Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 20, 1910, Page 5, Image 5

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nf eo'Tnn In prugpsdlng
Or eaoe enrf.m hmort.
frifjrrrat!nn wee laid bfnr William 9.
i Inni. aseintant tn the attr" -r Tnrai.
a-i Eats Urae-a aai S'ile. :n ar of trust pniw.mti.mi in t?i d I Populace al Badarjt Acclaiai Hlra
II .ut Asrw-r.
psrtnwnt. indicating the fa.t that a nom
', ta;nat:rm hxrt N lin-mrd btwen a sum- j
j er of iperatorv to buy up ail if the j
I mainlrig unue-d ratr omton pref;ir"ei in trie u
t..t-..t.w ...m.,.a. , ..... rwa-ltl.
a the ruit of the nprt".nns of this pool
(nan( Xaks nfl( freea the print of th.s cotton has rad? om
at tb,e Great
tlrs-WarMs Cr-urnst SUtsamia.
tarry ana Ctta
Wx r- a a -
Cmk a. 9raa ta Cm fkat
asms In Tajaaa B Para
Visit ta tan. Ham ef
! klrtnml an anjpty In fi if the normal
j price that the cotton, manufacturers had
) greatly reduced their output pather til an
i buy at thia exorbitant prlr-. throwing out
' at rniolovwnt iigwiMi of S per emit of ,
Irha ooiton mill operative, of the United BTTDA F-EST. April la-ff-avy rainstorm
Sat ml time i-wuiting In the monopoilxa- 'hie afternoon did not prev-nt Colonel
Man of the mora vtalb.e aupply of raw Roosevelt from disposing of an exceedingly
1 rr tn rhe m.rk.. and the diminution In strarHWUa program. Thia included a lu..cha n
earamprco tn cotton BTHwia.
TORIC. Anr-I 13 A fedenl
yatiat;an w'tnaut precedent In this coun
try will be started in. New Tor tomorrow.
The attorney (innii of tha Cnited States
haa ordered an inquiry into t!io agaatle
bull mrtmn!it in cotton, with whscn tha
namra of juinj A. Patten of Chicago.
Frank B. Hana and William P. Brown
ut Saw Or!an and Euipn Saia of
T'xaa ha; liei-n popularly connected.
HlfB a.-ui Brown both app-ar aa da
rnclaota In lha prjcatl!nia. but it could
out ba lan-d wh-thr Mr. Pattan wi'.l
ba autrpunrd at Chicai t roma hr
and teaury. lis haa hn-n gnnm-ailw cr-d-ttL.
hiiVDVor, W'th bains Canc:i
(raiua of tha pool, and In racaut lnti-
ylawa ha has outiinwl ma SuiiiHn poHit:nn
and" hla dirmlnation to C.ifhc the aup
biiwnI lnar cliuua which haa ben roahip-
nn eotlun to Uua country fnra England tha authcrWra of tho atata normal achool
Normal Students
Are Dismissed
Exptilaioa of Seva Stadeati at Spear-
CjJo. JvHam Attack on President
Cook at Caace HalL
SPSAFISIL 8. D., Agrd a. Sictai.;
Pubiia dnncea not rwceiv.uK the aanctlon
in aa- mwleavor to brwak taa markpt. wui nerpaxrer Da taoaoed oy the
Tha buil movement haa rachl auch a i f Jdenta. but tha Incident tht brrmeht
Ho-a. huwpvpr. that thr ara mmora af J ahaut haa resulted in the UBpendlns
a ponaibin May corner in tha New Tor , and expulsion of eevan at udenia, botit bays
BiarKet. N'mr brfure haa the sovernment ! and giria. each of whom waa found rullty
U'lrouadt aimilar act:on aitainec any pool I of lnaurtxirrHnat tun by Prof,
turrnr In the marliet. eiifter on tha iung I head of the echooi.
