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Small Audience Attends Station at
limooln, . .
Nassau f ttontaerat la Cesaaaar r
that Listens to FTC-nlnsr'
Froaraaa Flaasbars;
... , Talk.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. . (Special Telegrara.)
The Lincoln Insurgent meeting advertised
as a stat meeting attracted about 600 peo
ple of all parties to the Olllver theater to
night No seat In the balcony or gallery
wss occupied.
Mayor Don L. Lot of Lincoln called
the meeting to order and began his address
with the, statement that this Is a meeting
it republicans who have confidence in
President .Taft, but who believe that he is
being blinded to the truth by-he Interests
if the country.
Attorney General Jackson of Kansas de
Ivered the principal address. '
. Richard U Metcalfe, P. H. Cooper,
Qeorge Rogers and Charles Wooster were
unong the prominent members of the au
dience, alse Dr. Harry Foster of Omaha.
Dr. Foster said ha amended the meeting
'teeause he believes the Insurgents will be
the leaders of the party In this state and
he Is ambitious. C. C. Flansburg spoke in
favor of county option, previous to the
Address of Mr. Jackson.
Hans Petersoa Receives Chnrsre from
Oaa la Breeuit and Dies
( Iastaatly. f
ST. PAUL, Neb., Jan. 20. (Special Tele
gram.) Whllethe two young sons of Mrs.
Helga Peterson, a widow, residing In this
city, were out hunting near the B. M.
railroad bridge late this airruuuii, tU gun
In the hands of the youngest boy, Hans.
13 years old .was accidentally discharged,
the load entering the breast and resulting
In almost Instant death
Tournament Will Go to Tork J.
Elliott of West Point Pres
ident. E.
rnnjiuAi, jpicu., jan. aw. lapociai i eia
gram.) The State Firemen's association
adjourned this aftenoon After an Interest
ing session. The following officers were
elected for the conttng year: President, J.
C. Elliott of West Point; first vice presi
dent, J. H. Parker, Albion; second vice
president, U. L. Boy as, Hebron; secretary,
E. A. Miller, Kearney; treaaurer. Herman
Winter, 'Norfolk; delegate to national as
sociation,' C. E. "Qartford, Norfolk; mem
bers of the Board of Control, George Howe,
Fremont; F. L. Harrison, Grand Island;
Jacob Goehring, Seward; R. H. Reynolds,
Mr. Miller, who has. served for eleven
years as secretary of the .Alliance Boost
ers, Invited the association to hold their
next meeting at that city. Kearney , also
wanted to have the convention and a let
ter from the Omaha Commercial club was
read Inviting them to meet there. 1
; ft was Alliance against the field and Alli
ance won. Tork waa selected as the place
for holding the next tournament, having
a big majority over Norfolk. At the ses
sion this morning W. O. Barnes of Alll
ahce read a paper on the organisation of
a fire department. He strongly advocated
the plan of the city or department owning
a team to haul apparatus and favored a
part paid department. The paper was dis
cussed for some length. This evening the
delegates were tendered a .banquet at Ma
sonic hall. Plates fwere laid for 400 and it
was morning before the last gathering of
the. association adjourned.
' Raise to Follow Cessss,
KEARNEY, Neb., Jan. 30. (Special.) The
Board of Supervisors of Buffalo county de
cided at a meeting held this afternoon that
the county officers were not entitled to
the raise In salary that they have been
after, on the allegation that the county's
population exceeds 2R.000, until the govern
ment census haa been taken In June. The
officers have been ordered to return to
the county the fees they have been with
holding. W, D. Oldham represented the of
ficers, while the county attorney, x J. M.
fcasterllng, represented the county.
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falling and Inflammation, and the doc
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oot well unless- I
had an operation.
I knew I could not
stand the strain of
ana. so T wmt fi
' you sometime- ago
i abouv my health
and you told me
i what to do. After
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ime Compound and
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the llnkham laboratory at Lynn.
Hass., from women who have been
cured from almost every form of
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Juration, displacements, fibroid tumors.
lrrirulariUes,pertodio pains, backache!
lnolirestion a4 nervous prostration.
rTT iuco ullerinjr woman owes It to
t'-.v1,0 pie Lydla 11 rinkham's
V egetable Compound a trial.
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tial letter to Mrs. Plnkham, at
Lynn. Mass. Her advice is free,
and always, helpful.
. x
Burkett Clubs
Arc Organized
By His Friends
Many Supporter of NebraiaV&cnator
Tender Their Support in Toil
v Manner.
