Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 10, 1909, EDITORIAL, Page 8, Image 17

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TT'-ZJt j'ai'-M' ;' ..v 'f fry -i,f "C''" "J-" . SVpW ?
,, ii . . u .1
r.v '
OMLY (S(0)
lilt, CMiAtia. otiNUAI tStAj'. UC'l UUhiK 10. 1SW.
m - - - -
MotorFour cylinder, vertical, 30-35 horse
power. Bore, 4V4-inch. Stroke,
Oil set cylinders cast lu pairs. Single cam
stiutt. Valves on ouu mue. All moving
parts carefully machined and ground to
absolute accuracy.
CooliiiK Flat tubular radiator. Dy centrifu
gal water pump, direct driven.
Lubrication Combined pump and splash sys
tem; constant oil level maintained in
' crank case.
Ignition Jump spark. Dual Ignition, consist
ing of magneto wired olrect to spark
plugs, and auxiliary battery acting
through single coil carried on dash.
Transmission Carter patented system of fric
tion transmission; one lever control,
same design and construction as used in
other Cartercar models. Noiseless chain
drive, equipped with our improved oil
tight chain case, entirely protecting
chain from dirt and mud: and permitting
It to run In an oil bath, positively elim
inating all noise; also protecting and
greasing differential.
m O 1; . - it ;rv Our)
Frame Pressed Bteel of channel construction,
of great strength and rigidity. Special
arch pattern, giving greatly increased
spring action.
Spring Seml-elliptlc, 6 2-inch rear, 4 6-Inch
front, 2 Inches wide.
Wheel Ilase 110-inch.
Tubular front axle, drop pattern, yokes
unit Kteerlrtg: knuckles of rreat strength. Uve
ronr axles, with spur differential. Axle Khaft
of liii-ae ulie. made of hlh irrada automobile
ateel, with keyed and tapered ends.
32x3 4 Inches. Quick detachable.
Wbeele Twelve spoken, artillery tvpe.
Brakes Internal expanding hub tirHke of larce
sue; friction reverse for emergency. Hub
uP,m dfB,8npa especially for holding- enr
on hllln.
teerlna- Worm and sector, lrrevemlble; wheel
15-lnch, epark and throttle lead above.
Body Mrataht line design, divided front seat,
large tonneau.
Color Three options: Brewster green. Cartercur
red or combination of red chassis and Brew
ster green body.
ITpholatery Black leuther. tine quality, dull fin
ish, luxuriantly tufn-it.
Equipment Three oil Ihimpm. two gaa lHinps, gi-n-erator,
horn, mats, complete net of tools, Jnck.
and tire repair outfit.
Price $1,600.00 f. o. h. l'ontiuc. With detacha
ble tonneau, $1,650.00.
1 1
The Cartercar is not a new car.
It is tried out
In many respects this is the strongest
car in the market.
One of the largest concerns in the
country manufactures it.
The most exacting people own it
H. B. Walker of Chicago, has driven
a Cartercar 27,000 miles and would not
sell it today for $1,000.
The car's distinguishing features are:
CARTERCAR, IVIodcl L, 5 Passenger
In no sense is it a cheap car.
The cost of maintenance is small com
pared with all other cars. In the Cartercar
There is no clutch to slip.
No gears to strip.
No grease packings to renew. No uni
versal joints to break. No shaft drives to
twist. No bevel gears to wear and howl
No noise to annoy, and no mistakes, be
cause it has only one control.
This means that with our patented
friction transmission and patented chain-in-oil
drive, practically all of the parts
which gives the trouble on other cars, are
eliminated. It means simplicity and dura
bility. The Cartercar will climb a 50 per cent
grade with a full load. It will go over
roads which other cars cannot. Mud and
sand are gone through when other cars
are stalled.
Let us demonstrate the car at 1117
Far nam street.
hit FwrervAivi street
Forty Cars May Compete in Classic
Event on Lon Island.
All Cars Will lie Stock Chain! of
101 ( Model and Should Give
Urrat Mlmnlua to Ant.
