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    Till: BEE: OMAHA. Tl'ESDAY, XOVKMHKU no, lixip.
cnr.Arvrr puak for tove ant
(i l'KNITL UFC R-acket Stors. Yi Cuming
I lAR'iAlf In second bund Furniture
f nwei'z. r. K11 N. Hth ft. W. ti:t; H. l?JS
X f rovKH slightly od. so'd ret miles of
coot. Am'encan Furniture o . r?0 N. 15th
JMnvlral Initranfali.
I TGITTT.Y used upright plnns for sale
V V Harney- C. Thatcher Co. I. Mils
IVF.RS l'"N' Piano,
imnst new;
eap. I' MCI U HiK.
eTil.P vlnlln rvtd Hi'f). excellent tone.
fir Ml. rowier Ave.
TOR SALE " Victor Phonograph, fine
tune, with "0 choice records, all at half
price. 'Phone Harney 7W.
1 ratwrlttn.
RECONP hand typewriters sold, repaired
Central Typewriter Exchange. 10? Farnam
save you from o"c to
60 on every ton and give
better coal. We guarantee correct weights.
Rosenblatt's Cut Price Coal Co.
COAL baskets, II. Iry Kindling, a load
1 delivered. Slar Ice 4 Coal Co. I. 44.
DRUGS at cut prices; freight paid on all
i 110 orders; catalogue free. Sherman tfc
McConnell Drug Co.. Omaha. Neb.
FOR SALE New and Id-hand billiard
and pool tables. We lead the world l:i
' cheap bar fixtures, eay piynnts Bruns
! wick-Balke Collender. 40J So. U'th Pi.
HOLARSHIP on leading business re
leg for aal at discount. Address V tu
WE HAVE on hand a number of Ink bar
rels which we will sell at 50c each. They
are fine for rain water or ashes. Call at
pressroom Bee rubllslng Co.
SAFES, new and second-hand. 1110 Farn.
bargain A U. blNGKR. 416 N. 161 1 1.
.j good second hand organ. 0
'1 nmxi second hand upright piano. Rose
wood case, Itw.flO.
1 slightly used, upright Emerson piano,
M8-310 8. ISth St. Opposite Court House.
EVERYTHING In typewriters; Just a
few of our bargains!' Rebuilt No. 1 Smitri
premier, ttt; No. 1 Oliver. .. No. I IUm
Ington. 13.1; machines shipped on approval;
no deposit rejulred.
306 a 12th St.
$r. nn pf) A Tit's good, try It. Harmon
J.W KKJIMj vetli. Both 'phones.
76 YARD1 of genuine flnoleum, practi
cally new, at a bargain. Leffert's Jewelry
Store, Council Bluffs, la.
COAL by the ton. Call Webster 6S5I7.
FOR SALE Two roller top desks nearly
new. Inquire H. W. Baker. Supt., iie Bidg
PHAT. Tubllo Markat Special. its.
K,JXU B,t value ln Omaha.
Partridge-Thompson Co.. 1010 Harney. D. 664i
Second-Hand Boilers
W e will sell two LHihers that have been
In use at the Bee 4ulldtDK. They are each
175-horsepower return tubular boilers, IS
Inch diameter by 18 fee. long. They have
lia C. I. tubes. 3 Inches by 13 feet. Work
ing pressure ISO counds per square Inch.
Heat surlsce, la, 000 square feet. Orate area
tim square feet.
We are very anxious to dispose of these
boilers Immediately and will sell at a bar
gain If taken at once.
17th and Farnani fits. Omaha, Neb.
FOR BALE A good, self-adding cash
register; will sell on easy payments. Ad
dress P-47L care Bee. ,
HALL'S safes, new, 2d-hand. 118 Farnam
.. JTOR SALE., .,-.
1 M-lnch roll top desk.
1 67 Inch t-e.ll top desk.
1 typewriter desk.
1 Remington typewriter.
1 bookkeeper desks.
1 large wall case.
1 Universal adding machine.'
1 fireproof safe.
4 Falrbank floor scales.
4 four wheeled trucks.
1 diagraph machine.
JOHNSON INST.. l N. Y. L. Tel. D. 161.
Dr. Kathryn Nicholas. 60S N. Y. L. Bidg.
t O. BARN ELL. Pax ton Blk. Tel. Red 7117.
HUFFMAN. 113 Neville Bids- Rook freo
. x andnvar F T .n mn Is ka n u
C.L ttJ.?
in nVPTTft treatment.
Unit. Smith,
illVUiXiv ta s. Wth St
third floor.
Private confinement home Mrs. Dr. King.
C4 N. t4th. Tel.. Web. 2&5. Ind. M-'-o.i
I JOHN CANB Is in town. Now Is the
time to trim treea, trelllees. grape vines
Tel. Red 7704. Ind. A-W48, Red 646a. 1811
1 Cuming St.. 1101 & 26th Ave. v
PORVS Your corn comes out or your
-D. ' O quarter conies back when you
use Corn Jelly. Haines Drug Co.. 1610 Far.
