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    The Omaha
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Flf II 1 TO 19-
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Neckwear ! Ribbons
-!. n '(i ., . of a.i
tsrrnen Ne e Nckwar.
niece s,-gM!v mussed. r
r erd and reduced
Vie ,-iwiar IM
t. and 11 . Nktr (
Remnants and fill pteeea.
in grand clean JO hefiire
H. ihoona. worth to c. loa
Ribbnna. wnrtli to ioc. 14
Pustt;. Kfhsrc. Knjfra- 1
Srim. arbond. Mt, and In ry k.nd
f fram; rhv of mir -'Tr uTm-
Slearinn and
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4 u 1 1 i i it ri i I r7 ii i if i VI ii i I u i i K.viss. i !ru l i x a n vr x j
The Ctrutciaj tnxaraesa for 19C0 is history. It has bn a big, busy season and now comes the aftermath,
rhe riran-ao (lays, and b bafTrains. No More nuul greater Tine t ma preparation, and rnaaeqaently t"e left nvrn an1 nnnifma.
Fiery departmeat with say pretense of carrying Christmas mrrchanilise ta making heroic Hearing; hargainw tht week. Holiday Knew
nawe heea kalfeil to nuko a clearance aJvwoitite ami certain. Wbrtlw advert iel or six fcmk for hdi.laT at vis at sacrifice prices on
eery floor rtoilett. maael at! itnperfert oeerto ks or alia not. a ill he harnH out at nnmiMakahle bargain prirnt.
On January 1st we take our semi-annual inventory the importance of having stocks down to the lowest
ItM ran oaly he fully r-alUe.1 hy tlie huyrr of the rarfaxi tpartnen(. Ia thia oae wk Ha aot o iniH-h profit mm tolomc of mi
that omint" The unloading of t)Haanl of worth of merrhamllae ia imeraie. Kry oae of fhee mew ia aiaia a 1e
ferminert. ronoientia rfjort t out out W no ailuring oariptin. tiiti and end. remnant aad hroken lota rimpJy mn r.
No Ii!ly-1Ilyiim oo. It the lat anl supreme effort of llie year mat tomorrow. The mo iaveterate harain hnater will rel
in the offeringi.
Wonder Sa e
A tremendous stock-reducing movement, the greatest ever
attempted by us. Closing the year with unprecedented
bargains on our entire lines of women's cloth garments.
Suits oats Dresses
V "V" Here's the most powerful cut price incentive made to Omaha wo
P riea this year. The magnificent Bennett styles, admittedly the most
I J fttehizg auid smartest the city has seen this season are offered tomor-
J rnrtr all at nna rmr
Choice of Any Tailored Suit
Choice of Any Long Coat
of Any Wool Dress
This gives you jtrarment. positively worth to .".UV. No stretch of
the i ma a.i nation or intiated values, hut the actual prices as marked dur
ina: the sean.
Monday, without a single es&eption. ail hee superb tyle go at a
jriee such as Eennett's alone are known to make.
Over 2,000 Suits, Goafs and Dresses in the Sale
All the best eolors, including bla.eks. Every size so all can be fit
ted. Garments from the master tailors of America sacrificed almost
unbelievably. Be early. Extra salespeople. .
Thi if the eefc for the het
hjiIkrrhief bargains. Thousand
of them that ; muwi anl
tamhleil la the t 'h.r1tmH mih or
a lirtJe a,ilet in ami nimlun
ierorationa at I.KSS THIN
H-lLr". Kvery one must be clearetj
aaay hefore inrentory. January t.
Ltok for ("aiii lot plain!- pla-rari-Hl
Mondiv women ani
ran's haudkerrhiefs. Swiss anil
llnn iiandltr''h!f, hetnstirrhel,
embroidered, uralloorl and initial
.". kin'lB. 2
1 f kiuds. for 4f
12-sr kinds, for Tic
1 " kinds, for
2r kinds, for 10
io ati ne mnr X9na! itmuK.
al3i less than half re ilar val js.
nrokn lines of women's Vid and
Kr.glian. cane gloves, worth to
. $1.23. Hearing M f
at. pair ... 7C
A History
Eriat Clearing 'tfarkiownj en
F.verybJy haa neet of lipoer.
