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Union Paciio Spends Big Sam for
Freight Depot Ground.
First Tare Moitki ! 1010 Skew
Gala l PereaHe luard Profit
la Nrh Sixteenth Street
Real ' f iliate nhowed pronounced activity
last week and aoma blfc trannfer of city
property wore made.
The Union Pacific has necured all the
ground that It want at preaent upon
which to erect lta new freight depot at the
north end of the Tenth atreet viaduct, and
the amount expended 'In obtaining thl
property will amount to approximately
1000.000. To thla will be added probably
$100,000 more for erecting the atructure. .
Thla property waa quietly bought by va
rloua partlea for the Union Pacific. The
negotiation were carried on by ,the Mc
Cague Investment company.
The erection of the Union Pacific office
building at Fifteenth and Farnam atreeta
will have a tendency to Increase the vaJua
of property and real entate men are Optl
rnletlc over the future of that section of
the city. That this huge atructure and the
on to be erected by the Iten Biscuit com
pany will afford a nncleua for building
operations In this section la the belief of
most real estate men.
A comparison for the first three months
of 1JI0 shows that more permlta have been
Issued for dwelling houses than were dur
ing the same period In 1909. Last year 211
permlta were Issued for dwellings, while
Uils year there were 218. Of this number,
B were for frame houses and fifteen for
brcx.. or cement . The. money, expended In
this period last year waa $i34,3. compared
with U1.E for 1910. . " 1
January of thia year was the only month
In thla period .which, fell .behind last
year' figure pand this 'was due to the
cold weather- experienced at that time.
Permlta this January called for' an ex
penditure of 1I00.9NO for. dwelling houses, as
agatnstr 1198,400." The other months ahow
an Increase.' . . . ;
That the value of property along North
Sixteenth Is Increasing Is bore out by the
fact that a property' which was' bought
four years ago for 20,000 sold for $32,500
spot cash last week. . This property is
located at 614-1S-U North Sixteenth street
and waa aold to L..' Krane of Futlerton by
E. M. F. 'Leflang. The deal was made by
T. W.- Haaen. Aside from a profit of
$12,500 on the deal, It Is said that Mr.
Leflang- received $5,300 and $ per Cent net
on rentals. The building is occupied by a
grocery store,' meat market 'and Jewelry
store.. Those who are acquainted, with
condition along that street say that other
property .. values have . Increased propor
tionately. - , :
The following resolution was adopted at
the meeting of the Omaha Real Estate ex
change held Wednesday:
Resolved, That the Omaha Real Estate
exchange requests all householders to fill
out their cenaus, blanks at once to' save
the time of the enumerators and aid
in getting a complete census, and that all
those who have not received the blanks
telephone to Mr. Saunders and obtain the
Mine Anna Downs has sold a lot and two
modern houses at Thirty-first and Marcy
streets to Albert F. Ohman for $7,000.
William Cosh has contracted with Hast
ings & Heyden for a five-room cottage to
be built for him at Twenty-fifth and Ames
avenues. .
Hastings & Heyden sold a six-room house
On Lothrop street, between Twenty-first
and twenty-second, to Wl Ham ZItxman for
a home. The price paid was $4,230.
Tr. Fred Simon of Oakland, Neb., has
purchased a home at 1309 Emmet street.
Ha paid $4,000.
An Indication of the activity of Omaha
real estate' at this time 'is Illustrated by
the number of sales that have been made
by Hastings & Heyden since the first of
April. The number of parcels of land and
houses that have been sold by that firm
to date Is forty. These sales not only In
clude city property, but deals made in the
sbburbs. Other firms of Omaha have long
lists of exchangea that have been made,
' ar.d It la the general belief of real estate
men that thla will be a record breaking
year for the transfer of Omaha property.
In almost every Instance the deals have
shown a profit.
The residents In the vicinity of the Field
club are assuming the role of agriculturists
and this weather has Inspired many , In
that section to get busy with the spade
and tho hoe.' i
"Too much outdoor work for any In
door meetings," said W. A. DeBord, presi
dent of the Field Club District Improve
ment club last week. "South Thirty-fifth
tvenue is one of the busiest agricultural
communities In this ' part ct the state.