M AnVF.TTn treatment Mme. Smith,
.UAU.XU11V; t22 s Wln gl t tn)r1 Uoor
PRIVATE HOME during confinement;
babies for adoption. Good Samaritan Sanl
tortum, 740 Ut Ave.. Council Bluffs. Ia.
WE RENT and repair all makes of sew
ing uiaoliloes. 'Phones, Ind., A-1663. Doug.
Neb. Cycle Co.. corner 16th aud 11 ai-
WILL expressman who hauled goods
from Kill Burt (rear) Saturday, please
communicate at once with undersigned.
Compensation. - Address F 683 Bee.
The way the wind blows in
the Omaha want ad field
k " ' The Bee last wwk made a gain of over 27
columns of paid want ads over the cor
responding week of last year. -
Of course, Omaha is growing, but more
people are using Bee want ads, because they
are read in most even' one of the 42,00 homes
. reached by The Bee.
, Our nearest Omaha competitor gained
but 1G columns, giving them credit for their
7 free help wanted, indecent advertisements,
. clairvoyant ami other frauds excluded from
Bee pages.
The reason w hy Bee want ad.s bring such
tremendous returns is that The Bee goes to
the homes, where people really read the pa
pers, . There sre thousands of homes where
The Bee is the only paper ever admitted, be
cause self-respecting eople want a clean
pajx-r. .
A HOME for women during confinement.
We find honvs 'or babies wh're mothers
cannot rare fur them Rabies boarded.
Tor terms address M' Marirta A. Lee. Mil
Lancroft St.. Omaha. Nib. Phone lHnig
lai 19J1.
Ttfk SALVATION ARMY o!l-it caatnf,'
clothing; in fact, anvthi:ir you do not nrrt.
V ro.iect. repair and sell at IM N. 1'h
St.. for eost of collection o the wormy
p -or. Call rhone Douglas 41 J6 and wagon
lil call.
JA.MKS RI CT can get Insurance money
by writing John or Charley.
STRICTLY private home for conflne
mriii; excellent care; bar-lea adopted;
trained nurse. 2T-18 Davenport.
i'T-i(gnd toupees for men. -GRIFFITH.
THE famous Velvetlr.a Trilnt Good. For
anle by all druggists or phone Doug, as CttK
Arlene da Voy. Manicuring aad massage.
t.) S Mth St., Flat . Phone D. "fit.
MMB. ALLEN of Chlcaso, salt glow,
maneilo and massage treatments. luJ N.
17th St.
PR. KGGEHS' private confinement home.
l.M Marina St. U. CAM.
Micnno SJnita rnt L1EBEN 3.
asque buus Mlt HoRard. u.
OMAHA Stammerers' Ins.. Ramce Bldg.
I'ASSKNIF.R who saw man fall from
street car at 'iiiih and Vinton streets,
Thaliksmvlr.K day. bHu-n 12 and 1 o'clock,
will cit.fer a favor by Informing Carl Nivl-
son. Tel. I'ongiaa
WHO will donate an oritan small) for
KOspl work In the women's d'Partmnt of
county Jail. Mrs Vary Laird, supt. of gos
pel work. Tel. Webster 2401.
WANTED Albert W. Newman by J. O.
P.eoler, North Hlatte, Neb.
R-.10S Old Huston Stole HldXn 4th floor.
IX) So. l'ith St. Stairway on Douglas St.
JOS1E WArilliniN S new book, the
"I'ndf rwnrld Sewer," sold at all book
stort-s. price, l.i0.
l a drugh'KS cure for lost physical vigor.
Consult Lr. Marnarite Halloran. 22(1 Ne
ville blork Tel. Doug. 77il. t'ndcr super
vision of M. I).
EXTRA fine single comb Rhode Island
Rc-d cockerels for sale; early hatched. I).
II. Stru hers, Craig, Neb.
Screenings. $1.60 100 lbs. Wagner. 801 N. ICth.
M. B. Tl'RKEYS for sal; eggs In season.
irs. W. If. ireston. "iorth Loup, Neb.
Use U-NEED-A Poultry Tonic for 60
4Tain: it voui ittr Inrr.m does not twice
1 pay for your tonic, yur money will be re-
lunaeu. u. jobnson Co.. umani, .to.
FOR SALE Choice S. C. Buff Orping
ton cocks, cockerels, hens and pullets.
Toulouao Keese, aro prlxe winners, at a bar
gain. Peter A. Biehm, Harvard, Neb.
PHONE IND. A-M20 for good prlnllnjr.
Lynwstad Printing Co.. lfith Capitol Ave.
REED ABSTRACT CO.. Est. 1ST; prompt
service; get our prices. 1710 Fsrnau St
OANGESTAD. 404 Bee Bidg. Tel. D. HOT.
PAYNE INV. CO.. first floor N. Y. Life.
BENJAMIN R. E. CO.. 477 Brande!. Bidg.
E. H. Ambler, tU-30 Barker Blk. D. 7J6.
Boulevard Park ,
We want to present a few
facts concerning this addition
for your consideration.
1ST. It Is located about four blocks north
of Kountxe Place, on higher ground
anything: east cf 24th St. or north of Cum
lntt Si.
