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Union Pacifio Meets Burlington tnd
Goei It One Better.
MllmakM and SrrtMri fckonl
r Mwt t Time Catting De
(wrft DriTrr aad Chirac
Mr Time t'h
The Union Pacifio haa met th out In
running time announced by the Burlington
between Chicago and Denver and haa gone
that road one better by speeding- up the
time of two of lta tralna, th change to
be effective September 11.
Rome time ago the Burlington announced
that lta No. 1 and 6 would cut the running
time two houra between Chicago and Den
ver. The Union Pacific, with lta oonnec
tlona at Omaha, the Northweatern and
Milwaukee, will run two tralna a day each
way lit twenty-aeven houra and thirty
A speed war waa anticipated when the
Burlington made lta announcement, aa it
waa known that th Union Pacific, with Iti
double tracka, could make the time. The
Milwaukee and Northwestern have re
lieved that road of most of the extra
apned by hurrying up the Omaha-Chicago
tralna a couple of houra.
Train No. 1, the Overland Limited, will
be on of the tralna which will lessen lta
running time to Denver, but will make
no change In lta running time to Ban
Francisco. It will leave Chicago at 7 p.
m. Instead of 6 p. m., aa at present, and
arrive at Omaha at 7:6 a. m. It will leave
Omaha at 7:20 a. m. and reach Denver
at 7:30 p. tn., making a daylight run across
Nebraska. 1
The eaatbound Overland Limited will
leav Denver at 8:15 a. m. and arrive at
Omaha at 11:89 p. m. It will arrive at
Chicago at 12:46 p. m.
Other Train Speeded I'p.
The other trains which will be hurried
tip between Chicago and Denver are Nos.
11 and 12. No. 11 will leave Chlcaso at 1:30
p. m. and will leave Omaha at 1:45 a. m.
and arrive at Denver at 4 p. m.
No. 12, the eaatbound train, will leave
Denver at noon and arrive at Omaha at
8:45 a. m. and Chicago at 4:30 p. m.. making
the run In twenty-seven houra and thirty
minutes.' A local Omaha sleeper will be
placed at the Union station at 10 p. m.
for passengers for No. 11, and No. 12 will
carry an Omaha sleeper. In which the pas
sengers will be permlttted to remain until
The running time of the through Portland
tralna will also be changed September 12,
the trip to be made each way In seventy
two hours between Chicago and Portland.
No. S will leave Chicago at 10 a. m. and
arrive at Omaha at 1201 a. m. and arrive
at Portland at I a. m. No. 6 will leave
Portland at 6:45 p. m., arrive at Omaha at
7 am. and arrive In Chicago at 8:46 p. m.
Theae changes will put the Overland
Limited and No, 6 through Omaha at 7
o'clock In the morning.
Cows Play Golf
at Country Club
McShane Lease Ground to Dairyman
and Clubmen Sue for Injunc
tion to Bind Lease.
As an aftermath of the Country club Im
brogllo with the pro-golf and anti-golf
members opposed, the attorneys for the
Country club have enjoined John A. Me
Shane from taklnj possession of the forty
acres adjacent to the Country club grounds
and the looks and fencea shutting off this
tract have been removed.
Mr. McHhane, who la also a member of
the Country club, Insists that the lease
held by the club on thla forty acre tract
has been forfeited, to which the club
tukea exception, claiming that the lease on
the tract runs to 1915. In the meanwhile
Mr. McBhane has leased the forty acre
tract to a dairyman named Gaylord and
Uaylord haa taken possession and turned
his cows Into the tract and the bovlnes
are now playing golf there, to which sac
rilege the Country club officials strenu
ously object
Testifies After Fear Year.
Carlisle Center, N. Y.. O. B. Burhana,
writes: "About four years ago I wrote
you that I had been entirely cured of kid
ney trouole by taking two bottles of
Foley's Kidney Remedy, and after four
years I am again pleased to state that I
have never had any return of thoae symp
toms, and I am evidently cured to stay
cured." Foley's Kidney Remedy will do
the same for you. Bold by all druggists.
Saawaar Maker la Cadaay Plant Oets
Blow When Poller Breaks In
III Ylrlulty.
