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J"nu. por. Hf koti rmommm mien all dpt ti. A.(ti 1
P. & L. (Iloves, in black, gray, navy, green, tnn and brown;
per pair r. .... .v. .SI. 50
tan, mode, gray. and white; per pair $1.75
I ' ; . , Main Floor.
Special Sale of Automobile Gloves Sat
Vurday; both Lined and Unllned.
Bee, 10-28-'O9.
Kudrna. John Ilelek, Jtmmle Belek, Ru
dolph Morenski and John Krollk. Tho boys
' remain d on uardn the porch until the
following morning at 4 o'clock, without
lopp. It was" lhrjr alert- eyes that first
aw the four men, three of whom. Woods,
Tuigenaon and Qrlgware, were captured,
the fourth man setting away. Ha also
r cognized Woods as one of the three men,
as. he got a good ' look at him from the
electric light that llu'hted up the hollow
fairly well, this light being near the school
Judge Mumjer announced that there
would be no sesHlon of the court Saturday,
and that It was posylblti a recent would be
taken over until Tuenday noon In oidar
to permit the jury to vote. This would bo
determined on later.
J. T. Vlsrsrd, assistant to W. T. Canada,
chief of the Union Pao'flo secret Service,
told of his examination of the ground In
the vlnclnlty of the robbery on the two
days following, corroborating all that his
chief had sold. .
(nil Car jr.. bPakn Executive
and Others Is Dactt la
, j . Service.
HELENA. Ark., Oct. 28.-The steamer
Grey Kagle, carrying the .Kansas City dele
gation accompanylnK President Taft down
the Mississippi; which-'wwa; run on a sand
bar last night to prevent a posxlble con
flagration, was hot seriously delayed. Re
pairs to the boiler-' grates were made in
an hour , and the steamer set out after
Its sister Craft. Its passengers, Including
several governors, among them Governor
Bhallenberger of Nebraska were transferred
to another steamer after the accident.
MEMPHIS, Oct. 28. President Taft and
his party are steaming down the Missis
sippi river today enroute to Vlcksburg,
Natche and New Orleans. The steamer
Oleander, Carrying" the president, left
Helena at 9 o'clock last night, two hours
behind scheduled time. ..It Is believed the
, OJonpder w I.IU make up: Some of the lost
time, as she is steaming ahead of the
, oat!ior vessels. .Vlcksburg will probably be
reschrd at t o'clock " this evening.'
VICKBBima. . ; Miss.,.- Oct. 2S.-Reports
that Prenldcnt Taft would disembark from
t tin . uieannwr- at ureenvilie, miss,,' and
talte a 'train "til Vlcksburg, ,.are' denied by
railroad Qfflcnls. A dispatch from Qreen
k vflJn-anndiinve-i . that the original plan of
feachlng he city by rlveK will be carried
otit. .. i .
.' 1 I . ' ,. " .
Throws Acid
Intention Is to Destroy Ballots, but
Liquid Splatters Over Election -Officials,
Burning Them.
LONDON, Oct. 28. Mrs. Chapln, a suf
fragette, furnished an early Viornlng thrill
at the Bermondsey by-electlon today when
she Smashed a bottle containing corrosive
acid on a ballot box.
Her Intention was to destroy the ballots
In the box as a protest agalnxt the ex
clusion of women from the right of fran
ehlwe. What she accomplished was the
painful burning of some of the election
officers and the assurance of , her own
Later, In an interview. Miss Chrlstabol
Pankhurst. while deploring the wounding
of the officials, asserted with much em
phasis: .
, "It Ms the government Ibat Is responsi
ble. It Is the government that drive
Women to these acts."
Men Accused of Murder of White
Peddler In Mississippi Mys
teriously MUslapr., (
NEW ORLBANS, La.,' Oct. SS. A special
from Meridian. Miss., says W. H, Palmer,
a Kemper county farmer, who came to
Meridian today, reported that four negroes
had probably been lynched In Kemper
county, Mies., last Tuesday as a result of
the murder of a peddler - named Kahn.
Kahn's head was severed from his body
with an ax, and after his money and goods
were stolon, the body was placed in his
cart and the horse started lown the road.
White farmers who found tho horse cart
and body also discovered some ' of the
stolen goods In a negro cabin. - Four ne
groes were charged .with the crime and
one in said to have confessed, implicating
the other three. Palmer declares all four
negroes" have disappeared. i ,
Railroad and Steamship Lines to Cut
Out Commissions.
