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Tmt Omaha Daily Uly
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Slate of Nebraska. Douglas County, ss.i
George B. Txachuck. treaaurer of The
Bee - Publishing 'Company, being duly
worn, say that the actual number of
full and complete coplea of The Dally.
Morning. Evening and Sunday Bee printed
during the month of August, 109, waa
an followa:
1 39.S00 IT i 41,780
1 1,00 I!..' 43,850
41,470 1 41.B90
4 41,30 10 41.S10
t 41.7T0 tl 41,630
.. 41,640 J2 40,000
T...'.....,.,T0 , 28 48,860
( , .. ,m,00 14 41,770
1.....V. ...M.S30 25 48,080
19 41,t90 2( 41,700
11 41,840 . 17 41,730
12 4170 '21.... 48,170
11 ,-.48,030 ! 40,000
14. ........... 41,430 30 41,810
IS.......;.. 40,000 11.. 48.190
11. . f. i r. it i-41,660
Total . 1,888,410
Returned eofif
Ket total 1,878,089
Dally average....... '41,889
GEO. B TZ8CHI7CK. Treaaurer.
Subscribed in my preesnee and sworn
to before ma thla lit Aay of September,
109. M. P. WALKKR.
Notary Public,
Sabaerlber leaving; t city tem
porarily ah avid kara Tk Bee
all t taean. Are -will b
chatretf aa of tern mm reqaested.
At any rate, tbe governor's deputy
oil Inspector for the Omaha district Is
still faithful.
In the -days of its wlldness and
wool In eat was the frontier ever as bad
as Atlantic City and the environs of
Pittsburg T
The World-Herald's Labor day ser
,mon preaches the gospel of discontent.
Calamity howling is the democratic
The Dahlmtrn- i Democracy seems
willing to root for the democratic
ticket,, but it balks on wearing the
nonpartisan mask.
Might have expected this sort of
weather when Buffalo Bill announced
his Intention of pitching an open air
bow here on Labor day.
Have Ton- invited your friends to
visit you whom you expect to enter
tain during the Ak-Sar-Ben festivities?
If not, don't delay longer.
To cause a subsidence of the typhoid
, scare the Baltimore Sun has started a
siren trick of singing in verse and
'rhetoric the praises of the oyster.
Conservatism is given out as the
prevailing tone in business. It is the
best boom wa will have ever had if
people! go through it without spending
money-like dranken sailors.
Tha-,-country's markets are short of
bogs and cattle but the movement of
grain, coal and iron ore is abundant.
The situation on tha whole looks like
.money for Nebraska and Iowa.
A Magazine essayist says that the
English) bar a wearied look. If we
lost . a muck sleep over the German
navy as they do and ate five meals a
day the fatigue 'would show on us, too.
Japanese statesmen offer to go ca
hoots with the United States in devel
oping the orient. Baron Shlburawa
frankly says that America has the
money and they the experience. Naive
Speaker Cannon's latest short speech
about the tariff is that when majorities
in the senate and house talk a thing
lover and agree it can't be far wrong.
Tha idea is at least worthy of consid
eration. Science has been "suspending Judg
ment" on Dr. Cook for several days.
It does not hurt Cook, as long as he is
being entertained, as Mrs. Jarley would
have said, by tha (frowned beads aad
Certain naval cadets have been "sep
arated from the service" on account of
"Inaptitude." We used to call it "fired
tor incompetence," but the new lan
tuaga covers more ground and is really
note stylish.
Impatient thinkers complain that tha
world will learn nothing important
until it gets over the North pole ob
session. It will learn whether the
ipltball is played opt and whether
Tyrus Cobb is tha greatest batter in
'.he American league. .
The University of Nebraska is los
ing another of lta mnet valued faculty
members to the University of Illinois.
