Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 04, 1910, Page 9, Image 9

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tKM Atn 11(11 I, A Ml FOR al,K
-Colli Inaed.
COIAJKAPO western. Mope Irrigated
orrhaid mini. Delta district. $ arre bundles.
. Writ WaJtHf .1'., Smith- Go.. 711 17tu St.,
Denver, coiu.
. California. .
WE 6vn six thousand nrros of
first class alfalfa land in Fresno
4Vount, CftHforriia, together with
townsrite on Southern Pacific
'Jtailrpad. This land adjoins fin
est improved section iti Cali
fornia, (food schools, oiled roads,
iptc-iL': Pt; V o have started a
Swedish and Danish colony on
our tract. Have endorsements
from- best Swedish and Danish
sources in California. We want
some good live agent in Ne
brasjea. to, represent us and to
bring 'Swedish and Danish set
tlers to our tract. San Joaquin
Land & Mortgage Co., 326 Byrne
Buildihg, Los Angeles. Cal.
v '. ; Riu.
-FOR RALK 820 acres, gnnd house and
rarn. 100- HCres to whint, all sues. Onlv
. per acre.
' 100 acrvit,' 140 to wheat, only $iB per acre.
Art quick. .J, F. rJchump, Cunningham,
Ka". . ' '.
A IJAPrY NEW YEAIt In Ford county
for those who have Invented In thiH land.
Depth of moisture five feet; wheat looking
fine; best, uf -climate, noil and water; co
operation Allclted Write, for lint. O. L.
fainter & Co., lixlge City, Kan.
MINNESOTA farms for bargains.
. ruuiw, -fiaiismnuin.. ieb.
1. A I'll W. IT A IJ Vf 7K'.. ..-.J..-
... - ,v I. . . -m UM1II-I lu i u v n-
tton. nfiir Pfrham Minn u,.H t.,.1 I.I 1 .. .. .
Rood soM.'imual be sold this month; price
very low... I.. Koteokl, 604 Mitchell 8:.,
Milwaukee, Wis. . t ,
' "' "CmJh
FOR eAt,ti uown. 6 monthlv, buys
forty acre good timber land, ' Murirs
county. Missouri; price, $121! tttlo perfect;
write for llsu R. C. Jarrell, Eldorado
Kyi Inks, Jfo.
" : 1 , ' JANUART t0.
i- Jfi.000 acres rich bottom land in tracts to
suit. Also 26.000 acres fruit land. George
Northrup, Springfield, Mo.
FAHM" BARGAIN" Must be sold on ac
count of' owner's health; well Improved
3U0-aere frm, seven and a quarter tnllos
from tOvrr,' price, $35 per acre; easy terms.
J. T. Campbell,. Litchfield, Neb.
i .
14 AORJiJS, ' one mile from town; good
. Louse, bartr and other- buildings; 300 fruit
trees. Price 2,100. F"or description write
R M. Campbell, Endlcott, Neb.
'. 1 .1 -.; Ofctaaaasa.
We bare' loO.OOO acres of choice land to
(elect from., anting in price from $6 to
1 10 per a,ora.i.'Thlft land is in the oil anrf
Sui district and you might get an oil well
with your land. '
Bult 4 New York Life Bldg.
', Tczaa.
Free ' rotin trip ticket to south Texas
fot. nil our land ptiyers, any railroad, any
itHi'le,. low. prices, best location and qual
ity; you get bargain and square deal
'"Write or -call for Information. Hank ref
rnoi -(S HoMtanollfC Laod &)., Bultu:.W
:Woanloln"THUl(.,.Ho4Jitn,"Tex. 'i -' . - .
sale at a very low price, an extra
ordinarily cTmlce section of land. 11 nil!p
north of Hereford In the famous Panhandle
at Tcraw. Dark, deep, rich soli, lies p..r-A.-fectly-smooth'
nd Is ell Surrounded bv
I f HKhll'-developed farms.- Price $15 per acre,
which Is one-third below the market. Half
time at S pr cent.
' ' J. H. COOK,
. '215 Tabor - Opera Hlk.i 'Denver, Colo.
SECOND' MOKTUAGK loans r.r-otlat:d.
Apply .'417-18 First National liank
Bldtf. tieil phone Douglas 231a.
MONEY TO LOAN-Payne Investment Co.
WANTED City loans. Peters Trust Co.
$100 to 410.000. made promptly. V. D. Weed.
Wcad .Bldg.i' Is tli ami r'tinam.
LOWKHf RATK Bemls Urandels Bidg.
$00$ to $5,000 on home in Omaha, O'Keefa
Real 'E"iit Co.. loot N. V. Life. Doug, or
.A-2i6i .
IjOANS to home owners and home build
nit, with inlvllene f making partial pay.
Ii-.ents rrnil-annually No comnilsslon.
" -W. H. THOMAS,
ion First Nailinal Bank Bldg.
I to lean on
Omaha Business Property.
lTSora L New York Life Bldf :
WED City loans and wBir.,i. vv
rh fcmlth & Co.. 1320 Farnam St.'
VNE. BOSTW1PK A rn m n- 7777
'V. ta money, $000 to $.0oo; low "rate.
Jo$tlH ROS.; 818 N. Y. Life. tTtl
Ju0.00 Ain Impj-nved property. Nn delay
we -Have .buyers vnu
I. I and 7- room Uousea. If prices are right
we can sei, your property for you
. ' Bull M N. Y. Ufa Bldg.
I i
A newspaper must produce
results to show a gain
The Bee has made good on both results and gain
On city real estate, comparing the
month bt December, 1909, with the
same mbnth 1908, shows that The Bee
has made a gain of 28.
With the same comparison the
World-Herald shows a loss of 9i,
IIow it looks in figures:
BEE " '
Doc, 1900 1,137 inches
Dec, 1908 884 inches
Gain of Bee. .253 ins. or 2S(c
WANTED A & or 6-room house from
ll.urti to Jl.wo. Mutt be nearly new and
fluid location. Write with full description.
