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' J
cil Bluffs
Minor Mention
aa o?eaell Blaffs Orflee of the
Omeka ee UMU Mtt Street.
Council Bluffs
Judgt; JScrhf.noa Bules Against Con
tcntioi of the C. B. Nisn Company.
Diamond playing the beat vaedevllle.
CORRIOANS. andertakera. 'Phone la.
Fot rent, modern house. 72 fth avanue.
Majestic rangea, P. C. Do Vol Hdw. Co.
W'oodrtog Undertaking company. Tel. t3.
Lewta Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 17.
When you want reliable want ad adver
tislng, ua Tba ilea.
Pictures and art pottery for wedding
(if i. Alexander a Art Store. S3J Broadway.
Balrd BoUnd. undertakers. "Phone 12-
Eipert piano tuning, llospe. "Phona Ml
D pearl street. 2 bouib Main.
Up-to-date Art Department and Picture
Framing. Borwick, tu ttouth Mam street.
.'or good painting ae Walter Nicholaisen
at Co., 14 South Main street. Phono Inde
pendent lit Kd.
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. U. J. Bonnell of
LaGrange, 111., yesterday, a eon. Mra. Bon
nell waa formerly Miss Pnoebe Judson of
thia city.
A- building permit waa Issued yester
di to snerman E. Humphrey lor a one-
story rramo cottage on V est Broadway to
coat Suva.
Miaa Henrietta Hendrlrkeon, aged 30
years, died yesterday moi-nh-.g- at the home
of her parents. Mr. and Mra.- Soren Hen
drtekson, U Avenue F. from lung trouble.
aft-r an lllneaa of three years.- - HeeWes her
parents, deceased la survived by two sla
ters. Mra. F.lmer W.- Fair of Denver .and
Mrs. A. E. Jensen of this city. Announce
ment of , the funeral will bo later.
Mra. Nele Anderaon. V3X Et Washing
ton avenue. reported to the polloa yester
day afternoon that her 14-year-old daugh
ter, who la large for ker age end louks
older, had been missing from her home
since Thursday evening. Mrs. Anderson
told the police she thought her daughter
had eloped with a young man She had re
cently met. The girl, up to two weeks ago,
bad ieen employed In a local laundry. The
. polloa, up to last nlsht, had failed, to .se
ct! re any trsoe of the tnteauig girl." ':
cial flour, unconditionally guaranteed.
per aack. 11. U. Keller peatra, pec peck, 4nc:
flaked or cracked hominy, pound, fcc; '1&
rice, , pound. 10c; sauer kraut, quart, frc;
larr dill pickles, lie dozen: large botlie
catsi . ISc; New York grapes. fc bas
ket ; f7, j-ina, pound. IV:: tapioca, pound,
-c;to cranberries, celery. bananas,
oranges. Tegetablea of all kinds, etc In
our 'meat department, pickled pigs' feet,
two for Sc: rolled beef roasts, pound, up
from tc; hamburger steak, pound,
round or sirloin steak, pound. 12V; pork
chops, pound. UVi also oysters, chickens,
to etc. . In our hardware and pump de
partment. Iron pumps up from UHU; coal
hods 15k:; elbows. 12c; stove pipe,
ttevs oil cloth rugs, isc; wood lined stove
boards, tftc; food choppers, lac; reflector
lamps, complete, 3&c; wash machines,
M.7e to 117. JO. The One Minute washer,
II. (Lot ua send you one on trial.) J.
Zoller Mercantile company. 100-lC2-lH-lt
liroadway. 'Phones UQ.
quart Jar at We quart. We have extra
fine dill pickles at 15c dozen. .Sauer kraut
at Wo quart. Cranberries, 10c quart. Freau
oysters, solid pack, 60c quart. Celery, three
for 10c Sweet potatoes at Ko peck. Hub
bard", squash at 10c and 15c each. Pears
tar canning, toe peck. Pancake at 10c
package. Maple syrup at Sc for 40c cans.
