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    TIIE BEK: mi A1TA. MONDAY,. AritfL . 18. 1910.
eat Valuei Continue to Decline
with Bearish Sentiment.
. -' -
Balls Sapvortlna:'. Rrw Cron ratore,
at Cash Condition Bias, wltb . .
f'ontlnaal Dhitmi la
5' J Prvralam.
1 , ... v OMAHA, April 1. mo.
Gossip In wheat la unchanged, bearish
entlment still rule and value are still
declining a tho cash situation la not Im
proving and northwestern stocks continus
to Increase. The new crop futures are be
ing wen supported on tha unfavorable crap
news In Kansas and Nebraska.
The corn market slumped with the de
cline In-whoat. JThe cash demand, which
has been active all week, waa, easier and
waa a weakening feature. ' '
Wheat ruled weak throughout the session,
sentiment sull ruling neariHh In the pit.
bulls are Still iimw.rrtnv the new ern
futures, but cash wheat conditions are
slower and premiums are being lowered
Corn opened steady, but weakened late
under selling pressure due to the weakness
In wheat.
Cash corn waa slow and sold o lower
than yesterday, demand not being as ac
tive. 1'rlmery wheat receipts were 3M,(W bu.
and ahlpinenta were 397.000 bu., against re
ceipts lest -year of 1,000 hu. and shipments
of 2H0,m bu. r
Primary corn receipts were 842.000 bu.
and shipments were 8x7.000 bu., against re
ceplts last year of 206.000 bu. and shipments
of SJS.0U0 bu. -
Liverpool closed K'ti'&tik lower, on wheat
and nominal on corn.
Jocal range or options: ,
Ai Holes.! Open.) IIIgh. Lew. Close. Yesy.
May... 1 OS '
. MVil
1 03
1 03 1 03
98 Iti
56 66
4f". 42
8S' 39
al sy.,-.
Bats .
; Omabav Cash Prices.'
WHEAT No. 3 hard. $1.0291.03; No. 3
hard, DSoiyfl.OJ; No," .4 hard, 80'uc; rejected
hard, 70Vs5o; No. 2 spring. 11.02V 1 03; No.
spring, !cB1l.02; No. I durum, 86Q86c; No.
3 uuriim, W'uHGc, ' ..-
CORM-No. 3 white, tlvHW; No. 3 white,
B67c; No. white, &M,.'3c; No. 2 yel
low, 54c; No.' -yellow,. 63vi4j54c; No. 4 yel
low, tootle; No. 2. 63'AlfiVUi: No, , 53&63c;
ISO. 4, bofilc; no grade, 8')r46c.
OATS Standard, 4iro"41Vic; No. 3 white,
40Vd'41c; No. 4 whita, 39'rt40V4o; No. 3 yel
low, Viijtc; No. s.yellow, No.
8 mixed, 89(400. ,
HARX.EY No.. V 6102e; No. 1 feed, 50
tfolc. t '
KyE-N.'f'72tfc; No. s;..ft72
Carlot Keeelpu.
Wheat Corn. Oats.
Chicago 26 130 118
Minneapolis j 148
Omaha 2 69 10
DttlMB- .v;;;.w.;.-.A 69
. Features of tno Trading and Closlng
" . Prlcea on Board of Trad.
CillCAGO, "April 16.-Wheat prices fell
. off today under heavy selling pressure and
.Closed from 'u'lo down. Corn and oats
were' affected toy the weakness In wheat
.-amd also--declined. Provisions stumped
a sharply, at tha start and -continued on the
, down grade tpth dose, finishing, from
10c to $1.02 off.
With tha exception of a brief Interval In
Uie early day whan fears of frost damage to
.the. growing crop Induced a slight flurry
Id. the distant futures, bearish sentiment
Nled hd: values declined. July dropped
lfce-from, its, high point 'of 31.08 to a low
of $101. Quantities jf long grain were
thrown pp, the market and the demand was
wholly Inadequate to support the load. The
close was- wealc-all around at practically
iioUorrv.lgiHvea,., wh, ulyt lio: off at
1 1.014, 'e'l 03 and September o down at
1 OWl.00. . ......
Corn allowed some firmness early In the
..session and. influential' buying credited to
x elevator. and shipping Interests, the futures
generally advancing Kc. When the
lump In wheat values came the support to
tia corn, prloes gave- way and all tha
. futures declined. There waa a slow de
mand for caah corn and prices were steady
'to o of?. No. 1 yellow sold at 58frG9c.
The: -closa iwae taketv for all the futures,
jwlth May -0-off at B7o.
Weakness of wheat and corn .over
balanced other conditions In the oats pit
and ' transformed comparative firmness
.early"' in- tbe day.-, weakness-which con
tinued to the close of the session. The
! '42o wa .r,,Lk w'trt May Sc off at 42
. J Lower- prlcea for llva hogs and the ex-
peotation of increased arrivals at packing
, centers last, week bad a depressing effect
In the provisions pit' and all products
opened at a decided slump. Final figures
. nm Tuwrr croantTS ttwi: tork 92e
down at $21.05; lard. 67flOc off at $12 12
13.15. and ribs, 62 off at $12.00v
'ho leading tufures ranged as follows:
Article,! Optm4Jllgh. Low. j ciose. Vesy.
Potk '
.. .July
- 8ept.
'L&rrt '
. ,Mayt
1 0
1 03
1 09
1 04 '
1 00
. tfo
, 38
21 97
22 20
22 12
13 72
13 47
12 40
12 53
.12 37
12 27
21 25
12 15
12 05
12 00
13 00
11 90
. M aw r
11 87
No. i.
Nuih quotations were as follows:
FLOUR-Easy; winter patents, $5.30.55;
winter straights. $4 306 23; spring straights.
. HT't W); bakers. 12 .9fj$fj.30.
RV E No.- 2, IHfiSoo. .
. BARLEY Feed or mixing. 43g62c; fair to
choice malting.' CPYic.
, SEEDS Timothy, 14.60. Clover, $117"
PROVISIONS PorK, mess, pr bhl., $2100
03500. Lard, per 100 lbs., 812.87I2.40.
Short ribs sides (loose) $11. 7!ai3.12; short
'clear sides (boxed), $13 50ti 13.76.
.' Total clearances of wheat and flcMr were
equal to 120,000 bu. Primary receipts wero
, 8S1.0iiO bu., compared, with 2S1.000 bu. tho
' corresponding day a year ago.
i . Estimated - receipts for Monday: Wheat,
1$ ran; corn. 10 cars; oats, 147 cars; hoss
. Sl.poo hea4, ,- .. .
': ' St." 'Lobla General Market.
BT."LOT'l8. 'April 16 WHEAT Futures,
lower; May. $1.06; July. $100. Cash,
, lower; track. Jt'o 2 red. Sl.lofil.ll; No. i
CORN Futures, lower; May. $9c; July.
.(Jo. .'Cash, Iowi-k tsack. No. $, lflt'3U,c;
No., white,. 3c.-- ....
OATS Futures, lower; May. 41c; July,
o Cash) lower; track. No. I. 42c; No.
. 2 while, 460. -,
RJE-Nonilnal. 80e. , .
FliOr R I'nchangid ; red wlnlrr patents.
8t)5. 70; extra fancy and straight, $4 Uit
liaro winter lars. ' $tC5'o 3 IW,
SKKL Tlmothv. $i.O0(i 3.50, .. .
, C'ORNMEAL $3 25.
-HRAN Quiet; sacked, east track, $1.06a
-1.07, -" v- -
.. HAY-Iweri . timothy, $U.50iiJ8.00; praV
''FAOlNt-7o: ' " '
v I'RovjKiON!-Pork, lower: p-lme job
i 'iu. li.ju Laid, lower; prime stam.
$13.U'al2.42. Dry salt meats (boxed), un
rhangedr jex.ra shorts, $14X1; clear ribs.
