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Oel'i Eich Father-in-law Sarei Him
. .ii from Jiinori.
OH Roman Woald Taken film,
Itesrarda i.awVerinlttina;' HI -kirk
I nja4 an rata It I
t 'Kan Johnson.
Vel Howard,' "fin 11m "st-cond t'mn
for Omiht, H MA.le good with the Bos
ton National 4nI; then for two seasons
with th Chlcair Cub utility men, Iim
bn Bold by Murr.nt; to Louisville In the
American wortlkUoni According , to tlie
Chicago Trlbnne, will, not no to Ken
tucky. ,' ''
Pel's fkthefHi-latv'H. Q. UH.. "ays 'he
Tribune, wh Isi Wrabr of the Chicago
Board of Trad arfl who Id eeiied of
having much trce Of this world's goods
than th aWr;. human being, was au
thority for th .atatctnent,;. made the other
dty. Mr. iitMinVvWt claim to be lfl s
boss, but hl twUKVM1 he knows something
about the "'ete'S ,ffalra. Del himself is
not obliged rt .play . ball for a livelihood.
If all the ltni; irr the world broke up
today he stKl . att!4t be alile to truggle
alepg aomehow.n ',
Aeoordlng tta 'thH.t rlatlon-ln-law. Krl
doean't wan("(o ku to tne Colonels, and
doesn't have- to tf, ha . doesn't want to.
Hence the deduction, that he will not. M.
Suttl addd that he might put IVI Into
the base ball binlne-"? for himself as, a
minlf A ''Chtcigdv e'e njl-pro berth If
said to be id the, board';. off trader eye.
No on doubt .that Oporg 'Rimer would
be a drawing card wherever. placed. Bvri
wllj be sorry t Jo rituj.!from the organ
lacd paatrm. but they, like Manager
Chanc of the Cubs, will be glad to sot'
him do well in any capacity.
The Howard case was town talk yester
day. As an outgrowth of It. a rule may be
passed making It- compulsory for a major
league club to secure waivers from every
other team In both big leagues before let
ting eut a player to the minors. The pres
ent law provides that an athlete who has
been under contract t' ,a major leugut
bunch or more than on.' year can be let
out If waiver are obtained from all clubt
In hla league. In the case of a player
drafted or puichaaed within a year waivers
must bo asked for and obtained from both
major leagues.
President Comlskey ,f ; the Sox, who
would not have been opposed to landing
Howard, brought up the point yesterday
In the presence of Ban Johnson, saying it
waa unfair, both to the player and to the
cluba of the rival leagues, to send any ath
lete to the minora when he could hold
down a job in a big league and draw ,
big league salary. President Johnson, cited
n oases oi isDeu ana Uavls, whom
Comlskey recently released, and asked him
why a rule of the kind he had In mind
wouldn't have blocked his plans to re
lease these men and thus have prevented
them from doing as they pleased.
Commy thought this over a while and
then suggested that a club of the American
league should .not W required to get
waivers from the other fifteen clubs If it
Intended to release a man unconditionally.
If. on the writer hand,,lt cttitended to send
him to some minor league team, It should
be compelled to get waivers from every
body In both major organisations. This
looked like a fair prqppimfoa to Mr. John-i
son, and he said he 'would see what could'
be dona toward creating such a rule.
ll will be remembered that Issy 'and
George were let out without being tied to
any club. Therefore, both of them were at
liberty to sign anywhere they wanted to.
with another . major league-club If they
wanted thm,ln case, of Howard, Dei:
myst play at Louisville or not at all, unless
he cai get A4y frWH tb American asso
ciation club.'.') , :
tblenaro American Players Co
Through Omaha tyatarday la Spe.
,. elal Train. to Pacific, Coast.
"The White Box Special," conveying Co
mlskey and hla celebrated Chicago players
of, the American league from the Windy
Cily to Ban Francisco, will pa through
Omaha Saturday afternoon 'a 1:30 o'clock
via- the Rock Island line. The players
are enroute to Jh Pacific coaet for spring
training. - -,.,.(
The special will form ;tho second section
of trsin No. 5. It will consist of one bufffl
car, one diner, two Pullman slxteen-sectlnn
sleepers, one ten-secllon sleeper and oh
Hratlon car.
