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'909DECEMDER 1909
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oot Print It.
R, 1. Iwoboda -Certified Aooonntant.
fcln.hart, hotograjh.r, igth Frnam.
Lighting fixtures, Burgess Granden Co.
Bcyn, photo, removed to 16th A Howard,
rqultablo Life Policies night draft at
maturity. II D. Neely, -nanager, Omnha.
J. A, 0ntlmaa Co., Undertakers New
location, 1614 Chicago St. Both phones.
Ooal Bill Coal Company Large Nut.
$5 per ton. Ooofl cooking coal. Tel. D. 979
Thar are fceeeral Ways of Saving- The
Nebraska Sayings and Loan association
way, and others. Our way pays S per cent
per annum. 104 Board of Trade 'building.
Court Appoints Counsel for C. Hittle
Attorney Amos Thomas haa been appointed
by Judge button to defend Charles Hittle,
who is charged with the theft of a chain
and locket from his sweetheart, Nellie
Kloln, while escorting her home. The
cas will be called up in district court In a
day or two.
Colored Mea Get a Haarlng Henry Wil
liams, John Logan and Blake Brlnkley,
colored, were brought into police court
to answer to a charge of breaking and
entering a Northwestern road freight car
or or about November- 25, and stealing'
hides. They demanded an examination,
which was fixed for Saturday morning.
Beta W. Carson la Arrested Nel.i W.
Carson, charged with embezzlement of
S119.W- froth the Hong Kong Tea company,
has been arrested. He was arraigned in
Justice Kastman's court and entered a plea
of not guilty. Carson claims that he was
held up and robbed of the money collected
for tho company.
Datamation of Character Story
Thomas W. Symonds of Kansas City, a
former employe of the Hammond Type
writer company, has brought suit In the
United States circuit court for 112.000 dam
ages against Bert F. 8wabson of Omaha
for alleged defamation of character. The
suit grows out of a letter written by the
defendant to the plaintiff.
Chief WU1 Auotion Off Old Stores Un
claimed property, valued at between 10
and fc00 will be auctioned off at police
headquarters Thursday afternoon at 1
o'clock by Chief of Police Donahue. The
property consists of clothing, revolvers,
rifles, harness, suit cases, trunks, shoes,
tools, lead, brass, bicycles, tables, watches,
Jewelry and many other articles.
Hotel Clerka to Bay An Organ K. H.
Hawks, editor of "The Hummer," a peri
odical devoted entirely to the interests of
hotel clerks, is to be in Omaha on Decem
ber 6 to speak at the banquet of the Iowa
Nebraska Hotel Clerks' association, to be
held at the Loyal. This meeting has a
relation to the movement for the formation
of a national organization of hotel clerks.
Concert at P.arl Memorial Church-
Pearl Memorial Methodist church, Twenty
fourth street and Larlmore avenue, will
be the scene Wednesday evening of a con
cert. The following soloists have been an
nounced: Lena Ellsworth Dale, soprano;
Mlnnah Weber, contralto; E. S. Travis,
baritone; R, 8. Donahey, tenor; Edith
Hansen, pianist) Marguerite Ifrown, vio
linist. Proceeds from the concert will be
devoted to the church budget.
She Sho' Sid Bay the Proof Bertha
James, colored, tried hard to convince
Judge Crawford she was not a disorderly
person, but failed. Officer Aughe said the
woman had been hanging . around the
Third ward for several months. "I was
waiting for my old man when they picked
me up," said the woman. "How do you
support yourself," queried the court. "I
takes In washing. If you don't believe it
I can have i yoa call up two bartenders
who knows me.'' "Ten dollars and costs,"
was the bench' answer.
Can't Stop Wheels of Xw John Bellsh
learned to his sorrow In police court thai
It doea not pay to Interfere with an offlcei
in discharge of his duty, even if he, Bellsh.
hud been ask by another man to protect
his rights. ' Bellsh Interfered with Con
stable SJrln s?ivlng a subpoena on Fred
Luts. u saloon rutin, and became so ob
it, noxious, witness declared, that the police
had to be summoned. Bellsh deo'ared Lutz
had asked him to look after his Interests,
but the court decided Lutz had sought
mighty poor advice. It cost Bellsh $10 and
Novelties FKENitJR 15th and Dodge.
JT is a time-saver.
Its accuracy permits
close calculations.
