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W. C. T U Dtlegitei Will Occupy
Pulpit Sunday Morning.
' ' ' : '
Will Join la thf TiTf(l Maes
Meetlnar at ' the Andltsrlnns,
Which Is tn Glv Imetas
W. C. T. V. Werk.
Womwi sttendlng the national ' conven
tion of the Womrn'i Chrlstlen Temperance
union will occupy pulpits In evangelical
churches throughout the city Sunday morn
Inn, and Sunday evening these churches
will dispense with their service to enable
their pastor and people to attend the
large mass meeting at the Auditorium.
Here are the assignments:
First Mrs. Frances K. Bauchamp of
Calvary Mrs. Rose wood Allen Chap
man of New York.
Orace Mrs. Elizabeth Stanley of Indiana.
, Olivet Mrs. Helen 1 Bullock of. New
York. ,
First Mies Ellen M. Stone of Turkey.
8t. Mary's Avenue Mrs. Nelle O. Berger
of Missouri.
riymouth Mrs. A. C. P.ehner of Texas.
Saratoga Mrs. Anna Simmons of South
Cherry Hill Mrs. Mary E. Kuhl of
Farkvale Mrs. M. M. Allen of New York.
North Side Mrs. Florence E. Atkins of
Seward Street Mrs. E. U Calkins of
Walnut Hill Madame Layyah Barakat
of Hurmah.
Pearl Memorial Mrs. Emma J. Bourns
Of New Jersey.
Benson Mrs. Hester T. Griffith of Cali
fornia. Colored Mrs. E. C. Peterson of Texas,
10:30 a. m; to be supplied. 7:30 p. m. .
' First-Mrs. Ella A- Bools of New York.
North Mrs. C. J.' Vsyhllo-er of Indiana.
Westminster Mrs. 8.' M. D. Fry of
Illinois.. . , - , -
Lowe Avenue Miss E. W. Greenwood of
New York. ;
Church of the Covenant Mrs; Frances
Ensign of Ohio. .
Clifton Hill Dr. E. O, Janney of Mary
First TTnlted" Presbvterlan Mrs. Emma
O. Del rick of New .York. "
. Third Mrs. Nannie Curtis of Texas.
"' Benson Mrs. Helen B. Harford of Oro-
Union Gospel Mission Mrs. Elisabeth
Haughton. 7:46 p. m
County Jail Mrs. R. J. Trego, 12:15 p. m.
- City Jail To be supplied, 4 p. m.
. First Methodist Episcopal: Morning serv
ice at 10:30 o'clock. Sermon by pastor.
Rev. Frank L. Ixtveland. on subject, "A
Fallen Capital." Instead of the regular
evening services the church will unite In a
mars meeting to be held at the Auditorium
under the auspices of the national conven
tion of the Women's Christian Temperance
Miss Jennie Smith, railroad evangelist,
will speak at the People's church Sunday
morning at 10:30. She was formerly
helpless cripple and asserts she was di
vinely healed. She will tell the story of
her healing In her address Sunday morn
ing. She is an evangelist of national repu
tation. A prayer meeting will be held Monday
at noon for ail men at the Young Men's
Christian association. The meeting will
last a half hour. The meetings will be
rununuea every Aionaay at tne same hour
and place preparatory to the evangelistic
"meetings November 7. .-
. Rev. J. II. Bound of. Lincoln will preach
at Diets Memorial . church. Tenth and
Pleroe streets, Sunday morning. ,
Ml.eell.aeoa. Announcements,
Seeond Church of Christ, Scientist, Nine
teenth and Farnam Lyrlo Theaters-Sunday
school at :46 a. m., service at 11 a, m.
niskea life a burden, as thousands of
suffering men and women know.
Food does little good. There Is no
energy for business or pleasure.
Headache, sleeplessness, yellow
skin, coated tongue Indicate that the
liver U not doing Us work and the
bile is not being carried off. .
Now Works 10 Hours a Day.
' "This Is to certify' that I have been
troubled with my liver for several
months past, and after trying many
different remedies I read your adver
tisement in the Dally News ' of this
city. I Immediately wrote for a sam
ple bottle and can truthfully .say that
I have been benefited very, materially.