Uwneis preferred. ,
4 Brandeis Building.
KKMKMHKIt It only takes a stroke 01
i'u i.f the pen to mention the fact thut
you raw the ad In The Be,
fouu brand new 6-room house"
In aoutheweetern part of Omaha, free
from Incumbrance of any kind, modern.
Want land at right price. .
Vrat market. slaughter house, lee house
doing fine business In growing; Nebraska
town. Want Omaha property or land.
-room modern house, large lot, east front.
In western Bart of OmalM. Wnnt clear
land; price must be right; we have no
Uir.e for whittling.
Bulte U4 New York Ufa Bldg.
WEST price paid for second-hand furnh
tuie. carpets, clothing and shoes Tel, Dm
BALTIMORE 2d-hand tor pays beat
I rice 2d-hand furniture, clothes, e'.c. D 42t&
' HIGHEST price paid for broken watches,
o'd gold, etc. M. Nathan. 211 ii. i;tth.
PHONOGRAPH records; , buy nil kinds
disk records. Address K 902, , Bee.
WAJT1Tf"l mt nnM hv na.w - . ...
or . months suit of furnished rooms
must be good. Willing to pay liberally
WANTED Hoard and room by teacher.
In refined private family. Address D MS.
BY teacher In refined private family,
Address 846, Bee.
YOUNG lady music teacher desires to
give plapo lessons In private family in
exchange fur board while attending
school. Boyies Oullene, both phones.
WANTED By young mvn. place to work
for board while attending Boylca collet.
Both phones.
BY an f-infrlr.nrd vminir mM r-f ol .i.w
- r J n ..,. ' . ww nun
abllltv irif ctnnrlpnoa It. Ik. ,.r . ; .
good reliable firm. Address Y 2G. Bee.
FIRST-CLASS wood turner and general
machine inun: mnrrieri' t u ,i ik ni..
Address U, Omaha Bee.'
Real estate transfers for January 3, 1910
furnished by Midland Guarantee and TruHt
company, bonded abstracter, 1714 Farnam
Albert J. Rice and wife to Harvel
Byars, lot S. Weckley's add to
Valley ' 35Q
Real Estate Title-Trust ompany to
Marguret Marve, :25 feet w50 feet
of elOO feet of sI43 feet, lot 15, block '
2, Park Place. goo
R. E. Robert and wife to Mrs. Ger
trude Hommarg, lot 14. Ellis Place.. 4,000
Frank Lalondek to Matey Runa and
wife, nV, lot 9, block 6, Kountxe
: Place, 4th supplementary add 1,000
Atlantic Realty association to James
B. Watt, lot 8. Arlington add 350
Albert M. Rnsles and wife to James
W. Longfellow, lot 7, Dennett's sub
of lota 9, 10 11, block S. Orchard Hill 1,000
Grove-Wharton Con. Co. to Thomas
G. Freeman, lot 12, block 55, Benson 300
Ctlia M. Cowan and, husband to D.
J. Wilson, lot 3, block 7, Crelghton
Heights :. 190
Joule A. Rogers and husband to Ed
ward J. Brow n, lot 27, block 5, KUby .
Place 6,200
Eliza B. and Edith M. Patrick to
Iwls A. Yost, lots 5 and 6, fclock 3,
-'. Patrick 'Place . v. i. ......... 800
Isaac N. Hnnce and wife to Charles .'
W. Wetmore, 5 acres In tiwU nw4 '
12-15-12 .. 4,500
Katie Zeis to Franklin M. Butts, sH
lots 8 and 9. . block 3, C. E.
Mayno'a 1st add to Vallny ,., 550
Augustus V. Kountze and ' wife to
United Real Estate and Tru com.
pany, n50 feet of e4 seV; 3MU. 8300
Elizabeth Kountze Real Estate com
pany to Steplien Maloney lot 2. For-
est Park 2,200
Omaha Safe Deposit and Trust com
pany to Hastings At Heyden, w55
feet of el0 feet of n!07 feet of sub.
lot 7. tax lot 16, 21-15-13 1
Ilastlnss i Heyden to Arthur D.
Andms, wC5 feit of clfM) feet of nl07
feet of sublot 7, taxlot W, 21-15-13.. 3,000
.ew 1 ork Lire insuranoe company
to Omaha Safe Deposit and Trust
company, lots 6 and 6, and WVS lot 7,
block 117. city 675,000
Silas A Johnson to Luclnda C. Eng
lish, lots 1, 2, block .7, West Side add 1
Benjamin F. Hles'and to Emll Gall,
wti "Wi sw'i 6-14-13 1,000
Lena Goldsmith and husband to Sam
uel Goldsmith, und. interest t'10
feet lot 4 block 71, city .-. 1
Commercial Land Co. to Thomas
R. Romlne, sublot 1, taxlot 39, 10-15-13
. 3,100
Bert B. Booth et al. to Thomas S.
Kelley. n lot 8. block 19, city 1
Peter Bloom to Andrew G. Seastedt,
W40 feet of eM feet of nllB feet of
lot 65, S. E. Rogers Okahoma 1
Same to same, purt lot 05. same 1
Andrew G. Seastedt and wife to
Peter Bloom, part lot 4, block 9,
Parker's add 1
of Lee-Glass-Andieesen Hardware com
pany, Omaha, Nebraska, December 11. 1909.
Notice Is hereby given to the stockholders
of Lee-Glass-Andreesen Hardware Com
pany that the annual meeting of the stock
holders of the company will be held at the
office uf the said company, corner ot Nlntlr
and Harney siree.s in the city of Omaha,
In the state of Nebraska, on Tuesday, Jan.
uaiy 11, A. D. 1910, at i o'clock p. 111., for
the purpose of electing a board of direct
ors for the company to aerve during the
ensuing year, and to transact such other
business as muy be' presented at such
meet ng. H. J. LEE, President.
Attest; ,W. M. QLAS3. Secretary.
