Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 18, 1910, Page 12, Image 12

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    "' 1
THE BKKi OtiAHAY FTttDA7 MAI. CI T 19, 1910.
. -- ' '
TH MUaSCK mm . fc tw InlUASCB
Og KeruioTiainiii: a- A
and wo will sell a thousand nieces from tho bolt of clean, un-to-
rirtto TBneaarw ai earn r:m.'iaTirrr;B: trtraa cr a:Bir.Di.: rIJ
ST" l?.
D I ' ' I ' f I l it I P
8.- ,
I I 1 I Bl t I I 1 II II H.
HL.M n
Hero arc Extraordinary Special Bargains
in Odd Let and Remnants in Various Depts.
Mercerized ""White Jaequard Madras will make beautiful
waists the kind that retail at $2 and $3 each.
Imported 10-yard sample lengths, on special
table in basement, at, per yard
12-Yard Bolts of Royal English Long Cloth Made to retail
at 10c a yard or $1.10 per bolt. Friday you save "J C
.)5c on. each bolt, at, per bolt I
Sheer India Linons, Sea Island Nainsook, Mercerized lin
gerie Lawns, finest long cloths and high grade batistes
all on' special tables, in desirable lengths 30 and 36 inches
wide, at, a yard 5c, 7lAc, 10c and 15c
There is not a store in the country where you can select
, ginghams more to your satisfaction our prices are always
the lowest and our stock is always strictly new mill
lengths, at, a yard. ; .7VC, Oc and 12V2C
& to 10 A. M. Only Short Length of Cotton Goods, all kinds,
at, yard, at. . ., jc
A fine lot of Fancy White Goods go on sale in the afternoon.
On sale at 1:30 promptly finest lot of fancy 'white goods
ever, received from the mifl. Lengths suitable for, waists.
Cilildren's wear, etc. values up to 25c a yard
at, a yard
Big Sale ol Mill Ends and Sample Pieces
Fine all Wool Dress Goods
From the Botany Worsted Mills, semi-annual sale of all
their, mill ends wool dress goods the lengths run from 3
to 12 yards, mostly 45 to 52-inch widths. Ottomans, whip
cords, taffetas, diagonals, hopsackings, basket weaves,
serges, henriettas, fancy suitings, summer weight broad
cloth, etc. worth up to $1.50 a yard 5 r a'
on bargain square, at, a yard O VC"0 VC
Imported Dress Goods Samples to Match
Up to 10 pieces of one kind to match up. Black and all the
prevailing' colors, specially adapted for separate skirts,
coats, jackets, misses' and children's dresses always, sold
for 49c a piece on bargain square extra place A
. given to this sale at, each piece.' ....... . . ... . .owVC
Two Big Dress Goods Bargains in Basement
36-inch to 40-inch Dress Goods:
regularly 3c to 60c grades, In
broken lots; all go In basement
In one lot. at, a yard . . . -15
Silk Sale Silks worth to 60c a
yard; printed pongee, Loulsine,
Robco silks, Foulard silks, etc.,
as long ad they last, yd. . . lf)
Remnants and Odd Lots of Silks
20-inch Poplins, Bengalines, satin and Twill Foulards, Crepe
de Chine, Pongee and Shantung Silks, Messalines, check
and stripe, Louisienne and Taffetas on )A OA
bargain square, at, a yard.'. . I VC3 VC
Remnants and Trial Stripes of Narrow and Medium Em
broideries, Insertions and Beadings, worth up to 4fi
20c; at, a yard. ; ... lUC
Remnants and Odd Lots of Narrow Width Embroideries,
Edgings and Insertions (Bargain square) Ql
at, yard . . . . . . . . O2C
Real Linen Torchon Laces and Insertions French Vals.,
Tlat Vals. and fancy wash laces all kinds k , . '
at, a yard t O2C
35c Fancy Trimming Laces at 15c a Yard Crochet, Venise
and Cluny effects edges, insertions, galloons, etc. black
chantilly , laces, silk embroidered bands all f r
kinds at, a yard JLuC
Women's Fin Cotton Hose in Odd Lots Fast black and
colors, also children's fine and heavy ribbed Q
all sizes, at, a pair JfC
We Cordially Invite You to Visit Our
Spring Opening Display
Throughout This Entire Week.
