Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 24, 1910, EDITORIAL, Page 11, Image 19

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Notes from Fort Crook
CoT.tinufd 1
RANCHES rvrv . . vrMiDI
crjv "fe, gMgjgj
7 Per Cent Net
Farm Mortgages
Farm Mortgages par 7 In ldsbo ON ABSOLUTELY SAFE
SECURITY, bet ante there is a greit nd of money. Tba set
tlers arc deles much devalopineEt work; seeding, planting of
orctardf. erecting of HOMES; pernanent In tbtr character,
and Ja the purchase of Implements, much a oner it reded IN
. class msfasir.e giving reliable informa-
I lion about fiitirt state oi jx. .
i lnwl report about development, resource. .
I product, no ; ten en wrere to iocie
; make money. Invaluable to homeaeeker
at.d investor, itnpi cfpy axJ f-a
tf Ti 1W. are pubUirbeT. rrt lar.J
rteir nd crlv nant your ub nptior..
; Tcia Rltr Hourton. T.
1 MAKE to .' a year grom
fit. frr,M. maJ! fruf.. atid vertab'-wa,
in tfc Ur-tt Guir C country cf Tia.
th rr4en tpct of America Ocr fc-ac-re
traci at 13 an ac-, payat! Bi Oow-a
I arJ CM I mortt. offer the rnoat -attrartive
nducTneTiti o fcoma rketa an lnrert-
i o- in ceuntrv 'W r:t for our
, iviioi literature ft- h-urltr l-arjd Co..
at Ridge Bd. Kiuii City, Mo
Which School and Why?
Lilt of Am gum mti cf Compaaiei aid Offictri to Pou in Alaska
Eefiment Will Sot Be Kf quired to Participate in Practice Jtarcliti
Because of lu Early Departure Stork at Home of Lieut. Morrison.
a"d it maV.e The fclicair.f af ;T,tner.t of romtiniM
Tha ieat d.f f trrnoe Or- and off.ccra cf the piaieentb inianir to
Hkt,cr in A.i.aka J at Mn ar.oounf eo
To Fort Wuliam H Sai4
I'ori't yet tre Idea 11. at a 1 butireta coiieaft are alike,
no diffrr.r where vou ferure lour bu" r, edufation.
tsOTi MnnJier-LamPtTian EjuneM Cclit and other tiunn- colitara rt
fererre thit Putt tre M -.heT- La tr nman Coiit-re In a claea by t'.ae'f. i the frt
that m tha llciihr-Lrr;'rTiaji Toiiefa you wiii find a c ast ot teachr bo are df- t tera. band, machine -"" lauxn and l orn-
ferent from those to be found In ether Miitiui ct ffe. iufcon
era are not tea-her ho are worktr treir tray tbrtfur cb(.l by trhir.f part
of the time, ror are they teachera who can be blrad for tba aalarj- ueualiy pud by
buicfa oollea Tea M;r,er-Lairirran Collefe en ploy a teaefcera that other ool
iesm carmoi par. beeeuae tba Ho tar-1 irpmas CtKiega cannot afloid to emp.oy
," p. oroinary tarbr;a
Par, in V and L t'o)unl
dener, Cbap.a n Jatre W
. ta n C har.e M
Bandel. adtutant.
Cc-iei!'je 0r-
il;lmar. yap-
Ttere aat m tini tn MONET YIELDED A GREATER
LNCO.VE, at it doe-i la otter portions of Idabo to thia very da
CHICAGO CAPITAL, eorera tha atupndooa totU of MORE
aecority la o jrood tbat MORE MONEY HAS BEEN COMING
HERE IN THE LAET FEW YEARS and tha Iterat rata n grad
ually getting lover.
auction la filling up ry rapidly. Not a day paaaea but tbat a
umber or famlllea from NEBRASKA. IOWA, KANKAS. THE
DAKOTAS, and oiber mldd irattern state, rout tera to maka
tbelr bonaa. Tba poople ar uaod to lower intareat rata:
are all of a good claaa of cltlcenablp; bare waJtby and Influen
tial frieada whara they coma from, and ARE ABLE TO GET
IDAHO; tba country la deatlaad to bo on of tba rtcbeat of all
tfea atatea,
Tba character of people la of tba bat; tbrifty, laduatrloua.
aober. and Cbrlatlaa In character. TWIN FALLS, A CITY OF
CHURCHES. SCHOOLS, cement aide walVa and all tba conren
lencea of clTlllaatlon. IT 19 A OOOD PLACE TO LIVE IN;
MONEY bere la Twin Falla. Idabo. with the lichen soil on earth
behind it aa Talcable and acfflclent aecurlty.
Mr. Joba B. Daw. of our fina. U aa old bankar and under
stands tba bualneaa thoroughly.
Mr. H. E. Powets of our firm la aa old Omaha man; know
both aactioca; la fully allTa to the math ode la TOgue la Omaha
aad Nebraska. ,
Aa a firm wa caja aatiafy yo conoarcUig our reliability;
Integrity and responsibility. Wa wast yon to know what Idabo
A UETTER. AND WE WILL BE GLAD to answer arery in
quiry to your fullest satisfaction.
