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Omaha Plans Greatly for Entertaining Northwestern Saengerbund
ii :rr?srjsv: r Iff ias . yf: Tw"" "V
"-i-! wbur4 TeU ber July J t 3 A I 4 j ' --, - " I i f .;) mag ax r.. ,s he-.,: ft.
"r 1 '-r . K.Mf(rft At 1 a S A A f " ' ' T ..t-.l tie K. : i-mur- o-
,. i.., ti.rmin .;t.lnf k,cIm fmm 1 i I ' .-V' J i T I V t 'i.r- tr .,, hi ,.r. :. r-.n
:he r-...tthwt H'bff (W , ! A A 4 ( k V4 k ' .'I .tf.-m.-.or, connected w t
i c f s iiij and fr ltc.
U t v
. e xrand concerts will be fvfj at th
AuS.u.rtuin. in which it ia expected 1J
tea. take part. Tb cpenltic con
tent on July 3t whl be called the receipt
r.ux r and will k- given entirely by
'Ti.a-;a nuDCiHii. The member pf the
(.'n.aiia Mar.r.errbor and KO voi(e !.. in tba concert, mhlen -mill 0o
.m: tSere 1 plrnty ut tait in tr.e
ir.-lro;l; of Ni,raka. The o;oiU at
tfi t er.trrtammw.t will be Fred
L Kr, tantore; Gforjte Jo.naon. tenor;
W-i A. I. Koot, aJto; Mn. L Janaen
V'y::f. aotraro.
mui.cari are Uojnd that they w.ii
i'' ihe p-op of the city that there la
u eat f-nougJi In Omaha for a aytnpbor.y
cetra and arrar.?rn:.i ar be.n(
by rof. Tfie:plore K. to
a rral Omaha symphony rchwtra. Ahtjt
I m r.ty-fixe p.ajerp will be adled lam
h.cMO and other c.Ue. Albln Husttr of
on. aha wi'.i be cor. cert maeter and wi.l
gi a tiumber of violin soloa.
Herman B-l;rtedt. tte eolo cornetlat ut
C.iclnt'.aU. ho ir.aJe ao many friend ia
thi& city during the Trar.a-Misalaelppl r
j.jfcltion. be ore of the pftal attrac-
tioi.i " of the MT.ffrfML Misa Mary
KuDrho!f. former y of Omaha. Til outr.e
d.rect from Lr,:i, here he hj tees
nkin a hit oiih her beautiful fcoprino
Aoire, and Miss Myrtle. Moeei of New
York, formerly of thia c'ty, iil be one of
the coi.trm.Ito olt ita dunr.a- the celebrm
t:. n Other oute attractiona be
Madame Hee the well-known Su Paul
eoprano. t' Hansen, leadirs tenjr
of th Boston Opera cornpmny. and Marcua
Kelierminn cf the Metropolitan Of-era.
company of New York.
The openlrf cor cert will be under tbe Ul
retion of Prof. Reese, who wUl also act
ma director durinc the cthr conorts, with
the exception of fti rnui ciaie cborui ot
1.S00 voice, which will be lead by Prof.
Theodore Ke'be of Milwaukee. The vari
ou cocietlea In the Northwest Saenbercund
which will vend deleeationa to Omaha are:
Harurarl ljedertafel. Harucmrl Saccer
bund, Fidelia. Ritfard Warner Maxmer
chor, Great Park Ljederkranx. West Bide
Uederkrmnz, Concordia Lkdertmfel. Iakm
Tiew Mannercbor, CentrmJ Park Manner-
chor, Chicmco; Haxlam Mannercbor, For
el Park, 111.; Hmrmony, May wood mud
Melrone, Illinois; Htrmony. Forest Park,
. 111.; Evergreen SI ig-ina; aoclety. Barton -'
i!le. 111.: Walhalla, Elin. 11L; Satier
bund, Freeport, 111.; Molin Turnverein.
Moltne. 111.; Llederkrmna, Concordia. Peo-
ria. 111.: MJinerc-bor, Pekln. HI.; Macner
chor. Rock Island. 111.; Germain a. Rock
t tori. 111.: Mmnnerchor and Orpheus,
I Omaha; Germanim, Stanton. Neb.; Arton,
Denver; Turnverein Frischauf. Aurora.