2ND. It is within 15 to 20 minutes' ride
of the heart of the city on the Sherman
Ave. line, one of the best lines in Omaha.
3D. Each lot Is of good aixe and is sup
plied with fewer, water and cement walk
at no extra cost.
4TII. out of IsO lots originally for sale
have but about 0 left, but these are all
uniformly good one. Does not splen
did record indicate the desirability of own
inn one of these lots?
f'TH. The new university at 21th and
Pratt Sts. (four blocks wes; and two south)
and the exteiiKive Improvements undr way
at Levi Carter park (about a half mile
east! are bound to Increase values In this
choice addition.
6TH. Fifty good, substantial dwelling
now ln the addition and many mote In sight
Vou-l. not be lonesome If you
7TH. Prices l.'t7!i ll.- Terms -,n-flftK
down, balance on monthly paymeniB. Don't
wait until another advance ln prices comes.
Take advantaKe of present prices and buy
uu ion iiiuatt money uy uomg so.
Call at our office and let us show you
ttuse lots, or phone us for plat giving
priced tit unsold lots.
Shimer & Chase Co.
South 17th St.
Opposite Court House.
I2i Investment
Fine Inside corner lot and brick
building. In first-class condition and
always rented to choice tenants.
McCague Bidg.
- 'Phones. D. 1152. A-2656.
FOR quick returns list your real estate
for sale and exchange with me; no sale
no pay. W. W. Mitchell. Board of Trade
Uldg.. Omaha. Neb.
citt pkurKRT v ron 8 A I.E.
(Continued )
Good Building Lots
On Paved Streets
You will find that rood building lots on
paved struts ar aeiting more scarce every
day. The following list are the very best
values you cen g-t.
4S-foot south front lot on Arms Are. jist
a est of 3f!d; cloe to school.
I.Vfoot east front on With St. b'tween
Fowler Ave. and Lttri:nor- Avi. P.-Vintr
si! paid.
?0-fooi south front on I-ake St. near ITT. 1
St. Paving all paid.
45-fiot front on Madison Ave. lust east of
Sherman Ave. Paving all paid.
North front JO-foot Jot on Spencer St.
In Knuntsp I'lace, Just east of 14th. Pav
ing paid.
j0-foot. fronting west on Itth St. Jus:
south cf Manderson. Paving all p.ild.
nfl-foot, south front on Icust St. In
Kountxe Place between lv.h and l:uh; good
N. K. corner 19th and Iithron Pis.: verv
choice location; paved street on both sides.
4"-foot. fronting west on 4m Ave . Just
north of Davenport, with paving all paid.
ery choice location. I'rice very low.
74-foot, north front on Tothron street.
being the S. E. corner fronting 124 ft. on
Florence rjoulevard.
40-font. fronting ncrth on Harnev between
3fth and rist; high and sightly; location
close In. Paving all paid.
Hastings & Heyden,
1614 Harney St.
3909 North 18th St
Six rooms and reception hall In Boule
vard park, thoroughly modern, almost new,
splendid arrangement of rooms, nicely pa
ppred, good neighborhood, goo 1 lot. con
venient to Sherman Ave. line, lo to M min
utes' ride down town. Prlre. tacO. See us
about this. We can arrange satisfactory
Shimer & Chase Co.,
90S South 17th Street.
Opposite Court House.
JSiOOO cash and W.OoO at 6 per cent, long
time, will buy one of best located renval
properties in Omaha. Alway. rented; its
location Insures prompt paying tenants.
Suite 624. New York Life Bidg.
2T81 EVANS St.. 7 rooms, new, modern.
oak and pine finish: near Omaha univer
sity 3,7&0. Call W-3199.
Six Rooms and Hall
Brwnd new, thoroughly modern, large
rooms, east front lot. desirable neighbor
hood, nonh part. Price, 3.2i0; $-00 down,
balance practically same as rent.
Shimer & Chase Co.,
DM South 17th Street.
Opposite Court House.
2967-9 PACIFIC, 0-room bricks, strictly
modern, excellent condition, J-Ki.
Phone Douglas 746. 412 N. Y. Life Bidg.
I WANT an offer on lot X block 20. origi
nal plat of the city of Omaha, with two
houses. 19011 and 111 California street. Lot.
fcxli3 feet.
New York Life Bunding.
Strictly modern, large lot, paved street,
near car. Small amount cash, balance
fcuite $24 New York Life Bidg.
Call lor la.
FOR SALE 11 acres Improved orchard
and alfalfa. 4 acres pasture; personal prop
erty. Including VM hens; Income, $J,2ou per
year. Price, H0UU. Town 2Vt miles. C. E.
Skinner. Chtco. CaL
WE are making homes for a million peo
ple on the greatest irrigated tract In Cali
fornia. Our new booklet, 'California
Now or Never, the finest California book
ever printed. 10c. Easy payments. See
our big exhibit at cnicago s great lajia
show, Nov. 20 to Dec. 4. We want an army
of "Live ones" with us to build this
ureatest now community. Organise a col
ony. Write today for free Information.
