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    23.- 1910.
Monday Starts the Last Day of Our
All our $65.00 Tailor Suits
This )ias been the most remarkable sale in our business history. Wncn it opened we had in
stock over double the amount of merchandise. Tq get rid of the immense stock seemed almost
impossible, and in order to carry out our policy of never carrying over a single garment from sea
son to season, wc opened a wonderful sale, offering all our coats, suits dresses' and furs at ridic-L
ulously low prices. Tomorrow will start the last week of. the greatest clearance sale Omaha has
ever known. '
Don't Miss this Wonderful Bargain Opportunity
All Our High Class Coats, Suits, Dresses, Far' Just Half Price .
All our Dresses Half Price
All our Furs at Half Price .
All our $75.00 hir Sets fjy
All our $50.00 Ir Sets, ff-lP AA
at vp.W
All pur $35.00 Fur Sets
at All our $25.00 Fur Sets
All our $19.50 Fur Sets-at
All our Fur Coats at Half Price.
My I
All our Suits at Half Price
All our $50.00 Tailor Suits-
at -T
All our $45.00 Tailor Suits
All our $39.50 Tailor Suits
All our $35.00 Tailor Suits 30
All our $25.00 Tailor Suits 50
All our Coats at Half Price
All our $50.00 Coats - . T S E l(
ai .. $3.UU
All our $45.00 Coats
All our $35.00 Coats
All our $25.00 Coats
All our $19.50 Coats
All our $15.00 Coats
111 our $15.00 Coats $7 50
IS io
All our $45.00 Dresses
All our $39.50 Dresses
All our' $35.00 Dresses
All our $29.75 Dresses
All our $25.00 Dresses
All our $22.50 Dresses
is to ,
This Week Clears up all the Slighlty
Used Pianos Offered Sdr January Sale
That is sure. Buyers the past few days, fully realizing the great values offered in
high grade, slightly used instruments at the never before heard of prices, have called
examined the pianos and purchased. f '"
You can make no greater mistake than to buy without examining these instruments
offered in our present January Clearing Sale. These were taken in exchange during
December. Many have been used only a short time, bnt were turned in as part payment
on higher priced instruments. Hero are a few of the values we submit for your prompt
$140.00 Columbus . ". . .65.00
$400.00 Davis & Sons $125.00
$375.00 Kimball . . . , $150.00
$350.00 Mueller, mahogany $175.00
$400.00-Knabe S175.00
$590.00 Mueller, oak $175.00
$425.00 Krakauer Bros $190.00
$00.00 Adam Sohaaf $225.00
$450.0(TChase . . .'.$238.00
$450.00 Corl, new $250.00
$400.00 Kurtzman '. $250.00
$500.00 Sieger, mahogany $200.00
$375.00 Farrand $265.00
$500.00 Steger, walnut $265.00
$500.00 Harrington, art $275.00
$500.00 Chickering, new . . .,. . . .$375.00
$750.00 Hnrdman Grand $400.00
$650.00 Knabe, large size. .... . .$400.00
$600.00 Art Style Hardman $435.00
$1,500.00 SteinwayGrand ..... .$450.00
$750.00 Steinway ....$450.00
$250.00 Pianola, walnut .$175.00
Square Pianos
$400.00 Pease & Co $40.00
$500.00 Fisher $50.00
$000.00 Chickering .$65.00
$G50.00 Steinway . .. .$75.00
Organs $10.00, $15.00, $20.00 and Up.
Packard, Mason & Hamlin, Story & Cainp, Kimball.
The saving of so much money on the above mentioned bargains is surely the greatest
inducement for an immediate purchase but coupled with this saving these terms:
No Money Down Free Stool Free Scarf
Thirty Days Free Trial Then $1.00 a Week
Then- you have the combination that makes the possession of a guaranteed, beauti
ful, sweet toned Piano an immediate possibility. . -y
Just call tomorrow and select your piano. Do this before your instrument is gone.
Otherwise some one else may select that particular instrument you want so much.
' -..tT. Willi
Friends of local leader See light on
Extra Session Move.
With Initiative and Referendum on
the Statute Book Shallebrer
Backer , Feel They Would
Have Better Chance.