The narrowness of tbe Bryanlte legis
lator that would handicap our uni
versity by barring Its professors from
Aop of retirement pensions is not
Helping us to bold the men most in
Queer Politic in Iowa,
To an onlooker the factional conten
tion already precipitated In lowa over
the eligibility of Congressman Walter
I. Smith to the succession of spefckerr
ship In the event 8peaker Cannon
should fall by the wayside appears to
be queer politics, to say nothing of
being decidedly premature. Judge
Smith Is conceded to be right now the
leading member of the Iowa delega
tion In the house, a delegation which
has always included, and still Includes,
some of the ablest and most Influential
of our national law-makers. If the
speakership were to go to Iowa with
its delegation as at present consti
tuted Judge Smith would be the one
upon whom the distinction would nat
urally fall. The ambition to be
speaker, if Judge Smith cherishes it,
would be a worthy one and quite In
line with the purpose to increase his
usefulness to his own constituency
and state as well as to the' nation.
But Judge Smith has been suspected
of being on not hostile terms with
Speaker Cannon, and tbis suspicion
has been confirmed by bis retention
of the very Important committee as
signments which he holds by virtue of
the speaker's appointment. It is ap
parently On this account that the sug
gestion at his home-coming reception
that Judge Smith might prove of
speakership timber has raised up a
protest, or rather a backfire, from the
ultra progressive organs, which de
clare that rather than have Judge
Smith occupy the speaker's chair they
would preter to see it filled from some
other state. The Des Moines Register
and Leader practically concedes that,
If the next house chooses a republican
successor to Speaker Can tint tie must
have the support of CanaonH friends,
yet insists that if Judge' Strhlih should
happen to be the logical man, rather
than have him made by such help
Iowa 'would forego the honor. Just
where thlB logic would lead presents a
peculiar political puzzle. The Regis
ter and Leader agrees that ' a repub
lican speaker cannot be made without
the assistance of Mr. Cannon's friends.
It would be against Judge Smith, or
any man. If the , Cannon Influence
favored him of its own accord, but
would greet him with acclaim If the
Cannon influence could be forced to
support him against its will.
The next speakership contest is still
almost two years ahead. The speaker
ship Is the second highest place in our
public life. If the house Is republican
The Bee will be for a western man If
there is any chance to get a western
man qualified to fill the place. He
will have to be made by a union of all
the republican forces, and for the
Iowa progressives to say, at this stage,
that no one will be acceptable who has
affiliated with the stand-patters is just
as unwarranted as would be an an
nouncement by the stand-patters that
they would accept no one but Uncle
Joe Cannon. The next speaker, if a
republican, should be, and will be, in
accord with the policies of the admin
istration and in harmony with the sen
timent of the republican majority in
and out of congress. If Iowa has tbe
chance to furnish the speaker in the
person of Judge Smith, as it did when
It made Speaker Henderson, it will
hardly be so foolish as to throw away
such a rare opportunity.
Haskell'i Real Object.
Governor Haskell's protest to the
president has the appearance of the
two-century-old strategy, 4,000 years
old in fact, of carrying the war Into
Africa. It is not strange that he tries
to involve the president of the United
States in an altercation. It is not
strange that he seeks to carry in
public the standard of home rights
against federal officials. It is not
strange that he poses as a martyr
whose body is thrown across the path
to repel centralizing , invaders. It
would not be strange If he should do
almost anything to distract public at
tention from the criminal proceedings
against Charles N. Haskell.
The governor charges the president
with encouraging contempt for the
revenue laws of the United .State J 'and
the prohibition laws of Oklahoma. The
president is asked to sel laslde the
federal law and to make new federal
laws for Oklahoma different from the
federal laws that apply to other states.
