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Lill After Holiday Bash Only Breath
ing Spell Before Prt-Lentea Bound.
,Var Invltitloni Will Be lasaerf
Tata Week, kit DeflaHe Dates
. Hare Nat Beta Aaaaaaer
,) aa Vrt.
u: '
He piled1 hla pen for the anna of men,
To lessen their toll and woe.
Fiit the poor buffoons Ignored his runes
Till hla hopt In life nana low. y
When he tested the feara of tha quickening
And wary of moralists prrew.
If sang one dy an atrataaa lav.
And It echoed the whole world through.
Bo the work that he wrought for human
Men spurned with a pitying look.
"While the random play of a lasy day
They elalmed ana called Ms book.
, Smart Set.
ftaetal Calendar.
MONTJAT Junior Bridge eluh meeting.
with Miss Marion Cornell; Mrs. John
jnunon. tuneneon ai uinana ciuo juse r
Brookfleld. bridge party; Mrs. Konald I
Patterson, bridge party; Mr. and Mrs. B. 1
r. 8c.annell, card puny; Lr. and Mrs. j
Triwlaon, dtuner party; meeting of". the
Monday Sewing club.
TUESDAY Mlaa Kalhryn McClannaluuv.
bridge party.
WRDNEHDAT- Wedding of Miss Nina
Crlaa and Mr. Frank Kngler; Mrs. Oeorge
Guyer, bridge party at Kurt Crook; Mrs.
William Hill Clarke, bridge party; Miss
Hilda. Hammer, bridge- party; Mrs. James
Cook, kenning tan; Urs.. MeOreary, Inde
pendent Card club; Mrs. V, W. Car
mlaheea. Luncheon ehib; Fortnightly club,
Mrs. E. R. Cabow; Miss Martha Guyger,
8'Wing club; Wednesday Whist club,
Mra. William Sidney.
THURSDAY Mrs. K. W. Nash and Miss
Frances Nash, reception at their home
for Mrs. .EJ. Lea Methane, and t o'clock
coffee In' the evening for Mr. and Mrs.
Mch.n; Mra. William Hill Clarke.
, bridge; Rod and Gun club outing party
at Chambers'; Captain and Mrs. George
Ball, dinner party at Fort Crook; Golden
Glow club, Mrs. J. f. - Rouk; swastika
club, Mrs. J. C. Reeder.
FRIDAY Fort Crook Card club. Colonel
and Mrs. Gardner; meeting of the Orig
inal Bridge club.
8ATURDAV Omaha High school Junior
prom at Chambers'.
That few men are really keen about
classical music waa evident at a recent
concert given by a well-known German
. artist.
Society waa well represented at this
affair, that is the feminine contingent waa,
but most of the men, aa usual, found It
convenient to have other engagements. The
men, however, give an excellent excuse;
that after a strenuous day of business they
prefer hearing something amusing than to
listen' to a heavy program and return
home with "brain fag." The male attend-
ance the other evening averaged about
one to each row of seats.
The pre-Lenten ruah of social affairs la
now fairly started. A large reception and
aeveral bridge parties were given last wesk
a ad numerous affairs are planned for next
week. Besides the parties on the calendar
several large functions are planned, but
"the dates have not been decided definitely.
One or two more large receptions are
planned and some, evening bridge suppers.
Two military hops during the last week
were well attended by Omaha guests Fri
day night at Fort Crook and, Saturday
evening at Fort Omaha. (
Ploaearcs Paat. -
.Complimentary to Mr. and Mrs. B. A.
McAlaater of San Francisco, Mr. and Mrs.
P. L. Thomas entertained Friday evening
at their home. Saturday evening Mrs. A.
C. Powell entertained at her home for Mr.
and Mrs. McAJaster. -
Mrs. Ronald Peterson gave a bridge
party Friday afternoon at .lieri home In
honor of Mra. Loula Bradford, who will
leave aoon for a trip around the world.
Those present were:- Mesdames Loula
Bradford, William Ives, George Squires, J.
W. Griffith, George Patterson. Charles
Squires, W. J Connell, F. N. Connor and
Ronald Peterson,
Mra. William Hill Clarke gave a delight
ful bridge party Friday afternoon, when
she entertained seven tables for the game.
