Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 16, 1910, EDITORIAL, Page 11, Image 11

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Tave Boot FrlBt It.
gwaboee Certtfle WiiU Aeeoaataav
XJghtiaa; rxtu-upN arwla Ck
1ST.O TtiaAi life UnruM Co 110
rharl E. Ady, General An(. Omaha,
tor Tom Fine Fare In moth proof
vaults. Nominal coat. Hhukerte. lliary
Btoaey to to Xuaae Bonders at
lowest saaoclation rates ana easiest
methods of repayment. Nebrasaa Savings
and Loan iii n 14 Board of Trad Bid.
Cler lnte Yuluntary BankrupteyFrank
L. Eir, cit r employed in y 3iutn
On aha. baa fllml hia voluntary petition
In bankruptcy In tha United States die
trlct court. Ha achedulee his llabllltlee at
l.ft and hia aseeta at JK.
ataolunsxy Btolaa The Missouri Pacific
company let a atrt car betng enipped to
Ra-atan mand In ita South Omaha yards
for several daya. lecnraln to a complaint
filed In county court, an that some ana
sidle ail tne removable machinery from
Lie car. The General Conatructlon com
pany, which la plaintiff, la asking t?.
Clearing Union Fagotto Bit The actual
vork of tearing down the shacka at Fif
teenth and Dodge strata, preparatory to
putting In the foundation for the new
Union Pacific headquarters waa begun Fri
day, when a gng of workmen, under the
direction of Contractor Mardla arrived upon
the acene w th picks, shovels and wheel
barrow and got busy.
Tat feu Hag Appeal la Ooldss Case Qur
Iey A Woodrough. attorneya, who have
taken charge of the caae of Lawrence 3.
Golden, one of the convicted Overland Lim
ited train robbers, have perfected their
motion for appeal and filed the aame Fri
'y morning. The appeals In the caaea of
Matthew, (lrigwar. Tcirgenaon and Woods
were Tied several daya ago in the circuit
court of appeala at St. Paul.
Financial Troubles Settled Ura. Guasla
D. LihUier axid Harry Lightner adjusted
financial matters before Mrs. Lightner a
divorce suit came on for heating, so that
Lightner, relieved of fears lest excessive
alimony be granted, did not contest the
suit. A decree waa granted Mrs. Lightner,
who is a cashier at a moving picture thea
ter, on the ground of desertion and non
aupport. Lightner now Uvea in Norfolk.
Banlah Citizen to !. A maaa meet
ing or Danish citizen of Omaha la to be
held Saturday evening at Washington halL
Colonel Sophua Noble will preside and
Mayor Dahlman will be the guest of honor.
The oration of the evening will be mads
by Jena Nelson, in Danish, and Harry B.
Fl eh arty and Mayor Dahlman wtll make
addresses In English. Plans hare been
made for a Jolly social seastan after the
formal program has ended.
Councilman ia Goinj to Eejrulate Gro
cers ul Barbers by Law.
Edlelea Mae Jet Left tae
Walks Wlm Dast WU1 HaUte
Theaa Tew Cawewleeweae
ta) Eat.
Colonel McCarthy
Turns a New Leaf
Chief Quartermaster of Department
Exchanges Xajor's Gold for Silver
Insignia, of Lieutenant ColoneL
Friends of Major Danlei K. McCarthy,
chief quartermaster Department of the
Missouri, are ail glad to know that he has
turned over a new leaf. That la. be has
discarded tile old gold leaf on bis shoulder
straps of a major for the silver leaf of a
lieutenant colonel, with ita accompanying)
emoluments and perquisites.
The voluntary retirement of Colonel WU-,
' Ham- . Fatten assistant ' quartermaster
general. United State Army, la the cause
jlajur McCarthy's promotion, and from
tl us data henceforth the title of the hitherto
Major McCarthy will be Lieutenant Colonel
Daniel E. McCarthy, deputy quartermaster
general. United State. Army, chief quar
termaster Department of the Missouri
But on needn't exhaust his titular
vocabulary by calling him all these things,
as he wUl readily respond to the saluta
tion of Colonel McCarthy, as the rank of
lieutenant colonel la likely ta be a short
breathing spell between that ef major and
a full colonel.