Only at This time is it onMhle to
buy thetn so low in prirr. We
hare too mauriT. so here they in
sharply reilnreil.
iien's tan and black alligator and
embroidered T5c slip- A f
pers. now "VWW
AJ1 men's $1.30. $1.23 and $1.00
Opera and Everetts,
Women's $123. Juliets; red, gray,
tan. brown and bUok. QIFTn
tur trimmed. U ......03C
tana and blacks,
Long after this sale is over you'll hear it recalled with a feeling of satisfaction by
those who were fortunate enough to share in it. Thcs are pre-inventory bargains of sur
pas3ing greatness. Rarely, if ever, are such announcements made and lived up to. Qual
ities are extremely good; weaves are new and up-to-date; colors are those now in greatest
vogue. The window displays have brought scores of women to 3e the goods, but none are
offered until tomorrow.
Beautiful Moire Silk3 Everybody knows j
hour popular these silks are now. They are I
fine for waist. There
whole ronze of colors, too rose, pink, blue.
t.'opetihagen brown. witena.
myrtle, red. et.: exeeiie-it
7-"ic silks, all marked Flori
da v. at
a i
Messalines, Peau de Cygnes, tii'tt;u- anl
eref-e de chine: 7." pieces in all, also Moire
antique silks: these come in every conceiv
able shade for evening and street wear.
They are exquisite, shimmering, soft silk.-;
jnst ai the fashion demands. f ff
(Jur biggest silk bargain with-
out a doubt: $1.00 values, at
Dress Goods Remnants
in to 1 --yd. p1-'''? to
close before inventory j
all sorts of g Q j
fabrics, yd. ... 33C ,
Tany of the? ae
worth double anil more
and all are ne- g-'oda
Be Early It Pay
Superb $1.50 Silks A variety as broad a the
ut't'erinsr i- unusual. Just look at this range
(."aslimire de Soie, in new shades:
Peau tie Xymph. 3i-inch Black Taffetas. $1.."j0
blark Moire Silks. .l.f0 and 1.2."
i;k piaid-. fl..") crepe de chine.
43-inch printed Chiffons, etc.. all at. .
$1.31 values, for coats
and dresses. 70 pieces
all colors. AQ
v. rJ 'OC
B'-avers. a s t r a r hans
and bearskins for chil
dren's coata. worth to
$5.00, at,
Closing Out Sales Books, Calendars, Stationery
In the jostling Christmas crowds many books became finger marked, scuffed and i Jfj
ear marked these, along wita odds and ends, are to be closed out without regard HC 3Ttu HijC
to cost. Two immense lots, at . .
Our splendid stocks of beauti
ful gift calendars for 1910 Eatire
mctu CAiinus
By Wayne Whipple, author of 'The
Story of Lincoln." In Ui following
nubjta: Llnccln. Wuhinirton,
Ca'.antiar Gaj
dn Calendars..
43c mi 93c
Beanrifully boisej stationery that
old up to $1.50 and slightly
.rA: .49c
Clip this Coupon and bring it with you to
get the benefit of our big Jewelry Markdown.
Commencing Moaday, and for the entire wt.
you bay all jewelry (excepting Watchea and
Diamonds) at
Ttis embraces Jewelry Novelties, Silver
ware, Clocks. Leather Goods. Cmb.-elias, etc.
Poaitiely ery article In the stock at one
fourth off ( Watchea and Diamonds excepted.
Doa"t forget, bring this Coupon with yoa.
A aweeniog anl uacialitionaI mark down,
affertia all toym, inrlndinif our Kinematographo.
Magia' Lanterna. strain Knaiaeis Train, M
chaairal Toy, Iron Toy iu fat everythui
goes aC half.
DO IJjs- Dressed Dolls and k4and 1 rrr
jointed doUs, none reserved, afv Li 1
TOY FYRNTCTRE PUnos, Chairs. Desks, Go
Carta, Sleds, Bureaus, etc. i nrr
reduced Uri
All Doll Sundries, Stockiiii. Shoes. Parasols
t Half
The gift season in over. Here's your oppor
tunity to supply your own neeIi ax a mere frae
tloa of actual value. We must sell at any roar
this week.
fancy Frenca China.
Umiii Painted China.
Lihliv's Cut tilaiis.
