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"".-"" i Don. m-oti pa or na kmo . ixs vre . a-vmi
W bog to announce that we have opened a large and ex
tensive Fur Department which will be devoted to the selling of
only perfect reliable furs at prices very much less than is usu
ally charged for high class goods. There will be no misleading
statements-made to effect a sale.
Clenuine Lynx at last year's prices.
Mink Scarfs, Wolf Sets, Pony Coats, Hudson Seal Coats,
Near Seal Coats, Muskrat Coats, all on sale at the new Fur
department Second floor.
r .
Hundreds of beautiful hand embroidered "Waists, stylish
tailored linen waists and lovely new silk plaid waists.
Tailor Made DressesReal Hand Made Suits Capes and
Coats. Many new styles for Saturday.
; Women's Gloves
Everyone knows the value of an "Arabian Mocha"
or "Kasan Cape" Glove for this season of the
; year. Saturday we offer you one of the beat
. values, at, per pair 81.35
1-Clasp Mocha Gloves In black, grey, taupe, brown,
tan and red, per pair $1.25
l-Clasp Kasan Capes In all shades of assorted
tans, per pair 81.25
Saturday at the Toilet Goods
$1 Ideal Hair Brushes, Saturday, each ....874
Orange Sticks, Saturday, each 1
26c Cold Cream, Saturday . .... 12 Ha
Carmen Face Powder. Saturday qgI
Vantlne's Sandal wood Toilet Water, regular price
$1. Saturday, at a bottle gf)
Imported Bay Rum, regular price 66c, Saturday.
a bottle 3t)4
In style, fabric, fit and finish the Man Tailored Skirts we are making have never
been equaled in price or workmanship.
Come in Saturday and see what we are doing. Turn each skirt inside out, examine
them carefully, you will find them all right down to the last stitch.
NOTE At the same time, ask to see the pretty petticoats we are making, also our
special petticoat at $1.98 and a choice line of colors to choose from. .
Special Sale of Kimonos Saturday
. at Bargain Square No. 2, in Basement
Flannelette kimonos trimmed with mercerized
sateen in dark colors. 'A good value at $1.60,
Saturday, each .084
Swansdown Kimonos in light colors, regular 92.00
' value, Saturday, each -31.25
Special Sale of Women's, Misses' and
Children's Fabric Gloves Saturday
at Bargain Square No. 2.
Women's, Misses and Children's gloves in fleece
lined, silk lined and knit Values up to $1.76,
your choice Saturday, at, pair 2D
See the child
ren's hats and
coats in our How
ard St. windows.
Special showing
of Men's Bath
Robes at the
Men's Section.
Jatfjra Miller, at Des Moines, Break
Record In ArtUs Uo
' ' - - " Three Caaafc.-' . V.
DB3 MOINES. Ia., Oct. 21 Three men
convicted of murder in the first 'decree
wera sentenced to life Imprisonment in the
state penitentiary, at Tort Madison by
Judge Jesse Miller in today's session of
criminal court. I is said this has never
before occurred. 'The convicted men were
John Smeltaer, who shot Detective Frank
Del megs, James Watkins, who ahot John
Weaver and 'William Webster, ' who - shot
George Talbot.
8 Ion CUr Carmen Jleld JL.
SIOUX CITY, la.,, Oct. 23. (Speclaj Tele
gram.) The police are looking for. two
men Who, near the homo of the Good Shep
herd, last night. took possession of a' Court
street car and, at the point of revolvers,
took tlS from O. Carlson, motorman, and
$50 from C. Norberr, conductor. The men
wore masks, and one entered the rear door
and one the front door. They threatened
the street car men with death upon the
least resistance.
J. S. Paul Insists Minivei Were
Secured at Hit Home.
Mar Have lafomatlea as Hew
They Cam lata Paeeeaslna at
Plaintiff Denies Charsea
..Hade Acalast.Hlsn.
Crona-examlnatlon of John 8. Paul in
his suit for divorce yesterday afternoon
served to give hint that the defense has,
or thinks It has. something Important aa
to how raul got those letters which Mrs.
Jaul wrote to her New York sister.
Paul's memory was poor as to where
he found them, saying he "found them
In the house," but would hot say Junt
where in the residence. Again and again
counsel made him go on record as swear
ing that he had not got them outside
the house.
Otherwise the cross-examination was
not sensational or significant of sensa
tions. General Cowln did, however, make
the witness admit continuing to dwell
and cohabit with Mrs. Paul after many
alleged offenses of various kinds. I
The case has now tone Over to Mon
day, when the plaintiff will have three
more witnesses. Another witness of yes-,
terday was Dr. Kills, whose examination
waa brief. He denied an allegation set
up In' Mrs. Paul's answer.