1 at tha Rovai Pa,ace. where aa the irueet
! of Arhduae Joacpru a receptl-.n at tha Far
j liament houae and a r.ghtama: tour. whicB
j comprised Y alta to tha unique ajrrt cultural
I muaeum. built in lmltarlon of the celebrated
gothic castle of Va;da HOTyad. where 5It
Hooteveit waa espaclaily Interested- in tha
conservauon and reforest ration work of
A portion of the day waa taira up with a
call upna Franr is Ewetith, leader of tha
united opposition, who is ill. a rialt to
Washington monument; erected by lha
Hungarian-American federation: an in;jeo
tinn of tha studio of Zaia, tha Hungarian
"wrujpror; a reception to the members of tha
American colony at tha American consulate
and a reception to tha Hungarian journal
ists at the hotel. Hr. RooaeveJt and Kor
mlt were tha rurata of the Austrian am
bassador, Baran Hengelmuller von Hen
gervar. and tha baronneaa at a dinner at
the Park club, where they met tha leading
I. -"K- representatives of tha Hungarian nobility.
u u u
or tha
iiiort side.
a in laaaaal.
Trouble over dancing- haa bera brewing
at tha achool for soma tXraa past and tha
climax catziu when a club of boys, not
...... . members of tha achool. gave a pubiia
lsued at the direction of Mr. W!ckoraha.ra.
i -n Connor's tui.l. warnings issued to the
I tur1inf hiitt- attonilltitf mam jlanni B nn
eominaoillng a dusen or more prominent! r . ,
JJaw T'jrk cotton broaera to appear before
a apeclai federal grand Jury tomorrow tn
testify in the matter of tha "United Stales
aa.nat Frank B. Hayna and William P.
The subpoenas demand the submission
to the Jury of all recui ts. papers, letters,
memoranda and asa agreement dated Keo
ruary X last by Fayna and Brown and
Tha agreement, tha sutjphoenaa stated,
was for the jrirehasa of l&S.OOO bales at cot
ton far delivery In See Tark during tha
month of March and July inclusive, at
certain prices and under certain conditions.
Tha fixing of the prtoea and conditions,
tha government charsea," waa a violation of
Expiree! Irtak La Pi lee a.
Annonncement of the government" s actitm
waa followed by a very exerted break In
prices on the Sew Tork Cotton exchange,
which at one time bid fair to result tn al
most as great a demoralisation aa that
noted last January. Sarty In April tha
market bad a very- aevera setback under
heavy liquidation and at that time thara
were rumors circulating that tha bulla
were abandoning their position, but a orm
auleraola recovery In prices) since then emr
gaated that tha selling had been largely- In
tha wtiy of outside liquidation and during
tha past wank or tarn days tnara have been
raoewMt rumors of an tmpendlns; aquaese
T?ia position In the near months at- any
rata haa lad to heavy shipments of cotton
a Sew Turk for delivery on eon tract and
tha arrivals reported today were In excess
of 3. OK bales, tnciudlnir nearly KOW bales
from; UvarpooC wftfia tha stock, af'ootton
available for delivery on con tracts has al
ready Increased from ahoat ST.itDt bales to
13.00 bains.
Evan so. It haa been aprrreh ended In local
elrcies that amoutaa of ootton are: ring here
from tha south, and abroad were not suf
ficient to satisfy eompletaly tha one tracts
held by tha bull leaders, which, have been
astlmatad at about 06.Jt baiea. and there
probabiy baa bean some scattered buying
baaaot apon aa expected suLisaafal issue of
tha) bull naiTipaign.
The TralUaar laniaal.
The sal Una which followed today's threat
of nuasibla legal obetadea to bullish plans,
probably represented In a large measure
tha Uqaldatioa of this so-called trailing- tn.
tereut. In adUlUun there waa andouhtadly
soma sailing Lor tha account of prataaetonai
tradara an. tha Idea that tha legal aution
might fbroa th Uquldatlun of the bull
Csuaily clnaa a rodents of trailing around
tlia loeai nng- aj pi asuad tha oulnlun after
tha ejus that tha bull leaders themaaivea
had mm 'an aed rather than reduced their
aontracc holdlBga and tha market ruled
aaiiatdarahly steadier In the lata trading
and al.innd at b luaa of ocly frum. la u IS
points tar 'Jtm day.