111.; Liederkram. Mannir-c Im.; Baaer
bund. Cedar Rapids, Im.; Uedertmel and
Turner, Burlinrton. Im.; German la Mmnner
ehor. Iea Mo4nea. Im.; Mannerchor, North
west Liedertafel. Germmnim, Turner.
i am v r a . m "
I - ' ' 1 - -ill " - I
.1 .
1 p. t .. i s
r . i i r
i n nuifrt j r'
..f (If T
i he f s: (!'
;Tmari : r
?o tf.- t;
r h i tf ink. l 1
.. . Ti e t ut r r 1 is i . .
t the off.rtf a- 1 It" M
aid rtifcri rdhi.i. Mrt.
:!.lt.f t the ' ; Hi fa n lx -
: ir are
t 1
s C(r.
k-t he cf
r en . r Mr. r.
in tl.e liti
Tnr M- nrf r f. t .i.
I- o;..e 1" 'rrjit u f i-:n
w.- - I.'i ni.t.'ip :
-ffi.-...l .'f
M. i.e. )...r 1 f tl.
tlie t; !.nve j. r -Tr i . .1 t
of i n
i e
h- r k h.irae ot
all " r tl" r r'. 'i
n 1 h i nl l t r.e
tf. Norttiv extern
- I' .i:r K hole's i f
, r r e a ru ruber
rJJ. HESS - a" VJtt P"CS
EK1L BBAITDDii-lvicr ti
Vmmmmmmmmt iiassssmsawMssasMMMmwsjmiMl MUmmmmmmmm
N 5 V(. :rl
I - n.i r i
B'' X" -a,'. 'U l.w?j;v'
i J jr
j - v. Is
1 x) K v I
V ' j ye .
v.i-...-iw.ii.w-.A w -i i .in.-....."
inters aid a.l-
l- . :i n.1e for
I i -t Omaha tt
f. innvfnir! are
sr.1 prif .:.'iral
:l nc ff ra.'ii
'-isnr-p. It is e
tu:n cut in forra
ti: c German I'ple,
Amerh-a and made It
Seta' ci'les were
Sj'fi;e'(ei hell in
i;,'e!et .h"n by the
The n:.r:ters bstk ct
'rtur.J to
Id in this cttr.
e i.s made t.i aj" th
a hiaMy welcome and th bs.
will asked to decorate ihe.r
Pavenport. Ia.: M&nterchor. Poetville. la.;
Bangerbtind. Dubuque. Ia.; Maunnercoor.
Muscatine. Im. ; Harmony, East Manner
chor, I-jederkranr. Minneapolis; Concordia,
Arion, Liedertafel. St. Paul. Liederkranr.
North St. Paul: Mannerchor. New I'lm.
Minn.; Mannerchor Eintracht, Ableman.
Wia. ; Orminli. Eau Claire. Wis.; Froh
sinn. Llederkrmna. Lmctoese. Wis.;
Mannerchor. Madison. Wia; Harmony,
Munroe. Wis.; Concordia. Sheboygan.
Wis.; Germmnim, Waukesha. Wis ; Lieder
rraund. Earden Mannerchor, Alemannla,
Germanla, Eichenkranx. Columbia. Mmnner
chor Herman nsohr.m. Fidellm, LleAertmfel.
Smcc-un.nde. Milwaukee; Frohsinn.
corah, Im.; Harmony. Salt Lake C'ty;
Mannerchor Gemutheichkeit, Hatt.ns;
Bar.jrcrbund. Fidel. a, Hammond. Ird ;
Manntrchor, Columbus. Neb.; Ijeder
krajiz. G.-and Island; Elr.tracht. Lincoln,
St. Jwiph'i Mannerchor and Germania.
Kr.kU City, Mo.; Harrnonia, St. Joseph.
Mo.; Turner. Leavepworth. Kan ; Ger
manla. Lincoln.
The local Maennerchor was founded in
3W0. with fifteen members, and grew so
rapidly that at the present time there are
forty-two active and l'J honorary members.
The Saenrerfert board, which consist: of
the various committees of arrangements for
the arpr-rtachlng festival, is headed by Rob
ert C. Strthlow. The other officers are:
First vice president. J. J. Hess: seoend vice
president, Err.i! Brande.s; secretary. VaL J.