With White, Adam, Guild and ICohn all
fixing-' up new places, sodding, putting In
shrub, fruit and shade trees, they have
6 Impregnated the air with their activity
that It Is catching and keeping Haarmann,
Stoltenburg and all the rest of us busy
staying with tho procession.
"Uniform tree guards were set on every
ireo In the shout this last week. '
."Commissioner Fiynn had his gang out
and swept things up as clean as a kitchen
floor, while Councilman rchroeder had the
council order an arc light at the Interser
' iT fk A FLOUR
' Here is a golden opportunity tSt a
four, miller who watits to make a
change and get Into a new country
where opportunity looms large and where
. the rapid ssulment of the country
Buhl, Idaho, Is the market point for
ttt.000 acres Carey Act land; the richest
land that lira out of doors. There Is
cheep electric power gained from the
falls of (he rlnake river. There are oceans
of farm produce of every description.
Everything Is favorable. Pleas V K1TK
You can aatltfy yourself yourself about
this If you will writ to me at once. I
run semi you a booklet showing JUHT
PKN1 ON; Jut WHAT IT V ..L 1
Kt'K rot'. Write for the book. It cont.t
nothing and may mean a fortune to you.
O. K. MuQUOWX. Beareary BUHX COM-
"i iiwwieiiwiiiiaatyTwis
tlon of Foppleton avenue at ths last meeting.
'Ho far everything the organisation has
set out to do has been aocompllxhed. Al
ready the residents on neighboring streets
sre beginning to sit up and take notice,
so when the call Is sounded for a real
neighborhood movement, they will all be
A glance at the real estate transfers for
the month of April shows that the Invest
ment In suburban property Is brisk. Many
have bought lots in the outlying districts
with a view to erecting homes.
C. P. Traver and his brother, E. 8.
Traver, are building several large apart
ment houses In Omaha thla spring. C. P.
Traver Is building a thirty-room apart-
ment house at 1319 Park avenue and four
St. Louis flats at Thirty-first and Jack
son streets. He Is also building a thirty
room apartment . houso. at Thirty-first
avenue and Dodge street. E. S.. Traver is
building a sixty-four-room apartment house
on Thirty-fifth, between Farnam and
Dodge streets. These will all be modern,
with a l conveniences, and will add ma
terially to the large number of apartment
houses' which are being 'built' in' Omaha
this spring.
Work Is now proceeding on the new
building of the Expressman's Delivery com
pany, at the southeast corner of Eleventh
and Davenport. John Harte has the con
tract and the building will cost $."0,000. It
Is to be of reinforced concrete construction,
four stories and basement, and will be the
finest structure devoted to Storage In' this
section of the. country. There will be piano
rooms, to be- kept at a certain temperature
always, trunk rooms and other special
J. P. Quth la the architect and has de
signed a building in which it is said noth
ing needed in such a place has been over
looked. The building will be 60x132 on the
ground. , v.. . , . ..........
Promotion for
James B. Sheean
Former Omaha Man is Made General
( Solicitor for the Northwest
ern at St. Paul.
I James B. Sheean. ' 'formerly with the
Northwestern, in Omaha, in the legal de
partment, has been, advanced to the posi
tion of general solicitor of the road. In
succession to the late Judge Thomas Wil
son of St. Paul. Mr. Wilson had held ths
position of general solicitor for eighteen
years, and waa considered one of the great
lawyers of the northwest. It is considered
no small compliment to the ability of Mr.
Sheean that he has been selected for this
highly responsible position as the successor
of. Judge Wilson.
Mr. Sheean was for several years one of
the local attorneys of the Northwestern
system in Omaha, going to St. Paul as as
sistant to Judge (Wilson some three years
I ' 1
Barllna-toa Establishes New Freight
irais . from Kansas City
,' to Omr.ha.