Address Mnr Koreeaal Hostile Aelloa
IOWA ( ITT, Feb. ' U (Rpela1.)
Will the state Board of F.ducatlon, con
trolling the State university, the AgrN
cultural college and the State Teachers'
collre. ahollHh foot ball and other forms
of Interrnlletilme athletic competition at
Ite March meeting?
This question his sprung Into the minds
of alumni here and almost universally the
question has been answered In the sfrim
atlve. for the mrength of James H. Trewln
hf Ceditr Rsplrts, chairman of the hoard, is
readily recf.anlred In this city. Mis dec
laration at the Isw building derl'.rstion bnn
ouet Is the foreword of probable action
next month.
The declaration of Mr. Trewln agtlnst
Intercollegiate contests on the athletic fl d
ranie as a bolt out of a clear sky Tuesrtny
evenjni?. The university public was
Ktunnii. It was with difficulty that the
alumni and students present grasped the
significance of the opinions stated so forc
ibly 'by the former wtate senator.
Yesterday there was one subject of con
versation unions: the student. Naturally
the rank and file were extremely Indig
nant over the prospects of losing foot ball
and other forms of athletic contests with
sinter Institutions. (Irariual)y It dawned
on the undergraduates that Jowa would
Ins' Its inemberehtp in the Chnagn confer
ence and In the Missouri Valley conferem-e
and that It would become a -nonentity In
the athletic world.
. Opinions among faculty members were
few and far between, thnss nppoeed to the
probable outcome naturally refusing to dif
fer with the authorities . which pay Infclr
S'arls Must of the profess. ,-s, it is be
lieved, favor the happy medium, where the
ptesent abnormal development of special
ized tenms Is decreased and the Intra-col-letr
athletics are Increased.
There are those among the citizens,
students and faculty members who believe
that the athietirs will not be disturbed lv
the new bnsrd and that the foot ball sched
ule next -fall played as usual. Thev
state that even If the new board eliminates
Intcr-oollertate athletic contests It will not
do so until after the next legislature.
The entire athletic Interests of the state
are watchlne; the next move of the State
Board of Education.
Cornhuikers Flan to Make Mark at
Omaha Event.
Antra and .Nebraska Tied for Basket
Hall lloanre Hssie of (iimri In
Playoff May Come to
- Omaha.
Commission Wants to Know Why It
fthonld Itelnatate lllm,
CINCINNATI, Feb. 24 John Kllng must
show cause to the National Base Ball com
U'l.'Hlon as to why hi- should be restored to
govd Htandlng as a player. Thin mandate
is also extended to the management of the
Cl'lcngo National league club. .
Because of a lack of evidence, the com
mlsHlon today refused to take final action
on. Kllng's petition for reinstatement. Th
case was dlscuxsed at length and then laid
over. Kllng and President Murphy are
asked to furnish within five days copies of
all the correspondence tnat has passed be
tween them since the close of the playlni?
season of 1908. In addition Kllng Is asked
to furnish a list of the players who accum-
En unrnf. "i,n the Nebraska metropolis
r . - . . in
games there last year.
KANSAS CITY, Feb. 24. "1 am perfectly
Willing to submit all tha evidence In my
possession to the National Base Ball com
mission," said John tiling today when
shown the dispatch from Cincinnati to the
effect that he must present evidence to
that body within five days to show cause
why he should be rehtorea to good standlns-
"Mr. Murphy and 1 have indulged In very
little correspondence." continued the
ralohni' "m.u i , i
S C over 'the lo. -di I' tnrTZZ'Z- lhat the Jayhawkers are the champion, of
LINCOLN, Feb. 24-(SpeclRl.)-Ur. IV Q.
Clupp announced yesterday that he
would start the latter part of this week
the weeding out process among the track
athletes to select a team of fifteen men te
epresent the Cornhuskers at the big track
meet In Omaha on April 1.
