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all th money it d"ir; to Ta and
the "ncr-a. wmiid mm through '.h ?tate
Ra.lwar foninwijn.
When lfK.ked a if the rrtns were a.
j t f the repeal m the or-l. ranee J
I nnir-be. nt eiMze-.s Vrui to pr-et and I
! u-.. co'incl!nv"n wr Told 'hat what the
TT I V V T TTT TJTTT. nV T I r " vc-v ' R.liv cumm.M jn would or would mit i
. with S'Vaj, is Cut
Flam Briaar
Of f e i
Tea aw y
0 Dalarr List Pad
f I- 1 Trartlu
-wvewwr l.rm f pfl
ar Tr-aa.
iTmn ft StafI CntTCTir-ident. i
LrNCOL-V. April 13. i.peCai Te.eara m.
-'?r ehallenberger has pardnned Wai
ter Eaunrer. wntcncH to the state peni-
enttsry f"r two yean, from Dawes eoonty I a! th f!n'!;n'' f Ul
, siun on the valuation of
m a charg of placing an obetnictmn on j
ft reiiroad trat-H. The man. who in IS yam
aid. had ahot hineif whii out hunt nx
and pleaded that he had r,a.fai the train i
to rste to some tows wt?r he could gt
nedlral attention. Besides fagging th j
train. hw aiso piTed some rocas on the
tracks In order to b sur that the trim !
wrm'cf atop. Ha had served abo'it one year
or hi aemance. The pardon rem
mended by Judge Himnftoa of the trial
Th hearing on the application of the city
of Haveiock fur a educed rat on the )
vt-cet cars ftjm that city to Uncuiti or '
from Ijncoin to that city ia on
the !'aA Ra.iway ccmnu.-'siiiii. Bucking
and rj:ii:n y AX i'.i-iUob of the
people o f'jie tlinv.iig uiui shun city ia the ;
city attorney of liLacuJa, who fars that
to (Tlrft Harinclt wat ia now er.joyed by
t!:a epcple of fnlveraKy Fiioe. Cuiletc
View and Ur.coi n will bo to take from the '
Tank Exploded
by Cigar Match
- . ir m: kl-
!!ueiin the counru had to et-.i wv j JuTed u Esult of Peculiar Ac-
whrtker it wmiid rrpil the ocr-.jpation t- : , 4 , . v -p- .
I cii promui:-" Jumped on :r rwipular 1 1 1
ard shifid the r rf.;bii:t-r ta the ta; : AINi?""ORTH. Nb.. April IS "nriftl
(mm!i:rn. j Telecram. Four weil Irruiwn eitArer.a, A.
Ccn.;d rable ir.frt u att-d in th- c. TIUver. Re BaUor. E. t- T a rm and
piwr.ii by ron of the a. it'cs of . Marlon Forr. had ft mlrftcuimia nnpf
the eour.ciimen a they iu.r3ie 1 under thr ! fn.m death about T o clock last ev iln- ftn
rponeibi:ity. The council evn went o j ,, r::t of an a'.it;mohile acc:den The
far a-x to sprx'int a mmmif To ir.v-iiTi- , mn returnina- from Long- Pine and
nmiinc of the Ra.iwaf mramla- had Jum (mewed the canron ahout ft mile
the property tl djunt when one of the men atpped from
I the cuTrzii-r. -j,, car to If tajiic ft cs.r. He threw te
I wm v Ir-t tlll lavewtlwc match and it roiled under the ira-
WiJ.a M. Thorapaon. the Xbraka con- chine. i-niriri tf.a guoiine. and tne ita
'rt who bareiy escaped bin pamied , exrloded- A-l of the men wre thrown a
coraldernbie diwance by the eTplowion.
