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Snnreme Court Holdi County Court
Has JunidictioD,
claatoa of Hmritf aad
Acqnlttal br th Excise
(From Staff Correspondent.)
ICOIJJ, Oct 9. (Special.) The su-
e court today decided that the election
st instituted by Robert Maione, canai-
lcf for mayor of Lincoln, was properly
. ed In the county court of Lancaster
.it jr. Don L. Love, who wai elected
'or, contended, through his attorney,
t the city council alone had Jurisdiction
f, hear the contest. Application wa made
f j the district court for a restraining order
to prevent P. James Cosgrave as county
Judge from bearing the contest.' This ap
plication was denied-by the district court
and an appeal was taken to the supreme
court In the name of Mayor Love.
Judge Letton wrote the opinion of the
court, holding that the contestant had
light to start proceedings before cither the
county court or before the city council.
these having concurrent jurisdiction. Judge
Barnes dissents and holds that the city
council has ex -luilve Jurisdiction.
No Relief for Ante Mas.
Albert Jones, fined $26 for running an
automobile at a speed greater than ten
miles an hour In the town of Wayne, gets
no relief from the supreme court. He con
tended that the verdict was not sustained
by the evidence, that the court erred in re
fusing to strike out the testimony of cer
tain witnesses and that the verdict was the
result of prejudice against automobiles. The
supreme court affirms the Judgment
against Jones and says that questions of
fact are for the Jury, and a verdict by them
on a question of fact, where testimony Is
conflicting, will not bo reviewed.
In the case of Hespen against Wendln,
from Otoe county, the court has reversed
the judgment of the lower court with dl
rectlons to, enter Judgment in favor of the
plaintiff as prayed for In his petition. This
finding Is In favor of a foster son who
claimed the right to inherit the same as a
natural son. The boy was born In Ger
many out of wedlock and when he was 9
years old his mother married and oame to
Nebraska, where she and her husband lo
cated on a farm. Other children were born
to the couple and the family prospered
financially. The husband and wife came to
America and started In life with money
the mother had received for the boy's ban
eflt. It was agreed by the husband that the
boy should hare ,in his estate the same
as his other children.
In the case of Charles Winkle against
City of Hastings the court holds that the
dlntrlct court had no power to detach prop
erty from the city of Hastings. This power
was conferred by the legislature upon the
mayor and council. An appeal from that
body in refusing to disconnect particular
tracts cannot be made the means of trans
ferring such power to the district court.
The case Is reversed and dismissed.
The supreme court today" overruled, the
application of Bishop Bonacum for an in
Junction to restrain Father Murphy from
tho: use of parish property at uiysses,
There is now In the supreme court an ap
peal fired by the bishop n ft previous In
junction case In which he waa defeated.
The Bonaoum-Murphy feud la of several
years' Standing.
V Police ' Cnlef ReatsTna.
The findings of the excise board, made
public this afternoon, clear Chief of Po
lice Rlckard of the charge of affording
protection to houses of Ill-fame. It holds,
however, that the chief used poor Judg
ment In arresting Detective W. A. Bentley
under the circumstances down at the Eva
Matrln plaoe and throwing him In jail.
Ex-Policeman John Wright comes In for a
roasting for his failure to report conditions
down In the bottoms when he was a plain
clothes man'' and was assigned this duty
by his superior officer.
The board takes hold of the matter of
lack of co-operation between the police de
partment and the county officers, which
has become notorious. It finds that dis
cord exists and is a serious detriment to
the publlo service, and It declares that In
the future cordial relations shall prevail
as far as the city Is concerned.
For reasons which he says are known
only tcTour men. Chief of Police Rlckard
has handed In his resignation as head of
the police department or tne city or Lin
coln. The written request to be relieved
irom amy was nanaea in o ins meraoers
of the excise board yesterday, but It was
not Intended that it should be made known
for some Urns yet to come, and particu
larly until the findings of the board were
made publto with regard to the Tyrrell
It was entirely by accident that the mat
ter leaked out at this time, through a
Hp of the tongue made by Exciseman
Harpham in the presence of Sheriff Hoag
land. Despala, aa Secretary,
Don C. Despaln was elected this after
noon as secretary of the Lancaster county
republican central committee, at a meet
ing of that body held in the Capitol hotel.