Dll to J 11
Dec..- 1909 1,089 inches
Dec, 1908 1,200 inches
Loss of W-IL, 111 ins., 9 c
NOTICE IS H'.llEBY GIVEN that a spe
cial meeting of the Stockholder of The
Mivsourl Pacific Railway Compa iv v.111 be
h Id al the principal office of paid Com
piny. In the MIksuuiI Pncillc Building. No.
"no Market Street, In the City of St. Louis
Missouri, on Tuindsy. the 1Mb day of
January, 1010, at nine o'clock In the fore
noon of that day, to consider and act upon
the following propositions.
(a) To adopt a coda uf by-laws for the
(b) To ratify, absent to and approve a
certain Indenture of lease bearing date the
lUli day of July. VJ09, by and between
Hootnllle, SU Lot. is A: Southern Railway
Company, p corporation of the State of
Missouri, and tills Company and authorized
on behalf of this Company At a meeting of
the Board of Diieclois, held oft the Itilli
day of August,
(c) To isiify, assent to and approve the
purchase by tills Con.jMiny of the whole or
any part 01 the raixuads and other prop
erly and fiaiichlsis of all or auv of the
following nsnud railroad jimpanles:
Caitliu.e and Western Railway Company,
Jopliu ind Western Railway company, 6t
Louis, Oak Hi. I und Carundelei. Railway
Company, ted'illa, Warsaw and tiouih
wesiorti Raiiay Company, Tne Kan.sus
City .Northwestern Rallioud Compaiiy, Tlie
Nebiaska Southern Railway Company,
Omaha Belt Railway Company, ouiuha
South rn Ruilway Compaiiy, pacific Rail
way Company in Neviaska, The Pueblo
and Mate l.itu Railroad Company, and
Kitnsan and Arkansas Valtey Railway.
(d) For the puipose of refunding under
lying mortgage bonds and equipment obli
gations of the Company and jor "iher cor
poiate purposes, 10 const ut to, concur in
and authoilze an Increase o th bonded
indt bti ciuss ot 'the Missouri Pacific Rail
way Company, by the amount of $W6.0ui,uuO
by the issue of Gold Bonds of the Com
pany, limned In the aggregate to tne
principal amount of $175,ouu,(ioo at any one
time outstanding, to bear Interest at a rate
or rates nut to exceed five per cent per
annum, payable scini-annuaiiy, and all or
any part of such bonds, as the Board of
Directors may determine, to be convertible
at the option uf the I outers and registered
owners iherei f Into Mock of tne Kauway
Company upon such terms and otherwise
as the Board of Directors may determine;
and to consent to concur in and authorize
the execution and delivery of a mortgage
and deed of trust 011 anu of the whole or
part of the railroads and other property
and franchises of tn's Company whelner
now ow nud or hurt al ter acquired, to secure
such issue uf bonds by this Coinp.iny, and
to consider ani. act upon the lorm and
terms of such mortgage.
(0) 10 consent to and authorize the pur
chase by this Company from time to time
of not to exceed $ uOO.000 pur value of the
bonds of the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and
Southern Railway Company.
(f) To ulify the proceedings of the
Board of Directors theretofore takan In
and about the miners aforesaid, including
the authorization of said bonds and mort
gage and deed of trust and the use to be
made ot sola bunas, and m consmer ami
act upon such other business as may
properly bo trunsaeted at tli" meeting.
The stock transfer books u the Company
will be closed at 3 P. M. on the 7th day
of January, 1910, and will remain closed
until 10 A. M. on the luth day of January,
Dated, New YorK, November 17th, 1909.
By order of the Board of Directors.
GEORGE J. GOULD, President,
A. H. CALEF, Secretary. x
"The Missouri Pacific Railway Company.
195 Broadway, New York. Nov. 30lh. 1909
To the Stockholders of The Missouri Pacific
Railway Company Referring to the notice
sent to you November lilh, liKIO, calling a
special meeting of the Stockholders of this
Company to tie neia on tne ism aay ot Jan
uary, 1910, you are notified that the stock
t; r.nsfer books 01 this Company will be
cosed at 3 o clock p. m. December 8th,
19wt, Instead ot January ith. l'jio, and re
main closed until 10 o'clock a. 111. January
19th, 1910. This change In date Is made to
avoid any possibility of confusion in deal
lngs In tho stock and rights to subscribe
to bonds, prior to the date 01 said special
meeting. If unable to attend the meeting
please sisn and return the proxy which we
1. .. . . . I . . ,1 ann. . a 1 1 ell I,-1.'
Nov. 18 to Jan. 18. Secretary.'
Nov. 18 to Jan. 18.
Notice is hereby given that the annual
meeting of tiie stockho.ders of The Bee
Bunding company will be held at 4 o'clock
p. tn., Tuesday, January 18, 1910, at the
office of suld company In The Bee bulldinn,
Omaha, for the election of a board of di
rectors for the ersuing year and the trans
action of such other business as muy prop-)
erty com before such meeting. '
'' M. A- HASKELL. Secretary."
f Dec 27-23t D & S.
Office of Depot (Juartermaatei, St. Louis,
Mo., January 3, 1910. Sealed proposals in
Duplicate will be received here umll 11
a. in., January 25, 1910, for the purchase of
4,9ii9 overcoats, kersey, dyed black. Sample
may be seen and blank forms obtained at
this office and at oft Ice of depot quarter
master, New York, Boston, Philadelphia,
Omaha and office of cnief quartermaster,
Chicago. Certified check for twenty per
cent of amount of bid required. Envelopes
containing proposals to De .marked: "Pro
posals for condemned overcoats, to be
opened January 2o, 1910," ano addressed:
Captain VV. M. Coulling, U. S. A., Depot
Quartermaster. - J3-4-20-21
Chief (Quartermaster's Ollice, Omaha, Ne
braska, January 4, 1910. Sealed proposals,
In triplicate, will be received at this office
until 11 o'clock a. 111., central standard time,
February 2, J910, and then opened In the
presence of attending bidders, for 140
Cavalry Horses, for delivery at Omaha, Ne
braska, or other prominent railroad points.