There is a short answer. If Gov
ernor Haskell wished to find one. It
is that it the state of Oklahoma has
laws which are not being enforced,
some deficiency exists, in the state
government. If the commander-in-chief
of the national army should
begin to interfere with the operations
of state officials he would be open to
severe criticism, unless peace and
order were in positive danger and the
state were unequal to the emergency
Even then the governor would have
to be specific. Governor Haskell does
not expect the president to Involve
himself In these issues, though he
asks it on official paper. He wants a
wordy rumpus of any kind, that will
raise noise and smoke. The merits of
the incident are tbe least of Haskell's
burdens. H will be more than pleased
if be can persuade or provoke the
president into opening a sequence of
controversy with some questionable
phrase. It is not Ilka .Mr. Taft to be
caught with tbe transparent political
attempt. - '
Giving aid to violators of the pro
hibition laws, the substance of Has
kell's charge, Is discredited before
hand, in the sen Be that there Is a
purpose among the federal- govern
ment's important officials to iaterfere
with prohibition. In the Indian Terri
tory part of Oklahoma the United
States itself had prohibition laws and
undertook to enforce them for sixty
years. The regulation of the liquor
traffic devolved on the atate authorities
as soon as Oklahoma was admitted
into the union. There might be a
broad question of morals or hygiene
In the government's policy of Internal
revenue taxation, but that is not on
Governor Haskell's mind. He is put
ting a piece of obscuratlonal,' diver
sional, political trickery into tbe
papers and can make no showing of
any other object.'
Germany'! Naval Advance.
Not as the of close study or
strained interest, but as a matter of
good sense and Instinct America com
prehends Britain's anxiety over the
naval situation, both as it affects the
solidarity of the scattered empire and
as it beari on home defense. In the
event of hostilities with another power
the attitude of the United States would
be that of strict neutrality, whether
the sympathy of the people veered to
one side or the other. We have no
share in any cause which is likely to
produce hostilities. Our opinions are,
therefore, officially those of a disin
terested outsider.
Yet there is a slight shock of sur
prise In learning that Germany and
not Great Britain Is in one way of
measurement the first and not the sec
ond or third power in the world. Tak
ing as the basis the money spent for
new construction Germany is first,
Great Britain second and the United
States third, with France a bad fourth.
For 1909-10 Germany has appropri
ated $53,767,340, Great Britain $51,-
280,970 and the United 8tates $50,-
Of course, Great Britain's navy Is
vastly superior to that of Germany or
that of the United States, as the dis
patches presenting the facts above
point out, but the figures of new con
struction contain the obvious logic that
the same rate of new building will
cause Germany sooner or later to out
rank Great Britain in total strength.
More than that, England's two most
probable allies, France and Japan, are
spending relatively small sums. Japan
seems to have from financial fatigue
abandoned the hope of being a great
naval power. A third point is that
ships nowadays are soon outranked
and rendered obsolete. Just at present
that la in England's favor, with her
number of ships of the Dreadnought-or-better
class. But it makes the over
shadowing of her total strength a
quicker task if Germany spends more
per annum.
It is not to be supposed that Great
Britain will tamely let Germany push
construction to the first rank in statis
tical total power. Yet it is serious that
the first in new construction should
have been reached, Germany's colonies
are not burdens. Her ability to con
centrate her whole navy at one spot
is not impeded. The English scare is
not unreasonable. The United, States,
a nation of pretty good Judgment of
naval affairs and vital concern over
the control of the ocean, will watch
the programs of English parliament
ary parties with more than usual at
tention. '
The Dahlmanltes alur the candidates
on the republican ticket, most of
whom are renominated for a second
term, for "feeding at the public crib."
Here la the crib record of Mayor Jim,
who Is the patron saint of this bunch
of democratic pie-biters:
Mayor of Chadron.
Sheriff of Dawes county.
Secretary State Railway board.
Mayor of .Omaha.
Fifteen years at the public crib is a
pretty good exhibit. It was said of
the old Roman soothsayers that no
two of them Could meet In the street
without laughing outright in one an
other's faces. . They must have been
Havelock Ellis, the British expert
on genius, declares that the reason for
the paucity of the artists In America
is the blood-chaos caused by the radi
cal mixture of races. Let the blood
chaos rage. If we must get genius by
putting a limit on population we can go
without. Wlllian Randolph Hearst,
Dr. Cook and the Wrights will fill the
demand for genlua for the present.