He had been asked by Chairman Ander
son on Friday to take the place and no
body else was suggested for It.
Burnam, Dunn
and Rine Cited
for Contempt
City Attorney and Lawyer to Aniwer
in Supremo Court for Criticism
of Judge Eoie.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Oct. 1 (Special Telegram.)-
City Attorney H. E. Burnam of Omaha and
his two deputies. I. J. Dunn and John Rlne,
were today cited to appear before the su
preme court and defend a charge of con
tempt of court made against them by the
The alleged contempt was committed In
a brief filed In the suit of Anna J. Robinson
against the city of Omaha. The court or
dered the brief stricken from the files and
suppressed It. . It Is understood the attor
neys. In the brief, make some criticism of
Judge Rose, who wrote the opinion in the
Robinson case. The hearing In the con
tempt case was set for November 4.
The Robinson case is one In which Anna
J. Robinson secured Judgment against the
city for II. MO for Injuries on a board side
walk on Davenport street. The supreme
court sustained the verdict and It was In
the brief In support of a motion for a re
hearing that the alleged contempt was committed.
I. J. Dunn, assistant city attorney, when
seen at the Jarksonlan club last evening,
said that he wrote the brief to which the
supreme court takes exception, but as It
is a fifty-page brief he does not know to
what part the court objects. He said that
Mr. Rose wrote the opinion sustaining the
verdict against the city of Omaha for $1,600
in a damage suit where a tars. Robinson
fell and broke her shoulder on the side
walk. "I said In the brief! that the testimony
in the case was cold-blooded perjury and I
will tell the court so," said Mr. Dunn. "I
also wrote that all the witnesses, the Judge
and the jury knew It was perjured teatV
mon and that any sane man would know It
from reading the testimony. The witness
told three different states of facts In the
case and the record shows It."
Tea-Yea r-Old Ctrl at Cortlaad the
BEATRICE, Neb.. Oct. . (Special Tele
gram.) The 10-year-old daughter of Henry
Lucke was killed at Cortland last evening,
While playing at school she collided with
a playmate and received injuries which
caused her death an hour later.
Dally Paper at Plattssaoatfc.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Oct .-(Speclal.)
Colonel P. A. Barrows, editor and man
ager of the News-Herald Publishing com
pany, commenced the publication of the
Evening News this evening, which Is a
newsy paper and meets with general satis
faction. Colonel Barrows has completely
rejuvenated the paper, putting lots of Vim
Into Its editorial col urns and putting the
paper on a sound financial basis. The News
has been the leading newspaper In this
county for many years and will be of much
benefit to the republican party In Cs
A serf Maa Trlea Salctee.
hakvaku, tseo.. Oct. 9. - Special.)
Last evening Francis Bmlth. living with
his son. six miles north of this city, at
tempted to-end his life by cutting his
throat with a, raaor. 11 was ,ione , the
house, his daughter-in-law being In Har
vard and his son engaged about work near
th house. The latter on entering the
hulse found his father In a weakened con
dition from loss of blood. There are hopes
of his recovery. Mr. bmlth lost his wife
some three years ago aod Is 91 ytars of
ago, but In seemingly good health for his
age. wltn pleasant surroundings.
City Cornell Orders IHoch Work of
Bettersneat Done.
PONCA,' Neb., Oct. . (Special.) The
city council of Ponca last night passed
unanimously an elaborate liquor ordinance
for governing the dry town. The town has
been dry now for about five months and
the city council last night ordered $1,000 of
the light and heating bonds to be paid off
If the holder of the bonds were willing to
accept payment, as the bonds are not due
The council ordered two more street
crossings to be put In, making a total of
eleven crossings since last May, besides
several alley crossings, all of concrete.
There has been constructed about 1,900 feet
of concrete sidewalk during the. summer
and fall,-besides about M0 feet of two-foot
walk connecting Germantown, s suburb
with Ponca. ,.
The St. Paul, Minneapolis . and Omaha
railway has made some needed. Improve
ments In the walks to the depot over their
right of way connecting with' the new 'con
crete walks. The present Council has been
dubbed the "sidewalk council." The town
has not had the licenses of three saloons
as heretofore, yet more Improvements than
ever before are In evidence.
spends Sentence When Plea of
Gnllty is Entered.
BROKEN BOW, Neb., Oct. . (Special.)