Mr T!:tTer atif'rd the wort. one arm
and one le befna; badly burned. He waa
from tr.e atate peniientiary by E'l-'tnct
J'lilite E.ei; and M e;y Bernateln. withirut
o moiti aa a eonimitaTion with tha fo-
ernor. ia no trying hia luck wth the ch;ef hastened to Lonar Pine and the anendina"
ejwutive of tha a:a:e. Thompeon. who phvi'dan now beiieree ha will recover
broke in: ti;e limelight by try nat to in- j The ofher members of ,tiie party were more
rent a ba,am e fir a fyma; machine, has or leaa burned and shaken op by the acci
inver.ied a mailing tube which he has pu: der.t. They were later tak' n tj Long Pine,
on the market. lii thin patent tube be ! where their injuries wr dreesed.
sent to Governor ?ha!!enber-r todav a
hntvtay manMK-rip til;n wh- he ahou.d , 1 a q
receiva exerutive clemency. The mailina'
nurcn sues
before tut (, a mply the ordinary Cube, but closed 1
at both ends and fixed so it will open J
down the fide, thus permuting: the ab- j
for Subscription
stractlon of papers r led lnstda without ;
dane"r of tearing" them aad without ;
trouble. !
Hiark tw tfaeti7 wairw.
The aovemtir is Bivtientiy waiting' fjr
c'ty rt Lincoln. College "w ia on haat . word from the secr-tary of the Stat Board ;
w'fTi a lawyer and so is University Place. ( optometry Uiai tiie bJard has conormed
both rghtina; against, any chanif in die ! to h a orders in tlie. matter of cert, floater I
rata to thexa cit:en. which it in issuing- under the law to thone '
When th appilcatjjn was first f'ied the i persona enntie.1 to -them w:Sau: taking
traction company at ones Tied a motion i the examination.
On tn"e cert!f:cTes it was prmted in
red letters and then sramp-d. in another
p!a-e the words that the staia board does
not guarantee the competency of the holder
of the certif'rate. but that it was Issued
under the lav. without an examination
to make Ljnriwi. College View and I'm
rersity Place defendants with itself and
t.iia was done. All cf these towna rwreive
a !o-wer rate than Havel ck.
It 3 brought out at tJje hearing that
the foUowing aaifries are paid the offlcera
o fUia company: President Sharpe. C a
montiu Vic President Bogga. Secre
tary 4-trtith, tJuv. Treasurer Bxumbanv tUM:
3. y. Foster, J, C. ffeacrest and A. J.
Kiiner. tl'.a eacfl : Dr. Mlr. P-Z. J. H.
Humpe.. manager. t20; Superintendent
Brook. EM)-, Eooklti'eper Ransom. JIZ.;
Cark aivl Alien, attorneys. W.
latere! la Cartse Mertiag.
The excise board wHJ mert Wednesday
morning asd the pvn,-se of the tr.eecng ia
! deride j?.it how many aaioons. whale
sale housea. dives, joints or wharVver w:U
be ths omcial names of the places whera
Uqiiu can be bought, are to ba licensed.
And it will auso be decided whether clubs
ma..- continue to cell liijuor.
Tt la tha purpt'M cf Mr. Powell to hare
tho e uba notified that afttr a certain date
they will no longer be permitted to sell
iitruor aa Hiey ' have ben doing for the
period during whicif'Tlincoin iru cirposed
to be dry and durlr.g which it "was advr-t-sed
that llnuor could not be bougat ht-re.
H r. Piwfil beiievea these cluba alioulj be
gives, a reaaoaahlf .engtb, of time 'to a--iuair.t
tilt ir membetrhlp wlih the uew crdr
of tilings, for it in baiieved a sudden
droughl, iAi-inoln fiKl-JUH0vfa!'
f ring; to soma at tha ..a-ttUa The time
may be extended nnt the liquor houses
are opened tap. but tiiere la nothing offi
cial about t?ia time.