Saturday afternoon she gave- a bridge
party of seven tables in honor of Miss
Gladya Peters. Pink roses were used to
decorate the rooms. Next Wednesday and
Thursday afternoon Mrs. Clarke . 11 again
entertain at bridge. ' ' v
' Mra. Frances WV Foster, 2007 Plnkney
street, entertained at her home Saturday
Afternoon a company of eighteen In honor
of he a couslna, Misa Mary Newton of Nor
wich, 1 N. y and Mis. Clark Fisher of
, Blnghamton, N. Y.. who have been visiting
1 In the city the last week. Mrs. Fisher will
sail from San Francisco February ('for a
alx months' trip around the world.
'Mrs. J. J. Hannlghan gave a matinee
party at the Orpheum Saturday for her
. son. Master Cleary Ilannifihan. ' Those
, present were Masters Morse Palmer. Mil
lard Rogera, Robert tutors, Charles Crow.
Milton Rogers, Donald McVann, Chailoa
Morlarty, Paul Workman, Clarenca
n Squires, Charles Kottntxe, Myron Hoch
atetler, Latcnaer. Cleary Hannlghan and
Mrs. Hannlghan.
Mrs. Cornelius Gardener of Fort Crook
was hostess Saturday afternoon at an In
formal 5 o'clock tea tn honor of her sister,
Mra. Ben Fraxer Klstlne of Denver. A
pretty color scheme of violets was - used
and a mound of violets formed an attrac
tive centerpiece for the table. Assisting
Exhibit and Sale of Well Known
Nahigian Bros.' Collection
Fine Oriental Rugs
a I..
1519 Howard Street, Her Grand
Hotel Building x .
Hare, interekting and beautiful Hugh from I ho
haorllooin of the orient.
On Special Exhibition
Six 9." 1 18-4 value . 3000
CPfcN FliOM 0 A. M. TO 9 P. M.
H. F WWtmorcN
Mrs. Oardener were Mr. George Ball and
Mrs. Morrison. The guest were restricted
to the ladleaj of the garrison.
A number of children's parties were
gtycn at tha Orpheum last week to see
"Jack, the Olant Killer."' Master Howard
Nelson was host at one of these parties
Saturday afternoon. The guests occupied
two boxes and those present were Masters
Diets Nelenn. Ralph Benedict. Burton How
ard. Preston Hollldav. F.rtwar4 Fuller.
James Connell, ' Stanley Iure, Ralph
Wilson. Thomas Klnsler, Horace Watson.
Bruce Cunningham, Mrs. C. N. Diata and
Mrs. teopora Plets Nelson.
The January hop at Fort Omaha was
given last evening at tha poet gymnasium
and was attended by a large number of
guests from Omaha and Fort Crook. Tha
ball room was prettily decorated with
flags and the room waa lighted wtth
Japanese lanterns, and red shaded lights.
The guest list Included: S. A. and Mra.
Dungan. Mr. and Mra. 8. 8. Caldwell. Mr.
and' Mrs. Holdrege. Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Tukey, Captain and Mrs. R. L. Hamilton.
Mr. and Mra. George Redlck, Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Crrtghton, Mr. and Mra. Harley
Moorhead. Captain and Mrs. W. T. Wilder.
Misses. Catherine MoorheAd. Ruth Moor
head. Helen Shepard, Helen Forbes. Marie
McShane, Claire Helen Woodard. Oladya
Peters, Dorothy Morgan, Louisa Lord.
Agnes Burkley, Frances Wessells. Miriam
Kleanor Jarqulth, Florence
i, inrj irrtith Thnm
Olmstead. Ruth Lord, Edith Thomas,
Haiel Hannan, Hafer. Stogsdale, Mra.
stogsdale and Mra. Allen Reed; Mr. and
Mra. C. It. Hannan, Jt.; Mr. and Mra.
Haughn, Messrs. Bartlatt of 8t. Joseph,
Mo.: John Redick. Elmer Cope, Roaa
Towle, Lawrence Brinker, Stockton Heth,
Dr. Thomas Lacey, B. W. Capon, Will
Schnorr. Ocorge Van Brunt. Sidney Smith.
Windsor Megeath, Ralph Petirs, Harry
Low, Conrad Young, Charles Mets, Jr.; Hal
Yates, Frank Haskell. Clifford Waller,
Belcher, Guy Furay; Lleutenanta Short,
Schallenberger, Nuelson and Drury. From
Fort Crook were: Colonel W. A. Glassford,
Major and Mis. II. L. Gilchrist, Mrs. Gil
christ, Captain and Mrs. George 8. Gibbs,
Mia, Gtbba of Harlan, la.; Captain and
Mrs. A. P. Clifton. Lieutenant Vf. N. Has
kell, Lieutenant and Mra. Megilp Lieuten
ant James E. AVare. -.
