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? Great Stocks and Great Scllinn
Big business comes only from having goods people want and when
they want tb?ra. N
we start the week with all suit lines replenished with new lota
right from New York.
In all the season we have had
no better assortments than we
show tomorrow. Whatever your
price, you'll find us catering to It
surprisingly well.
$15.00, SI 9. GO, $25.00,
$29.50, $32.50
Ml A ,
Striking New Models
Long Coats
Doesn't cost much to feel the sat
isfaction of being tastefully
dressed. These coats are fashion
ed on beautiful lines, cut to fit
snugly and to reach almost to
the bottom of the dress, nicely
pleated too, have them j
tan coverts, at
Something New Too, In.
Wool Dresses
Superb styles, perfect fitting
models In panamas, serges and
diagonals, some strictly tailored,
others with lace yokes and nicely
trimmed, at $25 & $29.50
Furs Are Ready ;
Complete new stock, 1910 styles,; all
choice well selected skins from furriers of
wide reputation. Monday these specials:
Coney Collar and Throw Scarfs, black or
brown $3.99
Pillow Muff to (natch, 93.95.
Large Coney Shawl Scarf, tall trimming,
black or brown, at f 5.00
Large Rug Muff to match, 15.00.
Genuine Belgian Hare Black Shawl Collar,
head and tall trlmmnlg, at..... 97.60
Large Muff to match, $7. SO.
New Scarfs and Muffs In black racooon,
opossum, fox and lynx; also Jap mink,
brook mink and northern mink; prices
from 97-60 to $75.00
Silk Petticoats
Jllsh grade taffeta,
shirred nnd tucked
flounces; In steel,
smoke, raisin. Ca
tawba, reseda, arti
choke snd all staple
I i III FREE Any 16c Ladles' Home Journal Tat
J JJ I trm with the Fall Style Rook, at , 20t
Pretty white curly
Hearskln garment,
all fresh and new
Just unpacked
very sp'elal values,
too, at
Important News from the
From the Ashley & Bailey Co. Peremptory Sale
Mall orders so-!
lirlted and orders'
filled promptly as
long as lots last.
We advise im
mediate correspondence.
One of the big, important events of the week at Bennett's is the sale of several
hundred pieces of new silks from the Ashley-Bailey auction commencing tomorrow. '
By our order our New York representatives. The J. E. Mauls Co., attended the sale
and secured for us big lots of the choicost silks shown on our counters thi season
The prices paid Were 33 H to 60 per cent less than prevailing market v1hp .mm!
gives promise of fine bargains The silks are excellently assorted.
Omaha women have learned the importance of these yearly sales. Many are waiting for this
announcement. We say candidly, big as rormer saies uuyw wm, we expect to ecupso all records this week for values
were never so attractive as now.
if f it i A I . i i : r ' wrw
80-inch Cashmere de Sole Exquisite $1.60 and $2.00
silks in large range of shades for evening and dinner
gowns. Year's most; desirable and most tpi
wanted silk fabric sale, price, yard... tytJ
Rich Silk 'Coatings Including 36-lnch black Moire A
handsome $1.60 quality, also 36-inch, heavy Bengaline
coating, real value $2.00 a yard Choice n
of either line, at 1OC
BlaokTaffeta, 86 Inch,
heavv. luiitrous, guaran
teed $1.25 quality; jqfl
sale price
Colored Taffetas. 65 pieces,
every shade, all Bilk, 75c
grade, for petticoats, CC.
walats, etc., yrd 'M'
Orepe de Chine, SO pieces,
plain shade and fancies,
beautiful, 7 5c and
$1.00 qualities, yd...VC
Black Pean de Sole, 86 Inch,
only 10 pieces; positively
great bargains, $1.50 ' QB.
and $1.89 values..... 70C
Plaids for Military Capes Heavy English 66-lhch coatings,
very new and stylish, yd j $2.00
Flaids for Children's Wear And waists, beautiful range of
new, bright patterns, plaids are popular 75 $1 $1.25
.v-'V nr.-.;
A delayed shipment of New York
hats that we expected in for Saturday
iruauivo7 u i vu vv aw av mwov v
week's selling', so we put them oat for j
Monday throngs.
We bought them to retail at our well known'
popular prices and believe you'll say with us
that they ara about ; the prettiest we hava
shown. They ara marked '
Embroideries A great Monday opportunity fine Swiss and
Nainsook edges and Insertions, some up to 24 inches wide.
choice lots and uncommonly good bar
gains, at 1. . . .