SodA crackers at Mc pound. New Tork
rose? la the beet coffee In town for the
prloe. So pound. Golden Rule flour Is
always good, at 11.50 per sack. Ws deliver
la the west end every day. Bartel at Miller,
tolepbono St.
Council Bluffs
Alteram tor Xaah resapaay
A re C ase Will He Appealed
tke t ailed States Clrralt
Cart mt Appeals.
chase, a contract would have to be rati
fied by the Tote of (he people at a spvclal
or regular election. Condemnation. It Is be
lieved, could be accomplished ur.der the
law recently parsed without the necessity
of an elo'.Wn, b3, the courts would
fix the valuation'.
Mayor Maloney said last evening that he
DISSOLVED i"1" not anticipate the council would meet
for a discussion ot tne matter oerore tne
adjourned session to be held Monday even
ing, although some of the council men were
in favor of meeting this evening to talk It
Council Bluffs '
took the Injured man In eta automobile
to his home at 143 Pacific street. Omaha.
tr. Laceyt aaid last night that he was not
yot able to determine how seriously Cries
had been Injured, but he believed that the
accident would not prove fatal.
That the city of Coum-ll Bluffs has the
right to Issue iS.onO bonds for the con
struction or purchase of a water works
plant and by so doing not exceed its con
stitutional limit of Indebtedness. Is the de
rision of Judge Fmith McPherson of the
Tnlted Btates court, handed down ysster
dsy in the suit brought by the C. B. Nash
company of Omiha against the city. The
suit or the C. B. Nash company, wh cb
attacked the validity of the proposed bond
Issue, Is dismissed by Judge McPherson
and the Injunction which the company had
secured pending the trial of the case, re
straining the city from further proceeding
In the matter of the Issue of these bonds is
The principal question raised In the ault
was whether the Issue of the . water
works bonds would Increase the indebted
ness of . the clty .bevond the constitutional
limit. The petitioning company took the
position' lliar Tn Indebtedness of the city
could not legally exceed t per cent of the
taxable value of the property of the city
while tbar1tr contended that It could Incur
an Indebtedness up to -5 per cent of the
actual 'raltie which is tour times that of
the taxable value. This contention of the
city was based on a ruling of the supreme
court of the state and Judge McPherson in
his decision says:
gapreaae to art Rating Holds.
The Iowa supreme court having passed
upon the -question and thus construed the
We have on hand thirty-two organs rang
ing In price from S3 up and planoa F5 and
up. Easy payments. A. Hospe Co., 19
Pearl street, 28 South Main street. Council
Bluff a. Is.
Dies frwwa "light .
Jena M. Jensen, a young man years of
ace living with his uncle, died yesterday
morning from blood poisoning, after a
four-day's Illness. Jensen pricked a pim
ple on his fsce with a knife and the next
day blood poisoning aet in and spread rap
Idly through his entire system. Jensen
leaves a mother and one brother living In
Sweden. The funeral will be held this
afternoon at t o'clock from Cutler's un
dertaking establishment and burial will be
la Walnut Hill cemetery.
Mrs. Davis ef Milwaukee sesks
Hlak school.
"I am glad that your principal told you
that I am from Milwaukee." said Mrs.ljans gtockt
Edith Smith Davis, national superintendent
of scientific temperance Instruction and
antl-narootlca of the Women's Christian
Temperance anion, who addressed the
students of the high school at the assembly
yesterday morning. '"Now. when I was
speaking, the chairman Informed the audi
ence that I came from Milwaukee and a
general titter went through the room.
Everyone in that audience was evidently
familiar with the fact that it was beer
and not Mrs. Davis that made Milwaukee
With this Introductory Mra Davis com
mencerf her address. She spoke with en
thusiasm of the work which had been ac
complished among the young people by
the prise essay contests and other means.
She used a chart and gave a number of
interesting statistics showing the effects
of alcohol on successive generations of
Marriage) Llee-asew.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday to
the following:
Name end Residence.
son. Council Blurts ..
er. Council lBuffs
C E. Ppens. Omaha
Edna Keeline, Council, liluris ....