The action of th Nebraska Athl-tlc board
In permitting any qualified student to rep
resent the university has resulted In giving
the Nebraska athletic director fully fifty
crack athletes from whom to select a tram
for the Omaha games. This afternoon
nearly that many men were in the gym
nasium working out for the finals. In which
they will have an opportunity to show
their ability.
By permitting all students lo compete for
the Cornhuskers, the Athletic board made
Hale McDonald eligible. He will be a
strong point man for the Cornhuskers In
the running events. He will have a place
on the relay team, and will enhance Ne
braska's chances of winning that big event,
Nebraska will also be permitted to place
Its two freshmen runners in this meet, and
this fact will almost assure the local scnooi
a place In all the fast sprints. Swanson,
an ineligible freshman, la one of the speed
iest runners the university haa possessed
in several years, and hla presence at the
Omaha contest will mean much to the Corn
huskers In the short dashes.
Nebraska and Ames are now tied for the
championship of the northern half of the
Missouri Valley Basket Ball league. By
defeating Drake Monday night, 12 to 11,
the Aggies made their record equal to that
of the Cornhuskers. A series of three
games will be played between Ames and
Nebraska to determine which of the teams
shall meet Kansas, the winners of the title
in the southern section.
. Manager Eager has written Coach Wil
liams of Ames requesting that the games
be played either In Lincoln or Omaha next
week. It is thought that the Aggie coach
will consent to coming to Nebraska for the
games. If he does, the scries will be booked
for either this city or Omaha,
Keveral letters have come to the local
manager asking that the series be played
Manager Eager
Is not yet decided whether h will take the
tames there, though. The Nebraska Ath
letic board does not object, however, and
If Ames expresses a preference for a neutral
floor, the games will go to Omaha. This
much has been decided by the local man
ager. The Cornhusker basket ball players ob
ject to the claim made by the Kansas five
ine only statement I am nrenareri tr
make to the commission is that I put prac
tically all 1 had Into a private enterprise
In this city and had to remain here. to look
after It. When the management of the
Chicago club realised my situation I was
given an Indefinite leave of absence."
CHICAGO, Feb. 21 President Murphy re
fused 'to make any statement' concerning
the Kllng case.
... iu . ' .
Commercial Club There Will Pay Ex-'
peases of Its Athletes.
iVord lift ' been .received' by tas Com
mercial club of Omaha that the Greater
les Moines committee will pay the ex
penses of all the athletes from Des Moinea
who expect to participate in tlrn great in
door track and field meet which is to be
held .at, the Auditorium ,ArU i, '. The
Oreater Des Moines commit' e wilrbe t
guest of the Omaha Commercial club while
In Omaha and will attend the meet In the
the Missouri valley. The Lawrence team
still has to meet the winners of the title in
the northern section before it can have a
clear claim to the conference honors. Then,
It has two games to play with the Corn
huskers In Lincoln this week, and there la
a slight feeling among local students that
the local five will surprise their old oppon
ents in those two contests.
Ttt Basket Ball Teams Will Draw
- 4iaery of Hooter.
LINCOLN, Feb. 24. (Special.) Nebraska
and Kansas will meet in two basket ball
games on Friday and Saturday nights that
will probably decide which of the two
schools shall be caled ehamnlons nt the
Missouri valley. .The Jayhawkers will oome
Kanias Has Easy
Time with Drake
Defeat for Dei Moines Saiket Ball
Five by the Score of
60 to 30.
DES MOINES, la.. Feb. 24 (Sp-clal
Trleiam.)-!anas defeated Drake tonight
In a game which was a shower of baskets,
tha visitors netting 87 and Drake making
a total of 14. The Jayhawkers toased six
points from the foul line and Drake two,
making a total' of NO to SO.
Kansas started Smith at center, but re
placed him with Helser, when the locals
threatened to lead early In the first halt.
The lineup:
Drake. Kansas.
Defaults l.f.l.f long
J. Hoffman '....-.r.f.r.f Vandervrles
'. Hoffman c.c Smith, Hetaer
M ancle .......,...r g.l.g Woodward
Heery l.g r.g Larsan
Windsor r.f -
Berry r.g.
Foul points: Debutts, 2; Long, 4.
Crames and Mas ' Meetings Arooae
Interest of Boy.