It avoids necessity of a
4. u :u
The guarantee of precision
a timepiece is to find on
and works the watchword
j T
C M. WHEELER. Model 16 Size
Pendant Winding and Setting. Scvtntren
Jewel. Ruby and sapphire balance and center
Jewels. Compensating ba.ance. Brcgurt hair
spring, with micrometry regulator. Adjusted
to temperature, iiwx'tuonim. Hires
Pitent recoiling cliclt-and sell-locking setting
oevke. Dust ring, flair! dama&keened. En
graving inU J witji gold. Open face and
Bunting case.
In rilled Oold Oum, SO aad na.
la Solid Oold Case. SM aad up.
Other Elgin models at other price according
lo trade oi movement aad case.
All fc-lt.B model are sold b jeweler every
where, and lie fully guaranteed.
A. I.
tmllll '' '- ''
Walter Blackett Marries Too Soon
and Now Loses Wife No. 2.
Allrr IIhtIbk Ll?ri Dlut Jaly with
New Wife He I Foreea to Ulve
Her I p ty Order of
the Court.
Better be off with the old love before
you are on with the new.
In the light of a decision by Judg
Este'le In district court the old proverb
Is appealing with peculiar cogency to
Walter Blackett
Blackett must abandon wife No. I. even
If he does not resume living with wife
No. 1. Mrs. Blackett No. 1 has won her
suit to have declared vacant the decree
of divorce which Blackett obtained from
her at Christmas time, 190. Consequently
Blackett's marriage to Mies MlrmaGus
tavson which occured last July Is not legal.
Will Blackett cease living with Mrs.
Blackett No. f?" his attorney, Tom
Donohoe, was asked.
"He's lmply got to," replied the lawyer.
While the consequences to Mrs. Blackett
are serious," said Judge Estelle In giving
his decision, "I am here to administer
and Interpert the law as It' seems true, and
I shall do so. Besides Bckett went Into
his predicament with his eyes open. The
petition to vacate the decree was "filed last
May and personal service obtained on
H'ackett. In spite of this he went ahead
and married in June or July."
Faulty Affidavit Its Cane.
A faulty affidavit preparatory to the di
vorce hearing of Chrlstmastide, 130R, la
the cause of the voiding of the decree. The
affidavit declared that service by publica
tion was necessary and did not state that
the defendant. Mrs. Blackett No. 1 was
nonresident. The affidavit being defective
the court never acquired Jurisdiction.
"Besides," said the court, "this affidavit
saying that he did not know her where
abouts was sworn to October 6 of last
year and filed November 7. October 16, In
the Interim, Mrs. BtacKett came to Omaha
and the plulntlff saw and talked to her.
He could then have obtained the proper
personal service. This alone would cause
the vacating of the decree If the other
ground were not sufficient.
The decree being vacated, the original
suit for divorce is still on the docket. Mrs.
Blackett No. 1 does not want her husband
to get a decree even now and will fight.
She announced some time ago that If she
won this case she would prosecute Blackett
for bigamy. Her attorneys do not favor
this. .1
Neither Blackett nor wife No. 2 was in
the court room when the decree was
handed down.
BaUdlng Are Ilnay Place as Con
tractors 2Vrr End of
Their Work.
With but a week left for the Installation
and the completion of exhibits, the Audi
torium and the annex are very busy places
these days. Both contractors have large
forces at work putting the finishing touches
on the buildings and exhibits are beginning
to arrive. 4
A good many of the exhibit which the
railroads are bringing in free of charge
have arrived and are being carted to the
Auditorium. Tuesday two cars arrived, one
from Fresno, Cal., on the Union Paclfio.
and one from Klammath Falls, Ore., on
the ?jeat Northern. Both these won prizes
at the Seattle exposition.
Another exhibit which arrived Tuesday
morning was that of North Dakota, and it
is now being Installed by W. C. Ollbreath,
Industrial agent of the state.
The Junior exhibit Is installed sufficiently
for the Judges to begin work and E. E.
Faville, senior Judge of this department is
now at work.
The government exhibit in the basement
room of the Auditorium is nearly all in
place. Among the most Interesting ex
hibits of the government are those of the
department of animal Industry, showing
what the government has learned of bene
fit to those who raise live stock.
Man Iladly Burned When lie Flchts
Flames from Explosion in
His Home
John Lusso of 10 South Seventh street,
sustained painful but not dangerous in
juries when he attempted to put out a
fire from the explosion of a gasoline stove
at his home Tuesday afternoon.