Personal Gossip. .
Mr. ,and Mrs. C. T. Kountxe are apend
ing the week In Denver.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Fairfield left Wednes
day for New York City.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cudahy left Tues
day for a trip to Mexico.
Mrs., Nathan Roberta spent a week In
Kansas City visiting relatives.
Mrgf J. C. Colt and two children are now
at LaJollo, Cal., near San Diego.
Mrs. Thomas A. McShane la confined to
her home with an attack of grip.
Mrs. Henry F. Wyman Is taking the rest
cure at the Presbyterian hospital.
Mr. and Aire. John C. Wharton left Sat
uiday evening for Washington, I. C.
Mrs. E. N. Stlckney and Miss Evelyn
Stlckney are guests of Mrs. C. N. Dietx.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert N. Eaton are settled
In their new home at 1806 Spencer street.
Mrs. Izetta George of the Denver Charity
association la the guest of Mrs. Draper
, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Williams have gone
to San Diego, CaJ., for the reat of the
winter. .
Mr. and Mrs Richard O'Brien and son
have returned from short visit to Silver
City. Ia. I . " v
Misa Bellinger of Lincoln Is visiting her
cousins, Mrs. G. E. Gray and Mrs. R. F.
Colllflower. V
Mr. and Mr Cadet Taylor left last even
ing for California to visit their son, Mr.
Herbert Taylor.
Miss Lynch of Boone. Ia., haa been the
guest of her aunt. Mrs. E. McCarthy, for
the last few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Vandevere of Seattle,
Wash., are visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mra. Frank Alvord. .
Miss Mabel Hodgln returned Friday from
Chicago, where she has been spending a
month visiting relatives.
Walter Byrne has returned from Lincoln
where he has been spending a week with
friends at the University of Nebraska.
Mr. George P. Moore, formerly of Omaha,
but now a resident of Chicago, baa been
, visiting friends in this V-ity for several
- Mrs. C. A, Hull, who was called from
Europe to. Lincoln, where her mother, Mrs.
VI P. Holmes, is seriously lit, Is now in
Mrs. Howard Kirkpatrick or Lincoln,
who was the gjest of Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Wattles for a few days, has returned to
her home.
Miss Amy Gilmore will spend several
days this week with Mrs. Clement McMlllen
at Fort Crook, while Dr. McMillan Is out
of the city.
Mrs. Perley of Emporia. Kan., who has
been visiting her daughter, Mrs. F. A.
Brogan, since last August, has returned
to her home. .
Lieutenant and Mrs. Blackburn, U. S,
N., formerly of Omaha, who have been
stationed on the Isle of Guam, will shortly
take a trip to Japan.
Miss Hester H. Peters left last Friday
morning for a visit of ten days or two
weeks with her uncle, L. C. Mauger and
Family In Falls City.
Mrs. Ben Fraxer Rlstlne la the guest of
her sister, Mrs.. Cornelius Gardener, at Fort
Ciook. Lieutenant Rlstlne Is on his 'ay
home from the Philippines.
Dr. and Mrs. J. J. McMullen and small
son, James, have returned from a three
months' stay In California and hpve taken
apartments at the new Hamilton.- v
Mrs. D. J. Blackmore of Cincinnati, who
is the guest of Captain am". Mrs. W. C.
Bennett at Fort Crook, will leave the lat
ter pjrt of the week for her home. Mr.
Blackmore) arrives Friday to accompany
litr home.
Mr. and Mrs. L." J.' Gurne of WAukegan,
III., are visiting their daughter, Mrs. J.
P. Palmer of this city. Mra. Gurnee Is
also a sister rrf Mr. 8. W. Lindsay.
Miss Ella Mae Kromn, who has been
spending the last few weeks In Kansas
City, Is now Jn St. Lcul for a short time.
Later she will return to Kansas City.
Mrs. John Dllllon of New York Is in
Orhaha, called here by the serleus Illness
of her father. Mr. Frederick D. I'rlau.