' Business. '
NEW YORK. Oct. 7. Great Interest Is
being displayed on the part of manufac
turers and private owners In the npproach
Inu Vanderbllt cup lace, which Is to tnka
place October 30 In Nussau county, I.onct
Islund. Many entries have ben mndo
already, and It la assured that a larsa
field, possibly thirty-five or forty cars,
will bo at the starting line when the great
race Is started.
Clifford V. Hrokaw announced the other
day that he would enter his Isotts.
Fraschln In the Vanderbllt, and he
selected the veteran driver. Joe Seymour,
to pilot his car In ttje race. Two other
notable entries are the National cars that
competed tn the races at the opening meet
on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. These
two cars made a splendid showing with
Aiken and Men as drivers, and they will
have the same men at the wheels In the
The last obstacle In the way of the
running of the Vandeibllt cup race was
removed a few days ago when the Contest
Hoard of the American Automobile as
sociation granted a sanction to the Motor
Cups Holding company to hold the contest.
There was never any doubt that .1 chuns
had to be made In the rules of the Ameri
can Automobile association so as to pro
vide for the large entry foe of the Vander
bllt. The rules of the American Automo
bile association stipulated that sanction
could only be granted for a race In which
the prue or trophy offered was not worth
ten times the value of the entry fee. The
entry fee for the different clause In the
Vanderbllt ranite from to I'M.
The Vanderbllt cup race suffered a
temporary setback last jvar. owing to th
trouble between the American Automobile
association and the Automobile Club of
America, but this year, with the elimina
tion of the grand prise contest, the
Vanderbllt cup looms up greater than be
fore. The Ixwcll race was a p!endtd con
test, the Long Island automobile derby was
also a rotable event, and the Philadelphia
Fairmont park race this week furnished
a wonderful contest. The Vanderbllt
must take rank above all of these, and
with any sort of favorable, weather It will
attract larger crowds thsn ary of the o;her
' l.tere.t I r
One reason that this year's race should
have a better Influence on trade conditions
generally Is that this fall, for the first
time, all of the cars will be strictly stock
classes of the 1910 models sold to the public,
which will be seen In competition for tbe
first time. i " " " '
Vrvut a BDcclacular standpoint, tbe at
tractiveness of the race has been greatly
Increased this year by the shortening of
the course from twenty odd miles to 12.01
miles, of .which S.15 miles will be on the
Motor Parkway proper and the remaining
7.19 miles on the highways of Nassau
This change was made at the request of
the manufacturers, and no one who wit
nessed tho Lowell race, but will endorse
their action, as the short course not only
Insures a much closer contest, but prevents
long waits between cars during the last
half of the race and keeps the public in
terest at concert pitch from start to finish.
Uric-fly, the course for this year's race
will start at the grandstand and thence
run east for two miles along the Parkway
to Massapequa Lodge. The cars then turn
north on a specially constructed cut-off,
scientifically banked, on to the Massapequa
road, which leads directly to the outskirts
of the Hlcksville village. Here the cars
turn west on the old country road to
Westbtiry, thence south through another
special cut-off, back to the Parkway at
Meadow l'.rook Lodge, whurc the course
turns east again and returns to the grand
stand. Manager A. R. Pardinston announces
that more oil will be put on the course
this year than was ever provided for a
race of this character. Another Idea which
will appeal to the manufacturers Is that at
least two full weeks will be allowed for
preliminary practice. It is now arranged
that the course will be; open for practice
every day, exclusive of Sundays, from
October 14 to 29, inclusive, between the
hours of 5 and 8 a. m., and during these
hours none but contestants will be allowed
on the course. Thero are only four turns
on the course, and no hills, so experts
have good reason for thinking that all
American records will be smashed on
addition to this. Invitations will be sent to
carriage dealers In the same states, swell
ing the number to about 2,000. The cour
tesies of the show will be extended to these
dealers gratuitously.