Omaha High school Is to have a lively
time in athletics during the next week and
a half. Krldav afternoon a m" meeting
of the whole school will be held te arouse
enthusiasm for the game to be played with
the high school of Joplln, Ms.
Next Monday a meeting of all the boya
in the school will bo held In order that
this year may see the largest track squad
in the history of tlie school. All will be
urged to come out and If they feal that
they are worthy to compete f"r places
n the school team they miv try for a
plare on class team. Later In the year
track evftits both indenr and outdoor will
be held between the different classes.
The freshmen and sophomore basket ball
teams will meet In a preliminary game
HMturday before the regular game is called.
The Omaha five feels pretty sure that it
can redeem Itself for the two defeats of
the last week. It haa already beaten St.
Joseph team once this year. The captain
will be unable to play because of an In
jured ankle, but Coach Cams haa several
fast substitutes on hand who will go far
towards helping Omaha to, a victory. The
lineup of the two teams next Saturday
will be as follows:
Omaha. . ; . St. Joseph.
Dodds : r.f.r.f....Cresap, Kewley
Rector, Bauman..l,f. l.t Meadows
Flnley, Carson c.c Voerhees
Fatton lrwlne
Trimble .'. ..lg.
Kulakofsky l.g.ll.g May
i ne tseseun Mixers won three games
from the Daily. News team on the Cellar
aneys last night. Ueselln took all honors.
having Mi for high single game and MS
for high totals. Tonight, llollya and West
oiues. i ne ncore: .. .
On Sale February 25th
D. Schneider
Cole ......k,p...
Totals ....
.. J44
, , 4.S0 47
Merritt ..
McLean .
Faxtou ..
Falconer .,
C. Klce ...
Toman, ..
Vuusem ...
Totals .
Hinder .
Smith ..
Clark .
. 16S
. 14T
.I. 4fi0 444 414
1st. 2d,
, loo
, i..':.,i7
v..-- 1
17 1
1 '4
. toft
865 SW
... ..Jst,
. 2d.
7S4 1,647
8d. Total.
4 0
I7S 2,474
The DrelbiA CaV took two game from,
the Omaha HlcycieHast night on the Met
ropolitan alleys. There were too many
spilts for the: Blkes,. hence their defeat.
Angleberg (took all .honors for the Candy
Kids, with 6 total and 223 single. Tonight
... i i-i .i;,, ' i niQB, Willi ow luifti mm Biiigie. Aunifgiii
to Lincoln with a record of fifteen games iP win h & Brweti hien AmUhr
Waved and nnlv one lo.t Tfc h- a. I t",.rewli' e . "J0!1 ?,et.wen Angleberg
The Commercial club ha, '"made appllca-UfanhattanClDr'anife Amisi
on for special train for the meet from b k. ' 1,rake- A,ne. t.
-e Moine and also from Lincoln. , Tt.e .ames won from is
He Will Look After Home Affair of
Rod and (inn Clnb.
The directors of the OmaAa Hod and
Gun club have appointed the eoretary of
the club, A. L. Tlmblln, as house secretary
for the year. ' A special committee; con
sisting of (Jeorge W. Craig-.- city engineer'
Harry Lawrle and W. H. Rhodes, ha ben'
appointed to .look Into the Question of the
purchase of-tho Cotntland Beach property'
Considerable sentiment Is being worked up
among the club members, 'looking toward
the advisability of) buying. soon us the
committee his a, definite' proposition a
meeting of;the club metrjliers will be called
played and only one lost. Thev have rh
feated every strong team In the Missouri
Urlnnell and Ne
and Fred Baiter, and Friday night Hull
and Huntington will play a match game on
the Metropolitan alley- Score:
1 l f
Ik I.
I ... I
liirtejf4jnftfe4BafttJBeiT '. -j z tpttt
..-,. , -
I' r -mil ri
! R Y fl Tt r A nj
. HI
Soothes and Heals Raw -.
Spots and Cures All
Catarrhal Troubles
DO not apply violent snuffs, sprays, douches to Irrl
tate, smart aud burn the inriamed mucous mem-
vrane. rciuuvq iiio cause tne catarrh aernis.
