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(Til vxonmm rvuvmru ft
That Uev Fall Suit or O'coat
Its Here As Thousjh it Was Being C1 f-Kfl
, Delivered bj a Custom Tailor. Cut V &uU
jt Cos's Cn)j Cash cr Credit I U
Equal In every way to any $22. bO garment you
ever saw. We've based their regular valne very con
" f PTTatlvely. You'll easily recognize that fact upon
examination. Here's what you'll find. All wool
. re-gas, smooth finish, fancy worsteds, Scotch tweeds,
new heme spuns and black thlbets.
In black and tan, fast colors, regular 15c m
. values Limit of five pairs to a
customer, special price, per pair
A p I r of 227 Ladies' fall Suits and Ons. OA fZt
DHL I. piece Cresses. Worth 535. CO- I UjU
Alleged Murderers of Sheepmen Ask
to Have Indictment Quashed.
tonrt Hearing BvUtsn on the Point
Befec Rating on the Motion
to quash the Indict
ment. BASIN. Wyo.. Octv 22.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Special Judge C. H. Partneltf.
holding court ftr the fourth judicial dls--trlct,
Is now engaged In hearing testimony
preliminary to deciding a motion to quash
tlio Indictment? sgalnst the cattlemen, Ed
ward Eaton, George Sabln. Herbert Brink,
Thomas Dixon, William Keyea and Charles
Tarrls, for the alleged murder of three
sheepmen on April 2, tm The latter were
Joe Allemnnd, Jules Lasler and Joseph
: It Is the consensus of opinion here that
tho defense won a point by thin motion.
The charge Is made, under oath, by George
Snbln, one . of the defendants, that the
statute governing and regulating the draw
ing of Jurors In this state has been srossly
violated. Sabln alleges that Linton, head
of the Jury commission, and Felix Alston,
sheriff for this county, prepared the list
and that It does not contain all the quali
fjeld electors of Big Horn county; that out
or 1,748 qualified electors only 731 appear.
The further charge Is made that the list
was taken out of Its proper place Into the
office of the sheriff and clandestinely, un
lawfully and Illegally made up. It Is alleged
that not one person was drawn upon the
Jury who lives east of the Bis. Horn river
and that "one-third of the qualified electors
llye eattt -of that river. Sabln also alleges
that there was not one member drawn on
the grand Jury who was a cattleman, but
that somo of the biggest sheepmen were
and that the foreman of the grand Jury
was one of the largest sheepmen in the
state; that the Jury being drawn as It
was, resulted In a body of men prejudiced
against tho' cattle Industry and against
the defendant, fc'-abln.
' Jodsre Qolsses Wttarea. "
Judxe Parmeles today was engaged 1n
hearing the testimony of the Jury com
missloner and C. ' B. Shaw, county treas
urer, who was examined yesterday, was
followed by Peter Enders, county clerk.
and by Mayor Collins of Basin. The evl
deuce given thus far discloses a large num
ber of persons left off and from the sec
tion of Big Horn county as charged In
Fabln's affidavit. In examining one wit
ness the court took him In charge and
closely cross-examined him. This 'witness
was Clerk Enders. It was brought Out
that Enders could only recslV three or four
names that were scratched with his knowl
edge, while the list under question con
tained about seventy-five that are under
dispute. At this time the total number
of alleged qualified electors la 1,717, but
only 731 Were retained and it was from
the smaller number, 731. that the Jury
whose work Is questioned was drawn.
Public interest since -this has become
known has again quickened In the case.
Every train . brings in new forces. The
state troops still guard the Jail.
Iowa Towns Get Bsir,
MARSH ALLTOWN, Is.. Oct. 24.-Spe-elal.)