J. T. Ford. Omaha
Marie Horner, Omaha
Real Batata Traaafers.
These transfers were reported to Tbe
Bee October a by' the . Pottawattamie
County Abstract company of Council
Oerd Harrtngs and wife to John Har-
rlngs. vH se U-7&-4I. w. ... d f 1.000
H- C. McQee and wife to C. 8. Mc-
( io wen et au, lots i. z. diock to,
Wright's add to Council Bluffs, w.d.
Vole Murphy, single, to Olive Hart
and Nellie Harl. lot . block 12.
Stutsman's id add to Council Bluffs,
w. d.
Totals, three transfers
.no, oo
The Fashion, ladies' tailoring. R, H. Em-
lain, proprietor, lata fitter Orkin Broa. .1
do first class work reasonable. . I make
ulta for Hi. skirts IS. I also do altering
to suit. Would you give me a trial T 31
louth Main Street.
UQL'OR CO.. 61J a Main, 'Phones 103.
Rcrrras One Visit
Hvuiuxbls One Vti
VaaioucsLAOne Visit
CaraaaCT. llay
CaHcsa le
Cavaaaa -JS !
Srr, kTC laf
J'.oirsa !
f Pilh lis Da
Iir- V. OaAiag to a Days
ILO UOmca Hegrt la Oathj
-- crit loflay to
Mala brtltT
E 9
! t t Caraaaa
Geo. W. Klein
t'pholstrrlnR, Furniture lie pair
d And lieflnlahexl. Feathers
Ilcaovatrd, Mirrors Kcplated.
ad all kiadg of auaUreaa work
Both Those.
If So. Mala 6C, OoobcII Bluffs.
"Have It Doac Rlshr
af wearing a aloppy looking overcoat, a
ready maoe coat alwaya lawks aloppy in a
short time, they never wear mure than
one wtaler. but a tailor made coat will
wear five winters and perhaps more, and
then look better, fit better and you are not
ashamed to wear It. Se me for overcoata
My price Is reasonable
! roadway. Uuul Bluffa, Za,
Lttrr 'gSSf Lensct
. SVea . I Cw wvmmr, - -
li constitution and the lews statutes
prior to the time when the city of Council
Bluffs took any step towards creating the
proposed indebtedness, the question as to
this court is foreclose!. Ana ine tow a
supreme -court having so decided prior to
the vear ISO (In 1SV and that opinion be
ing the latest expression of that court upon
the question, this court by reason of a long.
unbroken line of authorities, must give
the same construction to the Iowa statutes
and the Iowa constitution. And as section
L chapter 49. acts of the Thirty-first Gen
eral assembly authorised the S per cent
debt to purchsse or construct water works,
the city is within both the statute and the
constitution. Therefore, as In any view
under the evidence as to the existing In
debtedness of the city, an additional In-
debtednewa of piOO.OOu will not exceed the
constitutional limit, the bill of complaint
herein Is dismissed.
The suit brought by the C. B. Nash com
pany was begun nearly a year ago. shortly
after the special election on October TT,
IPOS at which the proposition to Issue 6M.
006 bonds for the construction or purchase
of a water works plant was approved by
the vote of the people. Evidence was taken
during the summer before J. J. Ferguson as
special examiner and the case was tried
before Judge McPherson at the recent ses
sion of federal court In this city and was
by bins taken under advisement.
Appeal Will Be Takes
It la understood thai, an appeal will be
taken to the United States circuit court of
appeals. L. E. Crofoot of the f Inn of Cro
foot it Scott, attorneys 'for the Nash com
pany, said, when Informed of tha decision
of Judge McPherson it had been tha under
standing that an appeal would be taken In
tha event of an adverse decision and he
had ao doubt this would be done. Mr.
