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. Snappy and sure in action, handsome
in body lines, strong and enduring,
Franklin Model G
it without a peer among the moderate size automobile. For
five yearn it has stood the test of exacting tcrvice over city streets
and country roads. Today competition is as far removed as ever.
Franklin Model G is the only touring car of low price
strong enough to stand the banging of service, season after
season, without going to pieces. vV'ith power in plenty for all
needs, comfortable always, easy to steer and control, it is the
ideal motor car for the family, the real estate man, the farm
owner, for any one requiring a general utility automobile.
Franklin Model G runabout, powerful, speedy and attractive
beyond the usual, is in a class by itself. To the physician or
surgeon, the contractor, the business man, the college man, the
man about town it appeals because of its usefulness under all
conditions. Quick to start, quick to respond to the wheel or
lever, it is the motor car for the man of action.
Franklin Model G with single-rumble seat or surrey type of
body holds the qualities of the touring car and the runabout.
Comfort, reliability, economy
supreme in a Franklin
re exemplified in Model G as in all Franklin models. Air
cooling, meaning perfect cooling without risk of freezing or
overheating, light weight and flexibility, meaning ease in op
eration and long life, full-elliptic springs, large tires and wood
sills, meaning comfort and small repair bills, are characteristic.
Compare Model . G with other low-priced automobiles in
weight, tire equipment, appearance and service. We have no
fear of your verdict.
Model G Touring Car, $1850.
Wheel bate, 9IJ"; tires, 32 1 354" trout . 32x4" rear: four-cylinder. 3K s 4".
Two-psenger runabout, $1750. Runabout with surrey-typa body, $1800.
Franklin Model G made and holds the
world's record for economy of operation.
2205 Farnam Street, OMAHA. NEB.
Some Things You Want to Know
The Truce in Nicaragua.
I The ilvll ar in Nicaraguo doesn't now
I occupy the. piomlcnt place It uied to have
I on the from page of the daily newspaper.
' 1 ne present, ti appear, is merely a breath
ing spell in the campaign, both parties
having had, tempoiarily. at least, their
glut of fighting at the sanguinary battle
of Tisma. In Alanague, which Is President
Madria' headquarter, everybody goes on
the assumption that the revolt Is crushed,
and thai It Is only a matter of time when
the government forces will Invade the de
partment of Zelaya and bring the seceded
territory back under lawful authority. At
Bluefields, which is the revolutionary capi
tal, preparations are being rushed for a
renewal of the campaign, a few weeks from
now. Estrada still claims authority over
an Ill-defined region extending as far Into
the interior as Muelle de Bueyea. At that
place General Chamorro. the revolutionary
commander-in-chief, has his headquarters,
and is working hard for the organization
of a new army. '
The war has affected lire In Blueflelds
very slightly. Here and there one may
see on the streets a limping veteran, while
In the hospital still linger the maimed
rellrs of the battle of Recreo. There are
nifcny fresh graves In tha desolate little
cemetery on tha hillside behind the town.
But as for the machinery of government.
I', grinds on in Bluefields a arderly as
though no such thing aa war existed in tha
entire universe. General Estrada has pro
mulgated a new mining law that'a the way
laws come Into existence in Nicaragua
nowadays allowing all goods destined for
use in the mines to be Imported free of
duty. Many of the mines in northeastern
Nicaragua are owned or operated by Amer
icans, and this new law beneflta them more
than anybody else. Estrada, moreover, has
reduced the customs duties in general
about 50 per cent. Steps have been taken
to Improve the lighting of the city of Blue
fields. Up to the present It has relied
to a considerable degree upon the kindly
J office of the moon and stars to perform
this important municipal function, but oil
lamps and acetylene are now helping in
the good work. The municipality, also, la
wrestling with a plan for the paving and
sewering of the town, and if anybody cares
to risk his money In the speculation, the
contract for the work may be obtained, no
doubt, on very favorable terms.
Estrada has appointed governors to
represent him at Cape Gracciaa and In
Blueflelds. The latter t official is a clever
lawyer named Rivera Zenon Rivera of
Fllvas. The other chief official of the
Estrada government Is Francisco F.