The animals to contorin to specifications
for Cavalry Horses. United Slates reserves
right to accept or reject any or all pro
posals or any part thereof. Particulars and
blanks for proposals will be furnished oil
application. Envelopes containing proposals
to be Indorsed "Proposals for Horses." and
addressed to Major D. E. M'CAKTHY,
Chief Quartermaster. Jl-B-U-zy-Zl FJ.
Long; Stretches of Track Are Missing
Between l.oa Anaelea and San
LOS ANGELES. Cal., Jan. 3.-After be
ing Isolated for forty-eight hours, partial
communication was established today be
tween Los Angeles and the outside world,
although It will be many days before the
damage wrought by the rainstorms of tho
last four days Is repaired.
Tonight the Golden State Limited of the
Hock Island and the Southern Pacific lines,
which was stalled at Iudlo for two days,
The Los Angeles Limited was sent east
via El Paso Instead of Ogden.
Much concern Btlll Is felt by officials of
all three transcontinental roads reaching
this city. Two long stretches of roadbed
are washed away between Los Angeles
and San Bernardino, on the route used
Jointly by the San Pedro, Los Angeles and
Salt Lake, and by the Santa Fe.
On the Santa Fe conditions are par
ticularly bad. The second section" of the
Santa Fe'a California Limited Is held at
Cajon. It was due here last Friday.
Trains No. 7 and 1 from Chicago, both due
here Saturday, are stalled at Barstow, and
train No. , eustbound, Is at The Needles.
They probably will arrive Wednesday.
Four women, two men and six children,
marooned on a narrow strip of land be
tween two branches of the Santa Ana
river near Downey all night, were rescued
this morning by members of the Venice
llfesavlng crew, who brought their heavy
surfboat on a flatcar.
One of those who distinguished them
selves when efforts were being made to
reach the endangered people was Mrs.
Henry T. Gage, wife of the newly ap
pointed minister to Portugal, who wad d
through mud almost knee deep to direct
rescuers from, the Gag ranch, near- the
banks of the river.
RIVERSIDE. Cal., Jan. !-Thl city was
completely cut off from railroad communi
catiou with the outside world today as the
results of floods and washouts. Hundreds
of acres of vegetable gardens are Inun
dated. rilOENIX. Aril., Jan. I Italn has been
falling over central Arlsona Intermittently
since Friday nWht. Accumulated snow in
the mountains has melted and Utms are
First Business Day of New Year Over
Four Million-Dollar Hark.
Increase Over Corresponding Day of
Last Yrnr of ft, 404,000 anil
$700,000 Ahead of I'rrrl.
nna Illah Mark.
Back clearings Monday 4.131,021.67
Clearing on year BfO..'. ... 9,726,814.49
Increase SI. 404.207.08
Previous hirh record 3,439,533.41
Omaha fliould garner a real harvest of
(fold dtn liiK D10 acre rdltiK to the record of
the flrf t -dny's banking business. For the
first time In history the day's hank clear
ings have crossed the t4.0X,0')0 mark.
"All clearing house records are smashed,"
said W. B. Hughes, secretary of the
Omaha "association. "The nearest approach
we ever made to the S4.O0O.OOO mark was on
March 3, 1909. when the total amount of
business amounted to $.1.429.F31.41. Today's
showing Is just S701.477.16 ahead of the old
high-water mark.
"Today's record is partly accounted for
by the holiday Saturday, but not entirely.
Than, again, there was considerable bank
Ins done today that was left over from
Friday night's business:. . However, there
has been a steady advance from year to
year and month to month and day to d.iy.
"The big record made In March Inst year
was at a time when the bank clcarlnirs
are naturally high. That is really one of
the" biggest periods of the year on account
of dealings In grain and other business."
As was shown In the report of the Clear
ing House association Friday for the yenr
1909. there was an Increase of $132.6'l9."01 B7
over the preceding year. The advance was a
natural one when the activity In commer
cial circles Is taken fully Into considera
tion. The clrariag for the corresponding date,
one year ago, was $2,72fl,S14.49. The first
day's figures this year show an Increase In
one day of $1,404,207.08.
"The city certainly has made a record
thnt will be hard to eoual ' during the
year," commented Mr. Hughes. "It Is
certainly a good beginning for the new
Human Birds l.lnlnic lp for Bis; Meet
NeM Week.
LOS ANGELES. Cal., an. 8.-WIM1 vork
well under way on the great grandstand
that will seat 25,000 people and on the
aviation course at Doiiilnguez. final plans
for the aviation contests here next week
are being made. The meet will begin
January 10 and continue unti: January 20.
Estimates made by the committee toduy
from data sent by railroad officials p. ace
the number of visitors at from 150,000 to
The aeroplane entered bv Glenn II. Cur
tiss arrived yesterday Cli-.irles F. Wllliard
of New York, who has made flights In u
Curliss machine. Is here with the Curtiss
machine No. 1.
Roy Knabenshue and Lincoln Reachey
are here with two dirigible balloons.
J. II. C'assen has sent two aeroplanes to
this, city In charge of George Duesler.
They will bo entered In several prize com
petitions. Frank Johnson' of San Fran
cisco, who has just brought from the east
a Curtiss machine. Is on the way here.
Clifford B. Harmon, New York aeronaut,
has sent here the monster balloon, "New
York," holder of the United States dura
tion record.
Hlllery Reachey Is hrt'tth the Aero
plane built In Bultimore ty H. N. Gi l.
Members of the FrencW Aviation syndi
cate, headed by Louis Paulhan, and in
cluding also. Mine. Puufiin, Masson llas
carol and half a dozon,M(o)echantcs, will
leave New York for LosvAugeles tomor
row on a special train. 1
A. P. Lambert of Belolt, AV'ts., Is expected
to arrive tins weeg witn a Lurtlsg bipbuie.
Louis Beigdoll or Philadelphia will bring a
blerlot monoplane.
Captain A. F. Muller has assembled his
Immense monop.ane. ,
A permanent aviation course of one and
seven-eUhths miles is being laid off at
Aviation camp. Total entries In the three
divisions huve reached sixty.
