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$1 Foulards al 69c Yard
The largest find most complete line of stunning
Foulards west of Chicago. Spot and shower
proof foulmis, distinctive and exclusive
patterns, beautiful cameo nnd monotone ef
fects, disks, spots, broche and some fine
' border effects. Very special
27 inch self colors, monotone fhsJJf2)
effects, a regular $1.25 foul- UyftjUj
ard, at, yard
Superior quality yarn dyed dress Messahne
Silks, in 37 different shades, including the
pastel shades and evening colorings, iflp
on bargain square, at, yard . .'
fewest spring shades for entire dresses,
Misses' party frocks, etc., tyKo
at, yard
An ideal silk of the Rajah kind, only lighter
in texture with a narrow invisible &4
'Ottoman cord, 27 inches wide, yd t v-i-
Our Odd Scarfs
And Throws
Mink, Persian Lamb,
Fox, Brook Mink, etc.,
worth up to $15, all'ln
one lot, at
K.X 4 i, ., i. i. i.i.
'7T!Z?mL. .u 1 r r'"" 1
Tailored Linen
In dainty hand em
broidered front and
plain pleated and tuck
ed effects, at
fcr Tttese Radical Price Reductions
d9 fm Coals, Separate Scaals
These prices will effect a complete clearance in a few days. Our high grade furs have been admired by every fashionable wo-
an in Omaha. Tomorrow we offer them all at prlcea that are simply amating. Perhaps the price la all that haa kept you from haying a rich coat or fine
Dress Goods Clearance
On our popular bargain square we show plain
and fancy French and tailor weight serges,
Victoria suitings, taffetas, 52 inch black,
brown and grey suitings,
worth more, yard . . . .
Celebrated Theodora suitings and-Venetian
Chiffon Broadcloth in all the latest syndi
cate colorings, iridiscent, black and white
broken checks, etc., 54 inch tailor suitings,
chiffon weight homespun, AND
etc., at, yard ...Vl UP
Main Floor Dress Goods Department Em
broidered linen in suit and waist patterns,
novelty silk and cotton fabrics, Banzai and
Koseo silk and " cotton novelties, several
handsome lines for Mon
day, at, yard .'
The queen of mercerized fabrics, will posi
tively launder and retain that 9Qi
silky finish, Monday, yard ..fclwC
29c to 50c
net. Monday you ran buy anything from two-third to one-half less than former prlcea. There never was a aale of fine fura that waa anything like thU one.
These Notable Price Reductionsin Fine Fur Sets
One $49 Baum Marten Fox Set, Scarf and Muff to match, at $25.00
Two $35 Russian Lynx Norddin Sets, at $17.50
Four $35 Asuria White Fox Norddin Sets, at '. . . .$17.50
One $125 Novelty Baum Marten Fox Set, at . $59.00
One $65 Fine Isabella Fox Set, at $29.00
H !l
U ij p i
One $75 genuine Bear Fur Set
at $39.00
One $98 Fine Black Fox Set, $59.00
One $169 Fine Kolinski Sable Set
at ...y $85.00
One $98 Fancy Jap Mink Set, $49.00
One $85 Novelty Jap Mink Set
at ........'..$12.50
One $85 Fine Kolinski Sable Set-
at N $39.00
One $45 Bed Fox Set, at . . . .$22.50
One $98 Pointed Fox Set, at $45.00
One $125 Novelty Sable Fox Set
at ' $49.00
One $50 Fine Sable Fox Setr-
at $25.00
$1 Wide Embroideries 49c
18 to 27-inch fine embroidered flouncing and
skirtings, in Swiss, nainsook and batiste
elegant new designs in Angletenv. Madeira,
crochet, Hexagon, floral, yfl f
urecian ana suaaow cnects fi fl (f
many worth up to $1.00 j j
a yard ; at, a yard
$2.50 Flouncings at $1.59 Yard
15-inch fine Swiss nnd batiste embroidered
flouncings elegant Swiss, Angle terre, flond
and shadow elfects; many worth
up to $2.50 a yard extra special
in embroidery department, yd.. .