Friends of Mayor Dahlman are beginnlng
to evince some anxiety as to the underly
ing reaaon for the desperate efforts being1
made to nave Governor Bhallenberger call
an extra session of thastate legislature.
They have finally flgureif It out that the
move Is lh the Interest of Shallenberger's
own candidacy for reuomlnatlon and elec
tion. "Some of our friends In different parts
of the stat,e have'slgned the petition," said
a warm supporter of the mayor, "evidently
without giving It much consideration. The
extra session boosters Insist they desire
only to havo the party pass the Initiative
and referendum law. In the naturkl course
of events the enactment of that law could
very well be left for the next regular
srsslon of the legislature.
"But there's where the rub Comes. Men
who are urging ths extra session are
friends of the governor, and want hlra
re-vlected, some for the purpose of hang
ing onto their offices, others for different
reasons. They feel that after the way he
has broken his promises to the liquor men,
the business men and the trades unionists
Bhallenberger has little chance to win out
as matters stand. Hence they figure that
if they get the Initiative and referendum
on the statute bookIt will be much easier
to whip the liquor Interests and corpora
tlons Into line. There's the secret of the
extra session movement."
In this connection It will be recalled jta
Mayor Dahlman, Tom Plynn, the Douglas
Good Habits
Good Health.
Bad habits cost money,
time, aches, ails, trouble."
. What's the use!
Coffee drinking is a bad
habit for some people.
Go to the primer class if
you haven't yet learned that.
It's- different when you
To prove this to your own
satisfaction change from cof
fee to well-made Postum for
10 days.
"There's & Reason" -
Postum Cereal CM., Ltd.,
battle Creak, Mich.
county senators and several ' oia. mem
bers of the legislature have declared them
selves aa absolutely opposed to an extra
sston. And In this v view City Comp
troller Lobeck and other party leaders
who are not Identified with the Dahlman
wing of the party oolnclde.
Now that they have finally awakened to
the real significance of the Allen-Mullen
move, the entl-optlon democrats of Douglas
county have succeeded In enlisting the
active support of the local democratic
organ In an endeavor to have the extra
session stalled off.
While viewing this strife City Comp
troller Lobeck has not yet filed his declara
tion as a candidate ' for Congressman
Hitchcock's seat. He has not said he will
not file, however, and continual pressure
Is being brought to bear onhlm Vy friends
to get In the game early.
Creditors Will
Contest Hanson
Policy to Bank
Hen Who Advanced Money to Bes-
tauranteur Want to Get In
on That Insurance.
E. F. Leary, trustee of the estate of Tolf
Hanson, has been ordered by C. O. Mc
Donald, referee, to allow the claims jt the
creditors who advanced money to tide over
Tolf Hanson after his financial troubles
were known.
When the trouble started an assessment
amounting to 3 per cent of their claims
was made on the creditors. This amounted
to 13.E00. and ttla money Is now - ordered
Creditors announoe they will, contest the
claim of tbe First National bank to the
$20,000 I Vf j insurance policy which Is due
from the New England Mutual Insurance
corrr.any. The policy was assigned to the
bank, but the creditors will contest the
alignment and Insist through the courts
that the money be turned over to the creditors.
Girls' Home Gets $8j$,600 and Heirs
Will Cut Up $75,000.
Beqaeet for Working; Girls Institu
tion, Is Valid, Says Co art, and
Howe Must Share in Division
of Residue of Estate.
Likely to Give Some Work to Omaba
Officials of DfSHtntst
of Justice.
Although no specific Inetructtons have
been received at the office of the United
States district attorney In Omaha, relative
to the proceedings to be instituted against
the beef trust to aacei ta!n If It Is respons
ible for the maintenance of the present high
prices of fresh meats, theOmaha branoh
of the Department of Justice expects to
take some part In the Investigations, as It
did In the bef trust cases a few years
ago, when a great mass of testimony was
taken here b)- the government and sub
mitted In Chicago.