Crofoot said he did not think any effort
would be made to continue tha injunction.
although this might be dona pending the
determination of the case on appeal, by
the company giving a bond. "The prac
tical effect of an appeal," aald Mr. Cro
foot. "would be to prevent tha sale of the
bonds, anyway, inasmuch as no bond com
pany would take the bonds until tbe ap
peal would be deckled."
. Cwaarll Proceedings Legal.
On the question of the records of the
city council meetings dealing with the pre
liminaries for the special election at which
the bond proposition was submitted to the
voters, the court holds that the corrections
were sufficient. On this point Judge Mc
Pherson says:
The city council has a rule, but which Is
not covered by statute or ordinance, that
the regular meetings of the council shall
be held on the evening of the first Monday
of every month. Tbe last meeting of the
council in August, l'.Oi. waa August L
The record, as made un at the time, re
cited many doings of th council, none
of which were connected with thia matter
and they recited an adjournment, not
specifying any time. Thia record w-as
signed by the mayor and the clerk. The
next Monday was the first Monday of Sep
tember. The record, as made up for tha
day (Monday, September 1). showed that
the mayor and all el?ht of the council men
were present and that, on motion, the
council adjourned until the next evening
tluesdayl. it la conceded that that record
waa untrue. The mayor was not present.
nor were six councilman. Two of the coun
cilmen were In the building, but not In the
council room. These two voted to adjourn
uniu niwoiy evening. Proceedings were
adopted at the Instance of the complainant
nerein. 10 correct tne record of Monda
evening and ahow the truth. Thereupon
the council changed the record of August
14, showing that the council then declared
that the next regular meeting should be
September g (Tuesday), as , Monday the
tth, was a holiday. And the record of Sep
tember 7 was changed so as (o show that
these two adjourned the meeting until the
next evening.
But It seems to me that an adjournment
by less than a quorum, ratified by the
actual presence of all members at the time
to wnicn sucn adjournment was attempted,
and the tranaartion of business, is not to
b questioned by the courts- But sside
from ihla, it will be kept in mind that the
corrected record shows that by a unani
mous vote the council. August 14. adjourned
until September s for the next regular
meeting, thereby in effect suspending or
abrogating the rule for a Monday. Septem
ber 7. meeting.
Owe Polat Xt Rated Ppa.
The Nash company contended that In
strict compliance with the law the council
thould not have taken action ou the mat
ter of calling a special election until the
meeting following the filing of the petition
asking for such election. The records of
the city council showed that action order
ing the special election was taken the same
night that the petition was presented.
Judge McPherson does not seem to have
ruled on this point In his decision.
The advocate of municipal ownership in
the city council were greatly edified when
they learned of Judge McPherson's decision
In favor of the city. They expressed them
selves as being In favor of at once taking
steps to secure municipal ownership of the
water works system, either by condemna
tion, purchase or construction of a new
plant. In the event of construction or pur-
"Pat" McCarrcn
Gives Up After
Plucky Battle
Noted Hew York Politician Dies
Peacefully After Desperate
Struggle for Life.
NEW TORK, Oct. . Patrick H. MeCar-
ren. state senator and democratic leader
of Brooklyn, died at St Catherine's hos
nital at 1 50 o'clock this morning, having
Time has passed when people would go rallied from the effects of an opera-
Into the schools and raj, Tou mustn't t!on tor mppeII(jlcjt1g performed October 13.
drink, because the Bible says wlns Is a Hjg aemlR m not unexpected, in fsct. the
mocker, strong drink is raging.' Today iPnavor himself realised throughout the
young people of our land are taught to afternoon and the earlier part of the night
avoid alcohol because It Is destructive to that the end waa near. ' ' :
the " body, because the drink evil is
menace to the stars and stripes, a danger
that threatens our country."
At tbe close of her address Mrs. Davis
was presented by Mrs. O. Q. Oldham, on
behalf of the local Woman's Christian
Temperence union, jrrtTU a beautiful cluster ranca for fear that
of pink rosea. A large number of the mem- I too great for her.
bera of tha local union and others inter-1 Patrick Henry McCarren, by trade a
ested In the cause, were present at tha lec- cooper, by profession a la-ryer and by
tura, I vocation a politician, was one of the most
picturesque figures in the political history
The great Majestic Range exhibition all of New Tork. No leader was more
1 ..! OtAhM IB ? -MA l i MXMI,'
One of the pathetic features of Senator
McCarren's illness is that his aged mother
has not been apprised of his condition.