L'irinerware. mci::dinj HavCandi
perforated ware
Electric and Gaa Lamps,
Jxoanese Vun. all k.nus.
wr hin Tabies loaded
wiTii Kam--.- 7hlna. at .
w ill e?.-y piete wortn duujie or more
our bijiyest fatur-3.
35 "AZr OFF
;s one of
Prt-limntory Salts
S.nie of our finest bargains for the week are
In this list "Socks are heavy and markdouras
are necessarily more severe.
na Ok"'".". PornnJator. of!Ve
hiNui. off and Ta Pors
piife in our stock
Xnamalwara n
Xaatara ul Baa Barnera-
ln tftt-lt
Ba ii f 1 n." on in Jit.
I l.27 jae Heiu. aa.50
I k' Flour I'ina 5o
Waii Bi.iers. .nppir and
tin. silently drii'd
di rr
-Any one
Anv imi in aroii,
20 eff
23 off
10 ff
20 off
B. B. 9."ic If Skat-"
N. J i. ;r irla....50c
S:.3." B. o. E. Si Iron-,
at Ma
Mr. Potts Sl.l'i Irons TSa
Bennett's Big Grocery
. f 1.75'
lou atjnps
i ijjni'-'
ISO i'l t:unpn
Sao il siaxnpa
I3o I" stampa
1I siainna
Hicelsmr Flour. sa'k
Be'inert'a Gouln ijoff. ib. .
Bonnett a i ha.ln ;ofi?e. lb
Toajt. uMior'oii. !U
Ta .iftinifa. ib. pl:
Diamond ? "h!'.i im:e
!h1 rt.eine "lua-ii:.-. ib So
anadown CcxifiaH, I pk;9 3e to stamps
:iiuer'a T'imat j .oup aoo ?0 stumna
t'apitol Pure PppT. -lb can....lOo a stjunpn
Soina. Frani-o-Amerlcan. qt- can..3a XO stamps
t.inen E-:le Currants. ;h. pk....iao ; stajiuia
Hartley's Pure Fmit Jama lao 20 sujiimb
Cirri, W'.nte Oa.i brand, ihree rans 3o
Bailna i it it n n Laver Kmina. lb 10a
lnit:iU Sieede.1 Rj.aine ib. aK XOo
l aaitoi Minre Meat Z pka 10 atunps
Ptntel Beef. Franco- Ajnerii-aii .... lOa 5 suimiis
Oai'-Iard Olive OtJ 45a 30 atamns
L.Dion's Jellv. 3 nkp 1 stamps
P-anut Eiuter. two jam aoai(t stamps
Some Thing's You Want to Know
The Holy Land The City of Processions
Only on Cliriaunaa d.ty does BethJenam
;a rank above Jerusalem ma the moot
holy Chrtatian city. Every oiher day in
:he year Jerusalem is the arena of the
eiebrauon of soma attend holy day, and
ait frequent ara theee ntuaiiatlc abservaauea
Lbat JeruasJem may wail be caUed tba
("liy of Procession. The ChurcU of tile
Holy Sepukhre ia, of courae. Uie center
ii most of tti celebrations, but the city
a!xuDds In aacred aarines and is bieaaed
: -h many churchea autt cunvenu, eacn
'i .ta own time Uie scene of some apectac
...r rei-eqitiny of worship. Then. too. thre
a tile Jewiah and t!' Mohxmmeitan fes
' .s. uat the Christians far outstrip the
jsii'jUfti th.f two otiier rei;&;ona wh.i-ti
:m Jeniirtit-iu as tue liolr lit?.
tSe t'hur ii f ttie Holy epiiicht. ouilt
ui tjia si'e f tn datn. the hm'ai and
tue fiiurreiM.uii of Chrut. la Ule holiest
n:ma tn 'hi 'stenaom. The M-iui; f
ul. --ea. fvom wn-re He ascended iiuu
h'-aven. me tiaidrn of iJethaeinane Wjer.-
H. i eufteid the n . the Via Doioroaa.
aio whu-ti He camel the croaa. the
J.1.14M1-111 : of PVa:e here He was
condemned y th? poiiuoa. stale, the house
of Caiaphui the h.h pneet. where He
"vaa coinleiij ed Uy li.e!aiattiHi siaiii.
