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Coats for
ft, Our Vina of long and
P t . e
snort coats Tor in
fants is especially at
tractive just now.
J Every mother s son
or daughter should
5 Ziauc one.
crerna eiotn ana wool Batiste ara mucli lined fabrica for long or
U. abort coata; either braided or lace trimmed We show handsome IT
styles, at H
$2.95, $3.95 and $5.00 ,
Hand embroidered efforts on fln rahmir or Crenels doth! from
A plain scalloped edges to elaborately embroidered designs, at ;
5 $5.00. and un tn & 1
.f-v Writ For New
Tee youko
1518-1520 Farnam Street
J ohn&on - Danf or
I -4
la ihe largest kipd most varied in Omaha- We) hare two grades
... v' ' -l . -HlgU Grade Medium abrade
Our high grade Includes a very', large aelectlon of the celebrated
Kaclne brand 'made wagons, splendidly constructed and right up-to-date
in every particular. The Racine wagons are atrlctly A-gradc,
and Will meet the requirements of the hard uses to which wagons
In our city ere subjected. We sold 238 df 'them last year and we
can ehow mnny testimonials and have more iatUflad customera than
any other co.ern. . , . . -
Our medium grade comprise! such T well ' known wagons aa
Tlio Arttleiider, The Regal and Tho
sFr-w - ,
'.,). '....;( vv .
We are making prices on this
We )iQve, blacksmith shop
butld ycii any kind of wagon you tnay Want '1 " " " '
. Call and. inspect our product, or write, for catalogue and prlcea.
I 4
S.' V.uCor. 10th and Jones Sti; Oaaba, Kcb.
as service
. , ... i.-
As wq have frequently stated we want you to have
perfect lighting service and in, order that ypu may have
it we wont your co-operation. .;'': '; ) J
Vvre therefore ask you two questions:'
Firat- Are your lights giving' satisfaction?
Second If not, why not? x . .
Should your answer to the first be u No, " then the
answer to the second is "Because you haven't notified
We make lights satisfactory. - It's to your interest
and ours to let us do it for you. i.
Omaha Gas Company
Anaaal DIttlUt of Latkeraaa la
Oaaaaa Caora Old Otftcera la
t Seaaloa t'alll Satardar.
All 'officers i)t the Nebraska conference
Auauatana synod pt the Lutheran church
were re-elecUd at the opentna aosalon held
Thuraday morning at Salem church. Twenty-third
and Vinton atreeti. The officer
are: Prcrluent,, Rev. P. N. Bwanbere. Hol
drege; vice praldriH. Rev. C F. Sandall,
Hood's Barsaparilla
, Curt s All Spring Allmcnta.
' Mr. Uarlon Brace. Cumberland. M,
vrltea: I have uken Hood's Barsapa
rilla for a great roaay yeara. and I tatntt
It the beat blood tnedlclna la U world.
1 take It both aprinf and - fail. ThU
winter and aprlnc 1 waa la very
pool- health.- I tu we and bad loat
at. my spireme ana ait run uu.u.
Aa aooik a 1 lirsan to tax tloou a toar.a
t.MriiiM utv utrAiiKth came back ana my
ppttite iturna. 1 am nuw aretl. do
i.. j ubuacwurK, aud no tynr have thai ti to.ay lii u.ual liquid form or
4,v.u.kiaa tawicie cailaa etraaiaua.
Iff ! I
Free Catalogue,
lli Company's
I 1
"'.i i" -v-v : &'iWstf'i&
t .'
line of work that will Interest
running at full blaat, and we can
Oakland; aretary, Rev. J. Ekholm, Th.
I.. Newwtn Urtive; treasurer and statis
tician, J. S, Melcren, Omaha.
.The hearing of the report of the ex
ecutive Committee reporta occupied the re
mainder of tha day. Tha session will prob
ably close Saturday.
Jleports show ' that contributions to the
purposes of the church average per
capita for the membership of the churches
Of, tha conference.
