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hum's EXCHANGE VIEWS-Good Roads tor
Otoe County
Sebrwa Hailway Commission Gti
Hot Letter from Maine.
Joy Morton Offers to Make Substaa-
GTTTLSTIOif ' Donation to Supplement
a Han aa ta? ei
la free rrans II nrp.ira
tloav la f 1 ifBrf ar
"r-im .iia.f Oorraspondpni.;
Li:.' T'.L.N', April M. - .special. The State
Haila l ummi.HHun 'if una and J. il
V-. tniran of the state Uailr oad
c "iiiniiKhiuri of Maine, have Jimt r xchar.g"d
.el.ers The Nenraska cuinmiamn. Ail
thr'-e ijinwra letter, n-uui sted
tiie .d.Miift vioinniiiiion to join in a rewiu
f.on to p- iilent T,u'l asking ne ap-
Fonda Already on Hand.
NEBRASKA CTTT. Neb.. April ". Ppe
iai.f loy Moron. n of the .me- J, sieri
in Morton, who owns A.-bnr Lodge tnd
nurn of :he fine .and and ntiar-ls here
abouts, spoke on good roads and rivr
mprovements at "he Horn P-oducts ban
iuet given by he Commrr'.aJ club iast
YAfit, before .eaving the city not onlv of
ferd to donate Tiie rig ht-of-way itirougn
ins magnificent estates west of tiie crtv for
a direct road, not ainng section -ines.
through this count?-. offered to give X.M
for every mile of brick road built In this
1 lo mad to be DrcKol sixteen i
itit'tt and ervfied -thars. Th in,:l
in-n il;"un1 until M'nitav evening wnen
'.! art 1 tage in n of -ha "uses, f the I
honds m' hav he-n Hied. . far I
thT ha'-a been but seven ;irens-B granted 1
out of sixteen wno gave notice by puhli-
' atom ihrv were oing to ask for a in
,lrnHe. Ther are three arPlicants. who
wll apply t the mt:tn Monday, aninit
whom no remonstrances have been filed. .
lint who had not fully oomiiilw with :tt
.a v it 'hat iaxt mratlnif. It looks now aa
,f wa wt rt) hava hut trn .aanna. whpr
had ffiurraan at yar. a.thoiiKb tha
li-pn!a fof. 11.60 h'.ia not baan chand.
point i ) mfmhfrhip uu :! mipi-me bt-mh i v.dtt mnd ,ne r.malnupr ,,f tnp rnaJ a,iP
of i.a Jnit'-d taU'S 'unic ui.f t:iar
it mail whosa ;a pra-t:f5 :uui rji-an .arpJy
."nr:aiti to a dcfuiuw of - ..:r jad curyora
unu. T:ie answer of thu cna.rrnan if -.n iiaine
c jmmiBHlun ud lJi a.-ar to Ui arnswar
foilow :
This ta rlw Hrplr.
COVER. Ayrtl X -:aiK P-rHina. J-re-tar-.'
..'tirwKi -jta Hoi..iy '.uirimiimuii.
I'tnii Jl .liVAUuii fr-'
if nine arasa sod and hm.har ::ia.a the bru;k
rudwav so that in muddy or wt w athr
the water will drain off on the bricks
nd ba oar-ed away without injiu-nif the
mads. He offerd aaiothcr thin, and that
waji !f the rrttzren wouid raiae St.'.(X and
add :t to the ff.OOa whu-h the county linn in
hand from the inheritance tax. that ne
wouid irive M.'" additional, n u to mao
it a f".ind of CuamU wtth which to start to
hiuidlntf tftaa mmiit. Then he wanta To in
rprMt the farmers along" the line where tne
-oada are to be built and haye them Kin
tribute their share, so that a.l will bear the
upon i-ae j burden i.ike.
i he i.nmtnpr-nl club haa the matter un-
. ;'.-t rt,eo totiay a
:ii at.on to fhe
numt e ttj..tay e-uni-
:iiiiioii in ri-ltp-iu'n o t:ie appniiitnient oi
iuuu ut tii" -.ipiPtiip loui't if '.ub ' mud
ar.d aKiim lat nr uoit;u .1
qiiestiou .nvor. rU.
i - . M.ivii-iin df The Netiraika
Aliiwuy oumtntHNiun a ill avtm. "lr onniderat!on and will act ipon t in a
lil -WT '
lil iiul-ivr-j inhUU.HK u -lie yreaiutoii
or ::iu Lrilttrd. dtaii'a. 1 ai.o unsidrr it an
lnauii to the pi oi.-sHUin of the .aw. The
pumilon that man cannot till tne of:u-e
or ;uui;e oi tbe supreme court of trio United
i ruM untiiM niu had to do larKiy
with liie verv mailers hiun will come ue
foie ue "irirt is. 'o my mind. toi silly fur
consideration. I hope 1 have made myseit
undei stood. Yours inly. J. ii- PEA.A-3.