I. i-! and nia.iv oiiier authencca'.ed and
i.nauthetiTii-ated wenes in the life of the
.-aw ior are :he obj La uC ielious vt.tier
1.011. uue ia ahos n the atona upon t niuit
Jeaua s;uud S"'.it-n li, mountnl the aa
"Inch iu to car y Ii:in into JerusaJeui.
.'r,e is iiue,n the sim upn which roue led
tie cuck rhoee turd cr-isr broufht r
p. Ucajii'e l-j the n-.-e. t of the erring- Peter,
and au one eema 10 1. 'ma ft atrai(e that
una atone iii an nuifcy difTereot
tuarter of the city from that in which.
P" er was suppuai to be ua mat Xaufui
rui nut a.l of .he vut aocum ulation of
Craas tmi a" t-aditiona a, id aoaurd auixtau
tiona can biot out the tact that Jeruaa.eni,
ia tact, la the city n which Our Lord, brouetnt
Kia ministry to a cloea and whera He
aufterad martyrdom. For tha reaaoa the
Lai Tor b Jerusalem, whatever baa awn rw
1 f.oii belief, must be interested in the
iranw aitd peculiar rois;1oua ewieoraciuiia
a hick ara (Oitf sa about hi a a.1 the
time. Ear!y in the mormnaj one ses a
proceasion of brown-cowled, bare-f h -d
Fraaclacana maJusa: Its way through Lao
narrow streata ta the church. It ia very
simple, very solemn and not at ail spec
tacular. A little later in the day. perhapa.
one eea the Latin Pau-!ar-h of Jeruam.
acc wnpanied by the Frinch Cjum li-cien-etai
!n his sorgvoua un'.forru. at itie head
of a procession maii cit i'i v fr.m .ne
of the modrm clvirvhe tj some nrvrii
In -Marp cuurradt is ti.e pr.M-eseiun of
Armenian prleyta wea.-inif hauits of hcaek
and high, brmli-w. chimney-put hats, pro
cee.lins; fmm U:e fliaccn of Si. Jamea.
uie aeat of lie Armeiuaa Ptr:areh.
toward the Holy S-oulchr-.'. Then a small
;id rMKM pr enuu.n of Sj r an Ja.-oOrtes
aoin 10 Uieu- i.ny ctiapel c lose nv t tie
T'imh of the Lo -L The gaies of the
At' convent open and s:v-s forth
a pro eaion uf pnrsta of l.'i.a peon. a 1' r-e.
er a .11: s:-ry and a womier 10 i.K cidrn
tal 1 'iirtst '.ans. And ihen. sometimes tiiere
is a proce -.-ion in purpie a.i.l wtine and
black !ed by lha AJidtlica-i Biahop jf Jer
usaicm. for even Lie Proiesianis have tneir
repre.eiitaiion in iLeee spectacular rlltj
.uua ceiebraUiina.
lniei-eatiiiaj as are. these formal pit)cK
I't'oa to te eye. ever mora inte-estu".a are
the infjrmaJ and motley parades of tne
pilirrims. On the Mount of Oi;ves one may
loo townrd Jrusaiera and see he city
as Chr-st saw it when He sa.J H-an
ard eann r.a-l pa-ss awav. but My words
sha I r.ot paa away." Wmling- up Ule
'.vng road f-.n :lie city t, the Uoiy moan;
cornea a company of Russian ptiaTtma.
They nave sated from Taeir poverty the:
small sum ne:eaary ta pay the.r pifuji
from Odeaea tit Jafra. and they wiil wa.k
tram hers ta the Jordan to ba rebapcaed
to toe watara of that holy nver.
Tei not the burden of tLeir extreme pov
erty and their treat phyaicai misery can
weth down their ralisnoua exa.taiion. They
have bo prtaeta to head their proeeaaiun.
thay hare no eapta.n, they are aimpa pll-
iu oai. uie enr ana e n e Kuaaiaa,
' ' v " ' v - vvi nueiMcea ror uieir !
entertainment and. while mey are in the I
Holy Land, taey are well ca.od lor. i'roia !
uje church at tr.e summit of the Mount of
-!'ves jisues for:h a procession of P.ussian
Gym pnesta to receive the pllgrtma and
10 lea4 them in their worship hera. where
they n look out icnss Lie desert ta the
Dead eea rfreen mi'.es away, and beyond
it to the mountains of M ah. where Moses
lies in his lonely sepulchre.