Colonel McCarthy has been renstvtng the
congratulation a of hla friends tn Omaha
ewer his promotion, since Toe Bee made
the first announcement of hi advancement
the day preceding hi birthday. April IX. as
Colonel McCarthy waa but 61 fears old
yesterday, April 14,
Colonel McCarthy Is a graduate of the
West Foent Military academy of th class
ef 1881. He became a captain and assistant
quartermaster In LBS, and at the outbreak
ef the Spanlsiv-Ametican war waa made
chief quartermaster at the great camp of
preparation at Chickaxnauga, rendering the
most efficient and valuable service In that
trying: period. He attained th rank of
major tn October, 1M, and. In lXt suc
ceeded Major Thorns Cruse as chief quar
termaster of th Department of the Mis
souri, which position he atlll holds. Few
man connected with, the army have won
greater popular esteem In Omasa than
Major McCarthy since serving a chief
quartermaster of th department.
a) Keep Chamberlain's Liniment on hand.
It la an antiseptic liniment and causes
wounds to heal In less time than by any
attar treatment.
As a part of the general campaign for a
etrirter regime of cleanllneaa and care In
handling food stuffs. Councilman Kugel
will on next Tuesday evening introduce an
ordinance to compel grocers to securely
protect vegetables, fruits and othr articles
from dust, dogs and other contamination
when exposed for sale on sidewalks.
"If the grocers and email storekeepers
handling such things cannot or will not
take the pains to keep their stocks of
perishable foods clean and wholtwome. they
should be compelled to keep them within
doors." said Councilman Kugel.
"We have no general street sprinkling
system In Oma.ii, and all over the city
can be seen great piles of vegetables and
fruit exposed to every wind that blowa.
They naturally must become covered and
tainted wtth dust and dint. If nothing worse.
It Is a condition that has been permitted
too long, and If there la a way to stop It.
now la the time to act, with summer com
ing on."
After Barber Skaas.
An ordinance Is being prepared by the
city attorney's at the Instance of
Councilman Kugel, that la Intended to
make the barber shops of Omaha sanitary
and clean' all the year round.
. The ordinance will provide that barber
colleges must put out signs showing just
what they are, so that people wanting
hlgh-elaee barber work done will not get
Into practice shops. The ordinance wtll
also give the health commissioner general
supervision over the barber simps in the
matter of cleanllneaa and sanitation.
Councilman Kugel aaya the proposed or
dinance Is the outcome of complaints that
have been msds against carelessness on
the part of barbers running shops tn cer
tain sections of the city. "1 believe the
barbers will welcome the law," aaid Mr.
Kugel. "It may bit a sore spot hers and
there, but every barber shop should be
kept In apple pie order, and to do so will
mean Increased trade for ail." .
Nationality is
Only a "Peddler"
Venireman Doesn't Understand Eng
lish, bat Qualifies aa a
M. C. Hall, attorney In a caae before
Judge Sears was examining Jurors in the
suit of Fred M. Niece against the Harding
Creamery company. Max Hlrschman waa
being qulaxed as to dtlsenship and as to
other qualifications.
"What la your nationality, Mr. Hlrsch
man?" "Why, Ieh bin a peddler," returned the
"Have you taken out your first and aec
ond papers?"
"Oh. yea," replied Hlrschman. "I take the
Jewish paper."
"No," aaid the attorney, I mean your
papers from the court." .
Mr. Hlrschman sat silent in thought for a
minute and then answered. v
"I get my papers the time I get my old
woman, the license you mean?"
Finally the venireman was made to un
derstand and he showed himself qualified
in respect to dtlsenship. He passed in
other respects also, even If he does not
aiwaya understand the English language,
and waa accepted on the jury to try the
case, a personal Injury suit.
Junk Dealers
Leave in Haste
Take Contents of the Bureau They
Hd Jost Bang-it from.
Urs. Cox.
Two itinerant second-hand dealers bought
a chiffonier from Mr. E. B. Cox. 3T0S Jlorth
Eighteenth street, and carried It away be
fore she could interfere with the drawers
filled with valuable linen, silver and ohlna.