Surgeon Says Present System Fulls
to Produce Results.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 3. Sweeping re.
forms In the athletic Instruction In-vogue
at tne naval ucaacmy are b.lng under
taken by Surgeon General Rwey. It
transpired today that General Rixey had
detailed Parsed Assistant surgeon Paul E
McDonnold to the academy to make a
thorough Inquiry into the causes had ng
up to the f.nlure of upper classmen to pass
the physical tests, although the men when
admitted to the freshmen cluss were com
pelled to pass a most nwid examination,
One of the principal Ciiuses. It !s de
clared, was found to lie in tne system of
training followed In prcpat Ing men for
athletic and field events. This Is to be
changed, the gymnasium is to be remod el
and un entirely new system of ".-eu.n.;
up" drills is to be substituted for that now
in use.
General Rixey declares- there Is no dis
position on the purt of the nndl al de
purtment to Impose burdens or restr.cilons
on the navy athletes that might tend to
lower the high athletic standing of the
academy, but he proposes to Introduce a
more rational plan of and train
German-Australian Trnui Finishes
First In Knee al Berlin.
BERLIN, Jan. 3. Walter Rutt and Jack
Clark the German-Australiun team, wun
the six-day bicycle race which began at
the Zoologican Gardens at 10 o'clock last
Monday night, finishing one lap ahead of
Stoll and Wulthuur, the Dutch-American
team, und Lerihet and Broccu, the French
pair, who tied for second place. Stabe and
Pawke, the Germans, were four laps be
hind, while Eddie Root of New York and
Joe Fogler of Brooklyn trailed along seven
laps in the rear.
Only six teams finished nnd the distance
of the winners was 2,3i'.i miles. Rutt und
Clark were hot favorites for the race, but
they were considerably behind the rtcord.
Later Stoll beat Brocco In a ten-lap race
to decide the winner of second place. The
prizes were $1,250 for first, 1.000 for second.
$750 for third, $500 for fourth and $i50 for
Enormous crowds witnessed the contest
throughout the week. All the riders fin
ished In good condition.
Paris Journal Culls Attention tn
Necessity of New Agreement
Between Nations.
PARIS, Jun. 3. The Journal Des Debates,
commenting on Ambassador Bacon's speech
al Elysee P.ilace, where he was received
on Friday by Vresidcnt Fallieros, express!
rtgiet at the absence of any rcfirencu to
economic relations betwetn. Fiance and
the United States.
It points out that if no agreement is
reached before March 31 a tariff war ap
pears ;o be inevitable. While President
Taft'g last message held out hopes of a
settlement, the paper says, a further con
firmation of the desire for an arrangement
on the port of the Washington government
from the now ambassador would have been
particularly appropriate.
The Journal Des Debates concludes by
deprecating the attitude towards France,
of ultra-proteclionlsis In congress, which
la disastrous In Us effect here and is ren
dering the efforts of moderates to dimin
ish tne exaggerated proposals of the tariff
Most Wonderful Healing.
After suffering many years with a soia.
Amos King. Port Byron. N. Y , was cured
by Buckbn's Arnica Salve, fcc. Fur salt
jby Biutou Drug CV
Bowling Tourney
N cars the End
Neale and SprsTne Still Lead in
Doubles and Keyt in
The following games were bowbd In the
City Tournament Sunday.
The tournament will finish this evening
and It Is vt ry certain that all enlrUs will
be given a chance by midnight to contest
In same. All leagues In the city resum,'
play this evening, according to their
1st. 2d. 3d. Total
Wller 142 YA 170 4"S
Hiy holds IikS 1,0 1.8 1G
Totals 310 V.i 34S 9M
I v- 1st, 2d. 3d- Total
Maynor 120 Y6 2O9 ij
1'rlnuau ivl 11 206 b)i
Totals 321 i'40 414 1.075
int. 2d. 3d. Total
Conrad IU2 1M 201
Camp b9 I'M lr3 A!U
V lley lii.i ISO 1..7 &0.1
Keynnlds l'W i0 . lfl r27
Max nor LA 153 170 4.9
Frimeau 171 p.l 103 4'.'3
Carman H I ltit l'-t 4:1
Sehulli lsj ISO 17K lil
Lough 157 pa 1N8 M4
Baehr 14.1 1 l.s2 Lm
Latey list ' 171 L bU
Bice Iri2 147 1"0 4:.(
Bryan 17..3 191 1S8 5.0
Voss 14T. liil IStt 492
Stuuding of the doubles:
Neule and Sprague
Zinmii' imin and Francisco
li.akeney und Huntington
lmnkwaler und Auuersoii
Carman and Shultx
Conrad uud Camp
1,1 lit
Maim und Bullard ,
Lehman and Stapenhurst ,
Keyt and Seaman ,
Latey and Baehr
Mains and Scott ,
Chandler and Lyons
Muilm and Balder
HuMior and Irmieuu ,
GoUeiniciiw ayer and Klauck
Diiiman and Hartley
Fritclier und VVuienx
Bryan and Anglei-berg ,
, 1.0,0
, 1,01.1
, 1.034
, l,02i'
, 1,01 1
, l.'-'X.