As is well known, the show is being held
at the time of year when money Is free In
the south. The planters have harvested
their crops and will receive about Jl20.00,
0U0. Banks have Increased surpluses, mer
chants and store proprietors have done a
good business, and. In brief, practically all
the southern higher classes are tn a posi
tion to buy motor cars and accessories All
this makes doubly sure the success of the
automobile show.
has created considerable interest In local
motoring circles, as well as all through the
south. Reports from Atlanta state that en
tries a-plenty have been promised and there
Is every reason to expect that the Inaugu
ration of the new motordrome will be at
tended with success.
Atlanta Prepares Real 8othern Iloa
Vitality for tbunr,
ATLANTA. Oa., Oct. . The cltliens here
are making elaborate preparations to en
tertain visiting manufacturers, salesmen
and others who attend the Atlanta Auto
mobile show next Thanksgiving day. Pro-fe.-sionul
and business men have already
contributed $l.'i.000 to the fund being raised
for the purpose and this amount will be
greatly increased before the crowds begtu
to arrive In riie southern city.
For a elf the fciie of Atlanta It means
a hard task to house the great influx of
visitors who will attend the show, and to
meet this exigency a public comfort dw
Furtment will find temporsr!y homes for
thi'Sj attending the cow. A general call
has been sent out to the cltisens of At
lanta to open their residences to the guests
and hotel proprietor, are making every
effort to Increase their facilities.
A geiura) renovation ii In progirss and
the hotels from now on will be In tne hands
of decoriators und painters putting tbe At
lanta hostelrles In the best of condition.
Invitations will be sent to every dealer
and garage proprietor in the Limrlct of
Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Vtr
gtnla. North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Ala
bama, . MUautslppl, Louisiana, Arkansas
Missouri Kentucky and Xenuessea, In
Atlanta -Will Be Mens for the Best
NKW YORK, Oct. 9.-Entry blanks have
been Issued for what has every Indication
of being the most pretentious automobile
race ever staged In this country. The
opening motorcar carnival of the Atlanta
Automobile association, which will be con
tested In the new motordrome. Atlanta.
Ga., from November to 13, bids fair to
surpass even the recent meeting at the In
dianapolis speedway. A program of thirty-
two events has been arranged, providing
for races between every type of motor ve
hicle and at nearly every practical distance
known to the automobile racing game. Very
liberal monetary Inducements are offered
as prizes for the different events and tho
usual quota of cups are available.
One-mile time. trlalB, two-mile free-forrall,
four-mile free-for-all, six-mile stock chas
sis, eight-mile free-?ot-all, ten-mile stock
chassis, twelve-mile stock chassis, twenty
mile free-for-all, twenty-mile stock car,
twenty-four-mlle stock chassis, fifty-mile
free-for-all, 100-mlle stock chassis, 120-mile
stock chassis and two 200-mile stock chassis
races form a part of the card. In more
than one case there are several events of
the aforementioned classes on the pro
gram, the difference being the matter of
piston displacement qualifications.
Reports from Georgia state that the cir
cuit Is very speedy. Considerable time has
been spent to perfect this phase of the con
struction. Large grandstands have been
erected and descriptions of the motordrome
make it appear that the new raceway is
Indeed a. model product. The promoters
took the lesson of the Indianapolis speed
way to heart and every care has been taken
to guard against tiie possibilities of acci
dent. With a view to learning the real worth
of the track from expert opinions, the
management of the motordrome has re
quested a party of prominent motorlst9
from tills city to make the trip to Atlanta
and look over the circuit.' t;eorge Robert
son and Ralph De Palma, the two well
known drivers, will go and pilot cars
sround the course. Fred J. Wagner, the
automobile race starter, will accompany
them. Charles Dasle, mho was one of the
winning crew at the last twenty-four-hour
race, mar be In the party.