Extraordinary activity in munici
pal improvements Is to mark the business
life sf a large number of central and north
ern Iowa cities and towns during the com
ing spring." According to contractors snd
engineers who are active In this field con
tracts for public Improvements totalling
over $3,000,000 have either been already let
or are to be awarded soon. This work In
cludes water work systems, sewerage sys
tems and paving. The following ia a list
of the cities and towns which have al
ready let contracts or expect to soon for
such Improvements: Atlantic. $50,000 for
Street paving; Pells, $140,000 for water
works and sewers; Loos. $65,000 for water
works snd sewers: Seymour, $-'0,900 for
water works; Fairfield. $100,600 for sewers;
Osceula. $ '5,000 for water worl-.s; Clarinda,
t000 for sewers; Bedford, flt.OuO for sew-
caktet oo. Bstabiisned ltrr.)
Terms, $3.50 Cash, $1.00 Weekly
The Suits are made in captivating
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45-inch routs with guaranteed
satin linings skirts made in the
fashionable kilted effects to match
jacket they are worth up to $35.00.
The Pne-Piece Dresses are made of
excellent quality broadcloths, fancy
worsteds and storm serges some
plain tailored styles others hand
somely trimmed with silk braid
and large buttons to match all the
new shades and all sizes. $ A fl RQ
They are worth up to I M
$35.00-at 1 u
$1.98 Embroidered Waists for 8c ' '
Made of excellent quality French finish
linen the front is tucked by hand and
beautifully embroidered the center plait
is finished with fine pearl buttons opens
In the front has white laundered collar
this waist cannot be duplicated any
where under $1.98, our fQ
price, Saturday JQC
ers and pavement; Red Oak, $2R,000 for pav
ing; Stuart, 113,000 for water works; Perry,
JTE.000 for paving; Colfax, $50,000 for paving
and sewers; Orlnnell, $200,000 for paving;
Indlanola, $26,000 for sewers and paving;
Hamburg,-$16,000 for sewers; Traer, $15,000
for sewer system; Hamburg, $15,000 for
Getting Pointers by Visiting the
RaraJ and City Schools of the .
CRESTON, U., Oct 22. (Ppecial.J-Cla-rinda
and Shenandoah schools were honored
yesterday by a visit from twenty educators,
mostly county superintendents, of southern
states.. They spent the day under the di
rection of Miss Jessie Field, county super
intendent of Fags county. In visiting sev
eral of the country schools. The party was
met at the station by a large number of
the school patrons, all in automobiles, who
escorted the visitors to the various schools.
Dr. Wlnshlp of Boston and Rolla C. Ogden
of New York are conducting the party, and
after the Page county visit the special
train went to Sioux City, and from there
goes to South Dakota.
Those In the party of visitors were: R. C
Stearnes, secretary State Board of Educa
tion, from Richmond, Vs.; Bute Superin
tendent J. T. Joyner, Raleigh, N. C; Lu
ther Holloway, representing his father,
state superintendent, Tallahasse, Fla.; State
Superintendent T. H. Harris, Baton Rouge,
La.; George B. Cook, Little Rock, Ark.; H.
C. Gunnels, Montgomery. Ala.; R. L. Jones,
Nashville, Tenn.; Jere Pound. Atlanta. Ga.;
Prof. P. P. Claxton, Knoxvllle, Tenn.: Dr.
J. H. Dlllard, secretary Jeanes fund. New
Orleans, La.; H. W. Laird. Montgomery.
Ala., newspaper Correspondent; Robert C.
Ogden, president Southern Educational
board. New York City; Wlckllffe Rose,
general agent for the Peabody Educational
fund, Nashville, Tenn.; State Superintend
ent 8.' J. C. Crabbe, Frankfort, Ky.; R. B.
Cousins, Austin, Tex.; J. N. Powers, Jack
son. Miss.; Johd E. Swearengen. Columbia.
8. C.; Otis EJ. Hull, Crawfordsvllle. Ind.,
and Dr. A. E. Wlnshlp, - editor of the
Journal of Education, Boston, Mass.
Prominent Men of West Selected to
' Have Charge of Next
J Coastreea. - - -
PUEBLO, .Oolo.. Oct 2.-(SpeclaL)-Tbe
board of control of the eighteenth national
irrigation congress that will meet here In
September. 1910. has been formally chosen,
and announcement is officially made of Its
The board numbers sixty-members, most
of whom are from Pueblo, others from the
state of Colorado at large, especially from
Irrigated centers, and the Arkansas valley,
In which' this next congress will be held.
has a strong and liberal representation on
the board.
