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Slayer of Marin Hamilton Guested
Bight on Hit Fate.
Crest feiii'siiS
ii iii i t i i ii i i (i
23d Anni vern n v
Jary Owre Mooa! Ten te Two for Umf
lews, bat Fbillaa Kara He
Doeaa't Tar Aaythlaa;
Aboat It.
BT narrow squeak .Mm Fhlllps tin"
escaped the gallows. The man who shot
flown Mirth Hamilton cam vary near
having a Terdirt of death by hanging
rendered erelnst him not long before a
verdict of life Imprisonment was' reached
on the thirteenth ballot. A ballot , was
taken which, wtood ten to two In favor of
hanging. fnls was the eleventh ballot
taken by the Jury Wednesday nlRht. Then
ensued some debate, the two men opposing
hanging; sticking out and v, Inr.lng finally
the other ten over to their side.
Philips sat In the court room Thursday
morning; to hear the verdict announced and
It was with an unblanrhed face that he
heard" '.he pronouncement of "Imprisonment
for the term of his natural life."
He wns not shocked nor disappointed,
for, as he told a reporter for The Fee, the
other day, he expected a conviction.
: t . Tfclaka He la I.arky.
"I'm d d lucky," was his first comment
when he spoke to a deputy sheriff after
hearing the verdict
At the county Jail he was locked In his
cell .on the first floor, where he had been
since the night, that he surrendered him
self as the slayer of Marsh Hamilton.
Lying on his cot with his face to the wall.
the prisoner subsided Into a waking stupor.
He clutched the corners of his pillow an J
tared at the naked plastering.
"Do you know that the Jury came near
to making It worse than life?" asked a vis
itor who leaned against the bars of the
cell door. '
Philips turned hi face toward the man
who spoke and looked at him curiously
for a moment. His face was set and hard.
"Oh, I don't eare not for anything In
the whole wide world."
Then he tofised over to his old position.
"Are you sorry now that you gave your
self up?" he was asked.
"I said. I don't, care " Then his voice
fell Into an Inartuculate mumble.
A prisoner passed by and paused a mo
ment,' broom lr. hand, to look In on th
prisoner. The lotked-ln folk of the Jail
had not yet learned of the fate of the man
in the cell.
"How'd you come out, Jim?" he asked.
"Oh, all right," was the quiet answer of
the convicted man, who this time did not
even look up.
Jnry Cornea In.
The Jury, Itself, came Into the criminal
court room of district' court at 9:30 a. m.,
looking far less haggard and worn than
most Juries that have been out all night
and this because the twelve men had been
In bed since midnight At that hour they
were taken by a bailiff to the Merchant's
hotel, aocordlng to the direction of the
Judge who presided at the trial. When 10
o'clock'' came and no verdict had been
reached the court's orders were that the
Jury ahould be locked up for the night and
that verdict or no verdict It should not be
brought In until Thursday morning.
The Jury did take Its thirteenth and last
ballot as. the clock struck the hour of It
Without vouchsafing Information to any
one that their labors had beon concluded,
the Jurymen went, to the Merchants and
slept that night. After breakfast the body
was brought back, to court and the ver
dict given In. j
' ' Crime Ha Committed.
' The crime for which Philips is convicted
was committed the night of August 81, at
Hamilton's saw mill, near Florence. Philips
was Jealous of Hamilton on account of his
wife. ,
Mrs. Philips has denied her husband's
charges from the first aa to her personal
conduct and she ha shown some resent
ment at times against him.
Philips completely lost himself after going
to the hut of Hamilton In Florence that
.dark night and' shooting him to death.
(Though a simple young man he eluded
! both the Omaha police and Douglas county i
officials so- successfully that they never
once had line of his whereabouta. Then
of a sudden one day he walked into the
clty'Jalt, announced himself as Hamilton's
layer and surrendered himself.
This stands out aa the strongest argu
ment of all, his friends think in favor of
the ' claim that he Is unbalanced.