Mrs. 1)111 kin waa formerly Mis Katherlne
Mr. -and Mrs. C. IT. Gul-ui left Saturday
for southern California, to be gone sev
eral months. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Pinker
ton are occupying their home during ,'ielr
Miss Kltzabeth ftenrns will be at home
for. a few dsys with her mother at Ml
Pouth Twenty-sixth avenue, coming from
Ietro!t ajid Milwaukee, where she has
been for several months. '
Mrs. and Mrs. A. B. Simers and Mr. and
Mrs. Frank L. Haller will leave January
26 for a trip U Mexico and interesting
points rnroute. south. They will Join a
party taking an extended trip.
Mr. and Mrs.' Charles Munroe of Salt
Lake City, who have recently come to
Omaha, have taken the house which Mrs.
J. B. Kitchen recently purchased of M. C.
Petera. Mrs. Kitchen bas gone to Cali
fornia for the winter. ,
Lieutenant and Mrs. II. A. WlegensteiW
of the Twenty-fifth Infantry, and Mra.
Wlegensteln'a sister, Miss McDonald have
arrived and are at the Rome hotel. Mrs.
Wiegenstein will go to St. Joseph's hos
pital to undergo an operation.
Miss Alice Cary McGrew will leave next
Tucrday for Washington to visit school
friends. On the, following Monday Mr. and
Mrs. C. F. McGrew leave for New York to
Join Miss McGrew. and sail February 6,
on the "Grosser Knrfuerst" to go to the
Maderia islands and take the Mediterran
ean cruise, which will take about two
months. They land at Naples and spend an
indefinite time sight-seeing In Europe.
Letters received last week by Omaha
friends of Colonel and Mra. W. P. Evans
bring news that Colonel and Mrs. Evans
and family will soon return to this country
from the Philippines, where they wen,t last'
autumn. The illness of Miss Elisabeth has
necessitated her return and recently Colonel
Evans developed dengue fever,and he will
have to return on sick leave. The family
expects to visit Omaha and at present plan
to take a cottage at Lake Okobojt, where
they will spend the summer.
For the Katore.
Mrs. James P. Cook will be hostess at
an afternoon party Wednesday at her
Colonel and Mrs. Cornelius Gardener of
Fort Crook will entertain the Card club
Friday evening.
Mrs. Frank W. Carmlchael will be host
ess next week; at the! meeting of the
Wednesday Luncheon club.
Wednesday afternoon Mrs. George Guyer
will entertain at bridge at her home In
Fort Crook for guests who ire visiting at
the post.
Monday evening Dr. and Mrs. Thomas
Truelson will give a dinner party for, Mr.
and Mra. Blackmar, followed by an Or
pheum party.
Miss Lois Brookfleld will give a bridge
party Monday afternoon at her home in
honor of her guest. Miss Ray Noble of
Wlnfield. Kan.
The Daughters and Sons of the Amer
ican Revolution will celebrate together
February 22. at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
John R. Webster.
Captain and Mrs. George Ball will enter
tain at dinner Thursday evening at their
quarters at Fort, Cook for Mra. Rlstlne,
guest of Colonel and Mrs. Gardener.
Mrs. Ronald Faterson will give a bridge
party Monday afternoon at her home in
honor of Misa Alice Cary McGrew arid
Miss Louise Lord, two of this season's de
butante's, i
Mra. John Madden will give a luncheon
Monday at the Omaha club followed by
a' theater party In honor of Miss ShepardS
of Hartford, Conn., who Is the guest of
Miss Ruth Moorhead.
Mrs. E. W. Nash and Miss Florence Nash
will give a 8 o'clock coffee at their home
Thursday evening for Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee
McBhane, following the large reception
In the afternoon for Mrs. McShane.
Weddings aad Kngairemesitn.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. ttremner announce
the engagement of their daughter, Miss
Jeannle, to Mr. Kenneth Hlalt, the wed
ding to take place in February.
Carda have been received in Omaha an
nounclng the marriage of Lieutenant George
F. Neal, U. S. N., who was stationed here
last winter, to. Miss Mattlc Milton, daugh
ter of Admiral Milton, U. 8. N. The cere
mony took place on board the Independ
ence, the receiving ship at Mare island.
near Stm Francisco,
Pierre Business Men Investigating
Difference la Eaat and West
i Chargee.
PIERRE. S. D.. Jan. IS. (Special. I The
question of coal rates from the. Wyoming
mines to South Dakota points was again
up for discussion before the Business
Men's club of this city at its dinner today.