7 Per Cent Net
I Kah.
! EXCEPTIONAL. !rriM--on property In
'Utah, t uOP ace ieded ind under reaer
vo r ar.4 ear.a a atreaflv cor.atructe-j : rexer
vo.r capacyty for (( acres: add'tior.a'.
. land ava; able; mc-Ft prornlr.eM w eatern ir
r fiiicn er.F.near ar.ewa profit of oer n.l
lion do. '.art to me mj'lt from tbip r:'P
eny; prira tiiiO1.. ISu.(ii nth; reAaonabl
I tr on balarce: ouid connder part
traJe In riear jproperty. Joseph X. Flirp-
i ton 1721 Welton frt.. tenver. C'oio.
I Fee our bargaina in mcr-.ern Karaat and
eaatarn Coicrao, $li to W. W lil take
I income property in
, U irr E'.df
i In ftrn Nebraek and Colorado. Writ
i for price
' Sidnay, Ne-b.
THE B e Land Phow to be held next No
vember in Chicago, undtr tfce autpicie of
. the Chicago Tribune, will have exhibits
i of lajid product from etry atate In the
: Vnlted ?i".es. Every rt;on6ibe iand com
par.y w.H have an exhibit. tpare in Uili
bow i not wold to wjid-cat otimpanies. If
a want land, visit tnia ahotr
You can not afford to a trtc..o1 wbete you wi.l be au.'.t bv ttudema in
ih riit c'ae above Toj go to tthoiil for ine'.rvct ion. and it par you to get
the bet. Juat at U paya the Maher-Lajnp man College, to ante tha beat.
If you tre a Moalier-Lanripman frad.iata you will meet with lb aame tap.d ad
vancement tbat baa tnii experienced by tfct Mnaner-Lampman CKjIlegr
i . A foDtia.ii t.e?r rites at e i;a f-ourct If you are ttt-ght by irieyper'ebced arj
6t.t teacJ-.era. Jour d1lomt wiU tnt mux. much to on. Tbe unpraeedeited growlt!
cf th Wc t,fr-Lan.pman CoT-ge a'.d it." tin;iaraJleied aticce and the etfitiet'tv tf
Mos-her-laniproan tud-nt.e a tie bttt eAldercea that tfte Moher-Latrpn an Cur-ge
it giving a (jtial.ty cf iutrL.cton that cannot b cbta'ned eiaet" hera.
1 O'jr eigant r.ew ctttlcri-'e. illLrtrated by a large nutrbfr of full-piFe ba'
'will aoon ci'rae from the preaa. cnd ut your Mr and addreat on a po:l uri e
!iil mail you a copy just aa aoon as lt a completed Special information may be
bad ty tit:r.g or caUrc
, StLdentt may entetr at any time. School will t in aetaion ill f-nimer.
Address, Mosher & Lampan
lion of acre Fertl e lajida Valuable in-
! formation, law, maps ahowlngr how and
hera t locate ae-nt for 3c, mailing coet.
Western Lard Con-.pany. 1 4H. Cheyenne,
! Wyo
FOR SALE S. W. V and B W.
O-ia-ji. Liorota County. Kebruka, M per
a era Inrewlgwu. Mi offer. P. O. Box
;jk. Cedar KajUda. la
10, 2 0 or 4 0 arret, fine fruit or gar
den land near Florence to exchange
"k ri Omaha property.
Karth Dak.t
1 CI 4 Harney St
Land Bargains
tOi acre wheat land. I tU mites from
main line Northern Pacific R. R. In North
Dakota. Oood. smooth, tiilablc land, g-ood
toll clay tubadl. PRICB IF SOLD TO
ih,'TH EHti PER ACRE If aold hi
Quarter and half aMKn IkD.aS TO E J
1 1'EK ACKii. JoM tha aame kind of land
that otheiw are rerai.u.g at from l;5 to Sf.'
per acre is the tarn
Top Delivery
Vagons Oclov
lEth ted Htrety
. - - - . - - , - T - .- t
v. - '.-- " " -"-"- ' ' ..';
. "" "
Ueorae D. Ouyer. coTnmMri ; I B tarn
's-oiR. F. Ball. Cap'.a.u E rid P. Warfie.a.
Firat Lieutenant ititnti R W. atoir-at.
t-e, ond Lieuteaar.t James M "iiutihi
and Second 1-aeutecan. A El Icott Brown.
, P. usii r.ia ! !,on-cemmi,ored ttaff of
1 ficera- Sergeant Mi)ir Hairy Hoir.
F: eg: men la I v jarier-matt e- rsrean; Lou
W. Wir.ierberger Ke;-mri.iaj I'ommla
I aa:y Sergeant Hairy A l!a:i aid. I'oio:
f-e?gant Juhn Ai.en iiu Iajten-e Ioet
To Fort Liacum: C.n. panes C and )
Captain Wiiram " Errnett. CaptBin (J
Aritut Hadael. First Licutenart ti'crg-?
H White. First Lieuterar.t ro.ert 1.
Carte-, ."second LieutTart Luther t
, Jaroe. becond Lieutenant; h A At-
kirs and Se;ond Lieutenart C. S .ai
'ierberger. Battalion arigtaj-.'.. Major 0car
i Dax.M-.aon.