Peninsular Stoves Are Best
These are attractively aaderprioed. Coma in and let us talk it over.
Smoke consum
ing hot blast
coal heater
Kmpire Penin
sular Basa
$17.50 $35.00
Best quality l$o Stove Pipe for lOo
Best quality 46c Russia Plpe.850
Best (to Oalv. Wash Tubs at..S9o
Beat 79a Oalv. Wash Tubs, at. .490
Slightly damaged Wash Boilers,
only a little dented..... Frioe
Steve polish, Black Eagle or Black
Jack, can (and 10 stumps) ... loo
Waffle Irene,' low stand, for..S6
Xanndry Stores
two hole, $4
No. 400 Penin
sular Base
Burner. $44.00
Waffle Irons, high stand, for.. 98a
Wilson 25c Bread Toasters for 16o
Savory Roasters, enameled,
. at 91-38
Savory Keasters, full enameled.
for 91.60
Coal (cutties, all at prices up
ffora .M..30o
And 10 Stamps.
Oil Cloth Binding..,, ,...10o
Monday Another Big Blanket Day
Ones Mors TJs Call Tour Atten
tion To Our
Great Sale
DeLuxe Books
From. Its ' Incflptlon It has been a
Success, even beyond ouf expecta
tions. So heavy have sales been that a
number of Hems have been sold out,
but re-orders have been sent In and
new shipments are" enroute to us.
Examine these genuine de Luxe
editions; compare them with any ever
offesed you by agents or any other
store. You'll understand why sell
ing has been ao brisk.
Sample sets of the entire Una are
on the counters. We guarantee deliv
eries In a few days of any authors
now sold out.
Remember, these are not ordinary
trade sets sold everywhere, but gen
uine de I,uxe bargains offered ex
clusively by us In Omaha.
Bennett's Sal Frloes
$5, $7.50, 10, $15
Few milliners would , or cowld mark them
so reasonably. , We buy them In such quan
tities eastern manufacturers cater to us, and
make inside prices to get the business.
Monday shoppers are particularly fortunata
to have so splendid an assortment spread ba-v
fore them.
Have You Laid in Your x
Capitol Coal
We specify "Opitorr eoal for
there is none other that quit so
thoroughly satisfies. Years of sell
ing has taught us how good it Is,
and hundreds of Omaha families
swear by it.
It burns up clean and gives the
greatest amount of heat and Is
most lasting. The price $0
per ton remains the Jfclj
same for the present... . . Vy-r
There's a sample sack' ready , for
you to try If you do; not know
"Capitol" coal. We deliver one
anywhere in Omaha or suburbs
for ..r...30
we have other and cheaper soft
coals if you want them. .
Prompt deliveries to Omaha,
South Omaha, Dundea, Florenc
and Benson.
wt want a orowd tomorrow In the Domestlo seotion. Want yon to know how
for yon. To bring yon la we hold out Inducements that are really worth while. Why
Bleached Sheets, 9-4 size, standard muslin,
75c sheet; special 69o
Comforters, cotton filled, 72x78, best $1.25
quality .... .980
Gray -Cotton Blankets, nice weight for bed
pads, 10-4 else, usually 59c, pair 390
Gray Tan and White Blankets, 10-4 slxa,
nice soft quality, 690 usually, pair... 490
Heavy Felted Blankets, look like all Wool,
11-4. size,' launders fine, $2.00 value 91.79
Wool Blankets, 'll-4 slse; in plaids, gray,
- tan -and white, worth $4.78; pair... 93.98
'' Bleached' Sheets, 8-4 slse, a splendid 60o
V sheet, with seam We
N ' - , :
Feather Pillows, 'all feathers, 4 lbs to
pair; our $$.00 line for ...93.00
Ai m usin couBTTxa.
Table Damask,- 84 Inches, all linen, reg
ularly 65c, for. 60o
rood a Una of bedding we have provided
not save the difference?
All linen Napkins, fast edges, worth $1.75.
dozen ... 91.39
Huck Towels, 18x34 inch, heavy lie tow
els, for so
v . . .