Chinese students, when they disa
gree with teachers strike. As a na
tional custom it will not prevail in this
country. The improved and benevo
lent order of American parents have
rules about the showing a boy makes
for the money his education costs.
When a warship is out of date In
ten or twelve years it is good policy to
keep it on the go and under the tests.
For the first time in the history of any
nation at peace the United States is
making its whole navy come up to
service standards.
John L. Sullivan Is going to raise
chickens. It would be interesting to
see John taking biddies off the nest
and recall tbe day when he was paint
ing towns along the Union Pacific
and raising that voice of his at mid
night. The-democratic editors who belittled
and denounced Judge Dean for accept
ing an appointment from Governor
Sheldon rejected by Judge Sullivan
are now urging it as the one thing in
his favor. Funny, funny politics.
When a Mexican foollahly declared
that he would not vote for Dias a de
tachment of rurales put him where he
would never vote at all The Diaz
campaigns are naturally successful
under that system.
The Flufeser and the Narwhal have
kindled as of yore the fire in Uncle
Jim Hill's breast. The speed competi
tion proves that revival In the money
market starts the sporting blood.
Judging from the drafts on the
minor leagues there is going to be In
the spring a cephallo shrinkage that
will cause old-timers to put their dia
monds In storage. The has-beens will
look as they did before they left the
At last comes tbe suggestion that
Montauk be the western end of the
combination of which Fishguard is the
eastern. , With this thought goes the
other, that the regular rate to Europe
remains the same.
We look In vain for Mayor Jim s
name In the list of delegates appointed
by Governor Shallenberger to rep
resent Nebraska in the Dry Farming
congress. Wouldn't that have been a
great joke?
Pure food experts should learn how
the North pole Eskimo live on gum
drops and lard while keeping their
metabolism in working order. Is their
metabolism better than that of a food
squad? - ' ' '
Knocka e Persimmon.
St. Paul Dispatch.
Dr. Cook has been offered trAMO for 2M)
lectures on his trip to the north pole. The
doctor seems to have gotten hold of the
right pole with which to remove the per
Obscuration of the Flyers.
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Just at present the fame of all the avia
tors drops back Into the shadow while the
spotlight playa up the man who merely
used his legs, some dogs and a sled or
two, and walked to the north pole.
Color Dvea Not Coaat.
Philadelphia Record.
In a municipal convention in Montreal one
of tha oratora apoke of the white and black
aheep In municipal affairs. It is not a
question so much of white and black aheep
as of the wolvea and other predatory ani
mals in sheep's clothing.
Hopeless Quest.
Baltimore American.
The West Polht cadeta dismissed for
hazing are seeking reinstatement. Evi
dently they do not take the president's
decision seriously, but If they are pardoned
it will end efforts to suppress the prac
tice, which has become In its exposures,
Investigations and consequences a national
nuisance. Tha government owes it to the
authorities of the .war college to uphold
them in their maintenance of discipline.
Aa aCivloded Mystery.
Springfield Republican.
There are many who will part from the
north pole with regret. All their lives It
has seemed the one unconquerable salient
of nature's fortress, the very synonym of
the impossible goat of human endeavor.
With the pole Itself succumbing, the world
Is no longer the same, and everything
seems within the realm of mortal achieve
ment. We must now think of talking with
Mara with more respect. The professor's
mirrors may prove any day a reality.
Where la the Flaar Kowl
New York Sun.
The discussion about' tha ownership of
the north pole, where Dr. Frederick A.
Cook saya that he raised the stars and
stripes on April 21, 1908, la not carried on
by government officials at Washington
with muoh warmth. . Tha flag must have
been blown down, torn Into shreds In fact.
and every thread of .It lost in the polar
Ice or tha Aretlo current long ago. The
Melville-Bryant cask ent adrift In 1899 is
supposed to have i-ben swept past the
north pole, within ,100 .miles of ltr and the
cask waa peeked up . thousands of miles
away. There is no knowing where the re
mains of a flag planted at the north pole
may be in a winter or two, perhaps on
Uie coasts of half a score of countries.
SEKKl.NO new taxes.