$14 K.1. short c4ear. 15.Un,.. Hjcon (boxeji,
unchanged: extra shorts, H6.37W; c)ear ri0.
$16JiW: short clears M. T'D-
POf-LTRr-Flrin; ct.lckens, We; ssrlng,
30c: turkeys, Sic; ducks. He; geese 8c
HI ITT E Il-Stead v : creamery. 27 o 32e
EGGS Elrmer, wo- .,
' ... Receipts, Shipments
inour, bbls. i.-!. .ux 5 )
Wheat, bu..
Corn, bu
Oats, bu
4 too
1 9S0 "
Mlaaeapolla Grain Market,.
0i; July, Jl o-'a:. !eplmer.-sjc.. feh
o. 1 hard. $1 M 4 '. mrhern, ,$1 0-.ff
1 ! sNo. ,r).ltU) 4rra. $i.rt 'o IV, ;i, Mo. 1
ll"'i'l 1
EIjOV-'R In wood. f. o. b.. Minneapolis:
JTU-st patents, $6.25.40; second patents.
-109 .1-07
1 03 1 03. 1 01
I 01 1 01 1 00
5R-Si 58a . 67i
61 ,j , 61 ,.. 60
i2HHf . . 63' 62 I
4Zig-43 43 42
.40.fl 8t
3tiVy v SSVi . 87
3J-70, 11 70 31 05
,22.00 .23 00 . $1 26
23 00 23 00 21 10
1$ 5tW IS 62 13 10
13 40 12 40 12 Oft
13 25 12 2o . Jl 95
12 30 12 86 13 00
13 25 12 .25 11 SO
12 06 L II 05 U (0
R XvnS 20: first clears. Hl!Vfi4.25: a. cond
fOIIN-.Vo. 3 vellow. 'rf..1o.
OATS-No. 3 white, "o. N
KVK-Nij 2. TSfi71c. "
It RAN In 190-lb. sacks, $18.0Oj?R;5. .
Light Rata General, nlik Tem pe ra
ta res Mark Lower.
OMAHA, April 1, 1910.
The barometric depression, noted in tha
pfeaedlng repoit as central over the upper
Mississippi valley, has shifted eastward
during the last twenty-four hours, and now
extends In a trough shape from the upper
lakes south over the central valleys to the
gulf. Unsettled weather prevailed through
out the valleys since the preceding report,
and light rains were general. Rains con
tinue In the lake region, the Ohio and
Mississippi valleys this morning, and light
snows are falling along the Missouri river
In Nebraska and Iowa. Temperatures are
much lower from the mountains east Over
the.central valleys to the lakes, and frees
Ing wenther was general throughout the
upper Mississippi and Missouri valleys Isst
night. The Indications are. favorable for
continued cold weather In this vicinity to
night, and freezing temperatures are pre
dicted for Nebraska and Iowa.
The following shows the temperature and
precipitation for the last three years:
. 1810. I. 1908. 1907.
Minimum temperature.... .12 81 41 88
Precipitation 00 .13 .00 .01
Normal temperature for today 51 degrees.
Deficiency In precipitation since March 1.
1.28 Inches.
Deficiency corresponding period In 1909,
1.52 Inches.
Deficiency corresponding period In 1S0S,
2.02 Inches.
L. A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Cora aad Wheat Region Balletln.
For Omaha, Neb., for the twenty-four
hours ending at 1 a.- m.; 75th meridian
time, Saturday, April 16, WO:
Temp. Rain- '
stations. Max. Mln. fall.
Pt. cloudy
Pt. clondv
Pt. cloudy
Cloudy '
Ashland, Neb 45 S2
Auburn, Neb 63
li ken Bow, Neb. 40
2 '
Columbus, Neb... 43
Culbertson, Nb..
Falrbury, Neb...
Fairmont. Neb.
Or. Island. Neb..
Harrington. Neb. 86
Hastings, Neb.... 45
HoldreEe, Neb..
Oakdnlo. Neb...
Omnho, Neb 42
Tekamah, Neb... 41
Alta. la....
Carroll, la....
Clarltxla. la..
Sibley. Ia
Sioux City, la..
Minimum temperature" for twelve-hour
period ending at S a. m. '
No. of . Temp. Rain.
Central. Rations. Max. Mln. Inches.
Columbus, 0 17
74 53 .20
74 ; 58 ' .30
IndlannpollsJ 1 nil.. 12-.'
Chicago, 111
71 ., . 43 . . .30
rt. 1 .on is, mo .
74 46
Des Moines, la.
B 32 .00
40 . 32 . . .50
Minneapolis, Minn. 80
Kansas I'lty, Aio..
24 56 . 84- . i. .80
Omaha, Neb.
19 . . 44 30 .10
Freezina temperatures were general Frl
day night throughout the Minneapolis, Des
Moines and Omaha districts of the corn
and wheat region. Appreciable rains oc
curred In all except the Des Moines district
, . Local Forecaster, Weather Bureau,
Quotations of . thl , Day oa Varloas
NEW YORK. April 16. FLOUR-Dull and
barely steady; spring patents, 85.4o4J5.70;
winter straights, $3.Wii)5.20; winter patents,
$.356.76; spring clears, $4.40ft4.76; winter
extras, No. 1, $4.25(2(4.60; winter extras. No.
2. 3.ii&S 4.16; Kansas straights.- $5.0005.15.
Receipts. 13,746 bbls.; shipments, 6,348 bbls.
Rye flour, dull; fair to good, $4.264.46;
choice to fancy, $4 504.88. - - ..
CORN MBA L Steady: fine white and yel
low, $1.461.50; coarse, $1.86(J1.40;, kiln dried,
RYBJ-t-NomlnM; No." western, , 58c, f. a'j
b. New York. ' ''i
WilEATJSpot dull; No. 2.rert.' $1.17. c. 1.J
r., to arrive; no. l northern,' fi.i,(S. open
ing . navigation. Option wheat was, firm
early on Covering by shorts on j the cold
weather In .the west, chut ,on tha advance
there was renewed selling nn weak , cash.
May, $1.16frl.l7. closed $1.16-,. .My. Al.10
ftl.U, closed $tl0; -SepUrmper olpsed at
$1.07. Jtecelpts, 19.W10 bu. . ' .
CORN Spot market steady1;, steamer,
63c, nominal, export basis; No'. 4, (Oo, ele
vator, export basis; export No. 3, 64c,
asked. The option market was 'without
transactions, dosing unchanged. May closed
at 68c, July at 71o and September at
71c, Receipts,' 11,250 bu.; shipments,
3,677 bu.
OATS Quiet; mixed, 26 to S3 lb.a, nom
inal; natural white, 26 to 32 lbs., 46tH7c;
clipped white, 84 to 42 lbs., 478SSc. Option
market waa without transaotlons, closing
nominal. Receipts, 13,725 bu.; shipments,
1,706 bu.
HAY Irregular; prime, $1.10; No. 1, $1.10;
Ne. 2, 95cti$1.00; No. 3, 0g95o. .
HOPS Dull; state, common to choice,
1909, 2:VnMc; 1908, nominal; Pacific coast,
1909, Ib-g 19c; 1808, nominal.
HIDES Firm; Central America, 22c;
BogoU, 22g33c,
LEATHER Firm; Jiemlock firsts, 26'S1
29o; seconds, 23(27c; thirds, 224j25c; rejected,
20-a2ie. ' '
. PROVISIONS Pork, weak; mess, S25.7S;
family, $27.0a27.60; ahort clear, $J5.75&tf7.50.
Keefs. steady; mess, $15.0OB16 00; family,
$19.00gl9.60; beef hams, $34.0OS26.00. Cut
meats, quiet; pickled bellies, 10- to 14 lbs.,
$16.004217.00; pickled hams, $17.60. , Lard,
weak; middle west, prima, fl3.OOfl3.10; re
fined, weak and nominal; South America,
$14.76; compound. $10.2T610.50
TALIjOW Quiet; prlmo city, ods., 7c;
country, 77o.