The first meeting- waa held Wednesday
nlgiit, whan Rev, F. N. Swanberg- deliv
ered a sermon. . v -
William a. Pallllpe, Who Bold Dovoa
took Taroaaa Malta, Ginta
v Tkreo Years.
CHICAGO.- April 14,-Wllllara 8. Phllllpa.
president of the Amerlca-Mexleo Mining
and tevcloptng company was aentenced to
three years' Imprisonment and fined 11,000
by Juj Landla In the United States dis
trict court here today. Phllllpa waa found
ullty bn a charae of using the malla to
defraud. ' 'The defendant was aliened to
have told tQ.0GO worth of stock In the
mining company and to have paid large un
earned dlvtdei.da out of money received
from puioiara- vt Uia atook
Attorney General Byen Isabel Opin
ion in Eespect to Case.
Record Show No Traaafrr of Same
Made la Paat Salt Organ Over
II ork lulaod Railroad
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DE8 MOINES. Ia., April 14. -(Special Tel
egram.) Attorney General Dyers today la-
surd an opinion for the benefit of the
Stat Board of Medical Examiners In rela
tion to the fori of the office, holding that
all fees of every kind must be turned Into
the state treasury. . The occasion for It
arose from the fact that Secretary Sum
ner had on hand over Tj00 In fees received
largely from colleges on account of bodies
sold for dissecting purposes, which ha did
not know what to do with.
The records of the office fall to show
whether any auch fees have bten received
before or, If received, what was done with
them. The secretary akrd for Instruc
tions. It Is believed that the disclosures
will show that not all fees which are due
the stato have betn turned over in recent
First Mock Island Salt.
Tha first suit growing out of the wreck
of a Rock Island train at Green Mountain
was filed in district court in ivcokuk to
day. It was a suit for $25,000 for the death
of Vera Pennington. She wna not Injured
In the wreck, but her husband was killed
outright and a few days later she gave
birth to a child, following which she died.
and the claim Is Bet up thnt her death
was lndlrtctly due to the railroad acci
Garfield Comes to Des Moines.
James R. Garfield, secretary of the In
terior under President Roosevelt, has ac
cepted an Invitation to be the principal
speaker at the annual banquet of tho Grant
club. April 25.. Mr. Garfield will come to
Des Moines on that date directly from
New Dank Oraranlaed.
The State Bank of Williams filed articles
of Incorporation with 133,000 capital; also
the Central Park Fuel company of Cedar
Rapids with J26.O0O capital; also the Pom-eroy-ralmer
Mutual Telephone company
with $20,000 capital.
Dairy Commissioner Chang.
W. B. Barney of Hampton spent the day
hero In conference with H. R. Wright,
preparatory to taking over the state dairy
and pure food department the first of next
month. T"l entire force of the department
was present and the new head waa intro
duced to them. It la understood that no
changes In the force will be made, at lea9t
at present. The work of the department
extends to every part of tho state.
Chanite In City Offices.
Tho city council today re-elected a ma
jority of the old officials Including tho city
solicitor and assistant, but made a change
In regard to night captain of police, re
moving Chief Ab Day, who has long been
oil tha force. This last waa the test of the
tondency of the council. It la taken to
mean a decided letting down In the di
rection of a more liberal city and freedom
for many things.
1 . Candidate for Head of Elks.
Tho Iowa City Benevolent J Protective
Order, of Elks' lodge ia boomlntr George T.
Ileddtck, formerly, editor ot the Iowa, pity
Republican, aa candidate ton tho first vice
president of the Iowa State Association of
Elks and baa Instructed Its delegates to be
selected later to vote and work for his
homination at Marshalltown, June 15 and 18.
Telephone Company Increases,
i Amended and aubstltuted artlclea of In
corporation wore filed In the office of
county recorder by the Iowa Telephone
company, providing for an increase In capl
tallratlon from $4,000,000 to $10,000,000. The in
crease waX voted last week by the board
tt director for tha purpose of taking over
tha Mutual system and Increasing tho ef
ficiency, of the system and the mileage
throughout the state. The old officers and
board of directors were named.