I shall continue taking your medicine
and feel sure that In" a very few
weeks' time I shall be completely re
covered from my trouble which caused
headache arid! sleeplessness. My skin
was quite yellow, but It is now clear
ing up. I am. able, to put in my full
ton hours each day which I have to
do at the factory where I work.
. "I can cheerfully recommend your
medicine to anyone who has similar
troubles to those which I have men
tioned above." . Elmer Whipple, 11
Colfax St., Grand Rapids, Mich.
r's Safe Cure
which Is purely a vegetable com
pound. Is an absolutely safe and per
manent cure for all Inflammatory and
other diseases of the liver. It cor
rects 'the functional trouble by in
creasing the flow of bile into the
bowels, to a healthy stanlard and
keeping It so. . It aids In removing
the waste material that obstructs the
circulation of the "liver, and by ltd
tontc and purifying properties brings
to a condition of perfect harmony all
the organs of the body.
coated, absolutely free from injurious
substances, a perfect laxative, will
cure Indigestion, Biliousness, Torpid
Liver, and Constipation. Do not gripe
. WARNER'S 8AFB CURE is put up
la two sties and Is sold by all drug
gists at 60 CENTS and SI. 00 A BOT
TLE. Refuse . substitutes containing
harmful drugs which injure the sys
tern. .. ' . .
Samnle bottle of WARNER'S SAFE
CURIi will be sent postpaid to any
one who will write WARNER'S SAFE
mention having seen this liberal of
fer la The Omaha Sunday Bee.
Subject lesson-sermon, "Probation After
Oak Street Mission Sunday school. J000
South Twentieth street at p. m.
Flee Methodist. Eleventh and Center
Preaching services at 11 e clock. Joseph I
Riley, pastor.
The Friends. O. M. Fraser, Pastor Meet
ing for worship, 11:00; Haright hall, Nine
teenth and Farnam streets.
Hethany Branch. First Pnrtlst. 3.3 Leav
enworth Sunday school at I o'clock. gospel
meeting f nuay evening at 7:45 o clock.
I'nlty, Seventeenth and Cass. Rev. New
ton Mann, Minister Service at ), ser
mon. "What Must the Modem kUn Think
of Jesus?" Sunday school at noon.
Hirst Memorial Methodist Fnlnennal
Thirty-fourth and Lsrlmore Avenue Key.
William J. Hrlent. Pastor Morning, "Our
Forward Movement;" evening, "The Great
People's. Charles W. Savldce. Pastor-
Morning address by Jennie Smith, rational
railroad; evening, "The Rum
Rebellion;" seventy-fivo stereoptlcon views
with lecture.
Dundee Presbyterian Services -In Dundee
hall, Fiftieth street and Underwood ave
nue. Rev. J. J. Lamps, D. II., will preach
at 10:80 and 7:30. . Sunday school at IS:)
and Christian Endeavor at 6.30. '
First. Presbyterian, Dodge and Seven
teenth," Rev. Edwin Hart Jenks, D. 1).,
Pastor Morning service at 10:30, evening
service at,7y, Christian Endeavor meet
ing at (.30, Sunday school at noon.
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Twenty
Fifth and Farnam (Chambers Hulldlng)
Sunday school at 9:45 a. in., Sunday serv
ices at 11 a. m. and X p. m. Subject of lesson-sermon,
"Probation After Death."
McCaba Meth6dlkl Episcopal, Farnam and
Forleth The pastor. Rev. . John Grant
Shlck, will preach at both services. Morn
ing theiher "The Record ' of the Books;"
evening, "Courage for Life's Duties."
Lowe Avenue Presbyterian, Fortieth and
Nicholas, Rev. Nathaniel McGiffln, D. D.,
Minister Morning worship, 10:30; subject
sermon, "You and God;" no 'evening serv
ice on account oti temoerance meeting at
Trinity Methodist Episcopal, G. W. Ab
bott. Fastor--Fieachlng at 10:S0 and 7:30;
morning subject, ''The Value of Life;"
evening subject, "The Meaning- of a Busi
ness Life;" Sunday School at 12:00 and Ep
worth League, 7:30. '
All Saint' .Church1 (Episcopal), f Twenty
Sixth and Dewey Avenue rloly communion
7:30 a. m., church School and kindergarten
9:46 a. m., morning prayer and sermon by
the rector 11 a. m., subject of the sermon,
"The Cleansing of the Temple."