Demand of Small Towns for stopover
Privileges on Low Pare Tickets
Ilesalts la Dee-Ulan by Roads
to Tat It Oat.
Steamship sgentn In the west will be de
prived of a large portion of their revenue
after November L The railroads have
reached an agreement with the steamship
llaes whereby some of the fat commissions
which have been going to agents will be
more than cut In half. These have been
looked upon as a sort of rebate and the
agent has been diverting business to the
railroad which gave the largest commis
sion. This will soon be changed and the com
missions will be scaled down and regulated.
Instead of the railroad companies paying
commissions to the agents of the steamship
lines, the railroad company will pay the
commission to the steamship company, and
that company will settle direct with the
railroad upon in agreed scale.
itt7 FAR NAM ST. .
Aannal Report Shows a Substantial
Gala In Income.
The Burlington Is quite proud of tho
showing made in the annual report, lust
published. According to the report, earn
lags Increased and expenses were reduced,
with the result that ll'i per cent was
earned on the capital slock. The balance
sheet discloses cash on hand of over $15,
000,000. Following Is a comparative show
ing for 1908 and 1909:
190O. 190ft.
Gross -. f7S.414.T67 $78.4.'y.3
Expenses and taxes 67.KM.ti87 Wj.4W,2rS 1
Net $21,51i.fi70 $19,989.!W7
Other Income (debit) 630.198 281.417
Total Income I20.W9.472 $19,751,590 '
Charges and sink fund.. 8.551,326 7,612.902 i
.$I2.33S.1.'? $12,115.4X8
. 2.2tB.81 8. 225,9!I3
Surplus $10.0W,S: $ X.RS9.19T. 1
Dividends 8,887.128 8.867,128 :
...$ 1,202,192 $
, . , Dansrerous Barsvery .
iii the abdominal region Is reverted y
the use of Dr, King's New Life Fills, tfho
painless purifiers. 25c. Bold by Beaton
Drug Co. ,J : - ',
A JJress Dale f
An express shipment of 63
luckily . purchased Moy en
age models prrives in time
for a spirited "flyer" at,
per dress only
sThe nearest approach to "these
most 'chic" models have been
selling in our suit section at $22.50
Afany of the superb fabric used
in the making cannot be found in
dresses selling short of $35.00
BOW TMirt Amu SCAD!. All have paaelea front
and back and extra fall pUated skirt; all ars trimmed
with Vohemlaa Jet buttons, kavs military or low col
lars) h collars sad caff a being of qualltied velvet.
Tbey are the authoritative "atoyenage" models as
approved and set forta by easterners who kaow.
Til rBTOSIwa rdamiCK. Among tbe S3 dresses
to bo speelaliaed at 1 80 are pUia bias, gray, greea .
and brown strgee, novelty raaamaa, hair Uaa stripes,
f aney plaids, and pert fancy striped diagonals.
TICT TIT rXKHOTLT. Being out to Oar exao
lug "amhll woman" cpeolfloaUona these dresses fit
perftetly, aatnestloaably they will prove a revels
tloa In stylo to those whs wear slaos Sa, S4, 3d
and 38.
'New York maker re
cognizes our vastly in
creased sale facilities.
Onf position aa agg-rassivs msrchaadlsars roaohed
tho ears of ons of Mew Tork's very finest garment
makers bevaad this special lot of 3 garments
knew that ws were tbs only Omaha house equipped
to sell classy dresses la "small women's sines" aad
mads as a proposition ws eonldn't rsslst. Senoo
. these positive salt saartelsv t only f 17.00. .
Packlna; Hoaao Shipments to Sooth
America Grow In Volume.
Omaha packers are reaching out to all
parts of the world. It Is a common thing
to see a train load of packing house
products starting from Omaha for the.
orient, but that is not the only direction
Omaha products are going. R. C. Howe,
manager of the Omaha plant of Armour A
Co., Is now In Argentine arranging for the
building of a huge packing plant, of which
rumor says he will be manager.
Thursday three carloads of packing
house products started to South America,
and It Is expected that as soon as the
canal is completed more Omaha products
will find a market all along the west coast
of Bouth America, The shipments Thurs
day were two carloads of by-products and
a car of lard, two to Ecuador and one to
i .
Abase of the Prlvlleare Compels tho
Roads to Abolish It.