,. , The decorations are superb and the showing of new
juercnanaise is very attractive.
Frid&y is Special Bargain Day
Basement Clothing Dept.
Knickerbocker Suits for Boys, ages G
to 15; modern style of double breasted
knickerbocker suits good school
mixtures, plain and fancy cassimeres
well lined $3.00 values,
at. .
Children's $4.00 Blue Serge Russian
Suits $2.50 Russian suits, Buster
Brown suits ages to 8 only
blue serges or red, blue or brown, all
wool flannel cloth a $4.00 (Jft TA
Buit; in our basement, at. . . . vfl3v
Boys' Blue Serge Confirmation Suits Ages 6 to 15 years '
the materials are all wool serges, light in weight wel J
,' Bewed, every seam double stitched full; cut Qrt (Q
' knickerbockers. See these serge suits, at, ..... fJ v-Wa vQ j
. Boyg' Shirt
.. Mouses ,
Boys' Blua
Men'i good, J Roys' IS.59
bulla; age
$3.50 work,
log Pants
I to , at-
Children1 - I
l-i lu Dtmlm
Overalls; I
agea i to 12. '
In all th Newest Norrlttca In
Spring Foot
For the Easter Season
High Arches, Short Foreparts,
with Heels to suit the most fastid
ious. ,
Our Monogram Department is
more up-to-date than ever.. Show
ing $3.00 Pumps In Suede, Dull
and Patent that create consterna
tion in the ranks of high priced
shoe dealers.
The new Perforated Shield
Tips on the Three Hole Stub Ties
at $3.00 per pair.
We have no back numbers to of
fer, but all new up-to-the-minute
stylish footwear.
See Sunday papers for explana
tion of our exposition windows.
Sorosis Shoe Store
203 So. lBth St.,
raAVX WILCOX, Ms nag. r.
A "Try Ori
of our garments will result in
your satisfaction with' , thell
fit, aid that is the main point.
.' to consider in Clothing. r "We :
guarantee the fit, the style,
the finish, the perfect tailor-
' ing throughout and the body
fabrics will be more than
pleasing in texture,v design
and shades. If we once get
you as a customer,,.we know
we will have .your future
trade secured.
$25 to $40
3w London 3ai
"- J
CacklGy's Specials
Standard brands bottled in bond
Whiskies, per quart ....$1.00
Maryland Rye. per quart. . . .75
Tennessee White Corn, per
quart ;. . , 75
Vine, de Mease- alter wine); - Im
ported from Spain, quart. ,75
Home made Grape Wine, white or
red, per gallon. -. ... . . .$l.O0
Lady Clerks In A'endanco
Ml W. 16th It. OTP. P. O. Both Fbonaa
. w.M.anm.1. xji:mmi.. m.Muj..uiu.u..rr
Do You Read Our
Birthday Book? j
It is appearing daily on the
editorial page of The Bee, giving
pertinent information about peo
pie you know. . ,
Whose Birthday?
Why your own and your
aeighbors and prominent people
generally. -'
Pill In and nail the Biographical pata
blank sant you a few weeka ao, It you
hav oot already dona ao. If ou hava
mislaid tha blank, sand us memorandum
of data and place of birth. -
Ffinn FOR wk and nerou mea
I UUU IUA who find thalr power w
NfRVFC work and youthful vlgoi
t J (one aa a reault of over,
'work or mental exertion should taka
make you eat and aleep and ba a ran a
1 BoJ S bokea tS.BO If tnaO.
Cer. lath and Dodge aUreeta.
