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    TIIK I'.F.E: OMAHA. SATlT.nAY. APRIL If., 1910.
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Brightslde and His Boy
'"One wwtiai hi the tinted Ftais has a
public mimcnmt. according to this eriirle,"
bgir Brlgbrjid. "and h M it for mak
lrc good bread."
"5h gsve rm bread and thcv handed
ter a stone, eh?" queries Bon. with a rmU
.-.plsy of interest, Mly rffh(? aokt
rings toward bis ree peeled parent.
"They T aobody could beat her at bread
baking." eontisue Father.
"I'll bet her hubby told her ahe couln't
put or the love like mother, at that,"
retort -n.
"Nohndy can make bread thee days like
cur nviier did t-n I was a boy." tmru
"That's what tbey ail ay. is Son's flip
pest reply. -Why rat breed wlien you ean
Ft rake, tsrrtr! The only ginks who
fee up fur the loaf nowadays are thoae a
trifle shy on the BraxuTr.e. There Isn't any
w-d e: mcr amonr t.Se rest of the popular
for pialn brrid. Everything elee on the bill
cf fare has gone up In price, tot the eta??
of life. which prove that we don't need the
down "
"Wn folk seed to take a nt e-
tent in turning out a nucoeeaful batch of
!j-ed aa they do now In giving ix
eotirre dinner." dsclarea Father.
"Tcu'n rerer agaia find Bttla vtfla ett
tin up clfhU nurmln- m. dlhaanfaj f
dough to make bread whea she can sepa
rate rh real doaffh from hjabby's tr erasers
nd r i bur It at fw cent a throw.
1t's the ana vhea there's a delteatenaea
In the mtddla of erery block aad a bakery
on eaa jrBerT" demaads Son.
"Oid faabkMwd tawa tok mare lsterert
ta boiisold dutiea thaa they pnw,"
ay Father,
Til t-ambl wna of 'tm ever wera
chained to 1Jv kitebea rane. reapoods
Son. "I've eard a lot of dope aa the old
trie Kir la, but I'd bat t afTer to bay one
of "em a squara meal ha a rwell Broadway
rartauraat. r-rarlnc she'd turn It aavs.
Would aha kin tbe eook atara goodVby?
Wall, ratber-
"1 doa't think aba wwold," arroea rather.
"HOTna awktsf was preferred by ayry-
body those dmya. Hotel fara was not pap
"If there was arer a dama since Mrs.
ava fcwwa wu n Ham Al j
If Onie James es Keatucky ever missed
an opportanltr to make a demoa-atic dem
natraUcA ta the haua. Be eae ewar heard
ef the hnetsea. Wbea tt eocnes to takingr
adTantage of circumstancea favorable to
him party, getting the word "applause" well
distributed ta the Congreaaioaal Record
Jamas la there with bells on.
"James." said one ef bis colleagues,
"would haka a ait as stag manager. H
would be aura to think of some stunt which
would bring daws tbe bam."
The latest peo-f ormajtoe ef tie intimate
filecid of ajug J ean trigs Bryan occurred
when EugesB N. Pocrs. the erstwhile re -
ubllran. who was elected aa a democrat
in a republto&a district kt Maasachaaerta.
waa taking the oath of office. The demo
arata had plaaaad ta gtre Foes a great re-
ceptioav, Tbey prepoaed ta amka a dcea-'
natratioa which would indicate that tbe
election of Faaa had a aignlfieaoo ef
eountry wide hnportance.
Evidently democrats and republicaxts
eitha' f orpot tbat Fesa waa to be taws m
or were indifferent about tb matter
When James reached tbe bowse tbeaw waa
acly a handful of members present, and
theea, of eewrae, could, Pe max th ena
n at ration which tb Kentuckiaa bad been
tooking forward to. It waa neveeaary,
therefore, to ret mar members Into the
chamber. The. cierk had aeaaaaly
raiu.g the Journal when James made the
n4nt ef no quorum. Tbe reading was sus
pended, ah speaker began to count and
Sim sea (im west erarryistg lnte corMers
and committee roots ordering members
into tb buae.