His face anl hands were badly burned.
The loss to the building Is Inconsiderable.
The cause of the explosion is unknown.
- This Is lh
Xwa graceful
Engraved Stationery
VuitiitM Cmrdi
AH oonvct forms ia current toeial mi
cuitmh social nun nsraired
and nriiilljr ddiwed wbaa
Embossed Monogram Stationery
ami othar work wcuted at piicaa lower tnaa uaually
pravail aiaawnara.
ROOT, Incorporated
mO-lJllrUwardSt. PkaD. 104
Some Things You Want to Know
The American Congress
But once In the history of the t'nlted houses passed measure over his veto wlth
Htates haa the congress mnde a deliberate out difficulty. Johnson Immediately at
attack upon the integrity of the exeru- traded the support of every democrat lit
tlv branch of the government, as sepa- congress, but there was nly a "corporal's
rted and defined by the constitution, guard" of republicans who supported tne
Many president have used extraordinary administration. The president sought to
means to control the legislative branch us the patronage of his office to bolster
and have succeeded. Congress, In It one up his strength, but congress promptly dls
attempt to dsstroy the preponderant power armed him by passing tha tenure-of-offlce
of the president, failed. The war between act, .taking away from the president the
President Andiew Johnson andV'c'ongresa right of removing federal officeholders
was a bitter personal and partisan Strug- without the consent of the senate. There
gle. In which principle had small weight wer many clashes of aathnrtty, but Ihe
and consistency none. Had only one sena-Might finally centered about EdJn M. Btan
tor changed his vote from "Not guilty" ton, whom Johnson had Inherited with
to "Qullty," Andrew Johnson wou'd hav Lincoln's cabinet a secretary of war.
been deposed, Ben Wad would have be- Stanton had barely tolerated Lincoln; he
come president and the whole subsequent completely Ignored Johnson. The president
history of the nation would have been suspended him from offle under the pro
changed, visions of the tenure-of-offlce act and re-
The bails of the quarrel between John- ported.hls action to th senate, whioh body
on and congress was the Instinct of refused to confirm It. Later Johnson took
self-preservation In the republican party; the bull by the horns and removed Stan-
the Immediate cause ws th difference ton from office.
In the plan for the restoration of the Then the wrath of the congressional
eleven -sWedlng states to the union, party broke all bounds. A movement to
Beu Wade's ambition to be president and Impeach Johnson early In lfT had failed.
Thad 6teven deslr to punish the south, But on the very day Stanton was removed,
as well as Andrew Johnson's social stand- February 21, 1808, a resolution Impeaching
Ing, were considerable factors In the prob- the president wa offered in the house,
lem. It Is fortunate for the nation that Next Cay It was adopted by a vote of 120
neither side was able to claim comp'.et to 4". the division being strictly according
victory, and thu neither could Impose to party lines, every republican voting
upon the nation all of It desires. A It "ay" and every democrat "no." It was
Is, the legacy of that period Is now one charged In all gravity that Johns-n was
of th chief political trouble of th removing Stanton so that he could get
nation, for as yet no man know Just hold of the munitions of war and perpetu-
what the fourteenth amendment actually ate himself In the Whit House by force
does mean. of arms.
Mr. Lincoln held to the theory that th The next day Johnson allayed the fears
stales had no right to secede from the of the more conservative element by ap-
urloh, that they never had seceded and pointing Thomas Swing to be secretary of
that the war was, In fact, an insurrection. war- Men might doubt Johnson, but they
Upcn this doctrine he based his scheme of coul1 not doubt Kwlng and his loyalty to
reconstruction, which was to permit any tne u,llon- But no one reckoned that the
state to re-establish itself as a member of MnRte would soberly try the president on
the union when 10 per cent of Its voting the char" Panted. Everywhere It was
Population should docile loyalty and elect pr1?,d'ted1: 7" ?Vl hone? Ben Wad'
representatives to congres. As early a. W'" " .T Z ."'
1862. when the Issu, of the war wa, In doubt k , P u n ""Ti'J"
j , . 1 der the law as It prevailed until 18S6, would
and before any steps were taken to free 8UCCa to the pr4-Jdency , CM of ,he
the slaves, Mr. Lincoln promulgated his ae,ath or removal of Johnson.
'Louisiana lian" under which he recng- n-i,. .. , ... . ...