! To Fort Pi M.tfcael- Companies D and
, N. Capta.n Harry F. Daittn I iret Lieu-t-iar.t
Josepii F. Wre. Fjrrt Lieutenant
Raiph W. l.-rury. Seror.d lieutenant Frank
: C. MK'ut.t. tec cid L'.euiet.ant (jrtorfe 1
j Waugh fd Second Lieutenant K K.
i FickerT.g.
, To Fort Dsns Companies B and L.
Captain Mark Wheler. Captan Mar.jn
i L. Crirornina F'ttt L'eutenant Charie a
Stone, Jr.; First Lieutenant Waiter c
j Short, Second LieutenaJ-.t Oliver K. Wood
1 and Second Lieutenant Fiedrirk C.
Kcgera . 11,0 poet frdnance trgenl
! To Fort Gibbon: Companies A and o. -j private Flovd li Smith. Company M. baa
Lieutenant Colonel R H Wilson. Captaja : tM.B detalled'on extra dutv In the quartet -
lwrence B. Siroonds. First Leutenant master a departmrnt. vice Private Claud
j Dwight B. Lawton First Lieutenant Kobert j E Shover, coa.r E. relieved
John Wesu Flrat Lieutenant R. M . King- prlvate Harrv P. Adaroa. Company B.
man. m-oji lieutenant i-n.i.p o. "i. f,tvw,h infantry, a 'ldier casually at
and Second Lieutenant Herbert t I 00k ,hUr t htf twj prderrd to proceed to
sergeant. Major Frederic ; p.r .ton. KortD. A Kuaaell.
X ' r-,.,. t-- . ..i. .3 ... Wyo . rei'oning upon arrival thereat to the
r-L..r.0r,rFSr,:C07:?!",rf. " comma-idir.g officer for duty. The cost of
Joseph F. .hn. First Liejter.a.,! Perr'n L tiansponation and Increaaed cot of sub
iKtmth. Second Lieutenant Fredanrk I s. at a reported I to the oommandin,
iBotcben. Second Lieutenant Napoleon W. I officer. Company B. tleventh intaatrj-. aa
P.i.ey and Second Lieutrci K. i a charge againn the aoldiar.
Nulaen. Batumon eeigeart. Wkjor Ed- ; l-eva of absence for ten daya to taka
ward Slykea effect on or abmjt May 1. iVia. ha been
Orders ere received from the depart- I If ranted Second Lieutemant F. W. Hoar hen.
rr ent headquarters that the sixteenth u- . uuinnoiHui ana romiuiNarj
! iar.rry will not i requited to participate
Tie o.'.tnm.nd rg officer has directed tha
hereafter the guard wi'l corurt ct
to p-te in t'ie rg'ment of larg
est te'm of nw in the army. Tha fol
lowlr.g aoldie'-a w'.ll l'e available In tr or
der named I'nrate James H Sanford
, CpmpatT I.: private H Co.eman.
Corr.pary H Private Peter ma sh, Cona-pa'-y
"5 J-iste Thona Coinnliy. Coea
panv K. Private ruoff. Corn
pan V. and Frit ate Lee B. Maitax. Cora
ptry F
The I s jir tt.i'i . vton 1 s n n requeft.
of First Lrute'.at.l P L S.xtert to
infant y. as adtitart of the Second battai
i.r. of t-e rtriment has been accepted, and
l)euter.rt snuth was aeslgned to Companv
H cf the tiin.cM. vli e First Ueuter ani
Walter Haney. fansferred to unaa-a-e-.ed
I'mata Hury L Taiehijse Company
H ho recently :e-nliied for the regi
mt rt his t en detailed en sptcial duty as
mounted orderly
Second Lieutenant F W. Boschen. bat
la ion quartermaster a"d commtea'-y. S'x
tenth lnfartry, lias been relieved from
ten.j.orary duty with Company 1 of the
pruate Shfrman C Anrtere-'h. Compatlv
F. has been transferred to Company H of
the reg mert.
Private Floyde I ensmore. Company F.
has been relieved from special duty In tba
' bowling alleys.
! Private Ge:rge E McWillrajns Fourta
, lnlanttj. unaastgr.ed. has ten detailed on
special duty as assistant to th chaplain.
Battalion Sergeant Ma.'or Ldward Slykea
has been relieved from special duty aa act-
3415 Burt Street
Must be sold at once, owner goiEg to California. Here is a chance to ob-
Uin a fine, well built, modern home, only 2 years old. Has 8 large rooms, be
sides good attic. Lower floor finished In oak, second floor birch and quarter
sawed pine. Has a full basement with servant's toilet. Scre-ns and storm
windows, fine yard 4 7x150, paring paid In full. Handy to two car lines.
Don't fail to see this at once. Pric $5,700.
1C14 Harney Et.
LSi. Bids will b reoeivod by tba Stat Print
ing Board at tba off ica of tba aeeretary
of state at Linooln, Nebraska, en or before
If b clock, noon. Situ re ay. April m. xsia.
State of Nebraska Offic of Auditor of
Public Acoounta. Lincoln. Feb. 1 IMS.