Nehraalr n
nnrnvTinv' Fmyou eany in wie season, wnen the Corn-
J " ' u ,.wv ' ' .v., j IU1I11, BV
umi iney were no criterion or the relative
strength of the two aggregations. In the
two contests this week the local five will
be In good form, but will be lacking one or
two star playera, whose absence w ill prove
a great handicap.
'1 he Kansas team claims the rhmni.
ship for three years, but It only has a ciearl
tltlo to the honor for one season, and that I
was last year In 1907-08 the Cornnuskera
and Kansas played four games and divided
the series. . Last season the Kansas five
clearly won the pennant. This winter,
though, it still haa to meet Nebraska this
week, and after that It will have to play
either Nebraska or Ames in a series of five
games to settle the championship of the
Missouri Valley conference.
Interest In the game with Kansas this
week la the greatest It has ever been here
oer a basket ball series. A friendly feeling
of rivalry against the Jayhawkers is in
tense, and the student are clamoring for
the Cornhuskers to win so as to compensate
in some degree for the defeat of the Ne
braska foot ball team during the last two
years. The Interest In the games Is so
high that player at the theter are making
big hits this week by getting In sidelines
to the effect that Nebraska will win from
the Jayhawkers. Practically all the seats
for the contests have been sold.
which cannot live wben Kondon's Catarrhal Jelly ha
beea applied to the raw, affected surfaces, (iootbes,
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Uondon Mfg. Company
MioacafMlla. Mian.
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Hull 2ti XH Vi 60
Solomon lu 204 142 62
liiniicks 158 1D5 144 470
Oilbreaih 177 212 201 W4
Zarp li ISO 14 6ft,'
TotalB 83 u 84 2.640
1st. 2d. id. Total.
Tray nor 164 161 167 42
Stafford 167 1K3 1M 44
Floyd k. 170 183 186 ' lit
Angleberg 23 1S4 lis 006
Prlmeau 194 200 171 672
Totals m 921 172 2,701
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Dane Insists that His Defeat Was Dae
to Overtraining:.
Booth Omaha Bowlers,
The Katskees dropped' two game of the
match last night to the Fred Stelltngs. The
Katskees had an easy chance to win the
last game, but fell on the last frame. Score:
IX noun
ten. -vis
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Slogle aad Doable re Uovrn
emlFlnal Hoonda.
NEW YORK, Feb. 24.-Play In the Na
tional Indoor Tennis Cliump.onshtp tourna
ment was drawn down to the semi-final
round In both singles and double yester
day. In tha singles R. A. Holden. Jr., Yale and
Chicago, won his place by defeating VV. M
Hall, -, 8-. 6-S. W. C. Grant defeated R.
1). Ulchey, 8-4. -4; C. R. Gardner. Cali
fornia, defeated J. 8. CtiMhman, ii-3, 6-0,
and (1. P. Touchard, California, defeated
Dr. W. Rosanbaum. -4. 6-4. . .
In the double M. Charlock and W. B.
Cragln, Jr., runnemp to the championship
for two years, defeated M. 8. Clark and W
M. Hall, 2-H, fi-1. -3. C. Cragln and A. 8.
Cragln defeated II. A. Plummer. ex-Yale
captain, and Kdward W. Leonard, ex-Harvard
and Boston, 7-6, 6-4.
Gardner and Touchard defeated the Yale
pair. Holden and F. M Watrous, -, 8-6.
The other bracket was won by B, M. Phil
lips and E. F. Iee yesterday.
The finals will be reached tomorrow.
Johnsoa of Mlnneaaioll Take Load
la Sing-lea In Howling Tourney.
ST. PAUL, Feb. S4.-A new high score
was made In the Indlvhlunl event In the
International bowling tournament last night
when A. Johnson of Minneapolis rolled sit,
topping the mark set by John Miller of St.
Paul last week by twelve pins. Several
other good tccres were rolled In this event,
C. A. Cole of Minneapolis getting 602, A. L..
Enderly of 81. Paul 600. A. W. Withy of
8t. Paul 590 and K. W. Russell of 8t. Paul
Tha best Bcore In doublss was made by
Panics and Carter of Minneapolis, who
rolled 1,154.