Association Dlabands.
The removal of A. G. Miller aa chief of
police of Dea Moines puts the last of the
affleera of the Iowa Association Of Chiefs
f Police elected hero last all Into the dis
ard. Mr. Miller waa elected president,
ilenry Olsen.of Fort Dodge was named
vice president and ha haa been deposed. W.
J. . Vannatta of Muscatine, aecond vice
president. Is no longer a chief and John
Dlneen. aecretary-treasurer, of Sioux City
resigned when the commission plan carried
in that city.
Matt la ia tha Race.
; Congressman J. A. T. Hull today filed his
nomination papers aa a republican candi
date' for congress for a tenth term. He
baa not as yet opened headquarters, but his
campaign haa been in charge of Post
master Myerly and the pension agent and
it said to be in excellent shape.
There waa also filed with the secretary
ot stats the nomination papers for H. J.
Pfelfer of Cedar Falla aa a republican
candidate for senator In Blackhawk and
Grundy; also for J. A, Cousins for rep-
tuat-niaUva In Chickasaw county; also for
E. E. Wakefield for democratic candidate
tor tho legislature in Adair; also for M. W.
Truxow for representative In Washington
Confereaee on Kdacattoa.
'Tha annual conference of tha county
superintendents with tha Department ot
Education haa been called by State Super
intendent Rlggs for April 27-28 in the office
of the state superintendent. The first day devoted to "The Teacher", and the
second day to answering the question;
.... .. .v.. ,., In
tha nne.raom rural school?" Other tODlciH
will be that ot the high school and the
taw enforcement by the county superin
tendent. Cost of Ilvloa la Too Utah.
The regular army officer who has been
aasltned to duty with the Iowa guardsmen
in the northern part of the state the last
year and who haa bten traveling about
giving Instructions to the companies, has
requested that he be relieved and returned
to his regiment. He states In a letter to
General Logan that he cannot pay hotel
bills on tha $160 a day allowed him and
that the hotel prices are invariably more
than that to Iowa.
Blaat tio oa as Independents.
Secretary of Stat Hayward ha ruled
that in counties where the third parties
have a right to a place on the official
ballots because of having cast more than
i per cent of tha vote In the county, the
candidate must b selected under the
primary rules or go on as independents. In
other words, If In any county a socialist
or prohibitionist ticket la entitled to
recognition, then use must be made of thU
prlv.lege If the randiduies were to ba
recognized. . "
Colira Work ,1s Broken Vp.
By reason ot the plaits of the new State
Board of Education for having a complete
reorganisation of the rotate college at Ame.
tha report la that the college work i much
interfertd wltii. The ri;nation of the
jneiliienl.. followed by the. rei-lg nation of
ctheri of the faculty, and constant rumors
as to many other changes to u mad?, has
caused unrest ia Uia a hoi cw.lek. Xiiexj
I sli-o belief that It Is the plan of the
administration to take the engineering de
partment to Iowa City. P.-actlcally nothing
has been done In regard to selecting a
succesxor to President etorme.
Supreme Court Declalona.
C. S. Blackett. appellant, aaainat 8. B.
ZtMgler, from Kaye-tte county; reversed.
Bottineau Land and Ioan Company, ap
pellant, apalnut Henry Hlntie, from Scott
county; af limed.
Ed Fltiirerald atjalnst Peter Flanatrln. ap
pellant, from Allainnkee county; afflrniei.
Daniel Khea, apnellant. against Catholic
Society of Webster City,', from Hamilton
county; affirmed.
Charles P. Deutamsnn, appellant, against
Mrs. M. Kunlse, from Mills county; af
firmed. -
Grant Thornburg airaln.t C. D. Doollttle.
appellant, from Hamilton County; affirmed.