"h-wr.aTi are so likely :o forget Uiat
J-sim r'hr-si is es;eeme by Islam aa the
ea; of the P-op(iej but Mohammed,
and It is lnterMi.ns to note that on the
Mount of Olives the most sacred Chrtatian
shnne a n possession of the Mohamme
dans and is a piace frequented by devout
pilgnma who fuiiow th ProoJiet of Arabia.
A mosmie here marks the sit of the place
f-om whence .IesU9 Is la-d ta hare as
cended into lies -en. and taere ia one of the
footprints of Jtfsus in the aolld stone to
pmve the sior?'.
Yet of a.l the prra-eMiinn. of Jer-iiva.em
u'ic mos; unpressive is that disjointed and
unorganised march of tne d-vuut along the
V a Doiorcwa. the route which Jeaus trod
ou His last ,r.arcn to Ciirty. Along Una and narrow way are um station
of Lhe cross so familiar tn the worship uf
ail Christians of the Laun nte. There are
only nine of the fourteen staiions of :
er jaa iu i. ta L-olor..a. a- the last f- e
are covered over by tue building of u;e
'liurcti of the Holy .fepuic.'ii-e.
The pinrrtina who mae lain ,oj:ney
repieeent almost ever' natior.aiity and al
most everv class in Christian society.
Tiirre :s t ie faaaticaj devotrt who makes arxiuiHia pilgrimane rver- Fr-day
i-oaj-.ntij under the weight of a huip
wootian ross. almost as larg as that
whi. h Jesus t.i rif.1 Handinia of these
pi'giims d-s themseivea as they imagine
Jesus ould dreaa and maaa tna pfl primage.
Aa tiiey tase thesr ideas uf the -mime
from paintina-s wtun which they ara
familiar, and aa tha European painters of
the middle agea were anything hut accurate
in deuuL tha coetumxng ta must motley.
Soma wear German clothes of tha mediaeval
periods, some ara tli-eased aa Romans, and
sums as P.ossians. These piigrtma may be
seen any day. but on Fridae- there ta usu
a.!y a greater number. Then there ara
auiama said, Zotmaa ceramumai pruceaatons
v. mae ti.e piig.-inia of the Via j
rviurona a sacrelotal splendor, with ail i
Lie trapping of gnrcou.s eccletiasLcai
'.j jits. Then there are the ordinary uur- j
!sti every party of whom goes over this j
way. There is rarely a t;me when some :
procession ia not moving over this rou'.e.
As Christmas day is the climax of the
Christmas year in Bethlehem, so in i
Jerusalem does Easter mark the tide 1
of the reJiifiouK observance. The church
of the Holy .Sepulchre enuiusing the tomb 't
from which Chnst roue Is, of course. Lie
eenter of the eastern i-eJebratinn. The I
Greek, chufh holds its most solemn sex-
vices on this day. but for various reasons '
th. service in the Church of tha Holy j
S. pulchra upon Easter mortiirg is ;
iaroi. the Lutherans and tlie other western
ctnif-iies Dhwr e Earner in Jerusalem
jUJit as the?- lo in anv ith-r riiy.
bt rmzszBac j. kasxxs .
ancient Fort of Jappa.
degenerated iuui a not in which lives are
often lost.
The chap-el of tne is tiv
into two smal er chape s, one conta-ning
the sepulchre, winch ia Latin, and the
other containing the suine which was
roiled away from fie door of the sepwichre.
which la Grii and Armenian. In the i ll! j
of the latter tiny chaoei a hole through '
w:ucii Lte holy fire of Kster will i-snc. '
Ou the mght before iia'tc- the church is
criW'ied with as many pe-nr.a aa the'
Turkish soldiers w'l a.Jmtt and the Kiua.-e ,
in front of tha building and the 'tr-ets in
t!ie neighborhood are packed dt-ner' "th;
a suoutins. uriiiing tiirnff of Oriental j
Christians. j
Inside tlie churci t ie people run round I
and round and round the a-pirTchra anout
i:ig. "This :s the tomn of J-ana Chi-uu
.l-l si've the mitiUi JesuM I'lmst had re
ieemeit us.'- It is a wild orap' which has
no er.iu'ajice of wliat westerners d--m '
a proper rii-.uus le.-uruiti. Fina.ri' a 1
proceiun of G-eelt pr .rt. ij. einbroiilerod I
Vfnuwilieomni forth eicoitirj liie bishop.
