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Browns Lose
Minneapolis Batsmen Hit Hard and
Win, Seven to Iwo.
Three' Face Ihe Mom ;lmh, While
Pillfnon Ifnrls Hood Rail for
Winners Colnmbns Brats
MINNEAPOLIS, April 18 .-Minneapolis
won the ftmt game from Milwaukee,- 7 to
2, today by reason of the Vllduess of three
Milwaukee pitchers and some timely hit
ting. Pickering put the ball over the right
field fence. Catcher Frank Owens made
his fire appearance with the hom club
today. Patterson held the visitors In check
throughout tha a-airje, hlch was played on
a cold, cloudy day. The Score: '
ft H O . A . K. 8 H O A 16.
'Ivmar. rt...f 0 0,0 lKm.ilmll. rt... 4 I 1 0 9
HlifT, aa ... t 0 I 1 Ollarr. It 4 I 1 0
lylar. a I 3 1.1 2Harttt. If ...4 1 1
(rih, If.. I o nM-,ann. lh. . 4 0 s 1 9
X-rrrta. 3b.... ( 1 0 4 OHnhlnwni aa. 4 0 1 0 1
Fl-ktrlrn. rf. 4 I I 0 C lark, 31. 4 lit
Williams. 2b. till IMHtom'k M t 0 4 - 0
mil, lb 1 114 1 Ol.fiilirls;.' e... I 0 1 0
Smith, e lot O'liallay n... I 0 0 O 9
Utni, t 1 0 1 0 Oslowera, T.... 0 0 0 0 0
Patteraon, p. t 10 a tsVhsMl, f ... t 0 0 4 0
Short, p 1 0 0 0
Totals ! 27 14 4
Totals 34 6 24 14 1
Hatted for Ludwig in the -ninth.
Minneapolis 83001000 7
Milwaukee v-010001 0 !
Home run: Pickering. Three-base hit:
Gill. Two-base hit: Barrett. 'Sacrifice Jilts:
C.ymer, Cravath. Ferris. Gill. Douhle play:
Kchardt, McCormkk to Ludwlg. Left on
bases: Minneapolis, 8, Milwaukee. 6. Hits:
Off Btowers, none with no o-uts In the first
Inning; off Shardt. 7 l;flv Innings; off
Bhort. 1 In three Innings. Htrtick out: By
Patterson. 3: by Schardt. 2; by Hhort, 2.
Base,! on tails: Off Parterson, 1; off Stow
ers, 1; off Schardt, 3; off Short. 5. Hit by
pitched ball: Stowers, Altlser. Time: 1:54.
Umpires: Owena and FergusuQ.
Toledo, 7 Lonlsvllle, 2.
TOLEDO. April 1R. Totrdd 1 easily de
feated Louisville today, 6 to'.!. In a loosely
played game. Louisville scored two runs in
the first, but Ylngtlng held the champions
earn after tliut and the timely hitting of
the locals coupled with the sloppy ploying
of Louisville made the gtvm walkaway.
The score: .-, -
U.H O A.K. ' B.H.O.A.K.
siltian. of.. 4
HI'chman, 2b 4 1 4
Tallalian, rf.. 4 2 1
rWnan, lb., t 1 15
Hlckiiait, If., t
atlwait, lb.... Ill
MrCarthy, as 1 0 0
Land, e 4 0 4
lUigllng, p.. 4 1 0
0 (iriunlaavt, If. a- 0 0 0 9
4 eWomtrsnV tb.'s 1 , 1 1
1 OHlanlar. el... 4 1 1 0 1
0 ORramit, rf ..... 1 0 0 0
0 8 Howard, lb..-4 10 10
t OHulllvan, as.. 4 0 111
4. lSnffcl, lb.... 1 1 1 8 0
4 OPattz, e. 10 4 11
4 OBrhwank, f t 1 1-4 ,U. 1 0- 0 0
Tolala 31
IWU mutual-, p.'.wl 1010.
Totals 11 7 24 1 4
Batted for Schwenck lp rtt fifth.
Toledo ;, :.. 0 f ''' I1IM
Louisville 2 0 '0 O 0 0 0 02
Two-base hits: Freeman and Soffel. Bacrl
fce hits: Klwert. McCarthy and Pelta.
Struck out: By Rlchter, 1; by'Ylngllng, 3.
Buses on balls By Schwenck, 2; by Klch-,
ter, i; by-Ylngllng, L Double clay: Hlwert.'
Iiind and Hlnchman. Htplen bases: Free
man, Balk, Rlchter. Time: 1:45. Umpires;
ClirAck and Blerhalter.
j Colombos, H Indlnnapolls, T.
fcOLUMBlTS, April 18. Columbits ovrr
eoine a 7 to 3 lead and beat -Indianapolis in
tlte ninth inning of today's game, to- 7.