For the accommodation of fruit dealers,
the Burlington has put on a new fast
freight train which will leave Kansas
City at 6;16 p. m. and arrive in Omaha at
8:80 o'clock the next morning, where con
nections will be made with fast trains
going north, east and west. The train is
to be known as Burlington fruit train
No. 71
Arrangements have been made to have
the train connect at this city for Man
kato, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Duluth
Minn.; Superior, Wis.; and Sioux Falls
and Aberdeen, S. D. This will mean that
deaer in fresh fruits can use Omaha and
Kansas City as headquarters and they will
be able to get fresh supplies at short
It Is reported . that General . Counsel
Bailey P. Waggener of the Missouri Pa
cific,, who recently expressed his views on
policies In Omaha, has been promoted to
a new position of general solicitor for
Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and ' Okla
homa. Mr. Waggener has been with the
Missouri Pacific for thirty-five years, and
If the new appointment Is made It will
mean a general reorganization in the
Atchison law office of the company.
A new Illustrated pamphlet has just
been Issued by the Burlington, describing
the scenic tours through Yellowstone
Park, by way of the Cody, or east en
trance. The booklet contains many strik
ing photographs taken while on one of
the tours by A. W. Wakeley, son of Gen
eral Passenger Agent L. W. Wakeley of
the Burlington road.
This year the company Is Rutting on
personally conducted eighteen-day trips
through the park, whlclf is an Innovation.
The new acheme Is to conduct Informal
camping tours, and those making the trip
will camp In tents at Important places
along the route, Instead of putting up at
hotels. It la expected that the new ar
rangement will appeal strongly to nature
General Freight Agent Conrad E. Spens
of the Burlington has returned from a
business trip to Chicago.
Chief Engineer R. U Huntley of the
Union Pacific and Mrs. Huntley iwlll
leave Omaha Sunday for a trip to Chicago.
I.lrelr Man Hunt at Yankton
Iteaulta In Capture of Kajlor
Bank Hobber "aspect.
YANKTON, 8. D., April rp. (Special
Telegram.) A lively man hunt Is on here,
with a sheriff and deputies from Kaylor,
who followed closely on the bank robber
who attempted to rob the Kaylor bank
Thureday. The man was found here but
dodged Into ths railroad yards and eluded
the officers, but was captured tonight. He
had drills on him and his hat had been
shot through.
Cleveland In Flsht.
HARLAN. Ia., April 23.-(Speclal.) Ex
Senator W. F. Cleveland of this city has
thrown down the 'gauntlet and decided to
enter the raco for nomination at tb June
primary for the democratic candidate as
congressman from the Ninth d'strict of
Ions, regardless of who may be his op
ponent on the republican side of the cam
palgn. Walter I. Smith, the present con
gressman. Is seeking renomlnatlon and will
be opposed at the republican primary elec
tion by H. W. Byera, the present attorney
general of Iowa, and who la extremely
anxious to succeed Judg.t Smith.
Letters to Basket Hull Men.
Nine members of the Omaha HlRh school
baKkrt hull nqusd recelvi d an "()" as a
reward for steady work during the reason
Just finished. The leturs (,-lven were of
a new pattern and excited much comment
among not only the reclvm. but of all
ho saw then. The boys Id whom Cnao'i
"rns prevented letters were Pdward Hur-
rt'cM I.oii!s irtd. Ilobi rt Flrley Hsrry
Kulskofsky. Clarence Patten. 'harder
Tnmu'.a, W I! limit liiumtu aod Vlgl
Three Phyticiani Talk on Tubercu
losis at Temple Israel.
Addresses of Dr. Uoets. Dr. Rose-
water and Dr. I.ana-frld riare
Emphasis oa Ont-of-Door
In addresses from three physician a
large audience at the Temple Israel was
Instructed In the gospel of fresh air, sun
shine, good food and rest as the preven
tive of consumption. The addresses were
given Friday night as one of the general
responses to the request by the Society
for . the Prevention of Tuberculosis that
Tuberculosis day be observed on or about
Sunday, .April 23. . Those who talked were
Dr. James 8. Ooetx, Dr. Charles Itosewater
and Dr. Millard Langfeld.