KANSAS CITT, Mo., Jan. SO. (Special
Telegram.) Kansas City Veterinary college
students from Nebraska last night held a
meeting and formed a club to be known
as the Burkett club of the Kansas City
Veterinary college. It has a membership
of fifty. Resolutions of good will towards
the senator and of appreciation for favors
shown the students here were adopted. The
officers are: L. W. Crumbaugh, Nebraska
City, president; W. H. States. Columbus,
vice president; Charles Schneider, Omaha,
CALHOUN. Neb., Jan. . (Special Tele
gram.) A Burkett club was organised here
today with over fifteen members.
DECATUR, Neb., Jan. M. (Special.) A
Burkett campaign club was organised here
tonight, resolutions endorsing his action
In the senate being unanimously adopted
and an earnest effort begun to assist in
securing his renominatlon and electioa.
KENNARD, Neb., Jan. . (Special Tele
gram.) A Burkett club waa organised at
this place with a membership of thirty-five.
The total vote In the town Is 75.
LOUISVILLE, Neb., Jan. 30. (Special
Telegram.) Republicans here today organ
ised an enthusiastic Burkett club of forty
members. No insurgents.
WASHINGTON, Neb., Jan. . (Special
Telegram.) A Burkett club was organised
here this afternoon.
O'NEILL, Neb.. Jan. 30. (Special Tele
gramsAt a meeting of republicans held
this afternoon a Burkett club was organ
ised by electing C. B. Hall chairman; O.
O. Snyder,' secretary. A resolutions com
mittee was appointed, to report tomorrow
night, at which time further action will be
CREIGHTON, Neb., Jan. 20.-(8peclal
Tilesram.) At a meeting ot the Crelghtcn
Republican club last evening resolutions
were adopted condemning the action of the
few self-style progressive republicans of
Lincoln, whom It was declared are disap
pointed politicians seeking to destroy the
republican party and assist the democratic
party. Senator Burkett waa unanimously
endorsed and the hearty support of the
club was pladged.
NEBRASKA CITT, Neb., Jan. SO. (Spe
cial Telegram) Republicans of Otoe county
organised a Burkett senatorial oiub here
today, residents of all precincts joining In
the organisation. Resolution were adopted
urging Mr. Burkett' re-election. J. L.
Clark Is president and LewU Gansel secre
tary of the club.
LYONS. Neb., Jan. JO. (Special Tele
gram.) A Burkett olub waa organised to
night by a large number of republicans.
who elected Andrew J. White and C. O.
SwanBon, president and treasurer, respec
tively. A committee waa appointed to draft
resolutions -endorsing Senator Burkett
BROKEN BOW, Neb.. Jan. 20. (Special
Telegram.) A Burkett Republican club met
here tonight for temporary organisation,
with a membership of 121 W. A. George
was elected temporary chairman. After a
thorough discussion of the situation, a
oommlttee on membership and permanent
organisation was appointed, and the dub
adjourned subject to the call of the chair
man. Burkett sentiments prevailed and
much enthusiasm for him was shown.
FAIRBURT. Neb., Jan. 20. (Special.)
The friends of Senator Burkett In this city
have been especially active since the so
called" "progressive1 movement started In
Lincoln. A membership roll for a Burkett
club has been prepared and Is being drou
lated. The paper is being signed almost
unanimously by republicans here, who seem
to be united as they have never been be
fore. Up to this time but three republicans
have withheld their names, and they have
expressed no hostility to Nebraska's senior
I. B. Throop,
fa Omaha,
Wis Haa
la Jail at
AUBURN. Neb., Jan. .-(Speolal.)
Theodore Oinn, yard man at the Missouri
Paclflo railway yards at this place, filed a
complaint against Lee B. Throop, formerly
a switchman at the yards, that on or about
the first of August last the said Throop
flrcibly kidnapped Mary K. Glnn, the
daughter of said Theodore Oinn, out of the
state of Nebraska to the state of South
Dakota. Throop was arrested and Is now
In the county Jail In default ef bond.
Throop took the girt to Ashton, 8. D. He
remained with her In said state for about
six weeks, when he abandoned her, and her
parents sent for her. In the meantime
Throop's wife obtained a divorce. Tester
day he came from Omaha, where he has
been working for a railroad, and demanded
that the girl go back with him, and when
she refused and telephoned to her father
for help Throop threatened boh her and
her' father.
Peculiar Circumstances Cans Couple
to Go Tare ah Doable
HASTINGS, Neb., Jan. . (Special.)
Miss Mary McOuIre of Lee county, Iowa,
and John Martin of this city were united
In marriage twice within sn hour yester
day. They first applied to Rev.. Father
McDonald, but the clergyman refused to
tie the nuptial knot until evidence was
forthcoming from Lee county that the af
fair was regular. The Impatient couple
then hurried back to the county court,
where they obtained their license, and
had Judge Button perform the ceremony.
In the meantime a telephone message came
from Lee county that convinced Father
McDonald everything was all right. He
summoned the couple to him and Joined
them according to the rites ot the church.