By tbe Um the speaker finished count
tag n-mT.lnrrt wera atiwaming b tbrauirh
half a doses doors. "Uncle Joe" an
nounced that a quorum uaa preaeot and
' Jubcs aat doena with a satisf jod amil a
k otwcrved the full attendiiate. Wbea
Foae stepped to the speaker's desk to take
tb. cava, af efOoe Jaaaa atarted tbe aeiae,
and he bad plenty of aaeuitanr. aad faith
rsU reader of tbe CeegreaanMsal Rrcord will
ped tbat apS-uae greeted the newly 1 ct!
democrat befar ha took tie eatlt of office
. and afterward.
To get tbe beet rvafcha frestn bulb tb
folrfwtug your eentainjng the roeta after
the flower are geme should be put t
aide t die. Tbia lhy will do any hit a.
pit her In tbe garret or ee!'ar. or evea out
of dour U daacer frTn heavy frt 1
past. Tb prveM f eattactuta may take
a nones, durat- wbU.-h tim tb buib ar
Bet waiered.
At tb er.d rf that UKe, or ilufl the
greeat iaa i-a have kecc-e trsaa ar.d 4n -.-4.
the bulba are pclied aiK the ?.rt snakiie
frum them, and tliey BMast be, a'T&r
This aaeana aimpJy that tby are ay tl
out ia a dry p'acft. Muieture uoil tain
tbeat cither t r4 or' earet.
ftilil Ji "t bef jr t tai f w frt ia IM
fa.J th ha ba Ura l w uut sf tf i-y are t
be plaatcv out ci d.xr-w. the atrtaino
Is so fr advaa that tber is an iver
tf hot aa d -i'l- Mw-sr- t.i-y ej) be
pat Lv.o the rroaiid, about twa iach-s frosa
the nir-ec I..iri- tt winter 5h"T r"
I-' i-r. . " 'f k. elr-, aad ia
' .i'J ostaie up
"Kocn-riezt to Brea4 Bik
ing WiTfi.' Their Latest
Tabloid Sketch
rftS. ':-.u
real bote! to stick around ber kitchen at
home, frytna; round steak for a mere man.
the Carnegie medal fund cu?ht to look ber
a, She's a a-rasioa heroin. Tb clasey
Udy that baked the prtaa bread hasn't
SQTtbinc on ber wbea It cornea to pausing
around tb nwbla slaba.
"It may seem difficult for the rising gen
eration," Father admit, "to picture a
mift who actually loves t bake. cook,
sew and perform rlmilar bouaehold duties."
"I love my eoeey eook store, but oh. you
Broadway cbefr exclaim Sen. "That's
the kind of 'Home. Sweet Home' motto
little wifle la this town keeps hangicc on
tbe wall in a neat frame and Urge type,
where hubby has ta took it erer every
reentax'. Whenever they have the price
tbey beat it for tbe aeartst pink Ink food
"I don't can that stuff real food," sniffs
father. "I eould aewar subscribe toward
getting a monument for a woman who
would be contented with a meal like Chat."
"Take It from m. pop. Uttl Glalers
win Fay nix on the marble abaft, too. If
any ataa will promise to buy ber table
d'hote dinners ftr life and let ber fort
hew to Juggle a kitchea rang," concludes
These are U days of tb "glad hand"
around the capitoL Members of the bouse
wbe ta the early days of the pa sstut con
gress were too busy to leave their desks
and meet their constituents in the lobbies
now hasten from the floor of the bouse to
greet anyone and everyone from their dix-
ignifJed Bsembers of tbe senate who, for
fin eau of their six-year term cultivate
tbe stony glare, who ho24 themsetvea
hloof from CTdinary folks and who are
hard to approach, are new auite accesat-
bie. provided their terms expire on Ifarcb
1 1, 19U. Members of the trgtsiatures which
I elect Coiled States senators next January
yealu that tbey are important peraoa-
aaes these days, and many of thtm are
drlflinff to Washington to get the lay of
the land.