The physicians all touched on the various
phases of the topic, showing that air 1
the most Important demand of the human
body; hat sunshine Is a defense against
the germs that attack the body; that nour
ishing food Is required to produce a vital
ity sufficient to conquer disease, and that
confidence In nature' own forces furnished
In the human organism is a necessity.
Dr. Ooetx,- in opening the discussion,
stated the enormity of the tuberculosis or
consumption scourge, giving figures and
historical facts.' He showed that the dis
ease reaps a greater harvest of death than
all other diseases oomblned. Tho physi
cian then explained that the malady strikes
Its victims when they are In the years of
their greatest usefulness, those years be
tween 16 and 30. ' He concluded by saying
that the epldomlo Is preventable, curable
and capable of eradication.
. ... ; . Diet Aid to Health.
In his address on the proper hygiene and
diet for preventive measures, Dr. Rose
water took occasion to say that the Jewish
race,, according, to. statistics. Is less susceptible-to
the malady than any other race,
and that this was because of the law of
eating observed by the race. The religious
practice of having all food Inspected that
is eaten by Jews and the abstinence' from
pork, he said, acted as a safeguard for
the Hebrew race.
Declaring that the only real cure of
disease lie within " the body Itself, Dr.
Langfeld further developed the reasons for
the immunity . of Jews from consumption.
"The Jews are the oldest race," he said.
"For that reason they have acquired
through the centuries a greater force of
prevention in 1 their-Inner organism. The
habits' of the -race are only" partially re
sponsible for Its apparent freedom from
Ills." " . .
Dr. Langfeld described the organic force
of prevention of disease as the "mechan
ism of defense." He explained that in the
beginning of the . world the microscopic
germs, created for the good purpose of
destroying dead matter, had gradually fixed
themselvs upon the human body through
the - latter" weakness.
' Battle of Germs.
From that point- combative germs de
veloped In the Infected body against the
original microbes, 'he said. In ithe sur
vival of the fittest those who outlived the
attack of" the germs were possessed of a
store of the defensive germs, which they
transmitted to their offspring, according
to the' speaker. .', ;
"Therefore the greatest antitoxin lies In
the bodv." concluded Dr. Langfeld. HI
theories dovetailed With Dr. QoeU and Dr.
Rosewater to the point that fresh air, good
food and the' anti-toxin in the body would
conquer disease. He explained anti-toxin
for weakened bodies is now obtained from
Dr. Rosewater named beef, eggs and milk
as the best food for consumptives. He
pointed out the need for pure air to suf
ferers. .
In hi account of the Inroads of con
sumption Dr. Goetx declared that the
United States loses between 160,000 and 200,-
000 persons from consumption every year.
Retired MlnUter and Wife Celebrate
Fiftieth Year of Their Mar
ried Life.
Hale arid hearty, Rev. and Mr. William
Dickey Patton of 2551 Manderson street.
are to celebrate their golden wedding Sun
day in the presence of their three children,
Dr. David H. It. Patton of Chicago and
William D-. Jr.. and Frank C. of Omaha.
Rev. Patton is a retired Presbyterian
clergyman and fifty year ago he was
married to Mary Loralne Tidball In New
Castle,. Pa., the birthplace of both. Dur
ing the Civil war Mr. Patton served In the
field hospital, service a a member of the
Ministerial Vo.Onteer Relief association,
He was graduated from the old Jefferson
college In 1859, the year before hi mar
While serving a an active clergyman
he has had charge of Presbyterian churches
In Harrlsburg and Philadelphia, Pa.;
Carollton and Chllllcothe, Mo.; Osage City,
Kan., and Lincoln,' Neb. The fiftieth an
niversary of the couple's wedding will be
celebrated quietly at the home in the pres
ence of member of the family and rela
tlves. ' ' '
. Saturday night an Informal reception was
held from 8 until 10 at the residence for a
number of Invited guests.
The children to be present at the celebra
tlon are Dr. Patton of Chicago, William
D., Jr., who Is emp.oyed by the Richardson
Drug company, and Frank C, who Is treas
urer of the same concern. Among the rela'
tlvrs from out of town will be Mr. and
Mrs. John L. Tidball and Mrs. L. J. Cooper
of Crete, R. H. Tidball, Mr. M. A. Law
rence' and daughter of Lincoln and Mrs.