Oct. X6ta and Karney Stau Omaha. Van,
The Sert Beaaedy tow Ooarha,
Ooiaa, Throat aaa I.aag TroaUea
" K3 WELL'S AX )
Get a bottle today, S and bOo, at your
well Ztrof Co- auy-aO M.
a 1 . . ' i
drualat or
ISth mt Omaha,
Book. of Rare Value to the Private
Toilet equipment of every woman. Bend 1
!o utanip for free copy. . .
Ideal Paraa Jaaraal.
Ban Bonne4s are in. Tou'll be wanting one
;for work In the garden and -lawn.... 35
Srgaln Friday
Silks-Two Big Bargain Groups
Who wants silks T Who ever Baw better values than these!
Faille and Bengaline Silks, Shepherd Cheek Silks in
brown, blue and black checks, with white combination,
Louisine Silk Wastings, fancy dress silks of many kinds.
They are eel ect styles recently unpacked. AQn
Best 75c and $1.00 qualities, at, yard U VC"fiVC
Friday Bargain Extra
for lawn aacquea at a good price
aaving. Choice of light or dark
garmente, - In. fitted and loose
tylefl, made with buttonhole
etitch edge, regular and aallor
collar effects Friday sale pe
dal 690
Friday Bargain Extra
big clean-up with very fine bar
gains In Calicos, Outing, Cre
tonnes, Muslins and Shirtings,
the accumulation of all the short
plecea, up to lBc a yard, all
thrown out for Friday, at, yd. 60
Friday Bargain Extra
50 bolts only of our highest
grade India Llnon selling at 16o
yard, van long as quantity laste,
at. yard 10o
Bed Btpreads, full slse Marseilles
hemmed Spreads, worth' 1.25 '
special ,89o
1 ")i 1 i
Friday Bargain Extra
, A great sale day for remnants
of Wash Poplins, Himalaya
Cloths,-silk mixed fabrics, Roaco
silks, etc., all goods selling at
89c and 6O0 a yard at
yard ISo
Friday Bargain Extra
larg jjuck'lowels, wlth red bor-,
dera. selling aa a special at 8c
regularly, for Friday, at. . . Ho
JTapklna, all linen, fast edges, best
1.25 dosen quality, to close, at,
V, doien 43o
Friday Bargain Extra
Two big cases of choice lengths
of fine' 25c ginghams, 19c mad
ras, 16o percales and other goods
suitable for dressea and child
ren's wear, all go Friday, at,
yard So
Friday Bargain Extra Friday Bargain Extra
SITJiOUNK-rA sale of hun
dreds of remnants of yard
wide, standfcrJ quality sllkollnes,
In lengths-ef S to IS yards ths
Identical grade everywhere sell
ing for 12 He on sale at domes
tic counter, "aV: yard . . . . to
VAL. LACES 6c for laces act-
' ually worth to 25o yard. Fine
. Imported Valenciennes edges and
- Insertions, Including filet vals.,
also cluny and linen torchons for
dresses and underwear, 10c, 16c,
18c and 26c goods for .'. . So
Friday Bargain Extra
HALF HOSE 200 dozen sttir
dy, well made half hose for men.
In black or tan, absolutely fast
colors and made without seams,
as good a quality as you, ever
buy for 16c, sires 9tt to 11H,
. Friday, jalr Bo
F r i AtiRlk$ gin Extra
of well rnavaeV 'alcely, trimmed
drawers oa, women, all new arid
trruh garments, .open and closed,,
style either ' lace or embroidery
tirimrned a Plea.ti.pp of alt small
Jots of aarments selllnc ud to
oc each, Friday for ....... .390
' -
F r i d a y; Ba rg ain Extra
WASH PIJTTJCPATS Exceptionally-fine
.yaJues lnthls lot.