1' "-' 'i
F.;B. Kcnnard f
Sells Out to
' - Enter, Politics
Succeeded by Local Syndicate, Which
Vtiu. Establish Paint Factory
' ; i in Omaha.
The. Kennard Paint and Glass company
has changed hand and the new proprietors
will take, possession about March 1.
F.. B. Kennard, who has been identified
with the commercial life of Omaha for the
iast forty years, will retire at that time to
engage in. another field of work.
,Wpn. asked what his new field was to be
he laughingly replied, , "politics."
A syndicate of Omaha . business men
bought out Mr. Kennard. Their names are
not yet disclosed. They will have ample
capital and their first move after taking
possession will be to Install a pulnt fac
tory in Omaha In the up-town district.
Mr.' Kennard said he thought the time
was ripe for Omaha to have a paint fao-'
' tory- ahd that tha new concern had the
same idea..
I ' ' v" ' -
Nobody la Too Old
to learn that the sure way to cure a cough
or sold is with Dr. King's New Discovery.
60o and W OO. For sale by Beaton Drug
sample rieces of Imported 54- 7
In. Dress Goods. Worth S $2 'it A
i 7 r j
AJ1 the samples of Superb New Suitings from a foreirrn
-manufacturer's stork.
We secured these fine goods much under the cost to manu
facture. A!I single suit patterns ranging from 5 yards and
up, French and German novelty suitings, Vigoureaux, bro
ken checks, fancy stripes, costume serges, fine Ottoman
twins, whipcords and camel's hair effects,
etc.; not a piece made to sell under $1.75 and
$2.00 all the. prevailing colors on bargain
square, at, per yard ,
Dress Goods Pieces in Three Big Lots
All the single pieces in one
grand lot main floor A
bargain square, each. JLvL
imported dress Koods pieces thul
match up many as 10. of one
kind In the basement," each ep
19o and main floor square, .fhf
at. each . tftli
Clearing Sale of All the Remnant Pieces of Himalaya Irish
.aiucua ongo cjoui, siik mulls, etc. worth 25c i
and 29c a yard bargain square, main floor,
at, per. yurd i
.1 lr :VR8mns,nU and Sample Pieces f
All kinda crochet, Venise, Oriental and Cluny effects, 'in
euges, Danas, galloons, . appliques,, medallions, etc. half
to two yards in piece many worth f A W i?
75c, at, each .............. ' lUC-a&ejC
Novelty Trimming Laces nt 15c and 25c Vd.
In crochet, Venise, Cluny, Oriental and Filet effects in
edges, insertions, bands, galloons, appliques, etc. white,
ecru ami black many worth 50c a yard, ir C
at, per yard.: K. . , l3CjC
35c Fine Embroidered Flouncintis at 15c Yd.
18-inch fine embroidery flouncings, skirtings, corset covers?
uisu giuioon Deaaings worth up to 35c a yard, f C
at, per yard 13C
Embroidery Edgings. Insertions. Be&dinc
Narrow and medium widths all kinds thou- f?
sands of yards worth 10c, at, a yard , JC
Great Remnant Bargains
25c soisette, poplins, etc in
all the latest colors long
remnants, great bar-1
gain, at, yard'. . . v.ll'C.
Another jslfipment; of white
lawns, "checked and cross
bar dimities. and nainsooks
worth up to 19c
yard, per yard . . .
iteranants of .colored I Extra fin. dra o-ino-.
sateens, poplin.3 and I . hams, such aa T?ri
Seal, A. F. C, etc.,
sold alwajs at 12 c
ana be a yard-vall
new patterns,
at, a yard . .
T il - T-l
me x orenoon. y
We will sell Standard Prints
the regular 6V20 grade
in narrow widths,
at, per yard . ....