Befora the vot waa caat In the ejection
Methodist Conjn-ST.tioa Seka to
Enforce Pajnient of PIsdghi to '
Baild lew Edifice. j
CENTRAL CITT. Neb.. April IS -Spe- j
cjal. The decisions of the courts upholding j
the pnnciple that eubwcnpiioca made to 1
benevolent aad inst:t-jili.ns are !
legally bittdins ti-vn trie subscriber iie-j .
a liability la Incurred by the beneficiary ,
as the result of the inducement held out j
by the subscription, are being; called inuj ;
re-.-r.sition in a case just filed In the dis- !
trict court here. The plaintiff Is the :
The board received for this kind of a : Method;st church of Fuilerton, a corpcra- I
Hon. The claim Is set up that in April of
1307 a number of persons subscribed their '
names to a subscription agreement pledg- j
ing themselves to contribute various I
certificate 6 and for g-iving an examina
tion the; board received CS from the appli
ant. The guvernor eaid tnis morning be
thotignt t.'ie amount of the f had some-
thin tr, do w-th the board s decisjon about toward the c-st of building a
the woitfcng on tlia oertifVatea, The at
torney general gave an cpinion to the gov
trtior that the board had no right to Insert
thone words on Uie certiricatea and that,
the action of toe board had been very rep-rt-hensibie.
Incidentally unleas the board
gf t3 buso the governor may taka strpa to
rrnfarce his orders. This could be done by
a.mply appointing; a new board and remov
ing the meiber of the old board withott
a certificate of endorsement.
G?verma Teaaa.
Govemcr and Mrs. Shailenberger. Colonei
and Mm. W. J. F-jrse. Judge and Mrs.
Edgar Hwnard. Mr. and Mra. PKcnard L
Metcalfe. Mia Grace ShaUen ber-tr. Mr.
and Mrs. A. L. Bixby arid Colonel Jon G.
Mjher. chaperoned by Colonel and Mrs.
W. F. WisiiiA h'thiB afternoon for
Texaa for a week's trip during; which Mr.
Scbwind will pus hia Texaa land lo re-
j new Methodist church in Fullerton. ir.e
of thom whose name appears signed to the
agreement ia Eli Jameson, who pledged
himseif ta the payment of CC. It is set
forth that relying on the various pledges
, tha trustees of the church went ahead and
had the new building erected. It is claimed
; that Jameson refused to pay his PO rub
scripton and subsequently moved -from the
j town. Action aa-anat him la starred in
j Memck county because be owns property
i here, against which an attachment haa
bee j issued. The church trustees bring
; rait for th full amount cf Jameson's sub
i scrip tion. COB. together with interest from
: the time it became due. and the costs of
th action.
- Itaflfetew.
dry sources that the clubs would not be
disturbed and tnat it ttirjid bs mad easy
for persons to secure iJ;uor. ao it ia a
question whether Mr. Powell wi 1 be able
to carry bis point and disturb the clubs.
In tha meantime, howevtr. Acting; Chief
Ma on served notice on th Essies' lodrf It must not e-ure a shipment of beer
which aai:s it at the dpot, and aaothrr
eiub waa orderd to cut tha liquor. Five
dra7 loads wer? delivered to another ciub,
laat nisht, however, untnclestad. Dr.
Iwcwar, f'Tererlnarta-n. amf anotir party
have bt-n arr--ased. arJ ui-.iaf of a five
gal on lug of wiiaky waa taken with them.
Ileal Poala Proeeatt.
The city ccurcii g M etrd feet and ref-:ied
n Uioorse the reeomraeniiation of the
vit-w before t.'ia officials. Durinjr the ah-
senm of th governor Ueutanant Goveniar jgra. Car VaaOraaal f Steele Cits
! Hopeweil will haauj th reing of ctaf and I Exwttre frsw Waaaas SVIf-
t Be ana been iavlreg to matte- hia heme in
! Uncoia wtuio so doing.
FAIRECB.T. Xeb.. April .-3pe-C5ai.
Mrs. Cora Van Orsdol died
j shortly after 1 o'clock last ven-
ins at her bom at Steele City
I from a self Inflicted wound. Mrs. Van
Basic fcy Plattaaaamtai Iia.
PIATTSMCHTH. Neb.. April U.iw
cia.LVLrv Ward L. Austin, saaior of the
th gen. rai icnprion waa created through ! First Methodist Episcopal church ia this
j city, haa wriiton a book entitled "Pardon
j Versus Cleaoaing-." in which h give hia
phiiraopfcy aw parion and elanu;ng. and
. oiier elements oC- the Chrlstain expen
I Tie on point the m mister seeks
to niake. and he surrounds 1 with ail
t argurrents bearing; on the question, la that
Justification and regeneration ar aepa
I rat elements of the Chnstain experience.