RICE Steady; domestic, ztjocj japan.
BUTTER Weak; creamery specials, sac:
extras. 82c; thirds to tlrst, ..anisic; neia
second to specials, 2M?Slc.
CHEESE -Quiet; State, full crenm, new,
best. 13c: common to fair. 11 13c.
KOOfi-Stesdy; western storage select ons,
22tt234o: regular packed, extra firsts, 22
2So; firsts. 2.'fa22Hic. soutnern,, regular,
packed .firsts, 2113.220.
POULTRY Alive, steady; fowls, 22o;
turkeys, M'ri2De. Dresoed, firm; fowls, 15
19o; turkeys, 17?23c.
Kansas City Grain and Provisions.
tl.02. sellers: Jul. 97fi'970. sellers; Sep.
tember. SC-vwc, sellrrs. rash, Z7Mo
loaer; No. 2 hard. $1 .0,M51 .09; No. 3, $1.01dj
1.07; No. 2 red. 81.10ijl.13; No. i H.tWl.ll.
CORN May. 57e. bid: Jily. 6a59c,
sellers: Seuiember. b&'Afi 58iO. sellers. Cah.
unchanged to c lower; No. ?. mixed. 5.4
W5Sc; No. R. W257c; No. I white, eodjtwo;
No. 3. f.9sj59c.
OATa Vncbanged, nomlnaU No. 2 white,
42M46; No. 2 Ultxtd,. 41i645a. , .
RYE -,7c. - .- " -' -
HAY I'nchangedl" cholra timothy. $15;
choice H-alrle, $10.751111.00; Choice alfalfa,
1.WV(V 17.50. . . . ..-''
Rt'TTKR I'nchangsd; creamery extras,
30c; firsts, 2io; stcondi, 36o; packing, stock,
EGGS 6c. Jower; current .receipts, new
cases, $5.73; iniscellaneoua casts. $5.70;
southarns. $5.45; toraf" necked. $6.15
Receipts, Bhlpine-"
Wheat: bu. ,:..? $mo-
Corn, bu ". 2 000 -' (-9.000
O&tS. bu.. : 8.CO) 8,000
- PtlladcVthla Prodnoe- Market.
Weuk: lower; extra ura creamery, 34e;
nearby prints, S5o.
EGGS Mady ; fair demand; Pennsyl
vania and other nearby firsts, free cases,
2Tc. at nisrkr current recelptsrln returnable
cases, at mark; western, fre. cases, 23c
at mark; current receipts, free cases, 22c
at mark. -
CHKK9E-Quiet: new, ViK. lower; J full
croenis, choice, old. 17"f17c; fair to good
old, 10lijlic; new, 14ui4c.
' Liverpool Orala and Provisions.
LIVERPOOL. April 16. WHEAT - Spot,
dull; No. 3 red weotern win tar, no stocka
Futures, dull; My, ?s8d; Jyly. 7s 8d;
October. Ts 6d.
CORN Spo(, quli-t; new American mixed
northrrrik 5s Sd; old American mixed, 5 ml;
Futures, dull; July, nominal,
MIlwaskM Grain Market. -
MILWAUKEE. April 16. FLOUR-Dull.
WHl5AT-.No. 1 northern. $1 HJiLlJ; JJo. t
northern, $1 .0b'v l.Ot; July, $1()1T,
OATS 4tc. 1 " "''
BARLEY Sample,' 08.. - - . T. . .
Du.lo(h Grain Market". !
DULlHlI. Arrll 16. WHEAT May,
$1.4,; JulS'.' ' I1.09;'' 1' hhrthern. $I.0i;
No. $ northern. $l,05j' ;.,',.
OATS-uc. v. , ; . . ,
'-.' Tutletl) Market, .vv.c
' TOLinvi, wltnif M EEr' -Clover, oash,
r 10; April, S5; December, $6 .42 "4. Tim
othy, prune, $J lu. Alslke, prim. $I.ia
Cattle Eeceipti Are Light and Pricei
Are Nominally Steady.
Material De-llaes la Provisions Drives
Market to Lowest Polat la May
Weeks hee ArtNois
" tnmXtr Steady.
SOrtH OMAHA, April IS, 1S10.
Receipts were: - Cattie. Hogs. Sheep.
Official Monday.. I... 1 14$ 4.471 .oii
Off Irlal Tuesday l.V ll.m s.ww
Official Wednesday 4.311 11.4H1 $ 216
Official Thursday t,i0 10.443 4.8J9
Official Friday 7 7,14 5,2
bsumata Saturday 144 o.f" "
Sir 4av hla aralr 20 R04
Fame days last. week... .lu.6
Same days $ weeks sgo. 23,1
Ham days 4 Weeks ago.Jl.W7
ciMiii u.;. ittm jrvKr dv.jvi
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha for
tha year.Ut date, compared with last year:
' mm loot Inc. Deo.
Cattle 393,156 273,318 18.838
. .670.803 819 156 148.2M4
iic isi ti7 6'r. 72.375
,, MAI," .......
m - i i i ,. li . . . v. .Mrill.
tie luiiuwiiii isuie ehuhi
prices of hogs at South Omaha for tha last
several days with comparisons:
Data., 1910. 19U9.190$.1987.1U.1905.1904.
April 7...
April t...
April ...
April 10..
April 11..
4 98
4 91
4 91
4 96
4 88
4 81
4 Of
4 99
4 89
Receipts and disposition of llva stock at
the Union Stock yards, South Omaha, Neb.,
for twenty-four hours ending at I a'clock
p. m. yesterday:
Cattle. Uses.
Missouri Pacific
Union Pacific
C. & N. W., east
C. V N. W . west
C, St. P.. M. & O
C, B. & Q., east
C., B. 4. 14., west
C-, R. I. 4V P., east
Illinois Central
4 29
4 M
Cattle. Hogs.
....... w
..... 11
Omaha Packing company..
Swift and Company
Cudahy Packing company.
Armour St Co n
fccti warts-Bolen company...
Other buyers
Totals....'. '..' ; 11 3,574
CATTLE Only four cars of cattle were
reported In this morning, which was not
enough to make a market, and prices were
nominally steady, as compared with yester
day. As compared with a week ago, clos
ing prices this, week Oo not show very much
change so far as the desirable, light afld
bandy weight cattle are concerned, while
tiers has been a decline of 10.016c on the
ordinary run of plain, .heavy cattle. Both
local dressed beet men and eastern buyers
have been anxious for fat, handy weight
s leers, and they have sold well all tha
week, while there has been a disposition
to discriminate against - the heavys. cattle,
and unless choice, they have been alow
and unsatstfactory sellers most of ths
time. A good share of the decline Of ths
early part of the week,-however, has been
regained "and tha general tone to ths trade
at the close la rather strong than other
wise. - '
: Buppllea-of cows and heifers have been
of very moderate proportions -tui week,
sua on tnis account and partly because 01
the broad demand, the trade has been In
very-satisfactory-condition from a .seller's
Standpoint Good to choice, fat cows and
heifers have been in active request 'right
long, while vthore has. been a good- In
quiry from feeder buyers for desirable thin
stock,. Medium and common stuff has not
been so milch sought after and they have
been rather slow sale atr' times, although
Closing quotations are about the- same as
a week ago. - Veal calves show no par
ticular change for tho week, but there has
been mora or 'less of a slump In the market
for beef steers and rough stock generally.