Whan tn aawa of tha govromnta da
alstun at first waa ctriruiatad tha market
bara ma weait and uuaetiled and Inside of
an tutus 1U eauon sold at la4 eenta or
putnts eaiuts Aa high level ef tha day
and aouvt aa- aointa under tha high, price
af las', avail. May eiusad at laS oenta
I 'ter- months aympathlsnd 9a tha near
Doath -ttreait, but interest, was pretty much
aunCoad to tha old crop. and. aside front
tha cxfitarnenb with reference to Map ini
July aoatracta, tnera waa no particular
fratnra Saturaily tba prrmoaed g.Trern
ment aaii'.un waa practically tha sola tuple
tn trade circles after La a atoaa of tha
All aorta at theories were advanaed as
to tha ciucia ' fur the aantamptated suit.
One mnu-rrrmiaim was that gnveranint
afTidals hiul themacivea taaan tha initia
tive, whiie otnera believed a aomplalnt
braughtf a)"") sorae of ttia. Interests Involved
on the snort side- of tha marker may have
been raspunaible. In soma quarter an opin
ion was expressed that tile action was In
pratedly Mrnored. according to President
Conk, until be waa forced to take drastic
At the last town danca President Coot
appeared and sought admission. Some of
the oider boys grappled with him. braining
the professor coneiderxbiy tn the melee,
finally throwing him out. declaring that It
was none of his business whether any
students of tha school attended. But Prof.
Cook thought otherwise. Twelvn students
sent summoned on the carpet the follow
ing morning-, and the whole school waa- re
quired to a Urn pledges abstaining- from
dances without tha authority of tha ofS
ciaia. their parents or a-uardlans being like
wise required to sign their assent to this
ruling; which Prof. Cook received from the
State Board of Bearenta two months agu,
9even pupils held out and were promptly
dismissed and tha tmubia In thought to
be at an end.
In the C-tptd at Vsuisngtcn ssd in ijzmiIj every stsc in tbe Uclea. krrcsa
tcna art grang oo uto the reaaoss fer the Incressa cost cf Svicg. Fcxxi ez
pecae hea became a strxna profclera ia numy fcrrnflfea, and a nticrr-Wkls protest
fa being mmic agaiEgt fee present rare cfiaod pficea.
We bare act hitherto fssUjrcd the crjuuonsj cf
Asquith's Motion
Finally Adopted
GrxillotuLS HCe&aTirs Goes Tirougli
Stormy Saiaa of Eaiue of
LCSCS. April SL After another stormy
sitting; aristna- out of a personal Incident
between William O'Brien and Chancellor
XJoyd-Oaora-e. attacks by tha) oonsai natives
an the guei ument's alleged surrender to
John Badinond. leader of the naXionallsta,
and a warm repudiation by tha ministers
of any such bargaining, the House of Com
mons tonight adapted Premier Asquith's
guillotine) motion under which the finance
bill must be disposed of by April 17, by a
vote of MS to 32.
Interviews Kaaaata.
Perhaps tha most interesting feature of
tha day waa Colonel Bonseveit's half-hour
talk with Francis Kossuth. Although Kos
suth's nam is still srnanymous through
out Hungary with the independent aspir
ations of tha people of Hungary, he la now
living quietly, owing to the recent fall of
lha Independent coalition ministry, of
he and Count Apponyt were tha leaders.
Tha Austrian government manifested not
the allffhiasi. disapproval of the visit, on
the contrary. Baron Hengelmuiler accom- j
panted Mr. Roosevelt and was present at
the interview.
Koaauth told the ax-preeident haw In his
iar! y life, which ba had spent In exile,
how he had been taught to revere Amerion,
where bis father had found refuge. Ha
talked chieCy of tha material development
of Hungary since Mr. Roosevelt waa here
'arty years ago. Politics, so far aa la
known, waa nut mentioned.
Tha rain did not dampen Che ardor of tha
Hungarians. Wherever tha former presi
dent went there weer crowds ta cheer him.