S. C. Patton of Joplln, Mo.
Considering their age, the couple are In
remarkably good health and have lived
together during what they consider the
greatest age of American history, having
ssen the introduction of telegraphy, the
telephone, steamboats and automobiles.
Mrs. Lllllna Stamnielt, Workjngr War
Home, Meets Suffering and
With a pitiful account of her sulftrlng
at the hands 'of a b.uo! hunband, Mrj.
Lillian Stanimelt, Z2 years old, applied to
Captain Moatyn for assistance Saturday,
declaring aha had made her way lrjm
Wilmington, III., toward her home at Dun
ning, Neb. The woman had pasi d thrJ
day In the care of Miss Jontg of tne
Associates Chi:'i-es and had been dis
missed from there, she aald.
Following a conference with Miss Jonta,
Captain Moatyn learned that the woman
had been kept by the charitable organisa
tion t.ll It was deeded she must find a
nay to leave the city. Ths po.lce capta n
announced he would raise the fjnds to
tend Mrs. Stamnielt home. He declared
she wks n a e.'.ju.:y lil condition and
needed attcntiou. Ha telephoned the
woman's relatives at Dunnlr.g and t:o
step lor the Immediate transports. Ion of
his charge. The Associated char t.e4 win
Farmer Denies
that He is Dead
Reads Account of Hit Death ia tho
Taper and Then Bales
Hit Hay.
William Belt, . a farmer . near Honey
Creek, denies the report of his death and
the subsequent loss of his . body. When
etn working at a hay baler near hi home
he persisted In the statement that the an
nouncement of his demise made by an' en
thuslastlo friend In Florence, wa not In
adherence to the fact.
I am doing as well a could be ex
pected," said Mr. Belt. ."I can account for
the failure of the coroner, to receive my
body by. the fact that I refused to deliver
It." i .
The fact remain that despite Mr. Belt'
strenuous . denials, a Florence man, declar
ing himself an eye witness, claimed to be
on the way to ' the oroner' office with
the body. Thl original person alio In-
alsted that a newspaper correspondent In
the village go and look over the mangled
remains. Squeamlshness at the sight of
blood caused a refusal,-, which Is now
deemed to have been unnecessary.
Assessor Has Too
Many Irons in Fire
County Assessor Shriver Says Thomp-
. sett Does Not Hive Time
to Assess.
II. J. Thompsett, a news ."butcher'' for
Barkalow. Bros., got .himself 'elected a
deputy tax assessor for the Fifth district,
nd when news vending and tax collecting
conflicted, .the latter,, say County -Assessor
Shriver, went by the board. Thompsett
ha to date . made only . forty-two return
of 1,000 due In his district. -
The county, assessor laid the matter be
fore Deputy County Attorney Matney, who
summoned Thompsett. t Mr. Thompsett
promised to be good hereafter. -
The county assessor Is meditating taking
the matter up with the Board of County
Commissioners. If impeached a deputy as
sessor may be fined from 20 to (100, besides
being discharged. ...
Fire and Police Board Find Balldlna-
at Twenty-Second and Ames Ave
nue In Good Shape.
Friday afternoon the Board of. Fire and
Police Commissioners made an inspection
of the new fire engine house at Twenty-
second street and Ames avenue, which 1
now about ready to be turned over to the
city. Accompanying Mayor Dahlman and
the board were Building Inspector Wlth-
aell. Contractor Gould and Architect
After , a thorough inspection the com
missioners and the' other In the party ex
pressed themselves as agreebaly disap
pointed. They had been informed that
the building ' was cracked and getting
worse all the time, whereas they found it
In good ' shape. "' Next to the Frank E.
Moore house at Eleventh and Jackson
streets, thla house on Ames avenue la
considered the best in Omaha.
