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Gibbons Holds
Suffrage Would
Kill Home Life
Itoman Cardinal and Senator Boot
Praise Work of Anti-Suf-rage
NEW YORK, Nov. 2. In a letter to the
National league for the Civic Education of
Women, an antl-suffragette organisation,
n.aile public today Cardinal Gibbons nays:
"1 ntfvet greatly that. I cannot attend
the meeting called for November 1.
"Although my many duties will not allow
nit to be present at your meeting, I beg
to insure you that I am most heartily In
tympathy with the aim of your league,
and I approve most strongly the stand It
has taken In opposition to woman's suf
frage, which,. If realised, would be the
ueath blow of domestic life and happiness.
Viry respectfully yours,
"Archbishop of Baltimore."
Fcnaior ISllhu Itrfot also Krote a letter
of rtgr t that he was unable to bo present,
in which he expressed, his sympathy with
the cause and said:
"I think your association Is doing very
valuable and Important work."
Mrarniuai Government Forces "Win
Battle nllh Revolutionists at
Bocni Kan Carlos.
NICW TOUIv, Nov. J. Senor Rio Bolanos,
consul at Nicaragua, made public a cable
nieHsage received todny from President Ze
laya of Nlparagua, In which the executive
Informs him that the government forces
were succesKful In an engagement yester
day with the revolutionists at Boras San
The dltmatch -does not contain details as
to casualties, but locates the scene of hos
tilities near the, River San Juan, a short
dUtance from the port' of Sari Juan r.el
Norte, The revolutionists, according to the
presidential cablegram, were under com
mand of General Emlllano Chamorro and
xuffered a crushing defeat.
tushes Into nprnlntr Home to llescne
, Four llulen and F!-e
' Die.
PITTSBl'IUl. I'a., Nov.d-Mr. William
Marlow and four children were burned to
death today when fire, causod by the up
eeUliiK , of an oil lamp, destroyed their
home, in the outskirts of , he city. A f lfh
..child was saved by the mother before she
met her, death. Mr. Marlow and two aonstt.nt Was 'steadily Improving.
Seeley, the Noted Truss Expert, Now at
the Paxton Hotel.
"Rupture Is not 1 tear Or break in
the abdominal wall, aa commonly sup
posed, but la the stretching or dilation,
ofa natural opening," said T, II. Seeley
of Chicago and, Philadelphia, the noted
truss expert, now at the' Paxton hotel.
Mr. Seeley says: "The Spermatic
Shield Truss as fitted to the czar of
RiiFsla.t now used and. approved by
the United States govnment will net
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Bo. 11-2-OS. (
wrre at work In a nearby coal mine at the
time of the accident.
I.ylc, an 8-year-old son, was playlnR
about the kitchen when the) lamp on the
table- was overturned. Mrs. Marlow car
ried the boy to the yard and entered the
house again to aid four other Children,
who were asleep on the second floor. The
five perished.
Iowa Marshal
Killed by Gang
He Had Captured
Fosse Formsat Once and Catches Two
Murderers in Cornfield
Talk of Lynching.
DES MOINES, la., Nov. 2 "Pat" Patton,
eity marshal of Carroll, Ia was shot and
killed by one of a pair of robbers at 7
o'clock this morning near Qlidden, seven
miles east of Carroll. Patton had followed
the robbers from Carroll, whre they had
entered a house rarly last night, fatten
had captured his men and while covering
them with a gun turned toward his
Instantly one of the men shot him In the
back. A posse of seventy-five men armed
Lwltli shotguns and rifles formed an hour
later and captured the robbers In a corn
field. A mob Is reported forming at Carroll
and awaiting the arrival of the robbers,
declaring they will lynch them.
Secretary of the Interior Seta Aside
Nearly Two Hundred Thousand
Acres for Tbis Purpose.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Nov. 2.-(Speclnl Tele
gram.) The secretary of the Inferior has
designated approximately 179,440 acres In
townships 65 to 58 north, range 60 to G2
west, in Wyoming as subject to disposition
under the enlarged homestead law. This
rr.ak s a total of 12,115,280 acres in Wyoming
distynated to date.
President White Denies Report.
BOONE, la., Nov. 2. (Special Telegram.)
.John P. White, head of tho miners' or
ganization In Iowa, today denied he will
run forfhV national' presldoney'J '" Word re
ceived In Boone In a latter today bears
a flat denial.
Wounded Turfman Recovering;.
NEW YOHK, Nov. 2. Robert L. Thomas,
the Kentucky turfman who was stabbed
at the fheepshead tay tracks Sunday by
his jockey, Carroll Shilling, was removed
today to a private house near that of his
physician. Dr. Frank Lyne, at Sheepshead
tlu III l.vna iiM t.iniirht that IiIh un
6uly retain any case of rupture per
fectly, affording Immediate and com
plete relief, but close the opening In
ten days on the average case." This
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England and in Spain, producing re
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jections. If any interested call, he
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New Location 15184520 FARNAII STREET
Head of Labor Federation Again Held
Guilty of Contempt.