Tha mter-parilamentary group, through
Count Apponyl. balled him aa the champion
of pubile honesty throughout the world and
the greatest living statesman.
To meet Colonel Roosevelt at luncheon
Archduke Joseph had several notable Hun
garian hunters and travelers. Including
Count Khuen von Hedervary. Count Teieky,
tha discoverer of Lake Budolf tn British
East Africa, and Cbunta Zichy and Sxapary,
who also have bunted In Africa. There
fbra big game was the principal topia af
conversarlon. Owing to tha Illness of the
archduchess no women were present
Colonel Bonseveifc today received a cable-
gram from a group of Hungaxiana. with
whom be haa dined several times m Sew
Tork. extending greetings In connection
with . bio visit heret
(i Four American boys from Hartforvf,. who
are studying In. tha seminary to CX tuent
selvea to. car for Hungarian unmtgranta
arriving at Sew Torn, called on tha ex
president to pay their respects.
la lUiaaia Wag
Ceeaattma and Pall
PEORIA, EL. April 13. Following cioeely
on tha 2-crat reduction of last Friday,
brought about by the American Spirits
and Manufacturing, company. Independent
distillers of thia district, today brought
tha price down to C-Jt par gallon. This- is
a reduction of S cents In five days, and
there is a poaalblllty of a much further re
duction. Independent distillers at thia dis
trict, with a combined capacity of 1X.0W
gallons of spirits daily, propose war oa
tha American Spirits and Manufacturing
"Molaemia spirfta," put on tha market at
a cheap priua by the American aampany,
hi claimed by tha local quotation ooramit
tea repr as anting tha important distillers
of the west to ba the causa af friction and
consequent war. They declare the Ameri
can Spirits and Manufacturing company
makes, a grade of spirits from. West. India
moiaesesj mora cheaply than earn, but It
is said tha product does not meet tha re
quirements of corn spirits.
Garfield Talks
On Water Power
Former Secretary of Interior Urj-a
Co-Operation of State aal
EESTIH, April 13. Declaring that all
the elements which go to make up a water
trust arc In existence yesterday and tha
tendency toward such, osntra.lffa.tian ia
growing stronger, James B. Garfield, for
mer secretary of tha Interior, tonight made
a strong plea before tha Colorado Conser
vation commission for co-aperaxion between
tha federal and state government In tha
conservation of water power resources.
Mr. GarSeld waa preceded by Governor
John . Shairoth, who, at tha morning
session of tha meeting declared m unquali
fied terms tor exclusive control by state
Mr. Garfield defended the course of far
mer President Boasevelt In making use
of a broad executive authority in making
withdrawals of water power el tea,
"In brief." said Mr. Garfield "the con
dition la this: Tha federal government
owns property essential for the development
of water power. Tha states control' ma
use of water within their reapectlva bouudV
arles. In order to bring -together these
two elements that are necessary fnr water
power deveiopmrat. tha Jurisdlctlan af na
tion and states should co-operate.
In conclusion, Mr. Garfield stated, tha
reasons for tha belief of himself and others
that It la the right and duty of tha federal
WiSHBrjTOif. D. Anrfl H-flwapt ! f"' 60 a"1 WUa ttoe Brohlams, a.
eWTTrijnj nn aa. jivoa ax uiu a quiatuuna aval uj
sinply because it haa so marry other qualities to rrcocsaead it. Ect ia Taw cf
the present situatica we urge epea every family to begin the rise of GbirsrdelTs
Grrxrnd Chocolate. It will prove a ddightfcl staprise to thesse who have never
tasted this delirifxa beverage, arid its use wi3 materially lower the cost cf the
fcrmTy fixxf, because it is the most cothtive and satisfying" cf all foods.
Try it trxiay. You will feci better, you will be stronger arid you will need less
cf other foods.
D. GbArmrdelll Co.
Snaea- 1S33
Confesaei tiat SbcaSed "Beef Triat"
Owns "Ifliepeadealf CoacerB.
ras aim tana af 'aatrrleaa FTag"
raala aa afaJaa Seed Hla
his authority for charging members af
congress and newsnapers with, being cor
rupt. John M. Maxwell, former editor of
tha American Flag, tha organ of tha Mer
chant Marina league, today refused point
juaue) Ut answer questions aa to his sources
of information.