She thinks that the campaign has kept
him from home and Senator McCarren
has Insisted that she be kept In lgno-
the shock would be
Iniignia of the Grand Cross Bestowed
on Two Members.
Otker neareew Are Cm (erred !"
High Raaklac Mesaaera Darin
Day -Isapartaat Reports
Art Mad.
WASHINGTON. Oct. It-Interest In to
day's work of the supreme council for the
southern Jurisdiction. Scottish Rite Masons,
centered In the election of four active mem
bers to fill vacancies created by death.
Orand Commander Richardson thia after
noon. In ronsistorial session, conferred on
William Hayes Laird of Winona, Minn.,
and Benjamin B. Allen of Nashville, Tenn..
the Inslgna of tha Order of the Orand
Cross. This order was unanimously con '
ferred upon these gentlemen at the bien
nial session of the supreme council two
years ago, with directions that its In
vestiture upon tha persons honored should
be performed during the present session.
Commander Richardson stated that It was
conferred upon Messrs. Laird and Allen for
distinguished service in the cause of Scot
tish Rite Masonry.
Another event of interest was the recog
nition of representatives of other supreme
councils near the supreme council for th
southern jurisdiction, all of them thirty
third degree, active, as follows:
Charles F. Buck, for supreme council of
Belgium: Adolphus Fitsgerald. for supreme
council of Ireland; Henry C. Alverson. for
supreme council of Uruguay; Henry M.
Teller, for the supreme council of Colon
and tha northern supreme council of the
United States; Edward B. Hussey. for the
supreme council of Canada; J. W. Cortland,
for the supreme council of Paraguay;
George F. Moore, for the supreme council
of Itsly; A. C. Stewart, for the supreme
council of Braxll. and Admiral W. 8. Schley
thirty-third degree honorary, for the su
preme council of Mexico.
These representatives of other Scottish
Rite bodies the world over were received
by the grand commander and asked if they
had any message to present to the council.
Repreeeatatlvee Make Reports.
Mr. Moore, representing Italy, told of an
Interesting situation among the higher Ma
sonic bodies of that country and said:
"About one year ago there was a schism
In the ranks of Italian Masonry, brough
about by the action of certain meTbers ot
the supreme council, who were also mem
bers of tha Italian Par;iamei't. Tr-era was
pending In the Parliament a bill providing
for nonsectarian schools, and an amend- I
tnent was offered to the bill. Klrht (nem- I
bers of the supreme council voted against
the amendment to the bill, and thereupon
It was attempted to discipline them for
their votes,
'This mode of using Masonry In religious
and political matters waa disputed by the
supreme council, over which Chevalier Sa
verlo Fera presides, and thereupon severs I
members withdrew and took sides with the
grand orient of Italy, which Is somewhat
active In tbe politics of the kingdom. The
supreme council recognised by the supreme
council for the southern Jurisdiction of the
United Ststes. by Its recognition of today,
hat reaffirmed the Masonic doctrine that
Masonry does not In any of Its degrees In
terfere with the religious or political con
victions of any man."
The newly elected active member for Mis
souri. A. C. Stewart, representing the su
premo council for Brasil. said that h;
brought love and greetings from a daughtei
recognising the supreme council for the
southern Jurisdiction as the mother council
of tha world, to which she pledged loyalty
and fealty.
High Degrees Conferred.
This evening the thirty-third degree of
Masonry was conferred upon the following
among others:
Iowa D. 8. Chamberlain. Dee Moines;
C. H. Cogswell. Cedar Kaptds; O. J. Mo-
berg and C. P. Kllborne. sioux . ity.
Missouri F. M Kacon, r v rvrennms.
