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Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
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Minor Mention
Tbs Council JBloffs office of the
Oioibl 8m U at IS eot Utntt.
Both 'pbonea 43. .
Davis, dif . " -
bltmoirf . In tli beat vaudevlll.
COKHIUANB, undertaker. Thone 1U.
For rcnti modern huun. 788 Ith avenua
NIGHT SCHOOL at Furyear college.
Majestlo rant. F. C DeVol Hdw. Co.
Woodrlns; Vnusrtaklng company. Tel.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director.- 'Fhon 17.
Balrd & Boland, undertakers. 'Ption 111
Expert piano tuning, Hospe. 'Phona S44.
Whan you want reliable want ad adver
tising, ua The Bee.
Diamonds of all etae. t Tight prlc.
Enough ald. Leftcrt.
Council Bluffs lodg of Elk will meet In
regular aeaslon Friday evening.
Up-to-date Art Department and Pletur
Framing. Borwlck. tU South Main street.
Furnlahed largo front room and alcove,
modern, near Grand hotel. "O," Omaha
Bee, Council Bluff.
Winter terra Western Iowa college opena
Monday, November 19. Send for catalog.
Attend th best achool.
Place your orders at once for Christmas
Picture framing. Open T:30 to , evenings.
C. K. Alexander, 832 Broadway.
Marie, 'th JVyear-old daughter of Mr.
and Mra. C. 1 (ton, 1218 Tenth avenue,
died yeatertU i diphtheria. The fu
neral, whlcli. . rlvate, was held yea
terday afterm,.... .nerment being In fvlr
Vlew cemetery.
Mra. Lucy Hoaoh filed suit yesterday for
divorce from Oscar Beach, to whom she
was married February 8, lvHTT, and from
whom aha separated f)ptemter 15, last, on
account, a she allege, of his cruel nnd
Inhuman treatment, which endangered her
The preliminary hearing of Floyd Green,
charged with the embezzlement of X0
from hi employer, Wallace & Grout, pro
prietor of th Bluff City laundry, was
continued In Justice Cooper's court yester
day until next Tuesday. Oreen secured
his release on a cash bond In the sum of
Ell Oreen, Indicted on a charge of dis
posing of mortgaged property. Is under
rrest tn Des Molne and will be brought
back to Council Bluffs today by Deputy
Hherlff Woolman. Green Is said to have
disposed of a phonograph which he pur
rhaaed on th Installment plan from a
local dau'er before he had paid the amount
due on the machine.
Man Seen trader Snapleloa Oream
stances QalcUly Followed.
Charles P. Wyatt ot Kansas City, a
representative of the firm, which handles
the loading, and unloading of coal for the
Milwaukee railroad placed hi overcoat
and grip In the office at the coal chute
yesterday afternoon while he went to at
tend to some business la th yards, gam
Willis, a negro who had been working at
the chutes, but had been discharged
earlier In the da spied th coat and grip
and as . soon as Mr. Wyatt' back was
turned made off with them. Borne of the
men engaged In handling the coal saw
the negro leave the office carrying the
Trip and wearing the overcoat and noti
fied Mr. Wyatt, who at once started in
pursuit of the thief and also tn search of
a policeman. Patrolman Allen happened to
' see Willis enter a' pawnshop on Broadway
with' th grip and leave without It,' so ho
decided to gather the negro in for Investi
gation. He had no sooner placed th fellow
under' arrest than Mr. Wyatt appeared
on th seen. Willi wa made to discard
th overcoat which he was still wearing
and return to th pawnbroker the I1.B0
which he had obtained on th grip and Its
contents. A charge of grand larceny was
booked against Willi at 'polio head
Hunter Cornea TJpoa One, but Then la
No Cln to Identity.