John Hays, a coal dealer of Fort Pierre,
gave the meeting the benefit of what -he
haa learned in the way of coal ratea. The
Northwestern road makes a coal rate of
I'. SO a ton from Chicago to Wolaey, a dis
tance of a little under 700 miles, then adds
$1.20 to the rate for bringing It to Pierre
or Fort Pierre, another 100 miles. This puts
coal down here at a rate of M a ton from
Chicago. On coal from the Sheridan dis
trict In ! Wyoming, the Burlington road
delivers it at Rapid City for $2.50 a ton
and the Northwestern road makes a rate
of 13.40 a ton from Rapid City to Pierre, a
distance of less than 200 miles. This makes
the Wyoming coal cost nearly 12 a ton
mora on frrlght than eastern coal, with
a haul of much less than half the dis
tance. This matter was especially exem
plified In the matter of five cars of Wy
oming coal which the state purchased at
the time when Jt looked an If the switch-
men's strike would cut off the supply from
that dlrectlpn. Bcs'.de the freight charge
;the time In bringing in the Wyoming prod
uct was greater than used In securing coal
from the east. It is alleged by those who
know that the Chicago officials of the road
have been requested to make a reason
able rate from Rapid City to the Missouri
! river, but declined to make any change in
I the existing rate.
William II. Paolira Has Tim Dollars
aad Clear Coneelenee for He
taralDK Lost Pnrae.
William II. Paulsen, Thlity-thlrff and
Parker streets, has 12 and a clear con
science aa proof of his honesty. While
eating lunch in the Model restaurant Fit
day he discovered a puie containing (33.10.
Instead of Docketing the money he turned
It ever to 'the cashier. Later farmer
came In and claimed the purse, leaving two
large, round dollars as a reward ot merit
for Paulsen.
The longer a cold anga on, the mora
weakens tbe system. Cure It promptly by
using Chamberlain s Couch Keniedv. ,
John O'Connor of Fremont Tayi This
Sam to Henry G. Fischer.
Hn'lfai In Paraalt Omaha, Wkera
' lie Rrrna:nUea Maa'a Photo la
Ragaea Gallery -Know
n ladler.
John O'Connor of Fremont was In Omaha
last night seeking"" assistance of the
Omaha police to apprehend a swindler who
gives the name Henry G. Flf-chrr.
Mr. O'Connor, who was regisur of deeds
in Podge county for many years. Is out
hard cash because of the man'e Meek
operations. Fischer negotiated a loan yes
terday on a forged deed to a farm and
decamped with the rash.
Fischer came to Fremont and pretended
to be seeking a farm. He said he wanted
about eighty acres and that he was going
to buy It for his si;n-in-law. He looked
over several places and finally decided lie
wanted an eighty-acre tract a few miles
from the town of Dodse. He consulted
with Mr. O'Connor about the matter and
asked for a loan on the rlace. s the farm
was worth the price asked. 1150 per acre.
there was no question about the vaiue oi
the security and Mr. O Connor agreed to
let the man have the money.
Yesterday afternoon F.scher appeared In
Fremont at Mr. O'Connor's office with the
bstract and deed apparently made out on
regular blanks and certified to by a notary.
Undue and sealed with the notary's
official seal. Mr. O'Connor looked over
the papers and, being somewhat acquainted
ith the signature of the farmer whose
land wan supposed to be mentioned In the
transaction and knowing the notary's sig
nature well, he naturally concluded the
papers were all right and wrote out a
check on a Fremont bank for $3,000, the
mount Ftscher said he wanted to borrow
on the land. The notes and mortgages
were made out and all the papers In the
transaction were taken to tha county court
house and duly recorded?
It was the understanding between Fischer
and O'Connor that Mr. O'Connor was to
receive a commission for his services In
the IratmacliuM uf the business and for the
loan of the money. Mr. O'Connor had In
tended loaning an insurance company's
money for his client, but not being able to
get the money at once, he concluded to let
Fischer have hla private funds, which he
would replace later with money from a
prominent Insurance company for which
e was agent. Mr. O'Connor haa been in
the real estate business for a long time
and Is well posted In all the details of aucb
The commission was to be paid at 4
clock, but when the time came no Fischer
appeared on the scene. O'Connor became
anxious and finally called up the notary
at Dodge and questioned that official about
the deed and the abstract. The notary
denied ever having made out the papers.