Both OcMiflwln and Thlelman avere retired
Int te fifth. Llehhardt stopied the vlsltorsU
.. , ... V, I -.,.! Anniri
. ' m '.'m .. u . y WJ .11. l.lll D IHMV IIBII11I LUI V II
off lielehunty In .the ninth. Odwell scored
trre winning run on Lewis' error and singles.
by KoKmnan and Hlnohmas).- brought hirg
around. Catcher. A rbrogast of Columbus'
htt twice to the -fence, c trill pled his third,
time up 'and lot a fourtlt hit beoaune,
Murch made .a- diving -bare-handed alop.
vuck oi mud. nam ieii uu any. pcore:
1 B.HO.A.B.. B.H.Q.A.G
B:il7, If.... 12 10
04w;i, of.,., till
towna, lb.... 6 0 I 1
R9n)an. rf. 8 1 1 0
Hl'chman. lb 4 1 11 1
O'Kourke, lb. 4 I 1 1 ,
Qttinlan, as. . I Lit'
Arbrocaat. .' 4 I I 0
Ooodwln, p.. 1 0' 0 I
Llt-bhanlt, p. I 011
lrhntlb'rna, If 1 0 6 0 0
UD Ifhanly, cf 4 1 1 1 1
OH.yrttn, rf,., 4 1110
0 arr,. lb 4-311 0 0
OHurfh,, lb.... 4 1111
lllnwl.y. c... l' I I I
flwll. aa..... 4 0 1 I It
OW'llllama, Ih.l 1 0 I I
OThlrlman, p.. I 0 0 0 O
OOrlb. p I 1 01 0
Totals SI 12M It 2 Totals. 84 14 f
Two out when winning run scored.
Thlelman out, hit by own baited ball.
Columbus 0 3 0 0 3 1 0 0 1 S
Indianapolis 1 0 2 0 4 0 0 0 07
Stolen ba-ief -.'O'Rourke. ' .Chadhournt,
Delehanty. Sacrifice hits: Llehhardt, Chad
bourne. Two-base hits: Odweil, Arbrofrast,
Carr, Haydon (2). Three-base hit: Arbro Double play: Hayden to How.ley.
Hits: Off Goodwin, 8 In four and two
thirds Innings: off Llebhardt, 1 In .four and
on "-third Innings; off Thielmnn, 6 In four
and one-third innings: off Orth, 7 In four
nl two-thirds Innings. Struck out: By
Uibhardt, 3; by Thlelman, 1. First bare
ou bnlls: Off Goodwin, 1: off Llebhardt, 1;
off Thlelman, 2. Wild pitch;: Goodwin (2).
lilt with pitched ball:. By Orth, Hlnchmnn.
Passed ball: Arbrogast. Time: .1:13. Um
pires: Van fiyckle and Guthrie. .
t Gaines Postponed.
KANSAS CITY. April 18.-8t. Paul-Kan-sar.
City gams postponed, snow on grounds
and cold. , '
Several' of Thean Are Araoaac Fast
Dall Players on Teams.
HOLDREGK,' Neb., April 18. (Special.)
Pevernl - Holdrege base ball plnyers will
leave thin week tamnke their npixturance
in tlie State league." Guy Ferry, w ho has
ben working out wtlh the Qmahit' team
will do the twirling act with Joe Dolan's
Columbus team and he should prove one of
the formidable pitchers of the entire
league. Ferry pitched several fine games
for the locals- lunt yesr. and In tbe class
he will play till summer should prove
fully effective, sa he was last season. . .
Former, who was the other pitcher of the
locals last year, will play at eKurney, and
although he has not been permitted to work
out very much lately on account of the
weather, has- had 'considerable practloe
this spring against tlHi Holdrege High
school team. Fenner will be one of Kear
ney's mainstays If he displays anything
like hla old form this season.
Beal, one o flhe fastest shortstops seen
for some time on the local dlamoatr, will
Join the Hastings team Friday. Under
George Harms' Instruction he should de
velop Into una of th best men at his "ptl
tivn In the lesguiv 'He Is fast 'on his feet,
picks the ball up and lias It away Trom
Dim fastef than a large; percent of short
fielders. He h handy with the bat as
well, und will uniloubtctliy strove' one of
Hasinas' mainstays "with the stick. Rod
stiom, a. fast second sacker, will go to the
Kuierlor team, whaie ha should strengthen
that team materially, as ha is one of the
surest men on Rrauiid balls that has ever
been Bovn In this part of the state.
The only postltla way to euro Contagious Blood poison Is to remove tho
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erals are often used in tha hop that such powerful treatment wlil kill tha germs,
bul this eaa not ba done, and when tha mineral medicines tit left off the troubla
tlways returns with Its aggravating symptom of ulcerated mouth and' throat, -tSUn
rnptioniif falling hair, yellow afcla splotches, swollen glands, and often run
nlcg soros. Tbo ability of & 8. 8, to euro Contagious Blood folsoa comes from
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tojTig-ers;;Cold Stops Many Games; Rourkes Ready
fcqggL- 1, ' -r - " '
Won. Lout.