Declares Disregard of Deer
Bark tove Case, If Per
milted, Would Tend to
WASHINGTON, Nov. t The district
court of appeals today affirmed the decree
of the supreme court of the District of
Columbia adjudging Pres'dent Samuel
Oomprrs. Secretary Frank Morrison and
Vice President John Mitchell of the Amer
ican Federation of Labor guilty of con
tempt of court In the Buck Stove and
HanRo case.
Chief Justice Sheppard disserted from
the opinion of the court on constitutional
The court held that the. fundamental
issue was whether the constitutional
agencies of povernment should be obeyed
or defied. The mere fact thai tho de
fendants were the officers of organized
labor Iti America, said the court, lent Im
portance to the cause and added to the
gravity of the situation, but It should not
be permitted to Interfere with the result.
"If nn organisation of citlsena, howevei.
large." the court held, "may disobey the
mandates of the court, the same reason
ing vould render them subject to Individual
defiance. Both are subject to the law and
neither is above it.
"If a citizen, though he may honestly be
lieve his rights have been Invaded, may
elect when he will obey the mandates ol
the court and tho requirements of the law
as Interpreted by the court. Instead of pur
suing the orderly course of appeal, not only
the courts, but government Itself would be
come powerless and society would be re
duced to a slate of anarchy."
The action of the supreme court of the
District of Columbia in V sentencing
Qompers, Mitchell and Morrison to twelve
nine and six months Imprisonment In Jail,
respectively, was the result of the failure
of theso three defendants to obey the order
of the court directing mem to desist from
placing the Buck's Stove and Range com
pany of St. Louis on their "unfair list"
In the prosecution of their boycott against
the corporation.
While the name of the corporation was
removed from the unfair list of the fed
eration, Messrs. Gompers and Mitchell con
tinued to keep alive the. boycott by fre
quent reference to It In the Federationist,
official organ of the federation.
Tho result of the boycott. It was said,
was to cause a decline In the business of
the stove and range company of fifty per
May Go to Supreme Court.
When the decision was rendered neither
the labor leaders nor their counsel were
present. As forcasted by Mr. Gompers In
a recent issue of the Federationist, an at
tempt will be made to appeal the case to
the United States supreme court.
The right 'of appeal, however. Is a mat
ter of controversy. Some attorneys hold
that as this decision finds the contempt
to have been a criminal offense the court
of appeals would have the last say In the
matter as it has of all criminal cases in
the district. Others, however, contend that
as the constitutional right of free speech
a,nd liberty of the press Is involved the
labor leaders may prosecute an appeal.
. No action will be taken towards the ar
rest of the men until the matter of the ap
peal has . been determined.
, Still KijfhtliiK, Says Gomuera.
NEW YORK, Nov. 2. President Gompers
issued the following statement in regard
to today's decision of the court of appeals
of the District of Columbia:
"With all due respect to the majority of
the court I cannot surrender constitution
ally guaranteed rights because a Judge will
Issue an Injunction denying these rights.
"Chief Justice Sheppard's dissenting opin
ion Is in defense of the constitution and
Inherent rights. MlnorUy opinions of couiu
In the past when human rights were in
vaded have ultimately prevailed, because
the law of the land and the generally ac
cepted rule of life, and I have an abiding
faith that the rule in this case will prove
no exception. (
"If 1 must go to Jail I shall have the
consciousness of the fact that other men
have in the past been compelled to suffer
In defense of Justice and right In the cause
of humanity and for the maintenance of
human liberty.
"I shall leive for Washington at once.
I want to be within the Jurisdiction of the
court whatever disposal Is made of the"
Mr. Gompers said probably an appeal
would be taken to the United States su
preme court, but that he v as not yet In a
position to speak positively until he had
conferred with counsel in the mutter.
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vember 10th In the SAVINGS
draw interest from November 1st
Three per cent lnteret is paid on sav
ings deposits and compounded semi
annually. Funds may be withdrawn
at any time without notice.
The combined capital and surplus is
$1,200,000. The total assets are over $18,
000,000. It is the oldest bank in Nebraska,
established In 1850.
United States National Dank
M. T. BAILOW, rrck K. MILltlft, Vloe-Pm.
6. W. WATTLE). Viee-Pret. W. E. RlUDES, Cashier.
V. B, CALDWELL, Vlci-Prat. G. E. lAVEIiTlCK, Ais'l-Ciik! er
R. r. M0ISMAN, Au't-Cashter.
"But we will fight to the last ditch," Mr.
Gompers added, "and then on beyond that."
Berk Please at Result.