Thomas Moore, 1021 North Twenty-second
street. South Omaha, waa seriously hurt
at the Cudahy packing plant Thursday
morning. While at work In the sausage de
partment, where he haa charge of the
spices, a pulley broke and th flying block
caught him. tearing a serious wound In hi
leg and foot and nearly breaking his arm.
II will be disabled for several weeks. He
was attended by Dr. O'Rlley, the plant
surgeon, and waa later taken home. He la
a young man and Uvea with his parent.
A Lit Sentence
of suffering with throat and lung trouble
Is quickly commuted by Dr. King's New
Discovery. (0c and tl.00. Bold by Beaton
Drug Co.
r m m m rm am r- p m
The best all round beer
in the market-bar none j
lad. BUM
Most Remarkable Bargains of the Year
Carload of New Fail Collon Goods
' On Sale for the First Time Friday
Ilere is a bargain worth your especial attention. Amoskeag
Teazledown outing flannel very often advertised as a bar
gain at 12Vc a yard in light and medium colorings 6, 8
and 10 yard lengths for gowns, skirts, etc. Such a big bar
gain in outing flannels may not occur again during the
entire season. Two big squares piled high,
and plenty of salespeople to wait upon you,
at, yard
Not one old pattern in the entire lot all the pretty, new fall
kimono styles 18c is the regular selling
price in kimono lengths; at yard JLUC,
Black and colored mer
cerized sateens, none
worth less than 15c,
most of them 25c-
all day at.
Beautiful floral, duck
ling, Persian, chick
and Jap pattern vel-
' vet flannels, most de
sirable of all for
dressing sacques and
kimonos; fine assort
ment of styles
at, yard. . .
Staple checked, striped
and plaid ginghams
for skirtings, very de
sirable mater
lain at, yard
Gray cotton suitings
stripes, checks and
plaids. You will agree
that they are .worth
12 Mc a yard. Not
over 20 yards to each
customer r 1
at, yard J2 C
The new fall pattern
ginghams are here
Ked Seal, Toil du
Nord, Bates and A. F.
C. in dress lengths;
on bargain f A
square, yd. . . . .UC
Dark pattern dress per
cale good lengths
.and fast colors new
lot at. 1 .
yard 0?C
Double fold dress per
cale light grounds
with neat printings,
very special bargain
from the bolt,
at, yard
Scotch skirting will
wash and wear splen
didly from JLn
the bolt, yd. . . M2
Fleece back lOo flan
nels, good styles In
light, medium and
dark colorings, for
bouse wear
at, yard
Friday will be the Most Extraordinary Bargai Day Ever Known Is sar Basemest
8-4 Full Bleached Pattern Table
Cloths worth $1.25, at, each. 49c
SOu Mercerized Damask full width
good variety of patterns to select
from, at, yard, 39o.
Turkey Red Table Damask worth
16c off the bolt. at. yard, 7H.
Remnants of Cotton Toweling
worth 6c, at, yard, 3HO.
15c Doublewarp Turkish Towels
large size, each, lOo.
Linen Dollies fringed, also lot of
stamped dollies worth up to 10c, at,
each. Bo.
Renaissance Lace Center Pieces
wortn ouc, at, each, aeo.
Remnants of Table Damask and
odd half dozen lots of napkins, at
about half regular price.
5 Cases Sample Pieces and Factory Ends
Wool Dress Goods
Passaic, N. J. Woolen Mills pieces of .diagonal serges, fancy
worsteds, suitings, Bedford cords, Cheviots, satin Soleil,
Venetians, Henriettas, etc. all dress, skirt and waist
lengths. Fine dress goods at a fraction A aa
of their real value 2 large bargain b11M$P
squares, at yard V tfl AV
Dress Goods Sample Pieces in Basement
3 to 10 of one kind to match, ail imported goods black and
all colors; suitable for children's school dresses, odd waists,
etc. in basement, C
at, each mwiDCmJ)C
Remnants and Odd Lots of Silks
15 pieces black moire, at yard 50c
10 pieces, yard wide, double faced black Peau de Cachemire,
at yard .'...$1.00
12 pieces, yard wide black messaline satin, at yard . .SI. 00
20 pieces black Sapho dress silks, at, yard 69c
15 pieces black Messaline satins, at, yard 50c
For all silk $1 dress
p silks, In plain and fancy
weaves Peau de
gnes. Satins, Taffetas, etc
For dress satins, Cache-
rt mire de Sole, fancy Silk
fill Itinera Dlol4 Qtllra TM
agonal Silks, etc.