Ptters; treasurer. W. H. Bucholx
Mr. 5;rehlow wms born In Germany in
1K2 snd studied architecture in his
country. He came to America in 1KSJ and
settltrd liit year In Omaha. He is a suc
cessful contractor and has m deep interest
in the work of the Germmn a.mjin; aoci-eti-s.
Mr. He! wma born In Smitxerlmnd
la ISO, where he studied botany and gar
dening. He came to America In 1&4 and
settled lit Ind.e-narolis. corr.irif to Omaha
mo years later, where he was business
Diiiitpr of the flower stand in Boyd's
theater. Mr. E.-madeii Is one 'f Ommha's
most successful bus.oeas men. Mr. Peters
a born in Grrmariy and came to America
when 15 yers of ate. He ha been jtctively
er.eaged in ne spcipfT work and is present
editor and publisher cf the Omaha Tribune.
Mr. Buchoix is the second vice pres. dent
of the Omaha National bank and a man
well able to look after the finances cf the
The other members of the Saeneerfest
board are F.obert O. Fink, Frltx Fre-U-S,
Faul G'tzschmar.n. I-o Iln.'r.nsrin. Feter
Laux. It. U. S. Lurke. . Wernhrr. It E.
H. Bruf J. N. Nmvht.cmil. Robert
R.-'Senxwt is. I't. F. A. .S(-d:ac-l". F.ev. B
Sinne. Then. S.nhoid. Aupust J. Epcerews.
Fred Le.'in.ann. John I-ten.T. Peter Vl
chior, W. F. Stacker. G. A. Schodsack and
Harry Fischer
The officers of the Omahm Maennerchor
society are: Predict. Peter Laux; vice
prisident, Theodore Sinhold: secretary,
Carl Gloe; financial secretary. Fritx palter;
recorder, Paul Hens; treasurer. Math
Bugrer; musical director. Prof. Tneodore
R. Rrtse; assistant musical director. Henry
: a1 . : -r s.t'..ri I hh
k. r h I mm 1. 1 h i . t: w :
. .-. K i t 11' tl e X M . '
Mary i-f ' he !-a '. r ri
! e (itvs Itiil'l (M.'n-. ss
mrti and the kttirrn s
li.on ni. y pa..':',g irr.f.
t'.ted ll'.at the (-!T., i i
I J Iconn the .
w ho Ktve si t; Mi in
toeir a luptcd hop,.
1rinK Inn1 th.
t he r iha.'i s. t'it ' he
local di 1 calior , ai. 1
them, pi .Tiipt'ii t' ..
Oat it fhould be h.
I'll s
is ltors of
res, rri'-n
stoies and offices in ttala attire. Id tTder
that the importance of tha evert be n-t
overlooked. The various committees on
th board of arrangements are freriuentiy
meetinR and planning for the co'ehratioa
and shortly the effects of their labor will
tie oen.
Tli acme orkinc out of the p'ans will
soon be carried into effect and the details
connected Kith the preparations for lha
we'comiiiB of the ncrth western German
sincirs mill t.cin to iitpear oti the sur
face L"cal officers of the MaennerchoT
say that It i expected that the comtr.f
Saengerfist ill be the b'Kfeat ever held
by the Northwestern assoc.mtion.
Gerrrans of Omaha have been puttlrg
f on h every effort to make the Saengerfest
a criat success. Thty have been Kendlnf
deli gallons all over the west w herever
there is a Germmn singlnr society, urgrlna;
ilia they come to Omaha ard their
frnJs. The work of these commit'eti
has not been without avail, for a large
r.umbtr of societies have s gnified their
intention of coming: to Omaha a'.rice the,
visit cf thes-e committees.
Visitors mre not takinp chances on
curing accommodations after they reach
Omaha, but are sending representatives
ehead to secure headquarters and sleeping?
places for the slnpera. Lajft week repre
sentatives from Dubuque, Grand Island
and Peoria were in Omaha to establish
Personality of the Ten Men Who Make Up the New Rules Committe
ASH1NGTON. Jipril 23. It u
not Tbomma B. Reed of Main
or Charles F. Crisp of Georgia ,
or Joseph Q. Cannon ot Illinois
who devised the "gag rule" by
which legislation warn expedited
In the bouse of representatives for many
years. Htnry Clay of Kentucky was the
man who pointed the way by which the
committee on rules could be used ms mn
agency for putting m time limit on debmt
mnd making the majority responsive to the
dominant party organization.