Church of St. Philip the Deacon, Twenty-first,
near Paul, Rev. John Albert Wil
liams, D. I)., Priest Holy communion, 7:30;
matins and eucharist (harvest home serv
ices), 11; Sunday school and catechism,
12.30; choral evensong and sermon, 8.,
First Congregational, Nineteenth and
Davenport At the morning service Miss
Ellen M. Stone, who was kidnaped bv
Turkish brigands several years ago, will
speak. No evening service, congregation
uniting In union service atAuditorium.
St. Mark's English Lutheran, Twentieth
and Burdette, L. Groh, Pastor Services
Sunday: 11:45 a. m.. "God Loves Families,
but Loves Church More;" 7:30 p. m., "All
Admire the Herols; Few Have It." Sunday
school at noon, young people 6:46 "p. tn.
Norwegian and Danish Methodist, Twenty
fifth and Decatur At 11 a. m., a delegate
of the Women's 'Christian Temperance
union convention irom Worcester, Mass.,
will speak. At 8 p. tn., preaching by the
pastor. Young People's meeting at 7
p. in.
St. Paul's German Lutheran, Twenty
eighth and Parker, Rev. E. T. Otto, Pas
torService at 10; evening service In Eng
lish at 7:46; subject, "The Lutheran Re
formation;" young people's meeting on the
first and third Thursdays of the month
at 8 p. m.
First Baptist, Twenty-ninth Avenue and
Harney Street, Rev. J. W. Conley, D. D.,
Pastor Services 10.30, address by a dele
gate of the Women's Christian Temperance
union convention. This church will unite
with the mass meeting at the Auditorium
In the evening.
Hillside Congregational, Rev. W. 8.
Hampton, Pastor Morning service, 10:30.
A representative from the Women's Chris
tian Temperance union will speak on
temperance. Anthem, by choir; solo, Mr.
E. C. Howell; organist. Miss Maud Grebe;
musical director. Miss Mable Manning.
Plymouth Congregational, Twentieth and
Spencer, John P. Clyde, Minister-Morning
worship, 10:30. Mrs. A. C. Zehner of Texas
Women's Christian Temperance union, will
apeak. . Sunday school, 12. Christian En
deavor, 8:S0. Evening service dismissed to
her Ex-Governor Glenn at the Auditorium.
' Frrst United Brethren, Nineteenth and
Lothrop, Rev. M. O. McLaughlin, Pastor
Sunday school and morning worship at
10:30; theme, "Almost Is. but to Fall;"
evening service at 7:30; theme, "The Old
Way;" workers meetings Wednesday at
I P. m. ; Hallowe'en social Thursday at 8
p. m.
Pearl Memorial Methodist Episcopal, Dr.
Thomas C. Hinkle, Pastor Preaching by
the pastor at 10:46 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Morning theme, "The Kingdom of Heaven
Defined;" evening, "A Story With a
Moral." Sunday school at noon. Epworth
league at 8:80 p. m. C. P. Daniels, choir
master. Union Gospel Mission, 1321 Douglas Gos
pel service at the mission at 7:46 o'clock.
One of the prominent workers attending
the Women's Christian Temperance union
convention will speak. There will be spe
cial singing. Noonday prayer meeting will
be held daily during the week from 12:15
to 1 o'clock.
Westminster Presbyterian. Twervty-nlnth
and Mason Service at 10:30 and 7.20, Rev.
D. B. Jenkins, D. D., will have charge of
the servloe; Mrs. Fry of Illinois, one of
the delegates to the Women's Christian
Temperance union will speak at the morn
ing service; Sabbath school at noon; Isard
Street Sabbath school at 3:30.
Rountxe Memorial Lutheran. Twenty-
sixth and Farnam, Rev. John E. Hammon,
Fas tdr Service, 10:30. Prof. Robertson of
the Imperial university, Tien Tsln, China,
will speak; subject. "The Progress of
Christianity Among the Higher Classes of
China." No evening service on account of
the meeting at the Auditorium.