18-mchiiae taoroiaered Hounclngs, Skirt- 4r0
lap and Corset Cover Embroideries. .... 13 L
Thousands of yards on bargain square worth up to 35c
Remnants and odd lots of narrow embroidery edgings
and insertions, worth up to 7Vc, at '. .
All kinds and many designs. Special sale Friday.
Laces Worth Up to 10c Yard, at 3c Yard
French and Crerman Vals., Linen Torchons, Piatt Vals. and
Point de Paris, cluny and fancy wash r
laces of all kinds, at, yard JC
See the Big Window Display of Samples
o! Fancy Linens That go 03 Sale Saturday
These fancy linens are in fine Madeira, cluny,
duchess and drawn work effects doilies, scarfs,
squares and center pieces, beautifully made, and
worthup to $2.00.
On Sale Saturday at
VI Iff
1 1
1 v' 101 .1
ew Quarterly Styta Book and any 15c Ladies' I
Home Journal Pattern for 30 ? J
Friday Bargain and Remnant Day
Shop the town over and you'll see no other such silk selling as we
will hare Friday. Silks for every conceivable purpose; new, choice
goods in desirable lengths simply sacrificed.
Silk Worth to 83c 27-lnch pon
gee silks, in colors; IV and 24
Inch foulards, wide black China
silks, remnants Messaiines, peau
de cygnes, taffetas,
fancy taffetas
Silks Worth to $1.00 Another
very large lot black silks, nice
long lengths from our recent
sale. Pongee silks, kimono silks,
36-Inch Pongees, etc,
values to 11.00 yard,
on All Dress Goods
and Silk Purchases
Case 10c & 12 Uc Wash Goods 5
Case Striped Madras, '2-lnch ma
terials, worth to 25c, at g
Case new Flannelettes, regular
12 c qnallty 8
Linen Finished 8 u 1 1 1 n g T a n
shades, with white stripe, one
pattern only, 29-inch
goods, usual 15c qual
ity, yard
Friday Bargain Extraordinary
A sale of school apparel that will go with a rush. Why wouldn't $4, $5
and $6 garments for a dollar bring crowds. About two hundred girls
reefers mostly fancy materials, some plain, some trimmed, about 60
styles. Girl's wool dresses, about 50 only. Girls' wool skirts, about
40 only. All highly desirable garments, for girls 6 to 12 years
actual values up to 6; on sale bargain Friday $1.00
Rubber - Capes for - school girls,
plaid hoods, 6 to 14 years;
special $2.05
Cravenette Rain Coats, In tan and
oxford, about 25 fine $15.00 gar
ments; Friday, choice. . .$5.00
Fall Jackets, samples, light and
medium dark gray, also tan, 36
Inch; $15.00 coats, for $10.00
Spring Suits 25 only; dark wor
steds, worth up to $35.00, choice,
at $9.05
Black Petticoats High grade ma
terial, cluster pin tucked and
shirred flounced with underlay or
dust ruffle .$1.00
House Dresses Light percale and
madras; any up to $5.95, for,
eh $1.05
Flannelette Gowns Heavy stripe
material, braid trimmed; cut wide
and full 50
Great Friday Bedding Bargains
Blankets. Comfortables, Sheets. Pillow Cases
A sale specially arranged for those who expect to take In Eagles'
convention, and Ak-Sar-Ben visitors. Every family in Omaha with fall
and winter bedding needs can profit by this day's sale.
10-4 gray, 60c cotton blankets,
for 'V- 35
10- 4 Era, tan and white, 69c and
95c blankets, for 59
11- 4 gray, tan and white, $1.39
blankets, for ........... .Q8
11-4 all wool $6.60 blankets, at.
Pair $4.50
11- 4 all.wool $5.50 plaid blankets,
at'.. h. .I.;.. $4.50
12- 4 'all -Wool $7.75 blankets, now,
at .......