Other high scores In the doubles were
made by McLrftggun and Whelan of t-it III
water, 1.06a; Kelly and Teal of 8t. Paul,
1.SK3; Easier and Norther of Stlllwati r.
l.uia, and Anderson and Albau of Minne
apolis, 1.0U3.
Haskell, Clarke, Mallen aad Dill
Spencer Art Employed.
CHICAOO. Feb. f4. President Norrls
O'Neill of tha Western league announced
today that he had signed Jack Haskell,
Oeorge Clarke, John Mullen and DIM
8pencr ae umpires for tne season of It'll).
8pencer la a newcomer.
Haskell, Clarke and Mullen were on the
staff last year, Haskell being the Omaha
veteran. Din Speurer is a nrw.mun.
Hat Uon tioe East.
"Hauling" Nelson, conouertd in the prise
ring at San Franrlwo Tursdav aftrrnonn
by Wolgsst. will pass through Omaha 8at
ui!nv i i t t erroui to New York. He k',l
d only by his trainer. tn' L
blnsoa. t rv
1st. !d. Sd. Total.
J. Vsher 132 ISO 13 4Vn
Chase .. 131 131 167 419
Swift 134 144 1B1 3H9
W. ITsher A. 133 Ilw 17s 451
Bando 143 214 123 40
Totals 673 800 762 2ll44
1st. M. Sd. Total.
Koll. Herman ..1..",. 144 161 128 433
Vollstedt 169 154 157 470
Koll, Hurry 149 131 151 431
Zeeck .'.. 127 160 1S1 46S
Winters 177 173 163 BUI
Totals 758 779 T7 1314
Hastings Hikers Walk to Kearney.
HASTINGS. - Nebl, Feb. 21,-(SpeclaJ.)
Members of the Young Men' Christian As
sociation .Hiking club, who have walked
to and from every town within a radius
of twenty-five miles of Hastings, mJt the
round trip to Kearney, a distance of sixty
miles. They were even hour nd thirty
minutes on the road each way. Those who
made the trip were Floyd Hller, Carl
Thomas. Ravmond Hlglnbotham, Paul
Walters, Jrf-lghton McGrath and Secretary
Harmon to Try Usg FllRBt.
SAN ANTONIO. Trx.. Feb. 24 Weather
conditions permitting. Clifford Harmon, the
nmateur aeronaut, will start from Pan An
tonio Frlda1 af terpoon In an effort to
break uT1 lentf-dletance hslloon flights. He
expects to land In Canada. In anticipation
of very cold- weather. Mr. Harmon will be
provided with the heaviest clothing, furs
and other .egnipinsnt. He will also carry
sufficient food and water to remain In the
lr for a week If ne ssarv. His aide.
George J. Harrison, will arrive from Los
Angeles tomorrow.
. ' '. ."'" " '' '
Victor Will Exerelso Privilege at
the CkamalOBBBlp Sf aaaaera af .
Kelaaa aad Thaaiasoa
the chairman of the committee,
ponement is granted."
'the poat-
D Conley Formerly at Seward.
SEWARD. Nob., Feb. J4.-(Speclal.)-Frank
De Conley, who played third base
with the Seward ' team early last season,
but went to the Cedar Rapid team of
th Three-la, ha received a contract from
the Waterloo team and will play with that
aggregation the coming season. De Con
ley wa badly spiked by a runner oon after
joining th Cedar Rapid team last year,
which interfeared with bis playing to a
great extent.
is what you know yourself.
If you suspect coffee is
hurting you, stop and try
" s .
10 days'Tind be sure.
"There's a Reason"
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. K-Now that the
amok of the Nelson-Wolgast battle has
cleared away and numeroua reports of the
defeated champion' serious Injuries from
the fight have been refuted by Nelson him
self, the sporting world la devoting It at
tention to the possibility of a second meet
ing between the men.
Nelson, from hi place of retirement In
the baths, ha sent out repeated demand
for another chance. He insists he was not
In form; that he should have had a clianoe
when Referee Smith stopped the fighting.