Bed Spreads, full size, 11.25 MarSelKss '
Toweling, all linen, lto kind, -plain or
red border loo
Bennett's Golden Coffee, pound 88o and 0 Green
Bennett's Challenge Coffee, pound 18o and 15, Green
Bennett's Teas, assorted, pound 68o and 0 Green
Bennett's Teas, assorted, pound 48o and 60, Green
Tea Slftlngs, per pound 150 and 5 Green
New Cleaned Currants, best 10c quality, 3 pounds ..t,
Seeded Raisins, pound package UVaO and 10 Green
Best We Have Black Cherries, large can . . ............ t .... . .
Yacht Club Salad Dressing, bottle .86o and 10 Green
Bennett's Capitol Maple' Pyrap, : H .. .T6o and HQ Green
Bennett's Capitol .Bnklng PoiKler, I lk. can.. 84o and 20 Green
- .Bennett's Capitol. WheoT or. Oats, pkg lie. and 10 , Green
,'. Best 'We Have Pork and Beans, large can 8o and 20 Greeh
A French Cut Loaf Sugar, package 85o and 10 Green
' Paragon Choice Plums, l!Ho quality, at 3 cans for
.Cream Cheese, finest quallTy, lb .800 and 10 Green
Virginia Swiss Cheese, pound -BSo and 10 Green
Bennett's Bargain Soap, 10 bars '
is tamps
Stamps .
. .. 18
. . .850
Housekeepers of Omaha
Vitally concerned in our
Most un usual bargains 6n
furniture we ever made
Whether you need a single piece of furniture, furnishings for a room or for an entire house you owe it to
yourself to come liere this week- tomorrow if possible.' In all our furniture experience we dont remember having more attractive
opportunities. All through the furniture stock bargains run riot. Brass Beds are cheaper now than we ever knew before; thanks to the fight of the brass bed makers last
summer. Over 60 distinct styles of Parlor Suites, the market samples of a big Chicago factory, are here at average savings of 25 per cent. Dressers, Chiffoniers, Dining
Room Furniture, Rockers, etc., will be underpriced in a most irresistible manner. Other lines, too many to enumerate, will be fairly clamoring for your attention. It will
be a sale of dependable furniture built for years of service. The importance of this sale, to you, cannot be overestimated. You are absolutely certain of uncommon bar
gains and double S. & II. Green Stamps besides, on all you buy.
Dining Tables
Like Cut
Solid quarter sawed oak tables
(no ' veneers. no Imitations)
either In golden oak or waxed
Early Kngllsh. The table Is
equipped with the new duoatyla
r oca wnicn aiiows me muie 10,
be opened Independent of pedes
tal ana top can oe locaea wiui
extra leaves . added. A hand,
some well proportioned table
snd a real bargain.
8 foot size, $21.50.
foot size
---' - awjaussa
Folding Collapsible
We. have many popular styles
and we believe the most prac
tical and handsomest. While
we specialize on them we par
ticularly ask your attention to
one Illustrated. We have It
In three colors; folds up com
pactly and Is of CA
solid construction . sjlletlv
Colonial style to
match dresser ad
vertised on opposite
side; has four large
t drawers and two
small ones, bevelled,
French plate mirror.
14x18 Inch; top Is
33x1 inches.
$11 value.
Chiffonier Special Ho.
OS10 Gulden ak,
serpentine front; ii
Inches wide; heavy
French plate mirror,
12xlS; five drawers;
construction and fin
lsh unexcelled;
shapely claw feet;
117.50 Is a very fair
price for this piece
of furni
ture. Our
price now.
All Parlor, Suites on the Floor at One-Quarter Off
A sweeping; statement, yes, but absolutely true. All three-piece sul ta in all finishes and all styles of upholstering. Lack of space forbids
details. From the least, expensive to ine im'hi- me reduction w xo if r enc
in the Window
3Q 0
jl A Striking Example j
Jut Tim. parior. $49.00
w U s.
& H.
" Stamps
with the Suite
THE SUIT. ILLUSTRATED is a remarkably beautiful and dainty one.' It is upholstered in a rich shade oi luxurious
green silk plush. The frame Is birch mahogany, graceful in outline, and very firm in construction. An ex
quisite equipment 'for parlor or tea room. It is actually a $75.00 value. This suite we offer at one-third
off, at, suite '.
Sanitary Couch for $2.50
Guaranteed to be as perfect in construction and finish
as any $5 couch. Not the cheap undesirable couch
one usually sees. Ask for number 4 TA
G265 advertised - j4l.sW
Combination Sanitary Couch with pad at ..$12.50
(Like cut) Made
weathered f i u -
ish; a handy and
useful article j
t f Bpecial
Dook Racks
of solid oak,
iSiiii''!' 1
' smnr i '. w i , i , . I
Jardiniere Stand
Has a 12-Inch top and
stands 24 inches high.