Moreira, secretary of Male. He is a lawyer
town near the Plpltapa river, the stream
which Joins Uake Mangua with Lake Nic
aragua. Chamorro'a own account of the
Battle of Tisma is. of course, very much
to his credit. He sss his army, which at
no time exceeded l.OflO men, was reduced
to 903 men when be arrived at Tisma, and
that the government held positions in that
neighborhood with 4.0n0 men under Gen
eral l.ara. The battle began at 7 a. m
and lusted till nightfall, when Chamorro
found hlmse.f out of ammunition. At 8.30
p. m . hearing that a small body of the
enemy with ample stores of ammunition
had occupied the village of Tipitapa,
Chamorro resolved to carry that place with
cold steel, and thua replenish his exhausted
But Plpltapa proved an unpleasant sur
prise. The enemy's numbers were about
700. and after a brief and bloddy struggle,
at ( o'clock the following morning, the rev
olutionists had to retire. Chamorro puts
his own Iofs in both engagements at fifty
killed and 150 wounded, and estimates the
government's loss at 700. Chamorro ord
ered his army to disperse and Join him
at Muelle de los Beuyes, as best It might.
The Estradlstas say that this was done
that of the survivors of Tisma all have
made their way back to the renderous,
and thata very formidable force Is now
forming at that point again to Invade
Chontales. "
On the other hand, the government
agents point to the fact that the advance
on Managua waa abandoned after the
battle of Tisma, and that the revolutionists
have withdrawn from the territory Into
which they had penetrated. Their theory
la that Chamorro, having risked everything.
lost It all at Tisma, and that he has now
no expectation of achieving anything be
yond the defense of Rama. In support of
this contention they point out that Es
trada has made no attempt to recapture
Greyown, at the mouth of the Can Juan
river, which continues in the bands of the
Madria forces.
After the battle of Tisma. President
Madriz mad new overtures of peace. He
la credited with offering the insurgents a
general amnesty, pensions for the widows
and orphans of the men killed in the hos
tilities, payment for the troops, and to sat
isfy the debts of the revolutionists up to
the sum of $1.000 000. He is also said to
have offered to call a general election
for the presidency six months after the
restoration of peace. Estrada declined to
accept these terms. His friends explain
k &
XT- . 1 " MM' . W X V t
fw ""'in ii""- t -W-r- .'."V - -I
m (Oh J
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m Baked Bread, tJ I
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ny profession, too. and hail, from Managua, thl" "tl n V1 8round ,nat ,he Prl"-
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tlgUtlng rtxtnres Bargess-arandsa Co.
1880 Matlonai fclfe Inraraaoa Co. 110
Chants k.. AJy. General Agent. Omaha.
BafUgs Accounta in the Nebraska 3a v
lnik anu Loan Ass n eai n 8 per cent per
tiuijm, creuitcd t'ml-annudliy. On dollar
atans n rfcci,'jiu. limit Farnam tft.
C'clboiu Talka on Horn Industries At
Ihr im-eiHiK 'f the Kt-al EMtate exchange
niiir(ii,., i. ll. Claiborne will deliver
an ui.civ'.s u.i ''Loyally lo Hume lndus
1). i.e.
ia ou a Tag- William L'tiztckcr, a
.DLt.i (.iniulia sal uii kc'tptr, has filed a
pi.l..t to u.e Lomd uf County Comniis
MOiu .s a )::' pa;, mint of $3.;.i on h;s
li ,uor lic-.ii.-c. faiiiic iin.-it it is a tax upMn
a lu..' .tt.u iiicivlure i;:-gal and iion-col-lertab
8UU tii Eaamerators The local
hiuum Uipaiimeni nas nut yet completed
i.k lull mm ul ceiiauit cnumci atoi s for the
.-i.ciii.ii i,:siiui Aboui half a dusen enu
lu.ia.uis i.'inaiit lo be selected before the
lu.i !.v -au Ij givtn out by Supervisor
.-..u ium .. I ne enumerators begin work
-Ulii lo.
rederal Court Btarta Work The firm
ui mu jury cases lo be heard at the pre
eM tuu uf Hie U nited States circuit court
is mat of Samuel Goldsmith against the
L'mon Pacific Railroad company. The Jury
. wuh tmpai.clled in court room No. I Tues
day morning. The suit Is for damages tor
personal injurlra.
To the LIt Stock Meeting To attend
thu annual live stock meeting to be held
next week at Rapid City and Bellefourche,
ti. I)., a special car of Omaha live slock
men leave Omaha Sunday. The car will
lake Is passengers to Miles City, Mont.,
and thence to St. Paul and back to
Omaha, returning to this city April 22.
Commercial Clab Membership Increased
Sixty-eight new members were elected
to the Commercial club at the meeting of
the executive committee, Tuesday noon.