. The trial In the senate began on March
nlzed a loyal state government In Louisiana 5 irkx w. fm.ilv ri.i.i a..
and under
wilch two representatives.
Flanders and Hahn
wrre elected to con-
gress. They were received and seated In prosecution, but the hand of death was
the house In the Thirty-seventh con- upon him. H was carried In a ohalr to
s"ress- the capltol to read hi speech In th argu-
Thad Stevens led the opposition to this ment against the president, but he failed
scheme and the Thirty-eighth congress de- and was forced to hand the manuscript to
cllned to receive representatives from Mr. General Ben Butler. It was Stevens' last
Lincoln's "10 per cent states." But the fight.
Issue was not pressed, pending the result The first roll call of the senate on thi
of the war. The Thirty-eighth congress trial was had on May 16. Thirty-five sen
expired by limitation on March t, 1R6S, a ators yoted ' Guilty," and nineteen voted
little more thnn a month before Lee sur- "Not guilty." A change of one vote would
rendered and the war was over. Lincoln have meant conviction, as It would have
did not call a special session, and he was cor"Plted the two-third vote required by
proceeding with his plan for a restoration
of the southern states upon the basis of the
Louisiana plan w hen he wa. murdered. "J" "V"""- "ese seven men
a i .i. t ,j . ... were denounced by the r partisans at the
Andrew Johnson became president of the . ,. ' . ' " """ "?
...,.,, , . , , . . time as traitors, and the repub can na-
Lnlted States. Johnson had been a demo- ,,., .,, ,. . .
. . i., ... ,. t ...... , tlonal convention which met on May 20.
crat all his life. He had defied Jackson. between tne tlme of ,n& flrgt ro cn and
once, and had often manifested great lnde- tho la8t formly excommunicated them,
pendencc, but he was nevertheless a party T)e ,even senators who saved Johnson and
man. He had been placed on the ticket the prestige of the presidency were William
with Lincoln a a war democrat. He was P. Fessiiden of Maine. Joseph 8. Fowler
also a southern man. When it became of Tennessee, James W, Grimes of Bur
apparent that the union would be victor- llngton, John B. Henderson of Missouri,
lous, Johnson voiced some bitterly vlndlc- Edmund G. Ross of Kansas. Lyman Trum
tlve threafl against the leader of the con- bull of Illinois and Peter Q. Van Winkle
federacy and wa credited with a desire of Weet Virginia. Of ,t,l?ls, number John B.
to hang rebels to fve.ry tree. Hut later iie
manifested a natural love for his native
section, which was. whether the result of
his social ambitions, or of htr democratic
partisanship, none the less grateful to the
defeated followers ot the lost cause.
Johnson, upon becoming president, lls-
tened to the counsel of William H. Seward,
who remained at th head of his cabinet,
and adopted the Lincoln plan of recon
struction. State governments were organ
ized and representative and senators
ejected. The franchise was limited by ex
ecutive decree and only loyal white men
participated In the new governments. John'
son declined to call congress together, iml- states woufu have ben received at once
tating the example of Lincoln in lCA. Be- Into the councils of th nation, their r?p
fore congress met for Its regular session reaentation in congrres would have been
In December Johnson had completed the re- Increased because of emancipation, and
organization of the southern states on the they would have formed a political coalition
general line of Lincoln's "Louisiana with the northern democrats which
Plan." would have driven the republican party
Congress met and refused to receive the out ot power at once. To prevent this con
representatives of the new state govern- gress forced the adoption of the four
ments. Thaddeus Steven offered a Joint teenth and fifteenth amendments to the
resolution providing for the appointment constitution.
of a Joint committee of the two house
oi congress to consider the question of
reconstruction of the states lately In re
bellion. That wa the beginning of the
longest debate In the annals of congress.
The result was that the Johnson plan of
,,ie 17 V. i "
" ' ' vu'iiiwi wi injriai iroopn, ana
the nightmare of "reconstruction" had bu
gun for the south.
Johnson fought a best lie could, but an
overwhelming republican majority in both
Ontf rowi Preaeat Quarter and Will
I'm IVorth Side Christian
Church for Recitation.
In a few year Sacred Heart parish win
have a new school, with buildings costing
about 130,000. TbI announcement 1 made
by Father P. J. Judge, pastor.
Growth and development have overrun
tha facilities of the present building, and
it I because of thl that Father Judge
bcught the North Hide Christian church
property, but thl property Is not to be
used for chuioh purposes The present
building of tha Christian church will be
employed as a lyceum and recitation hall
for a time at least. It will be entirely for
school and not church purpose.