Ha avowed authorship cf letters Cgur-
Patten, ' ouoeyicuotieiy in. ua mveansnoao. ine
me American Jf -AH,
mostly by him. con
tained an article headed: "Word to Waeo
iructon ' Correeponilonta' which, ba testi
fied today, waa an effort to reply to un
fair scorlee and baseless charges by some
Waehlnarton correspondent. Ha acknowl
edged tha only correspondents ba could
mention were John Snurs of the Dee
Momee Register and William Brigham of
tha nature of a rebuk tn Mr.
whose operations In grain of last year at- I N("'"nur laaua of
... irwirt..n.i .rmttnn 1 which wa written
Wall street was stirred by- ttie nawa It
waa widely discussed also In banking dr
eies and much intrest will ba taken !n the
bearing by the financial district and the
stuck exchange as well aa by the entire cot
tun trade.
SEW OBLJLVS, April ffl. The cotton
tim real TiBbr-her rwasysjreMl a e.(lair hPWtfft af
here today on tha report that tha federal lfU B""U, E. charged th
grand jury In New Y jr had summunad
several sromiuect bull Ituiders bef jra thea
correapimdentsj with ' "taking, " beeausa
i they st-nc storiea to their papers stating
Piaaaaataw Staroa tnat T
laawa Paeltlvelr taaa SatletauU
PacktiUaaT Caiasaay staea
tba- Prlawa.
ST. LOCT3.. April 11 Admissions by
Charles I Crquhart. secretary of tha St.
ttfuia Dressed Beef and Provision company.
that the concern, hitherto supposed to be
independent, is owned and controlled by the
National Packing company, caused a sen
sation at todays prossndlngB In the Investi
gation ef tha so-called "beef trust." being
conducted by Attorney General Major.
TTrquhart's teatlttmny. Major declared,
ahawav positively that tha National Pack
ing company fixes tba pneea at. which tha
local company buys and tha price at which
It sella salt meats and by-products. Crqu
hart tesufied that much ef tha stock of
hla company la held by "John Doe" and
"Ricaard Roe." and that Its business Is
conducted on telegraphic ordure received
daily from Chicago.
Cea Ira Is Stasis- Want.
Majors declares that ba will show by
other witnesses that tba National Packing
company la a holding corporation for the
Armour, Swift and Morris Interests and
controls twenty-six so-called Independent
companies throughout the country, fixing
prkroa and territory for each company ar
bitrarily. Tha Investigation of tha relation of the
local company ta tha holding company
will ba continued tomorrow. Aa soon aa
tha local eompany standing baa been de
termined. Major will turn to tha Chicago
companies and tha officers oC each, of them
have been asked to appear.
Twenty-eight stock buyers for different
companies have been subpoenaed and an
exnanatlva Investigation will be made aa
to tha relation of tha National Packing
company to retail prlcaa,
Frank: liagarman of Kansas City, ia act
ing as chief counsel for tha companies, and
1 assisted by Alexander yaw, M. W. Bor
ders and L. Miller of Kansas Clry and
Henry Voedar of Chicago.
Fifteen witnesses have been subpoenaed
for (Ba bearing, asirmg them being Cdwarf
aa well aa aorifying rppresentallvea of large ;
eottin brjkerae buuaaa tn appear with
their ouuka.
I that It bad become clear that lha eam-
pauri for ship subsidy originated in the
"Standard Gil-Beef trust plan to du initiate
South America," "
tn explain that
a-oaa wmm. , wtm,
aiw-u la-iweury-Kvo nut ap.p.e ha.v.
per cant of tha eoitoa mill operators of j diract relation with or are infJurnced
Anter!t-a bava bees thrown out ef employ- j hy a foreign ahipplng lobby, but that
auot aa Uia result at the workrugs ef Mu j oat matter fanly- ranreaentativa
aiiegvd eultoo p.. .il. -.nni:ng to uifurma- L, u,. kind of oauntrywula pi-ouagaoda
tiuo lu Uie hauila of Artoraey General to prevent larJaUun to reetora tha mar-
tw ' nee kiitm trie Depart- i anant marine.
