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Congress Will Not Hear Executire't
Recommendation! First Day.
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Should not fail to see this Millinery Style Center while visiting the Corn Exposition.
to our elegant new store, now being put in readiness for us. Special Low Prices prevail at
aur old location until moving time.
tat and It U to b hoped some Indiana
'man wt:i buy It."
GM to Highest Bidder.
At the close of the exposition, Decem
ber U, tha Fall car will b sold to tha
highest bidder. Judging by the prlcea
paid (or other famoua ears of corn, It la
expected the ear will sell for mora than
All grains and grasses will be judged
before the gate open. The show con
tinues for 'two weeks and over 6,000 entries
have been made.
Dr. Char! Payne of Milwaukee, -who la
to arrive Sunday, haa accepted an invita
tion "to give a travelogue lecture on Meg
loo Tuesday evening In Musical hall, at
the solicitation of the National Com ex
position. Pr. Payne Is coming to Omaha
because of en engagement to speak at the
First Presbyterian church 'on Sunday. Hie
lecture will : be of particular Interest In
lew of the activity and Interest of Mex
Icd" In the corn show.
a meeting of the officers held here yester
day, when the votes on disbanding cast by
the grand lodge were counted. It was found
that those favoring dlsbandment outnum
bered the other faction by II. Resolutions
were adopted disbanding the lodge on De
cember 15. up to which time all death
claims and allowances will be paid. Tha
balance in the treasury will be prorated
among the members. The Iowa Workmen
is a former faction of the Ancient Order
of United Workmen, which separated from
the older organisation a number of years
ago. '
Iawa Lodge DJabanda.
WATERLOO, la., Dec. 4. (Special.) The
Iowa Workmen, a fraternal Insurance or
ganisation, with headquarters In this city,
(Continued from Page One'.)
Doxey lifted Mrs. Doxey into it. The other
members of the party also got Into tha
carriage-and as It drove off the crowd
followed down Market atreet and peered
through the windows to get a glimpse of
Mrs. Doxey'e face as she was taken to
police headquarters.
Ready for laejaeet.
The coroner lkte yesterday completed ar
rangements to hold an Inquest over the
will cease to exist after December 15. At body of Erder. Coronor Baron expects to
have the complete report of the chemist by
Monday and It ('possible the Inquest will
be held on that day. The state alleges
Mrs. Doxey put arsenic In Erder's food.
8he lived with him as his wife.
Circuit Attorney Jones is continuing
his search Into the life of Mrs. Doxey, who
Is charged w4th having married Erder In
April. He died July 10, after four days' ill
nesa. Miss Kate Erder, slater of the dead
man, today told the circuit attorney Dr
Doxer had been here In company with
Mrs. Doxey a few days after Erder died,
The circuit attorney tonight stated no
expense would be spared in running down
everyone oonneoted with the case. Coroner
Baron will have Dr. Doxey appear as
witness at the Inquest.
Miss Erder furnished the state a Hat of
witnesses and they will be examined by the
circuit attorney. Three arrests on statu
tory, murder and bigamy charges are the
result of detective work of Miss Erder.
Mrs. Doxey was Dora Elisabeth Fuller
nA was born in Aledo. III., twenty-nine
years ago. Her husband was Robert Down
Ing of Joy, III He sued Dr. Doxey and
comoremlaed the suit and then divorced
his wife. Mrs. Downing married Dr. Doxey
Tlsae Itanored Cwatnm of Adjoaralasj
Out of Respect to the Memory of
Deceased Members Will
Bo Observed.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 4. With the open
trg of lbs first regular session of the Sixty
flvst congress but two oays away. enators
and representatives from near and far are
arriving In Washington today.
Following a tlme-hor.ored cvstom, both
houses will adjourn soon after their con-
venli'g at noon on Monday out of respeoi
to the memory of thoe members who have
dl'd during the reess of congress.