A number of cases on this docket this
term were settled out of court and not s
few continued until next term. William E.
Wlllard, who has been under bonds for
over two years charged with absconding
with funds belonging to the county trea
surer while employed as a clerk In that
department, pleaded guilty to the charge
and threw himself on the meroy of the
court. Judge Hostetler suspended sentence
under the following conditions: that Wll
lard should pay back the money he had
taken together with the expenses Incurred
by the county In bringing him to justice
and that for the next seven years he must
report at each term to this division of the
district court. During that time, should
Wlllard violate the law In any way, he Is
to be brought Into court and sentenced
on the original charge. This apparently
disposes of a case that from time to time
has caused some mild wonderment.
Undesirables Follow Show.
HUMBOLDT, . Neb., Oct 9. (Special.)
A crowd of "undesirables" was on hand
for the horse and automobile show this
week and several cases of thieving were
reported. During the base ball game,
when . the family of Ambrose Buerstetta
waa In attendance, a stranger entered their
home and waa calmly engaged In secur
ing something to eat from the family
larder when the Ice man appeared. The
fellow was followed and placed under ar
rest, later escaping from the city Jail.
He was captured, however, at Falls City
by Sheriff Fenton, who found considerable
stolen property upon his person. Some of
this came from the Buerstetta home and
some of It has not been Identified. While
R K. Davis of the east side barber shop
was at supper a wandering barber, to
whom he had given work during the horse
show, took French leave, carrying away
the proceeds of the day's business, and
boarding a train for the east. His where
abouts have not been discovered.
Agents fr
Globe Wernicke Company
Elastic Bookcases
House, Hotel and Office Furnlher
qiq.I0.18 South Sixteenth Street
Agents for
JloosUr Kitchen
Yisit Our
Mntting covered,
28 inches long, mat
ting covered, 3.35
32 inches long, mat
ting covered, $4.25
42 inches long, mat
ting covered .JJ5G.50
Couch Covers 00 inches wide, 3
yards long, reversible covers; spec
ial, at $3.95
"Window Shades We have the best,
use only Hartshorn rollers. Shades
made by us mean the best.
Gold Medal
Ball bearing
Have one sent out
on one week 's trial ;
if not satisfactory it can be returned. .$3.25
Wilton Velvet Rugs
$24.50 for 9x12 seamless Wilton Velvet
Rug. Made from the best quality of worsted
yarns, all new fall patterns, a splendid lino
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Lace Curtains
The most complete line of lace curtains to be found anywhere
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Cluny Curtains on French net, 45 inches wide, 2Vr2 yards long,
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Cluny Curtains with insertion and edge on heavy French net; at,
per pair ...$3.75
Novelty Net Curtains, Marie Antoinette design, the newest styles
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Duchess Lace Curtains, in Arabian color, the newest line of cur
tains this season, per pair $8.75
PORTIERES A complete line in all colors at the right prices
$3.75 Bordered Curtains, in all colors reds, greens, browns
great values ' $3.75
W ' I
(Like Illustration)
Made of choicest quar
ter sawed white oak,
hand polished, golden
finish. Is a very
pretty design, trim
med with wood knobs,
one drawer lined for
silver, has double
door cabinet, one
large linen drawer;
top is 19 Inches wide
by 40 Inches long,
French bevelled mir
ror, 36x10, an extra
good value, now, at.
' China Cabinet Special
Made of quarter sawed oak, golden finish, has full bent
glass ends, top is 38 inches wide, 14 inches deep, 68 in
ches high, price $16.50
Dining Table
Pedestal design, with round quarter sawed pedestal base,
carved legs, top and rim is genuine quarter sawed white
oak, round top 44 inches In diameter, highly polished
golden finish, C-foot extension $22.00
School Folks' Clan Dines.
FREMONT. Neb.. Oct. 9.-(8peclal.)-The
North Nebraska School Folks, elub held
their annual banquet last evening- at the
Eno hotel. About sixty were present. The
only set speech on the program was by
Principal Graff of the Omaha High school
on "Seniors." Extempore remarks were
made by Superintendent Waterhouse of the
city schools, Dan V. Stephens, Judge Dean
who was present as a guest of the club and
number of others. Most of the visitors
left on the early morning trains.
New Haalc at Geneva.