Fancy Linens
Large - quantity hsm-
tltched and drawn
square,! lza 18 and 20
inch, also odd lot hand
embroidered and drawn
effect, -worth 2 Be and
30c, for.-t
Comfortables Snow white, cotton
filling, $1.50 quality, 66x72 inch,
at $1.00
Comfortables Silkoline covered,
China silk borders, hand knotted
with baby ribbon; all colors,
.size 72x78; best $4.00 value,
at $2.03
15c Pillow cases, 42x36 Inches.
tor Htf
60c Hemmed sheets, 72x90 Inches,
tor ... .39
69c Sheets, 81x90 In., special 49
White Goods
Remnant of fin check
and stripe, 81 Inch mad
ras for waUte; all de
elrable lengths; goods
worth 19c, 26c and !6c
a yard, for
Table Damask
Bleached table damask,
62 inchen wide; four
neat patterns; identical
quality retailing at 85c,
durable and lauders
well, yard
Friday Bargain Day Corsets
$1.00 Corsets for 69c
$1.50 Corsets for O 8c
Two models distinctly different in style; one for medium figure, with
medium hip and bust; either in coutil or batiste 69
The other Is for tall, well developed figures; extra long hip, with high
bust. Both models are heavily boned, and a third under regular price,
at 98
A 10c Day for Enamelware
Friday we cap tho climax to our series
of enamel ware sales of the last two
weeks. We have sold thousands of pieces
for the bargains were immense Now
then these for Friday:
Blue and white sauce pans, with cover. . . .m gn
Blue and white dippers "l4 JhC
Brown mottled preserving kettles, 22 size.
Enamel wash basins, 4, 6, and 8 quart
Enamel milk pans, choice
Friday Bargain Lots School Shoes
You pay less tomorrow for the best shoes for boys and girls. Hon
est all solid leather shoes that wear, are featured here at lowest prices.
Boys' Velour Calf, box calf and
vlcl shoes; heavy and medium
weights, size! 2tt to 6; pair.
at $2.50
Boys' Satin Calf and box calf
shoes; lace and blucher styles,
2 to 6. at $2.00 d $1.50
Girls' Vict Shoes; blucher and but
ton styles, light and heavy sole;
all sizes, at $1.50
Girls' Vlcl Shoes, in button, lace
and blucher; best quality, pair,
at $2.50 and $2.00
Friday Book Day Rare Bargains
Four Lols-Sc, lOc. 19c, 23a
The famous house of Charles Broadway Rouse of New York closed
out to Bennett's a large consignment of odds and ends of their regular
wholesale book stock All kinds of books In these lota. Including works
cf Carlyle, E. P. Roe, Conan Doyle, etc. On the bargain tables Friday.
Our Fifth Clearance Sal of Uaed Library Books 18c
Latd' fiction from our circulating library 150 volumes, only
slightly marked, to fresh up the stock we will sell all these used
books for 19c each. Such titles as Trail of Lonesome Pine; 54, 40 or
Fight; Woman for Mayor; Peter and many others Included.
Groceries for Friday and Saturday'
A great list of unuual specials. W save you money on almost every
Hennett's Beat Coffee, three pounds
Bennett Dent Coffee, one pound ..
Bennett' Tea, assorted, pound ..
Bennett' Tea Sifting, pound
91 M and 100 green stamps
35o and 80 green stamp
680 and 6U green stamps
15C and 2ll urft.n .tu.,...
Bishop's Grape Kruitate, sherry flavor 40o and 20 Kieen stamps
Uulden Harvest Bird tieed, package ISO and 10 Kreen nm ,.
r vOo and 75 green stamps
GalUard Olive Oil. large bottle
Snider' Tomato Soup, large can . .
Strait's Pineapple Cubes, large can
Boyle's Horseradish Mustard, Jar
Hartley's Marmalade, jar
Mignonette Peas, three can
Yankee Corn, two cans
umalia s ureatest Hug bale ivionuay v;
i I Ml ui.h c ... i
I I 4sa IIB N MlfC I UU
N I IV N Per Cent on You
Millinery Purchase
See the New Fall U
Millinery Styles Aj
Now on Disolav U U
Friday is Remnant Day
In our Famous Domestic Room
25,000 yards of Flannelettes. Outing Flannels, Fancy Suitings,' Prints.