There has been a very fair volume . of
business done In tho stooker and feeder
market, and for the most part prices com-
6 are very favorably with a week ago.
leavy stuff has been a little slow at times,
and the-bulk' of the offerings of this de
scription has sold to the killers at con
siderably better prices than the feeder
buyers would pay.' On the other hand,
there has been a good demand from the
country all. week for. th desirable light
and medium weight stuff, and prices have
been about as high as at any time this
season. .... . . . ' -
Quotations on cattle: Oood to . choice
cornfed steers, $7 65.00; fair to good
cornfed steer, ' $6.00fc7.0O; good to choice
cows and heifers, $5.806.75; fain to good
cows and heifers, $4.76T.65; common to fair
cows and heifers, $2.754.50; good to choice
stockers and feeders, $3.0O7.OO: '' fair to
good stockers and feeders, $5.O0j6.O9; -common
to fair stockers and feeders, - $3J59
4.75; stock heifers, $3.76if 4.50; veal calves,
$4.26f,5.26; Dtllt8 stags, etc., $3.5O&.00. '
HOGS--Prbvlslons were badly demoral
ized again this morning, and the trend of
hog prices was sharpiy lower from tha
opening. A few dime lower offers were
made at tha start, but these were aulcklv
withdrawn and replaced by l6cta0o lower
bids. One or two loads kept selling at a
time at these figures until thirty-five or
forty of the pehs had been emptied, about
nan or loiai supply. At this juncture,
buyers simply quit and It was very diffi
cult to get any kind of an offer until well
aung lenaia noon, unippers were nrao
ileal I y out of the trade as has been' the
case on most oays this week. ,
At the time of olosing this report' there
were still almost one-half of the bogs re
ceived still in first hands, with no buyers
in slghtv- , . ..
loaaya neciine, ot course, carries the
market hot only to the lowest point of the
wr, oui sifo 10 me-lowest level In many
weeks.. It follows that the net loss In
prices has been very large and trad slow
throughout. Heavy receipts on- most days
have tended to make a bad situation worse
witn in result that current sales
are just about 60c lower than this a week
Representative salest
at. git. pr Ms
.ist 40 t 10 ' m.
. .130
8b. Pr.
... M
0 U
M I 16
.. Is
so I M
40 t 35
.. 40
40 4
80 9 40
40 40
10 I 44
II ... .
IS. ...
M ...
66. . . .
45. ...
it ao
r,. ....... ,t
to i
.144 1W S7i
.M .. ISO
ti 140 I 10
.! 40 I 9 ..
.116 K 10 '
Ul 1HJ 1
.m ... iio
M 10 ID
231 ... 41 U.
.14 20 46
I I M 43
14 ...
,,. .IU tOO t 46
... I HI
40 I SO
40 I 60
... t W
... J
4 .
7 ...tut
u a
. ..iM
. . . I.ST
.. I WS4
20 I 42
.. I2S
.. IS
.. Ill
... I IH4
0 TV4j
t 5
t tot too t w
74 ...II .to IU
I 4)
I M'
,..'..'. M IU
40 I lo
. .
W ' S 7t
Blitur-'in su4tcp barn v. as practically
dravrttu toaay, as is usually me case 011 a
batuinay, ai.d prices rsmalued uomlnuliy
-tteady. . v
'lb week's supply has beep a few thou
tauQ head iarer inai. last week's run. but
much smaller than receipts during u
tarn wetk last year. Most of the ship
ments hav coin from duferent Nebraska
seclious, tl run of Colorado lambs hsvlng
stopped abruptly. Wooled lambs of good
quality aro still coming In freely, but the
stiorn end of receipts is steadily Increasing
almost a third of supply consisting of
Ihorn stuff.
Under th Influence of a broad and ac
tive demand at the opening, prices on all
kinds of stock were marked up consider
ably, but fairly liberal recelpie on Wed
nesday and the feeling In picking circles
that local prices were too lofty as com
pared .with, other ptnts, brought about a
reaction and much of the early gain was
lost as a result. A keener demand Thurs
day and Friday produced moderate ad
vances tbal carried goud gradrs of sheep
snd, lamb almost back to the high point
at the opening. Current quotations are
Just about UiH5c higher than a week ago,
with well-fiMted shorn- strings and hlgh
tfrfslr.g wooled. lots, ahowlng th full ad
vance '
' Shorn shep "and lambs' are' quotable at
7cIll.W per -' b4.ndredwr.lght lower than
slmUttr ouullijr woolvd Moments. Th fol
l.iwiiig quotations apply to th latter class
of sloe : .-.. .
Good to choice lsmbs. $9 WW10 00; fair -to
good lambs, tS.OOtii 4 50; good light yea-int.
ts jS.ifc good heavy ) earliug. $8 Wa8.50;
10 16 90 8 81 12 26
10 16V f 90 I 74 86 t 25
10 16 Hi 74 $2 8 25
6t6S39 6 30 C25
10 03 t 72 42 t $3 I I8
79 (99 (42 ( 84 6 31
68 V 01 6 64 6 46 1 6 88 i 2
9 StS W 5 .V. 1 6 46 5 26
9 (, 6 8 5 43 6 89 5 31
8 54 $ 88 6 37 ( 43 1 4 49
good to choice wethers. IS OO-.l 8 35; fair to
Rood wether. $7KHi-8.00; good to choice
ewes, $7.501 8.00; fair to good ewes, $6.75'(J.o.
Cattle Market Stead r lloaa Re
ported Lower thee Weak.
estimated at 2"0 head; market steady;
CHICAGO. April 1 CATTL& Receipts
beeves, $6 Ulu S. a : T"As Slecrs. . . el S5;
western steerg, $o 00j (isf,; stockers Slid feed
ers. U X'i ; cows and heifers, $2.3ifi.25;
CnlvejL $;.iXku8 50.. , '
HOGS Receipts estimated at 10 000 head;
market 10c lower; light, 86010.00; mie1,
19 60 95; heavy, $9.-S9 9i; rough, $9 60i
9 70, good to choice heavy, $9. 70 ii 9 95; pigs,
$9.25$ 10W; ' bulk "of sales. $9 MU9 96.
SHEEP AND' TjAMRS Receipts, esti
mated at 15.000 heai; market wreak; native,
$.50'; western, $ri.tsti V40; yearling,
V'iiHK lambs, native, $;.i55))9.75: western,
Kansas City nraln and Provisions.
ceipts, 200 head; n southerns; market
steady; natlvs steers, 1660148.25; southern
stfers, $5.258.00; southern cows, UW5.7);
native cows and heifers, $4 0O(J7.60; stock
ers and feders. $4tOji8.W; bulls,- $4.0ik.t6.0O;
calves, $3.758.00; weetern steers, $6.75((i8.WJ;
western cows, $400tr6.25.
HOGS Receipts, 5 000 hesd; market 69100
lower; bulk, $9 5Vci9.75; heavy. $9.70r9 W
parkerrand butchers, $.60u9 80; light, $a.a0
ft 9. 70; pigs, $s.60y9.00.
SHEEP AND IjJk M RS Receipts, 1.000
head; market steady; muttons, $6 60(8.50;
lambs, $S.26fi9.73; fed western wethers and
yearlings, $7.009.10; fed western ewes. $6.60
-.... -
New York Live atorlttarket.
NEW YORK. April lfl.-C ATTI..E Tloercs,
receipts, 1.7X5 head. iNotlrtng doing In live
cattle,, feeling stetidy. Drersed- beef quiet,
but firm. Exports, 159 head cattle and 3,703
tiuarters of beef. '
CAI.VES Receipts, none. Market nom
inally firm;, dressed calves, firm; city
dressed veals, 8cj15c; country dressed, 8
12c. ' '-
HOG?? Receipts," 2.6S1 head. ' Market was
nominally steady at $10 4O4jil0 65.
SHEEP AND LAMBS-Uccelpts, 4,St5
head. Sheep, nominal; lambs, steady;' fair
unshorn lambs, - $10.10; medium clipped
St. Loots General Market.
ST. LOUIS, April 16.-CATTLE-Recelpts,
$ 000 head, ' including 150 'Texans; market
steady;-native beef steers. $7.5Kt8.B0; cows
and heifers, $3.5ft5f7.66; stockers and feeders.