Long remnants heavy outing
.flannels regular, 12c
quality in medium C'
Colors, yard DC
Mill lengths fine cretonne for
comforters, draperies, "etc.
would be cheap, at 120
and 15c, at, per ' C
, yard.;...... ...DC
ouiBBBiieswortn up
to 25c a yard many
pieces to matchJ will
go on sale, . , r
at, each ..... '.)JC
36-inch heavy, ' bleach
ed muslin, long cloth
and cambric s 'sold
from the bolt up to
15c a yard In mill
lengths, at, 1
hi vurd .... UjC
:'. At 1:30 in the Afternoon!
We place on sale 3 cases 3C inches
wide dark and light percales
worth from the . bolt in ...4
aaa nftc in rem
nants, at. per
yard ... l , . .
; uay al sweetland. Delicious, ilotmv h..t...M
wvur. nut centers, 40c quality, at. per pound ,. ... 1
u me
Effective Fob. 27. 19m
No, S -late night train for Denver and Pugef
Sound will leave Omaha at 11:25 p. m.f instead of
li.oup. m. .
No. 28, St. Louia Special, will leave Omaha at ' '
, p m, mstead of 4:55 p m
J. B. REYNOLDS, 0. P. A ,
1502 Farnam St., Omaha,
Paltra Maa-latrate Olvra iool
II nark by Hit He Let Go
' ' Kr,
''"v ' '
'''Tferf very. Vry bafl; I don't know
what I did. 1 wai Just full," pleaded Anton
Chada. vagrant, before Judge Crawford In
police court.
"Discharged," 'announced the judge.
That'll aure bring you good luck. I
thank- you air." declared the. prisoner
pompously, assuming a virtuous air. "I
knowed when you found out all about It
you'd be on the square."
ins junge smiled over the testimonial,
while Court Offlcfr Glover rapped for
order. 1
II f "' ""aaassssesasBsi
jT't'ai!T!lMi!sM j ra-.-4 rt-rt .,l,i,,,, , HI IU-.J MlMjiBBjllai,y LJ lmBTmuumm
- - "'- -1 n I iM aaaMaiMaa-alsal n 3 '
It :
ore Lssnssil Base l.aags.
Most people know tha feeling, and the
tutMirable state of III health It Indicates.
All ' people- should know that Foley's
Hooey and Tar. the greatest throat and
lung remedy, will quk-kly cure the aure
neea and cough and restore a normal con
dition. Ask for Foley's Honey and Tar.
Sold by all drug-tata,
Snaps m Schnapps
We will sell you your choice of dos'
"I", ff atundard nrand A 4 AA
whl"ky bottled In SI. 00
bond, full quart .V 1 1
Home-Made Grape", Wine, Whlto
and Red, per gal. 81.00
Lady Clerks In Attendance.
isi v. lata. Opa. r. o. sota nraonss.
Snltrjr milk bottle stopir free
with every purrhauM.
No. 1 Pork Loina, ii,
noast. lb...
Wyonijng IVtato'ea"
Hlrloin Steaks
FOOD FOR ""..-"Vrvou. m..a
NERVES 55 yh.'-ThJST W
J.J.K. you .4 ip l
l 9 aoaea 11.10 bv Mill ,
S: ?Mie g.reeta.
if Th6 Ma-rrh Monthly Style. Book of Ladles'f 1
J Jy I "om Journal Patterns Is In. Get one. free, h If
Bennett's Big Friday Bargains
Read how wo arc compelling the crowds to come Fri
day. Here's an 4,ad" brim full of great bargains,
better than any in our Friday sales for months paat.