Two licenses were issued, but Judge Button
charged the groom tor only one.
- Asr Deataerats lavXaaeaatevf
PIERCE. Neb., Jan. . (Special.) Not a
single republican of Pierce received an In
vitation to go down to Lincoln Thursday
and "Insurge." In fact, tittle. If any, stock
is taken In the so-called insurgents' sin
cerity by the members of the party here.
It does not taks much effort to harken
back to the presidential campaign of 1908,
when Lincoln and Lancascter county rolled
up a big majority for Bryan and assisted
Jn the defeat of Governor Sheldon, and
Judge Williams, for railway commissioner.
It haa often been a wonderment to repub
licans up here where all the democrats
jrame from that year In rock-ribbed Lan
, caMter, but since the meeting of the mal
contents down there wonderment has ceased
and It la believed the pusale Is solved.
Slaaheal with s Hum,
wounded with a gun or pierced by a ''rusty
nail. Buck ion's Arnica Salve heals the
wound.. Guaranteed. Sic. For sale by
Beaton .Drug Co. j
Pet Squirrel May
Have Caused Fire
This ii One Theory of Origin
of Blaze at Broken
BROKEN BOW, Neb., Jan. JO (Special.)
Frank 8. Holmes, Omaha manager for the
TTeetern Adjustment and Inspection com
pany. Is In the city today adjusting the
losses on the burned court house. The
companies represented are: The Phoenix,
Hartford, London, Liverpool and Globe,
German-American, Home, Springfield,
North American and Fire Association of
Philadelphia. The insurance will probably
figure between $13,000 and $14,000. With the
exception of the ' register of deeds', the
vaults have all been opened and guards
placed over them until a temporary gen
eral vault can be constructed. Register of
Deeds Porter says he will ekep his vault
oloseil until that time.
The new offices In the Masonic Temple
are rapidly nearlng completion and wlU be
occupied some time this week.
Since the excitement of the fire has died
down all kinds of theories are now being
advanced" as to Its origin. Some think that
a pet squirrel carried matches between the
walls and Ignited them; others that a cigar
or match waa carelessly thrown Into some
waste In the south end of the building,
while one or two county officials and a
number of outsiders are working around
to thai opinion that it might have been
done on purpose. Revenge, on the part of
some old prisoner, may have been the cause,
but the general belief Is that If the fire
was of Incendiary origin the culprit resides
somewhere In the county. Sheriff Kennedy
has been compelled to take the county pris
oners to Grand Island for safe-keeping, as
the olty has no Jail of Its own.
Some Raisers of Chickens Who Wla
at Hastings.
HASTINGS, Neb., Jan. . (Special.)
Up to noon tdday the following awards
had been made In the state poultry show:
Light Brahmas All prises to Peter Lar
sen, Llnooln.
Buff Cochins All prises to Charles Cot
tle, Edgar.
Partridge Cochins One pen, first and
fourth hen: first, fourth and fifth cock
erel, first and second pullet, John H. Wolf,
Tecumseh. Second pen, third hen, -third
pullet, Charles Cottle; first cock, second
and fifth hen, second snd third cockerel,
fourth and fifth pullet, P. H. Gibson,
Buff Plymouth Rocks First and third
coftkerel, Mrs. J. H. Christopher, Carleton;
second cockerel and first and fourth pul
let, Charles Wlthstruck, Firth; fourth and
fifth cockerel, second and third pullet, E.
A. Brewer, Dewltt; fifth pullet, H. C.
Burgess, Gresham.
Buff Wyandottes Second cock, second
and third hen and second cockerel, M. D.
Ford. Ansley; third cockerel, V. B. Shirley,
Wyandottes First pen, C. H. Hayes,
Holstetn; second pen, second and third
hon, second cockerel, J. L. Smith, Mlnden;
first cock, first to fifth pullet, A. L. Urn
pleby, Shelton; second cock, forth cockerel.
Van Gordon, Gresham; first hen, first and
third cockerel, third) pullet, S. Schmid,
Rapid City. 1
Houdans All prizes to O. R. Meyers,
White Crested Black Polish-All prizes to
O. R. Meyers, Lincoln.
Cornish Indian Games First cockerel,
third pullet, Peter Erlckson, Dannebrog;
second cockerel, first and second pullet,
Mrs. John Palmer. Fairfield.
Legal Flarfct Over Boy Calprlt.
HASTINGS, Neb.. Jan. -). (Special.)
Probably habeas corpus proceedings ' will
be started here for Alfred Barnes, who
broke parole from the State Industrial
sohool at Kearney. He was recently bound
over to the district court here for chicken
stealing, but Superintendent Manuel of the
reformatory had demanded possession of
him. He asserts that Barnes will not come
within the Jurisdiction of the court until
Lhe has served his time at the reformatory.