GENEVA. Neb.. Oct. t-fs.n
Oeneva Is to have Its third bank, one be
ing incorporated with paid up capital
of ttt.OOi. A number of business men
form the corporation, with the following
officers: President, Peter Toungers; J. p.
Davis, vice president; Floyd Beybolt!
cachler; Peter Youngers. A. J. Brown, m!
Pangle. J. H. Hitch. J. K. Waring. O. p!
Chapman and Charles Buehrer, board of
Tear for Steal Clothta.
FREMONT. Neb.. OvL Speclal.)-Judge
Hollenbeck this morning sentenced Arthur
C. Blaylock to one year In the peniten
tiary for the larceny of a quantity of
clothing and other articles from E. R. Cud-
jdeback's garage In July last. Blaylock
Ostermoor Mattress
The genuine Ostermoor, deliv
ered anywhere in (the United
States at factory rlce, each,
at ......... .-$15.00
for wedding gifts, prizes
of all kinds, candle
sticks, candle shades
for dinner and lunch
decorating, electric'
lamps, Colport China,
English Hock CrystaJ
Cut Glass, Jardinieres, Fern dishes,
desk sets, Bronze vases, statuary
and a complete lino of high class
smokers' articles, at, lower prices
than the same class of art wants
sold elsewhere. '
We are the Omaha
selling agents for
the Iiixdorfer Far
kett linoleum, the
only wood effects
that are true to na
ture, made from
nnro linseed oil nnd cork sea
soned from nine to twelve
months before being shipped Xi '""
to this country. It can be waxed the same as 1
a wood floor, therefore making a very desir- ,
able floor covering at much less price than A
hardwood floor. Entire new line of new pat
terns now on show on our second floor. ."' . .
Nairn's Linoleum
Made in a beautiful line of tile patterns, both in '
printed and Inlalds. A splendid selection of printed
Two yards wide, at, per squara yard 50
Four yards wide, at, per square yard G5
Inlaid Linoleum
Two yards wide, at, per square yard $1.35
Dinina Chair tSK&S
(Like Illustration)
Full box frame, quarter sawed
golden oak, polished finish, seat
upholstered in genuine leather,
special, each $2.85 .
(Like Illustration)
BOUND OAK STOVES We are the exclusive Omaha agents for this famous lljie o! '
stoves, Steel Ranges, Heaters and. Base Burner.. The Round Oak heater has led In (
the stove trade for the last twenty-five years, and is today far in the lead.
Leather Couch
This couch is constructed in a thorough manner, upholstered
in the best quality of leather, seamed diamond tufted top,
ruffle puff sides, springs are the best steel tempered, tied
down with eight knots of Italian hemp twine, has broad oak
frame, with carved clawed feet, a $50.00 value, special, at,
each $39.00
In the Round Oak Base Burner we have 40 per cent more radiating surface than
any other base burner. Round Oak Base Burners are made in 14, 15 and 16-inch
fire bowls, and the greatest radiators and most economical hard coal stoves made.
Don't fall to Bee this fuel saver before buying your stove this fall.
W tT rf FI
n i
secured a Job at the garage, worked one
day and then skipped out with the stuff.
Judge Hollenbeck also sustained a motion
to require the plaintiff in the sensational
divorce case of Martha Staats against
Charles Staats to make her petition more
District Teacners' MeetlnsT.
EMERSON, Neb., Oct. 9. (Special.) The
Northeastern Nebraska Teachers meeting,
held here today, was attended by about
200 teachers from Dixon, Dakota, Thurston,
Wayne and Cedar counties. Grade meet
ings were held In the forenoon In the
high school building and In the afternoon
a general session was held In the opera
house. Addresses were delivered by Prof.
Bright of Wayne, Superintendent Gregg
of Peru State Normal and Deputy State
Superintendent Perdue of Lincoln.
Severely Hart by Fall.
BEATRICE. Neb., Oct. 9 (Special Tele
gram.) George Ilazelton, a contractor of
this city, waa severly Injured at the poor
farm yesterday by falling from the scaf
fold on which he was working. Three of
his ribs were broken and he was badly cut
about the head.
Rain Help Winter Wheat.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Oct. 9. (Special Tele
gram.) A steady rain has been falling
here all day. Farmers report that the
moisture will be of great help to the win
ter wheat.
Nebraska News Notes.
OENEVA Rain has fallen almost all
day and last night.