H. L. HoiUHter, zuo ia, cnicago.
GOOD, well Improved 80-a ere farm; price,
$87.50 per acre; six miles southeast of Coun
cil mulls. 11. r. L. io. i, iumines, in,
Phone Ind. 0041-M. D. W. Weaver.
TWO Missouri farms for sale or will
trade for property In Omaha or vicinity
i:M i)ecatur St., Omaha.
140 ACRES, M acres fenced, 50 acres In
cultivation. 4-room house; lots or running
water; R. F. D. by door; lots of fruit; bam
and outhouses. Can be sold on easy terms;
115 per acre.
100 acres. 0 acres in cultivation; plenty
of water; 8-room house, 2.0U0 fruit trees;
90 acres fenced: barn and outbuildings;
can be sold at I'M per acre; Vk down.
Also have 100 acres, 5u acres In cultiva
tion. 10 acres In strawberries. 30 acres ln
mtaduw; 3-room house; lots of water; 4
miles s. w. of Anderson, McDonald county,
Mo. I have other snaps. Call on me.
We offer twenty choice quarter sections
fine farming land in western Nebraska; all
smooth valley land; rich, black soil; fine
water; especially adapted for general
farming, alfalfa, hogs and dairying; ex
cellent crops of wheat, oats, corn and po
tatoes) are grown on surrounding farms.
The new line of the t'nlon Pacific up the
North Platte valley will run within a few
miles of this land.
The blKgest snap ln good farm land of
fered for years.
Price, only 114 50 an acre.
For particulars write.
21S Chamber Commerce Bidg., Omaha, Neb.
A Cass County
Nebraska Farm
At Your Own Price
To settle a partnership we will sell to
the highest bidder, on easy terms, a splen
did farm, miles southeast of Ashland,
Neb., comprising 4i acres, which must be
sold before January 20. 1S10. For descrip
tion and full particulam write
Om-iha, Neb.
WHY INVEST your money In land far
south or north when we have better land
as cheap, and ln many Instances cheaper,
In your ori state? You can buy land with
the best of hard soil, hat lays level, for
115 to SjO per acre in 1 -rkins countv. Neb.
Nothing better In anv state. See :Vi land
before buying. McKNIUHT REALTY Co..
iLli O St., Lincoln. Neb.
stead of Irrigated land, under government
ditch, aear Scott'a Bluff. Neb. Will take
house and lot, or stock. Dr. E. H. Prouty,
IL i D. No. 4. Council Bluffs, la.
Itraika ontlsar4.
For two fine sections of farming tend In
Kimball count). Nbrk. 6 and J miles
northeast of Kimball, the county sal
sctior.s 27 and If, t p 1. range ,v H're
is a chance to sv-t In rlgnt. 1. F.
bowman, over kI3 West Orand Ave.. Ie3
Moines ,1a.
We have ltf) K) acr-s of choice land to
ffltci from, langlnx In pi Ice from ! t
liU 1 er see. I 'his land is in ton oil and
bar dis rlct and yuu might get an oil well)
fcitn our lar.a.
Suite t.24 New York Life UUlg
W-AI'RK for sule near Comnnihe. okl.
11 acres binke. iroid Iniprtivemenl''. plenty
of wood. $H' ai re Write owner. Rout 1.
E J. Dodd. Comanche. Okl.
farriiin. .
7.V10 WILL locate yoti on ISO acr, s cf
choice productive land ln western tJigon;
price ti.50 per acre at time of s curing
title, fall or write, 41J Karbach block.
Hontb Dakota.
FOR SALE Greatest bargain In South
Dakota. ?lt)-acre is ell Improved farm. 2
mlies city Mitchel . new Iniildlngs. not a
foot of waste Innd. could not Uy nicer,
best of soil, alfalfa iand. Tenant raised
over $;,0U) of crops this year. Corn vent
- ft I.,, a , . rnn ....... . . . ... v. .1 . . . ii i A,m
.-w. a' . r, ail,-, 11 1FI 111 ' 1IT-, lfc.VU
can remain at H per cent. Mather & Co..
Cedar R.iilds. Ia.
TEXAS homes an 1 Investments.
Doug. Ir34. 307 N. Y. Life Bidg.
IV to SO.OOO on homes In Omaha. O'Keera
F.eal fcUiata Co.. luCl N. Y. Life. Doug, or
LOANS to home owners and home build
ers, with privilege of making partial pa
nienis scmi-ac.nujuy. fiu commission.
(03 First N.lional Bank Bidg.
to loan on
Omaha Business Property.
Room L New York Lite Bidg.
WANTED City loans and warrjnta W.
Farnam Smith & Co.. 1420 Farnam St.
OARVIN LROS.. SIS N. Y. Life. 1600 to
t?iti.000 on Improved property. No delay.
a iaiui ana city loans; optional pay
ment; no delay. I. Sibbernaen. Omaha.
11 Gil If 110 000 nnartn nrninrtttv V r n-.,
Wead Bidg.. llh and Farnam.
MONEY TO LOAN Pay re Iov-stment Co
WANTED City loans. Peters Trust Co,
SECOND MORTGAGE loans negotiated.