The county attorney will resist the pro
ceeding. Nebraska News Nates.
OAKLAND The Oakland business men
have contracted with a lyceum bureau for
a Chautauqua course to be given here
this summer. s
HASTINGS Miss Ida Kelley and Robert
Shey were united In marriage at the Cath
olio church yesterday morning. They will
live In Grand Island. I
HASTINGS Mrs. Sarah Kimball, mother
of Mrs. W. H. Steele, died Wednesday
morning after an illness of a few days. The
funeral will be held Friday.
OAKLAND Axel H. Johnson, proprietor
of the Oakland bakery, was married on
Wednesday to Miss Anna Naslund, oldest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Naslund of
this city.
BEATRICE) The farmers of Virginia
win nom a mass meeting Saturn a. v. J&nu
ary Zx, to make final arrangements for the
Farmers' Institute, to be held there Febru
ary l ana x. I
BBATRICB The Beatrice Athletic asso
ciation held a meetlna- last nlirht and ar
ranged for a wrestling match, to be held
nere January, zx Between Thomas Staf
ford Doctor of Kansas and A. V. McGirl
Of Hastings.
MADISON Judge Bates today married
Justin King and Ella Myers. The cere
mony took place In the county court room.
Both are from Meadow Grove. A marriage
license was Issued to Frank Holy and
Kmma Ambros.
BEATRICE The Beatrice Young Men's
Christian association will hold a get
together banquet January 31, .at which
plans will be made for a membershlD cam
paign. It la the Intention to Increase the
membership to 660.
LAUREL The Tuesday club yesferday
elected the following officers: Mrs. H. T.
Ankeny, president; Mrs. J. C. Hay, vice
president) Mrs. W. T. Graham, recording
secretary; Mrs.- S. T. Wilson, corresponding
secretary; Mrs. Lulu Watie, treasurer.
LAUREL The farmers' Institute will hold
a two days' session here February 2 and S.
Good speakers have bern secured, and as
an additional attraction av large number of
prises have been offered on grains of all
kinds, also on various , kinds of baking.
KEARNEY Oscar Clark and Miss Pearl
Halkyard of Gibbon were married by Po
lice Judge Charles Rellly Tuesday even
ing. The bride and groom were accom
panied by Miss Elsie Lowell and Otis
Clark, who acted as witnesses at the cere
mony. DUNBAR The stockholders of the Dun
bar State bank met and reelected officers
for 1810 as follows: President, Dr. J. n.
IJchtenwallner; vice president, Fred
Haschenberger, sr.; cashier, Thomas Mur
ray: dlreof.ors, Henry Seyfer, D. Kruse, H.
8. Westbrook.
HASTINGS All banks In Hastings were
closed this afternoon during the funnral of
Miss Mary Lannlng, daughter of W. H.
Lanning, former president of the Exchange
National bank. The services were con
ducted by Rev. Lee H. Young, assisted by
Rev. C. W. Weyer.
KEARNEY The charity ball, given bv
the Pythlana of the olty at the Hub hall
Tuesday evening was both a financial and
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saparilla, but because of its pe
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social success. About WO couple were
. . win. m i o n-r jjfiir iimnri a pum
mn-iiu to neip ine cuy nospuai over
le present strlmrent stare.
institute wll be held In Oaklsnd, January
31 and February 1. Good state speakers
have been secured and the committee in
charge is working to make this the beat
Institute ever held in the county. The
good roads problem Is to be one of Tl?
prominent subjects discussed.
OAKI.ANI At a meeting of the Oak
land chorsl union held Monday evening the
organization wan made permanent and the
following officers elected: A. T. Wen
berg, president; F. E. Rlngqulst, vice
president; E. W. Harding,' secretary; A. L.
Neumann, treasurer. About seventy-five
members have been secured.
BEATRICE John Hornld of Lewlston,
Neb., a tenant of Mrs. Dwlght S. Dalbey,
won the prise for the best ear of corn at
the State Corn show, a trophy offered by
lrul.n( I; . . .1 r I. - T i . .
Agriculture, which is valued at fJfiO. The
w.,, ...M. iivnn limn i.wu smpifu tour
years ago from Jacksonville, III., by D. 8.
MADISON The Madison Commercial
olnb held an enthliNlastlo meeting last
night After a speech by George B. Irwin
of the Retailers' Reporter of Chicago there
was a general disrusion of ways and
means of boosting Madison. Among other
things It was decided to have Mr. Irwin
mAltfl a mtlillf. aAArnmm tTchr, a , a. V. .
opera house.