Th new house committee on ruiea,
ekcied by the bouse instead cf being ap
pointed by the speaker, as formerly, has
tiot held a single sea? ion. Con. plaint used
to be made in the houe by In urgent re
publicans mnd the democratic minority
that the rules committee dominated the
bouse. Regulars replied to this that the
rules committee acted In compliance wltn
the wiAhca of the majority and was help
ings unJe.sis it had the support of the ma
jority. I p to the lime of the recent successful
Insurgent inturrection the oid rules Com
mittee of fne bad not met in this session
to devise m special rule, nor has the nevr
committee of ten met since. The majority
In the huuse ia opposed to special rule a at
thin time mnd uni.l the majority shows a
deposition to uphold the committee the
lonioiiuee will not ait.
Old aa Ike Hawse.
The committee on rule is &s old ms the
bouse itself. At the beginning the com
mittee merely reported at the opening of
eawh, session a ss:em of rules governing
wVAcwLduct ut U.e bous fur the session.
It was first used as an expediting agency
in lsttt. when the Whit? were in control
of the hjusc.
At that time, through a recommendation
made by Henry Clay, a special ru.e was
reported by the comruutec drained to
limit debate and prevent amendrutnt to a
measure in the Whigs were inter
ested. After incident ;ie
became moribund until 1S3, wets it waa
galvanized into the mutt Important wheel
of the house machine, and It baa amce
meted ms the steering committee of the
I-mrty In control.
The spewker wms made thairmaa of the
committe oo rules In ltwS. He continued
in that place until Insurgent N orris of Ne
braska m few weeks ago led bis followers
in a.n maemull upon the organization.
Fmmeett cf New Tork mnd Syl
vester C. Smith of California.
.The democratic members of tbw
committe are Champ Clark ol
Missouri, minority leader; Oscar
W. Underwood of Alabama,
Lincoln Dixon of Indiana, mnt
John J. Fitxgerald of New York
Daixei; and Fitzgerald are th
recognised rules experts of thm
bouse. F.Ugerald particularly ia
an adept at pmrlimmtntmry pro
,4Jihouf b. be ir.ada m '-"gj
1I-04 ard re-elected in 1 and
lH"?-. He was tie repub'lcan
candldata for governor of New
Tork slate mg-aiiist Roiwell P.
--!,-: ( mlTj
i!AtSs .J ;K V ! s:
I, . '-' . K .JS V 'r u ' 1
' : v; i -WhV W
- . v - --r.,...,-, ,.-r '...,-rrii! - .. . i t -a,-- i JiZr-1
1 i ' I. h r . r t -r ,A f Wi7t rW. y r,..-,- s
J .''
I . tri re.. "i Jiff.
dyed In the wool regular. Reg- members of the committee on rurem. 15 tb s
ulanty is bis creed and he bows minority leader, but what he doesn't '
in the will of the organization know about the rules is contained in mil
on ever?' occasion. As Cannon- the standard works on that subject. Mr. r
ism spells organization he is for Clark admits this himself. In m tens--..
Cannonism. snd as the organism- parliamentary situation he rattles around
believes in the old rules Mr. 1" la hop-bead mnd his lleutenanta
Fassett nmturally aubBcribej to mmong them Fitzgerald cf New York,
tjjL " have to stand by at mil times.
He wms elected to congress In Mr- C''T em t0 be lh b' h foT '
next spikes- or tne nouse 01 rej.rersenia- -
tudy of th rules. Fitxgerald.
tbe democrat, by ready consent,
is more ready in his interpreta
tion of them. No democrmt la
many years has been ao well
equipped to trip up tbe speaker
on close rulings and confound
th republican situation as th
young Irishman from Brooklyn.