Text of the Latter.
p. Following ia the answer of the railway
UACOLS. April .. UUO. Hon. J. B.
P-dKS. (."halrman Railroad Cummissiun.
Lravnr. M-Iar Sir: W afknowiedjie re
reipis of your favir if Apr:! i. Lain. :n re
ply to uui of t;ie IM.i. n whicn you taae
iM-camun to expresa your opinion of the ac
tion of the meinuers of mis ooinmisalon in
priltionnK ttie president for the appoint
v rent of men to the supreme oourt of t-ne
a nted Stau-s whose tralnm- and associa-
.iib render it cerraiw mat they will aosutne
tba times of that office unbiased by those
environments which, ''onecimisiy or uncon
sciously, influence the jtiuirment and be
come poienilai lactors in controlling the
actions of ail men.
nnort time. Mr. Morton aiso offered to do
nate a site on his estate for the agrleuitunti
college which is proposed by Senator Bur
kett In his resolution introduced in the sen
ate some time since.
ftlKbt of Burltacron to "hapa-e Fifty
C'sti ta Be Determined In
Co art.
XHBR-lKA CITY. April . peial. )
Mrs. Esteila E. Warden, thrutrh her at
torney, w. F. Moran. haa filed a suit in
the district court against the Burilnston
railway, asktna- O0.(0 lam aces for injuries.
-She alleges that she was Jerked from a
passenger train of that corporation
by a brakeman at Hamburg.
on February, 18. :mo. The complaint
Prunis Irnsaetl for ianaiail Xft- i
inic tn He Held in Llaesln.
oR.l'D ISL.X.NT'. April X. Special. )
-rotary C Johns f the NPhrai-ka 1
Presa asanciation haa issuPd the prrmjmms
for the t.'urty-eishth annual meeting of the'
.issocia! ion at Lincoln on May 23. -4 and
J. Tlie pr-nram is one of the best that
has v.-r been prppard for the aasorlation.
Heretofore the meetings of the newspaper
men hav been held in the wnter. but
this yHr it waa dwided to have a summer
session and make the meeting a sort if a
chautauijua for the newspaper workers
aione. A record breaking -.nterests is ionketl
for. for the secretar- reports unusual in
terest in the meetlna and many new mem
bers joining. ,
Prsident f. J. Ludl of Wahoo has Just '
returned frfim a t p in the southeastern
part of the state where he has been work- 1
ing ,ip interest in the meeting. One of the
featur-a of the program is the offer of :
CO is .-ash as prises by the Lincoln Com- ;
merciai ciub for the best article appearing
in the country papers on the subject of
"The Future of L.ncoin as Viewed by
Pr"ent Conditions. ' '
Monday evening there wlil be a reception
at the Liniieil hotel foiiowed by a theater'
party. Tuesday evening the members will
be the guests of the Lincoln Commercial
Hub of Lincoln at a banquet at the audi- ;
tonum. i
ebrtulLav fewa lotee.
BEATRICE There are fourtfa-n cases of
typhoid fever at the feeoie-minded institute
sister of tne iate J. ,-rteriing Morton, is
juitc ill at Arbor Lodue. ner home, wun
BEATRiCE Rev. M. Fulcomar. a Tnited '
iiretnren minister, died yesternay morning :
at his uume at Blue Springs, lie waa -jj
years of age.
BROKEN BOW Aivin ex-county ;
OinmiHSloner. wna in'nrul ln n M.
at ins M..bum :arrn. t.nirtv milas
StatPH That rhn Tram vqm in mnttnn . .. .1
note that you 'hope you have made . .... . .
..r .i.r..d." While vour effort I ,nat 3n" received Itijunes which confined
at lucidity appears to have been made at
soma saiirlf're of courteay. wa do not com- i
plain of this. W -are- somewhat dlsap-1
pointed, however. Uiat you do not comply
with our request for the views of the mem
aers of the Haiimad. Commission of Maine
tn this iiiesuon. and. presumably, the burg.
ilews or tle peipie ot tint ataie as re
T acted by them .instead of giving your own
senwinsl Ideas, embellished by the gfltter
nff personal pronoun 'I.'