' ad may or may not occur at th same
time .and that these elements, aa well
aa ail outers, may be separatf-d by a
lonrer or shorter period of time.
In cold weather do you hate to
go upstairs or from one room to
another? Do you huddle up in
one or two rooms or else suffer
from cold? Do you constantly
warn the children about going
from room to room after the things
they want? If you are comfort
able in only, say, 3 of the 8 rooms
of your house, you are getting
the use of only three-eighths of
what your house costs a. poor
. ak
VP -rv"-: - W J
U- v" , u-. U J I
M w II
enable you to enjoy every room, hallway, nook
snd corner of the house. Not only do you get the
full use and enjoyment of the home, but IDEAL
Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators vdll actually
pay for themselves in the fuel savings. They
are so simple to run, and so thoroughly rid the house cf ash dust (giving long life to furniture
and decorations) that house-cleaning is reduced cne-hall IDEAL Boilers arc the only heaters
so made that all the coal-gases and soot are kept inside the boiler burned there thus protecting
the family health, No other heating apparatus in any way competes with IDEAL Boilers and
AMERICAN Radiators, hence their rapid and wide adoption in all foreign
countries where domestic economy means much.
Ask your architect to specify and insist cn IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators. Do
rot take any other. Ia so important a matter ycu cannot abrd to run any risks, especially so
when IDEAL Ecilers and AMERI
CAN Radiators are so fully guaranteed.
Our catalog (ore) has a wealth cf concise
hcrstirg and ventilating information which
every owner or tenant trraH cr large in
town or country ought to have. If building,
or if paying the buUcy bCa and siiScring the
E3 of cM-fashioned heating, write, rr.'J or
. phone to-day. A3 inquiries cordially welcomed.
Puts ycu under no obligation to buy.
A 14a. f! rCSAL Boiler aad Sf.5 ft. of A Ha S 25-W ITEAI. Boiler aad ,M ft. of
M-in. yff7!CA Radiators, eotnit tb 38-m. AM5rCA."i Ramaara, cmrtmg th
owner $120, eci oacd ta liot-Watar owner S235. were ascd 10 Hot-Watex
acmt tsia coctac. heat ihim enrtage.
A tbaa ariee the gooda can be boccht ef any reputable, eoneflent FHter. This did
sot utciaue coat of iaoor. pipe, vaivea. fre-.gttt. t&, winti inata.ianon ia estra ana
wariaa according ta l"'im,t"' and otacr coacuua&a.
rOSAI, Boilers aavi
pmrt t bora ant,
r:eta tn I noil, a thaa
ininal a wars. 1 aaar
Write to Dept. N-80
413-417 South Tenth Street, Omaha
Orsdui-. hi!e temporarily InBane lavst
TSnraday meh(. murdered her 2-year-old
daughter, Jeanette. by beating her over
:ne head with a hammer acJ then cut-
. . !M by the Re. Thomas Gr-fihs. Th
secured a butcher knife from the kitchen . Maaons had charge of arrangement,
and chs her own throat. At first some BEATRICE; W. T. Gore, the Ubertv
I stoek.Tiaji. afa.nt whom Cai!!e D. Jir"
j r.:ed a suit fir divorce a.nd aiimony eia.m-
1 1 1 tr 1 1 h. Vl Mnmirtn U.
committing the horribl deed. The woman. , dAy p,, aml..virs ia the disrnrt court
Uiougit oad.y injured, waa aoi to wnta . ehanpng the woman with arremptir.a; to t t era to uaf stion asked ber on naser. mcney mm mm inrour.T tr.r?a:jL
FnhUi gatawraocna and Warehouses located at Chicaen. New Tort. Boston. Fhriadelnma. Buffalo. Pittsburg. Oe-e'-and. Cincinnati. Atlanta, Indianapolis,
Uumapaui, St. Lauia, Kanaaa City. Dcavex, Seaoie, San Ptucko, Sractiord t Ontario), i-ondoo, Pana, Berlin, Milan.
r7w 7w .w Twf -w a '' '"w i w w w .am .aai .a ru .mm aa ytmt . w .mt m Mm w .w w w
hopes for her recovery were entertained,
but ah haa been gradually sinking; aince
1 She said that ah had committed u
Kaa Fww4 Dm trailer Heware. I eed herself yhlle temporarily insane.