Toledo 6
ft. pmil
Columbus 4
Minneapolis 3
Kansas Ctty 2
Indianspolls 2
lxutavllle 1
Milwaukee 1
a m KK. lkagi;e.
Roston 2
Pittsburg .. 2
.fB7 Cleveland ...
.VRii Washington
.;7 Boston
.iiuui New Vork..,
.500, (.-lucago ....
.!CU, Pt. Louis....
,m, 1'hllartelphl
Philadelphia 2
Cincinnati . 2
Chicago .... 2
lirooklyn ..1
HI. Louis.... 1
New York.. 1
K'allnnal I.aine Ph lladelplll
Brooklyn, Boston at New York. FlttsDurg
at Cincinnati, Chicago at ft. Louis. 1
American league Cleveland at Chicago.
St. Louis at Detroit, New York at Phila
delphia, Washington at Boston.
American Association Indianapolis at
Columbus. Milwaukee at Minneapolis, Kan
sas City at fit. Paul, Louisville at Toledo.
Rourkes Start
to Sunflowers
Last Two Exhibition Games Before
Opening Are Played at
Hutchinson. . ,
The bmaha base ball team will leave for
Hutchinson, ' Kan., . this morning to
play tha last two exhibition games before
going to Wichita to open the Western
lrague season.
Monday was spent In allotting the uni
forms which will be worn by tho Rourkes
on the trips aw ay from home, and the
boya had all kinds of fun picking out
scenery that would fit them.
Tha larger sizes were dealt out by
Brother Dave to HollenWck, Welch and
Jimmy Kane, while the smaller seta were
given to Corridon, Schlpka and King. Afi.i
tha suits were allotted, the remainder of tha
day was spent In one big fanning bee from
which a general opinion was derived that
there was nothing to it. but Omaha as
the team that will bring home the grape j.
Jimmy Kane, first sacker, and the cause
of much worry to Omaha fans because of
his late appearance' with Pa's pets, arrived
In the city Sunday, and If anything wera
ever the matter with him It would take a
microscopic, examination to disclose it. Tha
big blonde, looks like hs had never had
anything the matter with him In his life,
and says he feels fine and dandy. ' .
Coach Green Weeds Out Olar String
' of Candidates. '
IOWA CITY, la., April 18 (Special. )
Coe college will open the 1810 Interoollegl-
ate. baseball stason on the local aiamona
next Thursday afternoon when the Hawk
eyes will pitiy the first college game of
the year. " '
Coach Green has weeded out his big
string of candidates and has practically
picked his team for the opening engage
ment. ' Kither Captain- Burrell or West
will start the intlal contest.
. The batting avtruKe lor the seven games
played against Davenport showed that
Wrtgfet was the vtitoal leaden 'His aver
age was 4& Hanson, -the big first Case
man who was Injured. . had .400 for his
average. Wright also titd fOr 'first 'In
the "fielding' averages : with - a S perfect
record., though, he played In .all . the games
and ' performed both lh the ' 6'utfreld and
Infield. -rJectfnd "'baseman' and' former Cap
tain Walter Stewart also maintained a
clean slate at second base so far as his
fielding percentage was concerned, and at
tha bat -ha made .222. . ....
Member of Frerbnrg, 111.. Team
by Baseball.
FREKBURG. 111., April 18 William
Schniltt, 2Jf years old. "a member of a local
base bull team was killed yesterday, being
struck by a ball over-the heart. - Mis team
was playing with a St. Louis team and
Schmltt was at bat. After being struck
he started to walk to first base, but fell
and died soon after. The St. Louis pitcher
was held for the coroner's Jury.. .
Freshmen Defeat Donne.
CRETK, Neb., April 18.-(Speclal.) The
University of Nebraska freshmen defeated
the Doane varsity Saturday -by the score
of 7 to 2. The game stood . .2 to
1 at the nd of the fifth Inning, In favor
of Doane,' but Donne's, costly errors In the
sixth Huve the. freshmen the lead, which
they Increased by heavy batting in the
next three Innings. Score: R.H.E.
Freshmen ......0 0 0 1 0' 2 1 1-1-1 t
Doiuie ..........0 0. 6 1 1 0 0 0 02 5 8
Batteries: University. Klptser, Carr and
Hunt: Doans, Orth and Bronsoni Umpire:
McC-fell. . . "
. ' -. . .i . . . i ...... ,
Tabor Base Ball Schedule, .
TABOR, la.. April 18.-(Speclal.) Tabor
college base ball schedule follows:
April 21. Amity at .College Springs. '
April U. Tarkio at Targlo.
April 80.' Highland Park at Tabor.
May I. Tarkio at Tabor.
May 12. Bellevue at Tabor.
May 19. Bellevue at' Bellevue. -
May 2u. Morningslde' at Sioux City.
May 21. University of South Dakota at
May 21. Yankton at Yankton, a D.