The gist of the testimony secured before
the grand Jury In Omaha three years ago
was in relation to the attempts of the beef
trust to stifle competition by freeslng out
the smaller meat retailers, and witnesses
appeared before the grand Jury from all
parts of the state. Managers of the several
packing houses of South Omaha were also
haled before the grand jury. The hearings
at Omaha ranked second In Importance to
those at Chicago.
It Is for this reaaon that the Department
of Justice officials In Omaha believe that
Omaha will again become an Important
factor In the proposed prosecution of ths
beef trust, being nearer the surface of
original supply than even Chicago.
Most food la Poison
to the dyspeptic Electric Hitters euro dys
pepsia, lfver ar.d kidney complaints and
debility. Price Wc. For sale by Beaton
Urug Co.
By decree of district court the heirs of
Count John A. Creighton are to receive
$76,000 of the $160,000 residue of the estate
and the working girls' home is to get
$86,000. . .
The three judges of the court who gave
the decision Saturday morning held, first,
that the tenth paragraph of the will, which
makes a $60,000 bequest for the working
girls' home. Is valid. It was contended foi
the heirs that this clause of the will Is
vague, indefinite and uncertain, leaving1
a doubt as to the whole Intent of the tes
tator;, particularly as to who the bene
ficiaries should be.
The Judges disagreed with the assertion,
saying that the object of the bequest was
clear enough, and that details of the
scheme can be worked out satisfactorily
by the trustees.
The second question before the court In
volved the thirteenth paragraph of the will.
It Is this clause which devises the residue
of the estate'.
It was In contention whether or not the
working girls' home Is one of the speolflo
legatees to whom the residue is devised.
The court held that It Is.
The third question before the court grew
out of the second and was the really per
plexing one of the throe. It was how the
residua of $110,400 was to be cut up.
Kealdae a Perplexing Qneatlnn.
Count Creighton In his will bequeathed
any residue there might be to all spsclfio
legatees mentioned In bis will In such pro
portion as eaoh legacy bore to the whole
estate. Had he bequeathed the residue In
such proportion as eaoh legacy bore to the
whole amount devised and this Is un
doubtedly what Count Creighton Intended
to do there would have been nothing for
the sixteen heirs In the way 'of residue.
The difference may be Illustrated thus:
A man with an estate of $1,000 bequeathes
the sum of $100 to A, $100 to B and $100 also
to C, D, and E. There Is left a residue
of $!00. Now each specific bequest is one
fifth of the total amount devised, but only
one-tenth of the whole estate.
Imte specific legatees get a share of the
residue In such proportion as each legacy
la ths whole amount devised, this share Is
$100 each; in proportion to ths whole es
tate, the share Is $50 each.
Count Creighton Intended, said the three
Judges, to make his will the first way, but
actually did It the second. All three Judges,
Redlck, Troup and Estelle, expressed regret
that the order of the court must follow
the plain meaning of Count Creighton's
will as wrlttrn, although the testator In
tended to do something o(her than he did.
Heirs All Omakana hut One.
The $7f000 which Is left for the heirs will
be divided among fifteen men and women,
who are these:
John D. Creighton, Martha C. Ittoyre,
Katherlne C. McGinn, Catherine M. Furey,
Ellen M- Cannon, James H. McShana, John
A. NcShane, Felix J. McShans, Jamea H
Soot Piiat it, t '.,.
Engagement Olfts Edholm, Jeweler.
V. woboda CertiTled 'Accountant.
Lighting Tlxtores, Bargeas-Orandsa Oo.
fclnefcart, Phetograpker, Hth 4 Farnam.
Strtotly borne-mad pies, Iler Grand Cafe
Burns' Celebration, 'January 26. Cham
ber's academy.
IBM national X.U Insurance So. 110
Charles E. Ady, General Agent, Omaha.
Try V Pint T0 Fuel" Nebraska
Fuel Co., 1414 Farnam St Both Phones.
XfttUtable Ufe Policies, sight drafts at
maturity. II. D. Neely, manager, Omaha.
Keep Tout Money gag Valuables in ths
American Pais Deposit Vaults in the Bee
building. $1 rsnu box. ,
' Heme Ownership is the hope of every
family. NebriiskaSavlngs and Loan Ass'n.
will show you the way, 10$ Board of Trade
Bldg., lth and Farnam.