Boy Kadel, a young farmer of York town
ship, while hunting Tuesday afternoon near
the town of Mlndan, made th discovery
of th decomposed body of a man lying by
th std of a haystack. The body waa di
vested of all clothing with the exception
of a hlrt and ault of underwear, and th
closest search failed to reveal any other
clothing In th Immediate vicinity. The
body wa completely covered with hay, and
thla fact, taken In conjunction with the
absence of clothing, lead to th belief that
the body may have been placed there. The
advanced state of decomposition Indicated
that the man had been dead for at least
thirty day. An examination of th body
failed to show any marks of violence.
Justice of th Peace Mlnnehan and Under
taker Btuhr took oharge of the body and
during, th evening it was-' Interred. The
uthorltlea are Investigating, but up to laat
evening no clue to the Identity of th dead
man had been obtained.
Real KUIate , Transfers.
These transfer were reported to The Bee
December 1 by the Pottawattamie County
' Abstract company of Council Bluffs:
Sarah M. Hlmpaon and huxband to W.
J. Fruhardt, lot. 18 -in fcitubbe' addi
tion to Council Bluffs, w. d I 1,150
Agnea C. Brown and husband to A.
A. Clark, lot In block . in Hyatt
subdivision in Council Bluffs, w. d..
11. H. Ashton, single, to Grace F.
van Swearlngen, lot 14 In block 14,
Beers' subdivision in Council Bluffs,
w. d
Charlea A. Beno and wife to George
Allen, tM ne4 and w4j 4i neii
M-76-44, W. d ,
Thomas G. Green and wife to Charles
A. Beno, sw4 ne'A and w eaV nw"4
86-76-44. q. e. d...
John Hardin..' widower, to. Robert J.
Harding, H H and nt4 sw"4
15-74-3. a. o. d.
Hattle E. Siallard. single. . to Edson
Rich, swV w4 ,8iHM4; t sei
31-76-44. w. d.. g.flOO
Total, seven transfer.... I27.30C
New Otfloera ; Mnsned.
Council Bluffs councif ?N6. k&. Knight
of Columbus, elected. thfcS officer tor the
ensuing year last night: , Grand knight, P.
J. McUrlde; deputy, grand knight, C. J.
Carey; chancellor, ,Dr. W. Pv Hombach;
recorder, Thoirias ' M. ' Delaney; financial
secretary. B. H. Spltsnegle; treasurer, Hu
bert I- Tlnley; advocate, J. J. . Lenlhan;
warden, C. W. McCauley; Inside guard, J.
V. Ingoldaby; outside guard, Thomas Kelly;
tri-stee, J. W. Clogaton.
Here is a Delightful Change
YOU hav tried the rttl. Jutt try m package of (he new. tempting
rice-Iood. bo much A"" than the bit oi llur breakfast food
that you will adopt li (or all time when you and your have cue
learned Ita tiaucioua, dititmt flavor. Change tu-dj to
Kellogpfs Toasted Rice Flakes
crup, appaunnr. ladafylng the latest produot of th great food
- laboratories artlliittrd wilb the famoua hatiU Crmh jniunia,
Choicest rii-e trains rollod Into transparent films and toaatad lust rich!
Klc rlaket otter U ia
Another New Food
a delicious rice toast. Serve It alooe. or with
kit. biaculL Ask your grocer tor JUuogg'a
Tho KatUoauj Tonatod Rio flake
Jhtr mmd Trt a
C- "" '" i V " .,.rv -Msawv-
Postal Inspector Hard at Work After
Mabray Men:
Ninety Indictments "Retsraed by
. O rand Jnrr Several Men Ar
Known to Be In Canadn '.
at Present. .
tTp to date th United Ptat authorities
hav succeeded In arresting twenty-nin
of the ninety alleged member of the J.
C. Mabray gang of ''big store" swindler
against whom Indlotment wera returned
by th federal grand Juries In Council
Bluff and Omaha. Of the twenty-nin
who have been taken Into custody twelve
are held for trial In Omaha and a like
number for trio". In Council Bluffs, whll
five are held under Indictments In the
stat courts. These five. It Is expected,
will b taken Into custody under th fed
eral Indictments later, unless their trials
In the state courts should result In long
sentences of imprisonment.