HARVARD A steady rain last night and
today brought one inch of water.
GENEVA A revival Is In progress at
the Christian church, conducted by A. E.
BEATRICE The democrats of Beatrice
will hold a convention noxt Monday night
to nominate township officers.
GENEVA Rev. Thomas Griffiths goes
as delegate to the National Congregational
Brotherhood next Monday at Minneapolis.
BEATRICE The Wymore and Blue
Springs foot ball teams played a close and
exciting game yesterday, resulting In a
score of 0 to 0.
LYONS Last night's gentle shower
continuing for about five hours. Hettlt-d
the dust question here In fine shape and
ended a long dry spell.
BEATRICE Miss Myra Kerns, daushtei
of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Kerns of Adams,
died Thursday. The body was taken to
Table Rock yesterday for Interment.
BEATRICE Barry & McAllister have
been granted a franchise to orwrate an
electric light system at Odell. They will
won begin the erection of a building for
the plant.
PERU Foot Ball Coach Burnett gave an
address this morning at convocation on
the subject of foot ball. He proved him
self to be a strong speaker as well as a
good coach.
PERU Prof. F. M. Gregg 'of the biology
department will speak at. the North Ne
braska Teachers' association next Satur
day He will deliver his lecture on land
scape gardening.
GENEVA Mrs. B. F. Walton fell
through the grating In front of the library
room, severely Injuring her shoulders. The
grating gave way as she stepped upon it
and she fell eight feet.
EMERSON Henry Witt, aged 77 years,
died yesterday of heart failure. He had
been doing some work about the yard,
came Into the bouse, hung up his coat and
fell over dead without a word.
KEARNEY A number of Improvements
are being made at the State Industrial
school located in this city. The contractor
has arrlvt-d to build the new barn. A num
ber of new Implements have been bought
for work around the farm. The boys have
been very successful UiIb year with their
crops, having raised 2.(X bushels of pota
toes and about the same amount of corn. .
PEIUV-The death of Samuel Snowden,
the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. llarley
Snowden of this place, occurred yesterday.
Mr. Snowden Is a prominent citizen of
Peru. He moved here from Dunbar two
years ago.
WEST POINT The death of Frederick
Pleper. whose funeral occurred on Fri
day, removes from this county one of
Its moot prominent, public spirited and
wealthy pioneers. Mr. Pieper was a
native of Germany and had reached the
age of 70 years.
WEST POINT Miss Ella Schwarting.
while driving a hay rake on the home
farm in lower Bismarck township, was
badly Injured by being thrown from the
machine, remaining unoonsclouB for over
three days. Her condition, while serious
Is not necessarily hopeless.
BEATRICE The Crabtree Forensic club
met last evening and elected these offi
cers: James Rothenbercer. president; War
ren Burgess, vice presidr.t; Alfred Wright,
secretary: Wlllard Bourne, treasurer;
Harold Matton, press correspondent.
KEARNEY Word reached this city an
nouncing the marriage of Miss Irene Ate Ill
son and Mr. Frank Nye, at Los Angeles,
Cal. Both young people were born and
reared In this city, the bride having lately
moved to California and the groom still
being a resident of Kearney.
LYONS Art I.enlir, of the country,
while ringing the old dinner bell lustily
In the charivari of Rovena Garvis and
bride pulled the bell from Its fastenings
on the pole, when It fell upon him
rendering him Insensible. A physi
cian was called and he Is recovering
BEATRICE Mrs. H. O. Day entertained
the Woman's club yertcrday, the prognm
being in the civic topics department. Tht
delegates to the fifteenth annunl stato
convention, to be held at Lincoln next
week, are Mrs. S. C. Smith. Mrs. Jennie
Starn. Mrs. A. 11. Felch and Miss Kath
erlne Howe.
WEST POINT The farm of Mr. and
Mrs. F. F. lewltz, north of the city,
was the scene of a pretty home I adding
yesterday, when their daughter, Miss
Mary, was united In marriage to Henry
H. Craunke. the cere nony being per
formed by Rev. G. H. lleinkln, pastor of
the Evannelical church.
BEATRICE Battery A. Beatrice llcht
artillery, was mustered In here last even
ing by Adjutant Ueneral John C. Hartlgan.