Tin say, "I regard the position of the
Nebraska States Railway commission as
'!l-dvised." Why
Again. "I regard the position of the Ne
braska -Mate Railway commission as 111
conceived." Why
Again. "T ragarrl the pi1tlon of the Ne
braska :tte Railway commission as an in
sult to the president of Uie- Cnited States."
her to her bed at that niace for urht
weeks and is still suffering from the in
juries received at that time.
She also sues to recover 42 cents over
charge for a ticket frnm this city to Ham-
a distance of less than fourteen
miles. The fare from here to Hamburg
uiirt.iwest uf here.
BEATRICE W. P Noreross. owner of
the block whicb was destrovad hene yes- '
terriay. announces t.hat he will not attempt
to repair the building. Dut will erect a
modern structure to replace it.
SUTHERLAND The Sutherland Kign
stvnooi is to have two contestants at tne
state Held meet at Lincoln Mav H Thev I
are Hurley Binnam and Ruiand Cockle. 1
the former a jumper and the latter a long 1
distance runner. i
SUTHERLAND Prying two locks from I
Tt cents, the biggest part of it being the i rhe f7'nt d.oor- oursiars Thursday night. I
tull for erosstna- tha hisdaw f hi n,.,n, V" L 1 " 1 "l .amM
She alleges that the company has secured
judgments from the courts setting forth the
fact that the br.dges are part of its rght-of-way
or trackage and that under the
laws of Nebraska and Iowa It is not al-
inj k.n.- .i i i tiaewaiK reaching rmm tlie citv iimoa m
- ' '" : uie cemeterj-. Tie dlHtan "a about ' I
This matter is something the cltlrens here ! feet. 1
have been wanting brought up for some j BEATRICE The Young Men's Christian i
sioie. ii proprietor f.irjres that run
iOses amount lo about PSo. Several
atcti and some money were taken. i
BROKEN BOW At a meeting of the ex- ,
ecuuve committee of the Commercial club
today a committee was appointed to so- j
money lor uie auiiuimt or a cement ,
Again. "T consirler the action of the ai ,v. , -. . ! .,,.,.,,,
1 i.. R.ilwav comml..nn an insult , " cenus ""r""
to tha prrifns'ion of the law. tvhy
Wa should be- glad to have you enlighten
'is further as to wnethar your conclusions
iesd vnn to believe that all railroad mm
niHstorers should be- selected from among
The officers of public service corporations
Verv truly yours.
W H. coworLL.
Porter Hay tie tn Rare.
W. F Porter may get Into the race for
the democratic nomination for state rail- 1 they claim,
way commissioner. Mr. Porter was one , trading,
time secretary of state and recently ra-
uon.i-s t. a,
to each passenger crossing this bridge
nase bail team of this mtv
piayed the Fairoury High school nine at
iram. "ie court snouia noia max tne ; ot 10 to X Kairburj" was unable to do any
bridge Is part of the right-of-way or nad- ! !nin 'th K.r tsinirer. Beatrice s pitcher.
bed and the company cannot charge more
than 2 cents per mile tor crossing it, the
decision would open a new territory for
trade for this city, because of the heavy
toil it is like a stone wail on the east side
of this city and keeps out the trade from
NcBRA.SKA. CITY Coroner C. N. Kat- i
ritens a;id laughter of mis city and August
Theiie of Benin left last evening for tneir '
old noma in liermany. where iney expect i
to spend six months of a year.. Neither I
of ttia gem.emen have been "back to tneir i
oia nome ror over torty years and exoect
across the river, the people not feeiing Jus- ' 10 tinii many changes.
tlfled In paying such excessive toils, as '
to coma here and do their
ceivsd considerable advertising by reason
of his efforts to nuse SM from among the i '
people to file the name of Mr. Bryan as i Ca.ple Maurrlrw. at Central
a candidate for tha senate. clt After Lou K.rmrt.
Mr. Portpr was rarently in the office j cETH.iL CITY. Neb.. April 30.
of the commission selecting a sea, when oiai.i Coming ail the way from Detimark
ha saw Dr Wlnni tt ' to redeem a promise of marriage made
"It seems I have seen you before," he
Dr. W'nnett grinned.
Dr. Wlnnett waa mayor when Porter was
arrested tor butchering hogs within the
city limits when 'secretary of state.