TABLE ROCK The farmers of this vl-
PtnltV whn hava larva, fi l .) .. M . . K . , -1. ,
corn buried under the snew and Ice, where
It has peacefully reposed for several weeks
t'nei, ac ptclU IU Bt?"3 Blin BgHin Oiling
nnnlnasB u. 1.a ..1.1 a ,i i . i .
iiio inn omnu wiui rvri y
prospect of a thaw, for, In many Instances,
It has been hard work for them to get
enough to keep their stork going.
T.ATTRPT That niatuli, .Un. r r
Lithe Laurel Commercial club are: S. T.
vmson, president: u. Furley, first vice
nrenMnnt T. ( ' Tnlla. a r
. i . ivna, o,Tv.t)liai VaU3
dent; J. B. Besslre, secretary; J. A. New
main 1m. a,,. Tk. . . ... . .
ii Lnnui r. i , x iiv ivimtriia rVOOUiTaPIl OK
Anrerlca and Royal Neighbors held a Joint
aiiajittMeaiiuu, wnicn conciudea Wltn a ban
quet in the Graham building. Nearly 200
aj aaa abieilUclIaUfA,
DUNBAR The Woman's club of Dun
bar gave Its first annual club breakfast
yesterday at the beautiful home of Mr.
And Mrs pTl,a.maaaa U....... "
, . , - '"ii"i mull.;. alFVT-IBj Wf9
laid for twenty. The following toasts wers
i"iiv"inj vvuiiikis xurs. m. f. owain;
"The Club Woman's Husband," Mrs. J. T.
Hall; "Where Words. Fall Muslo Speaks,"
Miss Irene Llchtenwallner; "The Club and
Its Aniversary," Miss Ida Harrison: toast
mistress. Mrs. Wllber W. Anness.
HASTINGS Cltlsens of Cowles and Ayr
have petitioned the State Railway commis
sion for an order compelling regular train
servtca. on that JjAd Clnija branch Ot the
1 1 1 1 r 1 1 n art n . Th .inll.. ....... v. i - . t '
n that line usually arrives- here too late
... wit, aiiviiiuuu iur connection wun omer
trains. The people of the two towns will
ask that the train be operated strictly on
a schedule "that will enable connections
with other trains here,
BEATRICE At a meeting of the Wy
more city council Wednesday night two
petitions from cltlsens asking that a spe
cial election be held February 16 to vote
bonds in the sum of 118.000 for a municipal
lighting plant were turned down. The
counoll decided to wait until good water
could be prooured. and then will make a
move to build a Vater works and electric
light plant combined.. E. N. Kaufman and
L. H. Archard were appointed delegates
to attend the state municipal meeting, to
be held In Lincoln soon. a
BEATRICE The marriage of Noah M.
Ryan and Miss Florence M. Hlnkle was
solemnized yesterday at 11 o'clock at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
G. W. Hlnkle, North Fifth street. Rev. J.
B. - Davis officiating. Twenty guests wit
nessed the ceremony, which was followed
by a luncheon. Mr. and Mrs. Ryan de
parted for Chicago and other points, and
upon their return will make their home
har where the sroom has been "engaged
In the furniture business for many years.
MADISON-Gust Veeke as guardian for
his brother, Carl Teske, who la confined
In the hospital for the Insane, Is having
trouble with the other members of the
family, who are objecting to his acoount
and have filed a petition with the probate
Judge, asking for his removal. Interested
parties were examined and the case was
argued, yesterday before County Judge
Bates, Attorney H. 8. McDuffie appearing
In behalf of Mr. Teske and Attorneys W.
B. Reed of Madison, Burt: Mapes of Nor
folk and. McAllister of Larabro, 8. D. ap
pearing In behalf of the other members
of the family. The Judge will make the
order in the case Januarv -25.
MILFORD The vote on water bonds for
Tillage vi Minora earned. is votes for
and thirty against; electric lights, 1X8 for
and twenty-seven "against At the election
yesterday 113,000 is the issue for water
bonds and $7,000 for electric lights. Bonds
have been defeated on two former occa
sions. SEWARD-John A. Sampson, son of Mr!
and Mrs. Richard Sampson of Seward, waa
married at the Catholic church at Ulysses
to Rosella, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Zimmerman of Seward, Rev.i William
Murphy officiating.
SEWARD John A. Rezao of Bee and
Miss Agnes J. Sadlak of Seward were
granted a marriage license by Judge Col
man last Tuesday.
REWARD Otto Kraus and Miss Bessie
Brchu of Denton were Issued a marriage
license Saturday by Judge Colman.
SEWARD Peter J. Oswald and Miss
Mary Schweitzer were married by Rev.
Nick E. Roth at Mllford last Saturday.
SEWARD The marriage 'of Miss Hattle
Klipatrlck and Will Conroy will take place
at the Catho'Ic church in this city at 10
a. m. January 26.
SEWARD A. Durham, who recently
bought the Adler stock yards, has sold out
to Fred J. Bell of Ord, Neb.