Poetofflc Inspector Bwenson, who I
keeping close tab on the men arrested,
stated yesterday that twenty or more other
alleged member of th Mabray syndi
cate Included In th blanket I Indictment
returned In this city and Omaha' have
been traced. Several ar in Canada, whi:)
others, who were on the Pacific coast at
the . tlm th Indictments were returned,
crossed Into British Columbia and are now
sojourning there.
It Is not expected that the government
will make any concerted move to arrest
the men now scattered In different part
of the country until after the court ha
passed upon the questions which ar to
be raised by the demurrer to the federal
Indictment against Mabray In thla city.
Thla demurrer la to b filed with Judge
Smith McFherson.
Many Ont on Bond.
With but few exceptions th men ar
rested have succeeded In giving bond and
are at liberty. Most of those actually In
custody under the federal Indictments aro
being held nt different places pending re
moval to this city or Omaha. Peveral ar
putting tip a strenuous fight to avoid re
moval, with prospect of deferring extra
dition for several months and ' possibly a
year. ' ' '
There la mora or lees mystery surround
ing two of th men under arrest under
the federal Indictments. The government
official declln to make public tho name
of these men. They are Included In th Hat
of twelve held for trial In Omaha.
J. C. Mabray, alleged leader of the syn
dicate, top the list of the defendants held
under the Indictment returned tn Council
B'.uffs. He Is at present In th Polk county
Jail In Des Moines.
Others held for trial in Council Bluffs
Ed Leach, Montrose, la.; on bond.
T. 8. Robinson, Farmlngton, la.; on bond.
Joe E. Wright, Ban Antonio, Tex.; on
bond. ,
Win R. Harris, Seattle; InVJall In Coun
cil Bluff.
Eddie K, Morris, arrested In Amster
dam, N.' Y., on November 13, and now held
in Schenectady, N. Y., under order for
Louis W. Stowe, arrested In Miles City,
Mont; on bond.
Leon Loiter, In Jail In Council Bluffs.
Ola Marsh, arrested In Seattle; on bond
In Council Bluffs and Omaha.
Thomas Gay, Streator, 111.; In Jail In
Council Bluffs. '
B. Marks, Council Bluffs; on bond.
Trials Set for Omaba.
Those held for trial In Omaha are:
Bert R. Shores, arrested at Seattle: In
Jail In Omaha.
Harry Forbes of Kenosha, Wis.; on bond.
Clarence Forbes of Chicago; on bond.
John C. Smith, Streator, 111.; resisting re
moval. R. B. Herrlman, Frank W. Brown and
E. C. Moore, In Jail In Oakland, Cal., re
sisting removal.
Clarence Class, Chicago; on bond.
Ed McCoy, arrested In Salt Lake City,
November 2d; held pending removal.
William Scott, on bond.
Prank McCall, Isador J. Warner and J.
8. Johnson are held under bond In the
tat court at Llttl Rock, awaiting trial
on a charge of grand larceny.
E. L. Power I held under a state charge
In Denver, where bis trial Is set for next
Frank Scott, an alleged steerer for the
gang. Is under bond In th dlatrlct court
of Council Bluffs, where an Indictment
wa returned against him In connection
with the "miking"' of John H. Hermnrl
brecht of Bancroft, Neb.
John R. Dobbins, charged with steering
Banker "Buck 'em All" Ballew of Prince
ton, Mo., Into the clutches of th gang,
whose trial In th district court In this
city resulted In his conviction and who Is
out on bond pending th hearing on th
motion for a new trial, has not been taken
Into custody under the federal Indictment.
It Is understood he 1 arranging to give
bond under the federal Indlotroents.
Loaler In Connty Jail.