Statement showing car situation In Ne
braska for twenty-four-hour period ending
over twenty ynars ago. Sina Bertelson ar
rived here this waeg. and snortly after
her arrival there was a wadding by whldi
she became the wife of the lover of her
youth. Neis Jensen. Over twenty years
ago in Denmara Jensen wooed and won
the fair 3ina. His hopes were hign when
he sailed for America to seek his for-
; n. m. April 27. 1M0. compared with period lune- Promising to send for his sweetheart
ana make her ma wile when He snouia
of previous year:
Cars jwk loaded .17
limiwy stork cars on hand 2.JS9
jitin K cars omered for loading fo
t'ara grain loioled SI
Cars her material loaded l.oV.
Emiuy boxcars on hand 1.T5
Boxcars ordered for mailing. . IBsJ
asermasi links la icirnlttaa1
; have secured enough of this world's goods
X to make them comfortable. Fortune did
not "t"'6 ,,n nl" efforts, and it waa not
i- until this year that he waa able to send
for her. The wedding occurred yesterday
jjj at the office of County Judge Lewis
j Peterson. The groom Is now 50 and the
bride 4S. They will reside on the groom s
TECUM:4 EH Mrs. Rebecra A. Farts wife
of Robert P Fans, died at the tamny home
in ibis city Thursoay. Besides tne nusband
jars, emu is survived bv seven cnndren. I
who are Mrs. F. L. A.anury of Hiawatna. , i
-Neo. ; lieorgn H. Fans. Mrs. Richard , '
vv'ai:a-e Farts. Mrs. E. V. Cook. Mrs. H. i ;
M. Corson and dgar Farts, ail of this i :
county. i i
TECUM? EH A ft er a brief period of re-i j
tiiemeni me jury n the caise of tne t-tata i
of NebratKa against Dr. J. G. Netf of i
Sterling, on an incest charge, relumed wun
a veraict of acouittai at i o clock tins art
ernoon. At tne conciuHion of tne taKing i
of testimony tne case waa submitted to tne i
jury witnout arg-oment, by agreement bv
Join siaes. : j
VALENTINE The town board had a spa- ' I
':al meeting and decided to cail a special 1 I
election ;n regai-d lo the reoiust or tlie
slate to give furty acres of and on which ' '
to tiuud oerinanent ouiidings for t-ae state '
expeninentai tarm. as the state omy has
a .ease from government for the land. ; !
and t does not want 10 erect permanent i
auiidinus mi ieaeed ground.
NEBRASKA CITY-Marcua Siehl, a'j
clotning merr-iiant. attacked Attorney John 1
C. VVaiaon as ne waa seated at a table in I
a restaurant yesterday and was arrested I '
and taaen Defore County Judge W. W. W:l- !
son. who. after hearing tne case, assessed
a fine of Ci and costs and then placed mm
ander SJt aunii to appear before him next
weea to show caus: undtr a pea'e warrant
wnicn had been issued.
4(4-16-15 Sauth SUteenth Street.
We are offering some splendid values in excellent quality medium priced furniture.
The assortment is unusually large, besides the newest selected for the season's selling
Like illus-
try pretty
o 1 o a i a 1
opnter. fit
ted with look device, round top
inches in diameter, made of
fall quarter sawed white oak and
polished jrolden finish; Of IT A
special value.
Pdestal T'lning Tables $10.30 up.
Leather Coach
(Like illustration i. This couch is made specially for
is and according to our specifications. It is stctly
high grail p and as good In every respect as though,
we had made it In our own work shop, genuine
leather upholstered with seamed diamond tufted ton.
riffled side, sanitary construction. It is full SO
inches wide bv S ft. H Inches long, has
carved claw feet, brond oaa frame,
regular value iiO UO. price
? av.i.) - - - - -
Brass Bed
(Lika i:iti8tratlon
Haa heavy. :-ini'h
post: f'.nialied in best
KngliBll lacquer; and
comes either In the
bright r satin finish
an excel
lent value.
each . .
Ostermoor Mattress
We are aoie state agents for this well known, sanitary
brand, elastic, feit mattress. A large shipment Just
received. For Monda" we offer the Ostermoor, made
in striped ticking, satin finish ticking or art twill
ticking, at $15. 0J Full size, one part, regular price
up to $18.0'). In this shipment we received another
large lot of Ostermoor French edge mattresses,
weighing 60 pounds each. These come in fancy art
ticking, in one or two parts: sell regularly at $:10
By special permission from OBtermoor
company, we are offering them Mon
day, at, each
Other Feit Mattresses, up from ST.T5
Grass Bed
(Like Illustration i
This bed is made with
a 2-tnen continuous
post; the best quailty
of French lacquer ia
used and la electrical
ly applied, cornea in
the bright or satin
finish; la a splendid
at ...
(Like illustration.)