$4.00g6.00; Texas, and Indian steers, $4-601
$00; cows and heifers, $3.006.25; calves, in
carioaa lots, 83.608.26.
HOGS Receipts, 4,000 head) market 5c
lower: pigs and lights, $9.80&i9.96; packers.
$9Vg 10.00; butchers and best heavy, $9.85
610.00. .;;
No sheep. ' '
St. Joseph juire Stock Market.
Receipts, 100 head J market-steady ; steers,
$5:75i8.00; cown and heifers $3.2506.50;
calves $4.006 7.60. 1
MOOS Receipts, 2,200 head: market, 6S10c
lower; top, $9.80;- bulk of sales, $9.654j'9."6.
No sheepvon sal. .
. Stock In Slghtl
' Receipts of live 'Stock at "the flvo princi
pal western martlets yesterday.
- . ... u.
South " Omaha... . j..
..V. 143 " 6,763 40
St. Joseph
Kansas City ........
.... 100 '
.... 200 2,000 1.000
..i. 3,000 .-4.000
St. Louis :u'..
Ghloago .-.t..-ve.
.... 200 J. 0W - 1,500
Totals 41,.,.. ....8,643 .23,963 2.540
Staple and Fancy' Prog oco Prices Far
nlsbed by TJoyer and Wholesalers.
BUTTER Creamery. No. 1,- delivered to
the retail trade-in i-lb. cartons. 33c; iio. 1,
in 60-lb. tubs.. 32c;, No. 2, In 1-lb. cartons,
lie; in 60-lb. tuba, 80c; packing stock, solid
pack, 19c; dairy, in 60-1 b, tubs, 26c. Market
changes ivery Ttlesday.
CHEESE Twins,, 17c;. , young America,
18c; dulsy-chcesei J80; limborger, 18c; No.
1 brick, 17c. domestic block Swiss, 23c; Im
ported Swiss.. 30c.
POUiTItY-i-DrinBsed broilers, $9.00 doz.;
for storage, -$;. 00,-, for. fresh springs, 19c;
hens, 19c; ooks.,112Uc; (lucks, 18c; geese,
15c; turkeys,. jevptgeonSy. per do., $1.20;
homer squabs, 00 per doz.; fancy sqaubs,
$3.50 per Nor-I. $1.00 per dux. Alive:
Broilers, from llTlo'm lbs., 45c; 1 to i
lbs., 30c; hens, HsQnld roosters, 9Vic; young
roosters. lScr'trVlcKs,' full feathered. 14c;
geese,, full featljcrcd, Dc; turkeys, ISc;
;ulnea fowls, 25c each; pleons, 75c per doa. ;
lotaeis, $3.00 per doz.; su,uabs. No. 1 $2 per
FISH (all frozerfyiiSalmdn, 11c; pickerel,
tc; whltefish, 18c; pike, 10c; trout, 13c; cat
fish, 18c; large crkpples, loaiSC; smells, lc;
Spanish mackerel,- 18c; "eel, 18o; haddodk,
lao; flounders, 12cr frog, legs, 40c per doz.
Fresh catfish, lir?:; trout, 13c; buffalo, 9c;
halibut, 9o. s '
FRUiXts Strgwberrlrs: Texas and Louis
iana. 24-o.t Cases, per case. $3.50: 24-ot.
cases, per case, J J. 00. Oranges: California
Camella brand "Redlana Navels. 60-96-lli
sizes, per box, $2.5; JU size, per box. i'l.'J)
150-176-2O0-216-3t0 size, per box, $3.25; other
brands (torn nivrside ana other districts,
per box, $i.8oUi00;-. 80-96-112 sizes, per box,
$2.002.50. Lemons) Llmonlera, extra fancy,
1100-360 sizes, $6.00U'5.60; choioo iOO-ia.) sizes,
per box. $4.50; 2tu size. .50c . pet- box loss.
Bananas: i'ancy select. prr bunch. $2.2f; jumoo, uuuiy imj.w. urup iruit:
Florida. 46 size; IJ.Od. Applea: Ben Davis.
per'bbL, $3.3u; Nw York Kuasets, medium
slzn-per bbl.. $3.50: California fancy W. W.
pearntalns, per box, 12.10; California-extra
faney Wi w. -paarinaJn, Kei w ood brs d
ber box. $2.25: extra fancy 'Jelorado Jona-
than, per box, - $2,50. Cranberries: Jersey,
winter stock., pef , bbL, 15 OWii.&u. Dates:
Anchor brand. n4)t, 30 1-lb.; pkgs.. In box.
per Dos, iz.w. igai-jaiirornia, vki size, 30c.
VEGETABLES Irish Potatoes: Wiscon
sin and native, per bu., 40,-i.Wc; Colorado,
per bu., SOQtiOc; Seted sweet, potatoes' Kan
sais .per bbU, $kfi0. Cabbage: Wisconsin,
Holland aeedr per -ib.r io Celery: (.'aliforla
or Florida, per u-ib- bunch, loo. ; Onions:
Red. aer lb., 8c; Texas crystal wax, per
crate, $2.75. Old vegetables: parsnips, car
rota, beets, turnips, In sacks, per lb., to.
Garlic: Extra fancy. ".white, per lb., lie;
red nnr Ih.. lfic.
Radlshes: Per dos. bunohes. 45c. Turn ds
Per dos. bunches, 60c' Carrots: Per doz.
bunches; 50c. Shallots: Per doz. bunohes,
50o. Paraleyi Per doz. bunches. 60c. Beets
Per dos.' bunches? 60c. Splnacht'Per bu., U
lbs., 1100. Egg plant: Fancy Florida, dot..
$1.6O2,08. Tomatoes: Fsncy Florida or
Cuba. Ber 6-baskt orate. $8.25r choice. $2.75.
fHrlng and wax bean sr Per hamper,- about
25 Jbs.,- j.uii wo jucunioersi ot nouse.
per doX. il.7W(.z.( -
Radishes: Extra - fancy -borne grown.- per
doz. bunches, 35d Lettuoe: Extra fancy
leaf, oer d as.. 40c: tread lettuce In hampers.
$3 00(35.00. Parsley: Fancy homo grown, per
doz. bunches, 4vc." itnsoaro: far out.
bunches. 45c. Asparagus: Per dos.
bunches, 76a Green onions: Per doz.
Imnehen 15i. - -
MISCELLANEOUS '- Horseradish: Two
doz. In case.- $1 90. -Walnuts: Black, per lb.,
lc: California, No.-1, per lb., 16c; California
No. 2. soft, per-lb., 12s. Hickory nuts:
Large, per lb., 4c; smnll, per lb., 5c. IU
roanuts: Per ssck, $5.00: per doz., (jc
Honey: Per 24-fram( case, $3.25. -.
; Cotton Makt. ',-,:
NEW YORK: April 16.-OOTTON Market
ket opened stead at n advance of lji,4
point on overnight puymg orders, aitnougn
the c'ables were "slightly disappointing.
Europe was a buyer early, but bulls gave
prices no aggressivs auppori, ana in mar
ket soon eased off. Reports of too much
rain In the central belt imparted a reiu
tlvely steady tone to the new crop, how
ever, and prices rallied, on covering.
In limited demand, prlcea 13 point higher;
Amerloan middling lair. S.SIc:. good mid
dling, 807c; middling, 7 93c; low middling,
7 8:4c t suod ordinary. 7.57c: ordinary. 7.32c.
Th sales of the day were 7,000 bales of
which 600 were for simulation and export
ann memo- n.iw Amri icnn.
ST.. LOUIS. April 15.-COTTON-Steady
middling. Hc. Sales. 750 bales . receipts.
1.2S2 hule; ehlpmauu, LS64 , bales ; stock.
?.S.t.76 bales.
Spot. closed utictiunifed; sales on the spot.
s) bales; to arrive w bales. Low ordinary,
llo, nominal; rdbiary, U5-16c; good or
dinary, 13c; strict good ordinary, 15c;
low middling. i.i-io-. strict, low -middling,
14 6-16cr middling. .14 9-Hie; strict nilddllnir.