Leon Loxler, the well known footracer of
Counoll Bluff, who wa arrested at Battle
Mountain, Nev., is still In th county Jail
here. Loaler ha a wealthy uncle, who is
a banker in this state, but up to date this
relative has made no move, so far a is
known, to secure Lozler's liberty on bond.
At the time Losltr wa under arrest some
year ago, charged with "steering" Charlea
Gregory and William Barker of thla city
Into the rapacious maw of th notorious
Webb City gang, this uncle came to th
rescue and furnished a bond for Loaler.
Loaler Is said to be greatly downhearted
over th fallur of his Relative to com to
his succor.
Edward McCoy, who wa in Battl
Mountain at th tlm Loxler waa taken Into
custody took to the tail timber, but was
recently run to ground by th federal of
ficer at Salt Lake City.
One Cheek Too Many.
Charle PettUohn tried to cash one check
too many her yesterday and when John
Beno A Co. turned htra down and caused
his arrest h confessed to hla previous of
fenaea, committed In Colorado Springs. He
tried to pas a check alleged to be drawn
to brlns out their delicate, nut-liWe rlavor. Rica ia th world'a araatcat
foodthe most dlEeatibla and ourlhlne of all careala Toasted
Ita moat readily aaaiinUabls form.
Toasted Rice Biscuit
cream or fruit. Children thrive on Teaated
Toasted Kit Fooaa. Large paotagea. 10u.
ta Blseult Co Battle Creek. Mich.
MnJnrttd by tkt
near'co'uncTf Bluff'.. Vnd
SCtlinj( IJ lllW Plllll VI ?,". All vvinnauvi
said he secured 1110. The paper was drawn
upon the First National bank here.
New Interurbn
from Clarinda
to Join Wabash
articlei of Incorporation Filed at Dei
iloinei for Lino to Bon to
Blanchard. '
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Deo. .-(Speclal.)-The
Iowa A Southwestern Railway company
of Clarinda was Incorporated today with
$300,000 capital, by A. F. Oalloway, W. S.
Farquhar, I. H. Taggart, Joseph E. Mc
Kinley and others. The purpose Is to
build an electric road from Carlnda to a
junction with th Wabash at Blanehnrd,
going by way of College Pprings. The
country is all very rich and wholly with
out rail facilities, and It I understood the
company is prepared to begin operations
The Eagle Building association of Coun
cil Bluff waa . Incorporated today with
165,000 capita: to build a home for the
F.agles in that city. -
The railroad commission today recolved
complaint front th Hawkey Oil company
of Waterloo . and Mason City in regard
to discrimination In the handling of oil.
The company states that the Northwestern
and tho Milwaukee railroad companies ac
cept oil only three days a week at Mason
City, while other road accept ovary day
and aH accept every day at Waterloo. It
Is also stated that while tho Milwaukee
company refuses oil shipments for every
day at Mason City It does accept such
shipments every day at Dubuque, where
the Standard Oil company has a plant.
Governor Carroll today set for hearing
tomorrow the case' Involving extradition
to South Dakota of Tom Walsh and Roy
Hill, who are In custody In SIqux City
and who ar accused of robbery In th
neighboring state. Their attorney asked
for a hearing In resistance and it is also
stated that if this is refused the courts
will be asked to prevent their being taken
away from Sioux City.
The contract was let today for a new
city hall for Des Moines to Wei ta A Son
for $301,900. The firm ia a local one. There
were fourteen bids, the highest of which
was $374,094. On of tha unsuccessful bid
der threaten to contest the award on
the ground that the bid was not In ac
cordance with the advertisement and
there waa a difference between the plan
of the architects and those of the council.
Piece of Meteorite
Weighs NearlyTon
Two Large Fragments of Heavenly
Visitor Found Near Dyers
rille, Ia.
iDTERSVILLE, Ia., Dec. 2. (Special.)