The board includes both United SUtes
senators from Colorado and governor, the
member of congress from the Pueblo dis
trict, the mayor of Pueblo, the leading
financiers and business men of that city,
the leading agriculturists, irrlgatlonlsts and
sugarmen of the Arkansas valley, with rep
resentatives from tho western slope of the
The first formal meeting of the board
has been held and actual business con
nected with the plan for making the 1910
congress at Pueblo the greatest ever held,
has been started.
E. W. Palmer Is secretary of the board
and M D. Thatcher treasurer, R. H.
Faxon of Garden City, Kan., Is director of
Elllrk on tost Committee.
CHICAGO. Oct. 22.-Speclal.)-The in
ternational cost congress of employing
printers, which has been in session at the
Auditorium hotel for the last three days,
has appointed a permanent cost committee.
Its members Include J. A. Morgan, Chicago;
A O. Flnlay, Boston; H. W. J. Moyer, Mil
waukee,' Frederlo Alfred. New York; F. J.
Elllck, Omaha; P, T. White, Seat Lie; E. A.
Kendrlck. Buffalo; A. M. Glokbr?nuer, In
dianapolis; R. N. Fell, Philadelphia; Stew
art Scott. St. Louis; T. B. Morton, Louls
vUte; Edward Ktone, Roanoke, Vs.; G. H.
faults. Winnipeg; C. D. Kimball, Min
neapolis, and E. li. Clark, Memphis.
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
Tli CranoU Blmff Office of lb
Omakl Bee Is IS gsott Street.
Both "pkoae 4.
Davis, Drugs.
Diamond playing ths beat vaudeville.
COIIKIGANS, undertakers. 'Phone 148.
For rent, modern house, "26 5th avenue.
.Majestic ranges, P. C. D Vol Hdw. Co.
VVoodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. 339.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 17.
When you want reliable want ad adver
tising, use The Bee.
Pictures and art pottery for wedding
gifts. Alexander's Alt Store, 833 Broadway.
Baird & Boland, undertakers. Thone 122.
Expert piano tuning, Honpe. 'Phone Mi,
29 Pearl street, 2S South Main.
Up-to-date Art Department and Picture
Framing. Borwlok, 211 Mouth Main street.
Charles M. Jelllff of Mansfield, O.. Is the
guest of his cousin, John C. Woodward,
ine architect.
For-good painting see Walter Nlcholalscn
ds Co.. 11 South Main street. 'Phone Inde
pendent ilf Red.
Captain C. Hough of No. t engine house,
and wife, arrived home yesterday from a
visit with relatives in Lawton, OKI.
Visa Corlnne Cheadle of Ottumwa. Ia.,
arrived yesterday on a vlnlt to her brother,
Clarence Christian Cheadle, 223 South First
E. C. Hannock, 212 North Sixth street re
ported to the police yesterday the theft
of carpenter tools valued at 116 from a
new house at Eighth avenue and Sixth
street, on which he was working.
The fire department was gtven an exer
cise tan shortly after 4 o'clock yesterday
afternoon to Nineteenth avenue and Ninth
street, where burning grass had alarmed
some of the residents of the vicinity.
Justice Cooper performed the marriage
ceremony yesterday for Ches'ter Roberts
and Mary Doner, both of Fort Worth,
'l ex., and for Theodore Isaacson of Wahoo,
Neb., and Elfreda C. Hampel of Omaha.
Mrs. Mary Lamplough of North Platte,
Neb., died yesterday morning at St.
Bernard's hospital, aged 7 years. The
body was taken to Corrigan's undertaking
establishment, pending the arrival of rela
tives, w hen it will be taken to North Platte
for burial.
At a meet Inn at the hlah school Wednes
day afternoon, it was deoided to disband
the loot ball team II It surrerea aeieai
at the hands of the Sioux City High school
team Saturday. The team has been work
ing under difficulties since the order of
Princlual Reed went into- effect requiring
every player to first secure the consent of
his parents. The game with Sioux City
win be played here.