H?. after a friiiiun:.'. goei into tne ;in -.iiapet
and c oaes The lNir. In ther a.tiiie. !
I. a piaya for fire to Jew-end f-Tn nev-.n.
After a lung time, du.!: which the!
cro'vd haa tvn working nae'f up to the
'iiS'iest fr"u-. tlie fire com-s fji-tn 'run
the hole in the side of the ctiapel. it :s
caught on the cai.dlea uf the wa-ting-pnems,
and then cemmumcated raa uly all
through tha church, seven waiter having a
candle ready, out the door and f-om candle
to candle in ths great throng outside. Men
fight with each other to be Hrs. to rwcewe
tha holy f'.rw and Easter morning is often '
tha (treason of disgraatefui hraw'a at tha
rory sepulchre of the Christ That tha Ere
actually deacenda from heaven In answer
to tha prayers of the bishop no one of
theee eaaer ana devout worshippers aver
duubta. The Laaue bave nothing to do
win ilua ceremony. They, tne Episcopal- j
W ems as lavailsn af Literary Field
Hitkerta "llonoaeiiiswal ay
the Mew.
Amonif other "stT'ictly n;sje profefiionrt"
lateiy invad.i by the twentieth c-nt-.iry
W'iman .a tha "bHkaiuKmg ' huHiueafl.
Laura Johnson pleaded guilty in one of
the Chicago courts """the other una to tha
cnargw of keeping a 'oook " on the pomes
and was fined fc. and cUi-t.. The jvilice
tilers say it was the fit ca--e on r-curd
w-h.-iT a wiiinan "bteffiinakcr ' appeared
This is Uie story the feminine "bookie"
toid as she left the court room.
"I am a Chicago g;rl.'- she organ smil
ingly and with self-confidence. "I am
making" a good living, much better thaa
any other working g-rl I know uf. There
is a g eat deal of money :n my busmuss.
I tnaH t lots of miinev-.
"I was edacated m an easlent convent
and came back here Men still uuitc young.
I first leamen .if horse racing and bet
ting at close rar.a-c at a card party which
I attended with oth-r wumen. Nearly aal
of t.ieni piayd the races and soma of
t.'iem iui-.y.sed me to. I ieard their talk
for sume time, and one day when I waa
ca.ling on a woman acuua.ntance a mea
soiiier came to her house and she sent a
bet by him ta some handhuc.K. "-he sug
gested tiiat 1 do likewise, and I sent a
bet by tne ame hoc it n as my first bet.
I kiSL
"I uho; an increasing -.ill -rest and stuuied
up on iti poniet. L'ui-ing the n--t five or
s,x years I placed it tiie tracks mostly
Eelinijiil and N..i rl ans. The higsesl
winning I evr made when I was b.-tt:ng
wad C .' in one mr. nut I o-t in tha
lung niu and foia.!.' ia in-d that tlie only
persons aiiii;t 'y made money on
belLug wore Lie buoemaaci s.
"I snew a great many women -n Ken
wood and Hyde Park who made beta,
many of them ia.i.-. 1 opened a book In
an apartment building. I installed a tele
phone and Later added a messenger service
of my own. - I have a. ways had mea
aangwra. There ara women who doo t want
to bet aver tha telephone and who do not
want to come iu the rat I send the hoys
ta them and they forward to me their beta
recorded on lips of paper and their mofiev.
Weil. 1 fuea mat's all. Chicagu journal.
Saaae Llaat aa the Orawbaeka af
Other Dare aae rrnsseels ia
"Nii wi: iiaianding her Kreat natural re
sources and her geographical advantages.
'Vyoming is ihe slowest 10 gro v of ail the
'aes in the union." according to Joseph
G. Bunoiighs of Cheyenne. Wyo.. n an
interview in the Washington Hetald.
"Wyoming has kept a little ahead of
Nevada !n population. " ?a:d Mr. Burroughs,
"but has never oeen aoie to round up a
sufficient number of voter"! .0 command
mure than one memoer of cong-s. I: u
now cJaime.1 mat the state has led " m
habitanta. having ga.ued mora than H pnr
cent since the aist censua. but that cannot
be stated definitely until nexi year.
