Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 23, 1909, NEWS SECTION, Page 4, Image 4

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Great Purchase of a -
Manufacturer's Stock
Mens Fine Wool
J 1 1 rC J .
t -M
Forlunate Purchase by Our N. Y. Buyer
Enables Us lo Make Tbls Crea! Oiler Saiurday
Overcoats s Suits
All the Season's New Styles
Worlh Up lo $25 al
This purchase came at juBt the time to da you the most good. .You can buy from
this high grade lot of men's hand tailored suit and overcoats and save from $5 to
7.50 on everything you buy.
Not an overcoat or suit here Is worth less than $22 many of them are ex
tra good $25 values all the latest fall style features
Overcoats in this lot include Presto and Protector
Every suit has . that appearance of elegance you
find only in the very best clothes for men.
Select your clothes from this big group Saturday
Rogers-Peet Clothes
The ' Highest Grade Suits -and
Overcoat for Men
Recognized by well dressed men
everywhere as the beat clothes that
the best tailors in New York can
make.' - There's a New -- York look
about these clothes that can't be mis
taken . '
Suits are 1 . .$21 to $35
Overcoats $25 to $45
Jlirsh Wickwlre Clothes
Are essentially the classy clothes
for young men because they are
brim full of young men's style ex
treme notions for the new season and
a general appearance of up-to-dateness
; .L
Suits are . . . . 521 to $35
Overcoats . .; $25 to $45
Hen's )$
Made of pure worsteds, strictly
band tailored, serge lined, sewed
with silk. A suit that will retain
Jts shape and give you splendid
No rib $20
Strictly all wool single and dou
ble breasted overcoats many of
the Protector coats can be worn
as dress coats as well. It is a
great chance to save $5.50 on a
strictly hand tailored overcoat.
Bradford's celebrated spring
needle ribbed Undershirts
and Drawers, lamb's wool,
red medicated wool natural
breasted shirts etc. This underwear is posi
tively worth up to $1.60 a varment All slses, at
Spring Needlo Worsted and Silk Ribbed Undershirts
Lot comprises shirts only. Colors blue, flesh, grey and tan AA
shirts worth $1.25 each on sale Saturday, ' , , . .1lfa
- . V V w
Men's and Boys' Sweater Coats in red and gray and blue
and gray; big bargains worth. to $1.00, at, A
each. . . .' i . ., w
Men's and Boys' Wool Sweater Coats--These are samples,
in all colors worth to $2.50, 98C
Men's Hand Made Sweater Coats in neat colorings, also
sweater vests for men 2 fO 6
Boy's Knickerbocker Suits and
"Protector Overcoats
The clothes that other stores point to with pride
as their best $5 and $6 garments for boys, we offer
you Saturday at $3.75. There is no difference, ex
in the price. The styles and materials are the very
newest and best. Clever high f(T "If?
collar protector' overcoats and j J '
smartest " knickerbocker"
suits. Remember these are $5
and $6 values, at ......
Men's $15 Suits and
Overcoats at $9.50
It's a very, very small price to pay
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coats, at
Men's Panis $3.98
Special purchase of strictly all wpol
' worsted and casslmere pants for
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up to 16.06 -. '
Boys' Leather Gauntlet Glov
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Men's ShlrU $1 values; negligee
styles, new pat- ' . Crt
terns, at
m ml
V AVI V.")'v "Mr
Men's sample shirts
$1.50 values,
Manhattan and E. &
W. shirts, X
51.50 to...... J
Munslng union suits, i boot's Tlvoll medl
81.50 A tZf .. cated underT
to T'tJU wear, gl to . . . .
Men's Hais
Soft and stiff hats, well
known brands as Cham
pion, Manhattan, Gold
Bond and Tiger Special;
$3.00 and $3.60
John B. Stetson soft and derby hats, at
S3.50 $3.75 554 $4.5U
up to .' SjXU
Imported English derbies Every hat guar
anteed. Best English hat, at S3
Brandies special soft and derby hats, at $2
Boys' and children's winter caps, fur lined
bands, at ., 25 4J "-nd 98
Men's sample caps, worth up to $2, at 50e
and ......98
Beat Vtlvei in Omaha
Men's Shoes
This is our special offer
splendid welt sewed shoes
oak lea. soles-box calf,
vioi kid, gun metals, pat-
: Men's High' Grade Shoe
Single or double soles-att new styles
and reliable Brandeis quality three"
i great groups for $X50 $ A
Saturday, at -f.f.
Iowa Attorney General Eeopem Quei
tion of Street Kailway Franchise!.