BMtnt oc JUiticca to tw-cu. an uiveeugatioa
of tha rpured cumhife&Uun.
Tlie iul)uau tseued at Nw Tjrk today,
afTliia-B of Uis Department at Justice say.
Duu k th fcevnnu)K' of a tnusaugh. mv art- j
Thai SUs? Drugtm ef lha sky. Watcb the
aaildraes fbr spring aeugna and eakla. Care
ful saatners keep Faie"a Honey and Tar
gauuo uf u-.a a l-fd pouL Aunuuncentent : m tSx hauae. It la tna aaat an
af the dHtrnmiatwn to- nmcand LaiM ! Diwveotioei and euro for annua-
Ut pool aa cusLiiltint avttu. the publics- I u urgent ana inuneiiiaca reilar a vital I carried from there to paoars far-her west
Bun uf Uia dim, ati-nra rrm Sw lark I wr"1- - i oy puny exprwis racrs. He is survives by
that Mr. T'.ihcr-n im baU anh-rxd aa ta-1 " aa.a ay a aunnr. am, Eilaaoeth Pjumer of Roch-
The right to occupy and use tha lands of
the United Ststcs for bydrauilc and elea
tno works, to geovraia and diatrlbuta
power, is entirely disunct from ud tnAm.
pendant of the right to appropriate fur tha!
same purpose water cowing through and
upn me landa uf the Cmiad ataiaa.
This ngnt of the Cnited atatea Co dls
poaa of uie rght to occupy and use its
lands fur bydrauilc work, does nut lnter-fn-re
wun siata oonrroi of water approprxa
Qona on tae contrary, it artarda a baais
tor co-operation of atata and natium
Under rhe exieilng law tha proper ad
ministrative ofrtoer of the government is
fuiiy autourtsed to grant the occupancy TUdsn of Chicago, ' said to be president
?d- ii"-11? tur ""Pent of hour tna National Packing company and
af water power, but such grants aie by , T MlT. .
tha statute expraaawy matie revocaoiy by " 9t I-aal Preasiad Beef and Provlaton
bun or bis suct-eaaur at bis discretion. j company, and Edward and Im Morris of
Chicago, of tha Nelson Morris enmpany.
TR2NTOS. N- J.. AprU ovoGrnar
Fart this afternoon rstei sad his decision
tn tha matter of tha extradition of X Og
drn Armour of Chicago, under Indictment
in Hudson county, on a charge of con
spiracy to increase tha price of meat prod
una. Prosecutor Garven of Hudson eoonty
asked for tha ex tradition of i Ogdaa Ar
mour. Kdward Manaa and Lewis Swift of
Chicago, who warn reueatiy Indicted by
tha Hudson county grand Jury for aUeged
conspiracy to inn ease tha price of food
At tha hearing Prosecutor Garven aaked
President Smith's
Word to Saints
Adyitea AH to Be Oiriitiaa Gentle
men and to EzerciM Foriieax
ance at AH Times. -' -
ISC EPESX' ENCK. Mo.. April a. (?pe
ccal Tmrrgram-) President Joseph Smith
gave a short sddreas to tha conference of
Reorganised Latter Day Saints today, in
which ha urged bin followers ever to re
mum ber to be Christian gentleman. "AH
men aan be good men," ba maid, "few men
can ba gi eat men. .
"Grand Is the exhibition of patience., for
bearance, and the refusal to be moved to
resentment by tha crluclaras of friends and
"There ia no tribunal tour side of tnat
great bar who haa tna right to alt span
tha beiir fa of man and say thia la ortho- i
doz or this ia hetaradtjx.' That right is
left for tna Great Judga and Him aiana."