He has given close attention,
to his congress duties in th
eleven ar that he haa served
in the house, and he has also
been very preserving in bis
srudy of the rules . The result
has been that he has mad. himself Invml- A candidate who has raed the cry of
uable to the minority. Cannon-am is oppos.r, him for the nomina-
There r.av. been limes, notably when t.on. If Smith wins and the house is re-
Fitxgerald helped Vncle Joe Cannon out publican he will be one of t: M,
in me ruies ng-ht mors thmn m year w. dldstes for speaker of the new bouse. He
when th democrats were dipod to frerx wa a member of th old rules committe
him out of th party organisation, but and has been a io.-. al Cannon man. He was
they r.m- feared to mnimfonis m man mo an Iowa ludre, befnr. .i'o-.
Spkrs have come mnd g-on. but John "formed tn matter of parliamentary grcss In IM Mr Smith is a rough and
mr.d lk7 and has been in csrgrms ab.'ut
twelv years. H represents a district con
tain j.g th largest manufacturing toatii
In New ErsUnd. He s a mC.-t man and
his voice i rase-iy heard .r. debmte.
Jacvb Sloat Fatsett of Elir.lia. N. T . i
an oid hand at th political ca'ne. He hat
been piayir.g i in New York state for a
great nj-v years atid plays it in tr.e same
oil way in all his activities in the house.
It is almost r.eedjcs.s to hay thai he is a
Fewer In It?! ard was bsd,y
def'aud Fasgett is a good
sprt-k-r H.s sp. i-h in the
tu'j' se of th r"i iu; it.i urrection
in tne houi-e was rna:ded as
the ben fffort made by any of
rtpu'ars ard to it in a measure
is altri:.ut..d the d- sire that he
have a ; la e on the rules corj
i.iitt'e. Silvester I. Smith of Califor
nia, the sixth rej..hi,in mem
b' r of tiie .I'l.iir: 'ie on rules,
is; (,: tn.rj t.rni in ihe
houe The Pfi-f.c eiart de
manded i -osnaion a lid Smith
w as .e t. a as a compromise,
Pr.or :o enter.:.: ii...htjcal i.l he w .s m
riewpaper nun. H - ie m ni-rr:!r t.f the
bouse corrmittee o ji"offic-s a:.d post
roads. He is active t,n the and in
committe. s im r-1: a rued as- one of .h- l"t
fighters of the rt.a.ti.ri:; party debate.
C'hmjxip Clark, the d.-mocrai.c
tlves In the event of the democrats sweep- ;
ing the country. He has had plenty of,
political experience. He was elected to th
Fifty-third congress and lias been sent-,
bsck pretty repulmrly ever since. He was
perma.nett chairman of the national demo
cratic convention in ji"1 and also wss of the committee that notified
Judfte Parker of his nomination.
Oscar W. Underwood of Alabama, who
comes n-xt to Mr. Clank on the democratic .
representation on the committee, ia
aerving his e.ghth term in the house. He
Is the risht hand man of Minority Leader
C ark. He is a member of the committee
on was and means and is fuptiosed f
have a better knowledge t,f the tariff than
any other nun on the democratic side of
'he. chamber.
Lincoln Pixon of Ir.disna. the third demo
cratic member of the committee, is aervitig?
is third term in congress.. He was se
lected as a reprtseniatii e e.f the midal
west, that sect.ciri derr.ahuir.ff a Ii'ate on
the committee. The southern coi.t.nxeiit
tried to lai.e all the piaies on the rules
committee, tut f. rally were persuaded lj
jieid one to the midale wiit in the hot
that sui ii a selection n'.uo have a favor
able effei t up .n the corning eleeliur.te
mat part if tne cuuntry.
lit pr es. ntst.v e Fitxeerald. tl.e fourtA
mtmoer of the democratic repieser. tat:otlt
ailliouch a mi rr.lier of the ti d Mile c ini-
c. ittee and undoubtedly the hi y. pailia
meiitarian on the deTocratic m.Ip (,f tn
house, received th lowtst r. urr.b.-r of vot
arnohg the democrats" four representatives.
This was due to the fact that many i.f i,
d. -mocrmts resent Fitzgerald's att .n at
more thn a j ear ago in helring o;'t the
Cannon n.u r ;r.e when it was m t t khi
bole on the rules queni.-n.
In the od das th rules commit t e ws .
practically the whole th.tig it. tte ii .u.-t.
l'a rretmb"rs are row stii'; tfK-.r
bur.ktr merely tj r;.ectators of 11
kl.ow, and they are l.kely to s.inw very
lit lie a tn it..' fur the rest of this etsion.