14c; gopd middling, 1 14 15-16C; srit good
middling, lnc; mlOdllng rlr, 15Vt.o; mid
dling fair to fair, 15c; fair 16o, nominal
Receipts, 2,972 bales; atock, 11S.&U2 bales.
Evaporate Apple and rtrl'd Frilla,
APPLES Quiet but best 'grade are firmly
ield on the spot, fancy In quoted at 10c,
chojc; -);l(hc; prjme,- 6'u1c; cpnimoi to
fair. '(1c. ..'-'. ' 1
DIUKU FRUITrWPrunes r( aulet and
barely steady, quotations range from 2'if
;Wo tut California: bp' to 80-40 oa kjao
for Orefona, . . . v -.:
' "'' "' Hay. Market. , , .'.' '
- OMAHA, April lt-HAT-No, 1. $9 00: Nn.
Z. $8.00: parking, 'i 00 .-Mtrawt Wheat. i0)'
rye and oats, $7.00" Alfalfa, $12 00. Tha sup!
ply of poor 1 mtwh heavier than Hie
demand n. nobody Dalits to buy tb
poorer duality.
Mayor Trainor Refuses to Interfere
in Organization of Council.
They Ask Permission to Snbmtt Slate
Rnt Execntlve Won't Listen
- Coaatr Tax
Fall Dae.
The democratic members of th? city
council called on Mayor P. J. Trainor yes
terday afternoon to submit to him a pros
pective organization of the council and to
ask that he permit the democratic council
to dlctat some of the Appointments which
are lawfully delegated to th mayor by
the city charter. The list of committees In
the council showed a change since the
proposed list was published a few days ago.
Since then the democrats are snld to have
headed and controlled each of the councll-
manlc committees, with John Franek
named as the president of the council.
The mayor refused to Interfere In the
organization of the council, declaring that
the council had the right to organize as It
saw fit and that it should proceed on Its
rights without reference to the. mayor. .
He also gave the visiting councilmen to
understand that he understood perfectly the
rights which the city charter bestowed
upon him In the matter of appointments.
The parties who are appointed by the
mayor are to bo affirmed by th council,
but in the event they are not they will
be de facto officers without affirmation.
The mayor showed a disposition to be
conciliatory, however, and it depends on
what the council is willing to concede In
Its organization whether be will ' concede
any appointments. Another confereno is
to be held Monday afternoon wltiy the re
publican members, and the mayor may be
called In.
Th mayor dismissed the street gang yes
terday which has been working under the
previous administration, but as yet has
named no one to fill the places. John
Hudec, the special officer In charge of the
city prisoners, was dismissed also.
Connty Taxes Do.
The people of South Omaha are prone to
forget that the city treasurer is at present
the deputy county treasurer also, and that
they should pay their county taxes In South
Omaha. These taxes are falling duo and
many people will probably make th mis
take of going to Omaha to pay their taxei.
They may pay them there, but it will cause
much confUBlon, as the books are properlj
prepared In South Omaha. The city treas
urer,' J. J. Olllln, announced yesterday that
the whole levy of personal and real prop-
erty was now ready for payment and ahould
b paid In South Omaha at the convenience
of the property owners. If -paid In Omaha
it will make much extra work In checklna
back and forth and prectlcally defeat tho
object sought when South Omaha was made
a subtreasury.
Woodle COok Incarcerated.
Woodle Cook, a negro of South Omaha.
said yesterday that he didn't mind being
railroaded" to Jail, but he did not relish
being sent through at express fates. It re
quired about ten minutes from the time he
nurloined $5 from the purse or Mrs. Mar
garet Ulrlch, Twenty-second and streets,
until h was nursing his .wonndea xeeung
after a sentence to thirty days ' in the
county Jail by Judge Callanan.
He had been employed to work for Mrs.
Ulrlch, who left, , her purse. In .the room
where the, negro was cleaning up. lie
"took- $5' from' the purse,' wfiloh contained
over $460 In cash and checks, thinking that
sh-would hot discover the Joss at;, once.
A slight gesture on the1 negroe's part caused
Mrs. Ulrich to count her money' Vhen she
returned Just ."too lata .to detect him , In
the act. She accused him of taking the
money and started to ihe police .station.
He caught up with her and offered the
money back. She took tha money, but
turned the negro over to Judge Callanan,
who Imposed a sentence of thirty days
for petit larceny. All the events occurred
within ten minutes . and Cook was -last
heard mourning the rapid turn of the wheel
01 fortune. . ,
Y.'.M. C, A. Dinner Announced.
A 6 o'clock dinner will be given under
the auspices of the local Young Men's
Christian association Thursday evening,
April 2L-at the Greer hotel. A general In
vitation is extended to all who are In
terested In the work of the association on
condition that those who accept the invita
tion must report their names to the sec
retary not later than Wednesday evening.
The object ts to present the affair of
th association In the best light and - th
result of the action will there taken be
vital to the association. Under the present
condition of th affairs greater Interest
must be developed or the association must
cease to exist, . . ,
Small Meteorite Fall.
Paul Anhouser of Omaha while visiting
at the horn of Q. W. Roberts, th city n
gineer of South Omaha, Friday evening,
saw' a small meteorite fall on the lot near
the residence where he visited,' The celes
tial particle- fell through a cloudy sky
and was vary brilliant when first seen,
but diminished rapidly with the deoent
after the manner of most meteors. He
ran out to the place where the object fell
and discovered a small hole in the ground
where th meteorite lay still red hot. He,
with a number of curious spectators, dug
up the small object a soon as possible and
found an Irregular mass resembling a piece
of waste Iron. It was two or three inches
in diameter. The meteorite waa found at
725 North Twenty-second street.
oiltB-Malaehy Wedding; Monday.
Thomas Smith and Mlas Mary Mulcahy
will be married Monday morning at St.
Mary's church. The ceremony will take
place pt $ a. m., Father Charles Mugan
officiating. Leading up to this event Miss
Alice Rafferty gave a kitchen shower for
the bride Saturday, April 9. .Miss Nellie
Welsh and Miss Anna Oaughan gave a
china shower last Friday. Ml a Alice Raf
ferty will be brlde'Bmald and Mr. Patrick
Woods will assume the role of best man.
Miss Mulcahy Is th daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. William Mulcahy, 170 South Forty
eighth street.
Tho Labor Gnsett.
A new paper, Th Labor Gazette, In the
interest- of labor, la to b launqhed in Its
first flight April 19, In South Omaha. This
paper will . be the official paper qf the
South Omaha Central Labor union and
also will represent all the labor organiza
tions. The sheet will be put up In maga
zine form and the data of publication Is
each Tuesday. The management ia In the
hands of C. II. Van Wle, who announces
that the paper has received good support
from th South Omuha. merchants and
working men.
Made City Ooln.
Our children' fine colored top shoe are
It. Crtsey.
Thomas Hoctor returned Friday from a
trip t Bloux City. -
Our Stetson shoes for men, will save you
$1 a pair. Try it. Crrsrey.
The Death Valley Slugger defeated the
Cherry li. Ill team yesterday by -a scot of
11 to u. ..'!,..
JuMt Received A new lot of fine strap
sandals for . girls at l.-". (LuO - and $1 76
pair. Cressey. . . .-,
The Ladies' Aid society of tha Preaby.
ttsrian church will giv Its anniuU hot Ma
rti It and nsple- snip illnner at the resi
dence of Dr. and M. C. AI. Schlndcl Tues
day evening, April 19.
Rev. C. R. Cook ef Omnha will conduct
the service at the English Lutheran church
this morning. .
Try us this spring for anything you need
In the shoe or oxford lino. You will bo
pleased. Cressey.
The Kk offer Try a pair of wr hoy's
sktiffer for spring or summer wear; prices,
$1 26 and $150 pair. Cressey.