The organisation has a membersh'n of
thirty-two. K. J. Shinn and II T. Weston
nre the lieutenants. Dr. J. I. McGIrr was
choKen lieutenant surgeon. A smoker was
hUd at the close of the meeting.
KEARNEY Shortly after 7 o'clock Fri
day morning a Mririg of box cars thrown
on a flying switch missed the frog and
crashed Into the caboote on the loci! freight
train. A brakeman by the name of T. C.
Gorman suffered a broken leg below the
knee and the engine and cahoose were
damaeed so that they were sent Into Grand
Island and another outfit sent back to pull
the train to the end of the district.
EMEflSOX The funeral of Mrs. Emily
A. t'onley occurred yesterday, the remains
having been brought from San Francisco,
t'al.. for Interment. She was well known
In northeast Nebraska, where her husband,
the late Rev. H. W. Conley. was a promi
nent Methodist minister. She leaves two
children. Mrs. DonUella Dillon of Pan
Francisco and Mrs. S. E. Cobb of Emerson.
WEST POINT The democrats of West
Point have nominated F J. Malehow a
precinct aKsessor for the city of West
Point Mr. Malehow has served very ac
ceptably In that rapacity for many years.
In cltv politics, both county and munici
pal. Vie nonpartisan Idea prevails In
West lolnt. City Marshal Al O. Sexton
and M. A. Feeham were nominated for
PERU The Agricultural society met last
evening and elected the following officers:
President, D. H. Weber; secretary. Lenore
Muehlels; treasurer. Lulu Day; Prof. C. W.
Weeks, the adviser of the association, Is
making arrangements for the club to go
In a body to the Omaha Corn exposition.
The club has a large number of members
In all parts of the state. It Is the purpose
of the club to better the Instruction In ag
riculture In the public schools of Nebraska.
WEST POINT One of the largest
weddings ever held In Cuming county was
that given at the farm home of Charles
Melster, the largest land owner In the
cpunty. In Monterey precinct. His
daughter. Miss Llxzie was united In mar
riage to William F. Ratenhorsf by Rev.
H. Schoof, rector of Ht. Boniface church,
Monterey. The parties are the children
of old and wealthy pioneers and were
born and brought up in this community.
They will occupy their nvn farm west
of the city.
KEARNEY Preparations are being made
for the Buffale county corn show to be held
here next week. Three Immense tents are
stretched on Central avenue, which will
contain the different exhibits of products.
An amusement concern arrived Saturday
and will furnish the attractions on the
midway. Store windows and Interiors are
decorated profusely with corn and alfalfa.
One window In particular has wax figure
clothed completely in alfalfa. One Imple
ment firm has used fifty bushels of bright
new yellow corn In the ear for decoration.
The exhibits brought In so far consist of
some good specimens of corn raised In
Buffalo county.
Your complexion as wen as your temper
Is rendered miserable by a disordered liver.
By taking Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets you can Improve both. Sold
by all druggists.
The Weather.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 9 Forecast of the
weather for Sunday and Monday:
For Nebraska Partly cloudy Sunday
with rain In the east portion; Monday, fair.
Fo Kansas Partly cloudy and warmer
Sunday; Monday fair.
For Iowoi-Showers Sunday; Monday,
partly cloudy.
For Missouri Partly cloudy Sunday and
For Colorado, Wyoming Generally fair
Sunday and Monday.
For South Dakota Fair In west with
showers and warmer In east portions Sun
day; Monday partly cloudy.
Temperature at Omaha yesterday:
& a. m. .
6 a. m..
7 a. m..
8 a. m..
10 a. m..
11 a. m..
12 m
1 p. m..
i p. m..
t p. m..
4 p. m..
6 p. m..
C p. m..
7 p. m..
Loral Record.
OMAHA, Oct. 9. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
the corresponding period for the last three
years: H0g. IM. laOS
Maximum temperature.... 61 M 61 49
Minimum temperature.... 45 42 4 33
Mean temperature 44 M M 41
Precipitation 49 .00 .09 .00
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March 1.
and compared with the last two years:
Normal temperature M
Deficiency f..r the day 10
Total deficiency since March 1, 1 20
Normal precipitation 07 Inch
Excess for the day 42 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1. M M Inches
Deficiency since March 1. 1S.... 130 inches
Deficiency for cor. period, is).... 1 M Inches
Deficient y for cor. period, lJl.... (.03 Inches
1- A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
Grant Bond Case
Will Reach Crisis
Monday Evening
Plaintiff Has to Finish Introduction
of a Little Rebuttal
The U. 8. Grant, Jr., bond trial will reach
a crisis tomorrow morning when the plain
tiff has finished Introduction of a little
rebuttal evidence. The defense will then
move for a peremptory verdict Its way.