Tbey are certain to find a cordial reeeo
tloa awaiting them; a bewstifai touch la
tbe ' areata reetaaraot. theater tlcaeta at
their hotels and dinner eugagementa. Tbey
are made ta feel that the bat in Wash
ington la for them totally inadequate. This
evidence of appreciation will continue un
til after the legislatures elect tbe senator.
Then, tf tb iegialaaara earn to Washing
toa tbey will no tic a most remarkahi
char re in tb temperature. Six years is
a long term; state legislatures change
nceaabertm? frequraUy duxibg that Urn
jtmmI Vfr
nun ran.
u. i ia t'aiivd Fiat-, a senator does cot put
Ivmeeif ut until the fifth year of bis term.
Then hi cordiality is once more aa tap.
Tbe same sitaaiioa exists ever aa tb
house aide at the prtaent Urn. Eves t&e
old regulars are guessing which way the
cat i going ta Jump next fall and they
ar takiag no rhaacea All tbe members
are anxious ta have good reports of them
go fcc home and they set about the ctr
eulaiien of such reports by beiac good
feilewa with whatever Bstiiaaot happcins
to be la tow a. The dmoe-iwrs dedar
themeelvee aieluteiF certaia of the next
bM.e, but they are not o sur that tbey
evriMfe wM pieeed hajialaty. U tbe
repu'uhcaca, already en the defensive, are
at niiSKtrig any bets in tbe entertainiag
and blossom ef taetr ewa accord
If the bulbs are t j be ust-d in the bou
eext pr!iig they should be fien df forest
Ue.tmeiit. ft in the hsie auturrn tb-y
must b put lata put and placed bnt
they make roots slowly. Tr.i mem 1.f
ply bavmg rtra wher it ia warm, but
not light, aad keeping th-m conetun!
moist. Tbey the develop below feil. rot
making top growth until tbey ar brouht
to the Hi-tit- Tbe piint fhou! be f r
three Uichrs high before expuevd ta tke
L'iitit, for st:ch top rtowtj In the dr
Bxx' n-eass si urdy ret devciiip
rmtv.1, with lEe r-ult that the plant wjl
ttiruh aad ii-t In beat hc sun and Bkt
are gjn.
I:hi.-ai-Kiiiiri.-j.. after (hey bare fadd la
prt, may be transplac nd and put cut t.f
.... - n w-.. .r ar mnm Thin ( . n
danger from f-t Hariris rvc.d ths J
treatnkMtt ft hut ai p-ama thy art
srtdv t fx X Lilacs i tiioi are rruu a
ia p.ta t.r Eav.rr. uwi. fc eavsd ta te
san nu-B r. tra-i''atir g tbe (aidru
a K-va a U.e c -.r p-rw-
Crwaawell The Maw with m. 3 I jHJ
Knst varieties. c3 I . C3
Trxt 1. Cor. tt-li.
HjBtory Is of true value when it djscloaes
to us the rifi-ht principle of living valuable
a ben It gives us a viM ef standards that
end'jr. Tbe duty of the historian is not
sienpiy that ef a narrator ef events, but a
additee. t tbe accurate statement of the
facts be should elucidate ta price pie that
underlies the facta. If It be thua written
(tbe Bible stands pre-etniscat In tfcis field),
there is no study to which man ean apply
himself that will give him sucil a pro
found knowledge of tbe mer.u and demerits
af principle and of men as that of uni
versal history.
In our Journey through this Immense field
we behold the spraigir.g Into life af new
empires, tbe kind of men wha buihled them
what motives actuated tbce men in their
Ufa work; their achievement in war, hi
art. in literature then w no-Jce the subtle
gathering ef thorn forces of intestine die
cord and moral corruption that have con
sumed many ef these nations away forever.
leaving but a ftw snetaccboiy ruins as a
sad reminder ef their faiien greatness. To
day w see the bat wuigiiig his draw'
flight, and the spider wearing its wtb in
tb ruined and silent temples of ancient
nation. But upon the funeral pyle tf
many of these nations that bare passed
lot tbe abyss of eternity, we behold today
newer and better nations, and though there
bare been ages of darknses and tears and
heartacAea. yet we believe that this bid
sorrow laden bark of humanity has been
slowly moving and la still moving through
this panoramic sea of history, toward a
harbor of universal Hberty and brotherhood
tor man.