Maalrlpal Officiate Heading; In the
Wrong; Direction.
Washington Post.
All the governments of the earth seem
to be seeking new objects on which they
can levy a tax in order that their revenue
will meet their expenses. Even cities
and tha smaller towns are engaged in
this search. 1 Congress spent weeks and
months In discussing ways and means; the
English Parliament has been undergoing a
like siege; France rs at her wits' end, and
and Germany la ready to despair. Looking
over the list of taxable subjecta,
It would seem that about every object
under the aun had been nosed out and a
levy placed on It.
Tha League of American Municipalities
has just closed its annual meeting In
Montreal. Tha whble time of the meet
ing waa taken up In discussing some new
way of . raising revenue. It waa unan
imously agreed to recommend a vehicle
tax, aimed especially at automobiles; and
apecial taxea on encroachments on the
streets, such as outside stairways, over
hanging windowa, and sub-sidewalk areaa.
Tbe proposed special tax on vehicles Is
In tha nature of a double tax, for ir the
returns of personal property are honestly
made, tha vehicles are Included therein.
In addition to thia tax aa personal prop
arty In many cltlaa tha owners are re
quired to take out a license, especially
if tha machines are used for transportation
purposes or are kept for hire.
Aa to overhanging windowa. aub-aldewaik
areas, etc,. If they are on the owner's own
ground they pay the real eetate tax, and
if they are on public ground they anoum
be ordered removed. Owning property of
any kind la fast becoming a heavy burden.
Many who are able to afford It now have
an automobile, either for use or for pleas
ure, Just as others have their horaea and
carrlagea, and within a few yeara many
men doubtleaa will have airships of their
own, in which to go off on pleasure Jaunts,
or to convey them to and rrom tneir
places of bualnaaa. When that day comes,
municlpallUea will be seeking to levy a
special tax oa them. Diamonds and pearls
are muoh more In the nature of luxuries
than automobiles or other vehlclea, but
no one has yet propoaed to place a apa-
clal tax on diamonds. A costly conaerva
tory, where the owner Indulges hla pench
ant for expensive orchidB, or rosea, or car
nations, la a luxury, but not subject to spe
cial taxation. A H.OuO watch may not keep
ny better time than one costing $10. If
a man can anora me mur intu n uu.,
and If ha pays taxea on the value of hla
watch Just aa ,the other man pays on hla
10 timepiece, why ahould he be called
upon to pay a double tax?
Would It not be well for the Lague
of American MuniclpallUea to turn it
attention to the problem of carrying on
their municipal governments on more
economical methods? Increased subjecta
of taxation will be apt to result only In
increased Items of expenditure.
Run Do wn ?
Ak gmtdaetotmO miout Ayer'i Sartapa
rill. Entirely sat J 'torn alcohol. A arong
a eW Wt. tZArtiZ:
While the doctors profess to know what
ails Mr. Harrlman, no lman would even
presume to pronounce the name of tb
With Dis De Bar In vaudeville, why not
also David Plnney KarleT Catchy songa,
all new costumes, beauty chorus of melo
dlus affinities.
Mrs. Sarah E. Thompson, the only woman
carried on the rolls of the pension office
aa a soldier of the Union army, died re
cently In Washington.
An English baron, recently killed In ad
automobile accident, seems to be chiefly
remembered through the fact that he mar
ried a "show girl" after a five days' court
ship. diaries Rowelt, the long-distance run
ner, died In London recently. He was In
poor circumstances, although he had won a
fortune in America, where he created many
records In running.
Mlts Evelyn Mitchell, one of the young
est women scientists in the United States,
who la now doing Important work for the
government at the Smithsonian Institu
tion, Is preparing to write a book on gnats.
Colonel John B. Rodman, retired, son of
General Rodman, Inventor of the Rodman
gun, died In San Francisco of a wound re
ceived at Santiago while serving aa cap
tain of the Twentieth United States regi
ment. A number of New York policemen are
to be armed with paddles, for Instant use
on boys caught leaping on cars In motion.