I'mixell of Pwonsylvanim appears to b per
enr.lai. He baa been the dominant spirit
on th boua committee on rule mine the
Kod regime. It wms bis duty to report
speciml rule to the bouse mnd Jam them
through over th protests of democrats mnd
upporing reputlicanv
Fewer r the I saHllle.
Th insur gents contended that ao power
ful was th committe en rules, through
Its ability to punish members by defevwung
legiaiat on in which they were interested,
ytbmt th majority wer really helpless in
th hands of the rule committee. Mr.
1 'mlzell haa mnawered this criticism repeat
tT with th masertioa that before meting
th committee on rule invariably ascer
tained th menUment cf th enmjorlty of
th members mnd meted in mcoordmnc wltn
Who th Insurgents wer sjccful in
overriding the house organisation mnd
taking from th speaker th power to
nam th committee on rule mnd bis p. are
mt lb bed of It. they did not ret aingi
oti of their number on th new organism
t oo. Th nominations wer rruvd tn m
parv- cmucua. with th result that th r
publlcmn member elected to tt mr mil reg-
f uimim They are Joha Dmlsell of Pennsyl
vania, t-hmirrran; Walter I. Snuth of Iowa.
Henry ShariJtA Bouteil of IUinota. Gorg
P. Lawreiivw of MmaawcbuMtta, J. iuma
ana ruies or me nouse a th reur- tumble debater of the tvM most admire.
entativ from Brooklyn. It was the help by Speaker Cannon.
that Fitzgerald gave in th former rules Henry Sherman Boutel!. third on the com-
flght that landed him on th oid rules com- mliee on rules, also is a Cannon man and
ml"e- proud of it. His elect' m to the new
llxil haa been m member of th bouse rule committe was regarded w a d.siinct
twenty-three year. For most cf mat victory for the speaker. Routes stands for
tinS be has served n th rules com- Cannonism and all that the ward is sup-
mltte mad on th committ on ways and posed to impiy. He tlieves trmt the old
means, taking part ma m member of tb rules were aa food as thev could be mart.
Light and Sunny Views of Noted Personages
latter committe la th framing of th
Dingley mnd Payn tariff laws.
Dalaell la small phsic.lly, but chock
full cf energy mnd can make m mors effec
tive pmrlimn speech than any of his breth
ren on th republican aide. He is tho
roughly disJ'krd by the democrats and
has few warm friends among the republi
cans. Hi place in th bouse has been won
by ability and not by a pleating person-
mnd h will f.g-ht for the.r restorat on in
the new cor.gres. in tn event that toe new
congress Is republican
P-uute'l is a good tpeaker and he wri he
conap.cuous among the orators who will
take the stump for tne republican regular
in the coming campaign. More than ar.y
other member of the house be is actively
Interested in the relations between tne
Vr.ited States and Canada He fav.vs the
ality. H waa re-elected to the new rules contt-ut Hon of warohipa on the great lake.
committe as m reward for bis unswerving mod witri tnmt in view now has three bills
support of Spemker Cannon,
wt alter I. aith'a fbsset,
Taking it for granted that Joarph G.
Can rum 111 not be In th running for th
speakership at th next aeaion. Waiter
L Smith of Iowa is training himself for
th place. Although bis state mod dis
trict mr strongly Insurgent Smith pride
pending in congress looking to the abrug a
t.or of the Rush-Bsgol treaty. He p'eced
S"akr Cannon in nomination for tne pres
idency at tb Chicago convention In li
Isierw Mew la almht.
George Pelton Lawrence of Maasachubeus
Is a New Eng-laod regular, m favorite of th
speaker, by lum he has frequently been
choaea aper pro tern, or chairman of
bizneeif on bim reg-ulmriiy. On this Uau
li Is making m fbt for b puliucai lif th commute of th whole. He wma preit
mt 1 .' tixn. drat of U M at. uasHls maaembly in IM
NE cf th best known democists
in New Jersev known for Ms
enthusiasm fur the party day in
and out is an insurance man.
known leraly and otherwise as
Frank Ti.den Mitr...e Mr
kli Bride ia vice pi esid'nt of the Jeffcrnoti
ion cluo. Jerse) s lead ng d mocrat r: luh.