Tli natnea of the new members were se
cured at the Good Fellowship banquet
held at the Auditorium last week.
Motion to Dismiss Attachment A mil
lion will be called up In district courl Sat
urday by E. M. Bartlett, attorney for Mi
Pratt, to dixsohe the attachment and gar
nlslimeut which H. C BroVne nnd !. M
VitiSonhaler have against Mrs. Pratt's
home. An affidavit by Mrs. I'ratt sup
ports the motion. Statements in the affi
davit are similar in nature to those madi
in affidavits already filed.
Federal Grand Jory Empaneled The fed
eial grand Ju,-y for the April term of the
Orrmha division, was empaneled and
'sworn by Judge V. H. Munger at I;30
; Tuesday afternoon. K. D. Fales of
! Ponca, was appointed foreman of the
! grand Jury It is expected that the grand
Jury will complete Its work in about ten
ida. About the only matters to come
before it are some minor postofflce cases,
j and for selling liquor w ithout first pro
I curing the special government tax.
The idvYost Life
Candidate for Congress ffenda Forth
Literature to Boost Ills
Would-be Congressman Lobeck has issued
his first campaign literature. It contains a
brief resume of Ills public service, follow
Ing the statement that he was a commercial
traveler In Nebraska from 1875 to 191. He
sets out that he was state senator in the
session of 18P3, was elected councilman of
On'aha in 18!T and 1000, became comptroller
In 1903, and has been there aver since,
"lie's all right" Is Mr. Lobeck'a motto at
the head of his card, and the hopeful wish
in awemrsi i.ue, 11 oegan nnsi- , expressed that he may be allowed to
ness In May. 1906, has paid seven death I add "M. C." to bis list of political at-
ciaima, aggregating 113,600. 1 he Insured j tachments
naa paia tn company only sts t7. Their As vet. Mr. Lobeck has tha consreslonal
f,eld all to himself. H. B. Fleharty has
policies had been In force from on month
and two daya to one year, eleven months
and sixteen daya. Each of these seven
men and nonxn had passed a satisfactory
medical examination. Those concrete I
cases at eiy forcible Illustrations of
two things: First. That no ona has any
assurance that ha will be alive tomorrow,
a w eek", a month on a year hence, no mat
ter how vigorous and healthy he may be
today. Second. That In no other way can
on by the payment annually of a small
aum of money create so large an estate
for his family or those dependent upon
no, filed, as he said he would, and no re
publican aspirant has formally declared
himself In,
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Vril or call at the home office, 1007 'O"
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dition to frame. tl.Mn; W. I. Kierstrad.
I? rowier, rrame.; jnnrpn Mriiin,
in, diji i, I I m lir, i.kinr, - lll.irolll,
-4 Meredith. frame, ?.); K. J.
L'avls. 31i1 Cass, frame, 2.Sii0; Voter Cnrl
son. J7K South Tenth, frame. t2.i; Mrs.
Stella B. Collins. 4!5 South Thlrtv-f irst. ce
ment dwelling, IS.W; R. K. Hall, Ztl-i-'jO
Farnam, brick garage. $3.0r0: Bishop A. U
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Twelfth, brick store. $3,500.
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The militaiy establishment is headed by
Generals Matuty. Chamorro and Mena,
under whom are Brigadier Generals Ma
cjz and Correa. Matuty, Chamorro and
Mena are all men of picturesque history.
! MhIiiIv Is a Honduranian hv hlrfh mnA a
lvll engineer by profession. He speaks
English fluently and has studied In schools
of engineering In the L'nited States. Inci
dentally, li has figured In several revolu
tions in Honduras. He is reputed to be a
man of great personal courage. He has
led his men Into a corre of battles, always
well In advance of the charging line and
et he never has been wounded.
Chamorro' was born and reared In
Granada. He is the son of Salvador
;hamorro, once a wealthy merchant of that
city. In ISO 3 Zelaya came Into the presi
dency and made things uncomfortable for
the Conservative party, to which the
Chamorros, fattier and son, for genera
tions back, have-belonged. But in 1396 a
evolution was started in the city of Leon
and Zelaya, needing the help of the Con
servatives, made overtures to them, and
more especially to the Chamorros. They
went in with a will and vanquished Leon
for him: whereupon Zelaya forgot about
ills promises, and Emlliano Chamorro,
Estrada's lieutenant of today, departed for
tha healthier climate of an adjoining re
public. Since then he has plotted steadily
against the Nicaraugan government. He
Is a man of simple tastes, unassuming In
character, and one of those dare-devil
soldiers of whom there are so many la
Central American politics.