SEWARD At a meeting of the Commer-.
oial club Monday evening a committee com
posed of Judge Norval,, W. Q. Dickinson,
W. S. Williams, H. A. Graff and F. W.
Gaehner was appointed to draw up a lease
with George Thomas for club rooms in his
new building for a term of years, with the
privilege of ten. st n rental nf cj'.k na- va.
The rooms will be arranged to suit the
Keens or ine ciud ana will be one of the
best appointed suites in the state.
SEWARD Five of the churches of Sew
ard will unite in holding a series of evan
gelistic meetings, beginning next Monday
evening. In the Presbyterian church.
I ,
Army Notes
Bids were opened at the office of Lieu
tenant Colonel F. F. Eastman, purchas
ing commissary, United States army, for
the monthly supplies of commissary stores
for the posts of the Department of the
Missouri. .
A general court-martial has been ordered
to convene at Fort Leavenworth Friday,
January 21, for the trial of miscellaneous
military offenders.
Honorable discharges from the regular
army have been granted these enlisted
men by purchase: Corporal H. C. Van
Meter, Company L, Thirteenth Infantry;
Trumpeter D. Kauffman, Troop M, Fourth
cavalry; Privates S. J. Howell, Company
K, Eighteenth Infantry, Randal C. Worth,
Company D, Thirteenth Infantry, and H.
A. Relss, Troop B, Fourth cavalry.
Is It Possible a Maa Woald Steal
Batter, Cheese and Beef,
steak f
Thirty pounds Waterloo butter. v
Twelve pounds Alamlto butter.
Ten pounds Alamlto cheese. ,-
Twenty-five pounds of beefsteak.
Charged with the theft of this assort
ment of groceries. Earl Emerson Is waiting
trial In the city Jail. The butter and
cheese were taken In predatory expedi
tions Into the delivery wagons on the
street. Tha beefsteak waa taken from the
Little Misouii restaurant on Dodge street.
Just after It had been sold by another
thief, who la now under arrest.
The steakT In a fair state of preserva
tion, reposes at' the police station io be
come an exhibit In the prosecution of the
two men. The police have not yet found
the orlginu! owner of the meat. It has had
the eventful experience of being stolen
twice buiL'e It left the butcher shop.
Docfcoir s
MRS. F. DOUOHARTY, 7R Tears Old.
Ministers of the gospel, doctors ot medicine, nurses and people everywhere unite in commending Duffy's Purs
Malt Whiskey the only perfect tonic stimulant, the one true medicinal whiskey.
as a tonic and stimulant is on of the greatest strength-givers known to science. It kids in destroying disease and by
its building and healing properties assists in' restoring tissues In a gradual, healthy, natural manner. It Is a won
derful remedy In the treatment and cure of consumption, pneumonia, grip, bronchitis, coughs, colds, malaria, low
fever, stomach troubles and all wasting, weakened conditions. If taken In time as directed.
If In need of advice, write Medical Department, Duffy Malt Whiskey Company, Rochester, . Mew York, stating
your case fully. Our doctor will send you advice free, together . with a valuable illustrated medical booklet, con
taining rare common sense roles for health, which yon cannot afford to be without, and some of the many thou
sands of gratifying letters like the above received from . men euid women In all walks of life, both old and young,
who have been cured and benefited by the use of this great medicine. It is sold by druggist, grocers and dealers or
direct 91.00 per large bottle. s
Missouri la Fudging on the Shores
Up Florence Way.
Veteran Skipper Arouses Coaacllmea
to Action and Ther Think Onlr
Government Can Save
the Dir.
"We must hold back that river," sans
out Unole Jo Redman, the ancient skipper
of Carter lake, as he sailed into the office
of the city engineer. Uncle Joe was at the
city hall bright arid" early Wednesday
morning-, rounding up a rescue party.
When the. spirit moves this first arrival
among the Omaha old settlers can step
around as agile as the youngest man In the
north ward. It did not take him long to
corral Assistant City Engineer Campen
and Councilman Sheldon and Brucker. He
also wanted Councilman Davis, but since
the society editors announced his engage
ment and coming marriage Davis uses
only airships. Vehicles that travel oc the
earth do not look good to him.
Having got his rescue party onto the
fourth floor -oCtus city ball, but slightly
scattered, Unole Jo did not quit until he
had them all safely gathered Into the ele
vator, shot ddwnstalrs and piled Into a
wagon. . Then he had the driver head for
Florence lake, at the point where, the
treacherous old river Is burrowing through
the banks, quietly Ilk a rat, but dan
gerously like Its wont Is.
From long experience Skipper Redman
knows that It Is necessary to get up early
In the morning to defeat the tendency ot
the raging Missouri to "fudge" on th prop
erty along Its banks. "H it Is beginning
to break through', at that one spot thus
early In the season;" says Uncle Joe, "we
will see widespread destruction a little
later on."