Paul declared on direct examination
that his wife had unjustly accused him
with respect to four Florence women.
Ha named them. Three of them were in
the court room at the tithe Mrs. Paul's
charge waa repeated and one was moved
to tears at the accusation. Only one of
the four women whom Mrs. Paul named
has been a witness against her.
Paul testified that his wife used frightful
language, which be quoted.
The plaintiff's testimony began with cer
tain subjects covered by Mrs. Paul In tbe
letters to her sister, and, In her answer,
Mr. Paul denying that he had ever pro
cured or thought of procuring a physician
for an Improper purpose, that he "always
served his relatives first," and that these
kith and kin had been dependent on him
for support.
Then he began a history of his married
life. One of the early episodes was Mrs.
Paul's asking twin, he said, to make a will
leaving all to her. Then came an asser
tion that she proposed to him to sell their
home, move away and establish a house
for 'Improper purposes. '
Next he told of various Incidents with re
gard to her behavior toward him.
"One day I came home for luncheon,"
said he. "and waa at table With the chil
dren when leanette she Is the youngest
said to me:
" 'Papa, you're a fool. -
'What's thatr I asked.
" 'Mamma says "you're a old fool." '
"When a newspaper came Into the yard
containing the news of Paul's filing for di
vorce In July of this year, Mrs. Paul picked
up the paper," said her husband, "and
opening it to' the article about the divorce,
laughed and said: 'Isn't that too funny?'
' 'What's funny, mamma?' asked her
daughter. Mrs. Paul laughed some more
and repeated: 'It's Just too funny for any
thing.' "
When his divorce suit became pending
Paul had business troubles thereby, ac
cording to his Story. He had a capital in
his bank tit f59,Mr and deposits -of fre.OOt.
Some people .heard of his domes tie diffi
culties and withdrew their elooounts. '
At this time Paul said he "couldn't sleep,
couldn't eat, couldn't' work, ' was nervous
and didn't know what 1 was doing."
The witness was nervous enough while
on the stand.
Mrs. Paul leaned forward in her chair
when - her husband 1 repeated the - tirade
which ended with the words, "get out of
this house."
Poor Man Comes
to Awful Fate
Drug-fed, Eobbed of Six Quart
Whiikj and Left ia Low
Resort. , ,
J. H. Peterson, , a traveling man from
Tekamah, has reported to tbe police that
he waa robbed of els quart of whisky and
a suit case Thursday afternoon following a
period of unconsciousness that overtook
him on the street
Peterson told the officers that ha waa on
his way to Unloit station when suddenly
he lost all reoklnlng. Friday morning, he
says, he found that Ml felonious aeeallanta.
whoever they may have been, had drugged
him and left him in a low resort
The police extended sympathy.
II. Retlahos- TaoMa First Vice
President of Railway Bridge
JACKSONVILLE. Fla.. - -Oct. M -The
American Railway Bridge and Building as
sociation today selected J. !. Lemond of
Charlotte. N. C. to succeed J. P. Cantv of
Fltohburg, Mass., as president. -
IT. Rettlnghouse, Bbone, la., was chosen
first vice president." '
Oklr ftmm "RHflUik alllMtMnH
That IsLaxatlve Bromrf Quinine. Look for
World over to Cure a. Cold in One Day. 25c.
Saturday and Monday
p-JiLa said. University f
. Dresses Galore
TKB COATS). Tbe snappiest "Co-Id" coats
are like this Illustration, with long revere col-""
lr of velvet and three-button fastenings. Ma
terials are diagonal eh evicts la two toned
ef f sets. In green, dark red, nary bine, rose and
mixtures Then, too, the same modeled "Oo-Bd"
may be had to superb broadcloth.
ti matters not what the shade o fabric, the
"fit" will be forthcoming, and the fitted ones
will sot as pablldty agents for us will tell all
other Msmall womea" that only OJtM Omaha
oonoera CAaT m small women, and that Till
la the concern.
At $22.50, $25 and
Upward to $27.50
TBS SBEBSES. "Co-Ed" or University
dresses are at their best hare we show the
two-piece kinds with separate, full pleated
skirts. Waists elegantly tailored and fasten on
shoulder and down the aide; finished with bias
Katsrlala are serges, shepherd plaids, diag
onals, .to., la navy, red, brows or plain reseda,
champagne or whits.