-it bag finally been .'decided by fheralf
roada to abolish stopovers on reduced fate
tickets after the first of the year.1 'This
system worked Itself Into such abuse aa to
become ridiculous, and every water tank
town wanted stopover privileges on the
reduced ate tickets, The abusft,grew up
because smaller towns like Council Bluffs,
Lincoln and Des Moines wanted equal
privileges with Omaha and other larger
dtlas,, , ; 1 ,
irai Mvies
m t. t . tv i r. j r i-
lu new ouus, Lrresses uuu umis
n nr swmi n - a
I Ultra Fashionable Suits
Just the kind of suns one would expect to lind at an exclp
eive outfittnf shop each unusual in cut, with a distinctive
charlu., Oaniients that combine
style and practicability with the . pph
highest grade of tailoring. Many
new tpodels specially priced at
$25, $35, $45
Cloth Dresses
Suitable for houses, street or
general wear. They are made of
chiffon broadcloth, satin cloths,,
wide wale worsteds, serges and
chiffon panamas. Exceptionally
remarkable values, at
$162 $19!? $25 S35
Mink and
Black Furs
. .(
Fancy mink sets in a great va
riety of styles, at $45 to $225.
Black lynx sets, large rug
muff and fancy pelerine at $75.
Black fox sets at $25 to $95.
Russian tynx sets, at $12.50
to $35.00.
Horticultural Show Rates.
Railroads east of the Missouri river have
granted a rate of a fare and a half, with
a minimum of $2, from all points east of
the river to the annual horticultural show
at Council Bluffs November 15 to Novem
ber $0. , This- show attracted world-wide at
tention last year when it was held at the
same time as the National Corn exposition
In Omaha. This year the directors decided
to have the show stand on Its own merits
and have placed It about a month ahead of
the corn show. They have also doubled
the slxe of the show, to be able to ac
commodate both visitors and exhibitors
Orient's First Folder.
The Orient road has Uuued Its first
folder, showing 1,000 miles of road in oper
ation and through rails from Kansas City
to the Paciflo ocean. The road shortens
the distance from Kansas City to the ocean
400 miles, according to the folder. A plo
ture is shown of ons bridge with twenty
one spans. This Is over the South
Canadian river In Oklahoma.
(Continued from First Fage.)
8ii i:
ANO 1 LI I R I I aVk N
Send for sew Illustrated fail catalogue.
Location 1518-20 Farnam St. S
Itatery C, Fifth field artillery, November
15, to the Presidio, ban Francisco.
Thirty-fifth company coaitt artillery
cot pa, April 15, to Fort Monroe.jrirplnia.
The Sixteenth Infantry ordered to em
bark from Seattle, Wash., in June, for
stations in Alaska. It will relieve the
Twenty-second infantry, which will be sta
tioned on its return at Fort Sam Houston.
Headquarters Second batta ion and h.
terles D, F. and F. First field iTir
are ordered from the Presidio of San Fran
cisco to tort Sill. Thla transfer la ordered
to take place at various times between be
tw.ien March 5 and October 6.
Patrick MeUahoa Announces He Will
Be Attorney for His Brother
at the Trial.
KANSAS CITY, Mo.. Oct. tt.-Deputy
Sheriffs Lukens and Snyder left here early
today for the state penitentiary at Landing
to return James McMahon. the confessed
slayer of his two alsiers and his bro;hr-In-law.
to Kansas City, Kan., for a pre
liminary hearing. James will be arranged
In the north city court before Judge A. A.
Brooks, probably this afternoon.
Patrick McMahon, who has detained at
the penitentiary with his brother as a
material witness was given his liberty to
day, the authorities declaring they had
no reason to connect him with the murder.
He returned to Kansas City with his
brother. Immediately after Jiis release,
Patrick, who la a lawyer, announced he
would act as the attorney for his brother.
The defense will be that James McMahon
was Insane when he committed the triple
nuajti ii... 1 .
Young Girl Routs
Night Riders
Armed with Double-Barreled Bhotgan
She Sends, TJiem Flying from
- father's Home.
LEXINdTON.'ky", Oct 28. A. slender
girl armed wlUnJUJoyble barreled shotgun
put so flight fsctaa'vrnaeked i "night riders"
when they crashed down, the door of her
father's-hooss'lasb night in Mason county.
The mob appeared at the horns of George
Kreita with the. lntentlon of whipping him
and when? entrance was refused the door
was knocked In with an ax and crowbar.