Sellsrraans' Attorneys Den? Claim of
Perpetual Grant and Attack la
Looked For JOIT, Wk
Oao FraackUe ft ana Oat. '
The opinion by Attorney General Byera
of Iowa that the only general franchise of
the Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Rail
way company In Council Bluffs expires In
two years has caused a renewal of discus
sion as to what franchise the company Is
operating under In Omaha.
Various opinions have been expressed by
attorneys on the subject, aome asserting
the franchise rights expire In 1917, others
In IMS, and It Is understood the company
arserts Its rights are perpetual under the
enabling act passed In 1889 authorising the
consolidation of the Independent lines then
oprratlng In the city.
Whichever one of these opinions is cor
rect,' It is tfell understood that before 1917,
when several of the old Independent fran
chises expire, a big legal battle will be
started to determine Just what the rights
of the company ajv. The situation from a
legal standpoint Is complicated by the fact
that many franchises havo been granted at
different times and that most of the com.
panles receiving these are represented dl
roily or indirectly In the merger under the
act of 18. '
l""wyera Bay Not Perpetaal.
A legal opinion In writing, which la suf
ficient authority to eommand weight, was
rendered by Attorneys ttheenan and Collin
of New York, who made an examination of
the subject for the Bellgmans, the New
York bankers. The attorney In . their
opinion say that the counsel for the com
pany olaim m perpetual franchise under the
act of 1SS9, . but they express the opinion
that (the company Is operating under a
franchise" granted In 1W8 for forty years.
This would make It expire In 1928.
The grants -of rights for street railway
purposes In Omaha date back to territorial
days. The first one recorded Is In 1?
urder ordinance No. 160 runnlns for fifty'
years, with- m reversionary elause, by the
terms of which the city becomes the owner
of the property at the end of he period.
This, In the opinion of lawyers, la not in
force now. as the rights under It have
probably been- abandoned.
In 1884 the Cable; Tramway company was
ti anted a franchise for a cable line under
ordinance No. 818 coveting certain streets.
In June, 1887. the Metropolitan Cable Rail
way company under ordinance No. 1336,
was given a thirty-year franchise over cer
tain streets.
The Introduction. of electricity as a mo
tive power led to a new franchise for
ihe Northwesttrn Street Railway company
under ordinance 1433, passed July 2, 18S7,
extended over a period of thirty years.
This was the flrst'franchlse under which
electrically driven cars could operate.
The following year. May, 1SS8, ordinance
No. 1731, which he Seligman lawyers refer
to as the one under which the company Is
operating, was passed. It grants for forty
years the right to operate cars moved by
cable, compressed air, electricity or steam
motor over the streets. Prior tj this an
ordinance wt.s passed granting tho right to
operate on the city viaducts.
Several Are Organised.
Several companies were organised under
these various franchises and two or three
were operating in 18N), when what Is known
as the enabling act was passed by the
legislature. The purpose of this was to
permit the companies to consolidate into
the old Omaha 'Street Railway company,
which later became the present Omaha &
Council Bluffs Street .Railway company,
after the consolidation with the Council
Bluffs lines. Under the terms of this act
all franchise and reversionary rights of the
various companies were preserved, but iu
the grant of powers Is one to "hold In
perpetuity all the property, rights, powers
and franchises conferred upon said consti
tuent companies."
Under this act It la claimed the company
has perpetual rights to the atreeta, of the
city. .-- r
Under the conditions it is not probable
tbat any legal action to, test the franchises
can be started' much before 1917, when the
flist of the franchises expire. It Is cer
tain, however, that when this time comes
a test in court will be made and will be
fought probably to the supreme oourt of
the United States.
Two Real Estate
Men Have Fight
Harry B.-Wolf and C. B. Denny Mix
and Former Says He Triumphed.
A corridor In the Pas ton block was trans
formed Into a ring and two Omaha real
estate men were the principals in an en
counter, when Harry B. Wolf and C. B.
Denny came together.
The fray was near the elevator on the
fourth floor of the building and while it
lasted the fe-v spectators say It was as
lively a mill as one could find and not
pay good money to see.
"I left Denny looking like -Ketchel after
Johnson got through r with him," said Mr.
At Mr. Denny's office inquiry revealed
he would be In in about five minutes.
It is said the cause was of long standing.
VV.GT.U. Delegate
Dies at Hospital
Mrs. Eliza J. Shephardson of Auburn
Doei Not Live to Wltnest
Mrs. ' Eliza 1. Shepardson, a delegate to
the Woman's Christian Temperance Union
convention from Auburn, died Wednesday
at the Methodist Episcopal nospital, fol
lowing an operation.