The deal tor the purchase of the furniture
waa olosed with a snap and before Mrs.
Cos could Interpose a word the pair had
picked up th chiffonier and were bolting
down stairs with It.
. The goods contained comprise:
Seven handpainted piataa.
Two pickle fork
One set nut . picks.
Eight teaspoons.
Ons table cloth..
Six linen dresses.
One silver water pitcher.
Yellow Dandelions
Called Daisies
by the Minister
Rev. S. Scott Hyde 'Waxes Eloquent
Over the Beauties of Spring'
in Nebraska.
How far should a theological student
specialise In botany? Also Is a minister
really supposed to know what a daisy la?
Rev. FL Scott Hyde, pastor of Hanacom
Park Methodist church, is not exactly cer
tain as to the first question, but he Is now
positive with reference to the second.
It wss one of the soulful, bright Sunday
mornings, when, aa Kipling says, "the
great warm earth seemed to purr." Rev.
Scott Hyde was sdjreealng his congrega
tion on the beauties and Inspiration of the
"And. aa I came down to the chureh
thia morning, the budding sprlngtlma
seemed to fill the air with Its fragrance.
Sitting on the green award of the park I
saw two innocent little children, happv
at their play, plucking daisies from the
Daisies, mind you, and a week ago Sun
day, f
One of those undercurrents of amuse
ment which Starrs wtth a grin, softens Into
a smile and aptlls out in a titter swept
over the congregation.
The minister looked grieved and per
plexed. It waa really a vary pretty spech
and why should they take It aa a source
of merriment, even though It be modestly
suppressed? However, he continued un
daunted and finished hia word painting,
putting in the daisies wherever they would
look good.
On the following Sunday he found await
ing him In the study at the church a box
from a fashionable florist's shop. He
opened It, to find a. chain of little yellow
blossoms, tied with a nifty lemon colored
ribbon. ,
"Daisies, the flowerets that bloom in th
springtime," an attached card read.
"Merely dandelions," at last declared the
preacher. Then the great light broke In.
In the pulpit last Sunday he sought to set
It aright.
Those were daisy little, little, little
panstes." he exclaimed, reaching for the
elusive dandelion.
Undecided About Your Spring Suit?
Thenyou will be well repaid for your inspec
tion of our latest arrivals of mens
mens suits at $12, $15 and
T U . a- .
No matter what your preference may have been in times past, nor what you have
considered the proper price to pay, your first sight of these new ganienta will convince
you that you would have miied a great deal
had yoa failed to see them before making
your decision.
These suit3 are the very latest product of
our own New York Tailors, and show many
new shades of grray, brown and blue, in pat
terns which you cannot find outside this store
To properly appreciate their style, fabric,
fit and finish, you must compare them, not
with other garments of the same price, but
with garments priced elsewhere at $5 more
than our prices.
And, because they axe of exceptional
quality, and axe splendidly tailored, they'll
fit you perfectly and give you a great amount
of wear beside. "We'd like an opportunity to
prove to you that in not a single point of
good clothes requirements, can you equal
these ' .
New Spring Suits la Grays
Browns and Blues at
S12, S15 and S18
Sold Liquor to
Wrong Indian
Bartender Gets Into Court Because
He Couldn't Tell Winnebago
from Omaoa Tribesman.
Because he couldn't distinguish a Winne
bago Indian from an Omaha Indian, Alex
P. Baboin. a bartender in the Northwest
ern saloon waa arraigned before Judge
Crawford yesterday on a charge of selling
liquor to an Indian. The case fell through
temporarily and was set over to next Tues
day because of the failure of witnesses to
Four redskins who gave the names. TJ. S.
Grant. David B. Wells. Ed Hemp and Fred
Kernn. were to have appeared aa witnesses
against the defendant, but Instead departed
Friday morning for their reservation.
Acoordina ta court attaches the Omaha
tribe of Indiana, numbering- 260, siace being
admitted to citizenship, are permitted to
buy whisky undes the law, whereas mem
bers of all other tribes must be denied that
privilege. The non-appearing witnesses
against Raboln are said to be Wlnnebagoea.