The remedy may be applied In like casea
In other cities with aasurances that It
reaches ths spot.
Apparently Judge Fuller of WllkesBarre,
Pa., believes In an age limit for persons
seeking divorce. In refusing Jane Ashton
Jones a divorce from her fourth husband,
he explained that legal separation might be
granted to a youthful applicant when it
would be dented an older plaintiff.
Sir Edward Hobart Seymour, admiral of
the fleet. G. O. B.. O. M.. O. E. C. Q. O..
K. C. B.. will be sent to this country by
King Edward In command of the British
squadron that will take part in the Hudson-Fulton
celebration. Admiral Seymour
witnessed the battle of Manila bay.
Governor Joseph M. Brown continues to
surprise and perplex the old-fashioned
Georgia politicians and edltore. He has
appointed to desirable offices men who
fought him In the democratic primary, and
his only explanation Is that he's controlled
In his appointments by a regard for the
public Interests.
Operations of the Ortopna In Kanaaa
and Oklahoma.
Topeka Capital.
The government certainly has a difficult
f.ut to crack In undertaking to get for the
Indian lessors In Oklahoma a remunerative
price for their oil. Recently the Standard
monopoly reduced the price to the hereto
fore unheard-of figure of 35 cents for the
best grade. It is paying $1.68 In Pennsyl
vania. The government officials, after In
vestigating, think that $1 would be a rea
sonable price for Oklahoma oil, which Is
the best quality and in the greatest exist
ing oil field.
The manner In which the Standard Oil
company has appropriated the Kansas and
Oklahoma oil field and prevented the peo
ple of this region from enjoying the wealth
which Providence placed here and which
these people discovered and developed t a
scandal to civilized society. It Is a far
greater provocation to a bloody revolution
than the mild taxes levied on the American
colonies by England, since It Is an ex
propriation such as no government wculd
think of perpetrating, and the only reason
why there Is not an armed revolt against
It Is because the government Is sincerely
seeking to remedy It and Is unable to do
ao only because of the Ineffectivener.s of
Its legal machinery.
When the great oil field was discovered
here the Standard sent out its scouts, who
inspected the ground and estimated Its ca
pacity. The price was then put up to 81.26
and $1.50 a barrel to stimulate development.
At these figures the profit was large and
development was as rapid as the Standard
could wish. Within a period of months the
development was complete, opening a vast
new field for the oil monopoly, whereupon
the price for crude oil was pinched down
to "5 cents, M) cents, 50 and 41 and now to
35 and S3 cents. The output has thus been
shut off to the requirements of the Stan
dard, the greater part of the Kansas field
being closed down. Only the best wells can
afford to produce.
Meantime the price of gasoline, kerosene
and other refined produots of the Standard
Oil company have not been reduced, but
the "ultimate consumer" pays the same
price aa when orude oil brought $1 a barrel
and upwards. '
In a word, Kansas and Oklahoma have
discovered, developed and are producing oil
as agenta for the Standard Oil company,
which In effect owns the wells .as muoh
aa if it had actually paid for them.
There are said to be several waya In
which the federal authorities can handle
this problem In Oklahoma. As the owners
of the lands are Indian wards of the gov
ernment. It Can order the wells closed and
stop production. It can refuse Its consent
to production except at satisfactory roy
alties. The government can contend with
the problem In Oklahoma, not through its
laws against monopoly, which might as
well not be on the statute books, but
through Its authority aa guardian for the
lessors of the land.
Patriotic Thrills Over the Achieve
ment at an American.
St. Louis Republic.
The pulse of every true American will
beat quicker at the tidings that a citizen
of this republic, has been first to solve the
mystery, hidden for age "behind the
eternal barrlera of the cold." te look upon
the face of the Spirit of the North and live.