There are some names that rise hither
and higher m tbe estimation ef me as the
world moves on; Instead ef fading, their
achievements become more and mora lumi
nous brighter and yet brighter to each
succeeding generation. It Is in one of these
brilliant constellations that we see ihio
kag with an ever increasing luster, the atar
of Oliver Cromwell.
A Cower la beautiful tb great rugged
peak of tbe mountain is majestic tbe mid
night skies with their myriads ef stellar
tights inspire us with awe, but an these
paie into nothingness, when compared to
tb beauty and majesty and grandeur ef
a great and noble aouL Like the morning
star that gleama before tbe dawn, so ahm
tbe ooBstalla liana of the nobis great la
the dark and sober sky ef history Inspir
ing this dark aad struergilng world to
expect to work for, and then to await,
the earning ef a dawn that shall usher in
an eternal morning. We who are In this
Ufa for true progress study tb noble with
lev aad admiration, because in them we
sea aur awn bopea and dream realised.
Tbey aivow as the glory In the . living up ta
our highest poaslbtlltiea. And best of all
tbey not only enable us to see truth, but
tbey inspire ua to use it- Tbey do not
lord tt over ua, hot tav enable us to knock
down, to brush aside and to walk over
those ebataciea that would impede our
progress. It la ucf ortunate, badeed, that
men should ever alow their awn. spirit to
become weaker and Iras courageous, because
af the achievements ef ether men. The deeds
of great men aad especially great and ncble
men should impart everlasting inspiration,
and If w are not inspired by tbe work
ef these men we are out ef harmetry with
ta plan ef aaar Creator.
The elevation of mankind of amy eoul,
la the end of creation and not the develop
men of any ena or any particular number
efv individual. For the greatest good, tht
greatest possibi cumber of man must be
elevated. Individuals constitute tb unit
of the nations; according a we find it
rodrrtduala moving upward la morality and
righteousness Just so da we find the na
ttaa progressing ta better things. Se the
greatest thing tbe great men can do ta to
OH HiM -
1 f
i 1
OP! YE 5?
"ftiiit TowHrsi Llli ID' I tt .
j 1
!: "" V !
i.i . I !
i ! ' I
!' . ' - f
i i
1 .
Mr BW. Xb
C Xlmklo,
aTaaamrial Church.
perform a Ufa work that will inspire and
elevate ta thought, aaorais and righteous
ness the individual citisen. And let the in
dividual eitixt?n live much in tbe hlrtory of
men. foe this inspiraton is titer to be
found. Great and noble men are the world's
invested capital and it t every man's
duty to here collect bis interest and then
with bis own Ufa add aa much a possible
to this great, interest-bearing principal for
At w read through the pages ef hiatory
wa find men who have been great only in
genius. Tbey gave their time and genius
for self aggrandise ment. They groveled m
a quagmire of selfishness. But on some
ef these pages ef history there shines in
Science Briefs.
The destruction of our oid apple trees
threatens the supply at genuine French
briar. c
Tbe boil-weevil baa brought untold havoc
with tbia year's importations af pure olive
With the invention of the bath tub In EKi
tbe number of perfume factories decreased
per cent.
The -easiest thing to touch is someone
who w-anta a farce. y
Finger nails grew faer if the manicuring
be done on "the boss' time. "
Fads for Woman.
The cover for the baby carriage can he
made from, white linen or natural crash
and appllqued with Uttle flgsm of chO
drea asd animals cut from tbe doth and
printed in. nursery rhyme designs.
Or. if one can do the work, stencilling is
decorative far these covers, afterward out
lining wtth nsToertad" thread.
Tbe best finish for a spread of Uiia kind
is a deep beta neatly . hemstitched aU
Tbe most fashionable separate coat for
dress wear is pongee, shantung and rajah
weaves, made tn looee effect, long, ef
course, and lined with foulard printed in
bright eolcrmga
A number of Chinese girls erho received
their training ia &u Francisco have Just
begun work in Peicin as central operators ta
the rreeiuly established telephone systenv
Subscribers . when ringing tor a umber
address these girls for titles a "Lily of the
Air" or "The Butterfly that Talks."