The present plan is for the motorists to
leave for Atlanta Immediately after the
Falrmount Park race at Philadelphia, on
October t. This will allow plenty of time
for the trip, so that the return ean be
made to this city in time for the Vander
bllt cup contest on October St TU meet
Unman Sponses Who Know How to
Work Their Friends for
The most bare-faced roguea In all Chris
tendom dwell in Boston. These chaps are
not porch climbers nor are they malefac
tors of great wealth, although their per
formances partake of the most evil qual
ities of both. The twain of which I speak
are nominally and ostensibly, even osten
tatiously, members of good society, and
are not usually recognized as the frauds
they are. All the greater shall be their
reward when it conies.
The particular episode into which all the
malevolent venom of these parasites was
quintessenced occurred Just the other day.
Here Is the story stripped of all obscur
ing and foggy covering. These two are
tennis talkers. As to their skill let that
pass. By much talking on the subject they
enlisted the attention of an unsuspecting
companion one day at the lunch table.
This person lives outside Boston, of course.
Otherwise he would not have been en
snared. Hearing their talk and being him
self a genuine lover of the game, he was
thoughtlessly generous enough to Invite
this couple to spend an afternoon at his
tennis club about forty or fifty miles from
the Hub. Their acquaintance was Instant
aneous and correspondingly greedy. . Yet
the countryman did not suspect.
The day came. The pair were promptly
on hand 'and ate their host's luncheon
with enthusiasm. Then all three, together
with an obliging club member, went out
upon the tennis court and started the game.
"A pleasant time was had." Suddenly, al
leges one of the guilty pair, the sun went
down and lo! to their consternation, they
discovered it was 7 o'clock. Mine host,
who had probably made several double
faults watching that sun's decline, was
"game," and Ignoring the fact that his
guests were Invited for the afternoon and
not the evening, insisted that they take
dinner with him. Loud were their protesta
tions. Oh, no, they would go to town at
once, they would by no means Inflict them
selves upon him, etc. In fact, their pro
testations and graceful acquiescence, took
up a good thirty minutes. Later dinner
was served, followed by other things, of
course. These boston sponges exerted
themselves to their utmost to please and
amuse the man who was paying the bill.
One of them actually tried to sing. Mean
while the clock kept ticking way, kept
ticking away, kept ticking away, until at
last, when, talked dry, they rose to go,
they were Informed that the last train for
Boston had gone! Again their host was
game. He saw he was sold, his pockets
rifled, and his good-will marketed, but he
did net whimper. "Stay all night at the
Ciub, of course." Of course.
Next morning about 10 o'clock two young
men, upon whose countenances the plain
Impress guilt still lingered, might have
beta setn alighting from train at the
station in Boston. And In the memorandum
book of each the police might have found
carefully checked off: "Aug.. Luncheon,
dinner, lodging, and breakfast, $00.00"
Boston Transcript.
Waspa Break Up a RevlTal.
A great revival meeting In progress at
the Baptist ohurch of Boston, Ga., was
broken up by! swarming yellow jackets
which had built nests back of the pulpit.
The services were at high tension, the
preacher being engaged In calling sinners
to the mourning bench, when the yellow
Jackets began to dart out from their nests
and sting saints and sinners alike. In a
few minutes there seemed to be thousands
of the spiteful insects flying about the
church and darting their stings into the
brethern and sisters.
The preacher was one of the first to be
stung, and the pain put a stop to his
exhortations. The women screamed when
stuck by the yellow Jackets, and nianj
of the men said things that had no
churchly aound.
After standing for the stinging a few
minutes, the congregation got Into a panlo
and bolted from the church, leaving the
sacred edifice in possession of the yellow
Five hundred men. women and children
put lotion on "stung" spots that night.
I S)
Wife (Eilta(E Car
Has A.ppIv2c3.
It is the first ever seen in the West and said to
be the smartest in appearance and performance of all
American cars.
It is ready for your inspection and we shall be
pleased to give you a demonstration of its grace and
power. The car is perfectly balanced and rides rough
roads better than any other car. The economy of 22
to 25 miles per gallon of gasoline shown by this machine!
is the most remarkable that has ever come under the
observation of expert automobilists.
It is the ideal car in size and weight. It is easy on
tires and handles well. It fills the requirements of all
who are satisfied with only the best cars.
n n nn nri
Od uvil