Made from aood etrlped or plain
ginghams, 'In durable weih col
ors, finished" with a tucked
flounce. n They are cut liberally
full. Buy . a . summer's supply,
at- ...7:1 69o
F r i d a y' n x t r a
up daK f ir) tjur better lines of
lingerie waists 'selling at 12.60
to 11.00, Aarnong them are open
front stylee, r either embroidery
or lace trlrqmed, broken lots and
a few slightly soiled garments,
at . . . .Zi-u : - 91.49
Friday Bargain Extra
BOVSV. CAPS Little fellow's
Bklddoo styles, in blue, red, grey,
tan, brown, red velvet combina
tions, fancy stripes and plaids
a nit leather caps, regular 60c, 75c
and $1.00 kinds, on sale In boy's
auction 4 2d floor) fi5o
Friday Bargain Extra
goods In edges, bands, insertions,
all In matcfieJ' patterns, also 24
lnch flounoiogs, worth up to 29c
yard, at 19o
Embroidery Pfhy Bets, matched
patterns, 'worth to 2c, Friday,
yard i-. 180
Friday Bargain Extra
MEif'S; HAT8 Newest spring
styles soft hats, specially sr
' ranged as ' a Friday attraction
for men. New tourist, telescope
,( shapes. In all the late shades,
freys,' blues, tans, etc., also new
rush, hats, $2.60 values.. $8.00
Friday Bargain Extra
''pieces of new neckwear novel-
ties for spring. Including' Jabots,
ties, . bows, box ruchlng (Biz
pieces), etc., a maker's sample
lines .and broken assortments,
worth 26c, 36c and 60c. . . .6o-15o
Friday BargainExtra
WOMEN'S SUITS 200 stun
nlftg m6dels of pure wool serges
and worsteds In leading yhades
for spring; new 82-ln. satin lined
coats, pleated skirts, etc., finest
aulta ever In Omaha , .
at v '. 91s
P A "D C 17 T C Three Great Speciab
tlK5ii 1 O Friday and Saturday,
75c Corsets 49c
Corsets 79c
$150 Corsets 89c
EXTRA SPECIAL For Friday's and Saturday's sell
. ing only, remarkable 75c .corsets for 49c; $1.25
corsets foj:79c; . 11.60 corsets for 89c. These corsets
are the products of the world's best corset makers,
' and were made special for us to, be sold as leaders.
In fact, they're far superior to the ordinary corsets
at these prices-Miorsets that combine every comfort
with the newest dress ideas corsets that will give
you'-eVery- possible satisfaction. They're new, Just
fresh' from ' the factory made of good quality ba
: tiate and coutlls-auperbly tailored garments. Fine,
Heavy web) hose supporters. Alt sizes, 40t. 79,
89 ar0 sPet ,tJ Prtce9 ,or Friday and Saturday.
dn to goods as cheap as remnants: . .
10c 12V.0 AND 15c WASH GOODS 5c
tOO pieces of 12 He Batiste, at,. yard ) f"
250 pieces of 10c Percales, at, yard f M
S00 pieces of half silk Organdies, at, yard r Bj I
800 pieces of 10c and 12Vc White Goods, at, yard )
18c WASH GOODS 7ao
2S0 pieces of 12c and 15c Ginghams, at, yard . M -
800 pieces of 16c Scotch Madras, at. yard I I J ft
ivu pieces oi Amosseag, i :, at, yara v O l
Light Colored Outing Flannel, at, yard 1 I
600 pieces of White Goods, worth up to 18c yard, all, at, yard : '
600 pieces of Scotch Ginghams, at, yard ..,
1.000 pieces of 16c Percales, at, yard , .' I
S00 pieces of Scotch Madras, at, yard '. g .
260 yards of Mercerized Pongee, at. yard ... I 1 1 ! f
600 pieces of 18c India Llnon, at, yard Jy '
250 pieces of 20c English Longcloth, at. yard .A
100 pieces of 46c Persian Lawns, at, yard .................... .1
2,600 yards of all kinds of Remnants, worth up to 26c yd., at, yd. 8c, 7Uc, 10c
See other adds.