Central United Presbyterian. Twenty-
fourth and Dodge, K. 1). A. MoBrlde.
D. D., Paetor Morning worship at
10:30. An address will be given by a repre
sentative of the Women's Christian Tem
perance union convention. The evening
service will be given up on account of the
mass meeting at the Auditorium.
Hanccom Park Methodist Episcopal.
Twentieth and Woolworth Avenue, Rev, R.
Scott Hyde, D. D., Pastor The paetor will
preach at 10:30, theme, "God With Us."
Special muslo by a largo chorus choir, Lee
G. Krata, director. No evening preaching
service on account of the temperance meet
ing at the Auditorium. Euworth league at
First Presbyterian. Seventeenth and
Dodae. Edwin Hart Jenks. D. D.. Pastor-
Morning service, 10:30. Pulpit to be filled
by Miss Gordon from Women a-Christian
Temperance union convention. Evening
service omitted in Interest of the union
meeting at Auditorium. Christian En
deavor society at 6:15. Sunday school at
North Presbvterlan. Nineteenth and Ohio.
M. V. Hlgbee, D. D., Pastor Morning
worship at 10:30. Sabbath school at 12 m.
School at I30ti North Twenty-fourth at 12
m., nimeentn ana Lake and East Omaha
at 8 p. in. Young People's Society Chris
tian Endeavor at 6:30. Evenina service at
7: JO. Prayer meeting at 8. Wednesday
Castellar Presbyterla.i. Sixteenth and Cas-
tellar, Ralph H. Houseman, Minister Pub
lic worship and sermon 10:30, "The Evan
gellsllo Church;" Bible school at noon; 3
p. m., Park Forest chapel school; 6:30.
young people's meeting; no evening serv
ice owing to the Auu.tcrlum temperance
meeting; Monday, 7:45. mission and personal
workers' classes: Wednesday, 7:46, "Revive
U's Again."
Grace Lutheran. 1328 South Twenty-sixth.
Rev. M. L Mellck. Pastor At the 10:46 a.
m. service Rev. Luther M. Kuhns will
preach the sermon; Sunday school at 12:15
and Luther league at 6:30 p. m. ; topic,
"Our Church Literature;" at 7:30 this
church will attend a union meeting In the
Auditorium to be addressed by Governor
Glen of Northa Carolina; prayer meeting
on Wednesday night.
Third Presbyterian. Twentieth and Leav
enworth. Rev. William E. Todd. Pastor
Sunday School at V:30; family service with
sermon at 10:46; Junior Endeavor at 3 0J;
Senior Endeavor at 6:30. The night service
may be adjourned so that the people may
hear Governor Glen at the Auditorium.
The morning address here will be given by
Mrs. Nannie Webb Curtis of Sherman,
Tex. Miss Ruth Fonvills of Mexico, Mo.,
will also be present and give a cornet
Clifton Hill Presbyterian, Fortv-flfth and
Grant, Thomas U. Greenlee. Minister A
delegate to the National Women's Chris
tian Temperance - union convention will
speak at the morning service at 10.30. In
the evening the congregation will attend
the convention meeting at the Auditorium.
Sunday school st noun. Junior Christian
Endeavor at I 30 p. ni. Adult Bible class.
Tuesday, 8 p. m . at Mr. Roderick Robens'
residence. 4247 Ersklne street. Mid-week
meeting Wednesday, 8 p. m.
Calvary Baptist. Twenty-Fifth and Ham
ilton. Rev. K. R. Curry, Pastor Sunday
rorn'r' servtco at 10 0 ''-"' by Mrs.
xtai'v Wood Alien ChnDinao. The evening
r I
fwjeVfsV- mj.
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" '''I'
r ..i
meeting will be omitted on account of the
Woman's Christian Temperance nlon
meeting at the Auditorium. Sunday school
at noon, mid-week devotional Wednesday
evening at 1, young people's meeting at 6:30
p. m. Sunday. Calvalry Baptist branch,
Thirty-fourth and Seward: Uible- school
Sunday at 8:30 p. m., devotional meeting1
Friday night at 8. T .