O'Connor called up the farmer, whose name
Is BUIlbeck, and the farmer declared he
had no Intention of selling his place and
had made no deeds to the same, .
Inquiry revealed that Fischer had cashed
the check at the Fremont bank, getting the
currency and leafing the city on the train
that departa from the Union station at
Fremont at 2:15. It was presumed that
Fischer came to Omaha. Telegrams were
sent in alL directions in an effort to catch
the wily fellow. Mr. O'Connor came to
Omaha aa aoon as possible, and the detec
tives and patrolmen were Instructed to look
out for Fischer.- ' ,." '
Well Known Criminal.
In looking through tha rogues' gallery at
the police station in Omaha, O'Connor
found Fischers photograph: The picture
and circular accompanying it were sent
out several years ago from Qulncy, III. At
that time the same game hud been worked
on a dealer tn real estate in Qulncy. A
complete description of the methods of the
swindler waa given, and Mr. O'Connor at
once recognised the smooth stranger and
his methods.
Fischer represented to the notary at
Dodge that he had some railroad bonds
that he wanted to transfer and he had the
notary impress his official aeal on the
bonds. Then coming to Omaha ' or some
other city he had a seal made which is an
exact duplicate of the original. He found
out something ot the style of handwriting
pf Mr. BUIlbeck, the farmer with whom
he talked in regard to the sale of the
land, and being a Bmooth forger, he had
little trouble in 'duplicating the handwrit
ing of the farmer. The blanks he could
easily buy of the local stationers or
printers. ' He paid for the abstract and
for recording the papers.
Fischer haa a number of aliases. In the
description sent out from Qulncy he was
named as John L. Butler, alias John
Hoover, alias John II. Kline. He ia about
66 years of age, weighs 180 pounds, , is
smoothly shaven, has gray hair. He poses
as a farmer and Is well posted on farming
Mr. O'Connor feels the loss of his money
especially, in view of the fact that he
has had so much experience in real estate
matters. Finally v to get caught by a
awlndler ot this sort has made him feel
quite dejected. From he record ot Fischer,
as given In the police reports, he has
fleeced a number of men in the same way
he secured the 3,000 from O'Connor.
I'swrlttca Uw Held Good.
WELLINGTON. Kan., Jan. 22. Late to
night the Jury trying J. L. Vandaveer for
Lady Will Send Free to any Sufferer
the Secret Which lured tier.
From childhood I was distressed and
humiliated by an unwelcome growth of
hair on my face and arinw. I tried all the
depilatories, powders, liquids." cream anil
other rub-on preparations I ever heard of,
only to make it worse. For weeks I suf
fered mo electric neeaie wmium urine,
of my bletulali. i spent a great deal of
nmnev on various ininxs in vain, unui m
friend recommended a wimple preparation
which succeeded where all else lauea.
This simple remedy enabled' me partus
nently to find entire relief from all trace
of unwelcome hair, and forever end all em
harassment. It Is alinola. safe, sure and
can be used privately at home, without
fear of pain er blemish. It makes the
electric needle entirely unnecessary
I will tell in detail full particulars to en
able any other sufferer to achieve the
same happy rebults aa I did. All 1 ask Is
a two-cent stump for reply. Address
Caroline Osgood. 121 T old P. O. Bt.,
providence, K. I.
the murder of William Cann, who la al
led to have broken up Vandaveer's
home, returned a verdict of arqulUa.1. Van
daveer entered a plea of Insanity and the
Judge metmrted the Jury to consider the
Insanity evidence in reaching the verdict.
Isbcll to Guide
Wichita Players
Secures Release from Comiskey and
White Sox and Will Watch the
' Sunflowers. 1
WICHITA, Jan. C-tSpecial.) Isbejl has
finally secured his release from Cotniskey
and will devote his time this summer per
sonally to managing the Wichita team, of
which ha Is owner. Isbell expected to be
free last year, but was prevailed upon by
Comiskey to return for another year to
help out the White Sox. Ha then had
Jack Holland as partner In the ownership
of the Wichita team ' and knew Holland
Iras capable of handling the situation
without his aid. Comiskey was anxious
to have the big fellow return this year,
but did not want to stand in the way of
his managerial aspirations.