, 1.0UJ
, l.WIJ
, 1,W0
. C7S
, Ui4
. 007
, 000
, uli
. .is5
. bVi
. full
. bit
. biT
. b,2
, O.J
. 6j9
. tlOJ
. liUl
. bu.i
. 60
. tuJ
. but
. 643
. 643
. , brl
. Ml
. bob
. 6ii
Christiansen and luie
Rice and Carter ,
Weeks und Kerr
Fagerberg and Voss
Goif and Tracy
Thomas aud-Encell
Gilbrealli and Hluricks
Dean and Cm sou
Clark and Winer
Matthcs and Johnson
All other below
Standing of the singles:
Biakeuey V
Uoueuscliw tiger
W alenz
Stapeuhorst 1
C. J. Francisco
Weber v
Ma it lies
All others below
Fans Will Canvusa Town Thursday
for that 1(17,300. '
ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Jan. 3. (Special. )
With the rapid approach ot base uuii uj
Jai iury 0 when It is expected tout more
lliun i.6O0 will be lulaea to finance Hie
pyntry ot this city Into 'the Western league
utter an aosenuo ot live years, loiai runs
are enthusiastic, und not u doubt is ex
pressed mat the full amount necessary to
Mfure John Holland of Die earnest desire
of St. Jo.itph people to see legalized bull
will be provided. Recently at a bull given
by the commercial truvelers season tickets
u no sold to those who would be absent
from tho city on buse ball aay. A lime
mure man .haI was gamed, but no one w ho
expected to bo ill tne city on January b
wus permitted to buy al that lime, al
thougii had the season and first game
licheis been sold geuurully prooaoly one
seven 111 of the total umounl desired could
liuve been secured then.
Flying squadrons of tans are to canvass
tlie duwntown district next Thursday uud
the captains of Hie various soliciting siiuuus
are coiUiUent they can easily cover tne
average allotted them.
According to advices from Wichita, John
Holland bus arranged two series ot upcnjns
gumes for St. Jusepn. 1 he St. Louis Amer
icans ure to be seen here 111 pro-season
gainer on March ii uud April 1 und will
uppear In Vv iclnta the two previous days,
'i ho St. Paul team -ot the American assoclu
11011 will piuy in St. johepn .April 8, 0, lu, 11
and 12. Other exhibition games ure now
under consideration.
liuliund mien is, he Bays, to use every
endeavor to have the si ncdule committee
meeting of the Western league, to be held
the latter pari of this month, transferred
from Des Moines to St. Joseph, Slioild
tins be din e the St. Joseph Ad club, which
has the largest tnember.suip of uuy similar
organization in tile United Slates moie
timn 1.2U0 w ill give a luncheon to the visa
ing magnates. The session would probubi
iust two or three days.
Holland btneves lie has In R. R. Wolfe
one of Hie best backstops in the Western
league. Wolle played with Des Moines
three years ugo but refused to report when
sold to Peoria. Galguno has usk.'d Hol
land if lie will be nailed, but the new St.
Joseph manager Intends to hold onto the
lull mil uud expects nun to go higher next
Chicago Coach Says Present Game
Will He Ketuined.
CHICAGO, Jan. li. Coach A. A. Stugg
of the University of Cnicugo, who returned
from the liucuug of the Imei collegiate
Athletic ussiclulijii in New York, declared
thai foot bull as played In American col-.egi-s
Is well 011 tne way to thorough re
vision, but thai tne present gume wou'd
be retulned, with changes, und 110 other
substituted, he was cei turn.
'I feel just as sliontiy us ever," said
Couch stugg. "that the modern scientific of foot bull should nut und will not
he givm 1. ,1. 1 ulso feel thut the salva
tion of the game will be in muklng it mure
Stugg further asserted that any Impres
sluii that tiie iiallona'. experts favor a
revision to Ki.gby or the adoption of the
association game is false.
Colored I'ua; Defies Indiana Un
stable Wliu Attached His .Burgage.
TERRE HAUTE, ind.. Jun. 3. Jttck
Johnaou refused to fulfill his contract to
upp'-ur ut u Terre Haute theuter Sunday,
tne manager a I inched ills trunks us he was
about lo buiird u tiuiu for CuluinhuK. o.
Johnson suid the theuter was too cold.
W hen a constable served the writ on
Johnson he mounted his bugguge and said
he would "hit tlie first man who touched
It." The constable called lha police and
the fighter burked down when Captain
Armstiong brougi.l enough men to lake
him to Jail. ,
Johnson later tried lo engage a special
train, but failid. and when he saw his be
longings piled on a dray he told his man
ager he would stay here until tomorn fight the case.
Weston Will Take Another Walk.
NEW YORK, Jan. 3 Edward payson
Weston, the veteran pedestrian, announced
today that he will m.ike one more trur,0
coiitinemal walk, and that be will get from
ocean lb oeeun this time within loo days
Weston will start from Los Angeles at 4
o'clock tho afternoon of February 1, and
will be due lu New York on May 8. li s
hike from New York to San Francisco last
summer took him 106 days, but on that
Journey he encountered a long series of
stoijns and unusually hot weather. If con
rilt'ons are reasonably favoruhle this spring
he is sin.- ne ran cross the United
Lilulik wilhlii VM days.
Executive of City of New York An
nounces Number of Appointments.
He aa Men and Women Who Vrr
llrnonnrlnii 'Iniutiiuny lloss Know
l ittle of Hint -Will Make
( Irnn Snrrs.'
. KW YORK. Jan. 3. M.iyor Guynor
gave nut lat-t night through his secretary.
Robert Adanison, bis list of appoliilmehiH,
so far as he bus been able to make U);in.
and an account of his r?la;ions with
Charles Murphy, leader of Tammany hall.
The latter follows:
"When Mayor Guynor was seen lat
evening he was found in his home library
deep In the perufrtl of a liltln book called
'Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin.' When
asked if the political leaders had bio;i
consulted In making of appolntmenta he
" '1 feel thai there Is one great act of
Justice which I should do. I was nom
inated without even a suggestion bein.r
made as to what I should do us mayor.
Since election Mr. Charles F. Murphy hus
calied on me three times, each tl'tie ask
ing me to appoint the best men to be
found. His suggestions were few; he urged
nothing, and l.ept saying to me thut the
I esponslblllly -w as solely with me.
" 'I fear there ure a good many people
In this town who do not know Charles F.
Murphy. Some of them se-tn to-think he
lias horns and hoofs. I can inly say of
him what I have seen, lie fully r.alzei
that u political organization cannot sur
vive and grow broader on pationaxe alone
without political ideas and virtu.-, but
must shrivel up and die of wor e than dry
rot. 1 would advise some good women
and clergymen who arc wilting l m.
about Charles F. Murphy und whut th -X
call the white slave traffic to go up a. id
see htm and say a kind word to him.