O. L. Matthews and O. W. Meman. St.
Louts: i. V. Uflltmtn. m. josepn: v. it.
Arcularius. C. Pchlfferdecker and T. Her
ron. Joplln.
1 tah J. H. i;rown. tan u ui.
Wvotnlng J. W. Boyd. Cheyenne.
Washington S. W. 8. McCrea. Spokane.
South Dakota I. D. Davles. Aberdeen;
J. W. 8. Guild. Hecla: A. Holmes, lead-
wood; C. O. P-alley. sioux rans; v .
Stock well. Tankton.
The conferring of this degree occupied
three hours, it Is looked upon by Scot
tish Rite Masons as the highest order In
Masonry, with the single exception of
being an active member of the supreme
council, which, by Its action today, was
Increased to twenty-six by the election of
four new members. William Busby of Mc
Alester, for Oklahoma; John H. Cowlea of
lAulsvllle. for Kentucky; Melville R Grant
of Meridian, for Mississippi, and Alonso
Chase Stewart of St. Louis, for Missouri.
Theee newly elected active members will
be crowned In executive slon In the
house of the temple tomorrow. While, tht
xupreme council was In secret session to
lay. Dr. F. J. Woodman, Washington, D.
. acting Junior grand warden of the
Royal Order of Scotland, by appointment
of James D. UUhardson. prvlncll grand
commander, communicated the degree of
the royal order to the following Masons
of high degrees:
Samuel P. Collins. 'Hot Springs, Ark.;
Charles E. Roeenbaum, t.lltle Rock. Ark :
F.lmer L. Plgga, Hot Springs; Oeorge G.
Wood. Little Rock: John TeeMcs. Ports
mouth. O.; John W. Hoaerth, Dallas.
Tex.; Hrnrv L. Ptttovk. Portland. Ore, and
Walter L. Royer. Washington, D. C.
Flyer Crashes
Into Freight,
Seven Slain
Pennsylvania Passenger Train, Sun
ning Fifty Miles an Hoar, Hits
- Open Switch,
RICHMOND. Ind., Oct, 5 Seven persons,
and possibly more, were killed in a wreck
on the Pan-Handle division of the Penn
sylvania railroad, near Colllnsvtlle, O., this
afternoon when southbound passenger train
No. 10 ran Into a freight train on an open
The passenger train, which does not step
at Colllnsville. is said to have been run
ning at a rate of fifty miles an hour when
the crash came. According to repcr,
reaching here the switch was openf;
the passenger and freight trains cc. I
The list of known dead are:
K. G. WEBB, fireman on the passenger
O. O RAINF.S. Kokomo. Ind.. mail clerk.
LOl'l! MARSHALL, Richmond. -engineer
on the freight.
K. H. HATFIELD. Oreensfork. Ind .
trail clerk.
ELMER BROWN. Loganspott. Ind,, en
gineer of passenger.
C A. JOHXSii.v r;aton, man ciers.
It Is said none of the passengers were
killed, but that aeveral men in the smoking
car were injured.
The force of the collision was so great
that the engines were demolished. The
wreckage of the freight care was strewn
along the tracks. The baggage and mall
cars were telescoped and the express and
smoking cars were detailed.
Colllnsville Is about twenty-five miles
southeast of Richmond ' and seven mites
west of Hamilton. O.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is pleasam
to take. Children like It.
this week. October U to S. Come In and
see tbe elegant display. All this week we
give free with each Majestic range sold an
elegant set of kitchen ware, actual value
fi Investigate now. P. CI DeVol Hardware
company, HA Broadway; 10 North Main
roundly' condemned, yet at the close of
sixty-one years of Ms life he was prob- .
ably tha most strongly entrenched leader i
In New Tork state and had even wielded !
some Influence In national politics. Born I
in East Cambridge. Mass., he settled In '
Brooklyn when he was S years old and
was graduated from tbe public schools.
He was apprenticed to a cooper when 16.
but having mastered his trade, he answered
the call to aomethlng more Intellectual.