May 25. Amity at Tabor.
National Lenirne Postponements.
. NEW YORK, April IS. -Brooklyn-Philadelphia
game postponed, rain. .
ST. LOl iS, April 18. Chlcago-8t.' Louis
game postponed, snow, . .
CINCINNATI. April 18.-PlttBburg-Cln-clnnatl
game postponed, rain.
NEW YORK. April 18. New York-Boston
game postponed, rain,
w Illar Parse Not ' Abandoned, -
READVILLE, Mass . April. 18 The man
agement of the Headville race' track an
nounced tonight thnt although the eastern
end of the Grand circuit had been aban
doned the I10.0U) Massachusetts purse for
2:14 trotters would tie given during the
week of August 2!)-September 2.
Aeronaut Falls Into Sea.
NICE, France, April 18. M. Rougler. the
French aeronaut, while making a flight
today fell with his. aeroplane into the sea.
He was Injured but was rescued. The
machine was lost.
Neve Farms! Record.
PARIS, April 18. Henry Farman today
ma.le a new record, carrying a passenger
In his aeroplane acrof-s country from
Khampes to Orleans.-- a distance of forty
miles. .
Tigers Take One
From Browns
Detroit Win First in Series from St.
Ionia by Score of
Three to Two.
DETROIT, April. U.-Detrolt won Ihe first
game of the series with St. Louis hero to
day, I to 2. Bailey pitched unbeatable ball
until the eighth, when an error by Wallace
on Stanage s grounder seemed to unstiady
him. He passed two men with two out and
Cobb tied the score with a double.. In the
ninth Crawford walked and Delehanty hit
for three bases. Mullln was, hit hard at
tha start and was wild throughout, but
good fielding saved him. , The day wan
cold and ral nthreatened throughout.. Score:
B H.O.A.E. B.H.O.A.a.
Mclntr; If. 1
Dual), aa. 1
0 1 Onions. If..... 4 10 0
0 12 OWallaos, lb . I 1 t I I
1 1 0 Oil off man. cf. I 0 4 0
0 t 0 oorlgsa.- lb.,.. 1 1 I I 0
111 OHarlael, ta... 4 1 1 t 0
0 0 4 OAtmtsln. lb... I 110 I 1
1 10 1 0lmmltt, if. I t 10 I
Oil Ogifphans, .. 1 I 1 0
0 11 Cuallej, p I 1 1 2 0
00 40
0 0 0 0. Tola la 24 t!4 IS 2
Cobb, rf 4
Crawford, cf. I
IX'hanlr, lb 4
Morlarlty, lb 1
T. Jonas, lb.. 1
at anaga, e.... I
Schmidt, e... 0
Mullln. p.... 1
U. Jonas.... 0
Tstasj 17 4 17 It '
Km for Stanage in the eighth.
Winning run made with nona out.
Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 0 0. 2 1-3
St. Louis.., 1 10000 0002
Two-base hits: Cobb, Wallace. ' Three-
base hit: Delehanty. Sacrifice hits: Dem-
mltt, Griggs, Steiihcns. Sacrifice files:
Hoffman, Hartiel. Left on bases: Detroit,
6: St. Louis, 6. First base on bans: urr
Mullln, 4; off Bailey, 5. Struck out: By
Mullln, 1; by Bailty, 1. Time: 1:40. .Um
pires: Kerln and Sheridan.
State Lea goers There Expert to Start
Something;. - -
J. C. Cook of Fremont, county at
torney . of Dodge county, was In
Omaha Sunday. Mr. Cook Is a base
ball fan, having played ' the game
at Fremont several years ago, when they
had the best amateur team In the state.
He says that there are about twenty-five
rnnrtiilatea trying out for positions on the
Fremont league team, and that among the
bunch are some likely looking ball artists.
He says the oltlsens of his town are en
thusiastic over the new leagMe and espe
cially over Fremont's prospects for having
a good .team.
Jeff Gets Busy
Limbering Up
that Neck of His
Working Overtime on Chest Weights
to Accomplish Result $apke
to Join Him.
BBN LOMOND, Cal., April 18.-BIUy
Papka will Join James Ji Jeffries In. a. few
days and share the litter's training quar
ters while preparing for his next fight,
which probably will be with Frank Klaus
of Pittsburg. ' '
Sam Berger, Jeffries' manager, -recehred a
telegram from Papke today asking if- he
might have tramlng accommodations with
Jeffries, : and Berger, fter consulting? Jef
fries, wired that arrangements could-be
made for him. Jeffries put' in a strenuous
8ur!day. ' A large crowd of visitors came
to' "the camp and"-promptly at tioon Jef-frles.'-itfired-
In hl -"gym" togs; began a
endurance-' exhibition 'with .the .pulley
weights . lh 'the gymnasium. ' There '-was
nothlng; spectacular- in the work -and It
did not ' have as much , Interest for the
visitors as boxing, but it gave them- an
excellent opportunity to Judge Jeffries' con
dition. -For 'half an 'hour Jeffries hauled
away at the weighted ropes. Then fob
lowed shadow boxing, rope Skipping and
bag punching for an hour and a half. ''
Jeffries explained that his prolonged ses
sion with the chest weights was to limber
up his neck and shoulder muscles to avoid
any future attack of the cramp which
suddenly stopped him Friday In the-mlddle
of a boxing bout with Bob Armstrong;.