Cinghanis, Muslins, Toweliugs and all kinds of summer goods, from 10c to
25c, will go in five lots
Lot 1, 3KS Lot 2, 5; Lot8.7Mk Ixt 4. 10S 1-ot 5, 12 H
Remnants from 2 to 4 yards in bleached, unbleached and silver blea
ched, worth up to $1.25 yard sold in lots, yard
Lot 1. 25S I" 2. 39; Lot 8, 49S Lot 4, 59
Staple Check Apron Olnghams, yard 3H
Remnants of Woo! Dress
Goods All High Grade
Panamas, Henriettas, Broad
cloth, Voiles, Suitings, Sackings,
Mohairs, Brillintines, Cream
goods and all kinds of fine goods
from 75c to $3.50 a yard, in 5
1 2 3 4 5
25c 39c 49c 59c 75c
Blanket and Comfortable Sale
All full size blankets 59c, 69c,
75c, $1.00, up to $20.00 a pair.
Home made quilts at all prices
from 59c to $12.00.
Big Notion Sale in
Domestic Room
Hundreds of staple articles at
2 to Vi regular prices. Only a
few of the many can be men
tioned here.
Machine thread, full 200 yd.
spools, at IV2C
Nursery pins, per doz. . . . . lc
Shoe laces, per pair lc
25c needle book, at 3Vc
Gold eye needles, pkg lc
Darning cotton, per ball .... lc V
Hump hooks and eyes, card, .lc
10c pearl buttons, biggest snapT
ever, at doz 2Vc
Velvets Friday, 'at; Yd., 49c
, A great lot of remnants of fine velvets in lengths up to! 5 yards
all colors; actual value up to $1.50 a yard; biggest bargains
ever, at, yard .49c
Plain and Fancy Silks All late col
ors and weaves, values up to $1.25
yard In two big lots Friday at,
yard 29 and 49
Several other sales.
75c Black Taffeta. 87 Inches wide
at, yard 49
)1.25 Black Taffeta, 80 Inches wlda
at, yard 69
$1.50 Black Taffeta, 36 Inches wide
at, yard 98
Furnishing Goods Specials in Domestic Room
Men's NeRlige Shirts,
and 69c values, good
terns, collar bands or
on sale Friday at....
Boys' Negligee Shirts
regular 50c
line of pat
soft collars;
and Blouse
with collar
50c ' values.
or soft
Women's Jersey Ribbed Underwear
Vests or pants, regular 69c values;
Friday 39
Women's Muslin Undn-garments
Nearly all kinds and styles, that sold
to 75c garment. . . .49 39 25
Men's, Women's and Children's Hose,
values to 2 5c, at ... 12 H 10 5
This is an Extra Special Grocery Sale for Friday
A savlnf of AS par osnt to SO pr osnt
on your bonaekapfnf sxpanaas.
10 bars best brands Laundry Soap ..25c
48-lb. aacks best high patent Flour, made
from the finest No. 1 Wheat, sack 11.40
10- lb. aacks best White or Yellow Corn
meal 16c
6 Hi. choice Japan Rica 26c
6 lbs. best Pearl Tapioca, Sago or Bur
ley for 25c
Rex Lye, per can ". c
1-lb. package Corn Starch 4c
OH or Mustard Sardines, per can ..SHc
3-lb. cans Oolden Pumpkin, Momlny.
Squash or naked Beans 7 He
Condensed Milk per can 7"4c
Hromangelon, Jellycon or Jello, pkg 7 Vic
The best Bulk Starch, per lb 5c
Quaker Wheat Flakes, pkg TV4c
All kinds Corn Flakes, pkg 7Vfcc
Argo Starch, package 4c
Lu Lu Scouring Soap, per can 4c
Lavallne Scouring Soap, per can 8c
4-lb. pkg. Pyramid , Washing Powder.. 1 Bo
4 bunches Fresh Beets .......Bo
8 bunches Fresh Radishes. ........... .60
8 heads Fresh Lettuce Bo
3 heada Fresh Cabbage Bo
8 bunches Salsify or Oyster Plant.... lOo
Large Egg plant, each &o
Fresh Cauliflower, per lb 10c
8 Summer Squash 60
4 bunches Fresh Pie Plant 60
Fresh Apples, per peck 150
2 bunches Fresh Celery , 5a
Fancy California Peaches, per crate $1.10
Fancy Colorado peaches, per crate. .(1.10
Fancy bushel boxes Colorado Bartlett
Pears $2.75
Jelly Grapes, per basket 17 Ho
Crab Apples, per basket ..20a
Commencing Sunday, September 12th, train No. 6, the day
light Chicago Limited leaves Omah earlier at 7:20 a. m., and
arrives Chicago at 8:45 p. m., connecting with night trains for
points beyond.