Theie are seven lot In the ground Father
Judge has Just bought on Locuot street,
covering an area S40xl!4 feet.
Watches FRENZER 15th and Dodge.
Janiea Anderson I CaaaM la
Croaalug Track aad Badly
Jamea Anderson, an aged scissor sharp
ener, was sifuck by a street car at Twenty
second and Lake streets Tuesday morning
shortly after t o'clock and badly Injured.
He was crossing the tracks and, owing
to th fog, did not see the Car approaching
HI right leg wa broken and his head cut
and it Is feared his skull fractured. His
Injuries were so painful th patrol wagon
which went out from th station did not
take him to the hospital. Instead an am
bulance waa called.
The car wa In charge of William Wells,
conductor, and John Munson, motorman.
Anderson wa taken to St. Joseph' hos
pital. K Tun ol Gold
could buy nothing better for female weak
nesses, lame back and kidney trouble than
Electric Bitters. 60c Tor salo by Beaton
lru Co. .
Johnson Against Congress.
Th.j e ...
w a.u . . . . u . , u " " w.i V L Ilia UIBIIUKCIH
on the Dart of the house charsed with the
l" lu""llIullon' " eive or the demo-
" "l i ioi gunty, as
Henderson J the pnix, auftyJvor.
Johnson was acquittal-and Bt?n Wade's
hoprB of the presidency .died with the ver
dict of the senate. The fourteenth amend
ment had been made prerequisite to the
readmlsslon of the southern states to the
union, and negro suffrage had been as-
aured over the protest of the president. Yet
the mon radical plan of the Stevens
party, such as the confiscation of the
land In the south and their div'slon among
the freed slaves, had been defeated by
the subbornness of Johnson.
Had congress not opposed the Johnson
cheme of reconstruction, the southern
But even these did not suffice long to
secure, republican supremacy, for Itv 187t
the democrats gained control of the nous
of representatives and In 1S7G they con
tested the election of president. It wan to
meet this condition that republican con-
ing for federal control of elections.
Th Tore Bill" and Cloture.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Is no "cure-all" finmfiiirr kiit- ,A- t ..'
&) 13 MUC ,ul jUSl onc purpose
cure the weaknesses, painful disorders and irregularities of
womanly organism. It is
Tim OAT? RRMnnv for these aliments, sold
by druggists, devised and gotten up by a
regularly graduated physician of vast expe
rience In treating woman's peculiar diseases
and Is carefully adapted to work In harmony
with her delicate organization, by an expe
rienced and skilled specialist In her maladies.
THR ONtl RRMnnv for woman's ailments,
sold by druggists, which contains neither al
cohol ( which to most women is the rankest
poison) or other Injurious or habiutorming
drugs. '
thr own nniunnv tn the comtiostmnn ,
perfect and good
I" ; 7, ' 1 ,a,n nilsn on its outside bottle-wrapper,
and attest the correctness of the same under oath-thus taking
Its ers into their full confidence, and warranting physicians
in prescribing It Iti their worst cases, which they do very large.
It is foolish as well M dangerous to take medicine the composition of which you know
nothing, rherefore, don't let a dishonest druggist prevail on you to accept Secret Z
T;lVhlF:0eSll0ny apprVcd .rndicinc OF KNOWN composition. lUVCred"
ll ""V . y .u,c
L'tai'i, uuuk..
p J F -ocnu p0srai carp request for free Book et of same
Everv woman may write fully and confidentially to Dr. R. V. Pierce Buffalo N Y
tTon nVtLU tt3trher ,CaSi ."ivc careful, conscientious Snfiden
tion and that the best medical advice in the world will be given to her, absolJh flee
will send 31 one-cent stamps to pay the cost of mailing only.
Dr. Pierre's. P vacant P.1t. - i. j s J
k in lrmoriK;,r
wum in nirmonv witn "havonte Mrer .u j .j
coated, tiny granules, easy
Union Pacific
Makes Corn Show
Rate of One Cnt
Applies This to Nebraska and Adopts
Cent and a Half for Other
The Union Pacific has cut rates for the
National Corn exposition to 1 cent per mile
In the state of Nebraska and on It lines
west. Including Colorado and Wyoming,
has made the round-trip rate equal to
one and one-half fares. The Hock Island
lines, the Burlington route, the Northwest
ern line and the Missouri Pacific had al
ready announced a fare ofJV cents per
mile In the state.