A soon as the building ia accepted by
the city council the fire and police board
will equip the new building as No. 16. Ap
paratus from other engine houses' win be
used at first' Later, when - the - Central
fire house I equipped with fire 'fighting
machinery cn auto trucks thl and other
outlying houses will get part of the appar
atus to be displaced by the faster equip
J u dare Manser Hands Down Deere
In Action Brought by Keith :
Cooatr Board.
Judge W. H. Munger handed down a,
final decree in the case of William , HC
Thomas .against John J. McCarthy, treas
urer of Keith county, and the Board of
County Commissioners of that county Sat
urday morning, In which it i adjudged
and decreed that certain irrigation bonds
not heretofore specified and described shall
be surrendered for cancellation and the
complainant' bill Is ordered dismissed.
The original action was brought to en
Join certain assessments for paying bonds
issued by the Alfalfa Irrigation district of
Keith county. The claim was made that
the bonds were illegal and void and an' in
junction was prayed for and decree waa so
entered December 16. 1909.
Mark Twain's Offering to .
Congress Was Keg of Liquid
WASHINGTON,, April SI. The death of
Mark Twain has recalled ths ino:dent of
his writing a letter to Speaker Cannon In
UOi when he was engaged In working for
a bill "In the Interest of literature" a h
expressed it. In hi communication he
asked for the privilege of the floor of the
house. The original letter was found today
In Speaker. Cannon' files and appears be
low. Mr. Twain asked th thank of congres
as that action carried It the privilege
of the floor. The humorist' request caused
much amusement at the time mem
ber of th house, although it was not
officially acted upon. The letter follow:
WASHINGTON, Dec. 1, , 1SKW. "Dear
Uncle Joe: Please get me the thanks of
congress not next week, but right away.
It 1 very necessary. Do accomplish this
for your affectionate old friend and right
away! by persuasion If you can, by
violence If you must. For It la imperatively
Strong Healthy Women
If a woman it strong and healthy in a womanly way, moth
erhood means to her but little suffering. The trouble lies
in the fact that the many women suffer from weakness and
disease ol the distinctly ieminine organists and are unlit ted
(or motherhood. This can be remedied.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Cure the weaknesses and disorders of women.
It acts directly on the delicate and important
organs eoaoerned ia motherhood, making them
healthy, strong vigorous, virile and elastic.
"Favorite Prescription" banishes th indiipoiitiont of the
period of expectancy and make baby' advent easy and
almost nalnln. It auickens and vitalizes the feminina
orfim, and insures a healthy and robust baby. Tboutand of women haw
testified to its mirvelott merits.
It Makes Wesk Women Strong. It Mikes Sick Women Well.
Il'tntt druggists do not ocr substitutes, end ure them upon .you as " iuit
as gooJ." Accept no secret nostrum in pine of thia uon-tttrtl remedy., ft
' contains not a drop of alcohol and not a grain of babit-foricing or injurious
drug. Is pure glyceric extract of healing, native American roots.
Clarence C. Eaton oP Mother Church
Speaks at Brandeis.
Declares Ilia Religion Is Entrenched
Behind Promise of Christ, with
Assarance of Divine
Clarence C. Eaton, member of the board
of lectureship of the First Church of Christ,
Solentlst. of Boston, the "mother church,"
lectured Friday night at the Brandeis thea
ter on "Christian Science as the Science of
"Christian Science, a the clence of life
and being, advance to the olutlon of the
perplexing problem which confront u by
discarding all mortal speculation, theories
and superstition about God, HI being and
Intent, and' His relation to that which He
created," aald Mr. Eaton. "Although dis
agreeing with the old theological' schools
and those who have assumed to know, all
about God and to teach men thereof.
Christian Science does not announce a new,
strange or Irrational God, but unfolds and
declare ' a correct comprehension and a
right understanding of the one God, His
nature, qualities and law. One Infinitely
good God is all It recognises and proclaims.
"It demonstrate that God la supreme In
Intelligence, wisdom, power, justice, truth
and love, and therefore Includes the con
sciousness of absolute and Infinite good.