May Destroy Carter Lake. '
After an Inspection of the spot where th
Missouri river Is threatening to make a
break through the bank, of Florence lake,
the city engineer's office Is fearful thst the
final outcome may be the practical de
struction of Carter lake. Councilman
Brucker, who was one of the Investigating
party on behalf of the city, believes the
only solution, to save Carter and Florence
lakes, Is for th government to change
the course of the river, from a point above
th pumping station at Florence.
"It Is a matter particularly for the con
sideration of, the Park board, the Illinois
Centrat'rallwsy, the county and the gov
ernmerjt, as I view It," said Mr. Brucker.
"The water company has, I understand,
already made preparations to meet this very
possible emergency by getting ready to ex
tend a pipe from the present Intake to
where the new channel of th river Is
likely to be after the expected raise in the
spring. If the thing evantuates according
to the-way It looks now, the Illinois Cen
tral railroad bridge may be left high and
dry, as well as the Florence pumping sta
tion. It appears to me the only real sal
vation for Carter lake and th territory
Immediately surrounding Is for th gov
ernment to take steps to change the chan
nel of the river. Otherwise we are bound
to see a break that will change th face
of the country out In that section. It Is
really a serious situation that confronts
us at that point." '
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy contains no
injurious substance and la pleasant to take.
Martin Sehoenert. 1
HURON, 8. D., Jan. . (Speclal.)-Last
night occurred the death of Martin Sehoen
ert at his home ir this city., H was 63
years of age and a native of Prussia. He
was one of the best known musical Instruc
tors tn this portion of th northwest, hav
ing received his education under the direc
tion of Prof. Hrandt-and Prof. Grespr it
Germany and also Prof. Frans, th famous
song writer. For several years he taught
music In New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis
and other cities, snd on coming to Huron
took charge. of the music department of
Huron college. At th time of his death
he was serving his fourth term as city
. laydlrk-Jaeobson.
OAKLAND. Neb., Jan. 20.-Speclal.)-Mlss
Selnia Jacobson, eldest daughter of
Mr. snd Mrs. John P. Jacobson. residing
northwest .of this city, wasN married
Wednesday to Samuel Lydlck of Craig,
Neb., Rev. J. P. Seaberg of the Swedish
Methodist church officiating. A large num
ber of friends were present at th cere
mony. V
rV "
-iner is no aanger irom croup wnen
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is used.
Prescription X
Cured (Gkstritls
Dr. E. S. Navaun, of Detroit, Mich' Tells What HU Pre
scription Did for His Patient, Mrs. F. Dougharty, Who Suf
fered from Gastritis and Gastric Fermentation. The Accom
panying Photograph of Mrs. Dougharty Shows Her to Be
Enjoying Perfect Health.
"I write) you la behalf of Mrs. F. Dougharty, 502 Champlaln St..
this city. She Is 76 years of age and has been a widow for several
years. y ' r-
"I haye been her medical advisor for IB years, she being a chronla
sufferer from Gastritis and Gastric Fermentation. Last fall she waa
In my office for something to relieve the pain In her stomach, and oa
the spur of the moment I rave her a done of Duffy's Pure Malt Whlskay
with sugar and water. The next day she returned and wanted & botU
of the medicine. She said It made her stomach feel ftne. I told hr It
was not medicine, but It was Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey, and I adrlsed
her to go to the drug store and buy a bottle and take a little with water
and sugar as needed, for the pain. Since that time she has used three
bottles of It, and she Is In good health. She says, she eats well, sleeps
well, and has no stomach trouble, and she wants every one" to know
that Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey has cured her. She sends her photo,
taken last week, for you to use." -J
Dr. E. S. Navaun. 327 Jos. Campau Aye.. Detroit. Mtch.
Our Letter Box
Ooatrlbatloas em Timely Bnkjects,
Vet Xxosedlng Tin Xondrd Words,
Are Savtsad from Oar Baadsra.
Th Corespandene In the Case.
OMAHA. Jan. 14, 1910. Mr. J. M. Leldy,
818 New Tork Life building, Omaha, Neb.
Dear Sir: . With refereifc to your adver
tisement for th Anti-Saloon league of Ne
braska tendered us yesterday, I hav to
say that it comes within our classification
of political advertising, on which w re
quire regularly payment In advance at th
rate of $1.40 per inch,' which, for the space
of your copy, figures $M.
Anticipating your order, or Instructions
as to the disposition of your appy, I am,
very truly jrours, , Q. J. DUNCAN",
Advertising solicitor for Th Be.