Friday Bargains in Garment Section; 2d Floor
Mhlte UnKorte Waists, worth $1.00, $1.60 and $2.00. very
nice garments but soiled; to close out quickly 50t
White Sweaters Good heavy coat sweaters for misses and
small women, best styles; were $1.50, for -50
' Silk Foulard Dresses and taffeta silk dresses, all that remain
from our sample purchase; one-piece styles, worth $J6.00
' ' choice of remaining lot qq
Women's Dress Skirts About 25 brown voile skirts, with
silk strap trimming and extra slxe black panama skirts (30
. to 36 waist bands) all $7.50 and $8.00 skirts $2.05
Misses Tailored Suits About fifteen only very chic styles
for girls 13 to 17 years. Have been $15.00; Friday. .$3.05
Short Knit Skirt Just the garment for early spring; white
and dark colors, with border; 75c usually 30
'Infants' Colored Bonnets, of felt and plush, that have sold up
ward to $2.00; to close Friday at 59
Friday Bargains in Silks and Dress Goods
Don't hesitate a mijiuto, for these are uncommonly good
bargains. They are the very goods you ll he sure to buy later
on if you don't buy now.
Plain Silk Messaline and Fancy Taffetas, Silk Moire, China
Silks, Peau de Cygnes, etc. a great collection several
thousands yards. Not short pieces, but lengths up to 60 yards;
..leading colors and good patterns a most extraordinary op
portunity; 76c and 85c silks -. 25
DRESS GOODS RKMXANTS Mill lengths of new spring dress
goods, in doiens of shades, such as blues, tans, greens, grays,
rose. They are lengths of 2V6 to 5 yards, of all wool serges,
vorth to 75c; many pieces are alike and matfh perfectlv.
We offer them again Friday at, yard. 20
Friday Bargains, Wash Goods, Embroideries
No better values in Omaha. Buy these goods for girls'
dresses, for house dresses and street dresses. v
Scotch Ginghams, Fine Tissues and Zephyrs, the pick of tha
new 1910 patterns; checks, stripes, etc. In many color com
binations. The quality is the usual 19c and 25c kind. Pieces
of 8 to 15 yards. It's going to be a. fine treat; choice of
KP a whole case, at, yard . . . . ....... ..... .j)
Embroidery Special Accumulations of odd pieces from early
sales, all widths, edges and Insertions, up to 10 Inches, fine
Swiss and nainsook goods. Beautiful 15c embroideries. 15
7Mo Erahroiderles 2$o 200 pieces of. edges and some in
sertions very good 5c and 7c goods, at. 2V4t
Friday Bargains, Linens, Towels & Domestics
Kemnaata .BUkoline, Cretonne, Outings and Calicoes, worth
Jup to i5c; all go at, yard , .............. ... ..... .;. . .5
Curtain Swiss Pretty new goods, dots and floral designs
ao lutuos wine; loo quality .- 1 0
Kuck, Towels Good size and quality, the usual 10c grade;
"white quantity lasts, Friday, at. ......... .! .'. . 7qh$
16 . VtZToUL
a. arsu
Oaa Dollar a Year
lUwched Table Damask 60 inches wide. Identical goods sell
lnj daily at 35c; Friday at, yard 1. . . .-jo,
Friday; Bargains in the Corset Department
p. While shopping around Friday don't overlook the corset styles.
I.OO CORSETS 60c Made of 'coutfl' and 'batiste In medium
lengths, specially adapted for the average figure, nicely trim
med, hose supporters attached; dollar values G0
JLong , Batiste Models Light' weight but firm and durable,
boned with non-rustable boning; long hip and medium high
bust; with supporters; $1.50 values, at. 9g
Friday Bargains in Housefernishings Dep't
Odds and Ends being sold regardless of cost or former price.
Wash Boilers Boilers with copper rim and bottom, size No 8
"were $1.75, clearing af ...............