Two big fragments of th meteorite, which,
when screeching through the sky over this
section of th state Monday night, and
while near here, exploded with a loud
crash, have been found. On section, a
foot In diameter, was found ImBedded in
the ground a mile west of here, and the
other piece, an Immense formation weigh
ing about a ton, has been located near Man
chester. As the large piece struck the
ground houses nearby were shaken. People
both here and in Manchester and Dubuque
saw the meteorite, and many heard th
explosion when It split asunder. Those who
did not see th flying red-hot missile, but
who heard th sound of the explosion,
thought dynamite had been set off dose by.
Larsjo Attendance and Good Addresses
by Growers.
CRESTON, Ia., Deo. 8. (Speclal.)
Desplte unfavorable weather conditions
here yesterday, the fruit and flower ex
hibit of th Horticultural association,
opened with a good attendance and a big
display. Twenty-three counties of the
southwest part of th state are represented
In this' association, and many fruit grower
are represented and some have on display
a high aa 136 plate of fruit. E. J. Sawyer,
a florist of this city, has a magnificent
display of cut flowers and plants on ex
hibition also.
Today's program consisted of an address
on "National Horticultural Congress,"
J. P. Hess, Council Bluffs; "Farm Orchard
ing," E. B. Gay. Grlswold; "Woman's
Horticultural Work," Mis Minnie- A.very,
Council Bluffs; "Spraying," E. P. Spen
cer", Randolph and D. W. Laotaplech,
Woodbine; "Latest Experiments In Spray
ing," Prof. S. A. Beach, Ames; "Apples to
Eat and Apples to Sell," A. T. Fllcklnger,
Council Bluffs; ' "Lawn and Door Tard
Flowers," Miss Edith Betchel, Hamburg;
"Hired Help In Horticultural Operations
and Work," discussion. . "Talks on Apples,"
by A. Swort, Woodbine; Dr. A. P. Han
chett, Council Bluffs; M. Pugsley, Wood
bine; "Cut Flowers,' E. J. Sawyer,
Creston; "Best Sweet Apple for Horn
Use," M. J. Wragg, Des Moines.
Marshalltown Defeats Fraaokias.
MARSHALLTOWN, Ia., Dec. $. (Spe
cla'..) In on of the most bitter municipal
election this city has ever passed through,
which waa held Monday, the people by
a vote of 1,412 tq, 607 refused to grant to
Darling & Schroeder of Chicago, elec
tricity, ga and street railway franchises
to run twenty-five years. Th principal
reason the franchise were defeated was
because there was a wall defined belief
that Darling & Schrocdar were. In fact,
Jones & Hovey, owners of the present
frsnchlses for these utilities. Th latOr's
franchisee expire in eight years. The
campaign was marked by personalities and
bitter Incrimination. Mayor Ingledue and
a majority of th city council favored the
No sooner was the election over than
F. O. Pierce, former mayor and Secretary
of the Iowa League of Munlifalltlee,
began "to circulate a petition asking for a
special lctl6n to vote on municipal
Iowa Notes.
HAMPTON Five drugfdets of thla city
and other town of Franklin county war
indicted by th grand Jury, which reported
yesterday, for soiling Intoxicating liquor
contrary to law. Thoae indicted were Harry
Arthur, E. M. Funk and John J. Marechall
of thla city; C. A. Aageaou of Coulter, and
John Rallhan of Latimer. Rellhait pleaded
guilty and waa fined $JX) and coats today.
The other will contest thvlr caaea.
NEVADA Alarmed by the prolonged ab
eeooe of hla s-year-old daughter, whom he
had aent for the mail which had bean left
by the rural carrier, B. J. Hit land, a wt'l
known farmer ot near McCallaburg, found
the child lying face downward in the
muddy road. As tie approached her ah
apparently made an effort to arise. Whan
th father pkked the girl up ah waa dead.
The child had never been strong nnd in
addition wa a victim of epilepsy.