The Ceaeral at ale-
Oit1ons are tn acant demand,
'Tls thua in every game
Tbe player get the mocey and
Tbe umpire gets the blame.
T. E. M
VO'b HO'5
Dohe now
whelp n's
-7 m
t il T
-orient splendor tb -ed of the nob'
rat- Whether the great man will a sH
fish or altruiatic will depend apon bis quat- J
ttie ef Heart. And early training figures .
largely In the dertskwi ef what these quali
ties shall be. Accordirg as a mas la
taught ta think, does h do. Early environ
ment im a mighty factor la the determine
of human csau-aeter. Well for Tbat you
who spends much of bis time and thought
with nature sod nature's god.
There are twa. arch enemies tht strive
ta cause the downfall of every ma a. TbT
are pain and pleasure. Faia sajs I can
"ever leav you hile you ar straggling
so bard to achieve, but if you will cease
your toil and struggle, then ' I will leave
you t rest. Fleasur keeps wp aa ever
lasting whispering of, "what's tbe use
what's the use," Ton are struggling aa
hard to aaia what may b a very little.
Life 1 ae abort, why spend tt in such con
stant effort. Wty not give up all this un
pleasant dtrifa and live in ease with me.
You all hear these tiring. Every man beers
them, and whether er not we will mov
up with truth and development or whether
wa will sink down, dawn. down, into
nothingness will depend exactly upon tbe
manner- ia which w treat tb voters af
these tempters.
Cromwell waa whoJly unselfish. Ia a
lener written in 1ST, uhen the burden of
the English government was resting so
heavily npoa hia shoulders, when he trod
the winepress alone, he said: "It ha been
heretofore a matter of philosophical die
course that a great position, a great
authority is a great burden, but I know
it ia" taring tbeae days be often re
marked concerning the peac that was his
when amid the quiet fens of the Ousa One
say be said, with bis head bowed ia sad
ness: 1 can say ia the presence ef Al
mighty God. ia comparison ws ar all like
i poor creeping ants upon tbe earth, that I
had rather have lived in my fields and have
kept my flock than to have undertaken
such a government aa this."
The greatest benefactors of humanity
tfcowe whose memorie w most love and
eber-ish are cot they who have become
opulent ia material wealth, bat they wbe
have fought for and won a spiritual king
dom, a kingdom that Uvea and encourage)
noble achievement in every generation, and
a kingdom that I tcw only by the warrior
whoee soul is on fire with a great eoa
victiou. I lov to thtck- ef Cromwell a tbe eve
of the battle of Marston Moor, a I love to
think of Washington at Valley Forge, and
as I love to think of Lincoln en tbe ev
of tb battle of Gettysburg, three great
man with, a great conviction, '
epochs ia history- la each epca a great and
nohl anaa pouring out his heart to hi God
la prayer.
At last England found peac through tb
aacrilic of ber CroatwelL A few fleeting
years he bre the burden- of government
and then came the end. His last aigbt on
enrth wa rpent in agonixlng prayer, but
not for himself not for bis family, ta
the cmua and fof'ffc people of England.
"Thou hast made me." he said, "though
very unworthily, a mean instrument to do
them aome good and Thee set i hue; and
many "of them have act too high a value
apon me. the others would be glad af my
death, but however Tbou dost dispose ef
me gs on to do good far then giv them
consistency of Judgment, on heart and
mutual love." Toward morning be mur
mured a few holy expraeaioas Implying
great toward peace and consolation. After
this he waa silent and on Friday afternoon
af o'clock. September I, tea, the soul
of th0 great protectar passed lets the
presence of Its Maker. Ia the great fight
for the freedom of this heaven-bora spirit
af man, be bad given hi genius aad his
Ufa. 'Greater lov bath na man. than this;
that a mat lay daw a hi life far his
to err
BT EMIL BREITEXFELD. - j aad stared, Amasement. bewilderment,
A la re, empty summer hotel, fitted out fright crcwed your features. And ther
for tbe eoenfartable housing ef hundreds,
and now, a week before Its opening, ecru
pied by no ena but tb manager ant bis
stenographer. C housekeeper and enywif,
waa not exactly ncitScg. even f jf a cKrk.