James M. Beck of cousel for the com
plainant. Bucks Stove and Range company
uf St. Louis, after looking over the court's
opinion made the following statement:
"To the extent that this decision Involves
punishment upon men of power and stand
ing In the country, no one can feel any
personal gratification, but to the extent
that It vindicates a principle that is vital
to Industrial liberty It Is gratifying to us
who conducted the case for the plaintiff.
"These contempt procedlnRS were not
fought by the Ducks company primarily or
principally to protect personal rights, but
to vindicate the power of the courts to en
force their decrees.
"We felt that we owed It to the court
which entered the original decree to bring
to its attention the flagrant violation of its
provisions by the defendants.
"For If such a, decree could be defied, as
In this instance, by men of great power,
there would be an end to the enforcement
of the law and that means anarchy."
Beheads Wife
and Daughter
Pennsylvania!! Then Commits Suicide
by Shooting- Himself After
Writing Note.
POTTSVILLE, Pa., Nov. 2.-One of the
most terrible tragedies that ever shocked
i his country took place last night at Pine
Grove, near here, when' Daniel Schocke, a
butcher of that place, cut off the heads
of his wife and 12-year-old daughter and
then committed suicide by shooting himself.
The discovery was made today when
neighbors, who " became suspicious that
something was wrong as there was no sign
of life about the house, broke open the
front door. They toifftd' Schocke lying on
the first floor and the bodies of the wife
and little girl In a bed on the second floor,
A large butcher knife on the floor showed
how the murders had been committed.
Schocke had covered the bodies with bed
clothing and after writing a note telling
what he- had done he went downstairs and
shot himself. Death in his case was in
Indianapolis Teamster Arrested Elec
tion Dar on Peealiar
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.. Nov. 2.-Pollce
early today came upon Joseph Stout, a
teamster, driving out Into the country,
southwest of the city; with eight negroes
In his gravel wagon.
Stout was arrested and related, accord
ing to the police, that $10 was paid to him
to haul the negroes so far' out of town that
they couia not get back home before the
polls closed this evening.
Rlrknian Taken Into Custody on
Charsre of Illesral Work.
LOGAN, la.. Nov. 2. (Special!.) By
order of Sheriff Rock, W. Rlchman was
taken Into custody last night at Council
Bluffss for the alleged offense of selling
mortgaged property.
Last spring Mr. Rlchman of Monona
county borrowed a sum of money from
J. B. Swain of PIsgah, Harrison county,
giving a mortgage on the horses as se
curity. It Is alleged that after securing the
money, M. Rlchman sold the horses and
then left Monona county for some point
unknown to Mr. Swain or Mr. RIchman'B
neighbors. A warrant was secured In Mo
nona county and placed in the hands of
Sheriff Rock, who traced the alleged of
fender to Dakota and then back to Iowa,
and when he passed through Harrison
county last night Sheriff Rock secured his
arrest and detention at Council Bluffs.
Mr. Rlchman will be taken by Sheriff Rock
to Monona county today, where the al
leged offense of selling mortgaged property
was committed.
lown JVews Motes.,
acred 18 years, a brakeman for the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad, was
crushed to death In the yards at Duhunuf
today. A misplaced switch threw the
train of cars onto the rails on which Furst
was standing, killing him Inxtantly.
TORT DODGE Fifty-four thousand five
hundred and one dollars and fiftet-n cents
Is the amount raised by noon today In the
Young Men's Christian association building
campaign, which will close Tuesday night
after twelve days' strenuous public-spirited
uork on tho part of citizens. A laxt grand
effort to rahie what remains of the I'lflnO
liimul at, will he made during the remain
ing time of the campaign.
I.OUAV With JudKe O. D. Wheeler pre-
I ld rp, court convened at LoKan this morn
' inc. According to the bar docket there are
ixuv-four eiulty, sevtniy-one law, thlrty-Ifm-r
ciimlnal and seventy-one probate
I o?AN KK-Lleutensnt Governor J. C. and family left here last evening
; ' r their winter s home at St. Petersburg,
I Fla.
I !.' T T 1.' IT itvj Twn m u u L men i n.
poted to be negroes, held up at the point j
or a revolver Denver Sioris. lh owner
of a li:ril restaurant, early this niornlnK.
and the four customers of the place, who
happened to be in it at the time. One
ma, i fcUHided the door, while the other
forced Storrs to empty the contents of
the cash drawer, amounting to .!f.. Into
his hut. Smaller sums were secured from
the railroad men, who were eating at the
linch counter. Securing the booty, the
men bucked out of the place. Although a
ventral alarm was Mounded the men es
caped. MARSIIALLTOWN-Dr. William M. Pat
tei yun. (he physician of Egan, S. D . w ho
was brought here on a ci,ie of wife
rtrat rtion. which was returned In an In
1!ctnei:i In Anguot. was rel'-aoed on bonds
1 for not, which be was able W luruisn
I today.
on or before No
After Long Wranele Convention
Adopts President's Report.