X.. X Oulnby Will Talk 'to PJOlesophers
Laurie J. Qulnby will address the Omaha
Philosophical society Sunday at S o'clock
p. m. In Barlght hall, Nineteenth and Far
nam streets, on "Take No Thought of the
Morrow." f
Mrs. Caroline Spencer's Funeral The
funeral of Mrs. Caroline Spencer, who died
at Alliance, Neb., Thursday, Is to be held
from the home of her sister, Mrs. Dunn,
wife of Captain Dunn of the Omaha po
lice department, at 2 o'clock Sunday after
noon. Burial will be in Forest Lawn ceme
tery. Svidenoe and Information Don't Jibe
An appeal case from policy oourt against
L. Levy Is dismissed by Judge Sutton, be
cause evidence and Information did not
Jibe. The one is that a bottle of whisky
was bought at Levy's saloon, on a Sunday
and another that beer was purchased. Levy
formerly had a place on lower Capitol
avenue and has since gone out of business.
Bwsnson Bros. Company to Build
Swcnson Bros, company Is preparing to
build a new $10,000 place of business on
the lot on Tenth street, between Farnam
and Douglas, and between the Burlington
headquarters and the Klopp Printing com
pany plant This firm has beon located at
1113 Howard street, where It started on a
small scale five years ago, but Increase),
business demands larger, quarters and th
new building Is the result.
Letter Carrier Want Divorce Charlef
K. A. Johnson Is suing fur divorce In dls
trlct court from jBmma H. O. Johnson.
The plaintiffs la a letter carrier. Mis
Jeanette Itet kman is accorded a decree 'ot
divorce from Joachim H. C. Beskman. De
sertion for the last two years and non-sup
port for ten years Is the ground. Addle. C
Strang Is given a decree from Oeorge H
1311-1313 Farnam Street OMAHA, NEB.
Phones. Douglas 1625; Ind. A-1625. ' -
. : : f- 1- -l .
We are criticised for telling fat peeeli
to "tender" seventy-five cents to thei,
druggist for a large case of Marmoli
Tablets. Several wrote In saying the us.
of the word "tnder" was Incorrect tha
"tender" In such a connection raised th
Impression ths druggist might refuse seventy-five
cents as Insufficient.
Now, Isn't that odd? A few weeks ag
sventy-flve cents was "tendered" to i
Broadway druggist and he did refuse 1.
That la , he said he had no Marmofa Ti
lets, whereas he did have seven oae
the wholesale house was elosedSlt baftng
on a Saturday, and ha had to nrevarlcate
MoCreary, Charles F. McCreary, Wallace to protect his regular customeSf who ab-
W. McCreary. John-A. MoCreary. Emrnei "orbed tnose seven cases later In the day
McCreary, Mary . Daxon and Mary C
Shelby. All of these live In Omaha escep
Mrs. Shelby, who la a resident of Nsllgh
The decision doss not wholly plai
either side and It will probably be fough
thrdtigh the supreme court.
A reliable medicine roi croup and
, . ... . . . fcur aoiilly to remov.
(hat should always be kept at hand for lin-V ounces of fat tnot fles
Mediate use Is Chamberlain.' s Couga Rem- inconvenience, bother, n
This elegant pharmaceutical adaptation
of that famous, fashionable fat reducer,
the Marmola Prescription (vis j os. Mar
mola, os. Fl. Ex. Cascara Aromatic, $
os. Peppermint Water). Is certainly having
a remarkable vogue. Millions of caaes of
tablets are sold yearly and their lamu
grows. This la doubtiu.s ti.tuu ui i...
uaruuessneas (guaranteed by the Marnio
. . . tlAtrjklt Ul,ih k a i.
'''?'t.iii ability to remove ten' to elite
h) a day witliou
eed for exercisin
or Interference with U. taker's appetlt
Strang. Emma Smith gets one from
Thomas Smith and Leonard H. Parker one
from Minnie Parker. -
Business' Med to Bleot Offloere The
Omaha Business Men's association will
elect a new board of directors February 1
Board Will Aot on Salaries Monday
The Board of County Commissioners did
not take final action In the matter of
salaries of court house clerks Saturday
and will take up the question again Mon
day afternoon.