City of Waterloo aicalnat Waterloo, Cedar
Falls A Northern Hallway Companv, ap
pellant, from Blackhawk county; affirmed.
Nebraska Will
Fight Rugby Game
Chancellor of Nebraska University
Gives This as Attitude on
College Game.
LINCOLN, April It'. (Special.) "The Uni
versity of Kansas will have no support
from tho University of Nebraska In trying
to substitute Rugby foot baU for the Amer
ican game when the representatives of the
various colleges . In the Missouri valley
meet at Kansas CltjK next Tuesday. Ne
braska will lend Its aid to reform the game,
but not to abolish ft."
This Is the epitome of Chancellor Avery's
declaration In respect to Nebraska's stand
on foot ball. He said this In private to a
delegate from tha students who had gone
to the chancellor for the purpose of ascer
taining how the Nebraska representatives
at the Kansas City- meeting next week
Would stand. Chancellor Avery said he and
the Board of Regents had discussed the
foot ball question and that they Jiad de
cided the game was too valuable to be lost
to the colleges of this section.
Regent George W. Lyford assured the
fraternity men at their banquet last night
that the regents wanted to retain the Amer
ican game and that they would not consent
to have It removed from Nebraska. He said
all were agreed that It would have to be
reformed, though, and that the regents of
this school would lend their aid to get a
saner game.
Chancellor Avery will represent the Ne
braska faculty at the Kansas City meet
ing next week and will vote against the
abolition of the American game. This meet
ing of April 19 was called at the request
of the Kansas Board of Regents by Chan
cellor Strong of that school. Regent Wil
liam Allen White of the Emporia Gazette
caused the agitation at Kansas against
foot ball, and had a motion passed to call
the Kansas City meeting.
Nebraska's stnnd has been made known
to Kansas by Chancellor .A very, who wrote
Chancellor Strong that. the way to reform
foot ball la not to abolish the American
game. He said Nebraska would not consent
to play Rugby.
The athletic board this afternoon voted to
send President Richards to Kansas City as
a representative of the athlr-tio department.
He will oppose all radical anti-foot ball leg
islation. . '
He will confer with the 'other Missouri
Valley conference representatives regarding
summer base ball rules. He, has instruc
tions from the Kabraska board to attempt
to have the anti-summer ball rule abolished..
He will brlnst.thp matter. before the college,
presidents who are gathered at Kansas.
City. j
At the meeting of the athletic board today
W. H. Hutchinson was elected captain pf
the ComhiiHker basket ball team for next
year. Ho won his letter for. the first time
last winter.
The Nebraska base ball team will return
to Lincoln tomorrow. Manager- Eager was
not able to chedule any games for Fri
day and Saturday to fill the dates left va
cant by the cancellation of the- contests
with Kansas, so he ordered -the team to re-j
turn home. ., J
In the games -with Manhattan yesterday,
and today th Nebraska team was consider
ably." handicapped . by the; absence of Ole
Metcalfe from tho lineup. .Metcalfe missed
the train to Manhattan yesterday morning
and could not get there for ye.sterday'a
game. He did not care to go for one game,
so remained here. He plays shortstop on
the team and. his absence from that posi
tion leaves tha team without a suitable
player to handle! the work there.
Tine Weather
For Nebraska Friday fair, cooler.
For Iowa Threatening with rain, colder.
Temperature, at Omaha yesterday:
S a. m w
a. m 68
7 a. m 60
m w
9 a. m
10 a. m
11 a. m......
12 m
1 p. m
5 p. m
p. m
4 p. m
6 p. m
p. m
T p. m
8 p. m
, 2
, 63
, 64
, 66
, 69
, 72
. 74
. 82
, til
, 00
, (16
, 60
To Bo Rosy
and Well
The right kind of food not
drugs la necessary.
.. Grape-Nuts
The world-famous food scientifi
cally made of whole wheat and
barley, contains the blood-making
tlbsue building, elements of these
field grains, Including the natural
phosphate of potash (grown in the
grains) wblctTTiature Uses in mak
ing new brain and nerve cells.