Jacob nltter, National Oraanlaer.
Handling; Case for Archibald
and Baker Xews from
Iowa Points.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Nov. 2. (Special Tele
gram.) After a week of wrangling over the
report of President John P. White of the
Iowa coal miners as to the Archibald and
Baker charges, the report was adopted to
day by a vote of 177 to 107. The report
cersures Archibald and Baker. This after
noon the trial of Baker and Archibald was
begun, with Jacob Rltter, a rational or
ganizer, handling the case for the two men.
President White has been claiming that
Ritter was the real cause of the trouble
in the union,
Gnardsmen Fall In Examination.
In the examination of guardsmen elected
to commissioned officers' positions In the
Iowa National Guard, two failed outright
and four others were conditioned and must
take part of the examination over again.
This is the first time in the history of thc
Iowa National Guard that this has hap
pened and Is taken as an Indication that
the examinations hereafter Will be some
thing more than a matter of form to com
ply with the law.
The examinations were held Thursday
and Friday. The results were made public
today. The examination was a written one.
Heretofore they have always been oral and
it is claimed that In the oral examination
the attempt of the examining board to ex
plain the question often times gave away
the answer. Hereafter the examinations
will all be written and there will be no
explanations of the questions. -
Miners' Examination.
A civil service examination of mine fore
men and hoisting engineers will be held In
the office of the state mine Inspectors In
the state house November 10 by the board
of examiners. Registration must be made
on Tuesday, November I.
Convict Returned.
A requisition was issued in the office of
Governor B. F. Carroll today for the return
of Charles Reed to Iowa. Reed was a
paroled convict, but broke the terms of the
parole by leaving the state. He was found
In Rock Island and will be returned to the
penitentiary in Fort Madison.
Wants Governor's Shirt.
Governor Carroll has been requested to
send one of his shirts to the Royal Laun
dry of Richmond, Va., to be used as part
of the exhibit when the National Associa
tion of Laundrymen of America meet there
in October, 1910. It is presumed the same
request has been made to the other gov
ernors of the United States.
Board Retnrna from Trip.
Scarcity of workmen Is hindering the
completion of the various buildings being
erected at the state Institutions. The
Stale Board of Control has returned from
the trip to Independence, Fort Madison,
Vlnon and Oakdale. At each of the Insti
tutions new buildings are being put up,
but lack of workmen Is delaying the con
struction. Rntwlstle Is Dead.
Edward Entwlstle, who with George Ste
phenson rode on the Rocket, the first loco
motive engine, on its first trial trip, died
at his home In this city Sunday night at
7:30. Since the death of his wife six weeks
ago he has failed rapidly and the end was
not unexpected. He was M years old and
has made Des Moines his home for many
years. He helped build the Rocket and
worked as a locomotive engineer till in
capacitated by age.
Another street Hallway.
W. W. Wltmer, a local cspltallwt, rep
resenting outside Interests, Is prepared to
make the city an offer as to a street car
franchise In case the negotiations with
McKlnley fall. Mr. Witmer has already
consulted members of the city council.
Members of the council admitted today
that he had consulted with them, but
claimed that the Information he had given
them was private and would not be given
out at this time.
Retires from Armr.
After thirty years' service in the United
states army Sergeant Dixon of Troop A
of the Second cavalry will soon leave the
service and return to his old home in Ply
mouth, Mass.
Patrick Kaln.
FORT DODGE, la., Nov. 2. (Special Tele
gramsPatrick Kaln, aged B6, for thirty
years a Fort Dodge rcsiueni, aroppea aeaa
at Sioux Falls while on Business mere as
traveling salesman of an Implement house,
fie was postmaster here during Cleve
land's first term.
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FORT DODGE. Ia., Nov. 2. (Special Tele
gram.) The Young Men's Christian associa
tion twelve days' building campaign ended
at midnight tonight and . financiers and
Young Men's Christian association mem
bers mingled In Central avenue crowds In
the last effort to make subscriptions reach
the IU6.000 mark. Ten thousand dollars was
raised tiday, Senator Dolliver enthusiastic
ally increasing his donation from $1,(100 to
tt.000. There is $62,000 now on hand.
Ijiaair ilrl m Suicide.
MANCHESTER. Ia., Nov. 2. (?peclal.)
When she learned that she was being
taken to the State Hospital for the Insane
et Independence, Mamie Champlen, g"d
DO years, of Cedar Falls, escaped om her
mother and, screaming, she threw herself
In front of an Illinois Central freight train
and was Instantly kllk'd. The girl and
her mother were waiting here to take a
train to Independence. Overwork In at
tempting to excel In her studies at the
State normal is taid to have oaustd the
girl to have become a nervous wreck.
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