Apply Rooms 417-Is First National Bank
Bidg. Bell phono Douglas 231K.
Private money, tons, to 15.000; low rate.
LOWEST RATES Be mis, Brandeis Bidg.
FOR RENT The Prouty farm, four
miles northeast of Council Bluffs, consist
ing of 200 acres plow land, alfalfa, orchard
and pasture, to an absolutely reliable man.
with some capital; must be ready to take
possession soon after public sale. January
19 and M. 1H10. D. L. Prouty, R. F. D. No.
4, Council Bluffs. Both 'phones.
VACANT lots and houses. Have cash
buyers. 411 Karbach Blk. Red .1007. A-3fM.
t, ( and 7-roora houses. If p: lc are right
we can sell your property for you.
Suite C4 N. T. Lit e Hldg.
1-Ttnt.l v-t.lA niann onnJf -...-LI 1
Will pay difference. Bee, Y 17.
FOR SALIy or trade. 40-acre, meil Im
provd farm,' forty rods from court house
of Pocahontas. Price, Stl.wO. guarter In
Dakota preferred. N. C. Nielsen, Poca
hontas, la. L. U. 2t.
FOR SALE or trade. Section, Lincoln
oounty, Nebraska land. Address Jay M.
Riley, Lawrence, Neb.
BEST price paid fur second-hand furni
ture, carpets, clothing and shoes TeU ixug
HIGHEST prices for furniture, etc.
BELL'S Furn. Stoio, 1406 Dodge. Red 1531.
BALTIMORE 2d-hand store pays best
price M-hitnd furniture, clothes, etc '). 42vi.
Highest prices for old broken watches,
old gold. etc. M. Nathan. 211 S. 13th.
HIUH grade pianos. Phone Webster 372iJ.
WANTED at once by party of S, for I
or 1 months suite of furnished rooms
with board in private family. Location
must be good. Willing to pay liberally
for satisfactory rooms. Address W-741
LADY with several years' business train
ing desires position selling either in city
or will travel. Al referauues. Address
W. 6u7, care Bee.
P.nnl nnd "Wnnrl H- Morehouse Co.,
WANTED By young man, place to work
for board while attending Boylcs college.
Both phones.
EXPERIENCED road salesman, trunk
line or otherwise, open for position Jan. 1,
li'lO; references unquestionable. Audre.-s
D 704, Bee.
WANTED Position as stenographer by
experienced telegraph operator, .'1 yeirs
old; railroad, work preferred. Address 1'
H, care Bee.
office, Fort Des Mollies, Iowa, Novem
ber 20. liA. Sealed proposals, In triplicate
will be received here until S p. m., stand
ard time, December 3D, Vv. and then
upened for the construction of a post
chapel, with plumbing, heating, electric
Hiring and fixtures, at Fort Des Mollies,
lout. Hlunk forms, plans, specifications
and full information obtained at this of
fice. A deposit of lo required for drawings
and specifications; depohlt will be refunded
on return of drawings here The I'nlted
States reserves the right to reject or ac
cept all proposals or any pari thereof.
Envelopes containing proposals should
Indorsed "Proposals for Post Chapel" and
addressed Constructing Quartermaster,
Fori Des Moines, Iowa. N24-2J-30 Dao-li.
Omaha, Nebrakka. Nov. 2, IKK). Sealed
proposals, ln triplicate, will be received
here and by Quartermasters at the posis
named herein, until 10 a. in., central stand
ard time. December t, IVUt). for furnishing
e-helled Corn during fiscal year ending June
30. mo, at Omaha Q. M. Depot. Forts
Crcok, Omaha and Robinson. Nebraska;
Forta Leavenworth and Riley, Kinun;
Fort Mackenzie, Wyoming, and Fort Del
Moines, Iowa. Proposals for delivery at
other places will not be entertained.
United Slates reserves rlgi.t to reject or
accept any or all proposals or any part
thereof. Information furnished on applica
tion here or to Quartermasters at tne sta
tions named Envelopes containing pro
posals should be marked "Proposals f o
Forage." and addressed to Major D. E.
M CARTHY, C. Q. M. N i l 4 --J0 Dl
Oaa Dallar a Yea
Head of Catholic Diocese of Omaha
Talks on French Situation.
l ikens Present Ktalas of (ontrsllig
K.lements to UI4 Starr of the
Wolfs Tender Services
to the l.snih.
Right Rev. Richard Scannell. bishop of
the Catholic diocese of Omahs, was asked
after the service at St. Cecelia church
Sunday, if he had read the article appear
ing In The Bee from Paris Tin a r ding the
pending contest between the state and
church ln France. The article quoted was
a reproduction from the Paris Temps.
"Yes." said the bishop. "It is a deliber
ate misrepresentation of the entire ques
tion, and in Its dishonesty goes beyond
what might be loolced for even In a French
antl-clerlcnl paper. It declares that the
French bishops and clergy and the great
body of French Catholics are In favor of
separation ot church and state. This, be
ing a half-truth, is worse than a whole lie.