Jeffries has done no boxing sines' that time,
and his masseurs have paid" particular at
tention to the afflicted spot. Farmer
Burns, tralher-ln-chlef," said he did not
t.hlnk it likely Jeffries Would have another
attack. '' " ' '
Jeffries left his camp long enough this
afternoon to take an automobile ride to
Banta Crux and Inaugurate the base ball
season there by pitching the first ball.' He
returned to camp this evening. - -
Dick Adams came from Oakland today
with the report that lira. Jeffries, who
was operated upon yesterday; Is getting
along well. This news put Jeffries In a
good humor.
Caleb Bragg with Flat-Nlnetr De.
feats Champion.
PLATA DEL RET. Cal.. April 18.The
surprise of the closing, day of the first
Los Angeles motordrome meet was the de
feat of Barney Oldfleld and hla 200-horse-power
Bens by Caleb Bragg, the amateur,
with bis Flat 80.
Bragg had won the first beat Saturday,
but that victory had been attributed to the
standing start.- Today they were sent away
rolling, and within a half mile Oldfleld,
who again drew the outside, sent his big
car to the front. The race was for. two
miles and the first time past the stands
tha Bens was leading by an open length,
i Turning Into the, stretch v the, big. leader
swerved and Oidfleld Immediately slowed
down. Bragg gained a few feet here and
continued to creep up on the second mile.
A half mile from the wire Bragg flashed In
front, and although Oldfle'd made a des
perate effort In the last quarter of a mile,
he was beaten a few feet. The first mile
was made In 41:28 and the second In iipiy
, The 100-mile race for u cash prise of
21,000 and a trophy was won by Ray Har
roun in the Marmon. Nlkrent, In a Bultk,
waa second, and Oldfleld, In a Knox, was
third. The time, l:lfl:21 90. establishes 'a
new speedway record for the distance. Tbe
Marmon made the hundred miles without.'
stop, 'The Bulck threw a tire and N.kreat
had a narrow escape, the car swerving jto
the top and striking the Iron rail. He suc
ceeded In controlling the car, and aft
losing several miles, returntd to the track.
Oldfleld was forced to stop several times
by tire accidents.
Ten-mile stock. 161 to 230 cublo IncheH
Cole tEndtcott), won; Warren-Detroit (Mil
ler), second; Firestone-Columbus (Ltnlh
waite), third. Time; 8:48.74.
Three miles, slock claas A-Ford (Pratt),
won; Ford (Stearns, second; Ford (Olden),
third. Time: 4:07.20.
Ten-mile stock, Ml to 4M cubic Inches
Bulck (NlgrenO,-won; Marmon (Harroun),
second; Marmon (Wade), third. Tune;
?;2.ta. .. .
hecond hent match-Fist (Bragg), woa;
Bens (Uldf eld), second. Time v I :l.M.
One hundred mliea, stork, under 100 cublo
liu he Marmon (Harrounii won; Hulo
(Nlkrent), second; K"o (Oldfleld), thud,
time: 1 J 2LW. .,..,.
. '.',;' . -J.. v.
A Dangerous Wonad
Is rendered antiseptic by Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, the healing wonder for sores, burn?,
piles, eesema and salt rheum. 26o. For
sale by Beaton lrug Co. 4
- ovjieai yuia , ana -won. yau want - worn
you want it, ssy sa through The Bee Want
Ad cotunuu"
Says He Will Make Zbyszko Go the
Whole Route.
Some Offering; Odds Against Dane
Preliminary Rrtwrrs Ilokoff
and Pabrlkn Attrartlna
Interest. ' "If Zbyssko wins that match tonight he
will have t go the whole route," said Jess
Westergaard this morning, when asked
what hlo prospects for winning the wrest
ling match with the Pole at the Auditorium
looked like to him. -
"I am In good fcnape and am able to go
the whole distance unless some element of
luck enters Into the contest that I cannot
foresee. I have been ' Working hard since
I was here last and I know I am In the
best condition that I cquki wish." .
He looked the part, too.
' "After the accident tojny ankle after the
last match with Zyhszko, I went" to Hot
Springs and got it back in shape and since
that time have done Iota of rough work
and find that It is as good as ever.
"In, the last match- here with the
Polander I had a fine opportunity to try
him out and I know more about him than
I did before. I believe: that at this time
I am getting in better, shape to go up
against his game than I have ever been.