It waa lata at aught wbea I found an
envelope, a large yeilow one, which had
fallen and almost disappeared down a
creek under the mail etet la the drk. How
t had slipped so far ever waa a myrtery,
ante the peraoa mailing ft had been vrrj
careless or under tb stress ef great hate
and excitement At any rate, it murt have
been dropped while tn the tin box meant to
receive It was being emptied by the bell
boy assigned to that duty. A coincidence
such as occasional y will occur sent It
the crack, where it bad remained aeven
teex years, for me to discover. Tb adrtrM
waa quit illegible.
Ko eue had witnessed the rind. I retired
to my room and to my bedtime pipe with
nothing to disturb a quiet examination cf
the letter for such I made it out Ui be
The letter read a follows:
"Madeleine, Bif ewa sweet Madeleine,
don't you know that I cannot piay but to
you, that my viofia is only mjeelf vibrat
ing with the marvelous wwndef cf rour
presence, that yoa are mine, meant te be
mine from the very beginning of all things? j
"There. It ia dace. I have dared to aire :
form to my ttaourhts: dared even ta mn I
them e paper. And new that I have,
when I think of you a Lisxt melody come
to lift? and of myself. I am almost afraid
to read them.
"I wonder just what I ara to you. Part
of the hotel. I runnoae. Mk fh -.,(.
the golf caddiee, tbe taiwaa yoa cat from.
My violin helpa lo pass the rirae you must
epend over your coffee. When I coax it
b whisper, to plead, ta tremble wKh the
seaaage I would have it convey, it is still
but a background, aa aosompnshrnent pro
v!dl to enhance the beauty of your voice
as yoa laugh and chat en the broad, ahad
ewry ptaxsa. Just a the tabouret la pro
vided for Mr. Mamoa ta drop hi cigarette
asee on.
"To moot not lov him, Madeleine. Tou
must not. It would be too great a wrong.
It is Inconceivable that you ahould love
him. And yet you do: In every look, every
word. I are that you do. And I cannot
make . you bear.
Xne night a you aad he were strolling
through, after dinner, be asked us to play
some dance number or other, I have for
gotten which.
" Tie you really care for that sort cf
tuff, Ralph r you asled roe, cojicerccdiy;
and the way you drew your scarf further
over your should er when you said 'stuff:'
"Tou were drawing; ft away from my
music ataad, away frota na It seemed o
wrong, so tenrffily wrong. Whether I
eared for that sort of stuff or sot made'
aw mora difference than whether th horse
you had irtven that afternoon had pre
ferred' tie road or another. But yoa wr
Decerned because Marston liked it.
"So we played it, and you refused to
Uatea and dragged rim off by the ana;
and, as I foreed my fingers ever th
tringa, I heard roar laughter until you
and ee had puss ml out of hearing do-wn
th path t th breakwater. Bo we finished
th piece aioo.
TX not think I am prejudiced, Made
; leina J know Marston; I fcnow the very
war sou soui ot tie man and what his
measure la, aa men go. We musician and
waiters and clerk somehow get to know
pecvle better taaa you da. The world is
all beautiful and right and good for such
aa you. and taoe that ar to b shunned
aad avoided ar dearly marked out for
you by your kiad. I know htarstoa. and I
know bint better tbia summer i-fr I ever
have, ' !
"Goes boar I found eut. From little
Maggie, HtHe red-haired Maggie, who i
waits 00 the table below your. Bat I
furgot; yea would act know.
-Massie was crying the other night
3he wa leasing up against the Cxtle white
gat at the ee. rants entrance and crying.
Tou shall cry thoes very aaaae tears. 1
Madeleine, when your turn camea. Every
gar! da, I woppose, sooner or later, and
tt is aa ssucn harder for seme thaa for
ethers. My poor Madeleine!
"It was Marston she had beca out with
that nigh. Oh. I know she shouldn't have
gone, aad ail that. I know it was all her
fault. Maxstast wax simply not in her
elaas. and aha ahould he knew. But.