It is hereby certified tba.t the State Mu
tual Life A Compary of Worces
ter, in the tr-at of Maaaachuaeti. t.
for printing and blnduig tba f ollowinx re- 1 complied with the laauranoa law of th;a
ports and pubucauona: Biennis 1 reports w ;aLate. appucaoie to sucn eorcpamea. ami is
commissioner of public lands and building, therefore authorited to oonilr.ue the busi
attoroay general, superintendent of public teas of life insurance in this stale for the
instruction. Biat treasurer. eC7ry or
ttate, auditor of public account, bureau
cf labor, adjutant general, Ubrariaa. Board
of Irrigation. Food, Dairy and Drug
wussJon; SeaatoB Laws 1U; He port of Stars
Rallwar eommicslon. Beard of AgrJcinturw.
Stat Board of Horticulture. Department of
Banking. Buildir.g and Loan ataociatjon.
liunrnts'i association. Insurance sum-
J mary. Also, miaoei aneous prmung. i-iana
current year ending January XX lKt
Summary of report fUed for tb year
end in: December C, 1S16.
All other source
Paid poiicjr bolder
A1J oiber paymerta
1 one buying" tbia land is aura to max a
j profit, as it is offered for tet than it is
. worth and ta eartalc to ad anew )ne rf
. bur firm haa Juat retomed from North
FINS ADDITION PROPOSITION IS : Dakota. 6tan plow are lux.nli in
a 1 res adjoinirg a fast growing new loan dear. - every Migbborbood : aetuer loot
ia Nanhera Ok aboma Icr rat at reason- merely speculator! art buying- lands; acU
ab'a prK. oa tmn. tor addition pur- and climauc condiuont are grood. Tma land
I'aees Here la eot-.ttEir.g Address I u 1 ke.v to advanoa tf. or laor per acre
.& kA Tuiaa. OkL I by i.ext fall. Tba land ta underlaid wltb
j coal, a fcich means a great deal t eettiert
Orrgsa. 1 and addt 10 ita value, but Bolting it added
I to tba p-.oe aa that account.
Ut and butictgraat gnon, St; E acres
is V, 1.1. met 1 Va-.ey. '&. W. M. ataiAera.
Jr, aVJeartoti, Ore.
aih Daksta.
Pnal estate transfers for April SL 11
,,r.!..t uJi hv W.d Guaract and tesdert
mhboth cod Any 1 Trust company . bonded abstracter ITIt general
Net reserve S" !r C 0
FOUTH DAKOTA LAND Tba ruth it as
for atamey couety land. Bev-rai new I'be ( .pbon, Daur'.at (ML
i-t rauroad xiow bu'ldir in ttia county J
Br mi ana deb rvar ar.oLey m tr.a
i xt two teara Cboitw lands aelUng at
Ti&m tt b t.l Bar acre. For scapB and in-
limliM wrlla It. re. land rVnaltr t.. S4
Pao B.dg Jdusneaioila ItUaa.
TUEFDAT. MAY 8D. Round trip rate from
Oruaba tA. All of your exbecaea paid if
you buy.
J. H. Dumont & Son
1K Fa-rani St
WRITE for our booklet No i- describing
tuaner swetiona, fu-wt-claaa -ana at IA
j tr. Wi per acre, stale how -an acre
o ar la lb an ark el for. biaia Mat and
teuokwi S. as r. F. J Farru-gtoB A
V-n.paa). av( Near York Lit BwsT
A BAP. 3 A IN tat a (fa la central Texas,
ail but U acre ieeei biark Boll, very neb;
t acre, ta cultivation; venasr'.nt water;
at acre ttet arer SV. Oa publie road, r
mlie to good market. la t good school,
goad catghbor. feat eievation. Dry.
warns ausonber. Get U of asthma 'a
about tao )r. Fin for throat aad lurg
ireubta. Manr churcbaa 111 Oreaa tit. N
Wichita, at.
talk tour a-NAPs;
Kara m i. ili ha got Um ail faied.
acres ut pr.ria land two cue frwoi
Troy . Gratt coutiy. valh Dakota Ttua
is roiUior .ltd. but lb best cf soil 1'
woria Hfra. for a abort iirx.e I offer:
It for t-suu. (mo ,Mh and tb Utsn la;
five ear at ( per cent. If J .-ut a
ra. get out to ae ttaia Quick. Addtwaa , WANTED to Trad lfet acra tiateni
TbuSa R. tUlftil Trov. b. Li. wa Un hi.rtf f,a rtvar t. !
FOR SALE Eirtity-acra twiprored farm.
I aaiia fraiw Kag Lak at St per acre ;
K a re rwady for harrwHinf of truck nop
Dehor rboiu bargaaa J. Peboasbca, Esc
Lata Tax.
Farriani street. Telephone tx.ugla ISSE.:
P-aiton Townwte company V M as .
l iduch. lota t. and IS and other
land. P.alstan "7
W G Whltmor and wife at at.
ta Valley Stock Yard and Oram
Co.. part cf aev at-ia-l I "
Bam to aanva. ae'ta awi W.-H-S
Ram to same. n V aam tWO
A. M. Byer and wife to th JlcCag-u
Investment company, e1 lot Z.
block 177, city
Geora W. Hanry and wife to U. P.
