss. they are now at their
chateau in Lort-aine. The emperor and
empress ace to spend the fust week tn Ma.-'
al Wiesbaden, after which thev will settle
for some time at the Eeue Palais, Pots
j dam.
t'uaaateae I arlrr rrest.
.social circles at Munich have lM-en
; shocked bv the arrest of the Countess
Fredeeh-h von ."irhonborn-Buchheim bairn
PviticeBs Sophia Cantacuzenei on sus
, picion of complicity in swindles perpetrated
in Austria and Switzerland,
i Though the . ountefna hats been living in
i t.'-.e most modest style, she hax had access
' to the best circle .n Munich society, and -t
-s believed that she mav be a victim of 4
caee of mistanen identity The Vienna
police send word that the person wanted is
a chorus gu I. woo. :t is thought, may have
! made unwarranted tine of the counte-
The ciiuiuess husband is a member nf the
Bohemian branch of the great acbonnom
family, which was founded in tha thir
teenth century The lieada of it were
oaJ-ons. and later counts, of the Holy
Rima.'i empire. The countess comes nf the
yet more ancient Russian family of Can
'acuneue. which is of Bvxantlne or-gin.
"iuci iter husband's financai affairs he
fame .rtvoived a few years ago. tha
couniesH has lived wth her mother, '.he
P'nces- 1 "a.uiacuz-ne. at Munich, where
tier iii-o-ar-nil son. i-;m.n Paul, attends
an oidlnarv boarding school.
Bride far Teanat klat.
I: a renarded her as probable the vr,ung
king of Portugal will go either t.f Coren
lagen or 10 Vienna for a bride.
T-vo Danish pr-ncesses arw nf mlane
age. hut one of them, the voungest daugh
ler of King K-ederlck. has been bringht
Hi. like her brothers and sisters aa a
tru-t Iitheran. Her "perversion" wou.d
out he ugreeaoia to any of her more .nil
mate relative, including her sts'er-tn-laa-laueen
Maude of Norway, at whose wed -
ail)K t,e was present as a tiny child. The
,,,i.r re. ....... va. 1 ....,
,,ni" dnushler af 1'ie iate Pr m-isi WulOe-
m." wtioi-e recent loss is still heinar
m,.i,n.i Ke"i,-e .i-.-e-.-.i. . ,.
adrs The deceased arnwu. ae a mem.
ber of the bouse of Orleans, was entitled
t m uia uu the vouna slrl aa a CatnoHe
and. aa ant will resell her simteenm rear
next auiumii. it would not be outrode the-
bounds of probability for an a.lisne fo
bo arranged witn King Manuel next j ear
There are several Austrian arehdueheseea
.d mamageaoie age. if course, there
would be no religions obstacles ehoul
Klnf Manuel eiiouse either of these.