Then the missionary appointments, were
read. Thia Is always a period of Intense
Interest, for tn the mass of men alltina
Ustening with bated breath: it means tha
Cmawtea J- Oebaa , Aged T
Diva Aft laiaja Car aa
ST. LOUTS. April tt Charias J. Oaborn,
H y-ars old and d ao of tha Aaaoeiated
Press, died here last night a."Ter an illnaaa
of several weeka
Ha waa aorreapondent of rhw Associated
Press tn St. Louis from VS2 to lard, when '
he retired. Ha oantinuad his afniiadoa '
with tha 3t Louis ofTiee In aa advtsary fr tba exiradiUon. ef one af tha trio, X.
capaeiry, however, until his death, making i Ogdan Armour, and tha governoif a decision
hint an employe of Che Asaueiaxed Press i - ta Mr. Armour will apply ta tha
for fifty-five years.
M:or O twin's Crst duty as eoiTi'spond was the organisation of a news aarvtce
to the Paciflo ooauac. In doing tlua ha
traveled by ctagn euacb over tha old west
ern trails. The tmowraph Una than ended
at Tipton. Mo... and the news Items wore
af the other two.
quiry by uu
toirais mil -:
xraml Jury
't aii a..
a.t ti tha i
in4it fur '
ail aruaxiMa
ater. S. T.
ri-eitrnt Atl,-tiauia-
U, purr-na-a ftatf. er.i tit t air a-stlirna- - -
the road tn Bug :
Chamber-aiii's Caugix sumimly aurea t&a
worse rwiila Try it.
Saaacttwaa for taaalsa raaaX.
PnCRRS, & D., a aril 2. lapeiai Tela
gram.) Coroner Haillaier returned from
Blunt this afternoon, where an Inquest
waa held aver tha body af Geerga Kallay.
whose hams was near Ceatnet. Kailey
Sarordar attempted to secure "T In
Blunt. Claiming It waa for aa aching toot A.
Ha waa given a atlxtura ef oil of dovee
and chloroform and told to one it in bis
tooth. 11a drank tna mixtuiw and
araut tha effevta.
severing of home ties and- aftsu tna leav
ing of native eh ores. Sometlmea it means
years of toll and pioneer work. In far and
different fields, sometimes In tha face of
much privation and oven real persecution.
Richard Baldwin of Sharon, Pa, preached
at tha morning aaraloea. . Tha body . ap
proved tha recominendatlon af Albert C
Stone to the quorum, of seventy, and his
ordiaarion waa ardered. A onmmltraa of
women renortad the raising of over M
ainiia Friday night toward tna parmaaant
endowment fund of Graoaland oollega,
Frank A. RiisenU of Denver tendered his j
resignation as member af tha board of
auditors, which waa aaceptad, and hla piaoa
was filled by William A. SUstwood, expert
accountant, of Kansas City. Francis J.
KberOng of Ohio, by vote ef tna body, waa
released from the quorum of seventy and 1
his ordination to office ef high priest was
ordered. Tha recommendation of William
H. Dwam af Independenos, ta tha office of
high priest, waa also approved.
Herman C Smith of T fnl. Ia snursa
historian, waa selected as mem bar of tna
library commission. Tha othar niisnliia
are: aaunuat A. Bin g use, St. Louis; Ed
ward H. Flahac; Boaton; Frederick M.
Smith, Indepandanoa and 4 win A, BlsJtas
las. Michigan.
Tha young pea pie's organisation af tha
church known aa tha rsiigia. offered a
sum to tha church, ta- be used ia roratga
translations of tha church's books, but
owing to that part of tnctr resolution by
which they sought to retain control and
direction af tha fund, tho body raj acted
lha offer this aftarnooa on tba grounds
that tha church ass the parent body chould
not ba subservient to and under tha dlreo
tion of the child.
Blanop Roderick May of Indepaadanao at
thia Juncture offered to tha body a 1
script concordance to tba book af doctrtnea
aad covenants, which ba has
You found it a day
or two since . ) ...
Dnrin; & ire k yon rna across aa artlcla has
b5ii lajiiiaf aroTzad moatlxa, idle. Totx hav no farther
nse for iL The Bee gpiaxaiiteea to this article for yon.