Madeleine, lea't that Just the tragic streak
to moat ef oaf Can yea blame the poor
little tains; for believing ia p eae wOd
OK, me at erbea be first deigned ta east hts
eye oa ber, that be really meant It; that
he waa treating her a an f his wa
daas? It ia aot th aam thing that I asa
doing in allowing myself to dreaaa about
"Then, ea The one hand, yea have Mare-
tuc. playing billiard in the araoking
room. There must hxv been something
j wrong, aa triinxa, with the little red haired
ea mat tugnt- it was very amuaing. Oa
the other hand, you hare poor little Mag
gie, crying softly against the whit gat
of d appointment, shocked and wounded
pride. Hew . horribly, how brutally
"Tou golfed with Reif Marstea tb next
'It waa boob after thia that J tnad op
aty mind to apeak. It had to eoan. and I
wa willing to be thewget quite mad If I
ceuid as much a cry out a feeble warning
wfairh yea would hear.
"Do you remember that morning?
"A fresh, clear brers from tb bay;
Marstea out la his racing sloop, reefed
clone and dipping fitfully with each gust.
i ua irura ua snore, ywur
scarf flapping wild y la the hretxe.
"Ner shall I forget ths moment I spake.
a rwi. u a apyiwnea you, u It 1 were
soma oa aise. I furred myself un and
tTM-d to keep from thinking what I waa
doing. I knew that I could never euo-
acioualy aad with a full realisation of th
figure I must cut ia your ere do tat
had aet out te dki. Nor shali I fargrt th
look you gave me when I
look tit amaxement that could tarfiiy hav
been greater had I beea a dead maa emit
to life.
J " 'Are yoa completely mad' yoa
mimtd. aa .tr you could hardly believe
j your tars. Aad bew that luck of a arm ia
your eyea alarm at aut went to my heart!
1 'Tou must let ate speak," I pleaded, ia
! areretstly. 'do what you win, ay what
! yea WILL Twa are guutg to marry Kt.
j Mu.ra?on. Tou must not. Tou muet oi-t
' think rij laaane. I sneaa awtblag,
! bet te do y u a atrrice. Tbiax. ef
hat yuu wivh. but truit mts. Tou muat
bt ra.ry Mr. Mirrtn. Tou mutt n t.'
-Fwr Its lut.cist ja jk, tuu
very suddenly, you laughed, a you woo l
have lauahed at a circus clown. But nal
loeg. All at e-noe your expression rhangeq,
one of soora. and you surveyed me frora
head to f-ot with flashing eye.
'WhT,' you said; 'why you contempti
ble coward"
"Then you turned te walk off. I wag
ha f choked with pain t-jr yen and w'.tj
tbe pity ef it, but I naaaa4 to apeak.
" Tlease on moment you do cot know-
"Tea turned like a f!.
" "Wbat doa t I knowf
I told yea as rapxUr a I could, about
little red-haired Macge. Tou rlrnchexft
your teeth at that a bit and rwar breath
came more rapidly. Then you drlSberateiy
" 'Tour kitchen gossip Is of no Interest ta
.' y aa d. '
" 'Toe know it ia tru.' I bogged. lot
knor it' '
" 'And rtrrpoe 1 dor
"Then vou dd walk off. I cou,d hard'.y
believe my ears. Tau knew. Ton admitted
that you knew.
"Out near tb lihthonre I could ae
where Mamoa was putting hi beautiful
&kop through her paces, hnlding her be
fore the wu4 uaiU' the red keel flashed
high abor the water. Then, as yoa
i waiked toward the breakwater. I looked
at :ii ihr,ni.ln nr ev.ii m.
fui body, the proud lift of your bead and t
uld not go.
"As I came
UP yen turned aad your
anger was the mor genuine, for th teara
1 w glistening la your eye.
" 'Must you insist ea Insulting sneT yoa
cried. 'Are you Just aa ordinary coward.