The great Majestic Range exhibition all
this week, October 18. to 23. Come In and
see the elegant display. All this week we
give fie with each Majestic range sold an
elegant set of kitchen ware, actual value
$S. Investigate now. P, O. DeVol Hardware
company, 504 Broadway; 10 North Main
st reft.
Palls In Front of Moving; Car While
In Act of Setting; Brake.
J. B. Sullivan, a switchman in the em
ploy of the Chicago Great Western rail
road, while at work in the local yards
early yesterday morning fell under a pas
senger coach on which he was attempt
ing to set the brske and had both feet
cut off about the ankle. Sullivan was em
ployed In "cutting out the passenger
coach and was on the platform attempting
to set the brake, when the wheel Is said
to have come off In his hand and he wds
precipitated head foremost In front of the
moving car. It Is said the accident was
due to the fact that the burr of the brake
wheel was missing.
Sullivan, it Is said, had only been at
works here a few days. He Is 28 years
old, single and his home Is In Elkhart,
Ind. He was taken to Mercy hosplta,!
where he Is being attended by Drs. Macrae
and Lacey. He was said to be resting
easily last , evening snd Indications are
that ha would survlce his injuries.
B. Z. Ducll writes that a piano dealer
In his town was asking him $400 for a
piano, until hs received the price, descrip
tion snd terms of a piano from A. Hospe
company, 23 Pearl street and 28 South
Main street. Council Bluffs, Ia. As soon
as the dealer saw these he dropped $125 fn
Real Estate Transfers?
These transfers were reported to Tho Be
October 21 by the Pottawattamie County
Abstract company' of Council Bluffs: .',
Mary E. Richardson to A. W. Hall,
part ee nwK 17-75-43. w. d $ $,000
Plato Robb (unmarried) to E. H.
Lougee. lots 11 and 12, In Benja- ' '
mln Fehr West End subdivision
In Council Bluffs, w. d. ,
William Moore, trustee, and wife to
W. L. Holly, lot 63, In Belmont
addition to Council Bluffs, w. d..,
E. A. Rea and wife to 1. J. Hutch
inson, lots 7. . !), 10, 11 nd 12. in
block 1; lots 17. 18, 19, 20, 23 arid
24, in block 2; lots 7, 8, 17 and 18.
In block 3; lots 9, 10, 11, in, 15 and
1, In block 4: lots 11 and 12. In
block 6, Oakfleld addition to Coun-
. ell Bluffs, w. d. . .
Andrew M. Lane (ingle to W. A.
Smith, eaut 33 feet of lot 8, In block
IS, Grimes' addition to Council
Bluffs, w. d.
Heirs of John Beno to Claud f.
Smith, lot 16, In block 21, Ferry ad
dition to Council Bluffs, w. d.......
Jensira J. Siedentopf et al to Claud
F. Hmlth, lot Id, In block 21.' Ferry
addition to Council Bluffs, q. c, d.
Total, seven transfers
for medical and .family use
buy Your liquors at rosknfisld
LigUOR CO., 519 S. Main. 'Phones 3323.
Arrested for Wife Desertion,
laaao Newton Rychman was arrested yes
terday under an Indictment charging him
with, wife desertion. He gave bond and
was later released pending his trial. Last
April, according to the story of Mrs.
Rychman, the house which they occupied
was sold and they were forced to seek
quarters elsewhere. Her husband, she
said, left home, saying he would seek an
other house. Mrs. Rychman did not hear
anything from her husband for about three
weeks end she was forced to sell part of
the furniture to obtain food. Subsequently
she caused her husband's arrest on the
charge of desertion, but at the hear; tg
before Justice Cooper the case was dis
missed on Rychman's agreeing to con
tribute to hla wife's support. This he
failed to do, so Mrs. Rychman said, and
she caused an indictment to be returned
against him at the present term of court.
. . . ...