, s
In the manufacture of Grape
Nuts the starch of the grains is
prefiigested -changed to a form of
sugar which is quickly absorbed
by the blood, and the user soon
shows better color, and increased
vigor of body and brain.
A few weeks': regular usq of
Grape-Nuts will show anyone.
J "There's a Reason"
. jPostura Cereal Co., Ltd.,'
4 Hattle1 Cre;, Mich.
I1 I ill.
Facsimile ft regular size.
Political Angles
of Cooper Case
Enemies of Governor Intimate that
Early Primary Was Called to In
fluence Court's Decision.
NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 14. Nahvllle
has quieted down today after the excit
ment of yesterday, attending the action of
the supreme court and the governor's sub
sequent pardon in the case of Colonel Dun
can B. Cooper, sentenced to twenty years
In prison for. the murder .of former United
States Senator E. W. Carmack. Although
there was much excited Comment on the
streets and Jn public places, until late last
night there has at no time been any Indica
tion of anything approaching dlsorder,.Both
Colonel Cooper and hla son have thus far
declined to make any- public statement.
Governor Patterson has made no commont
on. hla, pardon or.Colojicl Cooper and has
.denied himself o -all. interviewers. . '
.The case of Itpbln Cooper, who'la at
liberty on bond, will be taken up with the
May term of court, according to an an
nouncement by Attorney General Jefferson
MeCarn. Meanwhile, with a primary to
make nomination for the governor and state
Judiciary less than two months off, the
political, cauldron bolls. Enemies of the
governor use the calling of this primary,
embracing as it does the nominations for
supreme court Judges, as an attempt by the
executive to hold an axe over the supreme
court, "which had tho Cooper case under
advisement at the time the call was Issued.
As to the governorship, the campaign will,
It Is thought, be waged on the prohibition
The supreme court this afternoon reduced
the ball of Robin Cooper from $26,000 to
$10,000. .
Big New Plant
for Mancy Mills
Company Agrees with Commercial
Club on Arrangements to Ee- -place
Burned Structure.
The Maney Milling company haa entered
Into a definite agreement with the Com
mercial club for the rebuilding of the
plant destroyed In the $1,000,000 elevator
fire, which wiped out the Sunklst mills
and the Nye-8chneldor-Fowler plants. The
millers have the assurance of the Commer
cial club that all influence will Jse exerted
for the Installation of ample fire protection
In Hhat district.
The new plant is to have a much greater
capacity than the" one destroyed sby flrel
The builders declare that they will put In
mills which thall surpass in psrfectlon
even the old plant. ' Blx-story building of
brick for the mills and a warehouse- of
three stories with an elevator of 100,000
bushels capacity will be erected.
I -
Requisition for'
Frank K. Hoffstot
Governor Stuart Calls for Return of
Former Pittsburg Banker, Who
is Now in New York.
If A RRI8RURG, Pa, April H. Governor
Stuart today signed a requisition upon
Governor Hughes of New York for the re
turn to PennHrlvania of Frank K. Hoffstot,
wanted In Plttsbur on bribery charges.
District Attorney William A. Itlakely of
Pittsburg received the papers In person.
Mr. and Mrs. Schlckedants Home.
6T. PAUL, Neb.. April 14. (Special.) At
been a prominent factor of the business
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Z. T. Left
wlch a recaption was given yesterday even
ing on the occasion of the homecoming of
Mr. and Mrs. Harry rirhlckedariti from
their European tour. Mr. tschlckedaou hss
been a prominent factor of the buslnevs life
of thU community for more than a quarter
ut a century . end a leader In' republican
political circles and an ardont worker In all
mattyrs of public welfare. I.aat September
he mariitd tha wUow of tha late A. It.
Hubtrminn, one of the pioneer business
men and upbluMer of Omaha and a clone
associate f many of It's older citizens.