He took the law and from tha law went
Into politics. In 182 ha was sent to the
was to .stay there regularly until his
Matter la the District Cowrt.
R. C." F. Chambers, district superintend
ent of the Iowa Anti-Saloon .league, insti
tuted suit In tha district court yesterday
to enjoin C. A. Mathiasea and Bertha
Mathiesen, bis wife, from further conduct- assembly and has since served almost con
n m otnurj, ja. 11 tm aurgra tlnuouklv In the legislature. He was
in tha petition that the defendants have elected to tha aenafe in lSiJ, but two years
violated tha provisions of the mulct law, later waa defeated. Elected again In 1S35,
but in what respect Is not stated.
John Scherer, who dismissed without
prejudice his 12.000 personal Injury damage
suit against, the Alfalfa Meal company
Thursday after the case had been partly
heard, filed a new suit yesterday.
Anna E. Lunbeck filed suit for divorce
from Oscar J. Lunbeck. to whom aba was
married In this dty October U, 190L She
says her husband deserted her within
three months of their marriage.
Sarah M. Etherlngton seeks a divorce
from Albert Etherlngton, to whom aha
wav married March M. 1SSL at Glen wood.
la. The cruel and ' inhuman treatment
of her husband, ao she alleges, forced her
to leave htm on December S of last year.
Volcano Proves
Only Camp Fire
Burning Sulphur Furniihed Mystery
to Californians Watchman the
Cause of Blaze.
EL CENTRO. Cal., Oct. . A message
from Butte Camp, near Colcano lake. Lower
In our thirty-five years of business we I California, tonight aolved the myBtery of
were never loaded up with pianos as we the supposed volcano discovered on the
are now, over 600 pianos In our several banks of the lake, where the mud geysers
store and warehouse. We must dispose formerly existed.
of a big number of planoa before January A watchman, to break the monotony of
I Our purchasing contracts have swamned hla work, made a ranch fire of some trash
ua. Bu your piano now. It s' our loss. I on a bank of sulnhur deoosited bv an old
your gain, A. Hospe Co.. 29 Pearl street geyser. The sulphur burned fiercely and
and IS 'South Main street. Council Bluffs, Mnt up douds of fumes.
Daily and Sunday Bee $6.C0 fnj PrifP
McClure's Magazine 1.50 Ui 4
Woman's Home Companion 1.50 ONLV
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wew Jab far the Mayor,
"I wonder what next I will be called
upon to do," remarked Mayor Thomas Ma-
:aney yesterday afternoon, aa be read
postal card handed him by tha mail carrier
at the city halL The postal eras from
nuta signing himself P. Strong and was
postmarked Rolfe, la. The writer re
quested the mayor to try to locate a boy,
aged a years, who had run away from his
boma on October . The boy was described
as wearing a brown suit, a light brown hat
and dark hair parted on tha right side.
The missing boy Is five feet ten inches tall
and weighs 1W pounds.
An expedition started from El Ceatro by
automobiles to the scene of the supposed
volcano, but was stopped at Calexico. on
the International line by the report of the
true condition at Colcano lake.
Secretary af lateriar Refa
reraalt Amend lag of Hoaae
atead Entry.
fPront a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Oct. -Speciai Tele
gram.) The secretary of the Interior has
As a mark of I den'ed the appicatlon of Silas C. Coyner
identification the writer says the boy "has to amend and reinstate his homestead entry
been sun struck." When last seen the -r"1 allow F. u. Graves to make a home-
boy was In Spencer. Ia.. and tha writer "toad entry for a tract of land located In
asks tbe mayor if be happens to aea the I th Broken Bow (Neb ) land district.
boy to let him know at once. Mayor I which waa an appeal from tbe decision of
Maloney turned the card over to the police lhe commissioner of the general land of-
department. flea.