Home Love Strong
for Actress Lady
Lore of Pootlig-hts Bo Attraction
Waen Hubby Calls Her
What ta art. the glow of the footlights,
the applause of the multitude alongside of
home and husband? Nothing, says Lillian
Orth. chorus gtrl In the Hclnlyre Heath
company. Mrs. Orth received a letter from
her husband in Chicago urging her to re
turn home and saying that he waa lonely.
"Certainly TU go." said Mrs. Orth to her
self. Til go at once. No, on second
thought. TH give a week's notice."
Mrs. Orth forthwith gave notice, but not
the right kind, according to the manage
meat of the company. She was discharged,
she aaya. on the spot.
Since then ahe has been consulting of
flclala and lawyers. First the young woman
visited Sheriff Bralley. who sent her- to
see Justice of the Peace Cochran. Mr.
Cockreil advised her not to hurry In at
tachment proceedings and himself went to
see the the company manager. Mrs. Orth
claims a week's pay or a week's work. The
management says ahe has ail that la com'
ing to her. So the matter stands.
Saturday Will Bring Great Bargains in
Men's Shirts and Underwear
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High Merit."
The Hat
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Lisle Hose
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"" 1 1 " "" " " "
Jtembers of State Board of Optometry
Take Exception to Order.
Xakn it Kaer or rake Spectacle
Xea ta Iaagoe the Pwhila
All Over the State ef
The report made to the comptroller
under date-of March 29, 1910, shows
that thia bank baa
Tim Certificates of
T)?pul $2,034,278.61
3V2 Interest
paid on certificates running; for twelve
- i til
- f i i i . j e k " s w i
f" -iyLiJ'-.i
! ii5..g...
... ' '
Members of the Webraaka State Board of
Optometry are holding a meeting in
Omaha and expressing their views of Gov
ernor Bhallenherger with respect to a re
cent executive order.
"Governor Shall en berger seema to be
more concern d about currying political
favor than protecting Nebraskan's eyes."
declared J. C. Huteeon of Omaha. C. C. Mo
Leeae of Davenport, president of the board,
echoed the Omahan's views.
"There is a state law," explained Mr. Mo
Lees, "regarding optometry whereby two
classes of optiuians were created. One by
exemption, the other by examination. The
men who had been selling- eye glaaees and
apectacles two years previous to the enact
ment of the law were made exempt and the
law provides that certificates of exemption
be granted theae.
We found that the county fair fakirs
were getting these certificates of exemption
and going out Into the country ana saying:
'See, the stats of Nebraska la sending ua
out to aell eye glasses.'. Thereupon the
board marked all certificates of this class
wtth a rubber stamp as fallows:
" The State Board of Optometry does not
guarantee the competency of the holder of
this certificate."
"It is this which the governor revoked
by order and without giving ua a hearing
on the matter."
the buildings obscure the view. They
should keep on the right side and out on
the walk Instead of squeeaing up against
the walls.
"Then out In. the residence districts the
'lay walker gets a chance to break out
again. Nearly every corner where there
la a parking shows his footprints la a
path cut across the grass, tilt It is ail
beaten out."
Comet Here, but
Out of Sight
Heary Clouds Overcasting Skies of
Early Marninj Obscure Approach
of Celestial Messenger.
Halley's comet doubtless came into the
range of human vision early Friday morn
ing, but the clouds that linger in the
earthly atmosphere cunspired to obscure
the view from Omaha. Shou.d the akiea be
clear Saturday morning the comet with all
Its glories should be tn plain view about
two hours before the sunrise.
The comet will continue 'the rise befure
the sun at a constantly decreasing inter
val. The one grand performance of the
comet wtll come on May 18. when the earth
through the comet a tall.
Strange Sights
for Crippled Girl
Xiss Selma Chlfs, Who Has Been Out
of the House but Four Times, .
ia Astounded.
Bright as are the decorations and general
appearance In the Bee building rotunda
today, there is a girt present who out
shines it all. She is Miss Selma Ohlfs of
South Omaha, who has spent all the wak
ing hours of twenty-four years In a wheel
City Engineer Craig sent the big city
automobile down to bring- Miss Ohlfs to
the associated Charities bazar. She had
to bring her chair along, for ahe la selling
the artistic products of her hands to the
visitors at the bazar.