William H. Murray, assistant general
passenger agent for th Union Paclfio,
announced th special low rate of the Har
rlman system. The announoeroent I not
unexpected, for, at th time of the State
fair at Lincoln and the Ak-Sar-Ben cele
bration In Omaha, the Union Pacific cut
It rates below that of the other lines oper
ating In the state.
Circulars have been sent out lo the
agents of the Union Pacific specifying De
cember 7, S, t, 14 and IS as date of sale
for special ticket, where th round trip
ticket costs $8 or less, and December S,
S, 10. 13 and IE. where the rate exceed
6. The return limit on all classe of
tickets Is fixed as December 20.
Rate cutting by tho Union Pacific will
make no difference In the attitude of the
other four roads operating weat of Omaha.
"Th Rock Island will stand pat for the
one and onj-half cent rate," say G. 6.
PtntecoKt, division passenger agent of that
syHem. "Our line was quick to reply to
the request for special rates and we shall
stand by our first announcement It I a
fair rate and is general, for it applies to
Nibraska, Missouri. Kansas, .Wyoming.
Colorado and the Dakota. We shall not
chrnqe our attitude In any respect."
From the Burlington headquarters, the
Northwestern ticket office and the Missouri
Pacific offices comes similar announce
ments. This aotlon by the Union Paclfio comes as
good news to the corn show officials. It
will mean Increased attendance, and Is
bound to swell the crowds at the annual
November Giant
Month for Money
Shdws Gain in Batik Clearings
Thirteen Million Dollars Over
Last November.
November, 9u9, has been phenomenal In
tha Omaha banking business. Over the
corresponding month last year the bank
clearings have gained 13.t2.T3.T2. During
the eleven mouths beginning In January
the banks in their clearances have exceeded
the figures for each month of 1908. Com
parative figures for the two years are as
tXI, So!), i6.87
u!,274, 170.16
M.tKJi.) SS
71.797. 50S.67
January ..
February ,
March ...
April ,
August ..
October ..
4!,44a,SU. 65
, 5S,006,8.iS3
002,625, 867.M
Totals for the year 1909 will eclipse those
ofvall other years. ,
Troop and Katetle Have Duplicate
Raits, Hence Tie Vote 1
When and how the Joslyn castle suit
shall be hearJ will soon be settled in dis
trict court. It 1 possible that
Judge Estelle and Redlck will sit with
Judge Troup in the hearing of the case.
John C. Cowln and W. O. Gilbert ap
peared before Judge Troup In the morning
and the matter was discussed, though jrfjt
being settled. It went over until the after
noon. One reason for having th three
Judge hear the matter la thlB: -JJ'here are
twd similar cults, one before Judge Troup
ar.d the other before Judge Estelle. The
demurrer of Joslyn has been passed upon
by Judge Troup and overruled and this
case Is ready for hearing on ita merits.
Judge Estelle might sit with Judge Troup
but there would be possibility of a dis
agreement following a long trial and the
vote of a third Judge would solve th'a
problem If It arose.
General Cowln declared he had no ob
jection to going ti head before Judge Troup
alone, a statement that evoked Interest In
that Its makers are not
8fongt indorsement ot the leading medical men nf ,11 th.
i lit- & n m m r r ab?a n i j
to uka, candyV " a as
vv.vy(; !." 1
m I
f l )' it I
I It j " -'Is ''j
I... Irf- S'J
"The House Of
High Merit"
DR. K. R. TARRY. 224 B Building. Omnha, Nehraeka II
the light of his remarks anent the decision
In the Paul case. Judge Troup has stated
that his desire to have the other Judge
sit with- him Is due solely to the fact that
Estelle has a duplicate case and hence
there ought to be a third Judge.
General Cowln did not appear in the after
noon at the appointed time for resuming
the discussion and the matter 1 delayed.
Lawyer Loses
Client as Juror
F. H. Gaines Comes Near Landing H.
B. Eyner, by Whom He i
H B. Ryner of the Automatic Blgnal
company was disqualified as a Juror In a
suit In district court, although F. H.
Gaines made a hard fight for him. The
dlsquallltratlon wa because Gaines I at
torney for the Automatic Signal company.