This chair is full
box frame con
structed, quarter
sawed arolden oak
polished finish, has
jfpnuine leather up
holstered seat, each
TTi I i I
(Like inu8tration)
Is a very pretty mis
sion design; comes in
soft, brown, fumed
oak fmish; thorough
ly constructed. of
quarter sawed oak
good, generous size
This cut shows the method in which the air
circulates in th Herrick Refrigerator. There
is no question about the Herrick giivnj? sat
isfaction. There are over 2.000 in use in Omaha.
South Omaha and Council Bluffs. They maintain dry
cold air circulation, that Insures the proper keeping
of provisions; no tainting or contaminating odors in
the Herrick. They come in various sizes. Mm
and spruce, white enamel, opal g!aB lined. ii 1311
Prices, up from XiVV
We show the largest line of lace curtains to be found anywhere at the lowest prices
Madras Curtains, in colors to match any room; the new
est styles; just the thing for summer, per pair . .$5.75
Cross Strip Summer Curtains, in all colors, pair, 95c
Ruffled Swiss Curtains; hemstitched, ruffled, for bed
room curtains, per pair 95c
Nottinsrham Lace Curtains, in the newest styles, newest
weave, per pair $lJ3o
Cable Net Lace Curtains, in white and Arab colors, per
pair, at $3.50
Scrim Curtains, with insertion and edge, in all colors,
per pair, at $0.00
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Arab color; our own importation, per pair $5.00
Duchess Lace Curtains, with insertion and heavy edges;
Arab color, per pair $6. D
Cream Colored Madras Curtains, for bedrooms ; 3 inches
wide, 22 yards long, special, per pair $1.95
Cream Colored Madras Curtains- 50 inches wide, C yards
long, per pair $3.75
Portieres, with borders; full mercerized, in all colors.
Per pair $8.S5
Portieres, with fancy edge, plain center; light weight,
for summer; full mercerized, per pair $10.00
Fancy Double Faced Chilla Weave Portieres, with border
across bottom, per pair $19.50
the best colors.
Admit3 air with
out closing out
view from the inside.
wide. ,
wide. ,
wide. .
Crochet Bed Spreads, in white, plain edge
each, at 31.65
CRETO'XE BED SPR.EAIM. with bands on
top of spread and valance; also bolster
cover. Plain spread colors; blue, pink and
cream, each, at S8.T5
CTKTAPf TETS We are showing tlie
most complete assortment of nets ever
shown, in the newest styies per yard
at up W $3.00
30-inch Sash Neta. in Arab colors, yd.,
42- Inch Fancy Nets, white or Arab
per yard
43- inch Fancy Nets, white or Arab
per rard, at IS
50-inch Fancy Nets, white or Arab
per yard, at 35
'f; In Three Siaes
inches 1 .firj
inche S 12.35
antUTTriicii r it- Y" '
Many new styles
at $3.73 up to $12
Special Monday: bot
30 incnes long, with
turned feet $3.0O
BfcD SFREADrj . Cro- I
chet covers, in whit.
witn plain edge or
fringe, each. 83.95
CRETONNE Flgtired, ail colors, with bol
ster cover and valance, complete, $$.30
SCN FAST Fabrics for over curtains, in all
colors; 30 Inches and 30 Inches wide, per
yard ... Jl.OO $1.13 up to $2.00
pa- I farm, a rew miles northwest 01 town. , pQnibl,.Iin . " " ' V"rr.Z ""r" .".: tti U V II H W U 11 V 1 I H It orovement- with per cent interest. In I 'It-nation In an shaoe.
" - i'iU lias IttlllUBI IUIlVvII'llailllIl-l -ll.lI l.iailB.!r " I " "
CK JTBAL CITY. Neb.. April 30
ci'ai ) After ail day the jury , near the Crigaoa ranch. turn and oratoncai contest here Thursday
vrsiprday brought in a decision In the I of-lcers for the ensuing year re i
I'.,,.,.- herman Unhb on a chanre CHH6KO WITH STtHTIr, FIRE . e.a.-ted as fo,iovvs: Presiuent. L- A. Moo- i
0H0" rnns "nding hi "Jt g ! Jap' of IS P"H:VL , Water Board Gives Beasons for Sot
isrtt risiwr onsis now murs i k. V. Ruy if
completed, the actual cost of such lm- j plant. Thnt point ne-er entered into the !
t:rt:bb was charged with being a mem
of a (Tang which stole threa horses from
tha Reeves farm, a few miles of town, last j
September. The trial of the case orropled !