P R Co. 4 of dm of xsk feat of lot
. block l. city 4 000
McCaru In vast mart Co to U. P R
P. Co wet of net. feet of lot a, block
m. city 7 flat
Homoiead Co. to Anna Ivael. lot
Freaerch Jorg!;-!! i wife to Nel
Kaer. jot 4. block S. Carenoen.. . 5 A. Mor ae and .fe to E. F
Stiannalian. lot 1. block 1. A.amo
Plata I.&UD
Mirtr.a B.ackwil to C B Siater,
lot lu. b.-.k a. K'.lby plat- i
H A Lan.son t" C. E Lalnson. lot
U. bkk . Wair ut HUI 1
A. M Kimball to R. R Kimball. e
of n1. i V trl(-U 1
Kenve-d Co. to 1. W. Harp.
lot SX Ksniuad lit
K J V. Hart and husband to B. C.
eRa'ry Co.. tot 11. block 11 Slilnn'a I
B A. Thayer et a! to 9 A. Ferguson.
iota 1 and X. Windsor Piac (Mb
Charie SacdnrsJt and wif to J J as
ter. sa or lot 4. bloc IX. E. V
smith b add ..
book and atationery auppile for Horpital
tar Insane. Linooln and Norfolk; Stat
1 Rchoa; for Dependent Children. Ortbopedic
i boapltal. penitentiary. Soidier' aad Si.or a
Hume. Burkeit and Miiford; governor, aud
itor, aevreiary of Btate. treasurer, commis
tiocer public lar.dt and building, supenn-
OT puoi.c ir.sirvicTion. attorney j;t pcrury ciairr.s ..
railway rttj.misfiPt. supreme n o.Kr liabil'tiea.
court. Dpartment cf Baxkmg. Board or Surplus beyond ctp
Irrigation, insuranc oeparxmant.. ruoiic itaj Block
Library comnciaaion. Board of Jiquallxation other llabllitii
and Aasewment. adjutant genera, ana Ne
braska Industrial Home.
Specification! for urns ran be found la
th prflc of the secretary of state.
A'J bids must bs acrompar.led by a bond
eoual in amount to the prcbabl cast of
in practice marches of tfcre cays dura-
tion on account of esi.y oeparturc l.r
aen-ice In Alaska.
In the past two years the two batia'ions
of the S.xteenth Infantry, stationed at this
post, have been trained to fat march. ng
lor one or two roura to be used in cat
of emergency. This command tan now
march lor that length of time at the rat
of four mile an hour without injury to
any man or officer, and for shorter dis
tances, say a rnl.e or two m let at a
much faster rate, aa wa shown at a
marching contest hetd bere recently be
tween the different compant, when a
detachment from Company L Wxteentti
infantry, consisting of twenty-eight en
listed men. equipped with rifie. belt,
cartridge box and bayonet, under the com
mand cf Second Lieutenant A. Kljoott
Brown, Sixteenth Infantry, covered a dis
tance of 1.1 miles in fourteen minute and
thirty-five second heel and toe move-
mile), lb. rate of marcn being t X miles
per hour. The principal feature of tn
march wa the stride of Corporal WlJiam
DriBoow, who attained hi ped of loco
motion tramping over tha hill of Wast
Virginia. Corporal Driacow ta on of th
moet conspicuous f.gures at tae pott
standing six feet and three iDchee in hi
nocking leet.
Colonel Gardrner. commanding Fort
-roa. ren.. is busy improving tr.e scenery
or tn poat by planting new shade tree,
purchased to rspiaoe those which hare died
during tha winter or wer destroyed by
cut worm. Last spring th ooionel per
sonally superintended the planting of
about 1.1U0 treat of different variolic, of
whicb only about twenty have died. 6inc
arrival at Fort Crook ia Wi U;e colonel
baa spared no pain to make Fart Crook
on of th most attractive miJtary post
In the west, and to insure hi labor and
care he ha ben the instigation of the de
partment laauicg: a circular of general in
structions aa to the care and preservation
of young trees whose lives are endangered
from r aa fires, etc.
Tha work in the poet far den la progress
ing rapidly and the men of this command
are locking eagerly forward to tha um
they wili be able ta enjoy some of the
product of their labora.
Upon request of the post surgeon, the
commanding officer ha issued instruction
for ail officer and f ami lie, a o .l en
listed men and tbelr famiiiea to report at
th poat hospital for examination to de
termine whether or not tbey will be re
quired to be vaccinated as a preventive
against smallpox, before boarding the
transport at Seattle en route to Alaska
Captain Harry F. Dal urn. Sixteenth in
fantry, haa recently returned fro D
Momea. la. where be was on duty in con
nection with the annual inspection of the
organised militia of the stat of Iowa.
i Captain Da Hon haa received, through anlti
' ' , JJ I Utr' cbannele. a letter of commendation
.. from the adjutant general, stat of Iowa
compliment nig htm upon th manner in
- e-77-"7 which he performed bl dutie a inspector.