The suit Is that . of Edmund Hans
against' the American Transfer company
for - personal injury. It was tried last
summer and the Jury disagreed in an un
usual way. Eleven wished to give Hans
17.600 and tha twelfth Insisted it should
not be more than $4,000. To the vexation of
Attorneys Moore and Daniel for plaintiff,
the Jury neve did get together on what
the amount should be.
Mr. Moore, examining Mr. Ryner, dls- I
covered that he had intimate business re- '
lations with Mr. Gaines, whose firm Is de
fending and Moore challenged for cause.
Gaines protested, but was overruled.
Wyoming; Governor I Impressed vrlth
Steady Growth of the
Gate City.
"Omaha I certainly a bustling city," re
marked Governor Brooks of Wyoming.
"I've been sitting here In the hotel window
for an hour watching the people go by.
That Is a good measure, too, for the
activity of a city or the value of property
can pretty well be estimated according to
the number of people passing within a
period of time.
"The streets are twice as crowded and
busy a they were a year ago when I wag
here. Omaha Is certainly moving along,
and w who see the city only occasionally
are best fitted to not her progress."
Governor Brooks la on hi way home,
but will probably return for the Corn
show. ' '
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the 1 N
'- .
afraid to print Its
J it . j
' Y m'n h
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"'"."V1 .."' They
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a gentle laxative.
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would have tis wear Raincoats all win
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eral aneaithetic used. CURE GUARANTEED ll
to last a LIFE-TIME. Wbxamihation rir. II
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Tailorihfl Co.,
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United Doctors Accent No Incurable)
Cases for Treatment.
Cure Every Case They Treat. Iowa
Man Knows of Cases Refused.
The United Doctors, thoae expert medi
cal specialists who hav their. Omaha In
stitute on the second floor of the Neville
block, corner Sixteenth and Harney
streets, have extalillnhed a grand reputa
tion not only In the .number of cures
made, but also in the honesty and
straightforwardness of their business
Case after case ha bean refused by
these specialists because the patient cam
too late. It 1 the United Doctors' In
variable rule to never accept an Incur
able case for treatment. N
This fact is brought ut In th follow
ing letter from a cured patient:
, , Silver City, la., Nov. 27. 1809.
The United Doctors:
Dear Doctor: 1 lbh -lo tell you how
greatly I have improved under yojr
treatment. I hnvo been afflicted since I
wa 12 years of ng with etomach trou
ble, chronic Indigestion, and rheumatism.
I would often be so dlssy that I could
hardly walk; I never had any appoitll
hr.d wan all run down. I was doctored
by many ihyslclafts and did not even get
any relief, and r. for a cure. 1 had given
up nil hope for ttmt.- tine doctor aflHr
another tried and foiled and I had be
come completely discouraged. I wus fin
ally Induced to call on ihe United Doc
tors, btiau.-e 1 had hoard of so many of
their cure and knew of one or two who
had obtained wonderful result from these
specially. They Raid after examination
that they could cure ine. I did not be
lieve It then, but like drowning man
grasping at a straw. I commenced th'-lr
trfcatinerit and now I know they were tell
ing the truth. I might have known that
If they could not have cured me they
would have said no, for I have known of
ch sew they refused -to treat heraue the
puiierer non wauea 100 long DeTure con
sulting them. After treating for three
months I feel Ilk another mn; I sleep
and eat better than I have frr years anl
nm now nHe. to do a full rlny's work. I
know that I will vm he inHselv cured.
Bllver City, lows.
Tb Bst Kamedy or Congas,
Cold . T lire at and Luna- Trou
""HOWELL'S anti-kawf
Oet a bottlH toflnv. . 9Bo f,ta srio.
vnur druiTKiit or Bo.n rtmv rin an
fOD . lfth Bt.. Omaiy.
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Co, . "J,
20 H..t DtH Li.!-.. N
Rdlnay Hail Examinsiion
The eiamlu-.n lor tbo Bttlwur Hull Rprvlf will
bi Lt4 nxi iig. Vuu cuo mut prpr tot this
tkinloalloa (it Hire inouili. Ju ft fnir rounnom
grbool rdurAiluQ t all tbal la ncttdvu. C braMn
rtOTvDitrr Ihi, (.ud January 9. Jy0. Tuition oaif
ftli uj. We cd itva you ibe full cur alio by ot
wwpon&9em. 'J'utilv Vr.Mt Mm r full lafar
BiaUoQ. AddMtaa
D$ MokiM. low;
1. -