Krelts's daughter stood ready with a loaded
shotgun. aWl ired both barrels. Krelts
reoognlze!everat riders and is in confer
ence today with "off totals at Maysvllle.
Several arrents are expected.
Mrs. Abraham Uvr of Chicago Unex
pectedly Palls Weapon While '
Interviewing-Erring Spouse.
CHICAGO, Oct. as.i-Two hours after she
had caused the arrest of hor husband,
Abraham Levy, a tailor, on a charge of
abandonment, Mrs. Levy vlBlted the cell
room of the Harrison street police station
today and before - the startled lock-up
keeper had a chance to Interfere, shot
through the bars at Levy, Inflicting a
fulal wound. 8he later became hysterical
and no statement of her act could be
secured. ;
When Mrs. Lvy obtained the warrant
for her husband's arrest she told the
magistrate that Levy had neglected his
home for other women and that she had
to work aa a saleswoman to support their
four children.
A prisoner who occupied the cell with
Levy said that Mrs. Levy betrayed no ex
citement in conversing with Levy.
"Are you coming back to me and the
children?" asked the visitor.
"No," answered Levy, "you put me here
and here I will remain. Tou tell your story
to the judge."
Mrs. Levy then stepped back a pace and
drew her weapon. Levy Jumped to one
side of the cell in an attempt to dodge the
Children like Chamberlaln'i
Remedy. It Is pleasant to take.
KOYSKJBXTa or oobaji rraAhtiHrrs.
Ml YhK....
H-TKulTH ....
. B!uci-ir...
. fr. Uuouin.
. flrmtnli.
. K. P C'.crlte.
9 ll'THA MlfU.N x.nlc.
UVKarouL H.xrlot.
Venerable Prelate of Booth Dakota
Darted Near Calvary Cathedral
la Blows Falls.
SIOUX FALLS, S. V., Oct. 88 (Special.)
-The body pf Rt. Itev. William Hobart
Hare, the venerable Episcopal bishop of
South Dakota since pioneer days, who died
a few days ago at Atlantic City, N. J..
reached Slou Falls this morning. The
body was accompanied to the city by a
son of the deceased, who Is a physician
in Philadelphia, and other relatives.
In accordance with a public request by
H. R. Dennis, president of the Commercial
club, hundreds of business men and other
residents gathered at the Illinois Central
depot and escorted the body of the dead
prelate to the chapel of Calvary Cathedral.
where It was surrounded by a guard of
honor selected from the South Dakota
clergy who were present to pay a last trib
ute to the dead churchman.
The guard tf honor remained beside tlit
coffin until It was removed to the main
body of the church, where funeral eervlces
were held,' commencing at four o'clock this
afternoon. The funeral services were con
ducted by. -Assistant Blehop Frederick
Foote Johnaop. of. the Soutd Dakota dio
cese, assisted by the other bishops present,
among them, being Bishop S. C. Edsall, of
Minnesota, i . : .. r ;
The grave Is situated on the grounds of
Calvary Cathedral. In accordance with the
wishes of Bishop Hare.
Business and Residenee Property;
;5 and 5 . f
Privilege given to pay whole or any v
part of principal sum twice a' year, t
APp.y to a rvjE;j
205 Ramgo Oullding
..... . .-
KW v sKoo finer "stock
-Aut manrved By
WkiHTlT sam6 cxpcriqnccd
Only our ability was carried over from onr old location to this
newer ons. This stock Of woolens Is news the fixtures are newt?
we even went so far as to destroy all of the fashion plates niad '
at ths old o.nartSra.
Truly we are fixed to build man's garmsnts properly--ws are
going to become f aniens for a grade of work Omaha hasn't known
at all until now. Ws ars not "oheap" tailors neither do ws "In
flate" prices ws model faultless suits prloed at from 935.00 up
wards to 940.00. .
Former Ncbraskan
Kidnaps Child
Action the Outgrowth of a Quarrel
Between Child's Father and
DENEH, Oct. 28. (Special Telcgram.)
Malcolm MacLean, former president of the
First' Stated bank of Ogalalla, ' Keb., - is
charged by his wife- with kidnapping their
15-months-oId baby and sending it to rela
tives In Nebraska. MacLean Is no presi
dent of a state bank at Morrison, near Den
ver. The couple have quarreled for years
and MacLean alleges that he took the child
to prevent the mother from spiriting It
away from him. They boarded a train for
Denver yesterday and at a Junction point
MacLean rushed out with the baby, jumped
Into a ' waiting carriage and disappeared.