Shortly kfter the marriage Mr-and Mrs.
dchlckcdarxs muds an extended tr'p to Oer
iniMiy, from Vhere tl.y now return to re
sums their horns In r t. Paul.
USE rirr-
..ii a. vw. ???rii-xetrj -r tt
l . MP
iviae ot Imitations, Substitutes and
"Just as
Unscrupulous dealers, mindful only
of their profit and caring nothing for
the health of their patrons, are offer
ing for sale low grade mixtures, which
they tell you are "aa good as Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey."
Some go so far as to try to make
you bellevo It is Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey. Theso chogp concoctions
are foisted on the people with the in
tent to deceive.
When a' remedy has been before the
public for more than half a century,
has been prescribed and used by the
best doctors and in prominent hospi
tals, and has carried the blessing ot
hoalth Into so many thousands of
homes as Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
has, imitations are bound to arise.
They may lmitat the bottle and label
only no one can imitate the contents.
Duffy's Pure M Whiskey
has been used with remarkable results
in the treatment ot Consumption,
Pneumonia, Grip, Cougns, Colds, Ma
laria, Fevers, Stomach Troubles and
all wasting and diseased conditions.
It is sold in scaled bottles only. The
Old Chemist's Head Is on the label,
- and over the cork Is an engraved seal.
Be certain the seal is unbroken. Sold
by druggists, grocers, dealers, or direct
$1.00 a largo bottle.
Write Medical Department, The
Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, N.
Y., for free advice and valuable med
leal booklet, containing testimonials
and common sense rules for health.
Accounting; of Results of Omaha
Convention to Be Held on Sun
day Afternoon.
A mass meeting is to bo held at the
Toung Men's Christian association Sunday
afternoon at 4 o'clock, where, by reporta
from the committee of the ohurches of tho
city, a measure will be taken of the suc
cess of tho convention of the laymen's
missionary movement.
At this meeting reports will be made
on the amount of money to bo raised for
use In tho foreign missionary ft?ld by
each church. - Clement Chase will preside
at the meeting and call for the reports.
Those who are in touch with' the move
ment declare that the .amount which will
be raised Is to be far beyond expectations.
Irritation Almost Drove Him Mad
Eyes So Swollen Could Scarcely
See Skin Specialist Said It was
Psoriasis Cured by Cuticura.
"I waa completely cured of a skin
disease by tha use of tha Cuticura Rem
edies after doc torn
had failed. Tha
complaint first at
tacked ma in 1908,
my hand and inm
right us to the el
bows breaking out in
large blisters, soma
an inch acrosa. I
need nrtell any suf
ferer fuNa distress
ing akin complaint
what I want through.
The irritation al
most drove me mad.
patient or a London hospital. I re
ceived little benefit, and after a fort
night's attendance I waa seen by a skin
specialist who told me the complaint
waa psoriasis. The irritation waa not
allayed at all. I persewed with the
treatment and continued to attend the
hospital for two months but I waa far
from cured.
" Later the disease took a more aerioua
form, affecting my neck and face as well
as my hands and arms. My neck waa
covered and sometimes my eyes were so
badly swollen that I could scarcely see.
Irritation la too mild a word to describe
rny suffering; it was excruciating agony.
I was sent to a doctor who gave me some
ointment, but it did me no good and in
the end 1 lost my job. A friend in Lon
don sent me some Cuticura Soap which
poftenod my hands, made them feel fresh
and more comfortable. I obtained some
Cuticura Resolvent and Cuticura Oint
ment and waa especially pleased with
tho Ointment which immediately allayed
the irritation and caused the sores to
heal steadily and surely. Jn three weeks
I waa completely cured and there haa
been no return of tha complaint. I am
so pleased with my cure that I em
anxious to tell others about it. Arthur
Duncan. Lltchard Hill, Bridgend, South,
Wales, Jan. 16. 1800."