The pnth to your econo::i;cal Piano pur
chase leads directly to the A. Hospe com
pany store, 29 Pearl street. 28 South Mln
street. Council Bluffs. Ia.
Marriage Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday
to the following:
Name and Residence. Age.
Chester Roberta, Fort Worth, Tex SJ
Mary Doner, Fort Worth, Tex In
a. U J. Graham. Springdala. Ark 14
Nellie Olmutead, Sprlngdale.a Ark 24
Theodore Isaacson. Wahoo. Neb 34
Elfreda C. Hampel. Omaha n
Dav'd P. Simmons. Council Bluffs 4
Minnie Simmons, Council Bluffs 3d
The Fashion, ladies' tailoring, R. H. Ern
ie in, proprietor, late filter Orkln Ilros. I
do first class work reasonable. I make
suits for SIS, skirts u. I also do altering
to suit. Would ycu give me a trial T 2
South Main Biryat.
Council Bluffs
Thinks Attorney General Byera Wrote
from Imperfect Information.
Calls Attention to One Grant of
Aathorlty Which Mr. By ere Has
Evidently Overlooked In
His Search.
Charles M. Harl, senior member of the
firm of Harl A Tlnley, locat attorneys for
the Omaha A Council Bluffs Street Rail
way company said yesterdsy In giving the
company's side of the franchise question
that In bis opinion Attorney General Byers
had an Imperfect and Inacourate knowledge
of the facts, otherwise be did not believe
that the attorney general would have mad
the statements that he IS reported to have
made relative to the question of the status
of the company's chartsr rights in Council
"We have too knowledge of the opinions
of Attorney General Byers and City Solici
tor Kimball other than as they are given
In the newspapers. It would be perhaps un
fair to Judge of them from the brief synop
sis there presented. It would likewise secni
that the discussion Is largely academic In
view of the statement of Attorney General
Byers that 'street railways are a public
convenience. No one desires to have them
ousted.' It Is perfectly evident from the
reported opinion of Mr. Byers that he has
had but an Imperfect and Inaccurate state
ment of the facts. Knowing his ability as
we do, ws feel sssured that with full
knowledge of the facts he would never
have given the option with which be
in credited. As an example, there were two
franchises to the East Omaha Construction
company and Mr. Byers seems to have
given attention to but ens and that the
least important.
Thinks Information Imperfect.
"That he should be misled by Inaccurate
information and assumption of fact Is not
st all strange, In view of the fact that
his time and that of his oftlee is completely
taken up by -the discharge of his public
duties. This la a matter of purely local
Concern which he, as attorney general.
has nothing to do. HS evidently made his
Investigate "and gave 'his 'opinion simply
out of . oourtesy to the few oltlxens by
whom his opinion was requested. While
the newspapers state that Mr. Kimball
'agrees with. Attorney General Byers' those
two exceptions would seem to cover tho
whole question of the validity of the street
railway franchise. It is not at all strange
that Mr. Kimball, with his better knowl
edge of local conditions and history, should
have a mors accurate knewiedge of the
tacts than Mr; Overs.
"These franchises and the rights of the
street railway company have been investi
gated and- passed upon by Parker, Sheehan
& Collins of New York, tho firm of which
Judge Alton B. Parker ' IS - the head; by
Strong A Cadwalladef of New York, the
firm of which Mr. Wlckeraham, the present
attorney general of the- United States, was
then a member, and by Guerensey, Parker
A Miller of Des Moines.
"All of these gentlemen investigated the
validity of the street railway franchises for
clients not then Interested lnhe property,
but who desired an Investigation made of
the validity of the franchises In order to
determine whether or not they would In
vest large sums of money In Its bonds.
"Likewise, Johr) L. - Webster of Omaha,
the general counsel of the, street railway
company, mads careful investigation of the
validity of these franchises in order to ad
vise his clients whether or not to take
over the Council Bluffs properties. Each
of these eminent lawyers mads this in
vestigation from an absolutely impartial
standpoint and In order' that they might
give an opinion to clients upon matters of
large importance.
"It . would be Impossible to find east or
west lawyers of greater eminence or upon
whose legal Judgment more Implicit re
liance Is placed by great business Interests.