A Club, or Lounging Car, has been added to this already
perfectly equipped train. It provides a ladies' observation par
lor; an enclosed smoking room for men; a writing room with two
desks; and a well selected library. 7
I The large observation platform or Sun Parlor is entirely
screened with clear glass which may be easily removed according
to the will of the passenger or the condition of the weather.
It is the handsomest, most complete Club Car ever built.
SOO and 10 lfl-n llanina
;-ato and 80 grren stamps
laanJ 10 green stumps
...80o and 20 green siHinps
...1150 and 10 grwn stamps
. . Ubo and 10 uren ii.nuti
Chocolatlna, per can lOo and 10 green stamps
Kvyeiune Lye, three cana .,. lOo and 10 jjieon otamps
Sku Hand Soap, three for 860 and 10 reen siumpi
Sterling Uloss Starch. 8 lb. pkg 83o and 20 green stompa
Orange City Rusk, three pkga 86o
Kddy'a French Mustard. Jar lOo end 10 green stamps
Burnham'a Clam Chowder, three cana for 85o
H. J Hetna Chow Pl.klea. quart 85o and 20 green stamps
H. 3.' Hrlni Sour Mixed Pickles, quart 30o and 20 green stiimpa
Cheese. Full Cream, pound BOe and 10 gre-n atampa
Bennett'e Capitol Oats, pkg llo and 10 green .stamps
French Cut Loaf Sugar, pkg SSa and 10 green atampa
Jap. Rice, four pounda SSo and 20 green stampa
Yacht Club Salad Pressing, bottle . 880 and 10 gre-n atampa
Bennett's Capitol Baking Powder. ( lbs HAO and 100 green stamps
a OTfPPO just receiveu qiuoiuy jiens rouriat and Oranam
No. 12, the Nebraska-Chicago Limited, leaves Omaha
at 4:80 p. m. and arrives Chicago at 8:80 a. ra. a train
brilliantly lighted by electricity, carrying chair cars, stand
ard sleepers, dining car and
us, dining car and library-observation car.
Tickets, 1502 Taniam Street
There Are Many
weddings to occur thla month,
line of sterling silver and cut
be pleaed to show you. Look
We have a beautiful
glass which we would
fur the name.
S. W. Lindsay, Jeweler
181S Doug-las Street.
Bennetfa Capitol creamery,
"bricks, special price
Chill Sauc. bottle
fresh and crtup; per package,
including lu
finest produced; full pound
..15o and 10 green atampa
Diamond B
All Kectai Diseases cured without a Surgical
operation. No Chlorotorm. Ether or other sea- 1
I. .L..:. 1 xi,ni.iiin,.,,;nn II
to last a LIFE-TIME. tiTsxAmKATioH Vsbs.
Dm. sr. at. TARRY. 224 Baa Bulldlnff. Omaha. Nebraska
to Or. H. L. Ramacolottl)
arTATal TXTXLaUHAJtlajr,
Office mm KaarpltaJ. 8810 Kaaoa
Calls Promptly Answered at A-il Houra
i and nervous asa
find their puwer la
NCR VF( work Jtd youthful vigug
IlLMbJ . Bon M . result ef even
ark er mental exertion should tea
UHAY'b NH.itVai WOuLt flLLo. Tasy wui
aaaae you est ao4 aisep aud be a uaaaj
VI Box S kesee S3.SO y
SXEKMAJi ft afcCOBTaTIil.X 9lv
Cor. XSta aag Soaga Btieeta.
owl cava oobuajtb.
Bo. ISVa ajt UtM9 II. BoMaA, ara