They may be surprised.
" 'Thou shalt not beur false w Itn -ss Is
also one of the commandments. There are
more vices than one.' "
Comment on Appointments.
The mayor In naming his apoUile s ap
pends also a brief personal und
biography of each. These comments, some
of. them waggish, some naive. It wus later
announced, were not to be printed as the
mayor's own, although he did say they
were Issued without his sanction. Some
of them are conspicuous In a form;tl state
ment. For instance,, of Riilri- lander
Waldo, appointed fire commissioner, It Is
noted that "hf Is a buchelor and a grout
catch, for he rs rich."
Herman Bidder, publisher of the Stauts
Zeltung, who has been offered the position
of park commissioner for Manhattan und
Richmond, but who bus not yet accepted,
the statement says, thut 011 account of Mr.
Bidder's connection with tho pros "he
feels delicate In this matter, as his work
as a public official would have lo be com
mented on by the press, which should not
be under constraint. The spectacle of a
newspaper publisher running for office und
being puffed up by his own newspaper is
nauseous to Mr. Bidder. "
Nearly All Are Democrats.
Most oT the mayor's appointees are dicd-in-the-wool
democrats, and the statement
Is careful, In giving the biographies, not
only to mention those that are, but also
to specify that they have children. The
mayor himself has seven children.
A mpng the .appointments are: .
Corporation counsel, salary $15,000, Arch
ibald R. Watson, about 40 years old, mar
ried, democrat.
City chamberlain, salary $12,000, Charles
H. Hyde, 40 years old, married, democrat.
Commissioner of docks, Calvin Tompkins,
salary $7,500, married, democrat.
Commissioner of charities, salary $7,rxK),
Michael J. Drummond, married, politics
not given. ,
Commissioner of water, gas and electric
ity, Henry S. Thompson, salary $7,500, sin
gle, a democrat.
With him Is appointed Edward Bemls ns
first deputy, salary $5,000, who was form
erly at the head of the water department
of Cleveland, O., "which it is conceded he
has made the model water department of
the country."
Commissioner of bridges, salary $7,500,
Klngsley Martin, 32 years old, a democrat.
The seven lax commissioners, the state
ment concludes, "will be appointed in a
day or two. The uppointces will be all
high class men who will banish graft and
favoritism from the department.
"Tho police, street cleaning and health
departments are to be deulth with here
after. It Is not believed that any of the
Incumbents will be retained permiuietitly."
Warm Praise for
Colonel Goethals
Senators Say Work is Proceeding
with Economy and
WASHINGTON. Jan. 2. Construction
work on the Panama canal is not only pro
ceeding splendidly, but the system of ud
mlnistraiion la brilliant In spltu of criti
cism directed to It. This is ihe concensus
of opinion of the senatorial committee,
which returned to Washington today on
the dispatch boat Dolphin utter u visit of
inspection lo thu canul one. In the party
were Senators Oliver, I'eiuose, Cartel-,
Dixon, Heyburn and Clark.
Senator Oliver whs 1 s-poiial'y Impr-ssid
with the manner in which the work Is be
ing carried on. The system of stirring
rivalry between the army of civilian en
gineers and workers bus resulted lu stimu
lating work, he suld. The judgment of the
party Is that no change in the t-xlstlmj
system should be contemplated, und all
praised the managerial ability of Colonel
Goethals, tho engineer In charge.
The practical unanimity of the son-.ue
committtee Is expected to cust u blight
over the legislation proposed in a bill of
fend in the houso by Representative Mann
ot Illinois, which already has bee;i re
ported from the committee. The bill pro
vides for u change In the government of
the canal zone and the abolition of the
Panama canul commission.
Dr. I.udnlgT Moud l.envea Fortune for
Researches In Chemistry and
Th) ales, ,
LONDON. Jan. 3. Bequests made by Dr.
Ludwlg Mond, the well known cheml t,
who died on December 10, are all subject
to a life Interest of the widow. They in
clude $J50.0ti0 to the Royal society of Lon
don and $250,000 to ilcirielhc rr unlvirsl y.
This amounts are to be devoted to ro
s arch In science, particjluriy chemistry
and physics. A sum of $100.0u0 is iefl t0
Munich academy and $100,000 la bequeathed
to the municipality of Cassel, Germany,
where Dr. Mond was born. Fifty pictures
by noted artists go to the National gullery,
Chamberlain's O1111.i1 Ueim-rtv
all uiidciicy ti ward pneumonia.
At the Theaters
' nplrf and the Hollar" at the llojd.
A loniedv In three acts by Charles Jfrey.
The cust:
David i-iratton, a wealthy American
miner Tlin Murphj
Virginia 8t rat ton. his daughter
Dm 01 hy Sherrod
Allele, marc htancsa of Antielsley, his
mloptid diughier lMiotliy Divh
Mai nuls of Anni rslcy, -husbsnd of hts
iiiloptnl ihiuglHir J'Mward Lester
Pi. til Wesmn. formerly .engaged lo Die Charles II Mirtln
Lord D.ii.;lus, In love Miih Virginia ...
Richard V Strrltnn
Lndv .Inno, mother of Lord Douglas
Ms. Aubry Powell
Lndv Evelyn Vrtney, a distant relative
of Lndv Jane France Lewellyn
ret ore. a valet O. J. Griffin
James, n footman ...... .iThomns Lawson
"Cupid nnd the Dollar" Is one of those
plays In which the uncouth but gold
hrsrted American twlsls the lion's tall
until the English beast roars; the son rf
a a.inirwiiat free country putting large
crimps In the dlssoulre scion of an effete
and debilitated nobility. But this sort of
thing to an American ftudlenre,
as witness the triumphant career of "Tho
Man from Home," In which likewise the
none- too- hlt.Uy p illi hed Amerlcin show, d
the Britishers where to head In, as Daniel
Voorheos Pike or David Ktratton would
huve expnuMd It. One. sometimes lias a
yearning to sue a sltre "American. In Eng
land who Is faitill!:r with the customs and
usages of more or les polll society.