Fine Embroidered Galloons
Also galloon headings elegant designs, in
knghsJi eyelet and floral effects up to 5 ins,
wide and worth
up to 50c a yard;
on sale at, yd
35c Wide Embroideries at lOc lSc
18-inch fine embroidered flouncings, skirtings
and corset cover widths, also medium and
wide embroideries
worth to 35c a yard ;
in two big lots, nt, yd
Beauliful Fur Coais at Much Less Than Actual Value ,
One $150 50-inch Caracul' Coat, pointed Fox Collar, at $75.00
Two $98 50-inch Plain Caracul Coats, at, each $49.00
One $89 Select Krimmer Coat, at $39.00
One $139 36-inch Striped Brook Mink Coat, at . . ; '. .$72.50
One $50 36-inch black Russian Lynx Coat, at .$22.50
One $750 50-inch Genuine Seal Coat, at i $375.00
One $450 36-inch fine Seal Coat, at $275.00
Two $350 Seal Skin Coats, at, each . $175.00
One $598 Fine Genuine Mink Coat, at $298.00
One $198 50-inch Blended Squirrel Coat, at .$9$.00
f4t il . rj
124c Laces and Insertions at 5c
Fine French and German Val. Laces and
Insertions, also dainty cluny, crochet and
Armenian effects many to I"
match worth up to 12Vc a H
yard; at, yard
Watch for the Bis
Jardiniere Sale
Wednesday, Jan. 20.
The greatest ever
held at Brandela.
Write for samples of
the new
This is soft, clingy
China, silk, In all col
ors; it costs only, a
yard i 25$
Separate Far Scarfs
two genuine Chinchilla Throws, worth
$25, at S10.00
One Eaom Marten and Ermine Nov
elty Scarf, worth $125. at $49.00
One genuine Ermine Scatf, large fancy
shape, worth $85, at .t. .$35.00
One genuine Ermine Zaza shape
Scarf, worth $39, at .... 19.00
One 3 skin Blended Hudson Bay Sable
Scarf, worth $98, at $49.00
One 4 Skin Blended Hudson Bay Sable
Scarf, worth $135, at $65.00
One Jap Marten Throw, worth $69.
at $35.00
Separate Fur Scarfs
Five Genuine Mink Throws, worth to
$29, at $12.50
One Fine Mink Pellerlna Scarf, worth
$195. at $98.00
One Jap Mink Russian Shawl, worth
$29, at $15.00
One Novelty Mink Shawl, with heads
and tails, worth $169, at $89.00
Two fine laree Mink Novelty Scarfs,
worth $165. at $85.00
Three Blended Jap Mnk Beans, wor'rn
$25, at .-$12.50
One Black Lynx Shawl, was, $42.50,
now, at $21.25
Separate Fur Scarfs ,
One large Black Lynx Shawl, was
$59, now $28.50
One fine large Black Lynx Shawl, was
$85, now $42.50
One fine large Black Fox Shawl, was
$55. now $27.50
One fine Black Fox Shawl, was $39,
now for $19.50
Two Baum Marten Fox Novelty Scarfs.
was $49, now $25.00
Two large double Fox Shawls, was
$49, now .$25.00
One Pointed Fox Shawl, was $46,
now- $22.50
Childrens' Fur Coats
Child's $75 Blend 'd Squirrel Coat
af .$35.00
Child's $35 Siberian Sable Coat,
at $15.00
Child's $40 Brook Mink Coat,
at . $22.00
Child's $59 grey curly Krimmer
Coat, at $29.00
Child's $45 Near Seal Coat,
t $2250
Special Bargains Throughout This Entire
Week in Our Big Clearing Sale of
Silverware, Jewelry and
Leather Goods
These special prices that are now offered in our
jewelry and leather goods departments are the bar
gain events of the season.