CuNcurn Bnio rise.) to Oleanw th Skin. Cuttrure
jicui vii otui, uu lullrur.
n th form of rhi'tilAf c.i
HUH. 2
26C. Kt VWl Ot 40) tO PunfT tha llbr.rt HmA
ttiruiiehout th world Polv-r Dru a Cbrm. Com
aole Prop. &b Columbus Ave , boiton. ktnm
ikMsil4 res, CuUcurs boo aa Blia iiMsass,
Your Wife Will
Enjoy It...
. "It's the one Best
Is for all occasions the most pleas
ing Lev-eiue un the murktt.
Cool. Refreshing-, Vara
It can be msde In a moment's
notice. Sold at all fountains and
bars at 6c per glas, or in powder
form from grocers, druggists and
dealers, ,
Orando, lemon, root beer flavors
Two tenspoonsful rake a s-lav
25c bottrs have VI drinka 11.00 bot
tles TO drinks.
Leo. Grott Co., Prope., Omah
ii m(j
AL, the desire
to merit t h e ap
proval of others and '
to look well in the
eyes of our friends
arc fully satisfied in
the B our k twenty-five.
They are the most
satisfying redely - for -duty
clothes possible to
make for $25.
Wo would Iilco "to 'Sell" youfjsj
your clothes this reason. Drop
in and talk it over.
Suits, Raincoats and Crvt-reoata
$18 to $40. .s . ( ,
Our $3 Hat the JIOIUKK rilK
FKIIHKD is an . excellent bat.
Try one. , 1
U-w- v "
M1H tm3im'mmu mrf3
318 S. 15th St.
will outlut 3oin pairs of -'
ordinary shears
At All Daalart and Guaranteed '
Cloth Cutting Shears SO up according
to sltt
Something that experience has de
veloped. The more exact your knowledge
of fine tailoring,' the greater your en
thusiasm over out tailoring service.
The less you know ,1)1,, detail, about
tailoring, the greater is your need, of
this organization that does know
that can be depended upon to give
conscientious service.
,.. $2n na Up. V
Tailoring Co.
804-800 South 10th St,
Near 10th and Farnam Sfa.' '
Another Big Hatch
Zhyszko '
Will wrestle to a finish at the
Monday Night April 18th.
Preliminaries: - 'William Hole
off and Ben I'avelka.
Reserved seat' sale opens
Thursday morning, April 14th.
Prices: Ring-side, $1.60; Bal-:
cony, 75c, $1.00 and $1.50;
Arena and Boxes, $1.00; Gen
eral Admission, 60c. V
Tonl-ht 8:16
Mat. Bat Best
Beats $1
McIJl T f BE ,
850 to
100 People 100..
Tata., Wed. Mat and Sve Maud Adams
la what svEavr wvas-AJN Ksvwa
Ksats today.
cir.r. vsi
Tonight Saturday ' ...
Z,ast Wsek of the Woodward Stock Co,
PKICXBl "' '
Wight 10, IS, 85, 30, Mo. Mat. 10, so, ssa
Next Waak Lyman M, Howe's
MIAT11L rtiBtlVAJt. , :
mzATsa raioxsjk
Matinee Today at 8:30. ..All Seats ISa
100 Children loo. .. ,
IJULUa. fKA.XED BOW ft B. All fcaat 6a.
ADVAllCLS VADDETImliui, Jbv.ri
Day, 8:16 livening Jrsrformanoe,-auS
liils weuk; Urigolatl's Aerial Bal. at, Lit
Lena, Cluule and r'annls Usher, IJitu
Amy Butler, Prato's Blmlan Cirque, White
and Hlnimons. Kroneman brothers, the
Klnodroinc and the Orpheum C'oncsrt
Orchestra. Prices 10c. iia and 60c.
Zrsga, 18-tfl-00-rS,
rTTimniKZl ant WffDlVi"!
Ladle.' liluis kiatlnae Bally at aua.
haturilay Th'
ii 1
Sun. Says, , v
CutCUsa and Smooth Jji'W
Ill II Mill 1 IHI l. ltJSMhSMMftlSSfiftfl
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