And In view of the charge that the great
ness of thia age la wholly mechanical he
will rejoice that the conquest of the pole
was made, not with airship, automobile or
power sledge; not by an expedition lavishly
equipped, carrying Into the wilds of the
Arctic the exotlo comforts of twentieth
century civilization, but by the victory of
physical endurance, dauntless courage and
trained Intelligence over the darkness, the
Icy aea, the llmltlesa desolation of the
north. This man had not even a ship. He
took with him on the final march no com
panion of hla own race. One white man,
with the smallest party of Eskimo who
ever went north from Cape Hubbard, l.a
achieved the prize. It Is the triumph of
a man, not of gasoline or aluminum or
rubber tires.
Dr. Cook la a New Yorker by birth, of
German descent (the name waa originally
Koch). He waa educated in the University
of New York. He waa surgeon to the
Peary expedition of 1891-92 and again to
the Belgian Antarctic expedition of 1x97-99.
He Is 44 yeara old.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is a tonic. It docs
not stimulate. It does not make you
feel better one dsy, then as bad as ever
the next. There is not a drop of alcohol
in it. You have the steady, even gain
that comes from a strong tonic. Ask
your doctor all about this.
A Bank Whose
Loans Are Largely
confined to business houses
handling marketable merchan
dise. It has always been the policy
of this bank to support Omaha
merchants in every way con
sistent with the safe handling
of Its depositors' funds.
We particularly solicit the
accounts of merchants.
First National Bank
of Omaha
Expensive Methods of Opening; 1 n-
Indlnn Reservation.
Portland (Ore.) Journal.
In railroad fare and other rin.n.M IS 00(1 -
000 waa paid out by those who recently
pmyra nanas in the gigantic land lottery
conducted by the government on northwest
Indian reservations. The same authority
estimates that an additional U. 000 000 will
be similarly expended by those who drew
prise, farther information Is that In
many cases, the lands drawn are of little
value aa an asset for remunerative en
deavor. The upshot ef the whole Incident
is a wide conviction that a colossal blun
der has been made by those who wer In
charge of affairs for the government. It
nas met, as it ought to, with condemnation
by the press throughout the country.
The enormous sum extracted from the
people makes of the process one of the
moat glgantio games of history. Eight
million dollars as a part of the stakes, and
more than 300,000 people In the list of the
players, puts this government lottery In a
class by Itself, and places tha government
officials who sat as "dealers" at the head
of the class In any known game of chance.
It Is a proceedings of which all those who
represented the government ous-ht tn h
ashamed.- The government of the United
mates should be in better business. Pri
vate citizens accessory to a lottery of one
thousandth the magnitude would he sent tn
Jail, or be made to pay a heavy fine, or
Dotn. wnat or the statesmanship that
perpetrated thia business upon the coun
try? What of the officialdom that Insists
that the only way to equitably distribute
Indian lands la to entice the people Into
piaying a game or chance for them?
Statistics na-geat a Melancholy
Thonsrht or Two.
Philadelphia Record.
In the business of multiplying and re
plenishing the population of the country,
our native Americans fall far behind the
enterprising and industrious Europeans
who cast their lot amongst us. Pome sig
nificant figures bearing upon this matter
are reported In the school registration of
Schuylkill county.' The registry In Potts-
vllle shows a total of l,2T school children.
In Shenandoah, a town of nearly equal
population, there ate 6.JT7 children regis
tered. In Pottavllle, the county seat, na
tives predominate; In Shenandoah for
eigners. This Is a natal showing not un
common In other parts of the country, as
demonstrated by birth-rate statistics. In
good times the pushing and swarming
aliens promise to overrun and possess the
land by virtue of numerclal weight and
supremacy. Is this to be deemed a new
demonstration of the theory of the sur
vival of the fittest? Has the Yankee be
come decadent? Must he, In his turn, give
way to the more masterful outsider whom
he haughtily condemns and looks down
"Our dressmaker Is an Unusually good
woman. She la a perfect example."
"That's on account of her business."
"On account of her buslneasl What are
you talking about?"
"A dressmaker has to lead a pattern
life." Baltimore American. .
"If human beings were aa correct In their
diet as a horse Is, ma'am," said the den
tist, "yon could tell their agea by simply
looking at their teeth."