Made of solid oak,
weathered finish large
lot on sale just
like cut, at
Kitchen Cabinets
Two special lots, one
third and one-fourth re
ductions. 116.00 Cabinets 812.00
112.00 Cabinets $s!48
The Sale of
Iron Beds
Judge the stock by these
two items. Handsome Iron
' beds in white, green and
Vernis Martin, full size beds,
with 5-foot, 6-inch head and
foot boards. Heavy orna
' mental chills and ball bear
ding casters. Very fine value,
white and green, at 84.29
Vernis Martin, at ..$4,48
Iron Bed No. G245 is a
pretty little bed, head board
Is 4 ft., 4 Inches high and
has six-Inch decorated
panel in head and foot.
Comes in white and Vernis
Martin, worth
, hurrying for . ,
$4.98 U
Mission Finished
Library Table
Dining Chairs
Special Box seat dining
chair. Solid quarter sawed
whtte oak, rim screwed to
seat,, mortised legs, hand
polished; best a KQ
fS chair, for .... w.lO
Here Is value supreme. It's a solid oak
table, sixe 24x82 Inches, with shelf and
drawer; lH-inch square legs fitted
with casters: cut snows style exactly.
compare it witn sts.uo
and $10.00 tables. Our
XJbrary Table go. O300 Solid white
quarter cawed oak, Karly English fin
ish; slse 26x40 inches, 18-inch drawer
with cupper' bronxe pull, three-Inch
legs extending above ex
tension top brass casters;
equal to $16.00 tables ....
Mission XJbrary Table Mo. G314 Is 24 X
3-inch. fitted with a concealed or se
cret fireproof and burglar proof safe
wun combination iock.
Our price complete
"Dennett's Special"
A splendid' 45-pound mat
tress filled with layer upon
layer of pure, wholesome
snow white felted cotton,
very elastic and resilient;
covering Is high grade tick
ing, welted seams, and tuft
ed with wool. Our regular
price Is $9.00
sale price . .
This mattress Is In every respect-as
satisfactory as the
muchly advertised brands sell
ing at twice the price.
Oak Stools
October r
51 89c
Special v
16 inches long, 10 inches.
' wide. 13 Inches high; mads
of best quarter sawed white
oak, fine early English fin
ish; put together with
screws mortised Joints; a
real snap, at gj)
Mission Table
(Like Cut.) Solid oak,
round top, 24 Inches
wide; we have a'
quantity of a sn
them. Special u. I J
Bed Spring
-Sp-fings for iron or
brass bads; a very
durable and comfort-
, able spring, worth $6
price .
This Rocker
Just as shown, Is large,
roomy and comfortable;
It is well made and fin
ished; a showy rocker
and a "real bargain
enough for
everybody. .
There are also about 85
other Stickers in the sale,
every one sharply under
priced. We have them in
oak, mahogany and elm, be
sides some beautiful hand
carved rockers. Practically
every one on our floor tells
a story of good savings.
Brass Bed
(Like cut.) $37.50
value., This full dou
ble bed comes In
bright and satin fin
ishes. Has two inch
posts, large corner
ball mounts, and nine
one-Inch fillers i n
. head and foot; a handsome
Colonial Dresser
(Like cut.) Golden oak with
dull wax finish, and wood
knobs, new plain effect, mir
ror 20x24, top 2Qjc40 inches;
it's big $15 value. We have
a quantity of
Dressers He. oaoa Golden oak
finish with four drawers, 16x4-
inch beveled French plate mir
ror. Has shaped claw feet, ser
pentine front, solid quarter saw
ed oak; br's handles;
construction nnd fin
ish superb; )16 -alue.
Dressers Ho. O303 Similar In
style to No. 202; this dresser has
a 24x30-lnch mirror and li
larger generally; a beautiful
piece of furniture that will com
pare creditably with
118 and )20 dressers
shown In Omilia
lmi $25
bed, massive In
and of high grade construction. You can't
match it under $37.50, sale price
Bed -
1989 ntiTnf!
This is an entire
ly new design In
brass beds, mis
sion posts and
heavy double top
rail with seven
fillers; size 4 ft.
4 in. only; cholc
of either satin
or bright finish;
material and con
struction, abso
lutely high grade
a quantity oa
.sale at ,