North Sid Christian, Twenty-second and
Locust. H. J. Klrschsteln, Minister
The pastor returned Saturday from the
Centennial convention of the Christian
church at Pittsburg and at 1080 In the
morning will give a rejiort from the con
vention. The chorus choir will render ap
propriate selections at this service. ' Bible
School at noon; Christian Kndeavor, :li;
In the evening at 7:30 a representative of
the Women's Christian Temperance union
will occupy the pulpit and the men's chorus
will render several selections. Mr. James
Knight will sing a special number at this
V. W. C A. Notes.
The house committee has arranged for the
usual tnonthlv noon program for women
In the auditorium next Thursday from 12:13
to 1. ReadlnKS will be given by Mrs. W.
A Challia, solos by Mrs. John Shary and
piano solos by Miss Grace Hancock.
The lectures to be given at the associa
tion next week are: Thursday, "Our Lan
guage as a Means of KxpreHslon In Sing
ing," Thomas J. Kelly; "The Reaction
From the Knthusiasm of the Romantic Age
of Poetry," Miss Kate A. MuHugh, Friday
The lunch committee has arranged to
serve afternoon tea in the association club
room every day. All of the women of the
city are at liberty to take advantage of
such an opportunity as a rest hour while
hopping and make the building a meeting
place for friends.
The In Ills Name circle will hold Its first
regular meeting next Monday evening.
Supper may be had In the cafeteria at 6:30.
The meeting is called for 7 o'cloek. Miva
Theodate P. Wilson, religious work di
rector, will speak to the circle on "The
World's Young Women's Christian Associa
tion." For the convenience of delegates attend
ing the Women's Christian Temperance
union convention the lunch committee has
arranged to serve a light lunch Sunday
evening at 6 In the cafeteria. Delegates
are Invited to use the rest rooms of ths
building between the afternoon meeting
and the lunch hour.
The Bible department has 'secured Prof.
Charles Foster Kent, professor of Biblical
literature In Yale university, for two lec
tures on November t, one at 1 and the
o'her at :15 o'clock. Prof. Kent is the
author of sevi ral modern lilble study out
lines, among them being the text book used
bv Mrs. Hyers' classes.
The building w ill be open as usual from ,
1 to 7 o'clock next Kuiutny, but there will I
be no ve t I' vti'tice. The mtmbeis of tlw I
association and those who attend the Pun
da. y vesper service sre Invited to attend
the mass meeting under the auspices of the
.National women s l hrixtian Temperance
union to be held In the City Auditorium at
it o'clock.
Take Chamberlain's CougTi Kemedy when
you have a cold and you will be delighted
with It.
Building- 1'ermtta.
W. I. McGee. Twenty-elphth and Cass
streets, frame dwelling, 12.500; W. L. Mc
Cee. Twenty-eighth and Cass streets, frame
dwelling, $2.510; C. W. Robertson, altera
tions to Hanson cafe. $5.0u0; Oeorge E.
Cobb company, Twenty-fourth street and
Orartd avenue, frame office and coal sheds,
fTMOr Louise Owens. AIM Parker street,
frame dwelling, 12,000; F.dward Hrown, 2220
Plnkney street, frame dwelling, $4,000.
At the Theaters
. Caffeine in. coffee is a
direct poi3on to the nerve
centers qf many highly or
ganized persons.
It produces all sorts of
disorder from stomach
troubles, palpitation of the
heart, kidney affection, etc.,
up to more intricate nervous
troubles, such as paralysis.
The way to keep well is to
leave off coffee and use
Postum, which is a direct re
builder of the nerve centers.
, "There's a Reason."
Sure and well defined im
provement in health will fol
low this course, as can easily
be proven by any person
who values health enough to
make a trial.
"'Ike Uui and Betty" at the Boyd.
Marie Cahlll and company In a mus'cal
play In three acts; books and lyrics by
Ueorge V. Hobart; music by Silvio Heln;
adapted from the French play, "La
Papillon," by Rebe Peter and Robert
There Is a difference an Important dif
ferencebetween Marie Cahlll and some
other comediennes who are like her In a
certain physical attribute. Her method Is
more delicate, and hor touch lighter and
more certain. Also a certain coarseness
which the discriminating perceive In these
others Is wholly absent from Miss Cahlll's
comedy. But she is not less funny rather
more so.