Member of Switchmen's I'nloa Will
Hold Gavel for Six Mentha
Marray Secretary,
A. J. Donahue, swilehment. president.
Oeorge Norman, machinist, vice presi
John roll an, typographical, ' recording
Fred Murray, painters, financial secre
Burt Murray, teamsters, sergeant-at-
arms. ,
John Carrlgan, carpenters; ifnii9 Ouye, 1
barbersAand Ben Keegan, teamsters, trus
tees. These were elected officers of the Cen
tral Labor union for the next six months.
The principal contest was over financial
secretary, wtth Murray and Schroeder run
ning neck and neck on the preliminary
ballot, but on the final vote Murray re
ceived the majority of all votes cast.
Twenty-five new delegates to the Central
Labor union were obligated and the at
tendance waa large because of the inter eet
tn the electlrn. No mention was inade of
furthering the anti-meat eating crusade.
New Set Elected at Mitchell to
Supersede Those Named Pre
vious Day.
MITCHELL, '8. D., Jan. 22. (Special Tel
egram.) The State Corn show adjourned
late this afternoon, after holding a two
hours' business session. The election ot
officers resulted in a spirited fight be
tween Superintendent Chamberlain of, the
Farmers' Institute board and Secretary
Twambly of the corn ahow. Both set
forth their positions with reference to the
election yesterday and their remarks were
The following officers were elected, who
will supersede those elected yesterday;
President, H. E. Dawea of Fulton; vice
president, H. W. Thompson of Fulton; sec
retary. Prof. C. Willis of Brookings; treas
urer, E. P. Sand of Mitchell.
Directors, J. W. Parmeley of Ipswich,
northern district; P. F. Wickham of Alex
andria, central district; John Lakings of
Hurley, southern district.
Mr. Twsmbey might have been re
elected secretary, but he Intends to remove
from the state shortly. With a banquet
this evening tendered the exhibitor's and
speakers the eorn show came to an end.
The board of directors will locate the next
Reversal In Plrkey Cnae.
MITCHELL, 8. D., Jan. 2J (Special.)
The chances are that John Plrkey. will not
have to serve his term of three years In
th penitentiary, to which he waa sentenced
by Judge Smith at the term of court in
Lyman county on the charge of horse steal
ing. Three years ago Plrkey was arrested
for stealing twenty-one head of horses In
Nebraska and driving them Into South
Dakota. He was convicted of the charge
and hla attorneys, Preston St. Hannett, made
application for a new trial, claiming that
the Judge had made errors in the trial of
the case. Judge Smith dented, a new trial
and the case was taken to the supreme
court, and the judgment of the lower court
was affirmed, two of the supreme Judges
affirming the decision and one being
against. The attorneys tried another tack,
and made application for a rehearing. In
the meantime the supremW court personnel
had been changed to sortie extent by the
appointment of two more judges, making
five on the bench. The rehearing was
granted and argued before the five judges,
and the decision they rendeVfjlr was to re
verse trie case, the sentence and judgment
being set aside. With the main witnesses
scattered over the country, It la not likely
that Plrkey will be tried again.
Deadwood Bank Officers.
DEADWOOD, S. D., Jan. !. (Special.)
Hanks In the Black Hills all report an .in
crease of business during the last year
and annual reports) show gratifying con-:
dltlons. The Black Hills Trust and Sav
ings bank of this pity, at its annual meet
ing choosj the following directors: W. W.
Jamison, C. M. Jamison, Olaf Selm, F. D.
mith, J. R. Russell, B. P. Dague, R. R.
Jamison, Burt Rogers, F, S. Strattan. The
directors elected the following officers:
President, R. a Jamison; vice president.
Burt Rogers; cashier, F. 8. tUrattan; as
sistant cashier, A. J. West.
The American National bank of fipear-
flsh choose for directors H. G. Weare, T.
N. Matthews, T. W. Matthews. Henry
Ketts, A. L. A. Kinney, W. L. Brown, L.
Vf. Valentine. The directors elected offi
cers as follows: President, Henry Keets;
vice presidents, L. W. Valentine and T.
W. Matthews; cashier, A. L. Kinney; as
sistant cashier, C. W, Ott.