Garments of this character when worn by
"small women" must be built TOM small wo
men r the slightest inappropriate line be
comes exaggerated therefore be sure to select
the dress UIU where perfect fitting la the
At $20, $22.50 and
Upward to $25
.',"''''wiiwww i . -rrin - -J-L-.-L1-LrLnj-.mi.ririiirir..- nr.-.-i
Closest touch with favored garment producers a willingness to "buy big"
coupled with an aggressive selling planmakes this the approved fountain head on
nuDoy attire, uuge, closely priced stocks are the rule now. -
A Better, .Better Styled Girls'
Coat - Even though Priced at $10
WeTe higher priced ooate than the 910.00
nca, of course put to show that our ar-'
rays are oomprehensive ones, aaluated to
eery pnre,we cite in this laatenoe, ror
W VaUCXS eoats tot girls a "Ten Dol
lar" line. ., , . . .
At this prlos one sees the ehoiceet of man
nish designed I.ittle Halor" styles, ia 4
r fuli lengths, ia ohinehUlag, Shaw chev
iots aad broadcloths.
' Kerouiea braid ia one . of the most nsed
trimmings on this seasons' girls' coats aad
the range of slaes at "l0.0O" lnolud.s "Jun
ior" to Id years.
Boat make a final selection before seeing
Ihe style, inimitable make , the superior
materials and trim used in the Juvenile gar
ments shewn here. Vheee prestige points
are carried oat la the "10.00 ooata.
Ladies' Shoos of Now York Mako
"Tony" Kinds at $4. $5. S6
This season's usages demand short forepart lasts and we
show thenvr-ia brome, in dull leather, or patent leather. Each
pair an exhibit of what the deftest New York makers are turn
ing out.
Send for
fi .- .' F ' J
rctYooieo new
New Location 1518-1520 Farna.m Street
. fVr rl 1iV
Are Ripe
Rubber goods re advancing rapidly
and era would advise tht on purchae
at the present low prices.
T r . ww-. .
i o nuoiMr vtiuves, every -ono tt
(uaranteed Saturday and Me
Monday . ; . . . ,...tfwv
11.00 -qt. Royal 'Red Rubber
Inserted water bottle Sat
urday and Monday . .'. .
$1.60 4-qt. Beaton. Hot Water
Bottle Saturday and
Monday ..... . . . . . .
$1.15 S-qt. Beaton Fountain
Syringe Saturday and
Monday : . .. : . . .' . . .
$6o 66-inch Flexible Nail File,
Saturday and Monday,
tor ;4. ...
7 So Manicure Soiasonr -Saturday
and Monday ,
760 Tlvoll Powder Satiir- . '
day and Monday :
.-'; i
S6o -pound Peroxide Hydro
cen Saturday and; .
Monaay .. ...s1
$1.00 Sanitary Ghost Protector Re
member it la a duty to protect your
lunga do not put It off un- a
til yoa have acquired a . illiP
cold Saturday nd Monday.'. wvv
JBc Woodbury's Facial Cream m n
Saturday and Monday, , XuC
26c Graves' Tooth Powder;
Saturday and Monday, ..
Boys Good
Our Boys' Shoes bare always
fvernged 19 t IS per rent lese
n prl-n than equal qualities sell
for elsewhere tmaslne then -What
an opportunity presenlv
Itself to you when we decide lo
quote such prices es follow. It
will psy you well to buy several
Our regular St. as and 91. SO L.UII Genii
Artoa-alze SO to 13 lor
Ourrenular SI. SO Boya Sttoci
size t to e for
Ourredular S3.00 Uoya' Shoei
Size Hoe for
Tt Home of Quality Clotltea
T... $1
Three Sentenced
. i ,
on Murder Charge
Judge, ia Passing: Sentence, Comments
on the Frequency of Such
Crimes. ' v
(From a. Staff Correspondent)
DES MOINES, Oct. IS. (Special Tele-
grain.) Three men were sentenced to life
Imprisonment today for three separata
murders. Iu passing sentence Judge Jesse
A. Millor said If these sentences didn't stop
the wave of murder passing over this sec
tion, Jurofs would be found Who would In
flict the death penalty. One of the men
sentenced was John Smeltier, who shot and
killed Policeman Delmege some weeks ago,
while Delmege sought to arrest him. The
other two . were negroes, James Watkins
and William Webster. T
In a financial statement made today by
Secretary Simpson of the Department of
Agriculture, the profits. of this year's state
fair are shown to be 123.823. The total re
ceipts this year were tl.BOO greater than last
year, but the expenses were $13,000 greater.
The total receipts would have been 126.000
greater, but for two rainy days. During
the last year Utt.OOv has been put In on
the grounds In Improvements, of which
M,0M was from the proceeds of last year's
fair. During the last three years, from
the proceeds of the fair, $LC4,00 has been
put Into Improvements In the grounds.