I never go lnte a match unless I am In
good condition and when I say I am feel
ing fine and expect to give my opponent a
game, the public must take me seriously,
for I have never 'fooled anyone yet."
Scat reservations are being made trom all
parts of the, state and Manager Gtllan of
the' Auditorium looks for one of the big
gest houses that has ever witnessed a
match of this kind In Omaha.
The Bohemians of the city are displaying
Interest In the preliminary match between
Ilokoff and Paveika. Both are Bohemians
and the country admirers bf the game are
betting their money oil Paveika while the
the city sportsmen' are wagering theirs on
Hokoff. And there Is quite a little activity
In the betting-end at that.'
In the big match the Polish population Is
willing to back Zbyszko to the limit and In
some oases are offering odds.
Jack Johnson
Stops Training
Colored Pugilist Will Leave Chicago
for the Pacific-Coast Thurs
day Evening.' '.
CHICAGO, April IBJack JoHnson, dls-.
guated with the near-winter,- which la lltv
gerlng In the. lap of epflng In this vicinity,
announced today : that :ho would
more attempts to train until he reached
the coast ihj- . . ..
The colored fighter eaoeota to leave here
next Thursday, arriving at 6an Francisco.
May. 1. t.iOllll
BEN LOMOND, Cal., April 18, When
Jamee J." Jeff rteSytV JfJojTiJed. today that
Jack Johnson had declared lit favor of
Jack-, Welfeh for, .rifefao vcjf'.'ttie coming
tight? he said: VJ UwT
''1 don't believe I have given the referee
question a moments thought so far. Any
thing suggested wlll be agrecauie to me.
The selction of ttt .rfree. will be In' Ber
ger' s hands,'J"' -ft J, ; j ci !
: Berger said that he-elt very much as
Jeffries did i and had no partloular -choice
In mind. v. . ..(.,'- '..i . :.
Kehraaka University Officials Leave
Lincoln to Attend Mlasoorl
;'. , Valler Meet.
. LINCOLN, April 18. (fa'peekil.J-ExpectIng
Ihe hardest flht In the annals of Missouri
valley foot ball for the life of the American
game, Chancellor Samuel Avery and Prof.
H. C. Richards of the. University of Ne
braska departed this evening for Kansas
City,- where tomorrow presidents and repre
sentatives of all the Missouri valley confer
ence colleges and universities will meet at
the call of President Strong of the Uni
versity of Kansas to decide whether Rugby
shall be substituted for. American foot ball.
The two Nebraskans went to Kansas City
prepared to "9tand pat" for th present
game and to fight any attempt to replace
It with the KngilBh style of play. Missouri,
Ames end Drske will ally themselves with
the Cornhuskers. Kansas and Iowa, with
Washington, will probably be massed In
favor of a new style of play. Kansas, at
least, can be relied upon to make a de
termined fight to do away with the present
game. Chancellor StriAig himself Is not
In favor of abolishing ihe American game,
but severaf members of the Kansas Board
of. Regents have Instructed their presfdent
to work to eliminate American foot ball
from the list of Missouri valley sports, t?nd
Strong will have to obey instructions.
' . . : I
Bolt of Lightning
Strikes Balloon
Huge Bag; Shattered and Four Aero
nauts Drop Long Distance to
Death Below,
BITTERFELD, Prussia, Saxonia, April
18. The 'balloon "Delitzsch," which as
cended here last night, fell to the earth
with great force near' the village of
Relchensachsen, about twenty miles north
west of Eisenach, in a thunderstorm. The
crew, consisting of four men, was killed.
The balloon passed over Eisenach at mid
night and soon drifted Into a thunder
storm. It Is assumed 'that It was struck
by lightning' and that the gss exploded.
The envelope was in tatters when found
and the -car wrecked. . ,
Yerkea Observatory Succeeds la Cap
turing View of Wanderer
on Film.
CHICAGO. April 18. What Is believed to
be the best photograph yet obtained of Hal
ley's comet was secured at Yerkea' observa
tory at Williams Bay, Wis., tarly today.
Prof. Frost Iewed tha celestial wanderer
for over an hour In ideal condition. About
2,000,000 miles of the comet's tall was visi
Pastor of Innssofl Baptist Leaves
TiK'sr for New Mexico.
Revy P.- H. McDowell preached his last
sermons to the congregation of Immanuel
Baptist church Sunday ' morning and even
ing. Special programs -of mimic and song
had - been prepared, participated In - by
Charles 11. Gabriel, Mfs, Whltmursh. Mr.
Kverett, Mrs. Palmqulst. Mr.- Stambaugh,
Mss Kellogg and Mho' We' den.
Baptismal service and communlrm ser
vice were held In the evening, and the
closing hymn was "Qod Bs With You Till
Ws Meet Again-
No Strike Upon
the Lackawanna
Decision Beached by Officials They
Will Come to New York Cen
tral Award,
SCRANTON, Pa., April 18-There will be
ne strike of the Delaware, Lackawanna A
Western railroad. This decision was
rencned tonight when General Superin
tendent T. II. Clarke of the Lackawanna
company Informed W. O.Lea of the train
men that his company would abide by the
award of the New York Central.