If it doee not sell it for yon, it iriH five yon back
yorrr money. a jjaw-
How to start the
advertisement . -" - ' -
.Ton will find tameHdag abeniths bouse that yon do '
not use, aa a Sewing Machine, G!J Cot, Bed,.Mnttreav -Spiiags,
Go-Cart, HLx Qiavir, iSiove,,- Carpet, Eaff t
CLotiiag. Call DaagLaa 228 auxd describe , the property
to the ad taker. She will eheerfnlly write yon aa ad and
tell yen what it will cast to run ii'alweelC Then a solic
itor will call on yon and gl'ia yen a receipt far the money.
How to get your
money back ;v ; -
After The Bee has inserted ' yrmr " sid-reitiaeiiierit a
week and yon have not sold the article tulvertieed, brisg
yonrreeeipt to the ctrrmtj-gg rocra cf The Eea and pr:
it to the cashier. Your money will be "cheerfully refunded.
The Bee believes in its ability , to sell things.
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Fail at tho Critical omont
Tas TZAI tutaTBai trwatAemt cures
pertodlcai, oocaalonal or mndorat
drtaaar. til kabltual aiid icassdya
drink ar and ths nsrvong man wtia aau
tn drlak to kp from baeumlag mm
cutrrama. It taJtos away all tncllnatios
to drink, all dwatra an4 envtag tar
drink fey eutrailxlhs tn pclsoa of
aieoaol tn tns systsnt and ridlias; tie
blood of to poiawn by a rapid prrseasa
cf cotmlnatlon. laavlitg to drtaaar ta
tSm aama normal coadltloa It 'was In
before) tna ring Uqaor. so tar as thm s
fect of aicc&ol star P onnsaTr1 a"
arrpwtita) for drtaa grin and Im a nww
(Uaaalfyuig, alpl'ahatlrallr X.2Dk quotarioaas i B-aUl.
from ths work. This was received and ra j R HjSfatarsnis Is se)4ias)
furred to the first presidency tor appravai Tils BaUJt tatsrnai trasWklsat Sffawtg
with instructions tor tham. to plaaar it in 1 a. Barf act cura ixr tnfwg dnrra wlC&oat
la board of publication. If
tha hands af thi
it Is aa apsn-owad,
Tba ramtnlltee on enlldran's nasno ra
oypodermla lnlactiaiis.
A easrnlltwaw Cowtrat
smaraiitisaHt kaai and aintnui la
parted favoring tha ereetum of tha bona. ' g;Taa avc4 patient aaTwaiZtn to aCaec ,
durtng tha presesit conference year. It will r,rfar:t enra or -r-,l
.iMimp,i. i . um vm nmm quae,
urns and adeem af tna church ware- sus
tamed by voas of ths aasaanbly. This forav-a-lty
kaa obaserved ac aacb aanfaswnaa to
show tha oonfidaacw of tna body ba. Its
priaatnoud, and various argulsationav
A t&4m Treats sett
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miala tared 6y oxTeaisacod phyaiciaaa.
TIM Bsel Is trysJlso Cere .
If yon knvs takea a attrabaT of oid
enrtt aad ftrao ta drtaJtlax ifiklm 1
wares) than bafors, what la tno una of
taka aaar&or old rarr Tis Ssal la '
tis la Wat, Imp rtrvad. qp-to-dats, ooiy '
rtrro ta tixo rord.
Ustltets or Msom Troxtmsss
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j sand for Cm Eonaa Trwarmamf waisk
is just, as accctivs aa Lasctata) Trenvu -bmbL
CnJ. arruo or 'pnnas for Cnm
book and eapy of eontnaat. Seal XaaO
tat Csv. MX SsnU Ttata abroad.
Cmahav Sab. All oonmsioaiaaCsM
trtcCy coalaotUi. SaaUt rc
glvon. . . .
ihm aad of Uia tMrd day.
A ran
K. W. Condlua, DiiJaa. Tex. ftiuad a
I sura eura fur maiaiia and tullooan
jCr. King's S Ufa Pills, lia. t
S? BeiUA Lr.g C
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