Not Invltlac Controversy.
"The street, railway company Is not an
ticipating or Inviting controversy, but will
continue In the future, as It . has in the
past, to endeavor to merit the confidence
and good will of the peyple of this city. It
has given to' our cltlsens a street railway
system which Is looktd upon . by experts as
a, model and . unsurpassed In its equipment
and service by any street railway line in
the United States. It has Introduced meth
ods tending to the comfort and convenience
of its patrons - and ths protection of the j
lives of Its passengers, employes and the
public thst have been copied by the street
railway lines of metropolitan cities.
"When the question of ' th removal of
the Institution for lbs deaf was being agi
tated our Commercial club and city coun
cil, relying upon the provisions of a fran
chise which had beeir granted to the Coun
cil Bluffs, Tabor A Northern Railway
company, pledged the . honor of the olty
to the' construction of a street railway line
to the institution if It was not removed.
"When the failure of the Tsbor line to
materialize , left our city without any
means of carrying ont Its promise It ap
pealed to the street railway company. That
company, -without the shadow of legal
obligation therefor, but purely as a mat
ter of public spirit and to enable the chl
s.ns of Council Bluffs to comply with
their pledge to the state. Invested many
thousands of dollars In the construction of
a line to the institution, with the absolute
certainty that It was entirely unjustified
as a business proposition and done only
as a matter of public spirit and to meet
ths request of our olty. Only a few weeks
ago the advent of the first car ever that
line nit received at the Institution with
the claim as a redemption of the pledged
faith of the city.
"Every committee of the city council, of
the Commercial club or of oltlsetis who
have gr,ne to the officers or directors of
the street railway company with a request
have been received With courtesy and their
request considered in a 'spirit of broad lib
erality. No request has been made upon
the company. to eld In any public enter
prise of Council Bluffs -where ths request
has-- bren refused. This agitation has
come from three sources, tbe demand of
a few people not bscked up by the ma
jority sentiment of the city for a 6-cent
fare. That question .has been submitted
to the Interstate. Commerce commission
snd will be determined on lis merits.
"Tbe compsny has abiding confidence in
the validity of Its franchise rights and
does not believe that the publlo sentiment
of this city would Justify or support aa
attack made upon It which could be ani
mated only by tbe purpose of mere ag
gravation or to play politics or to coerce
the granting of unreasonable concessions."
WAN! tD Boys (o sell Saturday Evening
I'ost. Call. .Wednesday., and Thursday
niornlnn. ' 15 Bcott street. -
Temperance Worker (I Hlgk School.
Mrs. Edith - Smith tavls, national and
world's superintendent at Scieutlflo tem
perance Instruction, will speak at the
Council L luffs Uleb school assembly Frl-
i r
t !
': (
day morning at o'clock. Bhe will be
accompanied across .the river from Omaha,
where she is attending th . national Wom
en's' Christian Temperance union conven
tion, "by Miss Josle "Sullivan of - Univer
sity Place, Neb,, . Nebraska state super
intendent of the same department
Wanted Reliable girl. 809 Fifth Ave.
N. T. Plumbing Co. Vl. 150. Night, L-1701.
Bea want-ads are , business boosters.
John Benerer blstataara - His Damage
' CSS Wltaoat Prrjadlee.
Following a motion on the part of the
defense 16 take th tase from the Jury and
direct a verdict,' John ftcherer, In district
court yesterday, dismissed' his personal In
Jury damage suit against the Alfalfa Meal
company, the trial, of which was begun
Wednesday. Bcherer sued for $2,000 for In
juries alleged to have been received while
ia the employ of the defendant company.
Judge Woodruff yesterday decided the
suit of 3. P. Matthews, guardian, against
Bert K. Nash and others in. favor of the
plaintiff. The suit was - brought to set
aside the purchase of Texas tand by Mrs.