Underwear and Furnishings
Ladies' Gauze Lisle Vests, regular
20c values, at .' 0
Children's Under Waists, regular 25c
values, at 10
Children's 76c Rompers for ....35
Ladies' and Children's Underwear,
light and. medium weight, worth to
$1.00 garment, on sale, at, per gar
ment 15 19 "d 25
Men's 25c Suspenders, for ,.12
Men's and Boys' 8hirts, new spring
styles In all sizes, . values to $1.50,
at, each 10 30 and 40
Ladies' Undermusllns, odd lota and
broken lines, garments worth up to
$1.50, on sale 25 30 49 75
Hosiery at Half
Big Saving opportunities , for buyer
here Friday:
Children's 16c Fast Black Hosiery;
Ladles 15c Hose, tan or black;
Men's 15c Socks, black or grey, at,
Per Pair i 4 .7H
Ladles' Hosiery, worth to . 25c pair,
plain black with whlto feet and in A
colors, per pair t 10
Men's Sox, worth to 26c, black and
fancies, at, pair 10
Children's 20c Hosiery, pair ..10
Men's and Woman's Hose, regular
12V&C quality, on sale; at, pair 5
The beet .showing of Hprlnff Corset
styles In Omaha, at $1.00 to $5
100 Pairs Women's Vlci Kid Oxfords, with turn and welt soles, sizes 2
to 7. wfatnVB. C and D, odds and ends of $2.60 and $8.00 lines
at $1.48
60 Pairs Small Slz Shoes for worden, high cut, patent colt and calf
skin shoes, sizes 1 to 8 only, widths AA and B, all $3.60 values, on
tables, Friday for i . . . I 08t
Boys', Youths' and Little Men's Shoes, ' In box calf and vicl, sizes 9 to
6. They ara strong, sturdy $2.00 and $2.25 shoes for 91.15
'Men's Work Jhoes All styles,. all new goods, every pair a $2.50 grade.
. !We cut the, price 42c just for a Friday flyer. Don't expect them at
'- this price ny other day, pair .......... .'. 91.08
Frid.ay,3iakirgain Extra
VEILINO250'- pleces of . styl
. js.h'.nw'igs''n th' bargain
tables at, An aisurdlr low price.
All athe boHi -eilors ind many
nsw mesh effects In tha line,
platal antfiaotted veilings, worth
up tq.B0c.Ysxd ona Qf our best
p-riaay-saiJa-'.l i 10c
Bennett's , Capitol Flour
sack S1-68
- And 60 Btamps
Bennett's Capitol Bak
ing Powder., 6 lb. can,
t ...'.... i VM
And 100 Stamps
Bennett's Best Cofwe.
t lb. cah l-00
And 100 'Stamps
Bennett's . Basl Coff.
1 lb.
And B0 Stamps
Bennett's Teas, assorted
kinds, pmtnd .M
, Ad lit Stamp '
Bennett's' Teas, - assorted
kinds, pound .... Me
And 66 Stamps
Bennett's Capitol Pep
per. ''lb. can .... 100
. 'And 6 Stamps
Tea . Slftlnga, pound
plMT- . . ... t- ' lSo
1 And 1 fiiamps
Com aCaal feaia. , lb.
toks, wtardr 'r
low, . for .1
Small Sour Plcklea, at,
don .j S.
Stoti wertk's Chocolatja,
.lb. c.H.. .s . .'1. S34
And Staaipa t
Bnfd.'rs nxicklad. Chill
Hum, ot.HaUd Dfe.s
lHnal..., Urn
And 1 stamps
Snldr'a, Catsup, bottle,
at .... .'. ..-.' -aao
. ... Ao.4.1. Jk'ijPI
Double Stamps on gran-
' ulated -Sugar. ,
Van Houten's Cocoa, at,
pound can 780
And 20 Stamps
Van Houten's Cocoa, i
lb. ran 480
And 10 Stamps
Van Houten's Cocoa, H
lb. can ao
And 6 Stamps
Seeded Kaialns, two 11-
os. pkgs. . , l&o
Currants, pound pkg.,
three for 86o
Cheese, full cream, lb.,
at aao
And 10 Stamps
Virginia Bwl.a Cheere,
pound- 850
And 10 Stamps
Imported Hand Cheese,
three for o
Medium Sour Pickles,
quart lOo
' And 10 Stamps
Shredded Wheat Biscuit,
pkg ISHo
And 10 Stamps
Lawn Qraaa Fertiliser.