Judges Beading Barn Essays Judges
are now reading essays submitted by High
school students to Clan Gordon, Order of
Scottish Clans, on tha subject of Robert
Burns. A prise of $10 will be presented to
the winner of the contest by General
Charles F. Manderson at the anniversary
celebration to be given by Clan Gordon at
Chambers' academy, January 25.
Boek Treasurer Sailroad Cine William
E. Bock, city passt-nger agent for the Chi
cago, Milwaukee A St. Paul railroad, has
been named treasurer of the Omaha Rail
way olub by the board of directors, suc
ceeding Louis Belndorff of the Union Pa
cific city offices. The board of directors
will announce the appointment of com
mittees within a few days to serve during
the coming year.
Charged' with Btsallng Savings Bank
Thomas Mills, cuargaa with .stealing a
savings bank containing $45 from the home
of Josie Jones, 141 Howard street where
ne roomed, has been arrested In Kansas
Jity. Detective Pattulo will go to Kansas
01 ty to bring Mills back for' trial. The
theft was committed a week ago. Mlhs
tef ; for Kansas City the following day, ao-
ordlng to information which tha officers
nave obtained. ,
County Board Will took Alter take
fhe Board, of County Commissioners has
promised to go In a body early next week
to Florehoe to see what there is In the
fears that the Missouri Is about to go
on the rampijfn the direction of Flor
ence lake, The special committee of the
j!ty council. Including Councilman Sheldon,
Berka and Brucker, appeared before the
ooard Saturday morning.- E. P. Betrytnan
ia urged the boaid to go to Florence.
Burglar-froof Lock riant Coming The
Dayton Keyless Lock company Is looking
for a location in OntAha. This company
nas lock which Is being put on some of
the new homes of Omaha. It Is entirely
burglar-proof and Is worked without a key
It has k combination which may be worked
In the dark. The 'hew lock Is endorsed by
ho Anti-Saloon league, and it will be abso
lutely nectnsary for a man to be able to
remember uls combination before he may
;alh entrance to his home.
Heavy Fine, Caustic Comment William
'lawson, charged wltk being a party' to the
;ombat at Addle Bennett's place on Capl
.ol avenue In which E. B. Downer was
!ealeu, was fined $100 and costs by Judg
Jryce Crawford In police court. Tha judge
nads cutting remarks about men who
ivd about such places and did no work,
downer and his wife, both of whom seemed
o have a hare In the fight, and Addle
Jelintfi, in whose place the row started",
a ere each fined $26 and costs.
Cburoh Hot to Blame for Vtorto "Or
Inary prudenoa coUid scarcely foresee tne
ifeots of the great storm of January 23,
i0t," said Judge Leslie In county court
.i ruling against the plaintiffs Its two dam-
.. ge suits. They were the claims for dam
gee brought against the - First Swedish
lethbdlst Episcopal church by May Mc
rmara and Michael Sulley. Each asked
1,000. The Sulley home, where Miss lit
, fcmara lived, was next door to the church,
nd the wind,' which blew sixty-five miles
t hour that night, toppled a brick chimney
nto the houe, Injuring Miss MiNemara
nd doing some damage to the residence,
udge Leslie keld that the chlmnsy was
ell constructed and the church in no wise
blame for the accident, j
Don't be afraid to give Chamberlain's
otigh Remedy to year children. It la per
ctly safe. v. v
Mamie Bowlin, Colored, Sends Bullet
Into Essa Bowlin's Neck.
Couple Come from Clnrlnda, la., and
Row Is Raised Because Husband
Insists on ISarly Morning;
Jaunt to Sontk Omaha,
Mamie Bowlin. negress of Clarlnda, la.,
6hot her husband, Essa Bowlin, In the neck
near the Jugular vein with a 4i-ca!lber re
volver this morning and the man is at St.