tiie greater part of the week, strong tea- '
t'.moiiy being brought out by both sides. ;
The" deciding testimony seems to have
been given by Grtibb'a nli-ter. Mrs. .Slldtdl ;
of St. Joseph, who swore that tlruiih was
wdii her :n St. Joseph on the day that he;
was supposed to have mid the horses in
t. Jnweph.
l't is iL, Afce,
k .., .BJaa-iaafcL-ast-wiT V SI -x
of Criminal C
BROICEN BOW. Neb., April 30. Spe-
i c:al. ) A warrant was sworn out yesterday
for Narve Trottr. charing him with
! criminal caraiesaneas in setting Ere to the
Buckeye ranch and neighboring properties
: last Sunday while the wind waa blowing
; at a forty-mile clip. About iiwi a -res of
! fine pasture land and a number of funce
' posts were destroyed, the ions being estl
I mated at Jl.TiOu. When taken before County
j Judge Holcomb. Trotter explained his con
duct by saying that he wan.ed to burn
i a iot of rubbisn on his place near the
Burkeye. and thought Sunday tha best
time to do it. FTre guards were not
thought necesaary and he faild to taae
I the wind into consideration. He. a, so fatlel
j to give ju notice to the surrounding prop
erty owners that ae intended starting a
fire. The accused asked for time to pre
pare his case and Judge Hoicomti ex
tended the hearing to May li piacitig the
defendant under Cud bonds.
ity: .seeretarv-treajiui-er.
i esiex'xn. Ill Itla orator-!- 1
cai contest i ivrie i ipnner of Comer won!
first -jiaee; Eugene Bisnop of Tors.-second. I
FAIRMONT-Hie 3oard of Education se- '
,e ted i. H Trout ( Ellin. Nen.. as in- '
3-ructor in science n ihe ti.raiiini m nooia
fiir ma enduing yam- 4l 4 aaiary of 175 per
m,.ntn. Ha is a graduate ot York college, j Vinua ii Muson. Latin instriciur. .las '
Ueni proinmed 'o pi-ncipai .'or t:ie ensuing j
y-ar This coicp.etes teacning ,uirp tor
ina next yea. Lt J F Hoat-n will .ieiiver '
tn !ug:i aaiiooi commencement address I
June j.
Taking Any Action.
Cawllllac to Par fur L'ae at Inrr
K.X i-adnl ui Maine qppiy
laif Saata Otnaaav Aautker
aadition to wbat would otherwise ba the ' Dr. a m h'dd- said he is willlns to do
j purchase price." i nytblng :n reason to correct wbat be
1 Water Boar Evades aeatloa. called "the aimost Intolerable condition"
i Tha Water board did no;, according to ' existing at present.
I ihe officers of the water company, reply 'The board has always stood resdy to
j to this offer in any way. i meet the water company ha,f way on any
j Later, on Ortotier the company 1 business proposition." said Dr Hippie.
sent another tter. in whicn occurred this "and I beilsra the members feel the same
! ang-oage: "In the light of the cnance for : way now. But take the matter of exten
! prolonged litigation, tne ooard of directors ons. so badly needed everywhere. If the
! of the water company deems it important company builds an extension or makes any
I that provision for the eaiiy laying of an other .mprovement It is for the reason that
a cannery at
Hawvard Mas Praaatvs.
GRAND ISLAND. Apnl 3 ..-Special.) Or
S. B. Woibach. wit of Mr. and Mis. 3 N.
Woibaeh of this city, and wbo was bora
and reared in Grand1 Island, has been
etarted to the position of assistant pro-
I ror a lerni ui . - n. tIW hklm jeo an
instructor at Harvard fur a number of
ynara, a profeeeor at A.nany Medical col
legs and was at the time of ma recant
d'mrttua aaaiatant professor at Mctjdl uni
versity at Montreal. Dr. W ilbacn Is only
3 yaara of age.
This t 'wn wants
wanta it bad.r If you are a cannery-
mail of exi.eneme von can come to this
pa- ana iiuiw ttuae. The . lointrv is lor voo. Y'.d.' CA.N i i'M.C Hli
4 i TH II KAPli:- SETTLilMii.NT "K
T Hii I'M'iTli i will mage A K'. HTl'Mi
F'.'it YOl."
fiini. Idaho. Is tlia markat point for
50. j'U acres C ai e y Act and. the rtchat
an.l -uiat ilea out ot amirs t lera .a j aJMsa wa-a rail to rilo Baada.