Be Want Ad Ar n Best Business
New Home Inspeoted by the Fnblio
the First Time.
Atklett Stoats Were Gtvea by
Way of Exhibition Member
ship Roll Grows
Th magnificent new home of the Toung
Men's Christian association at the comer
of First avenue and Seventh street was
thrown opn last evening for the Inspection
of th public a It will be Friday and Sat
urday I evening. Entertaining programs
have been arranged for the threa evenings
and on Sunday the building will be dedi
cated with befitting exercises.
The reoeptlon to the general publl6 last
evening was from T to 10 o'clock and
the visitors were received and shown
through the bulldlnff by the members of
Uie Board of Directors of the association
and their wives. Mrs. F. J. Day and Mra
Joe W. Smith presided over the punch
bowl on the second floor, while the young
women of the Flower Mission and the
Smart Set served refreshments In "the
Spa" on the main floor. Whaley's
orchestra, furnished the music during the
reception; and followlnK a brief Informal
program there was an exhibition of
various athletlo and other stunU in the
gymnasium and swimming pool.
The swimming experts from the Omaha
Toung Men's Christian association gave
some novels feats In the water and will
exemplify all the methods of swimming
and will also give an exhibition of fancy
diving and other aquatlo feats. This team
Is composed of J. P. Wendell, C. Wendell,
William Westlund, R, Woodruff, L. Swan
son and I. A. Rosengren.
In the afternoon from 4 to S o'clock the
pupils from the Bloomer, Washington Ave
nue and Pierce street schools were ad
mitted to the building and shown the vari
ous departments and features.
This was the program for today:
Prosrrana la Detail.
From 4 to 6 p. m. Reception to pupils
from Bloomer, Washington Avenue and
Pierce Street public schools.
From 7 to 10 p. m. General reception. In
strumental music. Pianola program.
Omaha "Y" Male quartet. Keynote talks.
J. P. Bailey, state secretary of Nebraska,
ana otners. ,
Gymnasium: Indoor bane ball, Omaha
"Y" against Council Bluffs "Y." Exhibi
tion wrestling match. Game of volley ball.
Swimming pool: Exhibition program by
Omaha "Y" Swimming club.
Boys' department: Phonograph program.
Program of parlor games.
At the supper tendered the "membership
rooters" at the First Baptist ohurch last
evening, Chairman C. A. Chapman an
nounced that an enrollment of 650 had been
reached. It Is the intention to continue the
canvass during the remainder of the week,
and there appear to be little doubt but the.
desired number of 700 charter members will
be obtained. Up to date the team headed
by W. E. McConnell has secured the larg:
est number of members, but other teams
are running it closa and an exciting con
test is looked for during th next three
days. , . i ,
Pierce Pleads
Oil King Cites Statute of Limitations
and that Notary Who Took Affi
davit is Woman.
AUSTIN, Tex., Deo. I After f ling a
plea of Immunity on the grounds that the
statute of limitations had operated against
the prosecution, attorneys for. H. Clay
Pierce, head of tho Waters-Pierce OH com
pany, made a second important move late
today In their efforts to bring to quick
termination the trial of their client on a
Charge of false swearing. The second move
was the objection raised to the lntroduc
tlon of the affidavit on which the charge
Is based.
The objection to the affidavit Is based
on the grounds that It waa acknowledged
before Miss N. M. Nagal, who, on aocount
of her sex, is incompetent to act as a
notary public
Hollas; by Attorney General Pots New
I'hase on Sectloa of Crim
inal Law.