If the ruling of the court Is the defense's
)', and there Is some chance of this,
then It Is all over with Mr. Grant. On
the other hand. If the plaintiff Is allowed
to go on and argue the case with the Jury
deciding In tho regular way, then Mr.
Grant has a good show for a verdict.
Yesterday the defense finished Its Intro
duction of evidence. O. C. Drngna was
the principal witness, but this side nlso
called Mr. Grant, and his attorney. Judge
Ben Baker, as well. Mr. Baker was in
vited to tell of his employment In the rase
and he proved a most uncommunicative
witness, standlrg on tho objection of
privileged communication.
The defense was Interested In this point
as bearing on the question of the bringing
of the bonds here through F. H. Btowe,
formerly of the Independent Telephone
company. Testimony by Mr. Grant was
that Mr. Stowe said he was considering
buying the bonds and that he heard from
Slowe that these bonds were his. Grant's.
The evidence brought out by the defense
did not seem to support, to any grest ex
tent, Its charge of trickery In procuring
the bonds to be brought to this Jurisdiction.
O. C. Dragna took the stand In the morn
ing and testified on direct examination
that he bought direct title In the bonds
from Mr. Grant and denied understanding
that he was to act as Mr. Grant's agent
In their recovery for Mr. Grant. He also
asserted that he had secured title by buy
ing from Tabor.
On cross-examination he managed to
evade the pitfalls set for him by the at
torney for tho other side, though the plain
tiff was able to emphasize somewhat the
fact that answers were occasionally evasive.
already been secured. During the year
churches hove been erected at White Lake
and Pukwana and also at Farwell, Just
across the South Dakota line in Iowa. At
Dallas, a 14,000 church is In course of erec
tion, and It Is likely that a new church
will be built at Wakanda within the next
few months. A 13,000 church was dedi
cated at Valley Springs, and the Sioux
Falls church has completed a parsonage at
a cost of about $3,000. A church debt of
125.000 at Madison has been paid. The mem
bership of this church, under the pastorate
of Rev. A. D. Thlbadeau, has been nearly
doubled, and one of tho finest church
buildings In the state has been erected.
At Lake Preston a 16,000 church has. been
erected and the parsonage Improved, to the
amount of several thousand dollars. A
parsonage has also been built at White
At Layne a 14,000 church was dedicated.
C. C. Bullock, pastor: and at Miranda a
$3,000 church, under the leadership of Fred
Rawllnson. Parsonages have been erect d
at Blunt and Wolsey,
Mnrphy Caae Delayed.
PITTSBURG, Pa., Oct. 9 The action on
the pfeffer caee In which President Charles
W. Murphy was fined $fi00 for his alleged
tampering with Pitcher Pfeffer of the To
ronto club, will be taken up by the Nation;
Base Ball commission In Detroit. The com
mission did not meet this morning.
Reports at Conference at Haroa
ladlrate Canrch te Be la
Kloarlahlnsj rendition.
HURON, 8. D., Oct. 9.-(Spectal.)-Among
Items of Interest at the South Dakota
Methodist conference. In session here, was
an address by Dr. Blake of Chicago, who
spoke on the value of the gymnasium as
a church asset. O. K. Brown and Henry
Preston are members of the conference who
have died during the year.
Secretary O. T. Nolson, In charge of
providing $6,000 for the endowment fund
for the relief of veteran ministers' widows
and children, stated that the amount had
means common
needed most.
sense" when
Under no circumstances lg It
needed more than in the selection
of right food. -
The one reliable food which sup
plies material for rebuilding the
Important gray substance of brain
and nerve cells. Is
This food is made of wheat and
barley by a procens which changes
the starchy part of the grains Into
predlgested food material so that
It Is quickly absorbed and prompt
ly begins repairing and building
up waste tissue throughout the
Grape-Nuts Is a "common
sense" ' food.
There, t Reuon"
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In pkgs. .
Battla Creek, Klelu, V. . A.