Such a character as Stralton Is a grate
ful enc for Tim Murphy'.-- It is r-ally funny
to see him displaying the exuberance of a
mining camp id a Mnyfalr drawing room,
and the high pi leiples of Stralton are In
eontrast with the visriousm ss of his snn-jA-luw.
A fciiuuatloii of daughter' nnd" Ig
noble noble Is effect' rt. ' In. the last act
and the other daugli'or Is married ofi' to
n scion of an hundred earls, who Is really
J,, 'I "lis sweet and manly us an Anthony
li'.pe hero." ' '
Miss Slu -nod plays the,, daughter who
captures the good noblemun and Dorothy
Duvics Is the daughter piii-if away from
thu bud one. Miss Shcrj'od Is given a bit
of heroic ossumptitin t:f 'another'! seeming
guilt and us this Is clovi rly contrived ' and
thu situation appealing, sceno comes on for
much upplause. Mr. Murphy waa ac
corded curtain call after curtain call at
the end uf thi first act fiiui several moit
at tho end of the second.
Of the suppoit besides .Miss Shcrrod, the
bist work Is done by Miss Davies, Edward
Lester as the bud earlet, und Mis. Aubry
Powell as a' dowager'' dilchc'st or dowager
something or other. "Cupid and the
Dollar" will 'be given through Thursduy
night with a tnailnee Wednesday. Tho
Knights of Ak-Sar-Bcn have tuken tha
entire lower floor for Thursday night.
Vaudeville ut the Orphrnm.
Ed F, Reynold's llfe-l.ko automata are
invuiiubiy welcomu In Omaha because tlie
man who endows them for the time being
wltli verlstlc gestures and with Individual
voices brings these autolnufu on stage each
time in new roles and in a new setting.
This lime his churucters ure a villugo
constable, u lone fisherman, a small boy,
a woman automoblllut, and a colored
imchunlc. The ordinary ventriloquist goes
not much farther than flippant replies from
one dummy, but Reynard brings on a whole
stugeful of lay figures which ure quickened
into uppurent life-, not only by his flexible
Voice, I ut by many other activities they
are mudc to appear to originate.
Mile. Bluuci is a graceful dancer, whoso
trlj ping of uu Egyptian dance, a real
novelty lociliy. will engeiider considerable
comment. This number Is given before the
temple of I'aslit, wiillo voluptuous strains
from "Alda" conic from tho prcjiestra. A
striking gown worn In La Dunce en Volant
reaches the acme of goreousness without
becoming lou t.
By a coincidence the same passage from
"Alda" lu fciyig by tho four young women,
denominated "Wilt's Glrl'a from Melody
Lane." These tour, Ada Adair, Eleanor
Elliot, Anne Hathaway relict. If one re
members aright of one, William Shakes
peare and Nina Barbour, sang t.weetly
und correctly yesterday afternoon, only
thirty-live minutes after arriving In Omaha.
The six Glinserettls, who are without
superiors In the acrobatic lino have many
noval feu is of agiiily to display. James E.
Kelly and Annie M. Kent are a "sure
fire" team, whose combination of comedy
singing one dancing received a warm wel
come yesterday. Tlie bill of the week In
cludes un animal uct, liulleiinl's canine
tumblers, a n.mbcr of exceptionally clever
dogs and a trained cat, unique , among
feliniB fur going through lis act, without
looking frightened. ' -
John Weil, a prestldigllateur, entertain
Willi exhibitions of manual skill and gives
a large number of sleignt-of-hand tricks.
The llfeliUeiiess with which , he can tuke
an orunge from behind his knee or extract
dollurs Hum pe ip lei's heads Is wonderful.
The moving pictures of tho week, including
a scene .from tiie battle ot Waterloo, ure
worthy ot Hole.
' 1 i
"In Old Kentucky" ut (he Kruu;.
Seventeen years have not lh
verdure ot the b,uo grass and each re
curring season brings "Old Kcntuck" as
dashing, romantic und interesting as at
Its udvent. The play combines Bt lands of
most glowing color. I Tlie life of the moun
taineer, the moonshiner, the grey gay
coloneis of Olu Kuintuck, the sprightly
young gallant, fair women, mint Juleps,
fust horses, thley.aro all In the story.
As romance demands, love fli ds a way,
und Muige liiitrly wins a race and a hus
band V) the v..HL upproval of an ever ap
preciative audience.
There have b.irn -many Madge, Hrierlya
In the lifu of the pluy, but It is doubtful
if uny ever carried more gracefully the
role than Mildred Johnson, who has been
with tho company for eight years. Burt
G. Ciurk, who as Colonel Sandusky Doo
llttlu. luce fun, devotee of the gentle but
Insidious Julep und typical "colonel," leaves
nothing to be desired In his part.
The settings ne well appointed and con
siderable attention Is given to detailed
uccuracy In the presentation of the more
Important scents. .
It is the same "Old Kentucky" and
Madge wins the race. This p!ay opened
a four night's engagement at the Krua;
last night.
An Inhalation lor
Whooping-Cough, . Croup,
Bronchitis! Coughs,
Diphtheria, Catarrh.
Cremotcn Is a Boon 49 Alhmtlo
Lkh it not msw inort ffw'tiv lo breathe In a
remedy fur diMaM. of lit brekvihinf organ liiaa
lu u tha rmxjjr tiito tha sumo;!?
icaolmit rui-fci b-ausa tha air, fndrd
trotigly MiHifcptlc, la cavri! ovar tha diaaaaJ
urfaca with avarjj brrath, ft Ing prolonged aud
contuuit tri-atmant. It fta lavaliiabla fa motbara
with mall childin.
Thoa of a 'on
anmaLive Tfndrnnf
w 11 Mud lramaduta rat. if
Son. Cougtia or lnftaina4
Condition vt tha thro.
KAi.d jlkmii for da
aortptUa Bockiat.
itu ruiuo hiraaft,
KuW York.