FAIRJiOC'NT.. b.. April 13. 4 Special.) 1 Mrs- Cora, Van Oradol ia th willow of the
Mr. Gregg;, a farm r living north of this 'AXa w- Van Oradol. who died about
city, was found dead under a hedse fence j fvtT nl w!o. with hia haif brother,
at aiout S o'clock last night. Hia wife i raa inniber yard at Steel City. No
r.a--ice cona-ju-- f jt Ihe repe ii of the noticed hia team standing in th Eeid. I arrangements aa yet have been made for
5 prr cent occuatlun tax levied a.n the
Umcoin Traction company.
Tlier s-nw utile d juht that the ori:
ur.d on going to tha field at o'clock f -ineraL
Found her husband missing Aftar a a; arch '
of Uire hours tiie dead man waa found
Jaii TV
nanc mou.d have been rcpett had the j at Pome Uitanc from th disc, under
it c tier htea . m.-hf d thn)uh as coii:m-ia heiiait feme Tr i. s nnn ...
tleath rtsulted from heart failure.
piAted. but when uie fac.a became kso-vn
t tha eiuacra a mighty prim-st was i:f:ed
up. beetas th.s suprem court hed held
that th tax was legal a.-v! a; I't itile. S
when 'J council met yesterday a jna
jority decided BoC to accept that reenm
icrntlatioa. Ir waa- urged on tho Tnarce commitree
that unieas th octruparion tax
eatriew tm Tate Bawd.
BEATRICE. Neb.. April 13. 'Sporai.)
Th city ctMi-ifi! lajt night ordered a special
eiedon for My ZL to decid whether to
:aeu tT.'W0 bonds for a new warer ptant
ea Cauaea fna Traa
B(laaa( HaaaaT.
i CEXTRAX. CITY. Neb.. April 13. 3p
j rial.) J udx Georg W. Thomas waa her
' from Columbua yesterday and set th
i docket fear th resriiar spring- tarm of tha
I dlittrict court, which convene In th city
1 next Monday. Apr! 3. Th first Jury-trial
I HARVARD The. P.'.siey Uverv barn was
j burned Mnda? af?mirn. list of the !
j properry waa removed, but two Nrw b- i
longing to farmers were burnetl. This is an
j old land mark and tha second bam burned
nn this a.te, the other some twenty year :
ago. Th touflcLnff- had little Tilue and waa ,
reasonably Insured.
BEATRICE At a meeting of the direct- '
of tha Touna Men's Christian micuUi'in ;
Monday evening C. H. Larcrs terra.-.-ed hi- j
resignation as secretary to rk ef'ecT
Aua-ust 1 and th same was accepted. Mr.
and Mrs. Lavers wiil etialie In Youns
aei 1 (.uniiriin mocnemt worn m tne
state of Washington.
HOLDREGE-Jickfin aV ots : travel
the Iroquois mone Houfe m tnta city ut
W. H. Cotiper of Cenrral City. Thev re
ceived In exchanai, a Merrick county farm,
upon whirh they "nil prohnbiy move in
th near f-ature. E. RiJdwin of Central
City, who will have charge of the place f 1:
front wei'.a, W. K Paimer A Co., of Kan-i
to b taken np wiil km tha action of th j tha new owner, has already assumed min
ims against William Barrirt on a charge
! ivy very mucn alarmed over the roid
j weati'.er anu iat niij.'it t:ier was inje
i fresmit. hut pot-Bihiy not emMiffh to cause
: any particuiai damaee. as the wind that
! preva.ied apareniiy preveai-d t.ij c-d
I aaiur from oaiaing any dantajre to the
i The fru t hion;om ar v-j tr
tvucfii for th cc-d wvaiiit-r t' harm.
spring crops are iieiking fine, but
t iere i consiilerabie fa:i 'h"t L",t win
he plowed up. poseito'y aiKivii 3 per cent of
the entire crap. Farmers ire well ad
vanced with the-r aprlnir work and thera
Is pinry of mniKi'irs in the gnud to nuns
everythin grow fast with warm wa:her.