Senator Johnson of North Dakota died
several weeks ago, and hta successor al
ready haa been chosen and probably will
take the oath of office on Tuesday. Foun
ttyi I Thompson of Cando, N. D., the new
senator, la a democrat, although his tre
dcior was a republican. 8enatr
Thompson was appointed by North Da
kota's new democretia governor to fill
out Johnson's unexpired term, which ends
January t MIL
The deceased representatives are David
A. De Armond of the Sixth Missouri dis
trict, who met death In a fire which de
stroyed his home at Butler, Mo., only a
few days ago. and Francis R. Lassller of
the Fouth Virginia district.
Successors have not been elected In
either district.
Tuesday is likely to be devoted In both
houses to the reading of President Tsft's
message to congress, and after that the
lawmakers should be able to get down to
business Immediately, as all Jhe committee
ppolntmenta and other details of organ
ization have been completed.
BUI for Naval Militia.
Final touches) upon a bill to be placed
before congress at an early date, which, In
ahort, Is a provision to make the naval
militia of the various states come under
the some benefits and training as the Dick
4IU made possible for the National Guard
of tha, country, la the principal business
to be taken up by the delegatea to the
National Naval Militia association at a
meeting here December 1
Commissioned officers from all state
naval mllltla are expected to be present,
and besides the nineteen states which al
ready have a naval mllltla, Wisconsin and
Indiana possibly will have a tentative rep
The new naval mllltla bill to be out in
final shape has received the careful work
of the naval mllltla
has been revised by the general board of
the United States navr. with Aitmimi
Dewey at Its head. No federal naval re
serve nor naval subsidy nor allied feature
la contemplated.
An opening address at the association's
meeting will be made by the secretary ofS
tne navy, and the assistant secretary will
speak on the field and scope of the naval
An official visit will be made to Presi
dent iart Thursday afternoon. PVMnv
will be spent at the United States Naval
academy, and a banquet will be given Fri
day evening In Washington.
All Land Men
Are Included
Under Decision
Both Caiet Affected by Affirmation of
Lower Court's Baling Imposing
Finei and Imprisonment
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i..., b Tui. iht told Krder she ln lh dioislon of the federal circuit court
bad married Doxey. but ho had died. Krder of MP1 affirming the ruling of the fed-
married to Mrs. Doaey In Clayton. " coun uning ana lmprosoning
in Bloomlnaton. Ia.. August Jo, im Fefora
that time she had become acquainted with tne-tig land men Rlcharda,
Erder. She told him she was going to Jameson. Triplet. Huntington.
marry Dr. Doxey In Bloomlngton. Return.
St. Louis county. Tha bigamy eiTarge la
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Va asak. - Bepaw ssiaik aWaW M BBBBaBVr--r
Accused Coaple Forced to wait
Whole Dar for License
BURLINGTON, la.. Dee. 4. (Special.)
Tha story of the tribulations of Dr. and
Mrs. Loren Doxey, as told In dispatches
from St. Louis, la not complete without the
romance which occurred ln Burlington, la.,
Auruat SO. im. Qn that day Dr. Doxey
and Mrs. Dora Puller were united ln mar
rlag-e by Rev. J. R. Sutherland, pastor of
the First Presbyterian church, at the
narsonage on West hill In Burlington,
The two Interested parties came to the
city the day before from Joy, 111. They
had resided there for a number of years.
Dr. Doxey, with hla first wife and Mrs.
Puller, with her first huaband, now
buaineas man of that place. Dr. Doxey
was the family physician of the Pullers,
and there aroae a acandaL and finally a
me men, oui inere is no doubt now
They are all Included. The Baa received a
special dlapatch -Jo this effect yeaterdav
afternoon, and District Attornsy Ooss re
ceived official notification from St Louis.
while attorneys for the convicted men
prefess not to be sure whether they will
appeal to the supreme court of the United
States or not. United Bute District At
torney Ooss sufcests that possibly the su
preme court may settle the matter for
them, falllns; to issue the writ of cer
tlorlri making the appeal poaalble. unleas
some important new matter waa shown.