Men's and Women's Shoes
All our high grade winter shoes must go at ouce,
everything at greatly reduced prices.
Advance Showing of Our Women's New 1910 Tailored Spring Suits
The stunning new arrivals that will lead in favor this spring. Jackets are in the new lengths, 30 to 36 inches, some cut in new
Russian blouse effects-many smartly trimmed-also plain tailored ideas strictly new materials and colors.
Write for Samples of Our Famous
Rough mercerized suiting silk, in all colors; looks
and wears like 85c silk fabric, and nfep
costs but, per yard
Final Week January Linen Sale
All our odd pattern cloths in all sizes
to close out at 60 discount.
5.98 Pattern Cloths, each $2.99
$7.98 Pattern Cloths, each $3.99
$8.50 Pattern Cloths, each $4.25
$10.00 Pattern Cloths, each $5.00
$10.98 Pattern Cloths, each . . . .' . .$5.49
$11.98 Pattern
$13.50 Pattern
$7.50 Large Pin
ner ste Nap
kins, dos. 83 88
Cloths, eaeu
Cloths, each . . .
$4.60 full sle
Napklna. 1oa.,
t a-a
$2.00 Double Satin Damask, full 2 yards
wide, at yard . . . $1.39
$1.59 Bea,t Round Thread Grass Bleached
Damask, at, yard ............ .$1.19
$1.39 Pure Irish Linen Table Damask, at,
per yard '. 98
$1.19 Fine Satin Damask Table Linen, at,
per yard . . .' ..85
$1.00 Extra heavy .cream and bleached
Satin Damask, at, yard . 75
75c Heavy hlached Table Damask, yd. pift
69c All Linen Table Damask,' yd 49
$3.50 full siza
Napklna, dm.,
at (2.49
60c all linen Huck Towels, each . . . .25
25c all linen Huck Towels, each . . . .19
15c extra large Huck Towels, each . . . .)
Fine Huck and Damask Towels, worth up
to $2.00, at, each 98
$1.50 Imported Turkish Towels, each 89
$1.25 Imported Turkish Towels, each Q)
45c Large Turkish Bath Towels, each 25
16c Large fringod Turkish Towels, at J)
6c Knit or Turkish Wash Cloths, each 1
10c Mop or Dish Cloths, each 5
12 00 "2.1n Nan. 176' a11 P U r 6
$3.00 .Z-ln. Nap- ,lm)n Napkla
kins, dor. $1.98 dosen 98o
$1.39 full size Ma reel lira pattern Bed Spread,
each 9CO
$1.76 full shrunk Marseilles pattern Bed
Spreads, each 1.39
$2.00 Large slza. Marseilles pattern- Bed
Spreads, each, at S1.49
$2.00 Kxtra Heavy Marseilles Pattern Bed
Spreads, fringed, with cut corner, each,
now at 91-49
$2.75 Full ahrunk Marseilles pattern Hed
Hpreada, fringed, with or without cut corners,
each, at 91-89
$5.00 Sralloped edge satin Marseilles pattern
Bed f'preads. each 93-80
$10.00 Best Imported scalloped edge Marseil
les Bed Spreads, each 96-98
Our new spring line of light
and dark patterns, also plain
shades of . very highest grade
American percale made.
Stripes, dots, checks, "figures, in
hWk- n.nd colors ASK ior
percales, yd.
Wash Goods and Ginghams
As the largest buyers of wash goods
and ginghams in the west, we were
. appointed selling agents for the
celebrated Barnaby Zephyr Ging
hams, which in style, color and
beauty is without an
equal; gingham de- IjC
partment, at, yd. ."