,Lisk Tin Boilers, with copper bottom, size 8; were $2.00
TJ at .... $1.59
Lot 76c Galvanized Tubs, at .25
Odds and Ends Bath Room Fixtures--towel bars, trays granite
cups, funnels, ladles, etc., worth to 25c. at. .5
Lot Towel Bars, Canisters, Brackets, etc., worth to 10cat!2s
Salts and Peppers, Egg Separators, etc. worth 8c, at tl
Friday's Big Grocery Economies Interest All
Bennett's Excelsior
Flour, sack.. 91.75
Ani 80 stamps,
Bennett's Best Coffee,
three pounds for (1,00
And 100 dtamps
Bennett's Best Coffee,
, per pound .4 38o
'; , v And. SO stamps,
' Bennett's Teas, ussorted
per pound 780
And 100 stamps
Bennett'a Teas, assorted
per pound 680
And .76 stamps
Tea fclf tings, 16c lb. pk.
for ...... ,'...18o
Bennett'a Breakfast Cof
fee, I lb. cans 4o
And 80 stamps
Macaroni and Spaghetti,
Star and Crescent
brand, .3 pkga. . ...S5o
Capitol Baking Powder,
pound can ...... .040
And 20 stamps
Hartley's Marmalade,
20c Jars for ISO
Gillette's Mustard, large
Jar 4 . .16o
And 20 stamps.
California Ripe Olive
40c cans for B60
Jap Rio. 7c Quality
: five pounds for....86o
Beonstt's Cacltol Oaia.
What or ranoaks loo
. And 10 stanps
Double stamps on
iHig-nonette Peas, 3 cans
lor aso
And 10 stamps
Capitol Maple BvruD.
pure, fi sal can...7So
Ana 60 stamps
Helns's Red Pepper .
Sauce, bottle 800
And 10 stamps
Diamond Crystal Table
Salt, 3 sacks 8O0
And 10 stamps
Crystal Toilet Soap, 10
cana SOo
And 10 stamps
(Tea Garden Preserves,
Jar 30o
. And 20 stamps
Galllard Olive Oil, bot
tle 4oo
And 40 atamps
Best Cream Cheeaa, per
pound aao
And 10 stamps -
Virginia Swiss Cheese,
pound 860
, And 10 stamps
Cleaned Currants, three
pounds 880
Medium Sour Picklea,
Quart ,.10o
And 10 stamps
Sweet Mixed Plcklss.
quart aoo
And 10 stamp
-' Double. Stamps on
- Oranulated Sugar
Cookl Bala Cream
Honey Cookies, lb. 18o
Iten's Tourist or Gra
ham Crackers, pkg.lOo
And 10 stamps
Newport Catsup, bottle,
tor 100
And 10 stamps
Stollwerck s Cocoa. H-lb.
can aoo
And 20 stamps
Capitol Extract, bottle.
for I80
And 10 stamps
P. at W. Little Neck
Clams, 16c alia. , ,10o
(Allready Codfish, can.
'or 100
And 10 stamps
Marshall's Kippered Her
ring aoo
And 10 stamps
Yankee Rose Toilet
soap, 4 cakes for. .15o
California Table RsIb
lns, on stem, 2 lbs. 18o
In Our Famous Domestic Room
25,000 Of all kinds Of COtton roods, rnttnn nltlnff 1,,,,,-kt'ju...
from the eastern mills, and fold for about half regular Trice. -
PrinU, ginghams, silk mixed eooda. whlt ennda. nnn.i ... -...
' v- t - iv. 1 nui 1x4.11 j
to 25c a yard in 5 lota
5c 7ic Sic 10c 12c
AT 10:80 A. MOne table of short lengths of all kinds of wash goods, at"
pr yard 1
. .Ql
AT 2:80 P.'M. One case of short lengths good goods, at. por yard . , . .3V
AT 2 P. M All the remnanU of the high grade wash goods left during the
akt e perice!CpdrOynad,arg0 8qnare 800da frm ,5C t0 6C "1
1 10
Anniversary Sale f uriiishing Bargains
Raines to $1.00, in sateen, madras,
percales, cheviots, with or without
collars, to close Friday, will
go Rt 40. 39. 23
Values up to 2.00, in heavy all wool
flannel, single or double breasted,
at 98 and 40
Values to $1.60 garment, in all sizes
and colors. Friday at ..75. 49
Indies' and children's two-piece gar
ments or union suite., also a big line
of muslin underwear, values to $1.50
garment, on sale Friday About Half.