The wife Is trying to find the child.
(Continued from First Page.)
2902 Albert L. Holt, Elgin.
2f'i;i O. H. Hasklns, Hampton.
l'i77 James D. Neville, Fairbury,
24 J. A. Shoe. Homer.
3UG1 H. J. Clifton, SluUton.
S09S Carl Jacobson, Bhelton.
Slfio Walter Jelse, Madison.
31H Robert W. MeCord, Allen.
3215 J. A. Tolln, Slromsburg.
82 Claire Moran, Wayne.
32L6 Oeorge L. Ulrlch, Fairbury.
3255 Fred C. Gibbs, Wahoo.
SLO Isaac R. Gray, Laurel.
SK LiBzle Daniel. Crawford.
8S67-H. E. Snyder, Elgin.
3"(i7 Daniel Graves. Jr., Bradahaw.w
8418 C. A. Anderson, Osceola.
8607 Edward B. Corse, Lincoln.'
3619 Chester Galbrath, Wlsner,
3T.4S O. H. Panlelson, 8t. Llbory.
.W79 E. M. Ramey, Beatrice.
3W4 A. F. Teets, Sioux.
SSS8 J. W. Butler, Ashland.
8702 Mamie Moran, Wagner.
3727 C. V. Basket, Oakdale.
37.12 George N. Larue. I'nlon.
37HK F. C. Brand. Smlthfleld.
8S2S Vlnceo i. Smith. Blair.
40X3 Carl Peterson, Greeley Center,.
4187 Frank Rosnow, Murdock.
4173 Annie Coleman, Falls City.
4202 Louis Vesley, Ravenna.
4215-L. W. Colebank. Curtis.
42S7 Peter Bheffel, Ponca.
423 O. R. Heltlbrldle, Decatur.
4.114 William Cook. Wahoo.
5i0 Robert H. Marple, Herman.
4378 Jonathan W. McClarey, Norfolk.
4411 John W. Curtis, VeBta.
444 L. C. Ashbrook, Primrose.
dif 6 Blmeon Cameron, Broken Bow.
4fi07-Albert Klrschmer, Hasklns.
4ti!! Jonathan Bathwell, Alnswnrth
473 Jonathan H. Schlomlorf, Qresham.
47 W Hans Rltter, Wlngside.
4S50 Oscar F. Hagglund, Htanton.
4W-Krnest Will. West Point.
41'29 Margaret C. Anderson, Osceola.
4';W-Alx li. Rait, Llnroln.
fm Walter Nellson. Dannebrog.
5(K4W. P. Miller, Pender.
ro-Henry Kruxr, OJell.
M2 Charles Gadeken, Pender.
,V.6 Frank Frlianf. Vligliita.
r.:'.':l Henry C. Frlzel, David City.
.264 William H. Morris. Central City.
;"iW Robert Struben. Ft. Robinson.
At Thomas Perclval, Sutton.
6451 O. A. Gale, Beatrice.
5473 August 11. Meyer, South Auburn.
Evi2 Alvln L. LelKh. Blooinfleld.
6527 William C. Helnielman, Lyons.
6;iJ Alfred Erickaon. Mead.
6il l)n M. Foley, Rristow.
EtiJ Conrad A. Johnson. Polk.
172 Roy Jackson. Madison.
67: (.'. A. Carltion, Grafton.
r.754 George Salem, Sutton.
07S2 John Wilson, Stanton.
5771 U Z. Boughn, Randolph.
R7f'2 Henry Thlesen. Colon.
67n-A. H. Miille. Ponca.
5'J7 A. W. Randall. Beatrice.
6i3 tharles A. Stewart. Allen.
rj. n.. Burreu. faimury.
5i7 Ross Onilvle. Beaver Crossing,
tinsj Mrs. Ida Diets. Huron.
Karl Wlntermute. Western.
I make these sets up myself out of Prime No. 1 Skins. I
use Skinner Satin Lining and guarantee them to be the. best
value you ever saw at $16.50. Regular retail value $25. Hat
band to match If ordered with set at $1.50.
of Basin and a counsel for the defense has
been present all the time at every meet
ing pf the Jury commission. The prosecut
ing attorney has also attended the greater
portion of ' the time, '
Booae Is Selected as the Next Place
of Meetln.