PIERRE. S. D., Deo. t (Special.) Attor
ney General Clark has given an opinion on
request of States Attorney Anderson of
Day county, which, If sustained by the
courts, will be a hard blow to Illegal liquor
selling and other offenses against the law
which carry with fines for such offenses,
costs of th case. In that county a con
viction was sequred In a case of Illegal
liquor selling and th penalty was a fine
ot M and costs, the total amount being
$129.60. The question raised In his query
by States Attorney Anderson was the power
of th court to Include Imprisonment for
failure to pay costs as well aa for failure
to pay the fine Imposed. The attorney gen
eral. In a lengthy opinion on the subject,
holds that the weight of authorlty-cn th
question Is that such penalty can be im
posed. He holds that imprisonment for
costs would In no way violate th bill of
rights In th state constitution, and that
such aotlon Would b valid. In a great
many petty criminal cases In this state the
party convicted serves out his fine, .but Is
released as soon as that Is done, on the
theory that he cannot be compelled to serve
Jail time for costs. But this stand of th
attorney general puts the situation In a dif
ferent light.
Heating ftew t'apltot.
PIERRE, S. D., Dec. 1 (Special.) The
heating plant at th new capllol ha been
started, and the structure Is now being
steam heated. There appears to b a ques
tion whether the state or the contraotor
is to stand the expenses of heating, which
will be settled at a meeting of the capltol
commission next week. In the meantime
the state la paying for tha coal As the
heating of th new building will make
about three month difference In the time
of Its completion, and all parties concerned
desire to get the work finished aa early
as possible. It Is not likely that th ques
tion will b hard to adjuat when the com
mlasloa and contractor meet to talk It
over. .
Pardons Ilroorauaended.
PIERRE, 8. P.. Deo. I (Special Tele
gram.) The State Pardon board in a meet
ing this availing recommended pardons for
Frank Fttxpatrlck of Spink county, sen
tenced for a statutory offense; Charles
Veotllng, from Fall River, on a robbery
charge; Frank Matte Jouaky of Stanley,
grand laioeny,. and James Moylen of tlplnk
county, on a forgery charge.
Heoolaltlooa Uraoted-
riERRE. 8. D.. Dec. I Speclal Gov
ernor V ' has granted rsqaUUiuu on
9x12 Brussels Rug
9x12 Velvet Rug
9x12 Axminster Rug
.V " '. ' " ' '
Lowest Prices
Tomorrow a complete
of the (
All kinds of pretty and useful Christmas presents
11:30 to 2 p. hi.
every day.
Doughnuts and Coffee,
th governor of Iowa for Henry Deam and
John Walsh, who are both wanted In Ham
lin county ou a charge of burglary. Both
nwn are helntr held In Sioux City for the
South Dakota officers aa soon as th proper
Mayor Tries
Hand with Bow
Omaha's Executive Does Not Take
Prize at Fiddling Contest at
Nebraska City..
NEBRASKA CITY,' Neb., Dec. 1 Spec)al
Telegram.) When Home waa burning,
Nero fiddled. When the fiddlers of three
atatea met here In a contest to decide
their ability. Mayor Dahlman of Omuhaj
tried to play the "Arkansas Traveler." The
city Is still intact.
When Mayor Dahlman arrived at the
Overland theater tonight to hear the ef
forts of various experts with the bow, ha
was called to the stag and after a brief
Jolly of the crowd, voloes from the gal
lery demanded that he try his skill. H
told the 1.2UU peuple, who gathered, that his
father long ago tried to induce him to play
th violin, but he had neglected thla iart
of hi education sadly. The crowd ln
sbutd and he made a vain effort to pro
duce the familiar tune.
Klddlers from ferclval. Hamburg, Ia., and
Uiuersvllle, Julian, Dunbar, Weeping
Water, Union and Nebraska City In Ne
braska, twenty-four in all, did their beht
with old Jigs. Charles W. Coles of Harp
burg, Ia., drew a fine violin as a prlz and
Mr. Williams of I'erclval, Ia., draw $10 In
money. Thirty-eight prise in all were dis
tributed. After the contea . the Lincoln and i
Omaha delegations wera enieriainea at
Eagles hU by the Eagles and Elks. Dano-
,n( was enjoyed. Mayor Dahlman leading
the grand march.