Great January Sale of White Goods and Wash Goods
Fine imported White Madras; 32 iuches
wide; for skirts, tailored owns and for
waists, yd., at 25 P to 75d
Cross Bar Dimity; medium weight for un
dermuslins; in double and single bar,
yard, at 15
Printed Batiste, In dots, stripes, iColored mercerised Poplins, in
Dresden and rloral designs; I all the newest shades, special
all 1910 patterns, yd. ...10M for Monday, yard .... 10
4 8-Inch Batiste; new and v crisp ; at, per
yard 25 nd 35
Corded ' and fine pin stripe Dimity, per
yd., at 10
Next week we will sell nainsook and
long cloth at the smallest fraction above
cost. T
Natural Colored Linen,
36 inches wide; extra
heavy, yd 29t
American Dress Fabrics
1910 patterns American dress
fabrics in light, medium and
dark styles They are fast col
ors and make inexpensive
house dresses from C
the bolt, yard.......
Basement Bargains
Yard wide Chambray gingham,
in all the wanted plain colors.
Not one yard worth less than
15c dress lengths, I
Monday, yard U2
Great January f ale of
Muslin Sheets
and Pillow Cases
9- 4 Bleached Pequot Sheeting 34c
value, per yard 3Bo
10- 4 Bleached Sheeting S2c value, at,
per yard 3Bo
9-4 Bleached Sheeting, 26c value, at.
per yard 300
81-99 Beamlesa Bleached Sheets, $1.00
value, at . . MHO
81-90 Seamless Bleached Sheets 95c
value, at o
72-90 Seamless Bleached Sheets, 90o
value, at 690
63-90 Seamless Bleached iSheets, 86c
value, at 6a
81-99 Seamless Bleached Hotel Sheets.
86c value, at 60
81-90 Seamless Bleached Hotel Sheets,
75c value, at B9o
7. on KvnmleM Bleached Hotel Sheets,
65c value, at 600
' Pillow Cases
Pillow Cases, size 42x3C, 45x3C,
50x36, 42x38, 45x38V6 and
60x38; plain or hemstitched;
every pair worth 10c more than
the sale price, each, 10 12 Wt
and . . . 14t
v We sDeclalize in the well known
Wamsutta, Utica and Pequot brands
of sheeting. Sheets and pillow cases,
every wanted size, plain or hem
stitched, also every width in bleached
or unbleached sheeting; our prices
lower than elsewhero.
Yard wide Lonsdale and Hope Muslin
'6, 8 and 10-yard lengths in each
piece, with the original mill stamp,
at, yard 7H
Attractive Values in lings
After inventory we are left with
terns, also with too many of some gra
once we cut the prices far below the a
chance to get a fine quality new rug a
9x12 Brussels Rugs, seamless, bright
pretty floral patterns a rug,raade
to stand hard wear regu- $ Z 50
lar price $18.00; sale price. .
9x12 Brussels Rug; just a few more of
those full ten wire brussels rugs; made
to sell for $26; very high $1
last, at . . : i .
many odd lots and discontinued pat-
des of rugs. In order to sell them at
ctual value. This is your greatest
t about half the price any other time.
Ax minster Rugs The largest line
in Omaha to select from floral or
oriental patterns-$ y 50 $ C
values to $35.00, atafe 3
9x12 Velvet Rugs; new line of patterns;
this quality of rug you wcuid $1798
pay $3U ior reguiariy; wnne - m m
Beautiful English Wilton Rugs;. 9x12 size
and seamless; rich, oriental patterns
highest grade Wilton rug ci
to $55 each, at
We have quite a number of special
bargains in rugs in lots too small to ad
vertise. These will b closed out at ex
traordinary bargains.
Basement Bargain
Thousands of yards of bleached mus
lin and 40-lnch white lawn, in var
ious grades; on bargain
square, at, yard
Special Offers in Human Hair Goods
Natural Wavy Braid
this sale ..... ...f".".
-in three separate strands worth $8.00,
Brandeis Transformation others The New Turban Braids
ask $5.00 our price $2.98 sale price
Natural Wavy Switch; made of
fine hair; $8 value, at . .$5.00
Turban Clips; our regular 75c cap
now at 50
Extra large nets 10c
24-inch washable Hair Roll, aale
price, at 50
Hair dressing, manicuring and
scalp treatment.