President Probably Will Send Special
Jlessag-e on Situation.
Jewelry Fft&KZa.K ism ana Dodse.
Kola Will Plead Guilty.
MOUX PALLS, S. ., Dec . (Special.)
The case of Ralph Knlss, a Luverne (Minn.)
young- man, who a few weeka ago was
arrested at hla Mlnneaota home and taken
to Deuel county. South Dakota, to answer
to the charge of forgery, attracted a arreat
deal of attention at the time, owing to the
uiai ine young man .cornea rrom a
highly reapected family at Luverne. Hlnce
hla arreat he has been In the Deuel county
separation of the two couples, the matter J" at Clear Lake. It now Is reported on
being quietly settled in each case, when aumoruy mat ne has decided to enter
on August 29 the doctor and Mrs. Fuller, P' i grimy ana tnus secure as light a
then 23 years of ace. appeared In Burling- lorra PossiDie in the Bloux Palls pent-
ton end annllad for e'marriaire license. As friary. II is charged with forging the
there waa no witnese oapable of ewear- I nam ' Attorney Mead ef a ear Lake to
Ing to the age of Mrs. Fuller, the license cnc 110. This made the third time
was refused. The couple wer despondent, th4lt n8 ha1 ben arrested on the charge
.1 nf f rrm
but remained ln the city over tne next "
when to Doxeys Joy ha met a former ni.n,,.,,,.
-- . v in an i
resident of Joy, 111., on the street who
knew him and Mrs. Fuller Intimately.
This wss Harvey Sherer, new a resident
of Burlington.
"Thank God, Sherrer," exclaimed Doxey,
grasping his hand. "You are the very
man I want Tou can help me out of a
scrape." and he told Sherer about hla ef
forts to secure the marriage license
Sherer at once went with the doctor to the
clerk's office and Identified the couple and
assisted them to procure the license. The
couple then repaired to the home of Dr.
Sutherland and were married, the wit
nessee being Mrs. Sutherland and a young
girl of the neighborhood. Mtsa Helen Wil
son, who chanced to be calling at the
house. The newly married couple then de
parted from the city and were never heard
from, again until the acnaation In their
Uvea waa sprung recently.
The Weather.
For Nebraska Snow; not much change In
1 empfi aturr at Omaha yeaterday:
t a. in
a. in
, 7 a. ni
I a. m
a. in
10 a. m
11 a. m
12 m....v.....
I p. m. .....
t p. m
3 p. m
I p. m
5 p. m
6 p. m
7 p. ra
. ... i.
.... 15
.... IS
.... 15
.... 15
.... 14
.... U
.... 11
.... 13
.... U
.... iS
.... n
.... ia
.... 13
s Jointed
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Repaklloaas aad Deuaoerata Will
Oeeapy Eatlre Dallet la
DES MOINES. Dee. V4. According to a
statement Issued today from the office of
Secretary of Slate Hayuard. only two
political parties, the republican and demo
cratic, have the right to hold a primary
election In June.
The law requires that each party must
cast t per cent of the total vote at tha last
election for governor before they are per
mitted to Uke part la tha primary. The
prohibitionists and socialists fall aelew tha
required per cent and hare lost taeir right
to Uke part la tae prtatery,
J boceGGeo
fsL "I ahould feel guilty of In--
gratitude If I did not tell of
the benefit I have derived from
Hood's Sarsaparllla. Five ugly and pain
ful abaeeases formed in the lower part Of
my abdomen. I waa confined to my bed
thirteen weeks, and the fain was almost
unbearable. A neighbor auggeated that I
try Hood's Saraaparllla. which I did. I
began ta Improve immediately, the ab
acesaes began te heal, and I contlnuad to
take the medicine until I waa well." JOHN
WALLACE, Field 8ee Y. M. C.'a.. Pitta
ten. Pa.
at Heed'a Saraaparllla teday. In usual
liquid form or labials called tiaraataua.