XU0i.S.0 Captain Carl A. Martin. Fourth infantry.
! stationed al thia port pending th arrival
or nis regiment t ine i nued state, wat
U f-44 2t r
Sixteenth infantry.
Private John S. McBane. Companv L.
Sixteenth infantry, who ha ten uffarlng
for almost a er from the effect of a
broken arm. caused by a fall from a bmw
during the target season of 1MK. has beet)
ordered to proceed to the general reoruit
depot. Jefferson Barrack. Mo., for exam
ination before a board of medical eff.oera.
evbrexjuvnt to hi being discharged from
the army on surgeon a certificate of disa
bility. Pnva: Flrwt-cJ John L Hewter. boe
pitaJ crx. aemntact to IetaJ 9urgern
Georg D. Graham his been ordered to
proceed to Fort Omaha Neb.. retyortJtuj
upon arrival thereat to tha commanding
officer for duly.
Sergeant F!rrt-cl Christian A. Herkel
man. bospltaJ corps, having oomplered the
Inspection of a damsured X-ray maehloe at
this poat ha been ordered V return to this
proper station. Fort Biley. Kaa.
Leave of absence for tea day ha been
granted Captain C. M Bundel. adjutant
Sixteenth infantry.
Second Lieutenant A. W. Lane. Feun i
InTantry. has been detailed at poat and
oontrurting quartermaster. reJievm; Ftrst
Lieutenant G JL White. Sixteenth In
fantry, of hit dirt ies 'a such. .
Leave of absence for twenty days ba
been granted Second Lievtenant Napoleon
W. Riiey. Sixteenth infantry, to wialt
Graeey, Ken.
Private Andrew W. Hill. Compar- H.
ha been tranaf erred to the Sixth cavalry
and directed ta pnoed to Fort Des
Motne. Ja
rental Surgeon George D Graham.
Untied State array, has ben relieved from
th temporary duty at this post and -ordered
to Fort Omt-ha,. Neb., reporting upon
arrlTaJ therwat to th oommandir.g officer
for temporary dirty for such time a hi
wrrice may be required, not to exceed one
mont h .
Private Rarauel H. Jones. Sixteenth in
fantry band, ha been transferred to tb
E-c-hteenlh infantry band and directed to
proceed to Fort Mac keraie, W.
Leave of absence for twenty days to
visit his home in Greenville. Mies., ha
been granted Recond Lieutenant C. K.
Nuleen, Sixteenth infantry.
Chaplain J W Hlllman. Pixteenth In
fantry, ha applied for leave of abSAno for
one month to view Denver. Coio.. prior to
hi departure for station In Alaska. The
cbapiain deaerve a wail earned rest, aa his at the post ar very arduoua
Lieutenant Gardner. United State Marina
corps, wno 1 paying a abort vwit to hi
father. Colonel Cornelius Gardener, eora
mar.dlng Fort Crook. Neb., reoeived the
officer of this post informally at the
cx.ionel a quarters Thursday betaee I
and p. m.
The stork vi:tsd the quarters of Lieu
tenant and Mr Morrison Friday evening.
April lt. and left a nine-poupnd baby boy.
Mother and baby are doing noe y a rvl con
gratulations are pouring in from ail officers
'ordered to proceed to Topeka. Kan., and i and lad e of tr.e post
rVJTi: !C ISLiSAIiJtTI oor.eult w ith lb adjutant general, atate of
&anaa. prior vo tne oegrcmrg or trie n
and i nual inspection of tr.e organised militia of
X.OTMlS.I X(T7 i U Kansas
First Lieutenant G. H White and P. L.
fc4.t6t.Xf 4t ! smith and Second Lieutenanu J. M
witnaa mr hand and the sea! cf the
fhurc-hil'. L. R James. F W. Bcten and
Auditcr of Public Acoounts the day and I Mctun. ail or the sixteenth infantry
the work bid upon. The board rtaervet
tba fght to reject any and all bida
Lincoln. Nebraska. Arrll VS. 1T.
By H. G. Thorn, Secretary to tha Board.
AJrM ft
trict bona Te ail whom it nay conoern ;
1 Natio hereby riven that tr, Board ef
4d j Da-ector nf tb KimbIl lrr gai-on I'lstrict
ht declared Us Intention to e'.i and siii
sil in entire lsse of the bands of ea.o
1 dtrk-t teretofot authorised te be iss. eo
. by said board ard by the e"tr of aa d
dtricl, to- it: Tfc rum cf Two Hundred
r first above written.
And tor of Public Accounts.
C. E. PIERCE. Deputy.
W. iJ 1NDOE.
Genarai Agent for Nebraska, J-t Be Bldg.
AprJt Dlt
Second Bank
who hv jtst returned from Fort Leaven
worth. Kan., undergoing elimination for
promotion. Lave been Informed by the War
department that tbey have successfully
passed the same and will reoeiv tbeir re
spective appmntroer.ta for tb next higher
grad ia a short tins.
As the officers are among th oldest in
tb regiment, it bopd that tbey may
continue to srv mors th effioer and
enlisted men of the Sixteenth infantry.