They may be now, like American Catholics,
In favor of the separation of church and
state, but they are not, and never were, In
favor of the confiscation of all the church
property which, during past ages, had been
given by the many faithful for religious,
charitable and educational purposes. That
property Is gone, .tnd the proceeds of its
sale squandered without any benefit to
the French people.
Religions Leaders Harassed.
"Still less are French Catholics In favor
of all the vexatious laws which harass the
bishops and clergy and deprive them of
that liberty which ministers of religion en
joy in all the other civilized countries of
the world.
"The Temps, with extraordinary effront
ery, declares that the Vatican refuses to
aid In the settlement of the church ques
tion. To this I answer: First, that the
church question was raised, not by the
Vatican, but by the French government,
which set aside the concordat without ob
serving even the small courtesy of notify
ing the Vatican (the party of the second
part) of its Intended action. Thus it of
fered to the Holy See a deliberate Insult,
the like of which, I feel certain, no other
government pagan or Christian would be
guilty of today.
"Secondly, the French government has
all along refused to have any relations
with the Vatican, boastfully declaring that
It will settle French Catholic questions
without recognizing the head of the Cath
olic church. This la queer statesmanship.
And now the Temps complains of the "re
fusal of the Vatican to aid in the settle
ment of the church question in France;'
and the article talks of the 'broad Intelli
gence' of Lo XIII. We who remember
how the French government treated Leo
XIII know the value of this praise.
Is Old Story Re-enacted.
"It is the old story over again of the
wolf and lamb. The good-natured wolf Is
striving to serve the wickod lamb. It has
broken the concordat for the benefit of
Notice Is hereby given, that a special
meeting of the stockholders of The Mis
souri Pacific Railway Company will ba
held at the principal offico of said Com
pany, ln the Missouri Pacific Building. No.
716 Market Street, In the City of St. Louis,
Missouri, on Tuesday, the 18th day of
January, 11-10. at nine o'clock In the fore
noon of that duy, to consider and act upon
the following propositions:
(a) To adopt a code of by-laws for the
(Id To ratify, assent to and approve a
certain Indenture of lease bearing date the
15th day of July, l!w, by and between
Boonvllle, St. Louis Southern Railway
Company, a corporation of the Slate of
Missouri, and this Company and authorized
on behalf of this Company at a meeting of
the Board of Directors, held on the liith
day of August, litun.
(c) To ratlty, assent to and approve the
purchase by this Company of the whole or
any part of the railroads and other prop
erty and franchises of all or any of the
following named railroad companies:
Cartliaye and Western Railway Company,
Joplln and Western Ranway r-ompany, St.
Louis. Oak Hill and Carondelet Railway
Company, Sedalia, Warsaw nd South
western Kaliway Lompsny, i ne ivan.sns
City Northwestern Railroad Company, The
Nebraska Southern Railway Company,
Omaha Belt Railway Company, Omaha
Southern Railway Company, Pacific Rail
way Company ln Nebraska, The Pueblo
and' State Line Railroad Company, and
Kansas and Arkansas Valley Railway.
(d) For the purpose of refunding under
lying mortgage bonds and equipment obli
gations of the Company and for other cor
porate purposes, to consent to, concur in
and authorize an Increase of the bondt-n)
lndebtc-JncBS of The Missouri Pacific Rail
way Company, by the amount of $175.imj9
by the lanue of Gold Bonds ot the Com
pany, limited in the aggregate to the
principal amount of ll75.0M.uuo at any one
time outstanding, to bear Interest at a rate
or rates not to exceed five per cent per
annum, payable seml-annuaiy, and all or
any part of such bunas, as tne uoara oi
Directors may determine, to be coavertlbta
at the option of the holders and registered
owners thereof into stock of the Railway
Company upon such terms and otherwise
as the Board of Directors may determine;
and to consent to, concur ln and authorlid
the execution and delivery of a mortgage
and deed ot trust on and of the whole or
part of the railroads and other property
and franchises of this Company whether
now owned or hereafter acquired, to secure
such issue ot bonds by this Coinpa .y. and
to consider and act upon the Io,ra and
terms of such mortgage.
, (e) To consent to and authorize the pur
chase by this Company from time to time
of not to exceed .S.0uu.lu0 par value of the
bonds of the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and
Southern Railway Company.
(f To ratify the proceedings of the
Board of Directors theretofore taken in
and about the matters aforesaid, including
the authorization of 'said bonds and mort
gage and deed ot trust and the use lo be
made of said bonds, and to consider and
act upon such other business as may
properly be transacted at the meeting.
J he SIOCK transier uooks ot ine iumpny
will be closed at 1 I'. M. on the 7th, day
of January. l'JlO, and will remain cloned
until 10 A. M. on the 19th day ot January,
IK 10.
Dated. New York. November 17th, m.
By order of the Board of Directors.
GEORGE J. GOULD, President
A. H. CALEF, Secretary.
Nov 15 to Jan H
Cruises tie Luxe
to the
ZSS. "AVON" tr
two rstnsES
OI Ut each)
tieio up
US days)
S r up
Atse Yscatiaf, Tears by New Twla-Serrv
-bEJl BIC" tarsal, the West Isdka
CempUH iliaslsates BookUtt as Xeeuif
SaHRIRSOR i SM. Ceaaral Sscatt)
XI State Street. Mrm lark
141 liriane mi.. t'hUago.