Mena figured In several conservative up
risings against Zelaya In times past. In
1893 he was captured by Zelaya, who made
ineffectual efforts v to Induce him to com
over to his aide, or at least to premise to
remain neutral in any future revolt. Al
though Mena refused the offer, Zelaya re
leased him from duress. However, the
wily president kept him under scrutiny as
well as he could. But Mena knows his
business. One night he waa missing from
Nicaragua, When next heard of he was
in Costa Rica and had the good sense to
return only to take part in the present up
rising. It la difficult to untangle the history of
the campaign which came to an end at
Tisma. The American press hae given
less notice to the battle of Tisma than to
that of Kecrco. Yet Tisma was, in Ita way,
a very sanguinary affair and the rcsutls j
were decisive, at leatt for the time being, i
The defeat of th government force at i
Recreo led to the retirement of Zelaya
from the presidency. This accomplished
the program as originally laid down by
the rebels. Why, then, did not Kstiada ac
cept the overtures of peace which were
then made to him? i
Estrada's friends make the following ex- I
planation: Cnder the Nlcaraguan constl- !
tutlon Zelaya was at liberty to vacate the 1
presidency tempoiarily, in which ctse he!
might deposit the executve power In a-.y
member of congress on whom his prefer- ;
ence rested. But In the event of hl.s re- '
signing the picliiency permanently th
office fell to the "first des gnate," or lint I
vice president, who happens lo be a gentle- I
man named Lino Oquel. After ihj f ra :
vice president the success-ion should fall 10
the "Segundo lf ngnado," Kamiglo Virgil.
But Zelaya did not choose a congressman, 1
neither did he commit his office to either
of the vice presidents. He went afield,
lighted on Madria and forced ctnueis to
rntiry tins beiectlon. Estrada's tncory 1
that this was irregular and that h could
not conscientiously submit to such a vio
lation of the plain letter of the law. That
was the reason or so his friends say
that the first overture of peace was re
fused. Flushed with the victory at Recreo, Es
trada resolved to sttempt the capture of
Managua. An expedition under Chamorro
started across country. No rebel beliet el
that the government would be able to mus
ter sufficient forces to make any serious
opposition to tho Invader. No one who
has not been tn Nicaragua can imagine
th difficulties under which th rebel ad
vance was ma da. From ths Atlantic sea
board far up th alopa of th mountains
extends a wilderness so dense and terrible
that even men wha have lived for years
In Africa, and for whom th pathless jun
gles of that continent have no awe, diaw
back daunted at tha dUmal apectacl of
th Impenetrable Nlcaraguan forest. To
the Nlcaraguan peasant these appalling
condlilona ar familiar. II knows how to
Dahlman Pleased
with Position of
Says He Hopes Governor Will Stand
on His Platform of County
Mayor lmhlman this morning expressed
ristifiratiun over the announcement from
is too Important to be Ignored, and that no' Lincoln of the position aumed by (Jover-
( from my friends. What degree of success
j he will have with the voters of the county
is up to him."
ciple Involved the manner In which Ma
driz came Into power, as explained above
terms can be acceptable to the revolu
tionists until that point is satisfactorily
settled. Replying to Madriz's proposition,
therefore, Estrada proposed that the
United States be asked to name a provis
ional president, and to call a general elec
tion at once, and that meanwhile he, (Es
trada), should retain control of the At
lantic coast. Madriz promptly turned
down this counter-proposition. That Is
where the negotiations stand today.
Tomorrow Trouble la. Honduras.
I.odgt? otlre.
Members of the Order of O. E. S. are
requested to attend the funeral services
of Mrs. Elizabeth De'is at Hulse & Rlepen
undertaking parlors, Ii, South Sixteenth
street, at 1 p. m. By. order of
Minnie Kenduck. Secretary.
Do not take a substitute for Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. It has no equal.
nor s-hallciibergi r toward county option.
"If the governor sticks there 1 shall be
pleased, as all the people will be. to know
just where he stands now and proposes lo
anchor for the campaign. If he Is correctly
quoted, and will not back track when the
showdown comes, I shall be glad to con
cede that he is no longer foul -flushing.
Naturally, believing as 1 do, my friends
and mysulf must welcome the coming to
our position of the governor and every
body else. Before we finish 1 look to see
a great majority of the democrats of Ne
braska lined up against the vicious propo
sition involved in the county option move
ment. How a democrat can stand for It
Yrternn lard Pilot Itobhed of Para
Containing, 32 While
Wny to Work.