Th N. C. C. Base Rail club defeated the
Tigws, T to . yesterday In a gam played
at Twenly-elghtn and E streets.
Local members of the Improved Order
of Red Men ar notified to mevt today
at 1:30 p. m. to attend the funeral of Mar
tin Isaacson. Tho delinquent will bo ub
Ject to a fine of $1.
home consumers. Prompt delivery guaran
teed. 'Phone South 164.
'PHONE SOVTH MS for a case cf JET
TER BOCK BEKU. Prompt delivery to
any part of the city. Henry J. .letter.
Men' low shoes at $3.50 and $4.00 pair ar
winner. See them. Cressey.
High Romsn Sandnls Very nobby. Just
In, for girls, all else to No. 2. Cressey.
William Jowph Sweeney. 1 months old, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sweeney, died Satur
day. Th funeral will be held at 4 p. m.
today from th residence, 1010 North Twenty-sixth
street. Dr. R, L. Wheeler will
preach the sermon. .
Your aching feet ' will be cured If you
put them In a pair of our Grover'a street
shoes. Cressey.
. FOR RENT Acre tracts: 81 acres, Wosl
L St.; good Improvements; fine for gar
dening. 11 acres, 8. 36th St.; S rooms, barn,
well and wind mill; nice place. 5 acres, 1
mile south of city limits; good yard and
cistern. All nice land. O'Nell's Heal Es
tate and Insurance Agency. Tel. South 192.
1 1 I
Kentneklan Are Convicted of Hav
ing Worked In Restraint
ot Trade.
CINCINNATI. April 17.-Elght Grant
county Ky.) farmers were found guilty of
conspiracy In restraint of trade by a Jury
in the United State's district court at Cov
ington, Ky., late today. Of the twelve men
Indicted' one was dismissed by order of
Federal Judge Cochran yesterday and three
others were acquitted In the verdict ren
dered by the Jury today. Fines ranging
from $100 to $1,000 were assessed.
. The defendants convicted were alleged to
have Interfered with the Interstate com
merce by "Intimidating and persuading"
W. T. Osborne, also a Grant county farmer,
to withdraw from shipment a lot of tobacco
consigned to the Cincinnati market from
the station at Dry Rld?e, Ky.
All the men found guilty are prominent
In their ' locality, on of them, John 8.
Steers, being a clergyman and member of
the state legislature. The prosecution
marked the first efforts upon the part of
the federal government to take a hand In
dealing, with alleged "night rider'' out
rages. Judge Cochran made it plain that the
Burley Tobacco society as an organization
was a factor in the cases on trial and ruled
out both from the evidence and -the argu
ments of counsel matters involving It. The
Case passed upon today will be appealed.
Wllllant CraYhtree snd Mr. Cbarle
locnni of Knobvlll! Ia.,
Found Dead.
KNOXVILLE, Ia., April 17.-Wllllam
Crabtree, aged 19, and Mrs. Charles Slocum,
aged 36, committed suicide here late today.
A neighbor woman who chanced to enter
the, home of Mrs. Slocurn. found Crabtree
dead. 'Thowii, across, his body with her
arm about him, ' lay 'the woman in th
agony of-death, blood flowing from a
frightful gash' Ih ' her throat. Two half
empty glasses containing strychnine stood
nearby. Mrs.; Slocum Is the mother of four
children! .She-. and her husband separated
some weeks ago after a quarrel over Crab
tree. Wool Market.
BOSTON, Mass., April 16. WOOL
In teres t in the market Is becoming
stronger and a fair aggregate of wool Is
selling, while several largo lines of do
mestic stock have failed to move as a re
sult of a difference of o to lo 1 pound
between buyer and seller. Staple Oregon Is
In particular request 1 and It Is understood
that the entire remaining supply could be
sold If dealers were disposed to grant con
cessions. Clothing territory Is moving stead
ily, with fin to fine medium selling at 60
064c. A fairly, large movement In quarter
blood fleeces is reported at 30c, 29c for
Michigan. Ohio washed delaine Is selling
at 36e, with S5c rejected, while transfers
of unwashed delaine are taking place at 26
C27c. Crossbreds and merinos are selling
In very moderate volume only, but at firm
prices, th low prices on domestlo . wools
feeing responsible for buyers' almost ex
clusive Interest In American wool. It Is
believed that the merket Is about to ex
perience a revival of activity that will clean
up supplies, but owing to the outlook for
continued high values In the west and
abroad, dealers are not disposed to grant
further concessions. The shipments of wool
from Boston to., April 14, -Inclusive, - were
62.195,968 lbs.; against 72.692,815 lbs. for the
same time last year. The receipts to April
14. Inoluslve, wears 72,710.616 lbs., against
93,220, 6C6 lb, for th am period last year.
Coffee Market.
NEW YORK, April . 18.-COFFEE Th
market for futures-opened quiet at un
changed prices, in sympathy with feature
less foreign markets, and during the early
trading showed very little feature. Later,
however, there was a good deal of switch
ing from May to the late months, with the
near positions ruling easy owing to Haul
datiori, while lat months were well main
IyVC and
a. TEtPPHONR - AW ' '
We offer for sale and recommend the
purchase of any of the following bonds
Wichita Tall aad aTorthwsst
rw . Kallway Company of
OltUana G Company of Kan
kakee, 111
Taokaoavlll (Tlorlda) Oas
Company ,
Mnaoi, Indiana Liglil Com-
' pany
Sastern Wisconsin Hallway gj
Iilrht Company
oekford, Xillnola rieotlio
Kaein Ou Xlgbt Company
raster Oregon Light h 8011
Sscaaaba Power Company of
oanaoa, suon. ........
BAT NTB. Pre.,
Fremont. . ,
. (.-.,.
tslned, with the,nirket elvxili g sies-lv. nrt
8 points lower to I point hiirhrr. Ssles. 1
OHO !sk. Including SOW In tlie shape- of
exchnnges from M iv to Msrch at S3 punts.
CI wing lids follow: Am ll. 6 50c; June, 6 'c;
July. 6.70c; Aucust. September. October nn,
November, t i,'; Decomler, ISOc: Jsimsry,
$; February. 6.Mc; March. 9e. Snot,
quiet; Hlo, .. 7. 8"; Suntoa, No. 4, 9'4C.
Mild, quiet, CorOixre, 9ul2tc.
1 r- ,
lla aad Itoata.
NEW YORK. April liV-OJt S Tttrpen
tine, quiet; inscMne hnrrels, - tic C'ottos
erd oil. steadier; prime crude southeast,
7 .: prime sutiinw r yellow. $7"."Tt i.i; M:iv.
$7 8nj7.85; July, $7.9oli7.Sl L rVpteinber. $7 if.yi
7 86; Iecember. $6.61(0 6 13. Petroleum,
steadv refined New York. bbls.. $7.77: 1 e
flned New Vvrk. bulk. $4.85; Philadelphia,
blii . $7.7,1; Philadelphia, bulk. $4 25.
RoSIN Quiet; refined common to
good. $4.60 ...
HtHIN Firm; ettlrs S.K bnxrs; receipt,
771 boxes; shipments; 793 boxes; stock. 7i,9l
Nixes. iJuot.: R, 14 !; D. $4.35: E. $1 : F,
$I9MvCO; (!, $:,.( 'Tfu.0r; H. tl7; I, $,'..
K. $V7T bl.l: M, $".8.1; N, $5,W; WO, $6nO.(J
6 10: WW. rtlfri
NEW ORLB.VNS. April 16-RO?itN-Re-cclpts,
69 bbls. . y. . t
agar and Molasses.
NEW YORIC, April '16 SUGAR Raw,
quiet: Mtipcnvsdo. H9 test, 8.74c; centrifugal,
9t test, 4 24c; molasses sugar, K9 test, 8.49e;
refined sugar, quirt; cut loaf, 8.9.o; crushed.