1 . , nuwur , i 'i from TMa
I oe( ' 1 ' ' , . . . -T-ev i, rt ...... ,
9 of t. ia nnaa r -vr ; aeie are ocaana i . a.i-iiA-- v. . . . - -..
f rai-m jiri.iu 1 - deMU-iutJoa. ' sta citv neuncil met Thuradsy- evening for
Eve.-rining .i". furaliic. r-1ei:a 11. Tn. , purp- ljf ner1ng Ul. remonstrance.
V ii cia n'v yoiirse.r y. about ( filed by tn ministers againta four of liie
this if oii wi.i run to uie at once. I i i.aul.lult- for a aiuooil license. The nun-
, ri-iii v .jLi. unri vr sgo Hun ard
scr.0.1 .1. unoer tne tiition of Soperin
tendent it- V Clark, starred Dairons
auv consisting .,f exercises ny ui uf- I nand
.rinii irim -nn I inn r:. n q n. n.i r..,
tiu ot;i,--s oi scnool work. rhi- -tec-ind of
these ex n-is- s 'man Fmiay artertioon.
w' en ooii ext-rri-es were turnisned ov iria
niah acnoni students anil ta.ks ov irrnrun
H. Tiiomas and L r Ji nn-on. outgoing
memuer oi uie scno.i tsiajd. and Cail
, F'or no. W'ni taes nis place on Uie board.
CTH'A A real iae 1' ai was made fiere
vesteitay wnei-euy r F. M.iicr. iititor of
! the Ctica Week.y Sun became me owner of
ne Fust Nai.oua oanK liiii.uing owned tjv
. 'i. J. Jones and Kntz !ie ni. The con
sul, ran n wa C.. .n add. t. on of twenty
i feel will soon tie rectel at in rear of
; tne large bunding to me-t with the le-
! manits of his niisiuerv. aim when compteteri
a .11 oe one .if i;ie comuuHiioua pnn.
ing establishments in litis part of the state.
CTICA The new bang fixfiras and furtn
tira for tlie .'dercitaiiis bana :iav oeen
; piaced in their tine remodeled omitting and
H will oa rady for occuijaiicy uooat May i
1 HOU'REtlE-The Phi ils county Sunday
school convention convened yesterday at
uenrana. A ,ri,'p niimin-r oi
question of Interest money
in the way jf an agreement for
water works extensions and bettermunui
in Omana?
That seems to be the main point for the
citirens to pass judgment on. .f anything
is to oe dono pieceaing the decision of t.le
United States supreme court, tne date of
whu-n no one can forecast, even apprux;- '
R. Deecher How oil of the Water ooard
insists there are correlated u.ueuons t
cons.derauie but. .ike otners. i
he admits that the interest question naa ;
oeen tha larger of ad stuinullllg blocks.
Dr. A. H. Hippie mages the same admis
sion. Fir airiost four yars the water com- 1
pany has been offering, according to its .
df'.cers, to put .n tiie second main from ,
Florence, provided the Water board would '
leieuale agree an beha.f uf the city, that interest I
tne principal. ;
Likewise, on extensions ordured by
additional main be now made." and went
on to say. There is no purpore of prejudic
ing the city with respect to pending litiga
tion." Mr. Howell says ot the possibility of an
agreement at this time: "Personally, I
have never believed the water company
snowed good in its offers. In one the South Omaha service is the key
to the situation. Not that I or any other
nan wants u cr.pple South Omaha on
water, but cut that service off and the city
of Omaha could be am pi" supplied witn
a.l the water it nteds for any purpose.
So. you see :he second F'orence main s
wanted for the purpose of enaoung the
company to properly meet its contract with I
the packing center, where tha companies
are getting water verv cheap. Now, why
should the water company aag :he citizens
of omana to pay interest on the cost of
work necessary for the good eonJuct of
ihu company s own busmisa?
PrtiBoeM Aaoiaer Salt.
Extonsiona have been oniered time after
time, and the orders nave been ignored by
the company. And in that connection,
everv man capable of common undrrstand-
mand the city tu take over the p.ani at
income will ensue, w nen it is to get the
revenue right alung from the extended
service, why should the city be compelled
to pay interest as wail as principal? It
has never seemed right to us that we
suouid commit tne city to this policy, and
the water company haa never auuit any
other sort of proposal to 'he Wa:er board.
The courts can be relied on to protect the
ngnts of tha company .n any necessary
expenditures it may make.
David o'Bnen emphatically xprsd
himself as oeing willing to work and vote
for any sort of agreement that can be
resched at this time to solve the existing
unfortunate situation.