Mr lATie. mr-.her of Second L1euter,ar
Late. Fourth infantry, quarte'-marrer ef
poat. wro wa severely scalded by tr.e
bursting of cme of the hot wster pipe la
rear of the sbov-e in ".hear quartern. 1 re
ported to be gwitlrg along very nicely.
Miss Hillman. e ater of Chaplain Hiiiman
left last week for New Tork City to visit
brothers axd aimer at that blac Mlaa
Hii anan will iwmrn' the Chaplain t" and take station with Mm at Part
William H. Sea ard. wbore . export to
be of great assistance to th cbapiaia lei
hla religious work, wavcb he has partly out
lined Beoond Lieutenant M ". ffialienbercar "infantry. ba reouear.ed leave of
haenre for twenty day ta v.ait Ienvr
i Cold . tyr the exprews nt )r:mng
rb whom thev ar so faxrunar
Th. M-r.lar WeAneutav airl.l -hns" for I '"e ranks of tfif "benedicts Lieutenant
r T 1 're en ined men w he'd at the post Srwi:n1erger end Ms bnje expect to spend
rVODDCr 1 3KCn ' 'iymnaslum hall n a good tt-ndnc. t heir bore jriojn in Alaska
. Prtvte Jot-eph Pf;ffr and John Brtram The commar.dirg cffcr of rolumhif
were the star attraction of '1 evening Ear-sck. O. ha informed tn a art horittaa
and Fifty Thousand 121.0 OW'i Dollar or any VeeV.r f T- V.e TJ tj: with their - barn dance. t this post of the appk.ension and teiarn
part of eaid Issue, at trt tffc of nDer 01 iflt mat ined 10 JJiOW . Private Charles Mav cf Corcranv L 1 u arliiter control at of Pr vate.
Safe at Kay lor, S. D , Cap
tured at Utiea.
board an me corner of First and Chestnut
Streets In Kinibaii. Coui ty of Kimbaii ana
State ef Neb'aska tn Saturday. May 14
lt). at the hour ef li o c.o k coon. Sealed
proposal w.ll be received by the board at ,
: t sa,d ofrif for tne purchase of said MITCHELL, b. U. April H "Bpeotal
bands uxtll tb day and hour aaaaed abore. Te.ea"rjn v-A aacond man of tr trio of
at wf.ieh time tea said board wlil open 1 . 7 . ,
U.e propoaa and award tr purchaee ef I rubber ho attempted to rob tba Kay lor
the bono to tb highest reiponsib. biaser j bank Thursday right wat captured at
or bidder, tba board, however, reserving r-.v-a it.rii fi.r.. .mi. t
availed Hmtif of a two month' furlough. , Albert Ste-ner and Kay Jarkaon, bih if
the right t reject any and ail bida No
bor.e can b soid bv sid board al ier
l.Sol iMi r.nrty-f v ,t per cer.t of thtMr
race vaiue. 1 i.s aad bone ar payab. I
in from ten to tweaty year and bear ats
WHAT w can offer to a anaa with mil
etoney: Tb best farm t.d rancbe In
l.yntaa couety Wru tor Iiata C ark it
Kestcb. Fu.iace. a D.
Vtw d ewuaty , t ani ea f raea ra 1 aad to a.
valued at par acr. lor a -c under tour
ing aatmaiile: must L is good cwnditmn
and ef iadard make aodraa w. F.
Cwaaiarbata Midland. Ttx.
6ELL OK TRADE M acre bert land la
the Texas paabaaai tn a toC'; every
Fast S S-llrX at IS per arr. carr aor asaoothi at a bargain: ub)ect t
tit si I per cti.t Sa --li-!-Tl at I i n.ertrag V par acre, d pf cant, not. lui.
ir acr. carry MO N. F. i MU-n. at . trad equity far stosr land ar city prop
Si per acre, carry Jt Hyde la fartr.s !". Virm fer swic aad atat trada H.
Dsjb farm N. E. t-I-l N. T. , Klt. Jitrion. Kaa.
eaai. at SI (r a -i per nt f . e
acre in rro d. at H per ere. T per rem
niisb.a lev acres in l-l N . eM. at
It. per acre. Wt.l slow the at ar
t.rt.e Hut or wtu. I'M. B WILSON.
Mor.damui. lot,
fXR SAl.K tour I
eu'ies from K R loan, good aatsr J. C
JNtatr. Crest on. S D,
LARGE tract, rich land. auitabl
e-biiiaiion. FtaeM rltanate and wster.
First ciaa ateaaa raundry. Ci'y 1 eu poa
uiwti. ilthrua C . Del Ria. Tea.
I BIT tot wear fastest grewin eiry, iw
lar down, doiiar week Isd oelrverad by
! bask. Illustrated bvoalal free. Tct'.n I-
prevcmanl Co . !; V Ei Faso, Ta
St Sweeps Trtp U Caaaplata
Wlvaewt a Tlslt ta
offering more vacation opportunlttwa
than all oiber cetwin cwrabitd.