B.Wc; mould A, 5 50c: Cubes. 5.40c; XXXX
powdered, 5 30c; rmwdered. 6.25c; granulatnd,
6.16c; diamond A, 6 15c; confectioners' A,
494c; No. 1, 4 90c; No. 2, 4.8iV; No. 3. I.SOc;
No. 4. 4.7Tc; No. 5. 4.70c; No. R. 4.65c: No.
7, 4.60c; No. 8. 4 56c; No. , 4.68; No.' 10,
4 45o; No. 11. 4 40c: No. 12, 4.35c; No, 13.
4.30c: No. 14. 490c.
MOIASSRH steady; New Orleans, open
kettle, 32fi42e, . ' '
t'MIO. aiATION and IIsm,
Union Paclfl . ' Lva
fan Fran. Ov'rl'd Ltd. $.16 a. in.
Chi. Jap. F'st MalL 4:19 p. ra.
Atlantic Express
Oregon Express 4.09 p. nv
Oregon-Wash. Ltd. .....13:44 p. in.
Denver Special .i I Ml a. ra,
Colorado Upeolal ......U:4 p. ru.
Uolorado Express ...... t M p. Bz.
North Plat Local..... :15 a. in,
tlrand Island Local.... (:29 p. in.
Llnooln-Baat Local. ..18.41 p. m
VaL 41 Ceo, City Lot. 41:4 . ia.
Illinois Central
' ' ' " Leav.
11:30 p. nv
1:46 p. m.
1:46 a m.
:M av
$:4t) p. m,
IX M a. m
1:l a. m.
:(M p. ia,
4 :45 p. in.
10:80 a. ra.
'.:0 9-
lillt iu.
Chicago Express ......a 7:00 am a 346 pig
nucago limited a o:w pra a i. -tut
Mlnn.-Ot Paul xp.,.b 7:00 bib
Ulnn.-St. Paul Ltd a 6.00 piu a :46 am
Oinaha-rt Dodg Loco :16 pin am
ckleaao Itook Islana raolllo
Rocky Mountain Lit...,. a 1:40 am al0:30 pig
Iowa Local a 4:3u piu
Chicago Day Express. .a 6:68 aui
Des alolnss Loei.......a 4 .01) pm al2:$0 put
Iowa Local.' .......I10:3b am b 1:16 put
Chluago-Kastera Exp... a 4 W piu a 1:16 fin
Chlcago-Nebraaka Ltd. a put a 6:03 am
Chicago-Nebraska LlC
fur Lincoln. ........... .a 8:2B am a 6:47 pa
C01U. and Cal. Exp a 1:36 pro il:lu pis)
Okla. and Texas Exp.. .a 1: 30 piu a l:ii0 pra
Hocky Mountain Ltd...alO:44 pot a 1:34 aa
lieicaae A Mortxtvta
Omaha Express a i.OO ant alZ:36 am
Chicago ixioal .....aUi(Hi piu a 3:88 put
Colorado-Chicago a t.iM yui a . put
Chicago bpscltu ....a k:uu put a Im aia
Pacific Const-Chicago.. .a 6,o pro a l.u pin
Lo Angele Limited.,.. :lti piu aU.tfu yui
Overland Limited ...all:4a una a Lie am
Denver Special.. al3:4 am a .j4 aui
tar roil Local a 4:80 piu a tw m
Fast Mali a a . uut
Twin City Express....,. 1:6u am a)0:30 pra
eioux City Local .a 1:4 um a 8:2s Dui
MInu. k Dakota Kxp...a V:vo piu a 9:16 aia
'iwlu City Umlikl a mi yui a lntaut
WiiUfBOVtiSX. ,, .
Llr.eolu-Chadroa a 7 :60 am all:00 ar
Nortolk-Bonatell a 7:60 am a!0:46 pra
Long Plne-Uo. Piatt.. .b 1:U Dot , a t:2u on
hastlngs-buperlor b l:is pm b 6:30 pra
Lead wood-Hot bpg a 3:6 pm a 1:30 put
Casper- Lander 8. piu aU:0V m
imoni-AiDion : piu b 1:3 pt
lliaaourl Paelfla . .
K. C. and BU L. Sx.
K. t:. and UL U" a!x
.a t:f am a : aia
(lv Bat. 13 p. m alt:i6 pm a 6:30 pm
Lkicauo, llnssk at. Panl-
.. -, .-'.v. 'Lava." Arrlv.
Overland Limited aJi:4g pru a 1:00 am
Oniaha-Cblcago Uxp....a 7:14 am 1 111
toiorauD Diicuii 1 iwm
Colo.-Californla Lxp..'...a 6:W put
Parry-Omaha Xocal.....b t:li put
all;! pi
a Ji pot
bU.w via
Chicago Ureal- W lilcra
Chicago Limited a 1:041 pm
1'wln City Liuiltd....a :Mi pm
Chicago itixpr
'i wlu City alxpraa a 8:09 am
a l:W an.
a 3:46 pta
:W um
Orraha-St. Iul Exp.. a 1:30 pm a $ 38 am
Mali and Expreaa.n....a IM am aliOl dm
fclii.nhi.i-rv Itrom -
Council Blullf).
.b,i:00pm b!0:15am
Maiea, "
l'MTionii,at a-4
Oaningt.n . . . Arr,;-
Denver and California.. a ;io pro a 1:4 pra
Puget Sound Kapreaa.a 4:10 pro a 1:16 pm
Nebraska polnta.. ...... ..a 8:W arn a 1:10 put
Black Hill.. ..i...a :lupm a lao pm
Northwest Exprs......aU:i5 pra a 7,00 am
Nebraska points ..i. a 8.20 aro a 10 pm
Lincoln Mall..... w....b l.u pi U:bj iir
Nebraska KxproM liiliia a 6:10 pm
Lincoln Local.... b 8 0S am
Lincoln Local. .....a 7:26 pro a7:6oim
Bchuylsr-Plattemouta j.b 1.06 pm bl0:aom
piattmouth -lowa ,...,.a 9:18 am a;toatn
Bellevue-PlattemoutU ..al2:S0poi a 2:40 pm
Colorado Limited.. aU: pra a 7 :0V am
Chloago Speolal a 7 :16 am all .05 Dm
Chicago Express 4. .a 4:20 pm a$:5jL
Chicago Fast Express... a 1:30 pm a 1.00 am
Iowa Local..'......... a 1:16 am alO:ao am
Creston-Iowa Local..., .a 1:30 pm al0:30m
St. Louis Express......,.a 4.30 pm all:46ani
K, C. and Sc Joseph.. .. s 10:46 pm a 46 Im
K. C. and SC Joseph.'.. .a 8:16 am a:ivuna
K. C. A Bt. Jospa a 40 pm .......
Wbstr. , , . .
Mlssoarl raolfl i " fmT Arrls-a,
Auburn Looal.. twpm bl2:l0pin
Ckleago, St. Paal,, MlanaapoIU
Flotrx City Express. ...,.b 1:60 pm b11:4Sm
Omaha Local el :30pm
Clous City Passenger ., bt:pm
Twin City Passengr:...b 1:30 am
mui cur jwctm ....., -
V f ". OMAHA . NEB.
f . noAn r tsadx sure.
T"fcfc3 eSa,
TMmttmnmwmmmnmm iiiiiinm ! wimi'si mi p
Price and Yield - ' Du
Rate. Interest. ' ' abovL'
5 7 5.30 Jan, X, 1938
8 87 5.88 2?b. 1, 183
ft ' STH e.10 Jus 1,1937
S 7U I a.BS Joly 1,193a
8 6.10 Oct. 1,1933
98 H 6.10 Men. 1,1939
101 0 Jan. 1,1930
er. . 100 jt Oct iim
e 101 ..1,1014
t Omaha. 1, r
CHAS. W.'TUrtNERJr., Bee.
New York. '
TrVrlnanai nii irmwili