Popalar Stock Organisation Mill
Play Here Kvery Saturday
80 welcome to Omaha was the William
Grew company when it appeared at the
Gayety 'theater to two big crowds last
week Saturday that arrangements have
been perfected whereby the company will
be seen at the Gayety every Haturddy
aftemoon and evening for the balance of
the season, atartlng with next week Sat
urday. The company will Include many of
the old Burwood utock favorites Mr. Grew,
Lloyd Ingraham, George Fitch, . Anna
Cleveland, Maude Monroe and others.
Warden of Atlanta Penitentiary
Asserts IceKlua" la Employed
la Library,
WASHINGTON, Jan. it -Captain Wil
liam II. Moyer, warden of the United States
penitentiary at Atlanta, Ga., was at the
Department of Justice today and entered
an indignant dental of the published stories
that special privileges were being accorded
to Charles W. Morse, the New Tork banker.
A ( rati M lata fee
ia to neglect a cold or cough. Dr. King's
New Discovery curea them and prevents
consumption. Wo and th Fur sal by Bea
ton Drug Co.
ioir farjvam rrr.
' For your unrestricted
choice of any
suit in our entire stock
Included are all our beautiful three-piece Suits and
braided Suits, formerly selling at $45.00, $55.00, $65.00 and
up to $85.00. '
Also all the plain tailored suits formerly selling at
$40.00, $45.00 and .$50.00 included,
i Any Suit in stock, Monday, $19.75.
50MotiA VainioA Him a -50
15th and Donglaa St. TeL DongiM 70S.
tiatmOnawiriiiiiii-a mhm
The usual winter reductions on La Book gar
inents prevail during tha month of January.'
Ladies' Taflou
2 Best
A Stylish $
I Hair Goods j
y Specials This Week
A These goods are all of a
w the finest quality convent J
A hair. Price and qualify k
w considered these specials f
j are in values." A
A - 6 k
Y Natural Wavy Swllehca I
i Coronet Braid, made from con- A
B vent hair, all shadea, regular H
H Price I1U.O0; for Monday JJQ QQ
T Our Peerless 30 and"s2-lnch A
A switch, '118.00 value, for Monday fl
S $10.00 and $12.00 W
Y Natural Wavy Hwltches, extra 1
fl :.') Inches il Inches 4 inches fl
a , $2.00 $3.00 $4.00
T Kxpert attendants In all depart- A
Jk merit. V'i" appointments tele- B
fl phone T)ouglaa 2.T33. Maniples of D
51 hair should- accompany all mall W
orders. Address Dept. It. for pi Ice I
I list. Mall orders promptly filled.
w tiers
1 iii J.?ri?,g,.m .!,fre,.?.t I
will rent tbat vacant house, fill thoe vacant
rooms, or secure boarders on short notice
at a very small cost to you. Be convinced.
' L V
aod Puxrien
1510 Douglas Qt.
Candy Specials
Something Doing Etery Daj
Mondays Peanut and Cocoa
nut Taffy, lb. ...... ..15
Tuesdays Vanilla, Not, Straw
berry, Chocolate and Molasses
Nut Taffies, lb 15tf
Wednesday Vanilla and Maple
Nut Creams; regular 40o kind,
lb. at . -.. 25
Thursdays A nortedy Full
Cream Caramels; regular 40o
kind, lb., at 4 -23t
Fridays Cream Wafers; as
sorted flavors; regular 40c
kind, lb., at 25
Saturdays Vanilla Chocolate
Creams; regular 86c kind, at,
lb 18
Watch our windows for
candy specials.
Blanche Sorenson
Teacher of Singing.
Studio 543 Ramge Elk.,
JBth and Harney Hta.
Tel. H. 2687
I'pdlke Milling Co.. City.
Uetitleiuen I have used your "Pride
of cmiaha" flour for the last ttiree years
or more, and have always found It to
he first-class. It Is a flour that can be
relied upon at any time I shall always
be a constant user of "Pride of Omaha"
as long st it remains of as fine qual
ity as I have always found It to be In
the past.
Here Is a short Jlnale I am sending,
In praise to "Pride of Omaha."
There are some toins In my cooking
I can ret along without,
Bat whan X am out of floor Z miss It
bayond a doubt.
X hurry to the telephone and oaU the
grocery man i
"One sack of 'Pride of Omaha' flour
please send as qulok as rn earn."
I'lnteh Plata.
equipped dental office in the middle weak
grade dentistry at reasonable prices.
Porcelain fillings, just like tbe tooth- All Initru- 4
menu carefully sterilized after each patient.
Cor lflth sod Farnam bta.