Wolgast says Nelson .will have to wait. He
proposes to exercise the privileges of the
championship now that he has won th
title. He agrees Nelson I entitled to an
other fight.
Sporting writer are Inclined to doubt
that th men will meet again. They appar
ently concur in believing that Nelson has
"gone back" and that hla age and years
of fighting and training have told upon him
at last, but hold him to still b a dangerous
-Mrlaon aad Thompson.
In the meantime they are casting about
for the next fistic event. It appear to, be
Nelson against Cyclone Johnny Thompson.
The managers of the pair met tod ly and
again tonight to discus a forty-fly round
match at no distant date. They are said
to have virtually agreed to general terms,
the winner to challenge Wolgaat.
Another toplo of sporting conversation to
night was the challenge from Joe Gans,
who lost no time In claiming Wolgast'
attention. The negro asked for a twenty
round bout, but It I not thought likely his
challenge will produoe result.
Nelson spent the day In the baths. He
left for Chicago last night at I o'clock. He
waa much battered about the face, but
showed no lo of spirit. Ha says he was
overtrained. On hi ability to "com back"
he said he wa prepared to wager S,0M
a a aide bet. Nelson ataied today that h
would devote hlmsolt to theatrical engage
ments for the present and later go to
hla ranch In New Mexico.
Chicago Defer im Nelson.
CHICAGO, Fb. 24-Owing to the defeat
of Battling Nelson by Ad Wolgaat Tuea
dayk action of a proposed extnslon of
a street car lino to Hegewlsch, III., near
Chicago, had to be postponed. Nelson own
property at Hegewlsch and waa ehedulerf
to appear in a few daya before th coun
cil transportation committee to give hi
views on the subject. A delegation of
property owner appeared befor th com-'
mlttee today and one of thorn aald "owing
to what happened to Kelson last night we
aak you to defer consideration of the street
railway extension for a couple of weeks.
We feel Mr. Nelson will be unable to ap
pear before us sooner."
"In deference to Mr. Nelson," aald
A ShMtlngr Scrape
with both partle wounde'd, demand Buck
len's Arnica Salve. Heal s wounds, sore,
burn or injuries. S6o. For sale by Beaton
Drug Co.
Many Smooth Coafldeaee tad Bad
Check Men rindlngf Nehraaka
fertile Field at Preeat.
Swindlers are becoming aotlve all over
Nebraska and the Nebraska Bankers' as
sociation has tud numerous circular.
Th swindling scheme are taking various
form. 1
On smooth man worked many real estate
firm In th western part of th state
and a few banker. Hla plan was to
place agencies for loaning money, and he
claimed to represent the Eastern Loan and
Trust company of Boston. H has printed
application and other paper. After plac
ing an agency he had th real estate agent
cash a draft for $34. IK aa hi expense check
on th house for the day. The swindler
who 1 about B6 year old worked fast
for ten day, making on and two towns
each day. The Nebraska Bankers' associ
ation has offered a reward of (100 for his
arroat and coryvlctlon.
"Watch th checks received from your
customer, for any with th printed firm
name, 'McArthur Brothers,' on yellow
tock and a cut of three ear of corn in
th corner. They are algned 'C. C. McAr
thur, drawn on the Central National Bank,
Lincoln." Thl Is another warning sent out.
LaGrlppe pain that pervade th entire
ytem, LaGrlppe coughs that track and
train, are quickly cured by Foley's Honey
and Tar. Is mildly laxative, aafe and cer
tain in results, -Sold by all druggist.
Floyd Patten' Plaaa to Wed
Aaal Bllttl Foiled by
LAKE CITY, la., Feb. 24 (Special Tele
gram.) When hi sweetheart, Annla Bll
lottl, went to visit friends at Omaha, Floyd
Patten, son of a wealthy farmer living
outb of town, made arrangement with her
to meet him at Lanesboro, where they were(
to be married against the wishes of his
parent. He had been missing about a
week. Today his parent! learned his where
about In time to prevent the wedding.
Patten, who la only 1. wa taken home by
hi parents.
Words of Praise
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at r COBBO), a give by leaders ia all tha several
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