16 lb. aack , 4o
Flower and Vegeiabla
. Seeds.- pkg: ...... SVfco
Bennett's Capitol Pure
Maple Syrup, , H gal-
lun I........ 7So
And 60' Staanps"
Mlngnonetto Peas, hr.e
can. for ......., M
And 10 Stamps
Mil! Remnants of
Big asortment of choice patterns and colorings, lengths from 2 to
20 yards, plain and fancies, all at, per yard ,.......... 29c
59c Printed Pongees, 23 inches
wide, at, yard . . . .". ..... .30c
50c White Jap Silk, 27 inches
wide, at, yard 29c
75c Rough Pongees 27-inches
wide, at, yard , . ,39c
85c Black Taffeta, 36 inches
wide,' at, yard .."..,....;.69c
$1.00 Black Taffetas, 27 inches wide, at, yard . ............. ,79c
Wool Dress Goods
Goods that sold from 75c to $2.50 a
yard, will go In lots at
yjird 25 39 40 and 59
In High- Grade .Wool Dress Gopds De
partment, Remnants of good worth
from. $1.50 to $4.00 yard, at About
Halt Price.
Remnants of Linens, worth up to
$1.50 yard, at
yard 25 39 49, and 59,
6,000 yards of Sheeting in remnants,
at west counter, rery loom, 2,000
yards of Toweling in remnants
from 6 to 10 yards, at about H price
Special on Towels, at
5 7H 10 12He "d 19
Exfra Specials for Friday
Prom 8:30 to O a m. Indigo Blue
Prints, from the bolt, regular price
,6ttc, 10 yards limit, at, yard 2H
At 10 a. m. Short lengths from 3
to 6 yards In piece, odds and ends
of various goods, as long as they
last, at, yard . , ........ .2
At 1:80 p. m, Another bunch ot
long remnants from 6 to 10 yards,
worth up to 18c yard, at, yard 3H
At 2 p. m. All the remnants of tha
fine Wash Goods, department that
sold up to 50c, at .......... .10
From 2 to 2:80 p. m. The celebrated
linen finish' Sheets, 81x90, seamless.
seconds of the Utica, nearly air per
fect, 4 sheets limit, each ... ,38
8 to 3:80 r. m. $2.60 extra large
Bedspreads, 4 spreads limit, at,
each 81.32
20 Sticks Pure Sugar Candy,
for 5c
Our Special Mixed Candy, at,
per pound 12aO
25c Articles I2c
25c heary Wlr Carpet Beaters, at,
114c; S5c Voorman's Sink Strain
er. 13if; Nickel plated Flour Sift
er. Cracr Jack Cora Poppers, 4
quart lIu and White Pudding Pans,
4 quart Kit and white Preserving
Kettle.. Cotton Mops, 25c Wire
Clota lin, S Wooden Coat Hang'
vr. Ury Hasting Pans, Henis Fruit
l'r rlu and Whlt Dippers.
I.eatao-rvtt Chair S'ts, all on sala
KTUay, tor 12
" wa 1 1 '"r,ll"""T sT V
Domestic Room Cloak Department Specials
Ladies1 and Misses'' Suits, all
colors, very newest styles, spe
cial bargains, $3.98 to $10
Women's Underskirts that
would sell rejfularly at $1.50,
I Moraes, Sateens, etc., etc.
Ladies' Wash Waists, that regularly sold to $1.50, Friday, at,
choice 39c
New Spring Jackets, ladies' and
children's choice values, Friday
prices $1.08 to $5.98
Women's Wrappers and
House Dreses that sell
regularly at $1.50
Chambray House Dresses, regu
lar $2.50 values, at ... .$1.50
Ladies' Wool Skirts, regular
values to $5.00, at'... ,$2.08
Children's Flannelette Rompers, Skeis and Dresses, to 75c val
ues, at, choice 15c
Starch Bala
Silver Brand Uloaa anil
Corn Starch. I
t lb. bos Gluas 8tach,
. ova
And 10 Stamps
1 lb. pkg. Olos Btarch.
at So
And i Stamps
1 lb. pkg. Com Btarch,
at 6o
And 6 Stamps
Popcorn, shelled, lb. Bo
ronl. I lb., pkg.. . aso B
And 10 ti tarn pa vc
Codflah all ready to 1
use, 3 cans 800 J L.