Matthews, who, shortly after ths transac
tion, was adjudged ,to be of unsound mind
and was committed to an asylum. The de
cision sets aside the sale and gives tho
plaintiff Judgment for the full amount paid
and InteresL Nah. at . the time of the
transaction, lived in Chicago, but Is now a
resident of Des Moines. The Western Land
company of Chicago aa a party defendant.
A decree of divorce was granted Mrs.
Marietta Perrlne . of, ' this -city against
Charles L. Perrlne, .and ' she wss also
awarded the custody of the minor children.
Because, as he alleges, bis wife refused
to cook his meals and otherwise treated
him In a cruel and Inhuman manner, Aus
tin Land seeks a divorce from Maud Land,
to -whom he was married July L 1C02. and
from whom he separated only a day ago.
Mrs. Florence I. Kelley asks for a di
vorce from James R. Kelley. to whom she
wss msrrled December . im. In Plaits
mouth. Neb. Mrs. Kelley charges her hus
band with cruel and Inhuman treatment,
failure to provide and habitual drunken
ness. The plaintiff, , wtuj resides at 1711
Avenue E, asks the court to Issue an In
junction restraining her husband from dis
posing of his property. .
Because, as hs alleges, they permitted
cockleburrs to grow on the farm which they
rented from him. Ernest Eyeberg has
brought suit for 1430 against Oeorre L. and
Robert McLean. Tbe farm on which the
I. ': -..: : . .
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cockleburrs are alleged to have thrived is
located In Washington township.
Groom Happen to
Be Her
Divorced Hnsbaad.
"I've tried hard to get a better man for
two years and could not, so I've decided to
give him another trial," said Mrs. Minnie
Simmons as she and David P. Simmons,
from whom shs bad been dlvoroed on
March IX of last year, applied for a mar
riage license last svenlng to Harry M.
Brown, clerk of the district Court. The
license-was Issued and Justice K. B.
Gardiner, who had been called to the court
house to perform tbe marriage ceremony,
officiated at the wedding which took place
In Mr.: Brown's private office..
Mr. and Mrs. Blmmons appeared at the
court house some time after the office had
been closed, but Mr. Brown in response to
a telephone call returned and Issued the
Boys Accnsed of Forgery.
. Trying their hands at a little finance Is
responsible- for three young lads, Howard
Bundy, aged 13; Lawrence Perry, aged 11,
and Harry Rablln, aged 15. being taken
into custody yesterday, charged with paus
ing a forged check. . They were released
later in the custody of their parents and
will. If the case is proseouted, be brought
before Judfe Snyder In the Juvenile court.
Th boys, are charged with forging the
name of Perry's father to a oheck for 10,
which they succeeded In cashing at a
Broadway grocery, where th Perry family
traded. . Bundy and Perry declared to the
officers that they had been put up to
writing out the check and passing it by
ths Rablln lad.
Friction Over Discipline,
IOWA CITV, Ia., Oct. J3. (Bpsclal.)
Fi let Ion over questions of discipline Is said
to be ths reason ' tor the resignation of
Dean L. G. Weld of the college of liberal
arts In th University of Iowa. The resig
nation waS accepted by the Board of Ed
ucation ' at Des Moines early this month,
according to an announcement made hers
yesterday by Chairman W. R. Boyd of tbe
finance committee.
Prof. Weld will continue as head of th
department of mathematics. No succensor
hss been named, but it is understood that
the new dean will be one of the present
members pf the liberal arts faculty. Among
the names that have been mentioned are
Prof. Benjamin F. Shambaugh. bead of the
department of political science; Prof. W. C.
W 11 cos, head of the department of history,
and Prof. I. A. Loos, bead of the depart
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ment of political economy. Loos Is at pres
ent on a year's leave of absence in the
west. Prof. Charles B. Wilson, bead of
the department of Oerman. la probably
the moat popular member of the faculty In
the estimation of the other professors, but
it is doubtful If he would accept the posi
tion. '
"A new department was Installed in th
university at the same meeting, thst Of me
chanics. Prof. A. U. Smith Is the bead of
th new department. Provision was also
made for the granting of scholarships for
the Okobojl laboratory, at Lake OkoboJL
during the summer. , .
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