Mrs. Bhepardson came to Omaha for
treatment before the opening of the con
vention. She spent eight days at the hos
pital.' The body will be taken to the home
at Auburn Saturday by J.,C, Shepardson,
a son. Mrs. Shepardson leaves her hus
band. R. A. Shepardson, a wealthy farmer,
and a family. She was 50 years old.
Mount Vesuvius
Spurts Lava and
Earth' Trembles
Serious Eruption Takes Place
; Houses Wrecked by Series of
Quake Shocks.
' NAPLES, Oct. 22. Mount Vesuvius Is
again very active. Quantities o(. stones
were thrown up today, falling Inside the
crater. The ejection was preceded and ac
companied ' by detonations. This Is con
sidered the most serious eruption of Mount
Vesuvius since 1909.
CATANIA, Sicily, Oct. 22.-8cveral strong
earthquake shocks were felt tortriy. They
were more pronounced at Aclreale, on the
slope of Mount Etna.
. The people at this place, alarmed by
the first shocks, rushed out of their housos
and camped In the open air. Ten houses
fell In the outskirts of Aclreale, but only
one person was killed. The victim was a
yeterlnary surgeon who refused to- abandon
his house. It was among those thrown
down by the later and heavier shocks and
he was burled In the wreckage. The walls
Of many houses were cracked. The whole
Mount Etna region was severely, shaken.
CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 22.-Announcement
was made at St. Igantlus college today
that a prolonged and somewhat severe
earthquake shock was recorded by the
seismograph, last night. The disturbance
began at 0:21 and lasted until 7 o'clock,
but was the most noticeable between 6:44
and 6:50. It was estimated the shock was
about 5,000 miles from here.
'We repeat by special request our gteat success of last week,
the greatest sale of human hair gooda ever known in Omaha. Our
imports from Hollund and France include. hair switches, Billie
Burke curls, pompadours, rolls, nets, coiffures, transformations,
etc., etc. - . -
26-Inch natural wavy switch made
of fine, hair Juat th braid for the
new turban hair dress IS value,
ior ; $6.00
24-Inch natural wavy switch 15
value, for . .. ........ . . 53.OO
20-Inch natural wavy switch S3
Talue, for 81.50
Puffs eight in et fine hair, dark'
shade only Saturday .... . . 75
Cluster puffs 10 and 12 in cluster,
t .'-91.50
Transformation made of fine hair
. 23 inchea long and lC-inch hair,. G
value, for .......... I .. . $3.00
Large Auto nets
Peek Method of Determining; Cost
( Production at t'hlraaro
A. T. Klopp of Klopp A Bartlett com
pany and Fiank El lick of the Omaha
I'rlntlng company have returned from Chi
cago, where they attended a meeting of
job printers, at which a movement was
started to Install In every print shop a
system of determining coat of production.
One hundred and eighty-five delegates
outside of Chicago were present, repre
senting cities .all the way from the At
lantic to the Pacific coast and as far
north as Winnipeg.
"The object of the meeting was to de
vise a system of figuring the cost of
production and Its adoption in all ' the
print shops of the country. The trouble
now Is many shops are run In an unbusi
nesslike manner and prices are made with
out regard to the coat. A committee of
fifteen was appointed to devise a plan and
secure Its adoption by print shops all over
the country."
Use Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for
coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough.
Hair dressing and manicuring, shampooing and bleaching all done by
-Appointment made, and prompt attention given to
competent operators-sama.
l.y a bottle of McCarthy's Hair
Tirci - It prevents dandruff and
11 mix the hair grow. A.
tt Cue
1 ' 1
Try a bottle of McCarthy's Curling
: Fluid retains the curl lit drt
warm and damp weather. IUC
tie else for
Homer A. Miller of Des Moines
Becomes Power with the
Northwestern l.lne.
CHICAGO, Oct. tl John V. Farwell of
Chicago and Homer A. Miller of Des
Moines. Ia., were added to the directorate
of the Chicago Northwestern railroad at
the annual meeting of the stockholders
today. They succeed E. E. Qsborn and
8. F. Barger, both of New York.
Other retiring directors who were re
elected were, Chaunoey M. Depew, H. C.
Flick and David P. Kimball. At a subse
quent meeting of directors Oliver Ames of
Boston was elected a member of the exe
cutive committee, to fill a vacancy which
has remained since the death of Marshall
Rock Island Fast
Train in Ditch
Strikes Horse Near Xeola and Jumps
the Track No One is
NEOLA, la., Oct. 22. (Special Telegram.)