She and a wholly excellent company
gave the first of three performances last
nltjht of a play, a musical comedy, or a
comedy with music, as you like, and there
was drawn to see her an audience of a
kind which was particularly suitable to
the play and which was very well suited
by the play.
Appreciation was. In fact, enthusiastic
not only of the singing and acting, but the
fanhlonable folk who filled the theater
were quite well qualified to pass upon
the modish gowns worn In profusion upon
the stage.
As for the play: It Is the story of Betty
Barbeau, birth American, habitat France,
and a hunband also Gallic. The husband
Is musi -al, selfish and a cultivator of the
artistic temperament. More briefly, be Is
a cad and a rotter.
Dramatically the first and second acts
are better than the third for the method
of disposing of the troublesome spouse Is
not altogether convincing.
Miss Cahlll plays Betty quite seriously
at times when the progress ot the play
demands it, but she does not pitch these
scenes in too strenuous a key and lets
things down with a laugh every time. On
the other hand a situation which Is actually
serious Is not spoiled thereby, because the
laughter Is produced by droll or dry Irony
and satire. At espreaslng exceedingly
delicate Irony, Miss Cahlll Is a grand past
mistress and here as elsewhere her efforts
are never forced. She produces the
maximum of fun with the minimum of ef
fort. There Is a quartet of art loving youths
always In Betty's train and while all four
men In these parts were clever, Luclon
Kesney stood shoulders above the others.
Wallace McCutcheon, a baritone singer,
helped to score one of the biggest successes
of the evening, when he and Miss Cahlll
took off a man and woman supposed to
be sitting in a box at the Metropolitan
Opera house. W. 3. Stewart played an
American, a southerner, and. did not over
drawl or over-soften his "r's" which Is a
stage miracle.
Of the supporting women Miss Anne
Mooney has the principal singing role, bhe
Is pretty. - She sings correctly, sweetly and
has a voice ot some power. Miss Hattye
Fox was an attractlvve southern girl.
The staging as respect costumes Is by
far the handsomest In a play of the kind
here this year and the scenic Investment Is
absolutely lovely.
Acquire the habit of keeping on hand a
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and
save anxiety. There la nothing better tor
Feminine Lingerie Not Wte . f
Room of Man from the Shot '
tirass Country. ;.,n.i.'.
"I may be In the right church,' but you
put me In the wrong pew," said E. AllUon,
a man from the thort grass region In Kan
sas as he appeared at the desk of one of
the popular hotels last night. "I went, In
that room and found 'a lot of female ling
erie and several other articles that wouhl
Indicate female occupants. Further than
that there were several hats elaborately
trimmed that I tan't wear. I think that
women are In the room," he continued.
Mr. Allison was puffing like a fire liMre
that had been- making a long run... but
took things good naturedly. He was. .as
signed another room. :
storm Headed Eastward. 'Mi
WASHINGTON. Oct. 2i-'ie Okk) "val
ley this morning is the center of the storm
which last night was over Ht. .la
moving eastward and has Increased Mn
Strong Healthy Women
U a woman is stronf and healthy in a womanly way, moth
erhood means to ber but little suffering. The trouble ties
in ths (act that ths many women sufler from weakness and
disease of the distinctly feminine organism and are unfitted
lor motherhood. This csn bs remedied.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Cures ths weaknesses mad disorders of woman
It sots directly est ths delicate and important
organs coneerned In motherhood, making then .
healthy, strouf, vigorous, virile and clastic.
"Fsvorits Prescription" banishes the indisposition ol ths
period of expeotanoy and makes haby's advent eaiy and .
almost painless. It quickens and vitalizes ths feminins
organs, and insures s healthy and robust baby. Thousands
testified to Its snsrvelous merits.
It Maket Weak Women Strong. It Maka Sick Womea WelU
Honest druggists do not offer substitutes, and urge them upon you as
as good." Accept no secret nostrum in pises of this mou-ttcrtt remedy.
contains not a drop of alcohol and not a grain of habit-forming or injuriJ
drugs. Is a pur glyceric extract ol healing, saliva American roots.
of women hv)r.