Catted States Will Await nota oi
Revolution, on Groand There Is
Ko Responsible Govera
saeat at rresant.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 4. There seems to
be little doubt that the presMent will lay
before congreas at an early date the facta
as to the Nlcaraguan situation with a Tlew
to receiving authority for any further steps
he may see fit to take in the Interest oi
Americans resident in that country ana
with a view to putting an end to the inter
minable strife in Central America.
Tha only communication t!u State de
partment has received from Vlca Conaul
Caldera at Managua came today ana re
lated to matters of comparatively little Im
portance. li to Indemnity for the killing of the
Americans. Cannon and Groce, there is
reason to believe no demand will be made
until the laaue between the Zelayan gov
ernment and the revolutlonlats haa been
settlsj. It Is the view of the United States
that there la at present no reaponalble gov
errment ln Nicaragua.
With the arrival at Corlnto of tha cruiser
Albany and the gunboat Torktown from
Magdalena bay the United States will be
ln a position to Uke as aggreaslve ttepi
as any occasion may demand for the pro
tection of American Interests along the
Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Together with
the gunboat Vlcksburg the three warships
will have a quota it fighting men of ab-ut
600. Landing of bluejackets or the shtll.n
of seaports Is not anticipated at this t me.
Prairie is Still Aground.
PHILADELPHIA, Dec. .-The transport
Prairie, carrying 700 marines and a cargo
of equipment to be uaed in a hospital cam
paign ln Nicaragua. U still stuck in Hie
mud at Pea Patch Island thirty-five iniita
from this city, where It grounded early
Thursday night.
No altsmpt was made to pull the big
ship out of the mud at flood time at 5 a
m. today, but an effort will be made at 6
o'clock this evening. The lightering of the
vessel's coal and atorea continues without
interruption. The munitions Is also being
The marlnea have not yet been taken
off, but they probably will have to be
eent ashore.
The Prairie Is almost a quarter ef a
mile out Its course, river men declare,
and It Is expected It w til have to be
brought back to the navy )aid here for
.urvey. So far as can be learned, liow
tver, no damage has been found.
The transport Dixie, n.iw at the navy
yard, which may be called upon to tak
the place of the Fralrle. iffar from pre
pared for a aea voyage.
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tewtere aJt II. It fer
eaae aaa bextlea
Offlee US Bewta lh bH.
.Pkoa Deng;. 1W4.
Una ta tkaot alallaons.
'WASHINGTON. Dec 4 A gun la being
dealgned by ordnance esperta In the army
fur the purpuae uf ahooting duilble bal-
My new location -neiu fix
tures, new and greatly en
larged stock of the Franks'
niialit'XJ ,c safeguards you against
tywuiit unsatisfactory purchases
loona and aeroplanes. Sixty I'nlted Statea
nflea. cullher .3i. .model of are now
bilnp fitted with a controller (or vertical
angle f;re. General (.'roller, chluf of ord
nance, rtiacuaHed the aubject In hla annual
report, hubmlitcd tu the secretary of war
Prof. H. II. LoUbrl CallferaU
Made Sirinber et National '
REIIKELKT. Cal., Dec. . Named as a
member of the national committee ef fif
teen by the Society of Agronomy. Cjof. R
H. Louglibridge, professor emeritus of soil
aclence of the Lnlveialty of California,
left today for Omaha to attend the flrat
matting of that body.
To the members of tha committee la en
trusted the taok of securing a more sys-
We Make All We Sell
Qtn3ha Trunk
We alas carry a fine line ef X.tcif geutt
Beag. 1SUS Vasaaia fcl Ind. A. lota
t, n.atlc and uniform claralflcetlon of soils
In the L'nlted Steles. Prof. Loughbrldi;
waa retired In July on the Carnagls pension
fui:J. after having aerved for eighteen
aara aa aaaot late profeaaor of phyales aa
geology of soils.