Joseph's hospital, not, as at first believed,
critically Injured. )
The wtjjHftn, Ih jurslng a badly bruised
head at the city Jail: Her husband, after
he was shot, Jerked the gun from his wife
and beat her over the head with it, not
only inflicting severe bruises on, her, but
breaking the gun so that it won't harm
anyone else.
The Bowline cams from Clarlnda a few
days ago to enjoy a teason of slght-seclng
In Omaha. They Were to begin their
Journey In South Omaha. They started
out early in the morning, accompanied by
Maggie Fryson and Sam Faglns, also col
ored. Now, early rising Is not one of the things
on which Mamie Bowlin Just dotes; there
are other things she likes better. For In
stance, she would rather take her beauty
rleep along about that time of day.
However, the party started out early and
by the hour of 7 a. m. had ;ot as far on
the Journey as Fourteenth and Douglas
streets. Whereupon Mamie Bowlin set one
of her feet down with emphaslfc and pro
tested that her wishes were being over
ridden; that she wdnld not make the trip
to the Maglo City at gny such hour. Say
ing which, she left her companions and
went whither they knew not.
That broke tip the .South Omaha expedi
tion and the other three pleasure seekers
started back to rind Mamie. . They found
her at the oorner of THrelf th street and
Capitol avenue. . .'
It was an eventful reunion.
"I'll show you all hew j-ou can fool with
me," declared., Mainls Bowlin, . who fol
lowed her proclamation with a shot from
her 41-callSer bulldog. .. ''(.'
Essa Bowlin did not fall, though he was
shot In the neck. He rushed, em-Aged, at
his wife, snatched the gut) from her hands
and proceeded to maul -her over the head
with It Which mauling, while It bruised
her head, put the gurr entirely out
mUsion. .
It developed that Mamla Bowlin got the
gun from some pawit shop. L
Yeiser at Last ;
Beats Cathcrs Out
Wins Decision for Thai. Eiffhteea
Hundred Dollars Linton Money
Fdujht Over So Lonjr.
A Jury In district court has decided thit
John O. Yeiser is entitled' to that $1,844 at
the Linton money which Teller and John.
T. Cathcrs have been .'fighting ever for
The suit Is entitled Yeiser against Broad
well because Mr. BroaVwell, as olerk of
district court, had the money In his pos
session until he turned It over to his tuo
cessor, Robert Smith. .
Ydser and Cathrs both' performed legal
services for Mrs Phoebe RebecSa Ellxi
beth Ellvlna Linton, wife of Frederick An
guKtus. Lord Linton, Each attorney laid,
claims over It through various coti.ts -back
and forth.
I ' , i
Mew Kara I Carriers.
WASHINGTON. Jan. t2.-(8peclal Tele
gram.) Rural carriers , appointed today
are as follows: Nebraska, Brady, route L
Henry T. Lafferty, carrier; no tubstltute.
Iowa, Indlanola, routs 4, Jacob Hunsleker,
carrier; Jamea E. McClIntio, , Substitute,
Helena Faik, appointed ., postmaster at
Dike, Grundy county, Itrwal vice B"l Iloush,
removed. . t4
' ' - ---J--' - i i 1 ,l. ..u..j, jj ;u aBng
'1 In 9 '' A- 1 snV MM aa 1 -1 , J i V i m. -i
4 ,xi "tii i
ew remedies can claim such a record. Thousands of
loudly lauded remedies have come and gone and were long
ago forgotten, but these famous pills have spanned a stretch
of years successful years that attest louderthan . words
to their wonderful merit. They cure all diseases caused by
Uric Acid in the blood. All such troubles as : ,
Rheumatism, Sciatica, Neuralrjla, Gout, Liver Complaint,
Kidney Diseases, Consdoation, Blood
Diseases, Stomach Troubles
readily yield to "the curative power of these pilli. They
neutralize the chalky formations which accurrate, in the
system causing excruciating pains and drive these impurities
out of the body through ihe natural channel the Dowels.
They will strengthen and tone up the entire system making
you feel like a new person.
Price o! fhe Pills $1.00 a box.
can supply you. We wiy on request send free sample of
pills direct under plain wrapper.
DELDEN & COPT CO., Mlg.. ..d Dir;butora
ivr pniHi in...