HOLEP.Ei t5-B'.-hop Gravel has ben in
the city fi.'r the iaet few durs visiting h:i
rfaighee. Mrs. G. G. Fw-nnt and family.
The biehop ha jtist iateiy returaei fronr
an extended trp to Me ern coast, and
this is the first time since h:a arrival horn
that he ha.i maile a Tit to a-iv nt the
towns in his diocese, Wbiie in Caiif irni.i
Rev. Mr. G-aya ppnt the mnjor portion of
his tme at San Diora a-td ether coast
-, cities, where he enjoyed a comntet re?t
; and hal a pieeant recreation. Asa enn
; sequence he is much improved in heai'.h.
, and feeiing a xreat d--al better tiian Wiei
, he left fur the west nme months airo. Mm.
Graves and iaueht-r who were In Cali
; f.irnia with the hishup wiil return in tne
. nt-tr future. Bff jre g-inat to their home
i in Kearney thv w;!l iri a two-week n'
) viEit w.rh reiarives in this city.
- ax
.1 '1 - ' "' I
W ueT ia nroiect.t , . ,. , . FA IRHlRy The c!erU in the
prad fares would have to b inert ad if ordrad. . i "'i' 1 Fairourv pesrofffe- ar ir.akma: pr-ukr- ,
amnu w ut-na "''; attona for a oanouet and state mw:t ..f
second cas will b th trhu oc Sfiannaa
Grubb on a charge of bora stealing.
On th civil ducket the first raa set for
h raring waa the action of Q'linulla M
Drealier at Otnaiia against E. H. BaxrnX
GOLD DUST Makes Hard
Water as Soft as Rainwater
Every good honsewife knows the value of nice,
soft rain-water for Trashing- clothes and for all
cleansing purposes. It isn't always convenient to
secure! rain-water, however. Neither is it
necessary. Gold Dnst will scften the hardest
water, take out the mineral substances and make
it so near like the water that falls from the clouds
that you couldn't tell the difference.
Think what this means to you on wash-day.
ThereTs a deal of difference between the action of
hard and soft water for all cleansing. Just a little
a v m .
Lroia Lmst added to tne
'rater renders it soft and
brings out the greatest
cleansing value.
Try it the next time
you wash clothes or
ciishes. Gold Dust real
ly cleanses so easily that
it relieves housework of
all its drudgery.
Rob Him Twice
On One Night
ing out cf a real aetata deal Th aecund
trjd la tin suit of Dr. X. J. Hoafiajui 1
1 ' ; and ChaJron High a.-hoolt was won hv
t Oklahoma- xa wait is ror damages grow- Alliance. Aiiianc v represented ov Mis
Ethel Jameson and Ethi J .h!! n and Rev.
Otto, an itrdamed minirtpr T"ie "h-!-n
tMfn,4 nt U'mi.imIi IT .'j
' asainst William J.mlan, aa action brought : M irr sey aad Mart-..a Lenn.n,rt.,n ai! in "the
I by a physician for profeeauonai service, th . Tenth a ade. The ju.1g- wer S inrin?n
I defecuant setting- up the claim la hia de- ' 1nt Wagner of yrurgi. R- Wbi'ter
ten of a -no cure, no pay" agreement i ?T of - Wehr of S.d-
The third cavil caa m for a Jury tnai , HOLDP.EtlE-J ad Parr lul a late
; ! th action of the 3. Hirrh Dtatillln-, week-end licence Saturday evn n to a
' eompaxg agaioat J. J. Roawrh for Indebted- I counie who ha t icm a eon,.1ra iie .ii--
a-s claimed ta baf been Incurred when 1 t?.ne to "arrted. Tred liPi cf
, . . , . . , , 1 Victoria. Br-itiih o.umbia and M:a Laura,
I th defendants waa engaged La tha saloon , LleOenroad of Km.-as City w-r. the r-
buaines in Grand luiun.L j clptents of Jndae Barr s ducu-ni-rt. and di.l
I There ar nougn other miaor case and I wa,t lon ut ' worth. Thpy wer
; e.,u.ty proceeding, to mak. the April term j T cVthe ES MufZj .T.S".