Today an ultimatum was sent to Super
intendent Clarke notifying him that un
less the Delaware, Lackawanna & West
ern company would abide by the rate de
cided upon by, the New York Central, com
pany a strike would be called on the en
tire system, beginning at 11:45 o'clock to
night. At 9:30 o'clock Mr. Clarke sent word to
Mr. Lee that his company would agret
to the New York Central award. Word
was then telegraphed to all points with
drawing the strike order, which, It Is said)
was Issued at 8 o'clock.
I i .
Struggle Near End
for Perkins' Place
Tuesday Marks End of Fight for Seat
Left Vacant by Death of
J. B. Perkins.
ROCHJCSTEFR, . N. Y., April 18. (Special
Telegram.) The struggle for the seat In
congress left vacant by the death of James
B. Perkins grows more bitter between the
republican, George W. Aldrlch, and bis
democratic opponent, James 8. Havens.
Tuesday will mark the end of tbe fight.
That Aldrlch will win, his friends profess
to have, no 'doubt.
"A week ago I thought that I perhaps
had a chance to win; tonight I am abso
lutely positive that I will be elected,"
said he.
A hundred, automobiles have been en
gaged to convey the farmers who are busy
planting, to come and go to polling places.
Aldrlch will wind up on Monday night by
addressing half a dozten ward gatherings.
Lower: Hrase la Likely to Pnaa Rail
road Bill this Week.
WASHINGTON, April 18.-U looks, after
all, as If the house will, beat the senate
In passing the administration railroad bill,
notwithstanding the faot that the latter
had a start of two pr three weeks In tak
ing up the measure.
About the only advantage in this priority
Is found in the fact that the new law for
the control of - transportation lines, while
prepared almost entirely by Attorney Gen
eral Wlckersham, will bear the name of
Representative Mann of Illinois Instead of
Senator Elklcs of West Virginia-
Preparations have been made In the
house for the early closing of debate on
the measure, Mr, , Mann yesterday secured
the adoption of a motion by. which night
sessions, may be held tomorrow .and TUP-
day. It Js expected,, that by next Thurs
day general debate, will have been , con
cluded and that on Friday the bill will
be placed before the house for amend
ment under the five-minute rule. .Repub
lican leaders believe It can be passed by
Saturday. . Several days will elapse in all
probability before the . railroad bill Is
taken up again In the senate.
Consuls ration of the rivers and harbors
bill will be resumed Monday, and Senator
Mewlands will speak In advocacy of a
more complete co-operation on the part
of those responsible for the various im
provement projects. When he concludes
the bill will be considered.
Tremendous pressure is being brought
to bear on President Taft to take some
part in deciding the claims of rival cities
for the honor of holding an exposition In
1915 n commemoration of the completion
of , the Panama canal. During the latter
part of next week he will receive Governor
Glilett and a large delegation of San
Franciscans to urge the selection of the
Golden Gate city. New Orleans and San
Diego citizens have been here already and
Washlngtonians are shouting their bids
on every occasion when the opportunity
The confidence of the delegations that
the canal will be finished In 1915, and that
the government -will take part In the cele
bration In soma, selected city Is sublime.
All of the cities named apparently are go
ing ahead with their plans, for that date
without a thought of what will happen If
the canal la not. finished them. Thus far.
the president has given nothing, but kind
words to tbe exposition boomers.
' Now that the Standard OH and the Amer
ican Tobacco company cases - are to- be
reargued, the corporation ' tax cases move
up into first rank among those In which
decisions may . be. expected In the near
future. It Is not Impossible that decisions
may be handed down In these cases when
the court meets tomorrow.
Secretary Wilson expects to set an. ex
ample for cabinet members this year. He
Is now planning his vacation to make It
serve some purpose for the advancement of
the Department of Agriculture. There are
several big problems confronting the de
partment, among them the forestry Ques
tion, and It, is ILkely that he will make an
Inspection of the forestry servjoe. Secre
tary Dickinson will spend his vacation
visiting the Panama canal and other In
sular possessions, and Secretary Meyer Is
talking of going to the several navy yards,
making leisurely visits.
Major General J. Franklin Bell will sur
render ihe office-of chief of staff of the
army on Friday next to Major General
Leonard Wood. General Wood Is en route
to Buenos Ayres, however, and the office
will be. conducted until July by General
Tanker H. BUss, .assistant chief of staff. ,
ii. I ' - - -
I ' &at --Cn
Absolutely Pure Rye VIusliey Of The Highest Quality.
Sold By All First-Ciuss Bars;'Clubs and Cafes.
V , V .
for Invasion
; '
Live Ones Wear
McKibbio hats
Dead Ones Don't Care
Hnsband's Attorney Says lie A Breed
to Interview Jnat to Avoid
Scene on Street.