W. Z. Bock, 1584 Tarnam at., Omaha.
80 Days $325 op
Leaves N. Y. January X, i$f.
ylnrt Iris nf Its klua.
list Aaaiul Iniw
Also eralars to ti W xi ind aiMl Ml Aawncs.
877TOTTTTyi cf
11 Jl ii 1
Thousands of women have found
confinement or much pain and Insures safety to life of mother and
child. This liniment is a God-send to women at the critical time. Not
only does Mother's Friind carry women safely through the perils of
: I A J L. fk. . - A ?a aasaaaa s am a.
kuiiu-uiiiii, rui ii prepares t
o;oi.iii iui mi, lUllllllg
event, relieves "morning
sickness," and other dis
comfort"! ?oM. T irist s i on.
000a or valuable Informs
Don mlle1 freo.
Atlanta. Us.'
religion; It has confiscated the church prop
erty for the benefit of religion: It has sup
pressed tb religious orders and squandered
their property; It Is now prosecuting bish
ops and priests, for writing and reading
pastoral letters, for the good of religion.
and the wicked lamb Is still complaining.
It has 'extinguished forever the lights of
heaven' (so M. Vlvlani of the French cab
inet declared), expunged the name of Ood
from every book used In the public schools.
and protects the teachers when they tell
the children that Christianity Is a supersti
tion and that man is a mere animal; and
when the lamb complains of all this the
poor wolf shrugs his shoulders, rolls his
eyes, holds out his hands appeallngly to
the world and says, "I am doing everything
In my power for this intransigent lamb.
What more can I do? Que voulee vous,
"After all, the article of the Temps shows
that everything is not going quite well
with the world. But why does the Associ
ated Press lend itself to the dishonest prop
aganda. Colonel Stone, who is said to be
a fair man, ought to look after his agents
In Paris, Madrid and Lisbon."
Voices of These Favorite' Artists
evrr Heard to Better Advan
tnae Than This Wesson.
After Entico Caruso and Geraldine Farrar
mnde their first appearance of the sen Bin
early this month, the Improvement In the
beauty of tone and amplitude of Volume of
the great tenor's voice Impressed the critics
so much that they unhesitatingly acclaimed
Caruso as the possessor of "the most su
perb tenor voice that has been heard on
thlii planet," and that Miss Farrar sang as
she never sang before. Trie Cqruso rec
ords, although only made early In Novem
ber, have Just been issued with the Decem
ber list of Victor records. The nine rec
ords by the great tenor Include two superb
opuratlc airs from "Korza del Destlno" and
"Reglna di Saba;" "Mamma mia," a
charming Neapolitan gondolier song, com
posed by Caruso's own gondolier; a ballad
by Costt ln French, a alection from
"Huguenots," and two arias from "Tosca"
and "Carmen" one of the lattar. being sung
In French, the other being the same selec
tion in Italian.
The four new records by Farrar are the
"Ierl son sallta" aria from the first act
of Madama Butterfly; "Butterfly's De.ith
Scene" from the lot act of the same opeta:
"Love and Music" from Tosca, In which
opera Miss Farrar appeared for the fnt
time this season; that well known Scotch
ballad, "Bonnie Sweet Bessie" a favorite
song with the artist, and her rendition is
supremely beautiful. Mis Farrjr al-o
sings in a number of duets with Seoul.
The popular baritone is also heard in -rlires
Schumann-Hr-Ink . contributes English,
German and Italian songs to the December
list, the "Sexjus Aria" from Titus, In
Italian, is delivered with fine effect, and
the air, which is ln florid style, gives
Schumann-Heink an opportunity to display
the remarkable flexibility of her voice, the
colorature paf-aages being sung mezzo
voice with beautiful effect. Another con
tralto offering is that of Gervllle-Reache,
who sings In French.
The December list Is also rich In Instru
mental music. Pryon's band plays "The
Enterprise's Military March." The famous
Vienna String quartet, which has been de
lighting New York audiences for some time
past, gracefully plays "Danse Caprice" and
Tschaikowsky's well known "Chant tins
paroles." Another famous European orga
nization, the Bohemian Orchestra of Lon
don, is Introduced to the American public.
Another of those entertaining medleys by
the Victor Light Opera company is ren
dered this month in "Gems From the
Broken Idol. Josie Sadler's German dia
lect specialty, "Hilda Loses Her Job." is
an extremely funny monologue. Elizabeth
Wheeler and Harry Macdonough sing in a
most entertaining fashion a dainty little
lovero' duet, and Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler
render Schubert'a exquisite "Serenade."
The Whitney Brothers quartet present
Koschat's widely known "Forsaken." Then
there is a mandolin-guitar record by those
skilful players. Page and Rutin; a sweet
toned and perfectly balanced cornet duet.