Ve.crabl tert la Debate hr
Webster Soctetr o'
Tha literary societies of the Omaha High
school held thetr retrular meetings on Fri
day Two of the boya' societies, the De
moathenlan and th. Webster, held election
Of officers. Richard Barnes was elected
presldeut of tha Uemostlienlan and Hiram
r.r th. Webster. The rest of the
Damosthenlan ticket elected Is: Vice pr.a
...... u..r Ouuld: secretary, Wilbur
luetik, w.w
Halnea; treaburr. Voyle Hector; sergeant-
w.irolm Ualdrlge; librarian,
I w I'lx'ely. The remalndtr of the Webster
ticket 1: Vice president. Maurlca bniu
lugton; ...crelary-Uea.urer. Dean David
son; sergeunta-at-arm.. Jaly and Bauman.
A short program was given In the De
mosthenlan socU-ty. Music was furnished
by Fred Kernald and Severs Kuaman. Reci
tations were given by Harry Landeryou.
Tha Webster society h-ld a debate. -Re-mivad
tht capital punUomeut should ba
abolished." The affirmative was taken by
Ixi t harp Jensen and Stanley Beranek, and
the negative by Hiram Salisbury and
Harry Qldeon. ' '' ; -
The I.lnlnger Travel club had a very In
teresting program, which was started by
the presentation to the club of another of
Mrs. Frank Haller'a many gifts, a large
pennant In tha club colors. Ruth Berg
gave a recitation, "As the Moon Rose,"
as the first number. "Her First Visit to
the Butcher," was given by Mary Day;
"A German's View of Denver," by Jose
phine Ooettsche; "Lady Clare," by Gladys
Line, and "A Word to the Wise," by
Bertha Glrton. Hulda Peterson followed
with a piano solo, and then a play, "61;:
Cupa of Chocolate," was glvcen. Those
who took part were Ruth Lake as Adeline
von Llndan; Helen Bradt, aa Marlon Lea
Florence Lake, as lorothy Green; Inei
Caalberg, as Hester Beacon; Kleanor Ca
hill, as- Beatrix Van Hortland; Josephine
Goettache, as Jeanetta Durand. Tha pro
gram closed with a piano solo by liasel
Hi program of the Hawlborna society
started with soma "New Tear's Resolu
tions," given by Fluranca tUiodas. Madge
West and Helen Qlwlts each reed an essay
and Mary Bush a reading. Mabel Wahaaky
gave a recitation and Avllda Moore a vocai
solo. Isabel Linn closed the program wun
a "Prophecy of the Society," inciuaing ft"
the member.
Tha Pleiades soc ety gava ft program on
"Girls that Have Succeeded In Various
Pursuits." "As Artists" waa given by
Frances Meyer, "As Poeta" by Mary All-
man. "As Prose Writers" by Marina -ui-
oairm "In rt.miiHn Science ' by t-tnei
Tlrmy, Genevleva Thornblum. Edith Reed,
Ella Beeka and Florence Smith. A toaai
to Girls" waa given by Margaret Logan
and Ruth Hheldon closed with a comic
reading, "Courtship Under Difficulties"
The "Conquest of Meileo" was the sud
1ect of tha Frmcls Wlllard society. Ethel
Robinson gave "Geographical Features;"
Mildred Arnolds came next with -"the Dls
coverv of America:" "The Spanish Motive
for invasion." bv Dorothea Shrlver. Rhoda
Lincoln nvt "Cortes and Hla Landing,
and tha "March to Mexico City" waa given
by Ida Brodky. Hadvls Provasnlk nd
Luclle Peterson. 'The Siege and Capture
of Mexico City" was given by Mauds
Tha Hrownln society program covered
.k. in th "Four Seasons." Winter
was represented by Ethel Fry in the
"Origin of the Christmas Tree, ami wr Dickinson in "tit. Valentine's Day."
Spring came In "A Boy's Diary of Spring."