Tha Postofflce department sent out to-
SATURDAT'S SPECIALS Fresh f ruiu day an advertisement for bids for cirrv-
are nearly over. Wa have a few peaches, ing tha malls In screened wagons at
pears and New Tork grapes at SOc baa- Beatrice, Grand Island. Lincoln. Norfolk.
keL In fresh vegetables we have Call- Omaha. Neb., and Aberdeen and Sioux
fornia celery and lettuce. ' New nuts, figs Falls, 8. D.. for four years from July 1, mt I
and maple augar. per pound, aoc. Dressed to June M. 1H; also bids to carry the mall
chickens, per pound, lie Solid packed 0n alar route In Nebraska, South Dakota
oysters, per quart. Sac Flour Is higher. ani Wyoming. Bids will be opened In Jan-
but we are still selling our Lily Cream ulrv tha date of which will be rtvm isi.r
at 1.0 per sack, warranted aa good, aa Kural carriers appointed: Nebraska!
any II .66 flour in the city. U Green. 134 Meadow Grove, route L Charles R. Church
Broadway. Both 'phones S34.
whs'iij isim
I flAfl HRNFY n?l horses, cattle and
Tweasty Years of hapcwawfel IWaiMwa.
aa Th Clark M r re C.
ima. r. lisLu., Mr.
laele Sana's Men Too Swift.
The Pottawattamie Indiana of the county
court house, with Big Chief Billy Barg
hausen. the county recorder at their bead.
lauea to carry out tneir threat to wipe up
the floor wtth the poatoffice employes last
eight In tha game of Indoor base ball at
the Young Men's Christian association
gymnasium. Aa things turned out the Pot
tawattamie Braves left their scalps
dangling at the belts of I ncls Sam's em
ployes and they will be on exhibition at
the temporary postofflce in the Merriam
block today. Patterson and Duquette were
the batteries for the postofflce team, while
Barghauatn and Harry M. Brown, clerk
of the district court, "officiated" for the
county court house "gang." Incidentally
the score waa II to U In favor of the post
office boy a.
carrier; Nellie Church, substitute. Ran
dolph, route L Frank E. Ballard, carrier:
io substitute. lows. South English, route
L James D. R&debaugh, carrier; George
Gore, substitute. South Dakota. Astoria,
route X. Herbert H. Hanson, carrier; Henry
Lappel. substitute. CentervlUe, route C, Jo
seph Smith, carrier; no substitute, Dolton,
routae 1. Ellis R. Bailey, carrier; no sub
stitute. Fulton, route L John Relchen
bach. carrier; C. C. Bennett, substitute.
John A.' Needham has been appointed
postmaster at Talntor, Mahaska county,
la., vice O. R. Shaw, resigned.
N. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel. 2jO. Night. L-17Q1
Wanted Reliable girL W Fifth Ave.
Me eonncrin wtth tha flraa
Iwlirkaaa Serleaaly Hart
J. H. Crtaa, a switchman In the employ
of the Great Western railroad, waa err
ioualy Injured at an early hour yesterday
morning while at work in the local yards
Crias was on tha foot board of a switch
angina which gave wsy as the locomotive
' waa croaalng atAio atreet, Criaa waa thrown
I to the ground and ro'ied some distance
j before the engine was brought to a stop.
Ho was badly injured about the abdomen
sod his back waa severely wrenched.
L-r. T. B
Aaaaal sVepovt Shows Net Income
Over Mllllea Dollars Higher Tha a
for Prevlooa fear.
NEW YORK. Oct. a. The annual report
of the Northern Pacific Railroad company
for the year ending June ) last, was made
public today. It shows total operating
revenue of $olM0.7f7. an Increase over the
previous year of tl-tO.CTa. Operating ex
penses were S3a.030.wM, a decrease of SL
t.CV Tha Bet income for tha year after
payment of Interest, dividends, rentals,
taxes and other charges was 17 34.5)0, an
Increase of S1.ZTC.13.
Babies Btrasugled
by croup, coughs or colds ere Instantly re
lleved and quickly cured with Dr. King's
New Discovery. SOs and list. Sold by
Lacey waa summoned and he Beaton Drug Co
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