HIOUX CITT, Oct. 28. (Special Tele
gram.) The annual convention of ths
Order of the Easter Star for ths Jurisdic
tion of Iowa was brought to a close to
night with the selection "of Boons as ths
next meeting place. Dubuque and Clinton
were In the race, but the question was
decided on the first ballot. Officers were
elected aa follows: Mrs. Maggie Wiley,
Mason City, worthy grand matron; E. M.
Wlllard, Atlantic, worthy grand patron;
Mrs. Emma Beckman, Grundy Center,
associate grand matron; J. A. Traoey,
Stoux City, associate grand patron; Miss
Maria Jackson, Council Bluffs, grand
secretary; Mrs. Ida A. Webster, Waucoma,
grand .treasurer; Mrs. Josephine Hobson,
Albla, grand conductress, and Mrs. Alta
Sullivan, Fairfield, associate grand conductress.
Cora Show at Mitchell.
MITCHELL, S. D., Oct. 28. (Speclal.)
Preparatons are being made for the annual
corn show which is scheduled to be held In
this city the middle of January. W. A.
Wheeler Is the local manager for ths show
and he anticipates having the best exhibit
of corn that was ever brought together In
the state. The State will bs divided into
three divisions and prises will be offered
for the best com raised In the various
sections of the state. The corn crop this
year in many parts has been excellent and
tho exhibit . la expected to bs large. In
conjunction with the show will be con
ducted a series of lectures on the cultiva
tion not only of corn, but other grains as
well. It is expected that Prof. Holden of
Iowa will be secured to deliver the lectures
and will be assisted by Prof Willis of
Brookings and Mr. Wheeler of this city.
Many special prizes will be put up by the
manufacturers of agricultural implements
aa an inducement for a greater display of
corn. The show will last the greater part
of the week.
I.lp Disease Among Sheep.
RAWLINS, Wyo., Oct. tS.-(8pecial.l-Tl e
disease among sheep known as lip and eg
ulceration has sppeared in two band li,
this section. "The Infected bands hav bem
quarantined and are now being treated I y
state and federal inspectors. All of the
sheep of thla section were recently dipped
for ticks, and It Is thought this treatment
will set as a preventative and that tht
Hp and leg disease will not spread. The
dlueasa has prevailed In the central and
northern sections of the stats for ne-tr v i
year, but this is ths first time the Infec
tions has appeared in the southern tier of
counties, although a number of shlpmxntx
of lambs from this section have bean found
to be Infected with sore mouths at ih
market centers.
PILES lllta.U 1 . TO 14 DATS.
Paso Ointment Is guaranteed to cure any
cane of lushing. Blind, Bleeding- or Pro
truding plies In f to 14 days or money re
funded 60c.- - - -
Bee want-ads are business boosters.
Drnrrlua la Fx pee ted to Occur Friday
aad Both Sides Are Watching
BASIN', Wyo., Oct. 28. (Special Tele
gram.) Allowing for all exemptions cov
ered by statuts, ths Jury commission has
placed In ths wheels over 1.606 names
qualified to serve on the Jury to bs drawn
to servs In the Tensleep murder cases.
The drawings for the same will likely take
place Friday. The utmost precaution Is
belug taken and insisted upon by coun
hI for ths defense. Mayor W. 6. Collins
Quick Action for Your Money Tou get
that by using The Bee advertising columns.
1. ii MaS
South End 16ttST.
ZS "HAH." '
MOV. 4. 5, 6-Seats selling
And His Royal rsmlly
lmmmt9 l YANKEE
Corns en you IsiighUr lovsrs,
All wsek, Mats. Wed. Sat,
TBI nw-Awiir -
Champion of OomeaUif' v
9 13
8 Mo, Bolasoo Theater,
Hiw Tors.
Get la tbe running Qi
vgs. aas to ti.eo;
Mats. best. SI.
hn.alia l,r,MM hflUlllM It thll.
Bee "Audience laughed itself foolish."
News "Excruciatingly funny entire
east good."
World "Abundantly worth while re
freshingly funny."
Hotel Reporter "A corking g"d "h"w.Z
ana. (4 days), Oorlnne in "Mile, htlsohtef-
Roller Skating
Friday and Saturday of Thia.,
Matinee Bvery Bay SilS. Svery JTtgbt SU8
TXH Wlll Walter Kell, Margaret
Moffat A Co.. Walthour 1'rio, Qordon,&
Marx, Musical Johnsons, The McOradys,
John Birch, Klnodrome. and the Orolieuni
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