"There a-e three reasons in the past why
eeiiiement has not been mora rapid." con
tinued Mr Bureonghs. "FirM. tha lack of
rransivii tauon faciii'.ea and Llie unfortu
na.e line la-en o" the Union Pacific ra.l
rnaci in its -instruction across ihe state.
I:iateeJpf following the snort est a;id must
feaurthie nute un tne P'atte and 3weei
water. hy way of .-?ou:h Pasn and along tne
old established California tra 1, the engi
neers aiiopted ttie present route through
tiie aoutliem part of tha state and across
the Red C-esert. following no water cour-rfi
and traversing the most desolate section.
Couseuuenily. for ail tha years of our his
tory territorial and stats, people traveling
across the country have passed through the
leaat sttraet'.ve sect.on and the leajt fr
"ia. and. returning to 'heir homea. i.ave
aiwa.-3 nad favorable reports 10 make of
every ot.-ier state excat Wyoming: but
when mentioning th.s commonwealth tnec
have tiiciwn up their hands in horror ar.4
declared: it to ba oisct rally tiriliihabl'aoie
and a desert in the full sense of the word.
"Se-ond. the untmthf il reprta of nu
climatic conditlor.a. whlcli have led tiie
general public to baueve that winteta in
Wyoming are estremeiy hard ard cold.
This is not exactly according facta.
Range stock of ail k nds have always win.
tared on our open ran gee. and under the
average oondluona coma through tha win
tar tn excellent shape without any cars er
"Any ana desiring work of any kind can
always find employment anywhere, and
satisfactory employment. There :s no man
out uf a job In Wyoming exceyt by aia
own wUL
Aa Illasiratiaa af tha Caltft Wniaaat
by Irriawtiaa ia tha
-"one ten nr j lioeen veers afio a few of
us went out to Colorado (0 hunt black 1 a.1
deer. We slopped at the ranch of one
' Uncle Bill Thompson, located well towa.d.
1 tii! head of a plea.--.anL but wholly barre-i
, little '. alley. Uncle Bill lived In a lou
hut. round about which stood a fa w
1 straggling little apple trees, planted by his
own somewhat hardened hands and watered
' w'th a ragged little ditch which he hart
dug with tha same hands. Uncle Bill waa
; living on the venison of blackta.l de nr
citiontail rabbit. When ue went ou: lu
hunt w'th as. he took with linn uniy threw
cartridges because they were a.l he had.
and a.l he could afford. So far as I know.
Uncle Bill Thompeon never did anything
in his life that caused him to bluan. hu:
if he has biuslic-i. he has been blushing
unseen these last len years. Nona th
lees, in some "ay lie aot tugtuher munev
' enough to come to the city, where lately
he casually wandered into the of
oue of bis f irmer guests. With some com
pui SNions. and with t.'ia- certain coudescen
sioti usually employed by any ciuy man
t'. ward anyone who does not Hv In h'.s
own particular city. I asked Unda Bill
iow his rancn ia along and what
I, ib 'and was now worth, t wanted Lo ba
plumb aifahle a-ttli him.
'Well. ' answered Uncle Bill, nibbing ma
cnin. "I dunnu ;ust wuat you would cait
that .and worth now. The apple buyers
jn-t u l mi-t,-Sj i aoje for my appli s
n tlie reee. I auppoee you prouahly might
all that eot of ami worth about tl an
a're. mightn't . ou ' I rex-kon that would
be annul a fair pece. '
"Uncle Bill." -raid I to him sudden. y
"have y jii got more than thiee cartridge
-n ".iiir liiiie nua ""
"f ha-, e." he siinDi-.
lie ha.'.
When Uncle B.ll came into the off'., e i,c
incited to be smaller than myself. When
he went out. I concluded that on the w'io'm
!i - looked a great deal larger than myself;
. because I -lo not recall any personal trans
au Hon of In wnich anyone has cume
along and offered me Oti an acre foe
I my kind of city appiea on tha iree. How
! about your own city apples 'Emerson
Hough in Colller's.
There ia no oangni of croup renultiror
aertously if Chaicueriaui e Couau Baiucd
ia gjvsa.