"On tha Road to Klowee." given py ciiaa
beth Rajney and a rhyme, "Summer from
Different View Polnta," given oy irma
Gross, gavethe summer part. "Tha Ath
letic Girl, give:t oy josepuniw
Th. nirl" riven by Ruth A in
sula constituted autumn part, aa both girls
wr auppoaed to be representee on u
day of the foot ball game. Tha program
closed with tha "Oracle," given by Krna
Hadra. '
German r and Haasla Arc to Deelda
Whether Latter Can Be
ST. PETERSBURG, Jan. I. The adven
turous spirits who soniutlines make ft
fortune and sometimes lose their all at
gun running In war tlma will be conoerned
la the outcome of ft piece of litigation and
arbitration that has sprung up between
tha Russian and German governments.
- Early la 1MB, after tha Russian sea power
in Asiatic waters had been obliterated and
only tha Manchurian campaign remained,
the czar's military agent In Tienstein en
gaged In ft business transaction with ft
German army officer of the reserve. Cap
tain von Hellfeld, to deliver munitions of
war to the commander at Vladivostok un
der the German flag. Captain von Hell
feld'a account of the business is that he
acted aa agent of tha Berlin Armaments
company and was to deliver cannon and
ammunition to the value of $1,600,000 by
October 1, 1906. Von Hellfeld had also been
In negotiation for the delivery of munitions
to the Japanese government, but the Rus
sian agent the bargaining waa carried
through at Tientsin persuaded him to drop
the Japanese deal and ordered ft second
consignment for Russia. Ha was to pro
vide twenty-flva field batteries of artil
lery and a great store of ammunition for
1750,000. Thla was arranged for In the late
spring of t05.
Then came the preliminaries that led up
to the Itusao-Japanese negotiations at
Portsmouth. The Russians countermanded
tha consignment of arms, which was al
ready on Us way to Vladivostok on the
steamship Anhalt, and tha vessel put Into
KJao-chau, tha German Chines port. Al
though under the German flag It Is ad
ml t ted that the Anhalt waa bought and
paid for with Russian government money,
and that there would have been no losa
to any German owner or Insurer had It
been sunk or captured.
Captain von Hellfeld laid an arrest on
the Anhalt at Ktao-ohau and litigation fol
lowed. In March. 1WW, a complaint was
forwarded from the Russian war depart
ment through the State department to the
German court at Klao-chau against the
detention of the Russian arms and the An
halt. Captain von Hellfeld raised a coun
ter claim for f7D0,000. Eventually tha cargo
waa handed over to the Russians, but tha
Anhalt was kept under arrest by order
of the German court.
The Russian government then asserted
the principle that It could not be sued
In a forelun court exewpt by voluntary
consent. This waa denied by the Klao
chau colonial court, which had referred
tha question to tne imperial supreme
court, and a Klgned judgment was Issued
In favor of von HellfeldV On the strength
of this judgment the German captain's
lawyers laid an arrest on the Russian state
securities deposited In Berlin,
The Russian state department waa or
dered to take ImmedlnjMlv all nt.remis.rV
measured to Insure tha safety of Russia
euunuea in uerun. The csar s embassy
In Berlin has received notice from tho
German state denartment ihm the Pros.
slan government has decided to deal with
Itussla over tha judlolal question whether
the ciar'a government can be sued In th
German courts. Meanwhile the order
arrest on Russian irnvernment funds
Mendelssohn's Is suspended until the que
tlon of Drlnclnla Is deeJded. Mr. Dvnovskv.
counsel In International law to the Rusuiaip
states department, has gone to Berlin
prepare hla case.
Oavld CUT Senator Comes to Be
Friends About Ills Governor
ship Boumlet.
Senator c. II. Aldrlch of David City, an
avowed ratidlilate for the republican noml
nation for governor, la In Omaha to
friends relatlvn to his candidacy.
Aldrlch expressed himself as 'hopeful
Remarkable cures have been
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,