It proves that He is the mind, spirit, soul,
life and substance of all that actually ex
ists; also that He Is the author of all true
being the origin and source of all entity
or existence, the only cause and creator,
and that His works are spiritual, righteous,
unchanging and eternal. Christian Science
declares that God Is the principle of His
creation; hence the conscious, energizing,
governing, sustaining presence of the uni
verse, whose law means the completeness,
perfection and harmonious operation of all
that is. It declare that He 1 Infinite
Love; hence He 1 compassionate, merciful,
tender, warm, comforting, true. In a
word, It teaches that God, our heavenly
Father, I all ln'all.
"Prayer, we understand, is genuine com
munion with God. It is purely the recog
nition and acknowledgement of a right
God and His absolute ' supremacy.
Christ Jesus prayed; so do Christian Scien
tist. His prayer were all answered.
Christian Science in entrenched behind the
authority of -Christ' promise: 'Whatso
ever ye shall ask the Father In my name.
He will give It you.' This Inspires us to
hope that ultimately through an under
standing of the operation of unchanging
Divine law we shall obtain an answer to
our prayer with the same certainty as
did Jesus. He said in his appeal to God
as he stood before the tomb of Lazarus,
whom he raised from the dead, 'I knew
that Thou nearest me always.' Christian
Scientists recognize that associated with
every prayer or sincere desire for the
manifestation of God's presence and power
there should be positive faith, conviction
and knowledge that the prayer Is consis
tent with our true relation to God. Such
an attitude merit and provide for an an
swer" to prayer in accordance with the
scripture: 'What thing aoever ye desire
when . ye pray, believe that ye receive
them, and y shall have them;' also, 'And
If we know that He hear u. whatsoever
we ask, we know that w have the peti
tion that we desired of Him.
Trlbate to Mrs. Eddy.
."Christian Scientist, while appreciating
and acknowledging the Chrlstlanly philan
thropic servloe which Mrs. Eddy has ren
dered this age, . confess their inability . to
grasp Its full import and significance. But
thl we do know and bear witness, that
her life of sweet simplicity, spiritual de
voutness and self-sacrifice to God, the
purity of her thought and purpose, and
her devotion and faithfulness to the . ex
alted ministry to which she was provi
dentially called, has made possible the
healing metaphysically of all manner of
disease, sin and suffering. Think what
that alone means to humanity, and then
ask yourself. What can I render in re
turn for all these benefits and blessings?
"We do not worship Mrs. Bddy, our leader
In thl great redemptive movement, but we
do respect and love her,' because she first
loved us, and has unreservedly given her
Ufa to thia cause for all mankind."
: Democratic County Meeting;.
LAKE CITY, Ia., April 23. (Special.)
A conference of the democrata of Calhoun
county will be held In the court house at
Rockwell City on SaturdayApril SO. This
gathering will be for the purpose of dis
cussing matter of Importance to the county
democracy and for consultation relating
to a county democratic ticket at the coming
necessary that I get on the floor for two
or three hours and talk to the members,
man by man. In behalf of the support,
encouragement and protection of one of
the' nations most valuable assets and in
dustries lta literature. I have argument
with me also a barrel with liquid in 1L
"Get me a chance. Get me the thanks of
congress. Don't wait for the others there
is not time. Furnish them to me yourself
and let congress ratify later. I have
stayed away and let congress alone for
seventy-one year and am entitled to the
thank. Congress -knows this pereftcly well;
and I have long felt that this quite proper
and earned expression of gratitude has
been merely felt by the house and never
publicly uttered.
"Send me an order on the sergeant-at
"When shall I come?
"With love and benediction.
Descriptions in
Grigware's Path
Fleeing Convict's Measurements and
Photographs Scattered Broadcast
Through Northwest.
Warden R. W. McClaughry of the federal
penitentiary has sent out a large number
of photographs and descriptive circulars
of the escaped federal prisoners, Frank
Qrlgware and Theodore Murdock, offering
$400 for the arrest of the fugitive.