T. D. Crane, attorney for George P.
Cronk, authorized a denial Monday of the
assertion by Mrs. Cronk that she and her
husband 'are reconciled. "Mr. Cronk In
order to avoid a scene on the street," says
Mr. Crane, "did consent to an Interview
with Mrs. Cronk, which took place in hor
rooms at the Rlvard on Fnxnam street.
Mr. Cronk talked with her some time, and
that Is all there Is to It."
Mra Cronk asserts that her husband Is
reconciled to her. Her - attorneys have
made no statement In the matter.
Persistent advertising is the road to Big
Father Dooley Tells of the Just Man
Who Was Exalted.
Roman Catholla churches In Omaha on
Sunday celebrated the feast of St. Joseph,
the patron of the' universal church, with
fitting ceremony. Pope Plus the Ninth,
during his reign aa head of the church,
recommended that St. Joseph be selected
as the patron of the churoh, as well as the
head of the holy family.
Rev. W. F. Dooley, a J of St. John's
Cathollo church, spoke of St. Joseph at
the 9 o'clock mass. He said that scrip
ture Is strangely silent concerning the life
of Joseph and sums up his character In the
phrase that he was "a Just man." Father
Dooley said that this was a very high
tribute, as the virtue of Justice contains
within Itself all of the other virtues. "A
man to be just," he said, "must be Just
to God', his neighbor and himself."
1 '
Persistent advertising la the road to Big
Returns. . - v
ii HIS
Look in the windows as you
1.50 and more
Every Cluett shirt
bears a CLUETT label
The LanpTpiflllkpr '
of the ni ajw-. k 4
of this hat Xi&-Ti , "
brim, f founj I '-' i
wearer T'J'
fr iWll'''Wl'''""1'Mraj
your haberdasher is displaying v I . Yj
the Mid-Season Showing , of
Particular attetfi.. ?!.?. Y:f
Ingof The lnvfYi TXfi
i 13 r '
fMJiSi 9 ;
yL ..tYr'tf. Jif- I
of the South
I T ; .
Iowa House Thought to Have Been
Set on Fire.
Scene of I. ate t hief tinrrntt's . Last
Response to I)n Cltr
Shivers with Heat of
Karly Sunday morning a fire destroyed
the Iowa house at Twenty-seventh and L
streets. Incurring a total loss. The prop
erty was not valuable as a lodging house.
It being one of the oldest buildings In the
city. Tho original cost was not more than
8S.0OO, a frame structure and It Is doubtful
If the building rould have been sold before
the fire for $2,000. At one time In the early
days It was a first class lodging house and
accommodated large numbers of stockmen;
but during the later years It hns been
sadly dilapidated. The police have prob
ably made more calls to quell disturbances
In that building than In any other part of
the city.
This building was empty Sunday morning
when tho fire was discovered and It Is
thought by the firemen that someone
deliberately set It afire. When ones started
It burned rapidly In the high wind.
There was a fire In this building nearly
a month ago, which was attended by Chief
David Garratt, who responded there to hi
last call Just before he was taken fata
111 and died. Ho returned from that cat!
and appeared as well ss ever, but on reach
ing the fire hall complained of feeling tired.
These were his last conscious words.
, Maale City Gossip,
J. W. Murphy was reported 111 with a
cold Saturday. He has some symptoms of
pneumonia, ,IM
The South Omaha teachers received their
pay Saturday, the payrolls amounting to
neurly $,0O0.
Miss Alice Davis, Miss Marie Meek and
Cecil Berry man will give a musical Thurs
day evening.
Mrs. A. J. Brugonler, ZU19 H street, will
entertain the Magic City King's Daughters
Friday afternoon.
Dr. R, L. Wheeler's midweek toplo is
"The Tears of Jesus." The service will be
held at Brewer's chapel.
Miss Edna Hamilton, oh of the student
nurses at the South Omaha hospital, will
undergo an operation today for appendi
citis. St, Mary'a court will give a progressive
high five party Tuesday evening at Mao
cabee hall at Thirty-eighth and Q streets.
The city council will moet tonight In
regular session. It Is thought the permi
nunt organization of the council will be
PHONE SOI'TH 868 for a caso of JET
TER BOCK BEER. Prompt delivery to
any part of the city. Henry J. Jetter.
An Important meeting of the building and
finance committee of the First Presbyterian
church Is called for Thursday evening at
the offices jof J. L. Duff.
home consumers. Prompt delivery guaran
teed. 'Phone South 1M.
pass jfZ
Tfiorintllgtt.jlifferonce In :
f y Jr T6-eT"vVteJK wear
m.yjBi c0ve""-ft tov Lt... fashion-
r, ' A..ebw: uafu. tr'" Juer
; .).iAv:'f-mxi9
M I tew.-
. " .t r ti
" lAP .-'V nW'
s&fi letS tho bind-
his V
lly 9