W w;U gladly help you arrange a
complete tour with practical ug tas
tier and rrt aduo WlTHi.rUT
ANY CHARGE. Our Amerltan offua
haa baea eatab.ished fcr your conven
iL and a ct'dtal tnrMaU"n la ex
tended te niak free us ef its ser
vice WRITE N-"'W for a py of
our Travel letter No H
iwitt ranaaAX. bvaixwoajj.
t4X ruth Ave. at Tor Olty.
ha reported lack for dutv. and It it ru
mored tfctt while itir Cbarb auncbe
upon lb 'Bea of matrimony " He i:l
tat quarter In th t iclr.lty ef the post.
Serreant E S Griffith troup I. thi'd
cavalry'. n charge of Private Albert L
Stokea. Company L. Sixtaenth trfrtry. ar
med yesterday at tbi pnut from Fort
Wingata N M. Prlvat Sick deserted
frcro Fort Crook. Neb.. Feburuery t and
tirrendered at Galiup. N. M Marc n.
Cotr.panr M. S'atae'ith w ao de
serted th service Ma . lH! They wera
apprehended m P.ttabuig. pa . by Iaiee
tive Jame B. Boyle.
It 1 belrg runwrel aboct the post
erders will soon be received from the War
department to th effer: tt.t nonoom
mis'orieyrl officer ard privates w'.o hte
leas than en vear to serve on dat 4 1-
ir .f the rerlment for Alaska, b dis-
a rastauraat aatiag a meal. Eb.nff ft- .Trf toei at Fort Wir..t. N (Charged for the convenience f tfw govern.
ir at in city gave a deoriptKa t tha v by a general court-martial for deser
marshal at Utira of tha taa robbers and j tion couid not be aooetrpiished on account
Pr cat intereai, payable semi-ant-a'Jy . aoom o cioca ott or walked Into -"i" a ,. dlrTcid ihst tl e
eero"ard strict4 iffl? ofoVt o i Bbrtff " n"?-- r
ancompaaied br oeriif.ed eneek. pay ab t to Tacktoa. who hurried there in aa auto- I N M to F urt Crook N be charged
he ercr cf tfc Klmha.l Irrtaarton r.i.irtct ' .k.i. . ir., . . . i him. Srt-nt GnfntB rl ao
r ,,! Uu ii.i. tma .tn ,.t i. ' .. . " ' " i r ranted a delay of ten das befor return-
amount of the bd said clck la be ra- 1 t Sootland. j tn station
tainad by lb district a lrccldated damage ! Tr third man i still at large, al'.bougb
in caa the tiu iirt sa d check a -oom. j be was aa aod aa captured tba night of
panes at ail be accepted by the board and . .
the bidder ehel! refuse tr fsll to carry out ! lt" roboary wbsa the three anen wer
t m bid Hy order of lbs Board of D rr--trr i aurpriaed in their hiding along the railroad
THE KlMIiALL IRRIGATION D1STK1C1. trat-k at S..tind .Junclion. waiting ta
by 1 tv Via.aer. Preetexii. Altwst: Fred . ...... . . ...
K. Moigta. aKiiar. A13d Iti ti.e fre.ght tbat wat going t
. I office.- dcovared then and inade ac
Owe Dallas Pes Year.
The worjcingfr.aii is u cs-reful
what hla daagbter reads as tha
baaker. Tb Le U la jstoat
ary thrifty. self - res part lug
attack. Oa fcf them waa captured aad
tb ether two raa Tbr war pursued,
whias a rjular futiiad of abots waa kept
ug by the purauera and tha pursued. On
af tba twe dropped aid when ti. offlcara
j oan. up ta kim tbey tbougb he waa suf
! firtemtly isjurwd tbat re was about all 1a.
. and tbey kept la pursuit af tba ataar. upon tbeir wrttt-n proniiae tn ra-
ertls in their respective orranlxat or.a. and
! (il be re-e'ilined on ttie day pillowing that
of dtrcharga Priv.te a r.o will have !
than one year to e-v on dtte f as.. lirf
atHj who do rx-t desire to be d.ail.arged and
i-etiliwd will be transferred ty the de
partment rsmmintf to other organisation
In tn s department t the extent of actual
' tvir cie u.ereiri. If aucb is tl.a o 1t
rwr.anr &reant Klannarv hat reoonel .W'-U affect prwctiral tao-third of the
hers for duty He was former.y atauored ' wrmmand
at Fort Ethan Al.n, Vt
T. remamlng robber, tea float of toot, ta get away. Wtet the offier
returned to get their wounded robber, be
had evidently come ta Ufa aad anade guod
hi aacapa
Th offtoera bave a good deecriptlua of
tb anaa aad belief tbey will yet capture
Psrsjrtect Advetrtutlng Is
ta rcAd ta tug
Llweala raiit Raelded.
PIERRE. P. D. April SZ- ?pacial -Tt.e
I. ate Ineurwxet d9rtmer -hat dee!:nd
to gram a l.oers for 1 ar to tb
Baxker Life Insurance ouaupat.y of Lie
o.u. Nab , and no laoetiae will b Issued
t tbat company asitil a dispute batwee
the oompanr and the state de7rtmt It
adjumsl Th company onntiriulng t tis
a policy funa. aftet It bad Ja. rejected,
by tbe state dtart n.evt. as irfrt rorr; ply tax
wiLh tna piN.t-y form lea af thia auaia