When Chauffeur Fred Swain brought the
automobile into the business district Miss
Ohlfs, began to open her eyes. This was
one of three or four times she had ever
been away from her home further than a
block. The dressed figures of women in
the store windows attracted and held her
attention. When It waa explained to her
that they were merely lay figures, ahe ex
claimed. "Why, I thought they- were real
Getting a glimpse of the new City National
bank building. Miss Ohlfs was again stirred
to amazement. "My, what a big- building;
t didn't know they ever built stores that
So it went at every turn the machine
made on the way to the Bee building.
When ahe waa brought Into the great cen
tral court where the bazar la being held
she waa simply entranced with delight.
All day long thia girt; so sorely afflicted
seemingly, proved what had been said of
ner. that she la one of the happiest girls
to be found anywhere. In her little chair
ahe moves about the tables occasionally,
and baa made friends of all who have met
her. Her artificial fruit' and needle work
ia tn big; demand.
This experience of Miss Ohlfs can be
likened to nothing In every day life. She
le seeing a new world wlUn keen delight
and every moment brings bar some new
County Assessor
Shrivcris Angry
Says the Electire Deputy Assessor is
Bad, as Deputies Feather
Their ffesta.
County assessor Bhriver Is grieved, per
plexed, pained and angry. He would like
to take a state law and obliterate It, and
ha would like to sink an axe into the of
ficial necks of a large number of hla as
siatants, the deputy assessors.
The law ta the ene which makes the
deputy assessorship an elective position.
"Its result." said Mr. Sh river to the Board
of County Commissioners Friday, "la that
some of the deputies are plainly feathering
their own political nests by making light
assessments. Returns are coming in with
total valuations only S per cent of what
they were last year and the year before.
"It la left to me to raise them all. with
the upshot that the resulting soreness ia
against ma personally..
"First and foremast there is a threat
ened loss of considerable revenue to the
Mr. Shrlver did not complain to the board
with any Idea that the commissioners can
remedy- matters, for the elected deputies
cannot be removed from office except by
Impeachment proceedings, which are almost
out of the question.
Shrlver' a Idea hi talking to the board is
to let the county commissioners know that
when they sit as members, of the Board of
Equalisation they, aa well aa ha, will have
the unpleasant task of boosting a good
many assessments.
Not ail the deputies are thus complained
of. but there are a good many who are
turning hi these preposterously low re
turns. ."It ,1a- unfair, moreover. adds- Mr.
Shrlver. "to those men who are paying- full
tues, or practically so."
Trarnor Steps
Out of Office
Five Candidates ia the Field for the
Position Made Vacant by
TScvr Mayor.
The Board of County Commissioners to
cepted the resignation of Commissi one
Ttainor. now mayor of South Omaha.
To succeed Mr. Trainee there are five
active candidates from the district. These
sre John Troutan, now a city inspector;
John SchulU, defeated candidate for city
treasurer at the recent election; F. O.
Johnson, contractor; Swan Larson, former
councilman, and J. C. Gibson, a real estate
dealer, all of South Omaha.
County Treasurer Furay and County
Clerk Havoriy say that until the return
of County Judges Leslie next week, they
will make no promises to any one toward
flillps the vacancy.
Bee Want Ada Ara Siuusu Boosters.
Your srta-r-is Worth it
Afraid to use hair preparations? Don't know exactly what to do?
Ttven why not consult your doctor? " bn't your hair worth it?
Aak him if he endortci AVer's Hair Vigor for felling hah-.
Does mot Color the Hair
Rule of the Walk
for Pedestrians
Officer Wilson Thinks People Should
Be Made to Behave as
Well as Teams!
"It is time that we have aa ordinance to
work on the 'lay' walkers, now that the
street traffia has been secured by the rules
of she road measure." remarked W. It.
Wilson, crossing puUcman.
"It le surprising- how many head-on col
lisions there are among the erowda on the
down tovn street a Why. they even ctmm
out here en the street and try to waik over
me. Then watch the way they Jamb into
itti other oomlng around eurners wber
V: i ? I i-r
ill w iii As3K-,rffa