"You can say for me that as a member j
of the Water board I will go as far as any
man Tin go and still protect the interests
of Omana. There is no question but that :
something ought to ba dons, and as soon
as possible; but just what can be dune, un
less the company voluntarily manes good
on its declared intention to better the sys
tem. I do not know. Let someone advance
a deflnits proposition and put it in busi
ness shape, and I believe the Water board
will be found ready to act promptly and in ,
a way to satisfy the cit'.wns." I
1 j--
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Near lrttli and Famum Ma.
' ril mat. but found that thiva of the aopn-
.. ... -...... 1 1 - -j e
-.. n.I eon a
ji, ,.. , m IT .L Li- i cants bad But f! led any bond or a cert. fled
VOL- ' Writs V lie bi-.K. It o.ia ; h k t r ftltw mm renuud by tiio ordt
n, J .-ut and may mean a fiot.uie to yuu. ' . ,
" " ' nmui and mat tn-e fourth one. .V. G.
O. a. Mo'JtlOWTr. aaersai-T u ii CO la- j iiimauiri had witudraaa hi (Mad.
UUSi vtu. ii-ui
'cm-Hi at me wstiniM and everv sun- , . .. K ,
lav -iio..i in in. ....,., v JL ' snomd be paid, as eil
seniel. The convention continued today tn company proreeued to ouiid this
ana Mi-s. i 'ctav.a Jones of Hastings main
Hepor s'or me dif.'er-ni Sunnav ,n ' Ul" cour-c' vreaiton of the ancad wUti ,xlmnmiun, ,Ild betterments so
too countv w-ra nfciis by tne .leieuatea and , Water ooanl. and oji .xiensions ordered tJady needed and the court snould com-
j kb aiuurt ejermj.i La.k-d on 'The Sun- i by the Water board after ..a creation tlie
,laV 1.,-n.iril P'eOn... i r . Vtt.-.u I .. I
itie jft(.rti.iii t:ia program i'nciadei N. ,r-' company h" b"n "!!";:n Uml mi-rest ln Taiuatlon ot ULXZ-Z. tile company
nai rriining- ov M ies Kuldan -wans..n. i suouid oe guaranteed on any oututy wniie couj collect all legiumate expand.turcs
l le unp irlance
sacs .Stireeaaes n Sunuav . .i,".i' W..r nv i siT'tsted. tbe plant, and with interest. There la breath on the subject for some time, and 1 the proper direction. I will siadly co-ouer
-uin. niisn i.o..mar ami ?ew i,r.l.,l i vjo juiy -.. kw. rraorm r. muuui jr ui reany noinins in ins way o me urmiiii hava often ret I would lka to do soma- nh th. ,.h,.f v....j
ilia water company addressed a tter to , Water company giving our citlsera the , thing to brass the deadlock -hat :s hurling ' maae it effective."
ma .vau-r ooaio, wmcn in e::ci -uieraa teller mey uemana ana aeaerre, .1 it wants i Omana very seriously but consideration City Attorney Burnam. wnile dlseiaimln
to build "so much of a new mam as may to; but a.l us maneuvers have been along j eonvmotal ma there was notmng that could I any lnveatigation of the iagal phssea of a
ba necisaai-y. provideit the W ater biard the same line as ine trek of injecting into , be done except wait the outcome of the ! Doaaibia agreement, aa.d ba I'd not bailava
Ing knowa that if the company stiuuid go
cnarlea it- anermao. a. so a ntrmimr at ;
tbe Water board, said. "'As I view it, th.s
Is ths most Inopportune time that eould be the case la in 'he hands of the Judges. I
chosen to settls the lusatlons now bother- believe we can weil be patient a little
n r the oaoula of Omana ainesmns their lunnir Rut if mnv j . .r, , . , . , ,.
Uvn'e',.frtmsncuv --rr'," 1 tn" 'UMUo" uf c,,y "rc!-J " b"mf made after the sppraisem. nt. lo conserve wt jpniy. I hava been holding my mem Is possible that will start things in
ia ' uy Mis ilerrjuist.
awmnvra c ocaa-ar rrajLJuani-.
t'T. Arrrras. Sallwt.
iillM.:.TAa ""rallc
. i i s i m , vi A&aamaa.
aiipu- i ' ,s"
t '""iiii.i,,,,.. iwaillaa.
will nter into an agreement, binding upon , lis bnef to the supreme court the fact that j suit in ths United States supreme court, there is any legal difficulty In tha wa7 :f
! ttie city, Ut repay Ut uie corapani, wbentbe aty haa voted bunds U take over the Now that tha argument has been made and tha two bodies concerned caa f H Uigetuar.