After working for years In the thickest Costs
of crowds about railroad stations it he-
fell Tony Donahoe, a Missouri Pacific
yard pilot, to have his packets picked on I
a street car " uesdey morning, and he
started on a wild chase for the man who
took J"i2 from his trousers' pocket.
The case with which he was separted
from his money arisen d Tony quite as
much as the thoughts of losing his hard
enrned wages. To be taken for a Jay and
rubbed on a street car. That was the part
that hurt; that cut deep to the quick: that
niadp Tony ashamed to face hi fellow
guides and workers at the 1'nlon station,
and caused him to flush with anger if
anyone asked him who did the Job.
Donahoe was going to his work In the
morning ul about 7: CO. end rode on a street
car. There was a good crowd on the trol
ley, that is good as far as size Is con
cerned, but It was evident when Tony
alighted that there was at least one bad
man among the passengers, for his pocket-
County Loses
Money on Its
Personal Taxes
More to Enter and Collect
Taxes Than Some Large
.. Firms Will Pay.
puzzles me.
"As to the governor s Intention to cam- his right-hand trousers' pocket
palgrr'in Douglas county, this Is a free-if- '
field, with no bars up against anyone.
Personal llhtrty Is my motto, to the
fullest extent consistent with good citizen
ship, and Uovernor Shallenbei ger will, I
am sure, meet with courteous treatment
A land and li an company hss returned
lo the county assessor a sworn statement
that its personal piopeyr l worth a.
Htock hroketHge firm s'ears that Its per
ioral property is worth all of fill and
there are similar large returns from a
number of other business men.
"1 can't ser," says Count? Assessor
ShrKer." how an -office business can be
conducted without a typewriter and a
copying press, to say nothing of a desk
and chairs. Office furniture of these peo
ple cannot be worth Jtss than $100. Thee
returns are ridiculous and will be elevated."
The assessor figured up on the $12 re
turn. This Is sworn to be the full value
and one-fiflh of this or the assessable
alue Is S2.M. Taxes on this" will thus
veneh the munificent sum of 2'i cents.
book was gone, and $Si was missing from i and It costs the county 20 cents to list
the schedule, to 'have banRs' printed and
to pay the deputy assessor. At this rate,"
continued Mr. Shrlver. "Ihe county of
Douglas, Instead of raising revenue would
be going sadly In the hole."
A Serious Breakdown
results from chronic constipation. Dr.
King's New Life Pills cure headache,
stomach, liver and bowel trouble. 2oc. For
sale by Beaton Drug Co.
i The Key to (he Situation Bee Want Ads'.
WrWliiViWrllM '."' i . imwm' iinmiimi "faff VmaffHift
i mm .jaw-' "'-" WTEV " jBT'i I Inl I A: I WTV'tV. "
i . : sm mm
1 A mm A imm
II 'isf ' lii'l 'd-liHiJrV ' f iytn '1" rat '1 a- ..a mii f
i n l 0mm Swr vmrnw
ftS fa'Vfr&Mfi - I; f-'-AV a i ii-lsiiswh F - "?- '" !Vm
ill i'T : 'I'-s'sS. I? V ' f-.-MTf'i,-!'.-1 J -
Every Picture Tells a Story
rc-sr or Tin ctmisc sacMce sushtw acnixw
AVrary is the back that bears the burden of kidney ills. There's no rest or peaw for the man or woman who has
a bad back. The distress begins in early morning. You feel lame and not ref replied. It's hard to get out of bed.
It hurts, to stoop to tie your shoes. All day the ache keeps up. Any sudden movement sends sharp twinges through
the back. It is torture to stoop and straighten. At night the sufferer retires to toss and twist and groan. Back
ache is kidney ache a throbbing, dull aching in the kidney.-. Plasters or liniments won't do. You must get at
the cause, inside.
j meet them. Hence It was posslbl for
j Chamorro lo ascend the fUma and Slgnla
livers into th provinces of Chontales.
I snm. th point whrr: Chamorio fr
.il of in ijvtrnmviit forces, la a little
O. A. Earl, 101 14 S. Eleventh tt..
Omaha. .Neb. nays: I ran say that
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How To Tell When the Kidneys
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Painful Symptoms: Backache, slJeathe, palna when
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I rinary Synmtoms: Discolored or cloudy urine.
Irlne that contains sediment. I'rine that stains
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