j of court quit an Interesting on from pre ' rectory.
j ent proepecta, j HOIXREGE Frank Coi!Sn of tha rty.
! J who fur aime years'ha been ac ated
i Stkncl ewa 1 rm. 1 witii th hotei butsfneas in riiln puT of the
! CENTRA L. CITY Harvey Boyd, a Cen- ' tai baa DorT-hae-d the former Carrawav
trai City boy. gradnaUid with ft .mtjr f.-vraj ' n us if dirt's and will conduct it in tne
City Veterinary coil-ge. , fifir. Jefr 1 arrawav. the man' f aii.'TT
J Coiiln haa demonrrated b1 a'-iiiity a
capable man f it some time at th
hotel n rhiw city
postal cierka. which l to be held in this
citq next Friday. Ail prominent post
master from over the state wiil be pres
ent and give abort taika and it wiil be a
dav long to- be retnemttered by tne pt
office denartment of th a ci!v.
CHADROX-The debata between A'i anc- j BUTflaTS SpeClilmng' OH Property 01 j
A. Girskis, Grocery. LootLn? Stare
aad Earn Simultazeoualy.
In the crimes of a day A. Ginskie. a
grocer at North Twnty-f lurth street. ;
was smei1 t as the rii-ti.m of conrfn- '
tratd b'tr? j-7 Mintiay. Ginnkie dittov
er'nl d aring the a.'iemoon that bo(h h; '
sure and the bart at hia residence, Zl?' '
B'j--ciu atrett. hud been riH?d.
The prowlers, working btfire day'ight
r.rciiabiy. ifit small cha.tga ta the amount j
of SI from the store ar.d a sr t o" hrxad 1
new harness from the bam. 11 r. G nkie '
a as unabie vt form a-ny clue on th affair '
JEET her with the springy
step that shows your
I set have the Springtime glad
sets. V,'hich means: wecrthe
l IL?
M aan
H w.U Uuie
be ate SOLS Br-vr Km ww ww
he haa arfl-tidd for tn laat tir
He intend Ut iocat at Mason City.
tr i.airr 1 . n w. 1. 1
. r.- . t .w r 1. i--.... . 1 in,r. 1
nv waa married in Linc.n vnti miav ! enarge of the .'urtis hotel Apnl 3..
tj Ma Cora, b.acawotid. They wUl make HARVAJLD Th- of M-a. A. ?aw-
teji was orougr.t from T"!e Ilast nvn ajrv.'im
nd buried In th eemerry ilniav M-..
awteil. who had been meane f r twitv-
Pniter.t A'ivrtjpainr la
tae riad to E'r :
their Hum in una city f ir tha present.
LWRE.M'E-Mrv s'aphronia Klminan
d.ed yesivrda. l tne 14a of f,i.l.w.n
tn smui uf her ooai-and oov a few I
. roontlia ag'i. Thry were anoag t'te ari:at i
' aettiera in Una cinnmuri.i y and leave
i ih:jlrn. mujtl ,1 f am rmn
! HOLX'REGE amue) F'uvia. whs retired i
om yars 40 frum active hfe m the
) farm, died yeirda? at h ja bum In Lh.a ;
tciiy. sVveral chi:ilr.n ard a widiw sur- i
. to deceased. The f-itwal m m hnd ;
i.Kiav and interment mad in Lb Ijca.