United States Marshal Warner Is sending
out a number of postal photographs and de
scriptions of U rig ware to all officers In
Nebraska asking them to be on the look
out. s
It Is thought that Qrlgware Is headed
for the northwest, and may cross through
Nebraska, though it Is seriously doubted
Thanks to The Public for Their Appreci
ation oi Our Ceautiiul New Store
Wo wish to extend our sincere thanks to tho people
of Omaha for the splendid manner in which they have
shown their approval of our new establishment. We are
deeply grateful for the many kind expressions of con
gratulation that have been showered upon us. It makes
us feel that we have done what we set out to do, and that
was to give Omaha the most beautiful and highest clas
store for ladies' ready-to-wear apparel that can be found
anywhere. It is indeed a source of great satisfaction to
know that our efforts have been so thoroughly appreci
ated. . The great crowds that visited us during the past
week bear fitting testimony to the fact that this city is
well worthy of such an undertaking. We are proud that
it is left to us to do this. We have set a high standard
for this new store and it will be our constant thought to
live up to it. The very highest principles of modern
merchandising will characterize every detail necessary
to the successful operation of this business. The very
finest class of goods will be carried and will be sold at a
fair price. We are better equipped for perfect service
than any other house in Omaha and tho people of Omaha
may feel assured that they will have it.
Kindly accept our heartfelt thanks for the royal
welcome that has been extended.
318 and 320 South Sixteenth Street
r-icJS' iff
All Braids In thl aneclal sale.
starting tomorrow, are made from
pure French and German Convent
cut hair.
Our , Peerless 80 and 14-Inch pure
Wavy Hair Switches, jno better value
f.;6 0.".e.r!?:...;. , 510 to $8
Pure i French- Natural Wavy Hair
Switches, - made from . strictly first
quality convent cut hair, I ol.. 28
inch, worth $12, Clft
at this sale 1W
rTtr.':.?..... to $4
Go Out Into
The Union Pacific Country
Where there are greater opportunities and less competition; where
nature is generous In both climate and soli It Is in this section
that thousands will find homes in the next few years.
Union Pacific
"The Safe Road"
Electric Block Signals
Dining Car Meals and Service
First and Third Tuesday of Each Morth During 1910 To Many
Point In Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah,
Idaho, Oregon and Washington. '
For Information Relative to Rates, Routes, Etc., call on or address
Phones: Bell, Douglas 1828, and Ind., A -3231.
Is Made by the Goodrich Co. All seamless tube. Every
Foot Warranted.
Triton, Torrent, Cascade, Whirlpool and Artesian are all
Big Sellers.
11 il
Goodrich Hoso has no Competitor, either in price or quality.
;Jas. Eteteit fi Son Co.
Exculsivo Omaha Selling Agents
Lawa Moven and Wire Cloths 1511-1513 PQDE TREEl
If he will attempt to put In an npprsrance
In Omaha or vicinity. Marshal Warner It
of the oplnlnln that 0-lgware' recai'
la but the question of a few days a
features are so well known from his f t.
quent pictured In papers all over the coun
try that hla early Identification Is In
Flame Break Out Late at Mgkt and
Do Dames e F.stlmaled at
ESTHERVILLE, Ia.. April 23.-(Ppectl
Telegram.) Fire tonight at 11 o'clock, de
atroyed the White House hotel. C. A.
Corey, proprietor, valued at 150.000; three
livery barn owned by John P. Klrby, and
valued at W.'M; Anderson tockdale
office, with loss of ll.&OO; Fred Gondgea,
blacksmith shop, $1,200; portion of tho Ce
ment Products company, tile plant. With
a loss of $1,800. There was very little In
surance. The origin Is unknown.
Stylo and Quality
Is what you want when you buy
Hair Go o d s
Our up-to-date styles and unusual values
have built up our present large business.
Sale Starting Tomorrow '23 weVkf
We carry a lares stork of irv
and drab, and can match the oddest
Xairoresainr, skillful faolal and
oalp treatments, chiropody and mu.
lonrin; by experienced attendant.
Everything in nalr work. Por ap
pointment TILB'BOBl DOTCHUtS
Addxeea Dept. B for Illustrated Cat
alogue, For mail order above prices good
for one week. Send sample hair.