Mr. MrBride ia never anxious to have
this story toid about him, because it ney
Irir.g lo light a phase of bis character
that might cause an irjury to hts'tiuai
r.eas ' ms fire ios adjuster Ij: a larre.
Th door of his e.ffice was opened tbe
other day and a shabbily drested individual
came in.
"Are ou th man wha ieriid that
he had found m purse containing m con
siderable a am of n one T
The insurance man n-dded his "ts"
"Tou mentioned the fact that the owner
could have the pure b ap.'j ir.g and de
scribing the po ket book."
"Thank ) ou, that is all I wanted. u
knu ."
"but you must give n.e a desirptmn be
fore lull (in ilaim it"
"Oh. 1 iiaven't ..ost any purt:." was tne
re1M.. a eiiattily drs.e.l feraon edited
to the d or, 'l merely w i. r.ed to see what
a dem.x'rat mnd mn iLsuince man b Hiked
I ke wnu wiil f'nd a lartfi- turn of money
mnd nd.ertise for the
having a time with n
Norman E. Macks Natlom
whiti do cu hut r.if nouid win'.'
"The devil." a.d ti. archbishop, with m
JTiiJ. i'.Lis t"in.iie in ms e. "ile would
t.i-ve !l the la.ver uri I i. .- nie." New
V.-k Tunev
Kit far m t xvaeer.
'P. Ogden M.lis had j
laalioaa Jaaar.
S me j ears ago there v a t: ai f .r
muivier in Ire aid in which t .e ecdt n
u w pa'pxbiy insuffiiier.i tl at the judge
u p;d tne ase arid direxled the ;ury ti
leurn a verdict of "Nut guilty."
A well known lawer. however who
wi-tiie t'l dt fcomelhir.g for the fee he had
irrabiaaoa ieran AlKine).
Kormtr p'stncl Attorney Jer ome w j
joshing Arihbir.p Fart-- the other ly
lu lis free and easy manner.
"Suppose.'" he asieii at last, "that trie
pop muU lb dovil wer to l.L.gai a ca,te.
"VN ell. ia a few minutes a hi rha;i .n a
reil shirt eatejred He, too, ordered vi n sky,
and lie. too, got m broom.
"Ti e tenderfoit . at -hed liin th-.-eiv.
ii- peijied li.n.w-.f a cne;. dni.s.
t.mvsed it off, and. liking up t .- whsk
brooni. went over into a ci n:-t arid v.ata
fuily !'ned on the f,..f a spa. tlo.i
fc-veii feet by three. Ti. -e he )y uo a
and had a f t.' vv'amir gt jn Mar
Ha asm a Isslrarisiia.
K ii .-..r t-irn aftei la-armg H : a.e
Wine a:ii other Jour j.prt in i.'
instruct k-oeton at a puolic dinner i.ii trie
men .f ti e onwal t l: t gi . t. it a, Isu
iuea that .J! t I-, have it. b,t pub
mhly st all never gel it. f ir tt sum itsa g
that the crdinary wlldu.-k uruiol be
nuidiL t ii ..l eal.r.g aj the tr. .a- baca
pi his lgnoracie by asking haX the by fe-vd r.g It cm wild te-lery. "It wi.l du
b.skhrr,m waa for. to he jut tejd there It." d the tavern ke-r of the Ad rju-
and ficreted He drink. Ho waued, iae k fvt. '1 n.. h. f.,r 1 .e tr.-.l li
in in hu' that tcmeivdy wo'.ld Come ia ohl: . d n tin, the; w oh I ts,t i Lewsj
axd aiiuw him what j ta. becrd.
K'ed sioiy
ointr instead of of the oid bonanza dav s." f j d a -an Fran-
Go-d day." clacmn, "I liked' int whisky
"A ttoderfiot, tne et ,ry ran. -i.terei a
sai'Kin and orcier-! ur,i.-sv. i'i
ineaie and m th.- i.i is w a.s very
lerd di.r.ti ljni eifei-tK were sure l
follow it. Tne t. r.derfoot kne he must
eiie. I sorne-i.hing ijt of tr.e c.'mrrion. l.ut.
for all that, he tsvkeri anavk when the
bartender harsded tilni a small l.k t.ioom
aiorer with tne bott-e and g"iahs.
"TeriderfoA like h d.dti t cire to x-