Men's or boys', that 6cld to 75c a
garment, all sizes, at ..30. 25c i
Men's, women's and children's wool,
part wool and cotton, a1ucs to DOc,
Friday at lr, 12 He, 10c, 7 Ho, K
"wimw ana SWEATER COAliS.,
meu a or women i part wool and A
wool, values to $2.00. Friday. '
at 08 nd 40
Values to 60c, big assortment, Frldarv
" "23. 15. 57
Men'8 and boys', all sizes, 12 4c value,
6 for 25c, each
Si SilffQ Friday in fh,Big qnw
P I OHUb Domestic Roon a dUC
rnL 1'
inousanas ot yards of plain ..and -fancy silks-Meslm, Taf
fetas, etc., etc. actual values to $1.00 yard, on'nale at va.,3fie
W.25 Black Peau de Soie 36 in
ches wide, cashmere finish; on
sale, at .89c
Natural Jap Silk 21 inch "wide,
a great bargt".i -for Friday at,
yard v.. ,19c
. , a .
neody-to-lVear Garments
GreaiSy Ondsrpriced in Dcmcsiic Rcotn
Values to $12.50100 of them ' for
your selection, Friday, at. . .S3 OS
Worth to $20.00 good stles, ladies'
and misses', Friday . .7.. $Q.BO
a." few left,wilt close' Friday,
t $3.08. $2.50 $1.75
That sold at $1.60, at i .40
That sell regularly up to $1.25 a gar
Remnants Wool Dress Goods
All the remnants of goodB ranging
from 75c to $2.60 . a yard broad
cloths, henrlettas, suitings, tailor
suitings, etc., la five lots .
25 30 40 50 75
Five cases of spring dress goods, all
the new shades, In beautiful diag
onals, on sale by the yard, yd., 48
Worth up to $1.60 yard in 4 lots
25 30 40 50
Remnants of toweling, by the thou
sand yards, at 'the west counter.
Remnants of sheeting, by the hun
dreds ot yards, at the west counter. .
vbiuvb io f i. zd, v sues e to 14 yearn.
vcnoice . . , . ,.v. M CO
A big line of new goods, specially
priced for Friday, at 75 to $1.50
On big lot that sold up to 75c. will
at io
That sold to $4 big assortment.,. 81
Regular values. to $5.00 great-bargain
Friday, at, choice. . . . .sfl cn
$1.50 Wrappers at ....... . 7. Kii
t , r i - , v w y
25c Laces 5c a Yard
Nottinghams, Point : de Paris,
yalenciennes,, Cluny, Zion City
10c, I5c t625c values in
edges andinsertings to, match,
all linen torchon, etc. theA,
greatest line df lace values eVer
' offered ' in Omajia . . .' ... . . . 5c
. Scores of new lota brought forward
Friday. No one can, afford to miss
this exceptional opp6rtunlty Friday.
i Time Sales
From 9:30 to 10 A. M. Pride of
the Farm, a very fine 10c Mus
lin, yard wide, 10-yard limit-Tat,
yard 6Va?
From 2:30 to 3 P. M. Brook-
dale, a fine 8V2C, 36-inch Sheet
ing, 10-yard limit, at, yd.3C
Eight other' sales on Center
aisle, at very low prices.
Elctica Sale Friday
FighUng AH Trust Prices.
Hump Hooks and Eyes, card
, Trust price, 10c. ,
2O0-Vard Spool Cotton
Trust price. ' 6c.
20O-Yard Linen Thread ... ;
' Trust price, lOe. 1 '
10c Pearl Buttons, dozen''....
Sc Pearl Buttons, dozen1, . .
Pins, per package .......;.,'.
Aluminum Thimbles, each ...... 1
Cotton Tape,' all sizes .'. . . . .': . .. . J,4 ,
Finishing Braids, at ..... . ; .'.iV&Vt A
Skirt Braids, per bolt t , : .. , '
Without hypodermic injections and i with copy of contract and free book.