"Semprona Waltz." by Clark and Kentke;
several selections by Pryor's bind and the
Victor orchestra; and otht-r vocal treit.
by suich artists as Jones and Murray. Col
lins and Harlan, Stanley and Burr. Art. ur
Clough, and the Haydn quartet.
Novelties FRENZER 15th ai.d I ) dse.
He'll Have Lots of Fun Thla Win
ter," Observes Tiead of Loral
"Speaker Cannon is a typical fighting
tranger," ald Mayor Iahlman, speaking
of the banquet at Kansas City last Friday
e tnlrg, where the mayor was also an hon
ored gueot. "He has fight In his system,
rr.d he faces his foes squarely, with un
daunted mien and a most admirable
humor." Judge Shoemaker's hike from the Doug
las county corral was mentioned to :he
smiling chief executive of Omaha, and his
smile at once grew in extent and warmth.
"The Judge is a grand old man," said the
head of the local democracy, "and I have
no doubt be will take considerable pleasure
in nominating governors all winter. It Is
a delectable pastime, and with his extiuisitt
sense ot the evanescent verities Judjss
Shoemaker will undoubtedly profit much"
"What variety did you say, Mr. MayorT"
Interrupted Tom Flynn. "If I caught you
right, the Judge doesn't carry that kind ot
hunting paraphernalia. He generally goes
out with a maul and a wedge when nt
wants ta split things wide open."
"Oh, wasn't discussing wide-open oi
closed town," responded the mayor, with'
bubbling geniality. "I was simply com,
pllmenting my old friend on his ncw-at
Don Quixotlan enterprise. 1 know that lie
has In his office a brief holding, as e
do, that the S o'clock closing law is dt
trop. So we agree somewhere, even If we
disagree aa to the winning" candidate for
J Cut GlSBS-FRKNZrJlt-lMh and Dodge.
ordeal which all women
pproach with dread, for
ine compares to the rain
of child-birth. The thourht
me sunenng in store for
CiLw hcr robs ,hc expectant mother
of pleasant anticipations.
the use or Mother's Friend robs
Woman Hurt by
Bump of Locomotive
Mrs. D. D. McMillan of Minneapolis is
Injured When Engine Hits
Pullman Car.
Mrs. D. D. McMillan. 2019 Uollax avenue,
Minneapolis, was severely hurt and a scor
of passengers shaken whtn a switch
engine bumped into the Pullman cut
Ogdensburg, which was standing on th
track at the Burlington station nNvit I
o'clock Monday morning.
The car had been detached from the St.
Paul train that had arrived at 7:05 oVloik
over tho Northwestern line and had Ju-d
been taken to the Burlington terminal
awaiting the Kansas City train, due al 15
Tho switch engine, belonging to the Union
Pacific, which was going; at a huh rate of
speed, struck It squarely and threw many
of the passengers off their feet.
Mrs. McMillan was in the wash room aid
she was thrown against the wash stand
and her side Injured. She may be hurt in
ternally. She was attended by a physician
and retired to a berth.
Grant Hicks, the porter, was standing on
his stepladdcr when the shock came. Hn
was thrown down and bruised somewhat,
though his Injuries are not serious.
Missouri Pacific
Adopts Low Fare
Slashes Rates for Corn Show, Follow
ing Lead of Three Other Roads
Union Pacific Silent.
Announcement of special low ratea to
the National Corn show have been made
by the Missouri Pacific railroad for all
points west of the Missouri river, following
the action taken by the Rock Island
system, the Burlington Route and th?
Northwestern lines. The Missouri Pacific
has fixed a rate of IVt cents per mile,
with a mtnumum fare of 12 for all points
in Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas, as far
west as Weeping Water and Talmage and
as far south as St. Louis and Kansas Clt.
The action of the Missouri Pacific Is In
the nature of another boost for the corn
f-how. Of the five railroads operating wvet
of the Missouri river, that have terminals
in Omaha, four have adopted the special
low rates. The Union Pacific, the fifth line
west of tho city, has made no announce
ment as yet.
Jewelry KRENr.R-Hjtn unil rot'.&e.
Will Organise Campaign to Get That
Other Hundred and Fifty
Thousand Hollars.
The board of trustees of the University
of Omaha ha.i ratified the action of tho
executive committee In accepting the gift
of George A. Jnslyn of J50.000 on condi
tion that an additional amount of $150,000
be raised by the board. This action was
taken at a meeting of the trustees at the
Commercial club rooms Monday noon.
A resolution was adopted stating that It
was the purpose of the board to start a
united and vigorous campaign at once to
comply with the terms of Mr. Joslyn's
gift. It was decided to have a subscrip
tion committee and this will be appointed
Frightful Spasm
of the stomach, liver torpor, lame bark
and weak kidneys are overcome by Elec
tric Bitters. Guaranteed. 80c. For sale
by Beaton Drug Co.
You will find
where to buy the
best birds of var
ious breeds un
der the head
in the want ads.
If you have poultry you
can sell it by advertising
your stock in The Bee. The
cost is small, one cent per
word per day, or $1.50 per
line per month.
Want Ad Dept.
the nnnun rpf
1 Omaha.
i I Ifjft.v-", wT.u J.Ji.,,. ..