OMAHA, Jan. 1. 1910,-Edltor of Omaha
Bee, City. Dear Sir: As a mer matter of
Justice permit a statement of fact to ap
pear1 In your paper which concerns the ad
vertisement of the Anti-Saloon league per
taining to county option, refused for pub
lication by you.
On Thursday, January IS, at 11:45 a. m.,
I was In th office of th Omaha Bee to
make arrangements for the publication of
th county option advertisement. Thirty
minutes prior to that time I had called
th office by "phon and learned that the
charge for display advertisement was 98
cet.'s an Inch.
A Mr. Duncan, representing himself as
the display ad man, received my copy; and
of htm I inquired further concerning th
charge for samaI was told by him that
th price was M) cents per Inch. Further
hs assured m that th ad would appear
In th morning Issu ot Friday, January
Xt. "
During my absenc from the Anti-Saloon
league's office Thursday afternoon
Mr. Duncan tried, but fattad to get me by
telephone. Friday morning ' I called him
up and was told that the editorial action
on the advertisement was the rejection ot
the ad unless th words "the liquor trust"
were eliminated from th first line; and
that we pay foe. the ad In advance. I told
Mr. Duncan w would not eliminate th
words as demanded and that he need not
publish the advertisement.
On Saturday, January 16, I was In re
ceipt of a letter from Th Omaha Bee
saying that as the Anti-Saloon league's ad
Was political advertising, Th B charged
$1.40 an inch for such advertising In ad
vance. No answer was mad from this
offloe; th communication being sent to th
stat headquarters at Lincoln where the
advertisement originated.
"Honesty and candor at least dictate th
publication of this letter and you will con
firm my bellefia your possession of thes
traits by the appearano of th letter in the
columns of your paper. Sincerely yours,
'Superintendent Omaha District Anti-Saloon
League of Nebraska.
President Names Arlsona Jndtres.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 20. Th president
today made th following nominations:
Chief justice of supreme court of Arl
sona, Edward Kent of Arlsona.
Associate Justice of supreme court of
Arizona, Fletcher M. Doal of Arlsona.
Pal as In tbe Back
Allcock't Piaster i bar so qoal.
Btrtngthen Weak Backs
as nothing elit can.
a ri-ri
its) -
AXlcocVt P(asters can always be distinguished by
their fine balsam odor; this comes from the Frank
incense, which has remarkable curative qualities.
7hen you need a
take a Brandrcttis PilL
(Est 7ja
Furtfy Kas -
"He'i No Good, I Don't Want Him
Any More," Saya Wife.
John Hesry Gets Surname of Mod -John
Wesley Disgraces Hlstorla
Ccgsoufs, Which He Bears
H. C Dye In Tolls.
"H's no good. He gets drunk. I don't
want him any more. When 1 married him
he ws good, he didn't drink."
With this simple statement, Mrs. Marcus
Frame concluded her testimony against
her husband. He had been arrested for
drunkenness and abusing his family. -
"Sure you don't Want him anymore,"
asked Judge Crawford with his pen poised
over the docket. i
"No." , i '
"Well, It's thirty days for you, Mr.
Frame," answered the Judge, as he marked
down th sentence.
"In the meantime, If you want him
back you may call," said the judge to th
John Wesley, full of elation and cocaine,
determined that he would not be arrested.
Officer Aughe took Wesley In after diffi
culties, In which th man of the hlstorla
nam tor away sundry portions of th
policeman's coat.
Wesley's rough behavior received th re
ward of thirty days In jail when Judg'
Crawford heard the facts. V
"What's your name?" demanded th
"John Henry," replied th prisoner.
"John Henry what?"
"Just John Henry' insisted th fright
ened prisoner. . t
John Henry, It seems, had taken away a
coat which was th property of another Intent and purpose of pawning It.
"John Henry, your nama Is Mud. Twenty-five
days." f
John Henry went to Jail. ,
T. 8. Moorse carelessly connected himself
wrth a set of carpenter tools, the prop
arty of another John Henry, th lawful
owner. Mr. Moose did not prove title and
will spend thirty days In jail In default of
a bill of sale for the Implements.
H. C. by failed to explain satisfactorily
why he left the Her Grand hotel without
the conventional interview with the
cashier. ,
Mr. Dye's attempt to fade was thwarted
by th police. ...
Sixty days in the city jail will be his
penance. . . .
It is a dangerous dung to take a cough
medloln . containing opiates that merely
stifle your cough instead of : curing It.
Foley's Honey and Tar loosens and ouresj
th oough and expel th poisonous germs,
thus preventing pneumonia and consump
tion. Refuse substitutes and take only th
genuine Foley's Honey and Tar , la th
yellow package. . Sold by all druggist.
ther la Pain.
Pains In th Side
Allcock't Hasttrt relier promptly
""and at th same tun
strengthen sid and res tor energy.
Th key to th situation Be Want Ads.
1 . ' '