"Mercy!" exclaimed the elderly, but well
preserved matron In the chair, "how per-
(S2 ti$$Sh
m w m m m . bbbbbIBbw mm j mt-zM
Watch for
the grocer's dcr. FoYlow crow'd KidT"
tr. r"",, Packa8e TaUy.Ho Co7... When
7l T'U .re ' better understanding of the
r X o i f u,,c ranee quality."
f'Uy-Ho Cofftm is a choice blend of finest erown coffeea
"J-1? ,or th' drinking qualifies M? c!
ll I t rluT Ci C- F; B1nkeTea and Coffee Co
?Lt!:, 11 J "e most experienced coffee expert in the
HnTS r li -bFA Iy in,,PecU- testa and superintends the
w l rof-o Coff: and guarantees it to be the best cofiee
that can be produced at the price.
mid cam
On account of its superior quality, full
strength and fine flavor, Tally-Ho Cofftt
goea iartner in in making than
other 25c coffee. Costs less than
half cent a cut) to make.
Th Tally. Ho Sign hangs in front of
fint-cbu grocery stores only. They are
the stores where only th best of every
thing can be found where prices are right
where the service is Droraot. efficient
and courteous. Such stores deserve
patronage. iney are the only
where Blank' Tally. Ho Coff
y uuniucu,
t cr.Bu
St. Loala. V. S. A.
fectly horrible and uncenventlonRl!"Ohl L
cago Tribune.
"Your political antagonist Is (ailing von 1
every name he can think of," said the 1
agitated friend.
"Don't Interrupt him." answered Senator
Sorghum. ,-It is better to have a msn
searching the dictionary for epithets than
going after your record for facta." Wash
ington -Star.
"Brother Hardeaty, how does our new
usher, the young aalesman In th candy
store, perform his duties?" -,
"Pretty well, but 1 thought he acte.l
rather queer the first time he passed the
basket. When a coin mas dropped In li
he turned around and made a motion s
If he was punching a cash register." Chi
cago Tribune.
Lawyer What Is your occupation? ,
Witness I'm a piano finisher.
Lawyer He a little more definite. lo 1
you polish tbem or move them?
Algernon looked at Cholly with an awe
struck gaze,
"(holly," he murmured, "Augustus must
oe awiui ricn.
"Why?" axked Cholly. with wide won
der in his baby blue eyes. .
"I saw him yesterday lending a msn
$5, and he's Just home from his vacation!''
Baltimore American.
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
They say
The Pole Is found!
O'er frosen bay, and atralt, and sound,
Where ice tldea roll
That long sought goal
la pinched.
And cinched,
And run to ground!
A wealth of prfilsc
In cheers and lays
Greet Cook I
By hook and crook
The way he took,
Mid Ice and snows
O'er bergs and floes.
Until at last he proudly hIimkI
Up where there Is no latitude!
Hooray for Cook!
In the great book
Of fame
His name
In ink of gold shall now be writ:
"He trailed tha Pole and cornered It !"
Where hosts have failed he found thespot-
inat a wnat:
All Who
Would ;Effoy
good health, with its blessings, must un
derstand, quit cUaxiy, that it Involve tbe
questicn of right living with aU tbe term
implies. With proper knowledge of what
is beat, each hour of recreation, of enjoy
ment, of oontampUtion and of effort may
be made to contribute to living aright;
Then the use of medicines may be dis
pensed with to advantage, but under or
dinary conditions in many instances a
simple, wholesome remedy may be invalu
able if taken at tbe proper time and the
California Fig Syrup Co. holds that it is
alike important to present the' subject
truthfully and to supply the one porfert
laxative to those desiring it.
Consequently, the Company's Syrup rf
Figs and Elixir of Senna gives genen '
satisfaction. To get its beneficial effect
California Fig Syrup Co. onJy, and for aal i
by all leading druggist.
Lb. Package
Net Weight i-DC
ivmmmnip'l A
i J ., . . - 1 n i
cm- m