The appeal of John junk In, who mur
dered Clara Rosen In Ottumwa, was file
with the olerk of the supreme court today.
The case will be on the January docket.
On the advice of her brother. Prof. A. E.
Qoodeflough of Simpson college of Indian
ola. the police here today arrested Carol
Ooodenough, a 17-year-old girl, Just as she
was meeting Rev. John Q. Lake, age 86,
of Chicago,' who has Just returned aa a
missionary from Africa. He claimed to the
police that he did not Intend to marry the
girl now, but has the permission of her
father, who is a missionary In Africa, to
marry her when of age, but that the
brother refused htm permission to see her
at the Indianola home, so they came here
to meet.
P. 8. We are-, headquarters for fine
candles, having -exclusive agency of
seven of the best on tha market. We
personally, guarantee- every box.
ltsb Sample Dressee, at fa.eo
TS Sample Dresses, at..... ,...gl8.4
110 Sample Suit values worth up to ttl.BO, Saturday, special....' gl4.80
109 Covert and Itlack Broadcloth Coats, Saturday sale. , . . ,.10-tO aad glS.qn
SUk Rubberised Rain Coats $7.80 and BS.dX
jong- nroaaciom January uapes fa.uv ana s.oo
Kilted Parisian Skirts In Voiles,
Till 9
Panamas and fancy worsted. .S4.S0 to f 10.00
SMIff lit
Removal Sale of Monument
. Low Prices We must move to our new plant at 17th and Cuming
streets soon, and to save cost of moving our monuments will make ex
. ceptlonally LOW PRICES on our entire stock of the latest designs In
cemetery work. If you can't call, write us for prices.
All lettering done by pneumatic tools, and all work guaranteed
strictly first class,
181517 Faraam Street, Omh. Nebrftsk
South End I6n ST.
Our Candy Special
For Saturday
Our regular 40c per pound Mex
ican Maple Goodies, at, per lb.
box 25c
Our 60o Smart Set Chocolates
per lb. box, Saturday; only, 39c
Myers-Dillon Drug Co.
16th and Farnam Gts.
Bis; Hetaraa freaa Farms.
LOQAN, la., Oct a. (8peclal.)-lAst
year llr. William Stlrta rondo his farm of
100 acres between Magnolia and Logan pro
duce WOO per acre, this year. Mr. Stlrti
erpeots the (arm to surpass last year.
Marlon Ktnley, a farmer east ot Logan,
produced nine vtfon loads of sweet pump
kins and 1M worth Of potatoes on one
acre of Ma farm this season. Raglan town
ship fruit growers of Harrison county, In
raspberries, have put the Corn growers
and potatoes growers out of commission,
I comparing net receipts for one year for
one or two acres. From 1100, tS and at
(he rate ot 700 per acre and over are re
ported in raspberries alone.
Bear ef BUoa Arrives.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. O.-The body of
Bikhep Beth Ward of the Methodist Epis
copal church, south, who died at Kobe,
Japan, on September S9. arrived from the
orient today. Burial will be at Houston.
The Overcoat with tke
M IIH B n -Bi BuB W B fLS l 111 IU GW W U IJ sr
I If for veunrf men 53 to 40 chest it's called V
the 'ImperUr'- its collar may lie changed to V
any one of 5 open sr closed effects and the
"Sampeck people make it.
It tomes in grey or greenish overcoating'
it's full cut has fancy cuffs vertical pockets
it's the swatigerest. handiest "Broadway" gar
ment ever offered at an Omaha price.". c
It's an appeal to youngish tastes and a con-
1 ., .Vv:
1' -W:
stant "coat challenge" nt this figure $20.
"Aggressive" that's the
word that best describes our
larger selling powers.
Very "Cleverest" Suits at $20
- - 77 . . " " " vMrKm.Mim ot inne-wi wrm -cieveresr' ceases
o attract the elder ones but It's musie to the young fallow who delights in the
. I?7 !L1H'?,Vb..tI, moo" B. We wlik youag man sho w 33 to
B8 to IIS the knits we offer In fancy or plain aerges) la fancy ehevlota and the like:
In the newer greens, or latest stone and smoke grays. These have every 'OS kink
at'sao-oo.'111' rnW they're peeileea, premier, naaatehed
If you've a bov. have him clad here fiet. a Knlck-
3 crboclier sult with two paira trousers at $5.00
aV 1 h affav ar at -r a sal aw
Hardy Uak aoled dhoes for Hoys
That' the sensible kind And get them with orthopedic lasts
'so thatthe boy is comfortable. , We have them in velour and box
calf, or patent leatherat $2, $2.50 and $3 according to siae.
Send for fie
New Location 1518-1520 F&rnam
Showings Are
I Tea.