I cemetery. i
j FAIRMO.VT-Th F.ilmure I'juntv ? 111- '.
years, waa
f Jonn 4t .
wh. er-tted une f rt two-M-n-v btiM.nes
bui.d'iw in Hrvxr. rhts binjr in t' e n-
:r or TZ-t. tier rami w removed 'a I'?:!-
TunmU' of tn.a w.e. Iwjim aiecirj
C lcr of FAIRY SOAP, tie oval cAe.
by u Mr(.HMiiM jsiaay arnuui ara C. W.
'umund. rata. Am Oreen. Kv L. H. L
Waif and W Li. Bruuka, a-nuul
I attoerlntndenc
GtXEVA The bdy ..f frr B. H M set
: 3 at his noma. min rew-'bd rrr
; t"iif.tiy n.ght. fc-nimtiijiil by Mr. ria
! a ,n djiiMr gj n. Tne
I .u.riU waa tou4' H at the ar t aa
uiarua tuuy Lr te'l, uf Lin u.n, n
lumia several yare 1 itd a g-ia-tl
was anpointed ftr Mr. SawtH ad ti- j
eiat baa been auid by oraVrs of
the c:iurt.
TF.',,M.-3r'R--;uy W. G-n of L.n- '
cMn rae a lecture at ih Baotte
churrn in this c-tr lat n r" l -ou- .
waa "Fud- n K"ta. ay " Mr i''- hi
b-en. traein w . aia fam.x'S Ntiraita
haa- bajl argrega: . ,-n. la pii p t-I on
roed'.tkm i the iiih and wicc-i-di 1 1-1
ntervata: ht aud'.m-- tnro-igtt h;a rn .-
iee'iar. as Mr Green waa r-ar.l h.-e 1
and a'-al it -d fnm tfe . -riMlH ftere wivt
Hon.r. and haa a Ii.wy i f f-.n,l I ha ei-
gft h tn an 1 tnev r er--c -n- j '
d-'rtfd to be Br-.r.f atif bar lr Grw. .'
'a.k. A- ft Re1h jmn presi td at tr. ir- .
in aid t.iw irii;y S-j-iia i.-artc-. j tax- 1
ni.he tne moj;.:.
STROM SSURU-Th peocl f thia Ti,-ia, ,
Meaaher Madeay haw Hltrr Omaha i
Ilaa Bera Wnaxra tm. th
Put 7 Wrww; (uit.
Th groat importauc' cf t.te coming
schi ol c na. and tht- nee-1 f r Ljimu it
.iirtpli-te and cor--t a as n(htt;ul Mm- :
day est-nin? by U-m!r Lirdjay at the,
meeting of th Bjard of Edcauun.
"T'11 a.-wprr ithoiild wsti -l:e prop (
up on tjt.s ai.b-. ," said Mr. Lindnay. ' F.,r f
v ral : -tar; (.'trata. in cuctnuo with .ihvr
cit es if .'ttn-K. di ainwtiu! g:i to
diptauii etMnet i..i..n. T ' we ao' point su.
tii ty li.-fjiri; . to say th.r lojt. tf'ae
Z''-. lit. a (.raa-::. e lias t en ti.rpd by t ie
ln..kri. a ::rt uie tnr.'t 1 aant tu iniikri ouw
.a th! tiulurt-a ah'juid !. rnumcraid on y
wticr- uu y --n. a:Jd iiotir.- :.-.?. Tl-.ey
wiil not f-es b eoaiiuiit-d at two pi:u-ra,
with a ci-K!e4.itriit urre-iiAbte reurn.''
This new Crossett srile is s
snappy model ia the new
shade "B3on Cray. Just
the shoe to go with your gray
spring suit. Made Trith nar
row hih toe over our new
"Marathon" last. Other
Crossett styles give you a
wide range of choice.
$4 to $o eYerrwfcsre J '
Lewis A. Crossett, be, Miket
Tl "
a " f !
3 0 SVw tm
r? Crossett Shoos
lad ran a-v Lwuurr:
a J Ut.
ui.n -ui;h Ram H
a uiti i it 0
"hj vaatj tiBi aad nxoney plaatls
doulitf ceeX a Lea jqu csa buy a4a Uls(
grow fro ni
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