IS Cf 0 lrfTOKI7 TO K5T
or is there -after all a spark of honor letl
ia youf
Honor! I garped- "Honor! What af
"Tou didn't know, yoa see, Madeline, t
turned and went slowly back to tiie hotel
"I played the Brack for yea that night
and my violin told you all over agaia what
I bad said fa the ntornin: .
"Later, Miss Campbell cam up with her
usual reqaeat for a little daaoa aausic ia
the parlor, and yoa daaced with, the rest.
"It was like you, 'though, to aay nothing;
of our talk ta yvur mother, ar ta Marston,
I felt, of course, an during th terribla
week that followed, that I ought to k-av
at one. Yet aomethlag told re to stay.
Aad now at last I know why.
rr. Morris bad a little talk with ma
last eight- It h remarkable hew the men
of eeiance, rather thaa the philaathropistg
and th philosophers, are coming mere and
more to regard their ft Dew-men aa htimaa
"He bad found twa consumptives in til
hotel. One wax old Schwartx the richest
guest we bad. If yoa remember and th
other wa my self. He sent tV-hwarts off
ta a privet sanitarium and guv ma a
card to ). Bereing.
H thought I didn't know Bom trig, yoa
sea. But I cBdL W need to play quartet.
at Borning house every Thursday tn th
winter. Ha was ane of the physlciana ia,
charge of tbe Westchester place.
"He had charge af the hopeiees cases ca-
"They don't usually teJl a maa whea ha
a aa H. C. Aad I uuppoae it isn't, aa a
ctcr of Sact. wlae to tell one that he
1 only a year, er six months ,or tw
months to kve. The doctor would probably
not have menttoeed Borcisg tf be had
"Somehow or ottter I didn't aeera to car
a much a I might hare. I promised Da,
Morris faithfully, ta see Bo ruing at once;
he hlBiseiif left the next day. He had beea
very friendly and he couidnt have told
Mr. Palmer or any one. Otherwise I doat
see how they could have let na stay.
"But I did stay, Madel.o. I saw yoa
ererr day, aad every day th winder af
you asd the ruiary uf it all grw greater.
"The fail. regatta taka place tomorrow
morning if the wind is rrtxl Arid Marstoa
has ak-d me me to sail oa the Sophia
with him. aa baliaat. Hta eoecfcfBan, or
abver was to Lava gone, had the tooth,
aefca. I told hha It waa rldiculoua; that f
didn't weigh enough, ta steady a caiboai.
But be insisted; aaid I could hang over th
side better thaa any cue he knew; la-short,
would not bear of refesai.
"Tber uiU be Just we two la that boat
tomorrow, Madeleine, Mxrstoa ai.d myself.
"Tbey say a man waa drowned off Eagl
TUie on time by the boom swinging
around and hitting hia bead. His feet
caught in tb sheet rope.
"I shall mail thia to you tfmiorrow Just
belwr we start."
The manager put hia head tn at the dkwr.
"Still up" be asked, sociably. "What
say. to a mild intoxicant before reriruigT"
"1 in wv if It's not to mild." I said,
flinging papers and pipe oa the bed. "By
tbe way. 'Hop'iUopkiua wax a kind hearted
old soui and allowed even his clerk ta call
him 'Hop"), do they have yacht taoe ber
every yar?
"Tbey will this year, I think, tf the Re
gatta aaaociatia eaa put tt through. Tber
havefl't been any. you know, since sX
-ansce tS? Why tot?" 1
"Oh, pttbiar priLea- Toung fellow waa
drowned off Eagie kock during the raca.
t?he Jioed, somehow, and tb boom struck
hia baJL 11 wa a good wiaiaw at that,
only his feet got tangiod at the atwit rope.
Ha.d tl.e hotel viouuit with him ojoa,
quiet chap be was, too and piay! He
played tb Brwrh rxracerta aft through oa
niytit. and, by Gworgvr it brought the teara
evea tn mr ey-a. 1 was a clerk that year,
same as you are now. li e was drown,
kaa. Kind of fiiUiah t- hira to hav a
anyway, eeeei g be cuuxtin't swtia a a'roka.
Axything ia that eld envelop"
""miy eome oid till d ret-,ti Htp,
1 viUi v-4 t-ij a4 teoaaia"
u' 1 J