The engine and baagage car of Rock
Island passenger train No. 14, eastbound.
known as the Chicago-Nebraska special,
were derailed tonight when the train
struck a horse, as It was approaching this
town tonight. The engine rolled down an
embankment and was demolished, but both
the engineer and fireman saved themselves
by Jumping. Although the paswengers ware
given a bad shaking up, none waa seriously
The accident ocourred near the Milwau
kee crossing and tore up a connecting
switch, which for some time prevented the
movement of traffic, several trains being
blocked until the switch could be replaced.
The main line of the Rock Island was en
tirely blocked most of the night and all
trains between Neola and Omaha were sent
over the Milwaukee tracks. The passen
gers of the wrecked train were transferred
to other cars and proceeded east after sev
eral hours' delay.
The wreck occurred so near the Mil
waukee tracks that it was with some diffi
culty that the trains on that road could
be moved for some time.
Bnlldlaa- Permits.
Charles Stors, 1701 Wirt, frame dwelling,
IT.500; Oscar Stiles, 1327 Plnkney, frame
dwelling. 11.800. -
Carnival Reigns
at Golden Gate
Saa Francisco Has Gay Time Over
Discovery and Progress in
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 2. fttn Fran
oisco and atl of Its guests went carnival
mad tonight and crowds surged up and
down the streets erter ' the decorative
Illuminations were extinguished tonight
Never before has this elty entertained
such a huge crowd as' gathered to see the
big civic and Industrial parade, the leading
feature of the day. More than 30,000" people
marched for three hours, and1' it' was late
In the afternoon before, the last ' of ' the '
floats disappeared. ,
For a time gloom spread over the mer
rymakers when It was reported that 1 Don
Oaspar De Portola had been thrown from
hla horse and injured, but this feeling
turned to elation when It was learned that
the horsemanship of the courtly Spaniard
bad enabled htm to escape without serious
If you have anything to sell or trade
and want quick action, advertise it in The
Bee Want Ad columns.
. 1, : 1
Campaign Managers Busy
With Election Day Near
NEW YORK. Oct. U. With New
York's municipal election only twelve days
distant, the campaign today reached the
stage of hopeful forecast and optlmletlo
estimates. Here are the "probabilities"
estimated by campaign managers for the
three candidates for mayor:
Bannard (republican-fusion), by 40.000.
Oaynor (democrat), by 75,000.
Hearst (Independent), by M.000.
The confidence expressed by all the
campaign managers was pointed out by
many ' observers tonight as a further In
dication of the nonpartisan character of
the support upon which the candidates
depend and ef the breaking down to a
great extent of party lines in the con
sideration of New York's municipal prob
lems. There were more than 100 minor meet
ings In various parts of New York to
night, with a plethora of cart-tail oratory
on almost every important street corner
In the congested residence districts.
Justice Gaynor toured the, East Side "7
automobile, repeating his previous attuA
on Hearst and Bannard and emphasising
particularly his plea for more "personal
liberty" and for a, liberal construction of
police laws.
Bannard was heard tonight in Btaten
Island. "I am a business man," he told '
his hearers. "I was never a candidate for
office and have no political ambition: If
elected I shall do nothing else but work
faithfully at my new Job and try to leave
a good name when the four years art
over."' ' '
William M.'Ivlns, the former republican
candidate foY mayor, who Is now advo
cating the election of Hearst, spoke to
night in a dosen small meetings. .He told
bis hearers that he waa entirely satisfied
with the progress of the campaign and
continued with a repetition of ht former
attacks on Justice Oaynor. - .,,
n rr
H Ti
At 4 Princess Suit Parlor
, $22 and $25
Ladies whose desire is to dresa stylishly, yet inexpensively,
should see these beautiful suits we are of ferine; at f 15. These suits
are the usual 120 to $25 kind, but our factory has sent us IU sur
plus stock to dispose of, and herein lies your opportunity to buy
stylish suits at very little cost. This offer consists of exclusive
models, characterized by that perfection of tailoring by which the
Princess Suit Parlor is fast making a name at the store of well-made
and stylish suits, yet inexpensively priced.
S. K. Cor. lfith and
Davenport Streets.
Two Models Lllcc .Pictures '
30. 35 and $40
$20. $22.50 and $25
PnifUr frRQ sflT.CT Al4 f5 QUIT DADf aT Y B.K-Cor. Ituh.nd
w m mrm.rn.rn a A rfcIVL Davenport Streets.
rsmiawesi i i m n in ilimi l ., nnnniai i i