And 10 Stamps i B
Pearhea. C a 1 1 f o r nla 1 .
Peaches, 12fcc quality, P
(o lb. 1 lbs. for.. ISO is
Bennett's Capitol Oats' H
or Wheat, t lb. pkg.. j U
at 10a n
And 10 Stamps ,
Poppy Milk, large ran,
at loo
And Btampa ..
Newport Cataup, bottle.7
at ..:.' loo J
And 10 Stamps
Double Stamps on But-
terlne, ,
Tourst Graham Crack
ers, nan a sooda. fresh 1
aaxea, pt.- ...... too
And 10 Stamps
Liooaa-wt 1 . s Cream
Cookies, pound.... ISO
We save you from 25 per cent to 50 per cent pn your Grocery Bill.
t, i.t nivh Patent Flour, retails ev
erywhere per sack 1.T6, our price for
this sale, sack l 5
S bars Diamond C. or Beat 'Em All Soap,
for , 26c
2 pound cana fancy Sweet Sugar Corn 7 He
X lb. cans fancy Was:. String, Oreen or
Lima Beans, for ...TViC
S lb. cans Golden Pumpkin, Hominy,
Squash or Baked Beans, for 7VsC
3 lb. cans Fancy Table Apricots, Peaches.
Plums or Peare, for ISc
Fancy Qolden Table Syrup, per can 8Vc
The Beat Self Rising- Pancako Flour, per
package 8Sic
Brotnangelon, Jellycon, or Jello, pkg. 7c
Grape Nuts, per package 10c
All kinds Corn Flakes, Breakfast Food,
per package 7 Vic
Quaker Oats, per package sc
The beat Koda or Oyster Crackers, lb. 7Vfcc
The best t'rlip Ginger Snaps, lb 7UC
The best Crlap Pretzels, lb jc
Fancy No. 1 Creamery Butter, per lb. 10c
Fancy No. 1 Country Creamery Buter.
per pound i ,.
rancy no. i lairy nutter, per lb. ...
Fancy Full Cream Cheese, per lb. ...
Fancy Full Cream Umburger Cheese
per pound
2 pound roll Good Butterlno, for i . !
Fresh Oouatry gga, tho best, doaea
JHMEB nwm roa naTrrrra
Fancy J and i Crown Mascatel nalwlns.
per pound
Kuncy Seeded Ralslns,',per' package' '. ". 7
Fancy Mulr Peaches, per t!kg. ..... A
Janoy Yellow Crawford Pachea, lb. 'ii
S.fnc? t-leanl Currants, per lb 8'so
The beat Lemon, Orange, or Citron pnel,
per pound Oa
Beets, Carrots. Tufrilpk and EHallots,
Fresh Bplnach, per peck; . . ,
Fresh Toniatoes. per lb
Fresh Cauliflower, per lb
Jonathan Apples, per peck ....
Two hesds Fresh Leaf Lettuce
Two bunches Fresh Kadlshea .
Fresh Cabbage, per lb
hutahaga. per lb
Red tmlons, per lb ,
Cranberrlea, per quart
Anything you want in the veaetablea.
we have It at a saving of 60 per cent.
Regular 30c slse, dosen ot.S.tfia
Regular 26c 1ce, docen X7Hd
Regular lOo slse, dosen 200
Regular 40c .lie, dosen 28o
Regular 60c also, dosan ton
Orange Sppns, guaranteed for ten years,
''.' . eo
Wo save you I Ho oa every s(ioon.
, . .i!0c
.12 'io
. . .100
. . .40j
. . . .60
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