B want-ad ar business booateis.
julAllJ L
4.00 Oak Stand
f 71
Bookcase and
Empire Finish
With Mirror
on Useful Holiday Presents
Open 10 a m. to 6 p.
of The Bee Building
Tomorrow and Saturday
First Congregational
Lowe Avenue Presbyterian
December 6 th and 7th
First Methodist Church
Clifton Hill Presbyterian
Eeceivers Appointed for Companies
Owing Under Ground Taxes.
Proeeetiltnsja Are laltlal Step to
Scheme , of Reoreraalsatloa of '
Computes and Completion
of Taaaela,
CHICAGO, Dec. Juos C. C. Kohlsaat
In th United State Circuit court nre
yesterday appointed reoelver for the Illinois
Tunnel company and the Chicago Ware
hr.iuA tin A Terminal cumnnnv. which ar
controlled by the 150,000,000 Chicago Subway
David K. Forgan, president of the Na
tional City bank, and Charle O. Dawea,
president of the Central Trust company of
Illinois, wer named a receivers for the
Illinois Tunnel company. Edwin A.Votter,
president of th American Trust and Sav
ing bank, waaglen Jh receivership of
the Chicago Warehouse & Terminal com
pany, .j
Th companle went Into receivership
after two Indumenta had been rendered
agalnat them In favor of the Corporation
Trust company. The Judgment againai me
Winhnuu rural an V waa for !3,to6,7m.6l
and that agalnat the Tunnel company,
129,128 64. The Tunnel company include in
li. nmsnluilon th Illlnola Telephone and
Construction comyany, which alao 1 af
fected by the recelverahlp.
The recalverahlp I the Initial tep In a
plan to reorganise the two companies
under friendly terms. A reorganisation
committee, will enter upon the task of
carrying to completion the tunnel and Ita
connecting enterprise it was stated tonight.
Th yursonue! of thla company will be an
Well made, full
sixed Steel
U7W.-.'".5 ;.
High grade Steel aaa rrj
Range, 4-bola . . . iC.LuUJ
6-hole $24.50
new stock
nounced from New York within a day.
Reorganization waa made necessary be
cause th bond limit for the Tunnel com-
pany had been reached.
NEW YORK, Deo. I.-Nw thai reeeiwra
had been appointed for two companies con
trolled by th Chicago Subway company
caused no surprise In New York, In fact,
receivership proceedings had been expected
since the announcement that the company
had failed to meet the Interest now due on
It S17,X),000 of first lien 6 per cent bonds.
After the announcement of the default, the
stock of the company slumped to a new
level of Shi on the curb, but rallied at tha
close, with a net loss for th dayl of only,
K point.
It was generally reported that a com
mittee representing the different Interest
of the company had been appointed to
reorganize the property.
Blair Mas Is Barely Saved from
. Death.'
BLAIR, Neb., Dec. 1 (Special Tele
gram.) What might hav be.n a fatal acci
dent happened to E. S. Beatty, a bridge
contraotor, thla afternoon when the wires
of the Independent Telephone company
came In contact with the electric light com
pany' wlr and aet fir to 'the residence
of James Maher. Tno telephone wire
parted, one end falling to the ground. Mr.
Beatty picked It up and received th full
shock of the eleotrlo company' main wire,
and when separated from th wlr wa to
all appearance dead. Dr. Fee readied
the Injured man In a few mlnutea, and he'
waa finally revived after being unoon
acloua for nearly three hours. HI hand la
severely burned and may be permanently
Injured. In many places In the city th '
telephone wires are strung on the eleotrlo
Wire poles, which Is considered dangarous.
Dansersaa Sorgrery
In theabdomlnal region la prevented by the
use of Dr. Klng'a New I.lfe I'llla, the pam
leaa purifiers, tba. Tor sale by Beaton'
Drug Co.