. . . i. . . I f al I )v writ a tnH v VIT 1 1 . I V or T T T T n T.-i
a plla contract IS given earn lwui, rr".
. .... . ... . DO- lvy-a ol umana, iNeorassa.
Full , information, with cost of treat- Everything strictly confidential. Bank
ment at intiUtue or in the home, sent references cheerfully furnished.
Bee VJant Ads Boost -Your Business
Candy Solo
20 Stacks. Pure Sugar Candy Fancy Pillows, nut centers,
for . . .... . . . . .5c I delicious, lb. 'i . . ; 13ViC
7 ni
. .1 4
Rood ihs Extra Special Solo for Friday
Ba4 tala and Jndf tot yourself.
It lbs. Best Pure Can Granulated Sussr
for : WW
48-lb. Bank Best High Patent Flour, mart
from tha best No. 1 wheat 11.40
Larte Sacks Best White, or Yellow Corn-
meol l&o
I Bars Diamond C or Beat-Em-All Soap
for ...abo
( Iba. Beat Hand Picked Navy Beans.. c
I lbs. Best Rolled Breakfast Oatmeal... .26c
lbs. Best Pearl Tapioca, Bo. Barley,
Farina or Hominy Mo
Bromanselon. Jellycon or Jell-O, pk(..?Ho
I pkss. Best Condensed Mince Meat J&o
-lb. Cans Solid ' faoked Tomatoes.,..
l-lb. Cans Fanoy Bweet Suaar Corn....7vto
t-lb. Cans Wax. Strlnf, Green or Lima
Beans Te
t-lb. Cans Golden Pumkln, Apples, Squash
or Baked Beans fy
- inoiAi Bauas rmvxr baxb.
The cheapect and most economical to
buy. . ''
Choice California Prunes, per .lb,...'. :4o
Fancy Santa Clara prunes, par )b......Tlo
Fancy Italian Prunes, pee lb 8'
Fancy Cleaned Currants, per lb lvo
Choice California Mulr Peaches per lb., 7V4o
Fancy Crawford Peachea, per lb te
Fanoy Muscatel Cooking Raisins, lb.. 7So
Fancy California Heedless Raisins.. ....TVm
Faney Seeded Ratalns, t-lb. pk 7&
Cheaper than apples, and the moui
healthy fruit ron to eat.
The Highland Navels are the . finest
grown In Callfornlal They are not bitter
nr fmmt Vtlttmn T-v. , 1 1 ... .
quality, and the yshepet to buy. VI
Special car for 'Friday at the following 4
sp;lal prloea.
Rerular 17 mlwm fn. 1 . r... Am I,. r
Regular 6o alia for sale, per dos Ik,
Regular 26o alia for sale, per dos I7ftc
Regular Wo also for sale, per dos iHir '
Regular Ito else tor sale, per do. . . . d0
Regular DOc sis for sale, per dos 0o
To every purohaser ot 1 dosen or mora l
of any else, we will sell you one of the
beat silver' plated ;prang. sooons, guaran
teed for ten years,- for SHc.
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The best fancy creamery butter, per lb., tc
The best' country butter, per lb ,..Jj'
The. best fancy dairy butter, , per lb....i',cJ
The beet freer! esgs, per dos,,.. kl0
t-lb. rolls good, butterine fr,c
l ib roils good table butterine
in oest run cream cneeee, per id..
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Fresh beets, carrots, turnips or slisl
per uuiu.n -. 'I'.a
Two hnads frenh leaf lettuce.,..,.....'"..?,,
Two bunches fresh radlnlil
Fresh cauliflower, per lb..........,.
Fresh parsley,' per bunch
Fresh ripe tomatoes, per lb
Fresh lare cucumbers, pmr lb
Freak, cabbage, per lb.,.. A v.
Fresh sweet potatoes, per Ah.. . . .
.60 '
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